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Change in Government
of the Philippines
on July 4
Islands to Be Under Complete Civil Au
thonty Will However Remain for
Some Tirre Instrument of the War
An important change in the govern
ment of the Philippines is to be made
July 4 of which the issuance of a proc
lamation of amnesty is merclv a pa t
All arrangements have been completed
by the President and the Secretarj of
War for a complete abandonment of the
niilitarj government in the Philippine
archipelago with the exception of the
iloros countrj
Tho dual form of government now ex
Isting with the Philipplno Commlsslor
exercising ciil functions and Generil
Chaffee the powers of mllltarj governor
is to be changed by placing the islanls
under complete cUll authoritj
General Chaffee to Remain
The civil government will continue
however as the instrument of the War
Department and the President of the
United States General Chaffee v ill not
te disturbed as commanding general of
tho mllltarj division of the Philippines
but his duties will be practical the
same as the commanding officer of any
military department in this countrj
Reports from the Philippines indicate
that tnls change can be made with safe
ty at this time and that there is no
longer a necessity for mllltarj control
in any of the provinces outside of Min
It Is feared by the officials of the War
Department that it will be necessary
to renew active operations against tho
hostile Jloros and recent reports from
General Chaffee show that Colonel IiaU
win is contemplating another advance
against the dsttos who still refuse to
accept the peaceful overtures of tl e
Amnesty Proclamation
The plans of tLe Secretary of War
contemplate the issuance of a proclama
tion of amnesty and a separate an
nouncement of a termination of the mili
tary branch of the covernment of the
Philippines It is vcr probable that
General Chaffee will wish toj eturn to the
United States within the next few
months He has now had several years
of active service including the cam
paign in China and It Is thought at the
War Department that he maj desire a
Should he sk to be relieved e will
be succeeded bj Jajor General Geor
W Pavis General Davis was recently
promoted to be a lnajcr genera and will
succeed to that rani upon the retire
ment of General Ercoke July 21
Wide Range of Duty
He has during his service performed
Has Not Had Time to Examine Report
of Labor Conrmssioner
An cflWal deniil was made jesterdaj
of reports of a ous sorts eni imting
from Xcv York principalis that the
gre t coil stride had teen bj the
President or r culd bo temlnatrd bj
the Attorre Gcnenl actng on Mr
Itcoseveits instru tions Xo steps to
ward this end have been officially tak
en and it wis said jesterdTj tint none
cr immediatel contemplated
It can be staled that Pnsldent Koose
velt las not ict had tlirc even to take
up tl 3 report of I abor Commissioner
Carroll D Wrght en the strike situa
tion tne the causes hlri led to tho
present extend cilflcrences between li
bo and capital Mr Wright intimated
that his report Lad some surprises n
store regarding me real aggressors In
the strike and It was expected that
this might afford omr new opportunltj
for tl e Prcsid nl to take a hand in the
As the President has not yet consid
ered Mr i rights conclusions as tho
basis for suggested retion on his pirt
tho lmpo ssiUlln of orders to the ttor
ncj Gcrera to follow out such procedure
Is apparent
Not Retroactiveand St Louis
Councilman Escapes
State Department Hopes to Have Him
Punished Under National Laws of
Southern Republic
The State Department has been noti
fied that a treaty has been signed la tho
Cltj of Mexico in behalf of tne Mexican
and United States governments amend
ing the existing extradition treatj so
as to make brlberj and accepting a bribe
an extradition offense
Powell Clayton the
United States am
bassador to Mexico signed for this
The treats was drawn with especial
reference to the case of Charles Kratz
a St Louis councilman who fled o
Mexico after indictment for accepting
a bribe The State Department asked
for Kratzs surrender and the Mexican
government offered to complj on condi
tion that ths Government would recip
rocate in similar cases of Mexican citi
zens who might take refuge in the
united States
It was constitutional and legally
pcssici lor tne State Ucnartment tn
mam anj such arrangement and Mexico
thereupon declined to grunt the original
Lin the hepe of getting Kratz bv other
means however the State Department
instructed Ambassador Clavton to nego
tiate a treaty with Mexico making
a wide range of duties He entered thclerv cn extraditable offense The depart
I menf lionet that Vlnvlpn otilil pmnl
military service as a quartermasters
sergeant of the Eleventh Connecticut
Volunteers ia 1SG1 and at the close of
the civil war had attained the rank of a
major He entered the regular army as
captain of Infanry In ISC
At the outbreak of the war with Spain
he was7 assigned to command volunteer
troops and accompanied the expedition
toCubawhen theSpanlsh army waswith
drawn from the island He was after
ward made militarj governor general of
Porto Rico where ho remained until the
establishment cf civil government and
was ordered to the Philippine Islands In
January 1tOl
Rumor Officially Denied at
the White House
Story From Cincinnati That His Suc
cessor Had Besn Selected Not
a True One
Public Printer r W Palmer Is not
to be removed from the Government ser
vice in this city This has been authori
tatively learned In spite of rumors to
the central which have found their
waj Into print In the past few dajs
A story circulated Iridaj declarej that
a change as pending and that Mr
Palmers successor had alrcadj been
selected In response to inquiries at
the temporarj White House yesterday
It was stated that there Is no Intention
of making any change In the head of tho
office and the st bject therefore has not
received pny consideration whatever
According to the report referred to
the prospective Incumbent of the ofiice
vas Mr H O fcfrepard of Chicago
president of the Inland Printer Com
jmnj and known to the printing and
publishing trade throughout the countrj
Tne story originated probably from the
fact that Mr Sbepard was In Washing
ton last week
Mr Palmer the Incumbent was ap
pointed during President McKInkys re
gime and has held over under Mr
Roosevelt The office Is not a civil ser
vice but an appointive one and is al
wajs greatly sought after by politicians
and olHcesecker
Lieut E n Dunn detached Rath Iron
Works to Dolphin July 1
Paj masters Clerk V S Larkln de
tached Olympla to Kearsarge
Paj masters Clerk E M Crarj ap
pointed for duti at Naval Heme
Paymasters Clerk W it Pattlson
detached Oljmpia to Kearsarge
Paj masters Clerk T J Hosklnson
appointment for dutj Naval Home re
xoWd I
Ianuislii3 Clerk F V Rose detach
ed Kiareargc to Oljmpia j
- - w w ufe vaw WUIU IVUiW
Mexico has given notice that owing to
an en post facto provision of the Mexican
constitution It cannot surrender Kratz
Under the brlLery arrangement
The State Department is now engaged
In endea oring to secure the punishment
of Kratz by other meanc Under Mexi
can law a foreign offender may be tried
In the Mexican courts bringing stolen
rooncj Into that cevntry and It Is
thought that this law may be construed
to reach Kratz who is accused of having
brought bribe money Into Mexican ter
Directions Regarding Its Use IssucJ by
the Department
The following i cetlcns regarding the
ise oi Treasu v Standard Ink hrve
ceil i sucel at the Treacu v
nent The c e cotrnlicd 1 Mr M K
Ailes sistant secretT j ns follows
The Trersurj Standard I k which
is ro used cclusiely in1 all l nnohes
of the Treasjrj cm Ice is made accord
ing to a formula approved by the
partmei t mature consideration of
hr subject Tie adoption of this ink
as found noccssa j for the pcrma
nencj of the public records
In ordei to recure permanence an
Ink n trifle hnvlcr tint the ordinarj
comnerclil writing Hulds Is necessary
A hav bodj In Ink Is essenlnl to per
raarence tut such an ink iolI not
le expected to flov from the pen a3
treelv ar voi M a lighter and more
ephemeral lluii
Corrosion of the i en is rlso to he
expected am ought to be vuarded
against in the use o a hcavj perma
nmt ink
Tnereforc in to obtain sUIs
factorv results in the ate of the
Innilpnl ink the follow inr rules
hutild be observed
1 Pens slwuld be kept cleen to pre
sent indue corrosion and filling up of
the points
2 Inkstands villi open wells should
be kpt closed when not In u e to pre
vent evaporation and the consequent ex-
ictsslve thickening of the ink Such ink
stands ought also to be cleaned tnd re
filled at intervals of about a v eek but
the Ink in putcnuatlc stands vherp the
ells are entlrelj and permancnlj In
closed and remoed from atmospheric
need not bo changed so fre
3 Water or othe diluting matter
m st not be added to the Ink for the
purpose of increasing the lluiditj be
cause ink so thinned loses ip prma
The observance of these rules will
insure satltfaction In the use of this
Walter L Robb Appointed Collector of
Customs for District of Oregon
The President jesterdaj sent to the
Senate the following nominations
Walter I Robb collector of customs
for the district of Oregon
Ernest G Englcson surxejor general
of Idaho
Connecticut Dennj Drj hurst Meri
den Charles Iv Dallcj Bethel George
A Lemraon Thomaston
Pcnnshania William M Powell
Hazelton CatLarlne A Hndslej Somer
set Hdgar J Gralf Iilalrsville
Marv land Marion A Ilumphrejs
Maachusetts John A Thayer A
Hy on Truell Lawrence El
brldge Nash South Weymouth Lous
C Hyde Springfield
Curtis Candidate Wins
Post mastership
Have Important Effect on Next
United States Scnatorship
From Sunflover State
The Leavenworth Kan postmasttr
shlp case which has been before the
President for the past two or three
weeks has now been settled It can be
dclnltelv stated that D It Anthony
Jr the Incumbent and son of Col I K
Anthonj editor of tho Ieaxenworth
Time will not be appolntod
The new postmaster will ho a man of
Representative Curtis choosing as
ILavcnworth s now In lis Congres
sional district He has recommended
K W Willard his political man
ager end though the appontmcnt has
rot vet been made It is expected to go
the Senate in a few das
Effect on Seratonal Race
Th rpiolntment of Mr Willard Is ex
pected to have a vcrj considerable bear
ing on the Unite 1 States Senatorial sit
uation in Krnsas next spring ltcpre
rtnntlve Curtlr has announced his
dldacj for the ofHcc tu succeed Senator
Harris wins term expires March
3 1101 His succss In th postmastcr
shp fight will anlagonlza not only the
Incumbent jorng Mr Anthonj and his
father Col I R Anthonj the ov ners
ol the Leavenworth Times which has
teen a powerful factor in politics In the
Sunflower State but also Representa
tives Icng and Ilowersork who a e can
tPWcl as Mr Curtis leading opponents
ior the Senatnrshlp It is expected that
the tvo last named Representatives v III
now pool their forces to keep Mr Curtis
out of the seat
Other Postmasterships
Postmaster General Pajne presented
to the President yesterday the papers In
tlilrtj five post ofiice caes but none of
them he said were of vcrj great gen
eral imporane Senators and Repre
hcntatlves nrc anxious to close up thrse
matters In their respective districts In
time to secure confirmation before ad
journment The lists for the next few
njs therefore will be consldcrabl
larger In size than usual
Called to Say Good By
Rear Admiral Coghlan paid a briel
visit to the Navy Department jestcrday
afternoon He merely called to say good
Lj to Secretary Moodj prior to his de
parture on the Brooklyn for England
For Three Monf hs Juiy August September 12
During the winter and spring we had numerous applicants for
Scalp Treatment whose caes required at least three months and
in view of this fact we have been urged to make a reduction in
our prices Owing to the crowded condition of our offices this
would have been Impracticable earlier in the season but now that
many of our patrons are leaving town we have decided to make
the fibove liberal offer
x Those who arc troubled with falling hair ollj hair dan
diaff or baldness should not neglect this uriisual opportunity
Our methods are absolutely correct our preparations are re
nowned for their purltv anl effectiveness will cause 1 air to grow
on bald spots No hot water used for shampooing In treating the
scalp wo use the rotarj1 kneading movement which Insures per
fect circulation
Artistic Manlct rlng 33c 12 treatments J1
Facial Treatment for pimples blackheads sagging muscles
flabby 3kin e
nallst for llm kln nnil Hitlr
604 iith Street Opposite Woodward Lolhrop
5Onlj Women and Children Treated Phone Main 2CCD 3
7 irirriJiton toni7l K
7 J 3 oct Hit hanKon walnut 17
7 1 3 not HiclinuUon mahogany
IIiiiiijHjjton maliniranj
7 1 3 ott lluntmstcu walnut
71 loi Coinstoek mahogany
7 1 3 te t Iuiv en niilioginy
Matiiinliek i Son thonj
71 3 oct Kimball walnut
7 1 3 en t A B riKV o ebony
Clown 1 W F
Win Knabe Co If W
rvsii on
7 1 3 ott Stoiling maliogain
71 3 oct SirimJ cV Son- cbonv
On Monday evening next June 30 we take an inventory of all our enormous
stock of new and slightly used Pianos During the winter months we rent
Carloads of New Pianos
And beginning Ataj 1 these instruments are returned
benefit and not a detriment to a good Piano
1 210
t 235
2 0
A few months careul use is a
Stocktaking Prices Prevail Monday
If you dont want to pay all cash you can arrange to buy 01 reasonable
71- oc t Siiinvvay Sons ceiicert
7 oet Steinwaj SonV irler
7 oct Steniwax Sons biby
7 oct Stoinwa t Sons clmiv
71 3 ott Steinwav iS Sons hab
TS yf 1
5 music mouse
Stein way and Other Leading Pianos
925 Pennsylvania Avenue
a --
nGcl Men months 7i0
7 1 3 ocl Win Kilalio Co bab flOl
7 1 3 oct K inblci Iio inahogan
tT e colonnl st lt f7i
Ihniteil number of gool Square Piano- all
in fine oieler from fiO o fj0 v
The Cecilian
J he Perfect Piano Paier will
Hcgular pi ice new 127 a few
ones at J 73 each
nl an piano j
iignnv used
Nearly Fifty Millions Inxested ia In
A report Issued bj the Census Ilurcau
shows that there are In the United
States 21Si establishments devoted to
the canrlng and preserving of fruits
vegetables fish and ojsters represent
ing a rapltal of 1S107CS
Agricultural statistics for Illinois pub
lished jesterdaj by the Census Uureau
show tl at there were 26tI farms In
that State In IDA valued at 1751
Palais Royal Triple Extracts 23c
1 7Q for Wash Skirts In dress and
J walking lengths Choice of
duck India linen and pique In white
black tans and blues All lengths
and sles They were matle to retail
at 2
flOC or superior White Linen Shirt
O Waists some made to retail
at Jl 30 Choice of twenty five stjles
in all sizes
for the Waists in plain colors
and stripes These were In
tended to sell nt Jl but white waists
being most In demand these are re
duced to 59c for choice Dlack and
white effects are Included
Jewelry Reduced
OTf for Pearl Necklaces reduced
J from 40c Onlj 9Sc for Jeweled
Tan Chains reduced from Jl 43
Only 2c for those 30c JJupid Heart
Lockets 2c Instead of 50c for
Ladies Leather Natch Fobs with
harness fittings
Fans Reduced
3C for 10c Japanese Fans 7c for 15c
Fans 12c for 23c Tans These are
folding fans A few cool davs create
half prices and less
Gloves Reduced
1 QC for 23c 2 clasn Lisle Gloves
J 50c for 3 button Silk Gloves 1
for Jl 50 16-button-length Silk
Gloves All sizes in black white
and crajs
HIO The total value of farm products
for 1809 was J34 etlGll exceeding that
for 1S9 by 71 per cent
According to a Census Bureau report
Issued yesterday 3G7I741 Is Invested In
the manufacture of pens and pencils In
the United States there being ffty Hve
establishments The value of the prod
ucts for 1S0 was 4 22214S Tho num
ber of employes is 3311
Census figures en the textile Industry
of the ccuntry nnrounced yesterday
show a eapUal of 1042S17377 Invested
in 4 312 establishment The value of
produc8 for 18S3 reached nearlj a bil
lion dollars j
Ideal Hair Shampoo bottle 21c
Cones Dandruff Cure large 73c
Woodworths Florida Water 3Do
Hudnuts Violet Sec bottle 7oc
Hudnuts Quadruple Extracts 50c
OQC tor Lawn Wrappers that joull
0 J admit to be extra good value at
Jl Full width careful finish pretty
designs and colors with choice of
all sizes
for usual 50c Stripe Gingham
Well made note the dust
CQC tr usual 75c and Jl Dressing
J Sacques and Kimonos
and colors 1I sizes and
tlest of styles
Take elevator to third floor
In white
Neckwear Reduced
JOC for 50c Square Sailor Collars
J Nash Stccks and Ascots Only
lie for 23c Pique Sailor Collars and
but ire for 25c Lawn and Swiss Neck
wear See tableful at G Street door
Veils Reduced
for best Pins Pong and Noveltj
veils imported to retail at
Jl tO Onlj 50c for 73c Du Barry
made Veils dotted and hemstitched
Handkerchiefs Reduced
0 1 C for any 23c Handkerchief tens
of thousands to choose from
Only 10c for best of 122c Hem
stitched end Lace trimmed Handker
Tho Kearsargo has received from tha
Bureau of Ordnance Navy Department
a consignment of Illuminating shells for
It Is dalmed by their Inventor that
they can b seen In the course of their
flight at night and are especially alu
ablo for rapid fire guns cf small caliber
The operator of such guns Is able to
watch the efect of his fire and actually
employ the stream cf projectiles as ona
uses a garden hose
Hudnuts Almond Meal bottle 25c
Violet Breath PasMlIes box So
VIoletto de Parme Toilet Water Sic
Plnaud s Quinine Tcnic bottle 33
Lamberts Llsterinc bottle 17c
ReadytoWear Things
Some of the prettiest dresses that will be seen at seashore and mountain this summer vwll be distrib
uted from the Palais ojal tomorrow They are high priced dresses reduced so that therell be a scramble
for them And now for cheaper things
for French style Corset Covers
that fit like a glove Three
rows lace Inserting down front and
edge at neck and sleeves AU sizes
for the usual 50c Batiste Cor
sets In all sizes Latest
straight front effect with low- bust
and short hips The strongest light
est and every way best 50c Summer
Corsets for 3Sc
fJQC for 73c to 1 00 Gowns Skirts
Corset Covers Drawers and
Chemises AH sizes In all stjles
See first floor tables in room adjoin
ing elevator
Parasols Reduced
t9 Aft for J3 Parasols In all this
J s e a s o ns prettiest effects
Only Jl 97 for Jl 00 Parasols and Sun
Rain Silk Umbrellas in colors
Watches Reduced
for the usual Jl 00 Ingersoll
Watches S9c for the Jl 50 In-
geroll Watches stem winding and
setting Warranted one year
Books Reduced
3C for the 25c Stokes Library each
containing three novels of 600
pages Only 5c for ipoletons 50c
Library Choice of hundreds of ti
X -
SI of j7y The uual 12U0 j
fcf fCS
I Tea Spoons fc vtXVslPg J1 D1h Towels for A
f onij 3Jc rirt 4vQ cnIj Sc- Secona I
Basement door for ciina and glassware tin and iron ware willowware everjthing wmllv found iu
the most complete hoiietitniishmg store The Shoppers Lunch Koom is also here Tn the 10c luuch De
licious ice cienm soda is onh 3c
Babbitts Soap
Sunshine Soap
Oielne Soap
Gold Dust
Cedar Palis 25c
Scrub Urushes
Liquid Inimeline
7 for 25c
t for 3c
10 for 23c
2 for 5c
10c value 7c
Household Ammonia 5c bottles 3c
Toilet Paper 5c value 3c
Brooms 2rc qu vilt for lie
Celling Dusicrs 12c value c
Creen Screen Paint lie
C OC tor Gas
UJU 1 1
Ranges with 3 top
burners and abestos lioed
oven These retail for J9 at most
credit store
SI QS for Ga vth - op
JJO burners and oven attached
These cost 5 at th credit stores
51 1 for usual Jl 50 Gas Stoves
I with 2 burners and Jl S In
stead of J2 50 for those with S
7tC for 2 burner Oil Stoves
J Ing double row of flame and
perfect combustion Usually Jl 25
Illack Flig insect Powder Sc
Dead Stuck Tor beds 16c
Wax Floor Oil l gallon cana 75c
Taper Xapklns 100 for 7c
Wooden Picnc Plates dozen 5c
Mison3 Fruit Ja s 40c
Tii tcp Jelly Glisscs dozen 23-
Cnerrv Seeders 50c vilue 35c
Stlckv Fir Paper 3 doube sheets 5c
Sei Shells for dev lied crabs 3 for 10c
Wa Tapers for gas lighters 3e
Ironing Wax 3c value le
IScot Sink Brushes lc
Q and Eleventh Street
4tt t -
Canvas covered Trunk
Iron bottom brass lock
strong hinges and deep tray 2 23
value for 1 C3
strong bolts corner roners No 3
clamps and iron bottofl usually
3 30
O 9
For tbobest bargains one reeds to inquire for the Bureau Trunks
and ctlier more expen he Trvsnk Batrs and Suit Cts Prices are ful
ly 20 per cent less than quoted nt the trunk stores The following bar
gain aie anion the les expensive
1 08 for
iju Trunks
1 CO for
the usual 2 SO Steamer
3 CD for 4 50 kind
Jo tS for Best Leather bound Steamer
Trunks finished with burglar proof
tT 7 for Canvas covered
tJ with 3 long strap
All leather Dress Suit Case brass
lock and brass catches 4 In- V Cf
side straps 3 30 value tUJ
New Zealand Sheepskin Dress Suit
Case In brown or russet best brass
lock and catches 4 Inside A 7
straps The gentlemens case J J
Bojs and Girls Suit Cases 14 and
16 inches brass trimmed
very special value at the CI 1
Toilet Articles Reduced
White House Soap box
White House Extract oz
Perfumed Ammonia bottle
Crown Smelling Salts bottle
Dr Bells Hair food bottle

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