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The Senate MeelsTddqy at
II a m
Wife and Brother Hear
Words of Commendation
From Gallery
Combination Exercises Together With
Formal Opening of Lower Branch of
Congress on Sunday a Unique Fea
ture of the Times Precedent in 1814
The tolling of church bells yester
day morning accompanied an unusual
almost unique gathering ot the members
and spectators at the Hall of the House
of Representatives In the National Cap i
itol It was a meeting to pay honor to
the memory of the late Amos J Cunr
mings of New York and the late Peter
J Otey of Virginia
There have been Sunday sessions of
the House and ot the Senate too of
recent years but they went under the
Action of the legislative day ot Sat
urday and were made necessary to
close up the business of Congress when
the date of Its final adjournment by rea
son of the expiration of the term came
on Monday To And a precedent for a
formal session on Sunday it is neces
sary to go back to the year 1S11 when
the condition of public business seem
ed to the fathers then serving in Con-
rress necessary to hold a session on the
Ere day ot the week
The session yesterday was originally
arranged for tributes to the memory of
Mr Cummings which the House and
Government officials delight to honor A
public service over his remains was held
In the Hall of the House Sunday May 4
with addresses by Rev Wallace
clifTe I D and Father D J Stafford
and music by the Marine Band
There seemed to bo no other suitable
occasion in the session under the stress
of public affairs for paring tribute to
his memory and there was a general
reluctance against postponing their de
livery until next winter So It was de
cided to crystallize the sentiment In
favor of holding sessions on Sundays
fr memorial services that has existed
for some years and unanimous consent
was given by the House two or three
weeks ago for the session yesterday be
ginning at 11 oclock
Eulogies to Mr Otey
Later It was ordered that eulogies be
heard on the life and services of Mr
Otey who died the day that funeral
srrvifcs were held over Mr Cummings
The attendance of members was a little
less than 100 and the galleries con
tained several hundred spectators
While they were assembling tbo Marine
Basd stationed In the members lobby
r niercd Tobanis Hearts and flowers
and Bethany
mong the occupants of the private
gallery were Mrs Cummings her
brctber Dr Eugene Van Ness of South
Norwalk Conn and a delegation from
Typographical Union No C of New York
c ty On the floor was ex Secretary
Herbert who served some years in tbo
House and on the Naval Committee with
Mr CLrmings
Th u ual routine was carried out at
th op ning Speaker Henderson called
the House to order and Chaplain Cou
1 1 cl red prayer The journal of yes
tc usys proceedings was read and ap
prc ia In the absence of Mr Payne
-1 rt the New York delegation Mr
1 lel n a city colleague ot the late
r presented these resolu
cs lved That the business of the
H - be now suspended In order that
an rt unity may be given for trib
ut t the memory of Hon Amos J
- Irgs late a member of the House
of r rr ntatlvw from the State of
New V rt
Pc lied That as a particular mark
cf - to the memory of the de
c and la recognition of his eml
r 1 ty as a distinguished public
t t that thfe Houw at the conclu
c r he memorial proceedings of this
C 1 stand adjourned
E adopting these resolutions
r rr n was given to Incorporate In
1 - orlal volume a record of the
J -
a r
fin t
- the Capitol on May 4 and of
Carnegie Hall New York un-
ivjic6 of Typographical Union
I r night June 22
Addresses ty Representatives
- i were delivered by Messrs
y n Fuller Goldfogle And
1 r ef New York and Kotus and Cannon
c V A Dayton of Ohio McCnll of
Champ Clark of
r and Hooker of Mississippi
r es upon the life and character
- - y were delivered by Messrs
I lood Hay Swanson I then
and Lamb of Virginia and
Jinking of Wisconsin Ionium
Morris of Minnesota
Vissourl McCall of
lraff of Illinois and Claude
of North Carolina
- bute of Mr Cannon was
lj fervent and iztemporo He
tt time he said to preoare an
vet felt that he must sayj a
rut bis old friends services and
1 r nnd express sympathy to his
life in this House he said is
us life Tbo contests are sharp
The House has to anslst
1 the main to original
it makes for the good and for
c f eighty millions of people
t is v b laugh about it Some-
O that Representative s li ve
h t r mVdy a be 1
rr 1 11 hr an f he u fhoscn by
1 E v bcrt but
tlc a 4nuii 1 turn the uuutry liiivWa
Unique Service in Hall
of House of Rep
and I know that Amos J Cummings
realized the fact that it takes all the
Industry all of the culture all of the
devotion of an honest man and a patriot
to perform the duties of tbis House
He came in 1SS7 If I remember
aright served continuously to the end
God gave him manly courago He was
Intellectually honest A great many
people can be honest that Is they will
not steal accept bribes or give bribes
that Is grand and splendid when tempta
tion comes but In his whole make up he
was honest as well as courageous In
my service with him I never heard a
word uttered by him or witnessed an
action that made me say he was strik
ing or desired to strike below the belt
Would Give Hard Knocks
He would give good hard knocks but
there was no treachery in his make up
His communications were yea yea and
nay nay And I am glad to say that
after some length bf service in this
House that that is tbo rule and not tho
This man moving and ambitious
man achieved his place printer Jour
nalist soldier statesman and all com
prehended In the word Man A hundred
years from now yes fifty years from
now as men pass back In the lobby and
see the portraits of cx spcakcrs and
say Where did he come from as
wo do of some of the portraits now no
man can mention the names of members
of Congress Then some one may say
Why did he strive to jierform the
duty Because we arepart and parcel
of the sovereign force and power of a
freo people By heredity we believe
those races of people that have evo
luted worked out their own salvation
each generation achieving an advance
and the next generation holding that
advance and going a days march far
ther on
Other Side of River
But what of the other side of the
river Revelation nnd faith tell us that
we need not go there alone for wc de
sire the universal desire that Is to be
found in each human unit from the be
ginning of the race to the preecnt time
of the life beyond this life The univer
sal protest against extinction is the
strongest kind of evidence that our re
spective lilividualltles are not to bo
wiped out Somewhere in my reading I
recollect a poem I thing entitled Night
and the central thought beautifully ex
pressed was that as the sun disappears
behind the horizon the stars and the
glories of the heavens appear and we
all have faith that after life shall cea3e
the Individuality remains and the
glories of spate appear and all hopo
and believe that somewhere In tho
great beyond under universal law as It
has been from the beginning we will
each one continue to achieve the place
in the infinite existence that we nre
entitled to occupy
I trust that when I shall cross ibe
dark- river I shall arrive at that place
in spare or rondltlon where I shall meet
such men as Amos J Cummings and
men with whom I served who have
crossed tho river Samuel J Randall
William- D Kelley Benjamin Butter
worth 55 S Cox and many others that
I could name and ln such condition I
slmll be glad and content
Mr Sulzers Tribute
Representative Sulzer of New York
said In part
To tell the story of Mr Cummings
life so romantic and exciting in his
youth so full of interest during all his
years so active at all times so crown
ed with telling work stirring events
and crowned with so many successes and
so many enduring achievements to tell
this story I say would fill a large
book and then Incomplete
ySomc day big biography vill be wrlt
teli written by a clever pen and with
a loving heart He was always aggres
sive and progressive untiring and en
terprising He met Napoleons test he
did things He had convictions and he
adhered to them tenaciously He had a
mind of his own no one owned him
He was as loyal to hia principles as he
wnsotendfast in his friendships Ho had
moral courage he knew the right and
be dared to do- it He never faltered
in a Just fight He had tho rectitude 1 f
the rocks the consistency of the tide
His gallant nature and chivalric spirit
was enlisted at All times
For the cause that larks assistance
Tor the wrongB that need resistance
Tor the future In the distance
And the good that we can do
Mr Speaker Amos J Cummings died
I at the z nith ot his greatness In the
sere and yellow leaf In the flood tide
of bis fame In the late autumn of his
actlvo nnd exciting life crowned by the
glory of his many accomplishments
loved by all who knew him and by
thousands and thousands who only
knew of htm He had fought tho good
light he had kept the faith he had
run his course ho ha3 gono to his eter
nal home and will be with us here
ngain no more but his memory lives
and will ever abide with us and live
so long as gratitude is the fairest flower
that sheds its perfume in the human
On fames eternal camping ground
His silent tent Is spread
And glory guards with solemn round
The grandeur of Its dead
Tenderly and lovingly we carried
him to his final resting placo amid the
green the beautiful and everlasting
hills of New Jersey There he sleeps
under a magnificent mausoleum In the
dreamy garden of the dead perfumed
with roses red and white fragrant with
wild flow era and odoriferous with the
breath of apple blossoms this truo
American this friend of mankind this
man who carved his own way In life
from twelve to sixty one this writer
orator soldier and statesman he sleeps
end all his friends heru and everywhere
with one acclaim proclaim Amos hall
and farewell
Municipal Building for Dis
trict Now Assured
Provisions for Alteration at White
House Pen Which Signed Canal
Bill Given to Mr Hanna
In addition tc signing the Isthmian
canal bill as announced In yesterdays
Times President Roosevelt has given
his approval to tho sundry civil bill
The latter measure is of very sreat
interest to the District because of two
Items which It contains
Municipal Building Assured
Ono is the prolslon authorizing the
location of the new District bullllng on
the power house site Pennsyhania
Avenue and E Street between Thirteen-and-a-half
and Kourtenth Streets north
west and including an appropriation for
the purchase of that site and for be
ginning the work
The other item of local Interest Is that
appropriating 3CO000 for the renovation
of the White House as tho residence
exclusively of the President and for the
erection of an office building for the
Executive Work on this structure is
now In progress on the site of the green
houses formerly located at the extreme
western end of the Whlto House con
Historic Pen for Mr Hanna
The pen with which the President
signed the Isthmian canal bill Saturday
night has been given to Senator Hanna
S3 a souvenir ot the final legislative
act which Insures the building of the
great waterway
The pen Itself is a gold one and the
holder one of the usual kind employed
by Mr Roosevelt In his general official
Those Representing Thres Territories
Before a Senate Committee
The Senate Committee on Territories
met Saturday to hear the delegates from
the Territories named In tho omnibu3
Statehood bill present arguments on tho
subject of admission
The witnesses heard were Delegates
Rodey of New Mexico and Smith of
Arizona and District Attorney Llewel
lyn ot New Mexico All of them made
strong pleas for Statehood giving many
facts in regard to schools population
etc and making comparisons with ex
isting States
Delegate ltodey gave as one of the
reasons why New Mexico desired admis
sion to the Union the opinion that such
admission would be of assistance In
financing corporate enterprises- in the
Territory- He mentioned a railway which
would be enhanced in value if the Ter
ritory should become a State Such
was also true of certain land interests
He admitted in reply to questions put
by Senator Bevcrldge that Interpreters
were necessary In conducting most of
the public business as a majority of
tho people were unable to seak the Eng
lish language
Agreement Reached on
AH But One Provision
of Measure
Deadlock Regarding -Filipino Legisla
ture Monetary Sections Eliminated
Other Difficulties Arranged Con
ferees Hope for Settlement Today
The Senate and House conferees on the
Philippine civil government bill were in
session yesterday and carefully went
over the provisions of the two measures
Yesterday afternoon they met at the
home of Senator Lodge and talked over
the matters in dispute and last night
they again assembled at the home of
Senator Allison to talk over the subjects
with him
One Provision in Dispute
Agreements have been reached on all
except one of tho points of difference
between the two bouses that establish
ing a legislative assembly which Is con
tained In tho House bill
The most troublesome question was
ovir tho monetary section the Senate
bill providing for a Hllver standard with
an Auierfcan riliplno silver dollar and
the House bill for the establishment of
a gold standard The difference between
the two houses being Irreconcilable the
renferees have decided to eliminate both
provisions whicli will leave the stand
ard the same as at present practically
Filipino Legislature
The deadlock 1b on the House provi
sion creating a Filipino legislature
after a census of tho island has been
completed Senate conferees are
standing out against this section and
hne even declined to entertain a com
promise that tho provision shall not be
come effective until two years after the
census is effected which would give
ample time for repeal If its creation
should prove undesirable
The Senate conferees take the ground
that tho islands are not yet ready for
self government and that It Is not well
to mortgage the future In a matter
of such Ital Importance They were
therefore holding out firmly against the
provision and it may be necessary to
present a disagreement on this one
The conferees have reconciled the dif
ferences on the sections relating to the
disposition of the public lands in the
islands by accepting some of the House
proilslons for the sale of the lands in
small parcels and dropping the senate s
plans for leasing the lands in large
The Senate provision for Issuing bonds
for the purchase of the friara lands has
been adopted In practical entirety while
on the organization of bonds for sewers
and other puouc worKS in uuituu mc
amount has been fixed at Jt000000 in
accordance with the House proison
The differences -on the mining and
land laws the granting of franchises
nnd the recocnltion of the acts of Phil
lpplne commissions were largely In
phraseology a1 were arranged without
much troubl
The House 1 nvl Ions extending to the
islands the M Jf rights etc were
The House Meets Today at
- t s roo ttao a f f s i T r T tp IP r
a iRrA riA AiAAJvrunn j i
Senator Gives Namesake 21 President
Gives His Advice
EMLETON Pa Juno 23 Senator
Marcus Hanna and President Roosevelt
have recognized tho twin babies which
Mr and Mrs George F McKee of Tur
key City near here have named after
The parents have received a check
for 21 from Senator Hanna payable
to Marcus Hanna McKee accompanied
by a note expressing his pleasure that
the child had been christened after him
and requesting that the money be plt
on Interest until the payee becomes of
President Roosevelts letter expressed
the hope that Theodore Roosevelt Mc
Kee would enjoy good health and be
come a good citizen The twins are In
robu3t health
First of Nations Executives to Ap
psar in Presidents Room
There has been placed In the Presi
dents room at tho Capitol adjoining
the Senate marble room a bronze
bust of the late William McKin
ley This Is the first time any Presi
dent has been honored by having his
bust placed In the historic room set
apart for tbo Infrequent visits of the
Pjrtldent to the Capitol
Tho work is by Mr Cadwallador
Guild Tho bust of President McKinlcy
Is pronounced by Senator Hanna to have
a most striking fidelity to life and to
portray his facial characteristics In mas
terly manner A similar comment 13
made on the work by General Grosve
nor and other Intimate friends of Pres
ident McKlnley What Is perhaps most
striking about the execution of tho bust
is the fact that the artist never saw tho
late President
He May Get the Place of the Late
Amos J Cummings
Tho friends ot ex As3erablyman Wil
liam H Leonard are pushing him to the
front to succeed the late Amos J Cum
mings for Congress Mr Leonard like
the late Mr Cummings is a born wit
and an orator as well but started life
as a tailor Instend ot as a printer
Mr Leouard has the of Big
Tim Sullivan and his friends are con
fident that he will be the Congressman
to succeed the late Congressman Cum
Defeated for Rezomination in the Sev
enth Michigan District by Henry
McMorran a Capitalist
and elevator
Henry McMorran a capitalist
defeated Congressman
vator man of Port Huron
gressman Edgar A Weeks of Mount
Clemens in the contest for the Con
gressional nomination In the Eighth
district convention held In Port Huron
Saturday 1ST ballots being necessary
to make a choIc Mr Weeks home
county Macomb finally went over to
In the first 136 ballots Weeks led with
31 votes McMorran havlnic 24 and W
B Williams of Laper and Thomas B
Woodworth of Huron county 12 each
Mr Leach Has Not Convinced the Presi
dent That He Deserves Re
The report is again heard that Sen
ator Hanna and the President cannot
asree over tho collector of the port of
Cleveland Ohio
A few weeks ago It was said that Mr
Hanna and the President might fall
out if the President investigated the
tharges of offensive partisanship brought
against Collector Leach by Repre3enta
tie Purton
Collector Leach is having a hard time
to convince the President that he ought
to be reappointed New charges have
been fild against him and although the
President was expected to appoint Mr
Leach for a second term today the
nomination did not go In
The stuation Is regarded In Cleveland
as scrljus and Mr Leach Is coming
here tc talk It over It Is said the
charge of using his orfico to manipulate
primar have been substantiated by
James a Garfield of Cleveland son
of the former President whom Presi
dent Roosevelt recently appointed civil
service commissioner
Ar Elkins Speaks Today
on Annexation of
Number of Minor Bills May Be Called
Up for Disposition Hardly Likely
That Todays Session Will Last Very
Many Hours
Present Indications are that the Sen
ate will occupy its time largely during
the remainder of the session In waiting
for tho conference reports on the three
important bills now In dispute the
naval and general deficiency appropria
tion bills nnd the Philippines civil gov
ernment bill
Annexation of Cuba
Senator Elklus will deller a speech
In favor of tho annexation of Cuba to
day He will occupy an hcur or more
it Is thought and us he will not spenk
until 2 oclock It Is probable that noth
ing else of Importance will come up
An early adjournment Is likely today
Senators hat a large number of pen
sion bridge and other local bills still
on the calendar that they would like
the chance to pass and It is probable
that some time today and tomorrow will
be devoted to them
House Committee Believed to
Found Them Groundless
Chairman Dalzell of the special com
mittee of the House which Investigated
the charges In connection with the pur
chase of the Danish West Indian Isl
ands Saturday completed tho report of
the committee and submitted It to Rep
leseutatrtc Richardson of Tennessee
tne ranking minority member
It will be formally passed upon by the
committee today
Tliere Is little doubt however that it
will dismiss the charges as groundless
Society Holds Its Annual Outing at
Great Falls
Tho Columbia Turn Vereln Its friends
and members yesterday celebrated their
annual outlnc with an excursion to
Great Tails Notwithstanding the
threatening weather there was a large
exodus yesterday morning of the Turn
ers nnd their friends to the Aqueduct
Bridge Georgetown where they em
barked 01 canal boats for the friendly
shades of Great Falls
The trip was marked by singing play
ing reciting and other pastimes vhich
are calculated to drive away mental
clnuiH nnd for which the Germans are
so favorably known Arrived at Great
Tails the Inner man was carefully look
ed after and srovided for After a
bounteous repast tho Turners lined up
for all sorts of exhibition drills and
games and thus furnish entertainment
for their friends and themselves It was
late In the evening when the excursion
ists returned to the city
Adjournment of Con
gress Depends Upon
Philippines Bill Naval Appropriation
Bill and General Deficiency Bill Bones
of Contention House Expected to
Win on Each
Senator Hale expresses the belief that
Congress can adjourn for the session
this afternoon or early tomorrow It
Is on hi3 motion made on Saturday that
the Senate will meet at 11 oclock to
day in order to facilitate an early ad
journment But Senator Hale has been
predicting an early adjournment for
nearly three months and he has al
ways been ahead of time More conser
vative Senators predict that final ad
journment will not be reached before to
morrow or Wednesday
Senator Hale In April predicted that
this session would complete its labors
by Juno 1 A few days later be set the
date at June 10 His next venture at a
prediction was June 23 last Saturday
It Is generally conceded to be extremely
unlikely that the last day of the session
will be reached before tomorrow
The matters of difference between tbo
two houses now and the only matters
that would delay adjournment half an
hour are the Philippine civil govern
ment bill and the naval and general
deficiency appropriation bills
The two portions of the Philippine
bill that are giving most trouble aro
the Senate provisions regarding coinage
and a Philippine assembly
The House conferees have refused so
far to accept either of these and there
are predictions that the House will win
on both questions
Senate Coinage Provision
The Senate provision regarding coin
age Is that a Philippine silver dollar
shall be coined as the standard of the
archipelago There was much objection
to this provision in the Sonato Itself but
a number of bankers and others familiar
with the Eastern monetary systems
testified In its favor and It was finally
adopted by Mr Lodges committee nnd
later by the Senate Itself The pro
vision was the work of Senators Raw
lins and Dubois two Western silver
Democrats It Is said that no other coin
age provision could have gotten through
the comraltteo successfully
House Objects to Plan
The House objects to this plan and
has favored rather a continuance of the
gold stnndard for the archipelago
It Is said to be more than probable
that the bill as finally agreed upon will
omit nil coinage provisions whatever
leaving them to later legislation The
House conferees also favor omitting any
provlslon for a Philippine assembly
This provision In the Senate bill was an
afterthought amendment of tho Senate
Naval Appropriation Bill
Tho Item In dispute In the naval ap
propriation bill Is the House provision
that one battleship one cruiser and one
gunboat shall be built in Government
yards The Senate disagreed to this
provision and its conferees have con
tinued to disagree
Mr Foss of the House conferees pro
posed In the House on Saturday that tho
provision be changed so that the Se
rctnry of the Navy shall build only one
ship at Government yards but have au
thority to construct all ships at Gov
ernment yards In the event ot being
unable to obtain reasonable bids from
private shipbuilders
Tho House refused to accept Mr
Fosss proposition and tho bill was
sent back to conference
General Deficiency Bill
A partial agreement on the general
deficiency bill has been reached but one
or two items are still la dispute
Among the most Important of these
Is the appropriation of 100000 to reim
burse the owners of buildings burned in
Hawaii during the plague
Tho House conferees also have refused
up to the present time to accept the
Senate amendments appropriating 600
000 to cover the deficits of the Buffalo
and Charleston expositions
Cuts Bruises and Burns Quickly Healed
Chamberlain Pain Balm is an antiseptic
liniment and when applied to cuts bruises and
burns causes them to heal withcut maturatior
and inucti more miickiy than by the usual
treatment For ale by Henry Evaps whole
sale and retail t2 F Mrett and all druggists
Panama Canal Bill the
Most Important
Civil Government for the Philippines
Oleo Measure Irrigation of Arid
Lands Many Important Measures
Not Acted On Cuban Reciprocity
Party leaders calculate that Congress
will adjourn tomorrow or on Wednesday
unless the session Is prolonged in order
to cnablo the conferees on tho PhlllD
pines civil government bill to adjust the
differences between the Senate and
House measures and the conferees en
the naval appropriation bill to reach an
azreement upon the question of coa
structlng warships In Government navy
During the seven months that Con
gress has been in session a number of
imsortant measures of a public charac
ter have been enacted In addition to tha
general appropriation bills for tho sup
port of the various branches of tho Gov
Probably the most Important and far
reaching Is the bill for the construction
of an Isthmian canal with the Spooncr
amendment which authorizes the
President to purchase the property of
the Pauama Canal Company for 110
OCOOOO provided it can be transferred
with clear title to the United States
Government for the Philippines
Next In Importance Is the Philippines
civil government bill which although It
holds out no hope of Independence or
American citizenship to tho Filipinos
gives them a limited measure Cf local
self government and supplants military
rule In the islands
The war taxes have been repealed tha
House passing the bill without a dis
senting vote and without any debate
The oleomargarine bill was passeej
after a bitter light fixing a tax of ten
cents a pound upon oleo colored in imi
tation of butter
Anothar measure of vast Importance
which has become a law Is the NewlanJs
Irrigation bill
Measures Not Acted On
There remain however a long list of
important measures which have failed
to secure action In one houso or the
Chief of these Is the Cuban reciprocity
bill wutct passed the House by almost
a two thirds vote after a combination
of Democrats and beet sugar Republi
cans had voted to strike off the dif
ferential on refined sugar The oppo
sition of the beet sugar interests has
caused the measure to die in the Sen
The ship subsidy bill passed the
Continued on Third Pae
on Sunday June 23 Vfrl Iv Iter Robert L
McCrtAAV both of TVashlneton ml
DOWSER On June 29 1002 at 0 p m
GEORGin Jf Moved wife of Gwrge I
Bowser and sister of Jlary R Swann Imparted
thU life after four months illness
Xotice of funeral hereafter ml
IUYTER On June 23 1002 at SJj oclock
a in CHARLES W IHXTEB beloved hus
band of Jargaret JL Baxter Born April 13
Kuneral from his parents residence 744
Nineteenth Street northeast Tuesday July 1
at 230 oclock p m Philadelphia papera
please copy ml
FORD Departed this life on Saturday June
SS V2 after a short illness BLANCHE
Funeral from her late residence 2010 Flagler
Street northwest at 4 p m Jlonday nuia s
BLAKE On June 25 1S02 at 10 a m WIL
LIAM BLAKE beloved husband of Jtary Blake
at his lute residence 1102 Trinidad Avenutt
Funeral Jfonday at 930 a m High mass at
Holy Name Imrch m2fl 2
RILEY Departed this life on Friday Jun
27 1K12 at 420 p m after a Ion and pain
ful illness which he bore with Christian resig
nation RACE A beloved wife of Charles H
Riley aged twenty six years three months and
twenty flve days
O darling wife could you but speak to us
And ould you live aain
Our aching hearts would then be healed
But this we wish in rain
By her husband and Children
Dearest daughter thou hast left us
We tnv low deeply feels
But it is Cod that hath bereft us
He can onlr our sorrow heal
By her parents tt II and E L JIANDLET
Dearest sister from us has gore
The oicc we love so welL A place Is
Vacant in that home which can be never filled
By her Brother and Sister
Funeral will tale place from her late red
deree 1502 Twelfth Street northeast Jfondav
June 30 lDe at 2 p m Relatives and
friends are mnted to attend e23 2
MAXGLER n Saturday June 23 1902 at
245 a m at her residence 104 Seventh Street
northeast MRS KATE MANGLEH widow of
Funtral Jlonday June 30 1102 at 4 p m
from above residence Relatives and friends
invited e2S 2
that the certificate of tale for taxes of lot 3
tqunre 017 Wxliington D C on OCTOBER
3 15S2 iraed to Isaac S Lyon has been
lot or destroyed and that 1 have applied td
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