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Large Colony at the New Jersey Pleas
ure Resoit for Stays of
Various Length
v earner at this resort during tlic past
week nab been delightful and although
there were a ten dajs that were some
what cool still there was a great deal
ot bathing to the delight of those
whose business it is to hire out their
robes to the nubile While there has
been bathing from the early part of
Ma until the present time there are a
great many of the visitors to this re
sort that do not believe that the ac
tual bathing season commen es until af
ter the Tourth of Jul But the bath
ing began earlier here this jenr than
it has for several jears past and almost
every fine das there hae been a large
number of people that have taken ad
antage of the Fupcrb weather and
taken p dip in the old ocean
Water Very Warm
The water is very warm but the fact
that the asmosphere is still somewhat
cool deters many from taking their first
dip There hae been no bathing acci
dents thus far this season and very
little work for the life guards bejond
watching over the field of bathers and
seeing that they did not get injured or
drowned as the result of foolhardlness
or carelessness
This year the beach is regarded as be
ing better than last Especially is this
noticeable above the Steel Pier Last
jear there was a very strong undertow
in that part of the bathing beach and
people were often caught there and it
gave the life guards a great deal of
work and worry This year that beach
ha been filled in a great deal by the
action of the tide and waves and the
undertow- is a matter of history
L A W Meet
The Leacue of American Wheelmen
will hold their annual meet In this cit
next month and it gives promise of be
ing one of the largest and most success
ful meets in the history of the league
It is anticipated that there will he at
lcfBt 4 000 wheelmen come to this resort
to attend the meet and they will reprc
pent every portion of the country cast
of Chicago and some few farther west
The meet will be held from July 16 tp
13 inclusive
tired man of Baltimore is registered at
tho Hotel Wiltshire
Mr and Mrs J W Hcnr of Wash
ington are spending some time at the
Hotel Strand
United States Senator Bccridgc of
Indiana and his mother arc at Haddon
Hall Mrs Bevcrldge remains hero all
the time and the Senator comes an 1
gees as often as his ofllclal duties Her
J B Tnltj a civil engineer of Wash
ington is spending a few dajs In this
Dr and Mrs Frank Leech ot Wash
ington arc litre
Edward Nichols of Lcciburg Va i3
at the Shelburre
Representative W Montague Lessler
of New York ws a visitor to this cltv
during the week His family is located
at the Hotel Boscobel for the season
Mrs M Began of Washington is at
the Ponce de Leon
Col A B Andrews of Charlotte
N C lire president of the Southern
Railnaj Coinpanj is at the Hotel Chel
sea wlh his wle and son
Robert J Traccnell Comptroller of
the United States Treasure is a guest at
one of the beach front hostelrics
James 1 Tjner of Washington As
sistant Utornej General of the Post
atnee Department and his wife are reg
istered at the Hotel Brighton
The United States Navy is well rep
resented here at present Hear Admiral
Charles E Clark former commander of
the battleship Oregon Is at tho New
England with his famllv for the sum
mer Rear dmiral Philip Hlchborn
chief constructor of the United States
Navj is occupjing quarters at the Ho
tel Trajmorc Lozer is at the Chtl
fonte Albert Etigard Is at the Hotel
Sothern Cart George B Haycock and
wife are at the Glcndale
Registered at Hotels
The following Washingtonians are reg
istered at tho several hotels in tho
city this week
Hotel Altamont T Price Mr and
Mrs T Mulholland Mrs F Callow aj
Mrs K Hacks Mrs Barrett Miss
Hacks Mrs J Johnson J B Hoyer and
daughter Mr and Mrs C Waltbcr
George Drake and lady A Hindle Mr
and Mrs E Kaufman J Boland Mrs
John Spencer Miss A J Spencer Mrs
Prjer Capt P R Smith Mrs Smith
Miss Jannio Smith Miss Mabel Smith
Mr and Mrs C H Smith Miss Smith
J H Smith II II Smith Miss J Web
ster Miss N Webster A W Hindle C
LGiHersIeve Dr N GIIder6levc Dr II
CHammond Buck of Baltimore
fe Anchorage F Evans S N Williams
FVnlliam of Washington
Arno Mrs P Earle Mrs G F
Urexton Miss Dunbar Mrs G Jones
B SBerjshire Inn W Herman F Her-
Belmnnt Miss Potter Miss Mordecal
Cleaver House II J Hov ard George
Chalfonte J II Klngsburg J 11
Paxton Miss Brad Illlam Paxton
Glcndale A HuntMrs K Baldwin
Mrs Dajton
Hadden Hall James Phillips I C
Phillips Mrs II Barker B P Snjder
A A Falrchild and two children
Iroquois Dr Russell W McGlII Jr
L Gold B Black E Hutton II Curran
Mrs II vurran Mr and Mrs Robert
B Ml s Ellette C Tcnncy
Kenderton George Ember Mr Wil
Kenilworth Inn Mrs J Wilson J r
Wilson of Washington
Lehman Cralg Hall Mrs E Adams
Miss J Adams Miss I on
Marlborough House M Slnklnson
Miss Slnklnson Miss A Grown Mrs
Isaac Henderson Mrs Carbaugh
Hotel Morton Dr S Graser John
Mav Mrs May
Revere Mrs A Harris Mrs Barrett
Raleigh H II McGee Mr and Mrs
R Beens R Lavlngston Mr and Mrs
E S Newman Mr A Harris Mr and
Mrs H White
St Charles E Nil T E Coakey
Mrs Tandall Mr and Mrs Galb Mr
and Mrs A II Galb and son Mr and
wW 34
Noiljjnsr contriUifp norc to Riiinmrr
h iltJt ami c onifort tlan frii h fuo1 arnl
to Id jt jt a 1 tini i om imtst hire
jool Iefrurrtir loull fin 1 nunc lictter
than tin Jewett at any price It the lst
and most rtonomkal Hffnjtraor made
a lid time and uc will prcne its north
7 to 55
Large Number at Atlantic City Where
the Season Is Promising Newport
Season Budding Society Attends
Baseball Game Between Sailors and
Soldiers Brigtwood Park Populaz
The past two weeks might have very
readily been dubbed convention weeks
in this city for there have been Tour
conventions here In that tine First
there came the meeting of the Xatlona
Plumbers Association which held Its
convention in the auditorium of the Steel
Pier ext there was the meeting of
the Southern Hardware Jobbers Asso
ciation which held its convention at the
Marlborough House third there was the
meeting ot the Baltimore and Ohio Halt
road Phjslclans and fourth a meeting
of the State Medical Association of Xcwr
Jersey A walk alons the promenade
and one was alwars sure of meeting
some one with a badge of some descrip
tion pinned to his coat lapel
Boardwalk Rebuilt
The boardwalk has at last been retrain
In the sections where it was burnd
nway and washed away bj the storms
during the winter
Workmen arc now engaged in closing
up the gap between the new section of
the walk that was built in the
part of the island last summer and
the main part of the walk it Iloeton
and Providence Avenues When tfca is
completed there will be a continuous
walk of more than six miles in extent
Some Recent Visitors
The following arc a few of the well
known people that have visited the re
sort during the past week
Miss C G DIackburn daughter of Uni
ted States Senator Blackburn of Ken
tucky is a visitor at the Hotel Wilt
Dr Arthur Cabell a surgeon of the
United States Navy is registered at the
Holte Wiltshire for a protracted stay
Dr G P Gehring and Mrs Gehring
are at Haddon Hall for the summer
Dr Gehring recently returned from
an extensive European tour
J Hcrron Crossman an official In the
Bell Telephone Company is at the Hotel
C S Stlcknej one of the largest real
estate operators in Birmingham Ala
Is at the Hotel Wiltshire
S P Bradley and family of Denver
Col are stopping at the Hotel Wilt
shire or a few days
Joseph IL Steele of Chcsapeako City
Md is at the Hotel Strand
Itrprcsentatlve P N Chaplin or
Washington and Mrs Chaplin aro a
thr Hotel Shclburne
Charles Henry Smith and wife of Ilal
tlMor are at the Hotel Windsor
Col D C Wlneberger president of the
Flrft National Uank of Baltimore Is
spending some tlmo with his family in
this cit Tho hate apartments at the
Hotel Scarborough
E L Woife and family of Baltimore
ere at the Hotel Srarborough
Dr and Mrs H H Grace of Wash
ington are at the Hotel Loralne
W J Marshall of Washington is at
the Woolton Hall
Miss Sophie C Pennington Miss Eliz
abeth Sterling and Mrs Henry Halle of
Baltimore Md are at the Hotel Jo
Representative Chester I Long was
noticed anions the promenadors along
the boardwalk this week
Ccoru W Greca a wealthy and re-
Vrs T Francis Miss Livingston S
Itlgeiilielni Mr and Mrs G Sloan
Hotel Strand Mrs I Henderson Mrs
Sciidc House Mrs 5 West and
Sterling Isaac llaslett Mr and Mrs
George Burbfck I Gates II B Par
Kane L II Gilson S Itlclnrds
Travmorc P Hitthborn Mr and Mrs
W Howard
Wiltshire Mr and Mrs Mullen Mr
Peterson Miss L Peterson Miss C
Peterson Mr and Mrs M Smith Mrs
Long Mrs McKee
Attract ne Suburb at Which Many
Washingtonians Are Spending
the Summer
The popularity of Brlghtwood Tark Is
evidenced bv the consint demand for
houses which the supply is Imdequatc
to meet Mr Clajton It is understood
Intends building in the near future and
secral other dwellings will be rcidy
for occupincy bj fall
The park has for about a jear been
without a suitable place in which to hoi 1
the manj social affairs which prove so
enjoyable to its residents It Is oon
to hae this long felt want supplied
through the enterprise of Its postmas
ter who is erecting a commodious hall
at the corner of Flint Street Bright
wood and Illinois Avenue- Mr Van
Horn Is making rapid progress with his
building and hopc3 to hate it completed
bj September 1
A musical and literarj entertainment
will be given at the Methodist church
tomorrow evening Mrs Heinecke who
Is managing the affair has provided a
varied and interesting program and an
cnjojable evening Is anticipated
Tho District government has been giv
ing some attention to the park A gran
olithic sidewalk has recently been laid
on Erie Street from Brlghtwool Avenue
to Fifth Street and there arc signs of
improvement on Ninth Street This is
a good beginning and It Is hoped that
vvlt u the advent of the new fiscal ear
the good work will be continued espe
cially In the direction of a schoolhouse
which Is badly needed and earnestlv
hoped for by parents whose children
have been attending the overcrowded
and distant Brightwood School
The severe wind and rain storm of
Wednesday night did considerable dam
age to gardens in this vicinity
The fire laddies have had no runs
of late The monotony of their lives
might be lessened it is suggested by
donations of magazines and other read
ing matter
The local baseball club has reorgan
ized for Hie season and promises to give
ood account of Itself
A uumavy J ii uoianu ur j in u mrn qBr
Joseph Allen Dr Edward H Allen Dr rcary of tne citizens Association has
and Mrs Theodore Davis Mrs M returned to his home on Chesapeake
Brown Mr and Mrs Paul H Stewart Street after an absence of ten dajs
Stewart Mr and Mrs J II
Mr and Mrs Ajrcs will leave next
week for a sojourn In New
Thc last meeting for the season of
the Progressive Euchre Club was held
Thursday evening at the residence of
Mr and Mrs S H Pcrrj Prizes were
won bv Mr Van Horn Mrs Stutzman
Mr Stutzman and Mr Perry
The ravazes of the scventecn ycar lo
custs arc evident In this localitv
tho Iuxvriant foliage in the surround
ing woods being marred by great patches
of blighted leaves These annojing vis
itors confined their destruction to the
trees aod did little or no damage to
shrubs and vegetable plants
Battle Royal This Season Between the
Auto and the Horse
NEWPORT It I June 2S If one
should compare Newport to a flower
thej would saj that socially tho town
Is Just budding out The larger part
of the summer visitors have arrived and
have already started the social routine
Dinners golf tennis and the automo
bile aro very much in evidence esi e
clally the It Is to be a battle
rojal this season as to whether the au-
Barber Ross I lth and G Streets
How to Be Comfortable in Summer
mL 11 n5SJ3Si
Is 4 m ii ill m Freezers
In ftummrr lmcy
made up dtwrt
jail tin tlic apie
tilt and one
craw sonu tiling
cooling daintj
furli as Ice raiiw
Ices riirrNU an
tlic like hast to
hate them it sliglit
cxpTe If jot
lavc one tit out
inodtrn icf f mm
frrrzroi uhicli In
tludt all Hit bft
nuke at
and tip
Wo hate every
size Cooler made
for Iioir cfilce or
ftore itso oth
In is so ffratt ful
as a cool drink ot
watrr in hot Mini
inT w ra t her and
a ruoltr la nallr a
sun mcr propwitj
All hirvH from 2
gallo a to li al
Ions at
and up
tosroblle Is to supplant th horse or
not Tlire are more automobiles In
the town todav thin hae been gathered
hirt for sowra jtars The jounger
set swear bj their autos but the
ccnseivative set still maintain that the
high supper 13 the proper thing to get
about the cltj with
During the past wed tho Newport
Ilortitulturil Socictj gate a rose and
strav her- show which was much pa
ironzed bj socletj Hon O II P Bel
mont had a number of exhibits up from
his hothouses
meng the prizes Mr Belmont won
were the following Special prize for
the best displav of carnations second
prize for the best vase of twentj flve
tta and mericin Beauty roses and the
special cuo gicn b Mrs Burke Hdche
for he best display of cut roses ar
ranged for effect to cover a space of
lt running feet on a table and the
width of th table
It Is ver om that summer visitors
are intern t a baseball but this week
proved the exeepion to the rule Mr
F T Lavetson the former soclctv
mayor of Newport offered a handsome
cup to be plajed for bv a baseball team
representing thn navy and another rep
resenting tho army The latter had the
privilege of drawing men from Forts
dam Grebe or Wctherlll while the
sailors were to get the best mtn from
the training station Marine Corps or
torpedo station
The teams are to play three games for
the cup and the first of these took place
lat week Never before In the history
of Rhode Island has thtre been such a
fiercely fought ball game
The game lasted eleven Innings and
in the Nav defeating tho Arms
bj a score of 5 to
Society was at the game in large
numbers In fact all the well known
summer residents who arc here drove
over to the game
Nearly all the stunning looking girls
prcent carried the army and navy colors
and the view from the field was indeed
Staid old naval officers stately army
men and in fact nearly every officer
present laid aside his dignity and
cheered loud and long for his respective
Lieutenant Commander W F Fnllam
U S N reported at the Naval War
College as a member ot the class last
w eek
Rear Admiral U S N and Mrs
James G Green arc at the Gorton cot
tage en Morton Road
Capt C II Davis of tho Naval Ob
servatory Washington has not arrived
at his prcttv cottage In Jamestown as
Misters C H Jr and Daniel Davis are
at the cottage
Mrs A M Wctherlll and family of
Washington hac arrived for the sea
Miss Edith and Rogers K Wctmore
are at thIr cottage
Mr and Airs George P Witmore are -
pected later In the reason
Mr and Mrs Waittr Ebbs of Wash
ington are etpected at the Bay View
next wtek
Mrs Bajlejs of Washington is at
Her cottage in Jamestown for tho sea
Commander C II Davis family are at
theii cottage on Highland Drive in
Jamistown The commonder is not
pecti d hero this season as he is now on
sea lutj
Totl Value of Products in One Year
js Shows by Census Re
port Is 4222148
The manufactures division of the Cen
sus Office has made a report giving the
statistics for the manufacture of pens
and pencils In the United States for the
census year ending May 31 1900
The reports shov a capital ot 36717U
Invested In the manufacture of pens and
pencils in the 5 establishments report
ing for the United States This sum
represents the value of land buildings
tools and implements and
tho llvo capital utilized but does not
Include the capital stock of any of the
manufacturing corporations engaged In
these industries
The value of the products Is returned
at 42221 IS to produce which Involved
an outlay of 2X1636 for salaries of offi
cials clerks etc 1132403 for wages
471655 for miscellaneous expenses In
eluding rent taxes etc and 1747532
for materials used mill supplies freight
and fuel
It Is not to be assumed however that
the difference between tho aggregate of
these sums and the value of the products
Is In any sense Indicative of the profits
in the manufacture of pens and pencils
during the census year Tho census
schedule taks no cognizance of the cost
of selling manufactured articles or of
Interest on capital Invested or of the
mercantile losses Incurred in the busi
ness or of depreciation in plant The
value of the product given Is the value
as obtained or fixed at the shop or fac
torj This statement Is nccessarj In
order to avoid erroneous conclusions
jet although Miss Elizabeth Davis and from the figures presented
t S4 So S6 and 7 Shirt Waist Suits in the
RcbiiiidinirSale at
White Kimonos with blacl polka dots
well made lounging jackets that sell for 50c
sizes from lt to 14 In the lcbmlding sale at
Walking Skirts
Suits in White Pique Gingham Duel and Percale sty-
lislih trimmed well made some with embroideries ome
with insertion some sclf tummed all have flounce skirts and
waists in Gil son riinsty o pleated effect He- g QQ
building bale Pruc l0
Walking Suits
10 SI 2 SI5 and SIS Cloth Walking qo
Suits in the Rebuilding Saleat Dv0
Suits In black blue ami mediant and dark Oxford gray In
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ues In this sale at
North Carolina Coming to Front
North Carolina Is rapidly coming to
the front as a manufacturing State and
It wont be a great while before we will
do tho bulk of the cotton export trade
to Cuba said J V Dane of Greensboro
at the Metropolitan last evening
We can manufacture cotton goods
equal to anv thing produced in New
England and we can manufacture cheap
er because wo have the raw material at
our own doors
Time was when we shipped our cot
ton to the North and It was shipped
tack and sold to us ns the manu
factured product Bat that day is pass
ed The tables are turned and we sell
the manufactured article to the New
England people It Is only a question of
time and a very short time at that
when the South will be the manufactur
ing center of the country
If Congress would only do something
for Cuba in the way of reciprocity as
recommended by the President we
would soon I mean the United States
control at least SO per cent of tho
trade with Cuba whereas now vie get
but a very small percentage of it
Law Governing Distillers
No bill ha3 passed tho House of
Representatives at this session of Con
gress of more Importance to the dis
tillers of the country than the outage
bill said Col John B Thompson of
Harrodsburg Ky one of tho leading
distillers of the Blue Grass State at
tho Now Wlllard last night
The measure Is now pending before
the Senate but of course it will not bo
considered by that body until next De
cember The distillers are deeply in
terested in the bill because it makes
permanent a temporary law which al
lows us seven years Instead of four
years for evaporation and shrinkage
In 1S3I the bonded period was ex
tended to eight years and In 1893 a
temporary measure was passed by Con
gress allo Ing seven years for shrink
age of whisky made prior to 1893 but
only four years allowance for all
whisky made after that year That Is
to say that whisky manufactured after
1S99 would bo faxed on the regauge at
the end of four years Instead ot seven
as applied to whisky made previous to
In looking up statistics I find from a
statement l3SLed by the Internal
Revenue Bureau that since 1862 when
the law was passed placing a tax en
whisky the distillers of the country have
paid Into tho United States Treasury
the enormous sum of 1924000000 al-
most two billions of dollars It seems
to me that an Industry that has con
tributed that much to the Government
is entitled to some little consideration
at the hands of Congress
Hopes of Oklahoma
Mr H A Wright a ranchman from
Oklahoma is at tho Ebbltt He Is hero
on a visit to the National Capital tor a
few days
Before another Congress rolls
around said le Oklahoma wil bo a
full fledged State provided of course
the Senate keeps faith with us and pass
es tho House omnibus Territorial bill
In this concction there Is a rather
funny Incident We will vote at the
coming election for a Delegate to suc
ceed Delegate Flynn who declined to bo
a candidate but whoever Is elected Dole
gate he will not be septed because be
fore the Fifty eighth Congress assem
bles Oklahoma will bo a State and en
titled to a Representative and two Sen
ators and the Representative vlll be
voted for at a special election
In my opinion Oklahoma will elect
two Republicans to the Senate and Dele
gate Flynn will be one of them Whllo
times are prosperous in the Territory
the people vote the Republican ticket
but when times are hard Oklahoma goes
Democratic And In truth this applies
to all the West
Hanna Burton Squabble Settled
Tho Hanna Burton squabble has prac
tcally been settled and Mr Burton will
be returned to Congress said Joseph
W Brown a business man of Cleveland
Ohio at tho Shoreharaf last evening It
would have been a loss to the country
had Mr Burton retired as we believed
at one tlmo he would No man in tho
is better posted on the needs of
cur rivers and harbors than Representa
tive Burton for he has made that a spe
cial stud and Is therefore an authority
on the subject
There is no work done by the Govern
ment that bo aids the business of tho
country and increases the commercial
wealth of the nation as the Improvement
or our waterways
I know the river and harbor bill is
often spoken of as a pork measure
but nevertheless while provision may
be made for some doubtful project on
the whole it Is a meritorious measure
and Its passage benefits the entire coun
I Sip RikisI Simp in WTKiiinotnnT
I IIC UiJuiwi aJIIMv ill TV ilulliiig lull
The Bon Marche Rebuilding Sale is Breaking All Bargain Records
It doesnt take the worrcn long to find out the bar
gain pot- Tlipjie the gital economists after all
not a jiiolioii but that the women can make
money go farthest
The Mconi week of Rebuilding Sale has been
one lniitid of tiiumphs The news of the sale ha-
spread everywheie and weve been as busy ns the pio
verbial bee The cool weather has encouraged shop
Jl Embroideries in
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The balance1 of our Finest Hatch Sets of Embroidcrie
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Shirt Waist Suits
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ure for the warm dajs to come
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Were going to be very cramped for room when the builders
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stock has been skipped over in the round ot price cutting An
other lit of snoods to be started out Monday Much that youll
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Rebuilding Sale Ribbon Prices
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hat trimmings sold usually for L
2jc ard Iu this sale at
5 Inch Soft Loul3lae 5 Inch Glace
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the really scarce Ribbons this rea
son all of them reguar 29c Rib
bons In pink white blu and fC
Sale nt
In tho
Rebuilding J A
7 Inch Roman Plaid Silk Ribbon
for scarfs hats sashes etc
a regular 75s Ribbon Re
building Sale Price
regular Cc grade Re
building Sale Price
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bacK Velvet Ribbon fast woven edge
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Xo 1 worth 39c piece for 2oc
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Xo o worth 12e j ard for Se J
Xo 7 worth 15c j ard f orl24c I
Xo worth 20c yard for 17c
Xo 12 worth 25e jard for 20c
Xo lfi worth 3jc jard for 22c J
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A Rebuilding Sale Leader
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Parasols worth SI50 and
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Jacquard Parasols wltn
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b t r 1 p e d effects now
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ii ml 2 In tLls
Salu at
Umbrellas worth SI25
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trimmed uactxl Si
Lnibrollas In thla sale
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