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TF THIS year of grace is notable for
nothing else it will be remarked
for the number of royal guests vis
iting the United States Asia ap
pears to have discovered us and will
eend at least three scions of rojalt
without counting- the maharajahs ot
on a day like this If you dont like the
Flatlron well hae it pulled down
They might at least have left a little
park there One of those Isles nf sar nr
at a busy corner only more beautiful
lou mean a sort of nenlnsuls nf
safety with arm chairs for nervous
ladles to drop right into after rmb
the acnue and dodging the traffic Yes
ana they could hae park attendants on
hand with municipal smelling salts
I dont care There should be a little
park there with some fine monument or
statue Then it would be almost as
beautiful as our own Copley Square at
home only different
There I knew joud rine in Cnnlev
Square before jou got through Eery
bodjH know youre from Boston now
Then they crossed Twent -third Strorr
and went down Fifth Avenue she lin
gering at the hook store and nlrtnrp
store windows and he looking for a
Did ou hear them chewing the rag
about that building asked the big
as being In some way a part of Great
Britain and Americans had to pass as
Englishmen because the brown men
could not identify them in any other
The only other occasions of the kind
are the visits of Queen Emma of Slam
HIndostan who are expected with their
retinue of servants high caste cooks
elephants and other belongings of Ori
ental rojalty Add to these rojal
prince the Grand Duke Boris and
with Prince Henrys visiting card al
icady In It will readily be seen that
IS02 will be the United States coming
out year socially The change seems
rjther sudden from the time when all
Asia vas like the king of Abisslnla
who was quite unable to grasp any
Idea coLtcming the United States except
In 1S33 and Prince Komatsu of Japan
in 1SSC
The most noted visitor promised us
is Prince Maha VaJIravudhTTown prince
of Siam and about this a story has just
leaked out Consul
Hamilton King ac
credited to Siam in February sent offi
cial notice of tho Intended visit of tho
rrown prince In October next nnd sign
ed the dispatch In the customary way
King of Piani The dispatch was re
reived by Senator Frje whose appoin
tee Mr King Is and ho transmitted It
it used to be I wish the architects of
that Flatlron had Inj Job for about half
a day to answer questions about it
Then the rush across the aenue got
to the proper authorities without com
ment probably thinking that qverjbody
knew the consul as well as he dots
But matters were confused and the
committee reported that the King of
Slam was to pay us a visit- and asked
for an appropriation to entertain him
The money was promptly voted and
word went over the country that King
Chulalongkorn was to visit us It was
some little time before It was mado
clear that It Is not the King of Slam
who is coming nor jet King of Slam
lut the crown prince He Is the son
of the second qucon and was appoint
ed heir to the throne In 1893 on the
death of his cider brother Tor the heir
to the throne in Slam Is not necessar
ily so by right of birth as In Europe
He Is generally the prince of highest
rank according to the rank of his
mother But the reigning king maj
choose among his sons the one ne thinks
best fitted to be his successor always
selecting from the sons of princesses
royal descendants of Buddha like the
1 himself and tho
Ing great nobles con
firm the choice This done the lnrkv
prince Is formally invested with the
rank and title of neir apparent The
rresent heir apparent is a bright clev
er oung man cf twenty one who was
educated In Europe
Prince KomatEU of Japan sent to
England to represent the Mikado at the
Intended coronation has accepted an
Invitation to visit tho Louisiana Pur
chase Expedition this summer and will
1 o hre in Jjly He belongs to one
cf the four Groat rojal families of
thestnrv and began all over again finally
getting the right answer twenty stories
and an attic and adding There might
be a cellar
Now what do you think of that
asked the cop when he cot a breathlne
spell Some folks are actually timid
about that building and aro afraid it
will fall down or blow oicr Wouldnt
take an office In It rent free
Wc had a small hurricane hern Mow
ing around this corner the other day
and one man who came along wouldnt
go by He said that building wasnt
- - V 5S3H
Yes you think that Just because a
building is high its all right The Par
Now hold on No Parthenon In mine
A View From an Upper Stoty
a little more lively than usual and the
policeman had to stop talking for pub
lication and attend strictly to business
waving back carriages horse and horse
less starting them ahead holding up
trolley cars pulling and pushing shop
pers and waging his tongue as fast as
his arms were going as follows
Hurry madam Hold that horse
back Its twenty stories high Yes
yes its the Tlatlron Go ahead with
that auto Now ladi rows oiir
chance Twenti stories Dont knn
what It cost Stop that car Three hun
dred feet high Wait a minute Now
quick madam Longer on Broadway
than Fifth Avenue side Yes regular
triangle Who said cuneiform Hold
those horses or Ill run jou In Flat
A policeman got rattled on that nnat
for Just a minute the otherday Hed
been sajing Flatiron for several
hours and to the next questioner an
elderly woman from out of town he
said Laundry building by mistake
What a wash what a wash they do
have she exclaimed when aho rnt
across and began to count stories
She lost her count at the sixteenth
safe In a gale and was going round an
other way when his hat blew off and
went plum over against the rintiron he
was afraid of
It was one of those Panama hats
The fellow looked as if he wanted to
ask me to get his hat but he didnt
have the nerve for that
Finally he edged over with one eye
on Jhe flatiron and one on his Panama
When he got it he sneaked backed on
the run and went into the Fifth Avenue
to get a drink I guess
Youd thought that that skyscraper
had been put up on purpose to fall
down on that fellows head and that
there was a man on tho Broadway side
waiting to push it over That fellow
was kind of a fool I guess Some say
they wouldnt have an office In there
rent free but hes the only one Ive
struck who was afraid to go by
Some think the flatlron Is the most
wonderful thing in the way of engin
eering and architecture they ever saw
They all think something Why they
talk about that flatiron more than they
do about the King of Enirlnnl tti
sick just when they were going to crown
The original plan to have the whole
J 1
pan from whom a
successor to the
throne woull be chosen should the Mi
kado dlo leaving no heir He is one of
the greatest men in Japan a cousin of
the emperor and was made
of the forces of the empire
at tho close of the Chlno Japanese war
He vlsllcd England as a special am
bassador rt the time of tbo Queens
Jubilee in 1SS7
Trlnco Chen cousin of the Emperor
of China also an envoy to the now-deferred
coronation will visit us on his
way home with a suite of ten nobles
WXri HgTMlaaH
Iff 4 1 vHwP i -v
half of whom were educated in the
United States Ho
is n rv
- i r vo
slve man speaking English fluently He
Is well known by reason of having been
the envoy chosen to bear the apologies
ot vnina to Germany for the murder of
Baron Kettler
Prince Boris Vladimlrovltch of Rus
sia grandson of Alexander II and
cousin of the Czar will snend t mu
of July In this country arriving at San
Francisco and crossing i i
leisurely his tour including tho Yellow
stone Park His visit Is wholly In
formal so that with the execptloa of
a call upon the President which Mr
Itoosevclt will go to Newport to rocvlve
there will bo no ofllcla INcognitlon of
his presence In the country
Prince Boris Is attended by Lieuten
ant Frederic and Lieutenant Greaves
Of the Bed HllSRnrw nt 1 r -
VUM imperial
Guard Lieutenant Strandtman of tho
bharrshooters of the imperial family
Chevalier Schack attache and Mr Con
stantine Greaves official secretary
flatlron building ready for occUDanc
In September has been modified Two
sample floors thi twelfth and sixteenth
will be finished by that time The other
floors will be left unfinished so far as
the arrangement by rooms Is concerned
until after they are let and then com
pleted according to the desires of the
One of the building foremen went up
to the twentieth floor the other day
when there was a gale of wind blowing
and tested the structure bybraclng his
back against one of the columns He
fMRfll0a53KRI 1
r j
A Bowr on View
reported that there was not the least
trace of swajing only a very slight
This building said the foreman
will stand any wind that ever blows
There is special construction for Just
that purpose and the whole building is
wind braced with heavy elrdera from
foundation to roof If it ever goes over
it will go all la one piece You cant
break or bend It
I patch is worth about 2000000 Youlliccman at the crossing who saves the
Shaped Lite an Old Time
Flatlron and I lence Call
ed ylh FlaHron Build
ing is Twenlv Sto
ries High and Located ar
the Point -in New Yorh
Where Aorc Persons
Pass Than Theij Do Any
where Else in the Ae
tropolis Built Lihe a Bat
tleship and Looks Lihe
the Hull ofa Trans-Atlantic
THE most remarkable building in
tho world is a twenty story
X skyscraper that has Just been
erected in the heart or New
York city The structuro is shaped
like a long and narrow letter V It
towers high above all the buildings in
the neighborhood and from the north
looks eo frail by reason of its great
height and extreme narrowness that one
almost fears a good puff of wind would
blow it over
No structure cTer put up In the me
tropolisthe acknowledged home of
wonderful buildings has attracted as
much attention as has this one nnii
knots of people staring up at it may
be seen in the -vicinity at all hours
More persons pass the Junction of
Broadway Fifth Avenue and Twentj
third Street every day than any other
point In New York It is right here
that this wonderful building stands
cause of its peculiar shape it has become
to be popularly known as the flat
Tho structure arouses considerably
more comment on the part of visitors to
the metropolis than anything else in
New York The workmen on the ground
the crossing policemen and the shop
keepers in the vicinity are deluged with
one continual string of questions and
chatter regarding the building Ever one
has something to say about it The fol
lowing is a fair specimen of what is con
tinually being said of tho peculiar-looking
There is the Flatlron Building he
fcaid as they reached the curb on the
north side of Twenty third Street in
inclr stroll down Fifth Avenue
Its a shame she said
She is studjing architecture and chic
improvement because she likes to and
has lots of ideas about such thincs
Theyd better call It the old-fashioned
name sadiron I suppose its
iron and Im sure its sad she went
Whj V
Why Why should they put a great
big wedge like that right up there where
the two greatest streets in the world
cross each other Couldnt tbey let a
little triangular patch of ground like
that go to good green grass
Ic heard that that little triangular
can get grass lands for about a dollar
an acre if jou go far enough out of
I dont care If Its worth four mil
lions she said getting Indlgmnt
Money isnt ev erj thing
Its a wonderful building
It Isnt beautiful Its Just a great
chunk Why dont they call it the pie
building It looks like a piece
You might at least call it chocolate
cake Its got twenty stories I mean
lives of thousands of women every week
bj piloting them from enrh tn enrh
Well Its the 3arae war all day long
Some folks like that building and
some dont but most all think Ifu minor
when the first see it It sort of hursts
on em suddenly and theyll stop right
ir me middle of the tracks to rubber at
It Its made this post twice as hard as
fiafSSalxHh 1 From the Front and a Little to One Side
i fJmmygm
The building faces if the point
ivyRpoHK j of the flatlron may properly be termed
1 - Its face on Tnenty thlrd Street one of
tSmWOtml lhe greatest thoroughfares In the city
J The two long sides of the bitildlnir are
en Broadvray and Tlfth Avenue the two
greatest streets of America The- rear
of the building is on Twentv seeond
On the Twenty third Street side the
structure comes to a point so sharp
that there Is scarcely room for a win
dow The buildlne in irwnr nnvs r
semDles the hull of a huge
steamer The prow alms north
at the famous Madison Square and
there Is a long vists up Fifth Avenue
and up Broadway Looking In this di
rection from one of the upper windows
the pople walking in the stret belov
look like tho tiniest pigmies and the
passing cabs and electric cars like
miniature playthings
The sides of the flatlron cover an en
tire block They are 200 feet lone The
rear of the building is eighty five feet
wide The height of the building ex
clusive of the ornamental owers and
turrets which will surmount It will
be when completed more thtn 300 feet
The exterior wall area exposed to the
wind on the Fifth Avenue side is 51004
square feet and on the Broadway side
about 19000 On the Twenty second
Street end the base of the triangle
which is but S4 feet long the area of
the outer wall is 23000 snuare feet
This unique structure has been built
on the same lines as a steel battle
ship It has an enormous steel frame
the heaviest and strongest ever de
signed for ship or ballding From ita
resemblance to a huge ship some on
nautically inclined recently figured out
that the flatiron has a sail area of
60000 square feet The outside of tha
buildins is of stone
As everyone knows the value of land
in the heart of New Tork can be calcu
lated as diamonds are appraised Tho
Tlnt nF lnml ltl 1 W 1
stands merely the ground the building
covers cost the builders considerably
more man i uuuviu
The structure will bo an office build-
Plfh ThoM rrfll n KantAl nlan
on some of the floors entire suites of
rooms and on the ground floor ther
wllPbe stores to let The building will
h fltfT r n i ilavla fn Iia aakt
fort of business men The elevators in
iae liaiiron win run It is said at a
higher speed tlan those of any other
building in America
A UNIQUE and mnpnlfieent
dence Is nearlng completion on
Warrens Island off the coast of
Maine The building may be de
scribed as a palatial log cabin It i3
primitive massive imposing and beau
tiful It Is composed of spruce logs
and cost 73000
The entire island on which this
strange structure ij erected was pur
chased by the late William H Folwcll
of Philadelphia Mr Folwell bought the
island for the purpose of erecting on it
the luxurious log cabin but died before
the completion of the house The work
Is now superintended by his son Will
lam II Folwell Jr The building is
situated on the highlands of Warreno
Island commanding a view of the Pen-
islands near by was mirchased by Mr
Tolwell same years ago the original
owner being Elijah Djer an old fisher
man Mr Folwell planned to have a
summer home where he might entertain
a large party of friends and his plans
have been carried our The main house
or cabin Is a large structure having two
wings running back
The lower story Is entirely of spruce
logs cut on the Island and In their
natural state Above this the buildmz
Is clap boarded and neatly finished The
front room downstairs Is 30 by 6 feet
hardwood floor and Is artistically dec
orated with oil paintings wedgewood
mounted birds brass work and other
decorations of amour The larse ruirs
are easily moved giving ample bpace for
uancmg while a grand piano and many
basket chairs add to the attractions
The windows are many and those to
bearing the latin inscription Moa
Reve translated to My Dream Th
hall which opens from the back is U
by 60 feet and from this is entered tha
two wings the main house and tha
stairs of the chambers The main part
of the house runs back some 22 feet by
G3 feet in which Is located the kitchen
laundry and storage rooms
The two wlnc3 are each 20 hy 3D feet
the southern one beine fitted for i
nlngroom in the style of the old Eng-
lisn times with a lj foot table and beau
tiful decorations while the north wing
Is given over to smokins and bath
rooms Upstairs the main hall is 12 by
CO feet and there are 22 sleeping rooms
on either side of a large hall running
the length of the house Each rnnm t
II by 15 feet while tho front mrtn
are 15 by 20 feet three in number All
the rooms are equipped with white iron
obscot Bay east and west reaching far
cut to sea by Owls Head Lighthouse
and the adjacent land To the west Is
the famous watering place of Camden
with its era ml old mountains In
its hick the dark shadows and deep
ravines the great heights sloping dawn
to sandy beaches at the waters edge
The cabin Is erected hleh UDon the
Island near Dark Harbor which Is a
close rival to Bar Harbor The island
Is about three miles across the bay from
Xorthport and four miles from the
Ullkcy Harbor Lighthouse on the lower
end of Isiesboro It has an area ot
about 125 acres and with two small
the front are of one pane of plate glass
with a frame of gold on the Interior
giving a beautiful natural picture etTect
At the back of the room is a mag
nificent fireplace of a gigantic nature
It is built of brick and granite the
mantelpiece being of marble U feet In
lengtn 3 in width and 3 Inches
thick the whole piece of work wciehlnp
some 10 tons Across the front of the
mantelpiece cut In the marble Is thi
inscription How Beautiful Upon the
Back of the mantel is another tnhlnt
of Pennsylvania marble five by Ave
feet decorated with bras3 rosettes and
bedsteads and first class fittings whila
the gable roofs and the 17 dormer win
dows make them all desirable The lower
part of the house Is built of J lnch logs
and the sloping roofs overhang
Tho building is set upon 6 piers of
stone and will have been twn vein In
building when it is completed There
a several nrepiaces of tile and there
is found much hand carving in tho in
teriot finish The marhle h
doorstep comes from Pennsvlvanla
Much of the original shrubbery has
been left around the buildings nnd the
grounds will In a creat Dart he fcent
their present half wild stitc

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