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Hair and warmer tcday To
morrow fair fresh west to
northwest winds - -
Progress Made by the Royal Patient
Gives the English People Renewed
Confidence Statement Regarding tie
Sick Room Arrangements
LONDON July 1 The condition of
the King at a late hour last night con
tinued to he satisfactory
The newspapers regard yesterdays
bulletins concerning the condition of tho
King as helng favorable They ascribe
hs Majestys discomfort to the haling
of the wound which Is large and deep
It Is necessary to keep the drainage
tubing and antlseptte gauze at
of the wonnd until the new tissue
gradually alls up the cavity --
It la expected that tbepaln will be
come less as the raw surface becomes
covered with granulation containing no
LONDON June 20 Inspired probably
by YiscountCranbornesjTiIrcular to thej
bonriro committees of the United King-
that the bonfires that
4Tere t6 bo lighted on the night
iatlnn lnilbclIchtelitOKllEt4Jjede
minate the city tonight
So far as can be judged by a dav light
Inspection the Illuminations through
out the city would afford a magnificent
spectacle but the scheme fell through
The fixtures for illuminating purposes
are still in place on Marlborough House
and the Bank of England The latter
vhich has the most elaborate scheme of
illumination In London at once a
sconced that It would only Illuminate
if Marlborough House the Mansion
House and the Royal Exchange which
also had made elaborate preparations
for Illumination followed suit
Illuminations Few
As the Prlcco of Wales did not order
the illumination o Marlborough House
there was littlo to be seen tonight in
the direction of illuminations There
were a few private establishments light
ed but they were so scaltc cd that they
had no effect
Between C and 7 oclock a thunder
storm broke the spell cf fine hot weath
er At 10 oclock a slight rain was still
falling Thsre wes hardly the normal
amount of trade en the streets and
what Illuminations there we c only
served to show more plainly the work
men engaged in taking down the Vene
tian mast3 lining tbo roadways the
carts bearing them awry and the half
dismantled stands many of which still
tear large announcements of the prices
of seats and statements that they fur
nish the bet view of ih corona ion
Altogether London tonight presented a
melancholy sight Even the Hooligan
v ho 1b ro ready to seize any excuse to
make nisht hideous staved at Lome
Signal to Light Tires
A shell Cred from a mortar fixed at the
summit of the great Ferris Vbecl stand
ing In the exposition grounds at Kenrlnc
ton was the tlgcal for klnilllns the lon
fircs About forty blazed around London
At the time the signal was given the
rain had ceased but the night was very
About a thousand bonfires were kindled
throughout England and Scotland There
ferc some enormous on at FnHcstone
that stood CO feet ab The
flames from tbcm w visible
from the evw There
were many c rolnts
along the Ei - i coald
alio be seen i largest
cf these conti er
A Sp t v
The folio v i i cement
was made a e this
The King i j i rpcclal
ccuch ycstcri r fe vas
much benefit - ft The
Queen Is Pi The
King occaslo I - - flm but
the Irtcrvicw utmost
quet Is info-
The King U and
Is not approi - itate or
The i ylU ice call
for the creat 7 raits -11 wound
General Wilson Takes Tribute From
American Army to Frog-
more Mausoleum -
LONDON June 30 General WlUon
who was to rcpnsent the United States
Army at the coronation went to
sor todav accompanied by Captaia Bid
dell and Colonel Bopip to place a wreath
on the tomb Of Queen Victoria at Frog
They were met at the station Tiy one
of the JCIngs landaus drawn by a pair
or naypiorses ridden ny a postllon
aUd were driven tc the mausoleum
Genera Wilson laid on the sarcopha
cus a wreath of lilies of the vallev nod
A Token of R3soect
and Admiration riaced by Major Gen
eral Wilson in beualf of pine United
States Army June CO 19TV
The visitors were afterward shown to
the royal apartments and the Klnfifc
ltbraryJf e
Beacons Along the Channel Burn
But the London Illuminations
Are a Failure
Reason for the Slow Healing
of His Majestys
Shipment of Boer Prisoners From St
Helena to South Africa
LONDON June 30 General Cronje
nnd many of the other Boer prisoners at
St Helena hae talen the oath of alle
giance to Kin1 Edward
The shipment of some of the priso
ners to South frica has begun
Rumor That He Would Be Made Apos
tolic Delegate Denied
in London
HOME June 30 The rumor whUh
was current last night to the effect that
Bishop Thomas OGorman of Sioux
Fails would be appointed Apostolic
Delegate to the Philippines Is without
Bishop OGorman Is unwilling to goTo
the Philippines even If he were ap
pointed io the post as his enemies
would then say he came to Rome with
the Taft mission merely to obtain the
position -
w anmAjle y CLASH
Indiana Senator Attacked
by Texas Member in
-Senate Chamber
Senator Spooner Who Prevented Pos-
Row Denies Mr
emenr jnac iuier
stv vf t
- Lnokea mi jacvenage wnat it was
All About
The closing hours of the session of
Congress were enlivened In the Senate
yesterday afternoon by a personal at
tack made by Senator Bailey of Texas
upon Senator Beieridgo of Indiana It
was similar In some respects to th
trouble which occurred In the same
chamber on Washingtons Birthday of
the present year between Senators Till
man and McLaurln of South Carolina
No blows were struck jestcrday but
according to the attacking Senator he
first threatened to kill his colleague
from Indiana and then choked him
fiercely until dragged away by Senator
Spooner of Wisconsin and the Sergeant-at-Arms
of the Senate According to
Mr Spooner Mr Deerldgo was not
choked at all and the Senator from
Texas did not lay his hand upon him
There Is a direct conflict of testimony
therefore as to whether any choking
took place but it Is significant that all
of the Senators present agree with the
statement of Senator Spooner that no
actual assault was made
Occurred After Adjournment
The Senate had adjourned when the
affair took place but he doors had
rot Lecn opened after the executlvo
session Nearly all of the Senators had
let the chamber and the only ones who
wlino scl ihe affair In addition to
Heess Ballcv and Becridge were
Messrs Spooner Hanna Klttredge Mc
Comas and Hmsdell
According to Mr Baileys statement
ruade rfter he had left the building
he all cd oer to the Republican side
of the chamber where Mr Beveridge
wac seated talking to Senators Hanna
and Fpooncr dimanded that Mr
Eccrid2o withdraw a statement made
In the debate in open bession that
the reflections upon Solicitor Pen
Geld of the State Dcpa tmcnt were
unwarranted Upon his refusal Mr Bai
ley Jo3t Ms temper eclciming Ill
kill ou and then crabbing Senator
Bcieiidre by the th oat choked hlai un
til dragged away by Serator Fpoonor
iEd the He llen re
tired to the Democratic cloak room and
a little later left tbc LLlldlnE
Mr Spooners Statement
According to trc sptcment of Senator
Fpooner corroborated by the other
Senators present Senator Bailey did not
lay a hand upon his Indiana colleague
Lut hat tcok pHce thy sa is this
Senator Ball went over to the chair
where Senator Beveridge was sitting
and demanded that ho v itbdraw I1I3
statement I hat his criticisms of Judge
PenEcld vero unwarranted sajing he
had iicn him an opportunity to do so
during the deccte and that noT ho
ga c him another Senator Beveridge
without rising said In the best natured
poinblf Tone to Bailey Why my dear
folio- J can t do that M remark was
In no sense offensive and was not In
tended to bo so And I toild not with
draw It without inferential Indorsns
jojr statement as to Penfiod
Mr Psilcy demanded that the remark
be withdrawn and again Mr Bjverldgc
with continued good nature declined
Continued on Third li
- -
Major Gardener Declares That It
Stronger in Manila Than
in Tayabas
MANILA June 30 In the course of
Major Gardeners examination by the
board Investigating his charges agalqst
American officers and soldiers1 JieTvas
questioned regarding 1ba partof his
rororr Sccuslngyhe arifiyof ahostlle
ailivuuc ivnuiua luc inn tiuvuuriutB
He replied that evidence wnsjilrcady
before the board showing hostility Gt
some officers
General conversation among the offi
cers he added Indicated thtt this hos
tility was een Btrongcr In Manila than
In Tayabas of which province he was
governor This hostility he believed
was a matter of common report that was
known to every Intelligent person
Concerning the higher officers hos
tility towards the chll authorities his
Information came from persons he be
lieved to be truthful but It was Impos
sible to summon them as wltnesRcs as
It would be detrimental to the Interests
of the Government He undertook full
responsibility In the matter
Two Surviving Members of Moro Gang
to Be Surrendered to
MANILA June 30 Datto Axa one of
the chiefs in Mindanao has promised
Colontl Baldwin to produce the two sur
vivors of the Moro gang which murdered
Private Lewis the others having been
MANILA June 30 The constabulary
at Cebu capital of the Island of the
tame name captured a Inilrone lender
yesterday who reported that his gang
captured the four American sehnnl
teachers who disappeared on June 10
He sa3 the teachers were Imprisoned
In the mountains and Ihej were alive as
late as Thursday last
He believes they are still safe
Desired to Get His Client in Better
Physical Condition to Withstand Or
deal of a Trial Was Sent to a Sani
RIVERHEAD L I Juno 30 Louis
Disbrow accused of causing the death
of Clarence Foster and Sarah Lawrence
at Good Ground L I arrived here this
afternoon on the fast express from Long
Island City at 538 oclock In company
vi lth his counsel and surrendered to
Sheriff Welles
He was pale but seemingly in better
Urgently Requested by U S
Consul Livingston
Admiral Killick of Revolutionists
Fired on City and Killed
Several Persons
At the urgent request of Mr L W
Livingston the United States consul nt
Cope Havtion Haiti the Navy Depart
ment jesterday sent telegraphic Instruc
tions to the commander of the gunboat
Marietta to proceed to that place where
sovcre fighting took place Saturday nnd
Sunday betwen tho rival revolutionary
forces which endangered foreign inter
ests The Marietta Is at San Juan P
R v here she has been held In the ex
pectation that she would be needed to
protect American Interests on the Ori
roco River in Venezuela It was de
cided however In tvlevv of Consul Liv
ingstons appeal that the vessel was
more urgently needed at Cape Haytlen
nhcre there Is no foreign warship
Cables From Mr Powell
Consul Livingston did not send any
rerort of the sltuitlon at his post but
late vesterday afternoon the State De
partment had two telegrams from Wil
liam L Powell the United States min
ister at Port au Prince In which he told
1 something of conditions at Cape Hay
In the dispatch first received Mr
Powell said that he had telegraphic ad
vices from Cape Haytlen that the rebel
admiral Killick who his cast his lot
with General Plrmln the leader of tho
revolutionary forces and a candidate for
president of the republic had fired on
the city and killed several persons
Firmin Arranged to Leave
Firinln had arranged to leave Cape
Haytlen Mr Powell said in a Haytlen
naval essel under tho protection of the
foreign consuls The minister added
that all was quiet at Port au Prlnco
In his second dlsratch received a few
minutes after the first came Mr Powell
said that the Haytlen minister of for
clgaTilfalrs had told him that the gov
ernment had ordered the arrest of Ad
miral KIllfok
lPiclttfggrp Fajls to Invite
phjsical condition than he was while
at Good Ground Mr Miles his counsel
guarded his ilh nt carefully and Dis
brow nns qulcklv taken to the detention
room at the Jail
Was in Bad Shape
It is declared that Disbrow vas in
rather bad shape Just before ho left
Ground Ground It Is said here that
when he engnged Mr Miles an counsel
the lawyer insisted that there should
be an Immediate change of habits and
that Disbrow must put himself in con
dition to face any charges that might be
Disbrow consented to enter an insti
tution it Is said and there received
treatment calculated to brace him up
as quickly as possible Meanwhile It
Is said Ills counsel has been sparring
for time to allow his client to get Into
better shape
Mr Miles Disbrow Sheriff Welles and
a deputy sheriff will drive from here In
tho morning to Southampton or Gool
Ground according to which place the
hearing Is to be held
Money Being Raised and Counsel In
cluding Senator Thurston of
Nebraska Engaged
SUFFOLK Va Juno 30 Jordan
Thompson president of the Virginia
Nciro Industrial nnd Agricultural Asso
ciation announced this afternoon that
money Is being raised all over the Stato
to attack the lately proclaimed consti
tution and especially tho clauses dis
franchising negroes
Thompson says Senator Thurston of
Nebraska John S Wise of New York
and Judge Lewis of Virginia are nmoug
those already retained as counsel
Thompson has recently returned from
Mississippi where the negroes mean to
fight that Slate constitution
He believes the Virginia organic law
will be declared unconstitutional
Governor Taft Awaiting Instructions
From Washington Regard
ing Propositions
ROME June 30 Up to this evening
Governor Taft of tho Philippines had
not remitted the definitive propositions
regarding the settlement of the church
questions In the archipelago that were
asked by the Vatican
Governor Taft is awaiting Instruc
tions from Washington
Articles of New Jersey Corporation Just
Filed Cover an Exten
sive Field
TRENTON N J Juno 30 The United
States Tranco Trustees Corporation was
Incorporated hero today with an au
thorized capital stock of 2000000 The
Incorporators are Newton S Finney and
O B Thomas of New York and James
C Titzpatrlck of Jersey City The
charter specifies a number of enterprises
as included in the companys objects
I -- 1 auttis i i fcov wn a vuub
Vetei ail LegiOn sJUjirides viaducts warehouses steamboat
IHnMitndjpubllCcWorkB of jill kinds
RICHMOND Va June 30 George E
Pickett Camp Confederate Veterans to
night sidetracked a communication from
Philadelphia Union Veterans who had
Indicated a purpose to have their annual
encampment In the Capital of the Con
federacy in October of next year
The attendance of members upon the
camps meeting was large despite a
heavy downpour of rain it having been
previously announced that the Phliadcl
phlans letter would be before the camp
for action The letter which was read
by the secretary Informed the camp
that a number of encampments of the
Veterans Legion of Philadelphia were
considering the question of a meeting
place In the fall of next jear and that
Richmond was generallv favored by the
The Legion the letter stated Is com
posed of soldiers sailors and marines
of the Union army and navy and Marine
Corps who volunteered prior to July 1
1SC3 end served honorably for two vears
or more The name of William II Neelv
secrctarv ot committees was attached
At the outs t of the animated discus
sion which followed a conservative
niPinher offered a resolution saj ing that
the camp as Individuals would be highly
honored and pleased to extend courtesies
to the Phlladelphlans
Comrade Robert Northern In a vigor
ous speech opposed the resolution con
tending that It pledges the camp as such
to welcome and entertain the visitors
This he was umlterably opposed to
He spoke with much feeling It was
pointed out finally that the Union Vet
eran legion would not choose Its place
of meeting till October of this 3 ear at
the Gcttjsburg encampment w here
upon a motion was adopted laying the
motion on the tablo Indefinitely
Surrenders to the Authori
ties at the River
head Jail
It lsnlso spcelffedthattho company
thall have power to entexjnto contracts
or secure grants or concesslonBTromany
la the employ of the Union Pacific Rail
road In Omaha and Council Bluffs walk
ed out and the strike against that road
Reports received from other shops and
roundhouses of the company along the
line show obedience to tho strike order
except at Grand Island Neb Evanston
and Green River Wis where the men
voted not to strike
A member of the local machinists
union said today The entire
man system of railroads will be tied up
If an understanding Is not reached
The engineers and firemen are not
giving the expected support At meet
lags last night they gave out almost
similar statements to the effect that
their constitutions would not allow them
to go on a sympathetic strike
muuIB luciu upiisum ui w v
Hon of railways except In sew Jersey -- y un v
canals wbarvc3 reservoirs tunnels
government these especially raentloneiTTandrlthe withdrawal ot Kfdncts
being the United states anu Mexico
The provisions of the charter have been
taken here to Indicate that the com
pany has or expects to have some con
nection with the completion or purchase
of the proposed Panama Canal
Tentative Reference at Ses
sion of Premiers
LONDON June 30 The first session
of the conference of colonial prime
ministers was held todav
Colonial Secretary Chamberlain de
clare 1 that Imperial defense was a mit
tcr of the first rank He referred to
the great advance In the direction of
imperial federation but was very cau
tious as regards practical rters to
ward 2 closer union of Great nritair
and hr colonies He Invited sugges
tions on this subject
Canada asked for preferential treat
ment in the British market Mr Itir
ton prime minister of the Australian
commonwealth asked for htate owner
ship of ocean cables an Imptrl il court
of appeals and a clear undcrstaadlng
regarding the possibility of special re
strictions bj foreigner on the trade
of Australia and other countries In the
event of other colonics giving preferen
tial treatment to the United Kingdom
The proceedings of the conference are
affected by the f ct that Mr Seddon
prime mlilster of New Zealand Is the
only premier who Is armed with full
powers by his colons The conference
will meet again Friday nnd discuss im
perial defenses
Squadron to Convey Supplies to Troops
May Have Met Rebel
COLON Colonbii via Kingston Jam
June 30 The Government Hot Ilia con
veying provisions from Panama to the
troops off the coist returned to Tanama
j cstrday
It is reported that the flotilla met
the revolutionary gunboat Ijililla
The coastal shipping at Panama can
not leavf tint port
Important developments arc expectio
Times Newsboys Band Call
Miinbcrs of Tlio Times Newsboy-
Hiiul will lepoit nt The
Times ofliee nt oclock
eeniiifr in uniform
I M WHITE Director
Upholds Policy of the
McKinley Adminis
Controversy Over Land Now in Hands
of Venezuela Tribunal Mr Roose
velt Means to Look Sharply After In
terests of Americans
With characteristic promptness
record as upholding the policy of the
McKinley Administration In the Ven
ezuelan asphalt war which was the Im
mediate cause ot the frlctlo between
this Government and President Castro
Ioomls tne UTitudStates minister at
Caracas r1722
Mr Roosevelt yesterday Keel
withdraw the moral protection
American gunboat from the
and Ecrmudez Company a branch of the
National Asphalt Company or asphalt
trust in favor of the Warner Qulnlan
Company a syndicate whose principal
members reside la SjTacu3o N Y In
making this stand Mr Roosevelt did not
commit hlnvclf In any way to either side
In the asphalt controversy but ordered
on th general principle that to change
the policy of the Government might bo
construed by Venezuela Into an aban
donment by him of Interest In one of
the American companies concerned
Presidents Decision
The Presidents decision was baed
on an appeal rom the Warner Quinlan
syndicate through It3 attorney former
Senator Frank Hlscock who Is a resi
dent of Syracuse A local Venezuelan
court having Jurisdiction in the district
in which the disputed asphalt property
Is sltuited recently decided that a con
cession granted by the Venezuelan gov
ernment to the Warner Quinlan Com
pany to exploit a pitch lake held by the
New York and Ilermudez Company was
legal and tint the last named concern
should be dispossessed
Owing to the attitude of this Gov
ernment which has shown a leaning to
ward the case of the New York and
Dermudez Comrany the writ of ejection
was not served Mr Hlscock appealed
to the President and the State Deport
ment jesterda to withdraw Its pro
tection from tho New York nnd Dermu
dez Company and let tho Venezuelan
Judicial authorities dispose cf the mat
Dr Hill the Acting Secretary of State
lnd a conference with the President ou
the subject with the resilt that Mr
Roosevelt decided that pending the de
cision of the Venezuelan Supreme Court
to which tho New York and Dermudez
Company has taken an appeal the pollcy
of the Government In protecting the
present occupants of the psphslt prop
erties in dispute should be continued
This Government has held that It has
the right to review the decision of the
Supreme Court of Venezuela In order
to ascertain whether the Interests of
American citizens have been properly
guarded and the policy which the Prcl
dirt Ins Intimated vlll continue In
effect until tho Supreme Courts verdict
has been passed upon by the lesal 1 pin
Ion of the State Depirtment
The asphalt war as It is called has
been in progress since Castro drove
Vndrndc from Caracas and assumed tho
Presidency in his stead Last jear Cas
tro threatened to dispossess tho New
York and Dermudez Company by force
but did not do so
Convention With Great Britain Regard
ing Zanzibar Tariff
The Senate jestcrday In executive ses
sion ratified a convention with Great
Britain giving the assent of the United
States to the Imposition jot a 10 pir tent
customs duty on merchandle inmortcd
Into that portion of Zanzibar under a
British protectorate
Men Out in Omaha and Council Bluffs
and Other Places Along the
OMAHA Neb June 30 Promptly at
10 oclock this morning all machinists
Pardee Companys No
tice to Their Strik
ing Atiners
Poard Member Fallon Denies
That Strikers Are
Yonng Couple Receive Their Friend
Within Mine Barricade Crowds Keep
Workmen Away From Coxe Brothers
Drifton Colliery
opening of the eighth week of the coil
strike today was marked by the first
rcct effort of the operators to resume
work Calvin Pardee Co large In
dividual owners In the Hazlcton district
posted notices this morning offering to
start work at their Harwood colliery as
soon as a majority of the men ap
ply for work
Operators Notice
This notice Is as follows
With a view of ending what we deem
a hopeless and uncalled for strike an
opportunity of resuming work at tho
Harwood colliery U hereby offered to our
employes Let every Inside man who
wants to begin work quietly notify
General Inside Foreman Robert Fagan
and let every outside man notify Gen
eral Outside Foreman John Beach
Whenever a majority of our adult
Inside and outside workmen signify their
desire to begin work thi3 colliery will
be started The foremen will not maka
known the names of those who apply for
The nction of tho Pardees Is univer
sally approved by the operators
throughout tho region Those seen
this aftirncon declare the time ripe for
such a move
There was a report today that the
Delaware Lackawanna and Western
Company would resume work at Ko of
iho collieries In tho Scranton district on
July 7 but Superintendent E C Tobs7
said he had not heard of It
Kept Frum a Mine
Thl3 morning 300 strikers blocked the
Toad toJLeCoxe Bros Cos Drifton
rcoilleryvana reiiisedto allow the flttjr
or sixty regular workmen to pass be
lieving ihey were to start work at the
XThBiWorI i ro tnrnH
of the Thecocipii i5SDeaiecLto Shefiir
New York for aid and the scene
himself but before htsarriTa iof
his deputies had read the riot act and
the crowd dispersed peaceably
There was no violence but they suc
ceeded In keeplne the men from the
mlne3 Cox have denied they are to
start although the strikers believe every
preparatlon at the colliery Indicates they
Board member Fallon who has charge
of the strike headquarters during the ab
sence of President Mitchell said today
So far as I know there Is no truth m
the statement of the operators that any
number of men are ready to return to
work I have been all over Anthracite
District No 1 and through personal In
formation received from Nos 7 and 9 I
have yet to hear of a man who has asked
to go back rnd have heard of none who
are waning In their allegiance to the
union They are fully as determned to
day as they were on May 12 when they
laid down tnelr tools
Honeymoon in a Stockade
Behind the stockade at the Boston
breaker cf the D H Co at Plymouth
John Casfldy and his bride are spending
their honeymoon He Is a coal -
policeman from Pittsburg an
Miss Mary Keating of Lar
uncle s a watchman at tl
it was thus she met young
they quickly grew- to love n
spite the fact that there Is
feeling between the coal
residents of the mining
The other day Cassldy
uncle If he thought she
him She told her uncle
the two left for Elnghai
and were married TJ
day and tocWht they arc
relatives of the girl at the
Attempt to Keep Non TJnio
Working Causes Trc
at Tainaqua
TAMAQUA Pa June 30 Th
Tanther Creek Valley from this t5 -
Ncsquohonlng was thrown Into astat
of great excitement tcday by sorlcul
rioting betv een deputies and strikers
Yarrints were sworn cut thU afteruopi
for the arre3 of fifteen strikers whe
were charged with assault and battery
The object of ths strikers seems to bs
to stop every man In the employ of ihj
Lehigh Cca and Navigation Companj
trom working This morning men on
their way to wort were taken from the
trolley cars and forced to return tc
Vihen Thomas Harris a non union
nan was leavlie his home ho was 3ur
rounled by a gang of strikers who call
ed hm vile names and threatened to de
him bodily harm If ho attempted to gc
to work Harris knocked down the m
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