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Fair and warmer today prob
ably showers by night Tomor
row fair northwesterly winds
Price of Wales the Only One of the
Royal Family Except Queen Alex
andra Admitted to the Sick Room
Doctors Considering the Question of
Allowing Patient Solid Food
LONDON June 29 Viscount Cran
borne under secretary of the Foreign
Office and chairman of the national bon
fires committee has authorized the an
nouncement that the King is rapidly
getting better
He adds that the moment therefore
seems most appropriate for public re
joicing and suggests that the bonfires
that were constructed throughout the
country with the view of celebrating
the coronation should be lighted Mon
day night
Not Moved From Bed
The King has had another good day
but the attempt to place him on a couch
that was made yesterday was not re
newed It was found that It was too
soon to move Iilm and when It ires
tried he was compelled to return to his
bed almost immediately
Therefore he today remained In Led
where he rested easily The doctors
consider that it would not be proper
to give him solids to eat yet so his
diet of beef tea Is continued
The report that he bad been allowed
to eat fish and baked apples is Incor
rect There was no Indication of any
change in his condition today
Once however there was a slight
commotion In the palace caused by ser
vants hurrying to get castor oil which
the doctors suddenly ordered
No Information can be obtained re
gardlnc the removal of the stitches in
the wound The doctors are determined
to give the public nothing on this point
The Queen Is constantly with her hus
band but the statement that sho I
nursing him Is erroneous
Never Left Alone
A high palace official when asked or
this today replied
The King Is never left alone There
are two trained nurses with him nlehi
and day
With regard to the Kings satisae
tory progress it Is significant that
be Is not allowed to see his brother the
Duke of Connaught yet the Prlnca of
Wales paid his usual afternoon call to
day remaining In tho sickroom over
an hour
He left the palace after an Important
conference with Lord Francis Knollys
the Kings private secretary Lord
Francis replying to a question asked
this morning by a correspondent con
cerning the report that the King had
diabetes said
Of course It is a He
Queen Alexandra has privately re
ceived several of the foreign corona
tion guests during the last two days
Cause of Discomfort
Only two bulletins 111 henceforth be
issued dally one at 10 a in and the
other at 7 p m
The occasional discomfort that the
King suffers from his wound Is ascribed
to the contraction of the walls of the
abscess In healing Hence there Is a
diminution of the cavity
As this occurs the tubes employed for
drainage become pressed upon and are
sometimes pushed out causing u slight
The Queen her daughters the Prince
and Princess of Wales the Duke and
Duchess of Teck the Duke of Cam
bridge and Princess Henry of Batten
berg worshiped today In the chapel at
Marlborough House The services con
cluded with the singing of God Save
the King
A large crowd was waiting as tho
ContlcuI on Third Vise
Hire toadfrimitim Ciitim
King Suffers Less
From His Wound
LONDON June 2 The fol
lowiuir bulletin was issued at
Liuckingliiini Palace at 4 oclock
this afternoon
The progress of the King is in
every way satisfactory anil the
local discomfoit is less
It was announced oflicially at
930 that no further bulletins
would he issued tonight
LONDON June 29 A dispatch to the
Chronicle from Rome says that Vati
can circles expect that Mgr Merry del
Val upon returning from London whith
er he went to represent the Vatican at
the coronation will be nominated apos
tolic delegate at Washington He speaks
English well
Cozonation Bonfires to Be Lit Through
out Great Britain
Suggestion by Viscount
Cranborne of the
Foreign Office
Experiment of Removing
Him to a Couch Not
Aspin Tried
LAssiette au Beurre Prints Cartoons
of Prominent English
PARIS June 29 The police hne
seized in all the newspaper shops the
copies of the Sunday Journal called the
Asslette au Beurre
It contained under the title The
British Butter Plate with the subtitle
Edward VII sketches of prominent
Englishmen In grotesque and Insulting
postures A French minister told an
English Interviewer that the English
aic graxely to blame In this matter
Out of sheer curiosity he said
you are the chief purchasers of this
filthy garbage
The Interviewer adds that he saw
some of his own countrymen paying a
triple price for notorious sheets which
hne practically no French purcbaseis
cuba gives up contract
Obliged to Repudiate Agreement With
School at Hew Paltz
Lieut Matthev E Hanna United
States Army who was the superintend
ent of Education in Cuba under Gen
Leonard Woods administration has
ceived information that the Cuban gov
ernment is obliged to repudiate Its con
tract with the American Normal School
at New Paltz N Y for the training
of native teachers
Sixty of the teachers are now under
going the course at New Paltz and
General Wood was deeply Interested In
the project for he believed It meapt a
great deal for the cause ot education
among the Cuban people
Negroes Attack Whites
Inflicting Serious In-
Most of the Colored Participants How
ever Managed to Escape to the
Woods More Trouble Feared as a
Result of the Battle
COLUMBIA S C June 29 Full par
ticulars of a race riot that was follow
ed by a lynching In Aiken county Inst
night were rccehed here this evening
More trouble was expected but in view
ot the large number of the whites In that
sectiojs the necroes are unlikely to make
an open assault
The following whites were the most
seriously wounded
William Calllcut shot and stabbed
Owen Carter shot through abdomen
will probably die
Ah in Curley shot through right
John McDaniel shot through left
shoulder also In right arm
Fred Harley shot In the head and cut
on left shoulder
C B Williams bullet through the
WIHIe Lowe deep gash on left shoul
John Anderson shot In rijrht leg
Berry Davis cut and beaten
Many Were Intoxicated
The negroes got the whites at a als
adautage labt night And used it It
was pay day and a crowd of both races
had gone fom South Carolina towns to
Augusta where there is no dispensary
At n sat the returning train load was
compos d of negroes and white factory
hands mostly Irom Lnngley Most nf
the negroes were drunk and so were
numbers of the whiles
The row was believed to have been
started by a white man attempting lo
Interfere In a fight between negroes
He was attacked and other whites went
to his assistance Then pistols nnd
knives Hashed and for three or four
minutes the passenger coach In which
seventy five people were crowded was
a atiuggllng mass of Infuriated scream
ing cursing shooting anil stabbing
Unprepared for Fight
The whites were unprepared for a
fight They had nothing but pocket
knives while the negroes were provided
with pistols The train dashed Into
Langley station and the crew called for
Only two were captured Ike Collins
and Wyatt Holmes were almost hacked
to pieces Collins the surgeons said
could not possibly live The men were
carried to the Jail
The town authorities fearing lynch
ing telegraphed to Sheriff Alderman at
Aiken for help The sheriff started for
Lnngley and to divert the mob tele
graphed that they had the wrong men
that the ringleader had been captured
at Aiken
Alderman reached Langley lato at
night and found the crowd assembled
for the lynching They would take no
advice but charged on the frail Jail
building broke In the doors dragged
out the wounded men one nearly dead
and filled their bodies with lead The
negroes were the targets for hundreds
of bullets
Well Known Mining Man Kills Himself
BecauseiOCFinancial Em
Ernest Gray aged thirty four years a
well known mining man of this city and
a member of the Crlpplo Creek Club
committed suicide this morning by
shooting himself through the heart with
a 3S caliber revolver Financial em
barrassment Is believed to be the causa
of the act
Gray retired about 1 oclock and an
hour later a man In an adjoining room
heard a shot Looking Into Grays room
he saw Gray with a revolver in his
hand and blood flowing from his head
The clerk was called but before he nr
rlved Gray fired another shot and was
dead when found
His body will be sent to Washington
D C where his father Dr G W Gray
Rumor Says Concessions to
Italy Are Made
Official Statements Say That Document
Is Unchanged But Supplement
May Be Included
VIENNA June 29 The signing of the
Triple Alliance at Berlin is taken as a
recognition ot the initiative of Chan
cellor von Buelow who used all en
deavors to maintain the alliance an I
conducted the negotiations throughout
It Is an especial success for him that
Italy takes the same place as before
Many rumors In diplomatic circles dis
agree with the semi official statements
The rumors say that though the al
liance Is not changed In form thero
exists a supplementary agreement in
which certain of Italys wishes are re
Under no circumstances will
treaty be published
Houtzdale Workmen Not Observing Or
der to Suspend Work Two
Davs Each Week
ALTOONA Pa June 23 The tipple
and chutes of Eureka Mine No IS own
ed by the Batz Coal Company at Houtz
dale have been burned and attempts
have been made to fire the tipples at
Eureka Mine No 27 and at the Foreat
Coal Companys operations near by
The Houtzdale miners have not ob
served the order to suspend work two
days each week Tho miners olficials
deny that the union Is In any way re
It Is said sensational arrests will be
made Immense quantities of
ville coke are going through this city
consigned to the anthracite coal mar
Memorial to Be Taken to Frogmore by
General Wilson in Name
of Army
LONDON June 29 General Wilson
who was appoTnted to represent the
American array at the coronation will
go to Windsor on Monday attended by
Captain BIddle and Colonel BoruD and
place a wreath on the tomb of Queen
Victoria at the royal mausoleum at
rrogmore In the name of the army
Complains of Inquiry Com
mission Methods
Not Allowed to Go to Tayabas to Refer
to Records Report to Be
MANILA June 29 Major Gardener
has testified before the commission that
Is Inestlgatlng the charges made by
him against officers and soldiers In the
province of Tayabas that the report
ty him to Governor Taft in his civil ca
pacity as governor of Tayagas was
tased on evidence that he possessed
He believed the report was confidential
It was intended for the information of
the Secretary of War
Major Gardener complains that he Ir
not able to produce all tho witnesses to
uipporl the affidavits because he has not
been permitted to go to Tayabas to refer
to the records but was compelled to
draw his specifications from memory
which he says is manifestly unfair
Cannot Get Witnesses
He likewise says he is unable to pro
duce the slraero of the affidavits charg
ing Lieutenant Catlln with forcing na
tives to play cards that he confined a
native In the guardhouse for a day and
a half without food or water nnd that
he struck other natives In the face bo
causo they dlJ not remove their hats
In his presence
He admits that durinrthe Investiga
tion he has heard evidence which if he
1 new It to be correct would have mater
ially chang d his report
The newspapers describe ihe rcorder
as a prosecutor who enjoys the advan
tage of voting as a member of tho board
The case reeki with bitterness There
is scarcely any doubt that the board will
discredit Major Gardeners report
Fred Wencke of Yale and C G Dodge
of Harvard Present
LONDON June 29 Mr W H Gren
fell M P presided at a banquet given
here yesterday to the competitors in
jesterdays international swimming
tournament for the championship
Fred Wencke of Yale and C G
Dodge of Harvard were present and
both received an ovation Sporting
Life says that Wencke made the best
speech of the evening
Hugh McLaughlin Says Old
Boss Is Satisfied -
Stories of Hi3 Return Set Up as a
Bugaboo Only to Cau9e
NEW YORK Juna 29 Ex Register
Hugh McLaughlin tho veteran leader of
the Kings County Democracy said this
Croker Is not coming back He Is
going to stay Id England Hes sot too
iiuch sense to return Nobody believes
he Is coming home either Thtse peo
ple who say that he is are Just trjlng
to mix matters up There is Jchn C
Sheehan for instnnce Somebodv said
Croker was coming back aid was going
to smash Sheehans face
Sheehnn says he will go down to tho
dock when Croker returns and let Croker
have a chance to do Bome smashing
Croker Is a husky man with his fists
and She chan well Sheehan knows that
he wont have to go down to the dock
All this business makes me smile
When I was a child children were
frightened by the nurses cry Hero
comes the bugaboo They must think
we are all children still when they raise
the cry that Croker Is coming back
They know he Is not If after all he has
said and done he should come bark what
would the people think ot him Mr
Croker Is well satisfied and he likes the
country and the climate and life and he
is going to stay there In England Hes
not coming hack to ruin Tammany Hall
Louis Nixon was doing tig things for
Tammany Hall when he got out That
was a bad thing o very bad thing
Nixon was the kind of a man to bo the
leader lie was a clean man The peo
ple had confidence In him Tammany
would do well undor a leader llko Nixon
There Is no ncod of mvstery There
Is nothing In all this mjstcry There
is nothing behind all this secrecy Crok
er Is not coming back to Tammany Hall
Thats all
Native Officials Cannot Understand Sir
James Mackaya Change
of Opinion
SHANGHAI June 29 Sheng and Lu
the Chinese tariff commissioners with
Sir James Mackay the British commis
sioner and Inspector General Bredon
are going to Nankin tomorrow to
Kuu YlTegarding
a tariff treaty
If this Interview is satisfactory they
will proceed to Hankow to consult with
Viceroy Cheng Chih Tung This step Is
taken because Sir James Mackay who at
first Insisted strongly upon the aboli
tion of the likln and an Increase In the
tariff of 13 per cent has now practically
abandoned his proposals
The lccroys can not understand his
changed position and are Inclined to
blame Sheng and Lu By taking Sir
James to see the iceroys personally It
Is hoped they will understand It will
thu3 be seen that British negotiations
have been badly bungled
The Americans and Japanese have
also opened their negotiations The
Japanese proposals are said to be Im
One Man Killed and Thirty
Three Coaches Telescoped and Over
turned Miraculous Escape of
Five Hundred Passengers
MANITOU Colo June 29 At 2
oclock this afternoon an excursion train
Irom Cripple Creek with 300 passengers
was wrecked at a siding near Crede
Station Ute Pass Francis M English
a well known cricket player and mu
sician was Instantly killed and some
thirty others were Injured
Dr Estelle Lewis a woman dentist
of Cripple Creek and Mary ORourke
aged thirteen of Victor will probably
die Several others were seriously in
Three coaches were smashed one be
ing reduced to kindling wood These
three coache3 contained 371 passengers
Ihey were overthrown and telescoped
hence the escape of so many from death
M cms miraculous
The cause of the accident has not yet
been determined
How Puts Hundred Yard Dash at Nine
and One half Seconds
LONDON June 29 In the field sports
at Wolverhampton yesterday Duffey the
American rrnncr starting at scratch In
the 100 yard handicap won In SM sec
onds This time Is officially certified
The Sportsman says that Duffeys
time was 9 4 5 seconds The Chron
icle ilves ii seconds as the official
Cholera in Tokyo and Pekin
LONDON June 29 Dispatches re
ceived here state that cholera has np
Ieard both In Tokyo and Pekln
Manilas Cholera Record
MANILA June 29 The total number
of deaths from cholera thus far In
Manila Is 1333 and In the provinces
Interesting Figures Pre
sented by the Diario
de la Marina
Mass Meeting Declares They Do Not
Want to Make Trouble But Will
Unite to Offset Americans Will Use
Ballots for Their Own Race
HAVANA June 29 The Dario de la
Marina says that nobody who knows
the economic situation In Cuba can be
surprised by the growing agitation
among the planters who are face to
face with terrible ruin It cites the fol
lowing case the figures being taken
from the books of one of the leading
planters of the sale of 10000 sacks of
centrifugal sugar polarizing 65 de
grees the gross weight of which was 3
The tare was 30000 pounds leaving 3
2COO0O of sugar worth at 3 cents a
pound J56C0O in New York Add to
this 1000 extra allowance for the high
polarization and the value was brought
up to 597000
Expenses and Profits
The Insurance was 250 freight 2360
minor expanses 200 warehouse dues
4C0 receiving and delivery charges
100 fire Insurance 140 lighterage 1
2C0 weighing and calculating tare 323
duties 33920 brokerage 24230 com
mission S70 making the total expenses
60603 and leaving 36394130 or 363
per sack or 399 Spanish
The cost per sack Is as follows 320
for 3625 pounds of cane grinding 90
cents transport and warehouse dues
31 cents a total of 174 leaving a loss
of 75 cents Spanish gold per sack
Therefore for every 100000 pounds
representing the work of the cultivator
Mid the capital of the planter more
than half gees Into the Treasury at
Washington Tho paper says that some
call this liberty Independence and sov
ereignty but others call It the harshest
kind of economic dependence
At a largo meeting of negroes today
Senor Bendon denied that the negroes
wanted to make trouble All they want
ed was Justice AU Cubans he added
chould unite to offset the Americans
Threat of Domination
Senor Carreras said the Americans
needed Porto Rico the Philippines Ha
waii and Cuba to send their negroes
there If the Government showed Inca
pacity to deal fairly with the races the
negroes would show them at the next
elections who were the masters
Seaor Don said the President sent
Senor Bravo to Santiago to talk with the
negroes regarding a supposed uprising
there but he learned nothing The up
rising of the negroes was perfectly
peaceful Those who were trying to
deny them rights were pointing to
them as disturbers of the peace If the
government could not deal with the
question of the races the republic would
be a failure
General Sanchez said that the police
of Havana were composed of whites yet
more stealing was done by the police
than anybody else Honest negroes
were refused admittance to the force
Less Democratic Than Spain
Gualberto Gomez compared President
Palma with the Spanish General Cnlle
Jas The latter he said was more lib
eral and democratic than Senor Palma
who was President of a Democratic re
Negroes were originally prevented
from entering the Havana police by
Ludlow on the ground that there were
000 American troop3 in the city whom
General Ludlrw described as being
largely bad characters from the South
ern United States who were prejudiced
against negroej
Writer Describes the Effect of the An
nouncement of Operation on
the King
LONDON June 30 The Times
Paris correspondent sends to that paper
a letter received from a friend staying
at the Carlton Hotel London on the
day the postponement of the coronation
was announced The correspondent says
that the letter Is a very good specimen
of what good reporting should be
namely an exact and truthful state
ment of things seen
Tho writer says that the hotel man
ager came Into the middle of the din
ing room and told In a muffled voice of
the operation and added that his
Majesty when told the operation was
necessary said to the doctors
Obey your consciences and do your
duty If you cannot spare me the pain
of inflicting this great disappointment
on the civilized world whose representa
tives have honored me by their pres
The letter proceeds to describe the
doleful crowd at dinner at the hotel
that evening The writer says that
women wept and men had tears cours
ing down their cheeks A vocalist who
was singing the national anthem was so
affected by these bods and tears that
she went Into hysterics and the concert
was stopped
The company dejected and silent left
the hall
Exchange of Telegrams Over the Sink
ing of the Torpedo Boat
KIEL June- 2D The telegrams ex
changed by the Emperor and KIrg Ed
ward on the recent occasion of the sink
ing of the torpedo boat Elbe are pub
King Edward expresses deep appre
ciation that Englishmen aboard the tor
pedo boat should have been first taken
into the small beat
The Emperor replied that every officer
and man In tha German navy was pro
foundly sensible of the fact that the
irst act of the new German admiral
was to send a message so kindly worded
They Joined In the prayers for King
Edwardr complete restoration to health
Chamber of Deputies to Begin Discus
sion of Chilean Treaty
gentlne senate has approved the ratifi
cation of the Chile Argentine treaty
without modification
The chamber of deputies will begin
Its debate of the treaty tomorrow
Extends From the Rocky
Mountains as Far East
as Alleghenies
Houses Wrecked and Peo
ple Killed by the
Winds Fury
Wrecks as a Result of the Gale Se
vere Blow Experienced in Texas
Rivers Overflow Their Banks Money
Loss Almost Incalculable
CHICAGO June 29 The storm that
haa prevailed for several days is tho
most widespread known In this country
for many years according to weather
I bureau officials In all sections and great
damage has ucen caused The storm
extends from the Uocky Mountains to
the Alleghenies
Railroad tracks In many places are
Washed ou and trains wrecked rivers
are overflowing their banks and flood
ing the surrounding country causing un
told loss to farmers and thousands ot
dollars damage has been done by the
flooding of basements and cellars whero
goods were
Crops Threatened
If the rains continue much longer they
will bring destruction to the crops of
the Mississippi Valley farming region
Growing plants of almost every kind ara
already well nigh drowned out and a
continuation of the precipitation will
ruin them
This statement was made tonight by
Frof Henry J Cox In charge of the
weatheiuofHce Chicago Farmers grata
and fSluce handlers and the railroads
of the Middle West are facing untold
losses for the forecaster supplemented
his statement with a prediction that tho
rains would continue throughout tho
region In question for at least two days
and that In fact there were no signs of
fair weather
Causs of Wrecks
ST LOUIS June 23 The heavy rain
caused a wreck at NInckie this morning
which resulted in two deaths some bad
ly damaged rolling stock and a tieup
of the road for seven hours T V
Humphrey and Thomas Holbert of
Steelville Mo stealing a ride wero
The wreck occurred at the foot of a
high bluff The heavy rain had loosened
a boulder on tcp cf the blutf welghins
twenty tons Tho impact threw tha
track out of line ditching the train
INDIANAPOLIS June 29 Two closed
cars on the electric line between this
city and the suburb of Broad Rippla
came Ian collision last night during a
heavy wind and rain storm and Samuel
and Harvey Holmes were killed and ten
other persons more or less severely in
jured Conductor Dugan and Motornian
Fisher were both Injured but neither
Destruction in Texas
DALLAS Texas June 29 Reports re
ceived today and tonight show that tha
storm of Friday and Friday night was
very destructive on the lower coast of
Texas and In the extreme northeastern
part of the State sections nearly a
thousand miles apart Prostration of
wires and the remoteness of the local
ities have kept back details and it is
feared the worst is yet to come
On the lower ccast down below La
vacca and Indlanola not less than
twenty small gulf vessels have beei
lost and as many as a score of human
lives This Is made certain by tha
amount of wreckage being washed
ashore The full force cf the storm did
not reach Qaheston only a hard rain
high waves and stlti eale No serious
damage was done there
The waves of the gulf inundated tha
site of the old city ot Indlanola washed
away in 1S75
Much damage was done and two Uvea
were lost near Eagle Lake Half a
dozen persons were seriously injured
two probably fatally
Loss of Life
At Brecville Frank Dickson was killed
and his wife and two children fatally
injured Fully 300000 worth of farm
and town property was destroyed in tha
lower gulf country
In the extreme northeastern section
railroads suffered heaviest The Mis
souri Kansas and Texas the ICansaa
City Southern Texas and Pacific and
minor roads have large washouts and
landslides The railroad losses will ex
ceed 500000 All trains are badly de
layed and some of the night trains ara
not permitted to run on several Texas
roads as a matter of safety from water
soaked roadbeds
Later reports from the storm in this
section Saturday afternoon show thera
were more fatalities and the damage was
greater than first reported
Six Deaths Reported
In this Immediate section sir deaths
have been reported so far The victims
are L W Lively and two children who
were killed by lightning while packing
peaches on n farm near Menlo Ga
Continued oo Third rage

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