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Local rains today vd tomor
row light lo es iouh tr
southeast winds
All Desertions Said to Be From En
With Mrs Roosevelt and Ethel he got
a rowboat at 330 oclock and bade
farewell to the burdens of state until
sunset Mr Loeb hod made no ap
pointments for the evening so when
the mall had been dlsppsed of President
Roosevelt spent the evening with his
family and writing in the library
Will Talk on Tariff
The Presidents views on the rcvlved
subject of tariff revision will be mad
Known In his speeches on his New Eng
land trip on whlch he will start three
weeks from today Because of the im
portance which has been attached b
some to the deliverance of the Iowa
State convention on this question the
President feels that an early exj resslon
from him may clear the atmosphere of
the diverging opinions and purposes
that are credited to him
The President will be in the West
when the New York State convention
meets at Saratoga in September A
draft of the platform will probably be
sent here for his consideration before
he takes his departure for Derolt on
September IS
With Governor Odell who Is coming
here soon to visit him the President
v ill discuss the approximate language
of the platform On the arrival of the
Maj flower at Gardners Bay next
Wednesday a float will be constructed
on which a regulation naval target wll
be erected
Twentj four men will enter Into com
petition for the Presidents prize of 21
In gold for the best marksman
Troubles on Mayflour
Stories of arjing character have been
sent from Oyster Bay about the de
sertions from the Mayflower One ac
count which has been circulated fit ely
around Oyster Bay was that the men
formally protested to the officers about
the quality of the bread and meat de
claring that the bread was musty and
the meat had turned green
Another souice of grievance vvas said
to bo the canteen which vvas estab
lished when the ship came to Ojstcr
Bay It being charged that this was
done to get the sailors to spend their
raonej there and that they were forced
to do it by the condition of the rations
Commander Gleaves said this after
noon that there had been a great deal
of exaggeration In these tales Since
be brought the ship to Oyster Bay there
hid been three desertions and while at
BroolIjn two men had left AH the
deferters were from the engineers de
partment Commander Gleaves said that
unjone familiar with the workings of a
warship could understand that on a
beat like the Maj flower Just put into
commission their work In the engine
room3 was hard and likely to be vcry
dlstastcful to any man
Dared to Desert
Outsrdc cf the engine room the crew
were well satisfied No complaint
against the food Las been made to him
or any cf the officers As to the deserter
who was picked up by the ships boat
he had confessed that he had tried to
desert because the other men had dared
him to and as the deserter who got
away that night had primed him up to
It he made tho attempt The captured
deserter Is now undergoing the punish
ment usual In the navy but Is not be
iPS curved to death la the hold mana
cled to tho mast as some newspaper
tries havo described him
Tho canteen sells mostly chewing gum
candy writing paper and such notions
and the men havo shown great satisfac
tion at being able to buj these things
aboard 3 hip
The Maflowcr Is to start for tie
practice grounds Tucsda The Sjlpli
which will take the President and Mrs
Roosevelt Tuesdnj night Is a small ship
and has limited sleeping accommoda
tions Her armament corndsts of a dozen
muskets and six revolvers hut she lan
travel Just twice as fast as the Maj
Man Under Arrest Denies That He Is
Guilty f Offense
George S Jackson colored twenty six
years of age was locked up at the First
precinct police station early this morn
Ins for turning in a false alarm from
fire alarm box 173 at the corner of
Fourteenth and H Streets northwest at
1 10 oclock
The man declares he Is Innocent and
tays h noticed the door of the box was
ujar when he passed It and that he
heard tho Rlggs Tiro Insurance bell
rinsing at the time
tHie wagfrinflton tKroedL
Will Make Known His
Stand During New
England Trip
Effcuiw Spends a Day of
Rest in the Long Isl
and Woods
Two Men Captured and Nearly 30000
in Booty Recovered
EL PASO Aug l To more of the
lobbcrs who held up a Mexican Central
train anil secured X10000 from the
Wells Fargo car have been captured at
Gomez Palacio and nearl S30CM lias
been fccovcrcd
The first robber to be caught has been
Identified as mil Tavlor who held up a
Santa Fe Pacific train It Texas and
killed two men He was sentenced to
death for the crime but escaped to
rifteen thousand dollars of the booty
secured In the recent robbery was re
covered from TaIor
gineers Department Declaration of i Duties on Goods on Border Line Be-
the New York State Convention to
Be Submitted to Mr Roosevelt
OYSTER BAY Aug 1 The Pros
dent today had another holiday of rec
reation on the bay and in the Aoods
He did not receive a sinqle visitor and
from waking time until after dinner
tonight he did not sec an official pa
per read a letter or receive a com
munlcation of any Kind
tween Colombia and Venezuela
Now Prohibitive
Mr A M Beaupre secretary of the
United States legation at Bogofi writes
to the State Department that the dis
turbed condition of affairs between Co
lombia and Venezuela is having a disas
trous effect upon commerce near the
border line
Venezuela has closed the port of Mara
calbo to Colombian articles of export
and will not piss Imports for Colombii
without the payment of Veneziielin Im
port duties
Until recently while the payment of
such duties was required it was refund
ed upon the return of a consular certlh
cate from Cucuta the distributing point
for that part of Colombia showing tho
receipt of the goods This has now been
done awaj with and goods brought in
must pa duties in the custom houses
of both republics which Is prohibitive
for most articles
Landslide Kills a Negro
SUFFOLK Va Aug 1 In Isle or
Wight county jesterdaj there was a
landslide which 1 Hied one negro fatal
ly Injured another and seriously hurt a
third The men were hauling dirt from
a hillside for the purpose of building a
St Louis Magnate Sights
Baseball Dove of
Predicts That Older Organization Will
Recognize Its Younger Rtval and Put
Stop to War Attitude of Brush
Pointed to as Positive Proof
Special to The VV a hlrston Time
ST LOUIS Aug L Notwithstanding
the belligerent attitude of the Roblsons
a stockholder In the St Louis National
League loam stated most emphatically
tonight that the present baseball war
would end with tills season and that the
American League would be recognized as
vvas the old American Association
He pointed to the attitude of Brush
of Cincinnati who he sajs has made a
direct proposition to sell out all his
holdings In the Reds
Hopes are Shattered
The patronage given the Browns in St
Louis has also he declares shattered
the hopes of Robison He believed and
so stated at the time of his suit for
Wallace HeiJrlck and Harper that the
American team would not draw suffi
ciently to end the season a winner
The showing the Browns have made
accords them generous patronage Mr
Hedges of the American team admitted
tonight that he expected peace before
fall Freedman is in Europe and Brush
being anxious to sell lends color to the
story of an early peace between the two
big leagues
The National organization authority
for the coming of th dove of peace
made this statement tonight
Has Made Money
There Is no question but the National
League billeved the American would be
a financial failure before the season was
half over The fact that the eight clubs
have regularly turned into the treasury
the prescribed percentage of earnings
and that the enemy lias CO000 In cash
in its treasurj is evidence 1 nough that
the American Is not going under
The coup at Baltimore which was
supposed to take a strong pin from under
the American resulted as we see in
strengthening that organization From
talks with Eastern baseball men I am
convinced that the end of the strife is
near and that both organizations will
operate next jear in peace
Three or Four Hundred Rioters Dead
and Order Restored
PEKIN ug 1 The Wal Wu Pu
foreign office has notified Mr Conger
ihe American minister that the govern
ment troops have killed between 300 and
400 rioters in Szechuan and have re
stored perfect order in that province
Actress Replies Begging
Him to Return to Her
May Yohe Tells ex Captain That Shs
Forgives AH Greatly Frightened
Lest He Has Ended His Life
Thought That He Is in France
LONDON Aug 2 May Yohos trip to
Paris was suddenly abandoned jester
da afternoon when a messenger ar
rived at the Savoj Hotel where Miss
Yohe Is stopping with a note from Put-
nam Bradlee Strong dated London U
Dear Mazy Excuse the shakiness oi
my writing I am nearly erazj How
could jou accuse me of stealing This
will be handed to jou by a mesoenger
who knows mj address and who will
forward any mall or wire If jou love
me write or wire if possible the lat
ter as a letter mas reach me too late
Remember I am even until the next
world jours BRADLEE
Upon the receipt of this note Mls
Yohe hastllj wrote
Come back I forgive all
This was sent by the waiting messen
ger who refused to give Strongs ad
dress Miss Yohe then canceled her
Paris arrangements and awaited an an
swer or the arrival of Strong Time and
again she broke out amid sobs pajing
Why dont he come My God I would
give my soul for Bradlee
Up to 2 oclock this morning Strong
had not answered the note Despite the
London date of the note It Is believed
that Strong is in France fearing that
Miss Yohe wlll Institute criminal pro
ceedings against him Strongs hints at
suicide frightened Miss Yohe greatlj
She repeatedly exclaimed
Oh why cant I go to him Where is
he He may be dead He can nave
everything I have got If he will only
come back
Sum of 50000 Given to Customers as
LONDON Aug 2 The Dally Ex
press announced that the American to
bacco trust has paid 50000 as Its first
quarterly installment of bonus to it3
The Imperial Tobacco Company the
rival of the American concern has not
fulfilled as vet its promise to paj a
bonus to Its customers who use Its
goods onl
DWill Welcome Burgher Generals When
They Reach Southampton
LONDON Aug 1 It has been ar
ranged that General Kitchener will go
to Southampton to meet Generals Botha
Delarey and DeWet on August 1G the
day of the naval review there The
King will receive them anl General
Roberts and General Kitchener Inimc
dlatelj the Boers arrive
Mr Stejn ex president of the Orange
Free Stnte is due to arrive at
anipton tomorrow Messrs Fischer and
Nessels formerlj Boer delegates have
arrived from Holland
The Intend to transship Mr Stejn In
the harbor 10 a Dutch steamer which
will take him to Schevenlngen where
Prof Winkler a specialist will treat
him for sunstroke and paralysis
Combination of Circum
stances Defeats Project
Heavy Field Work Exhausts Dogs and
Ponies Reserve Supplies
Drawn On
CHR1STIANIA Aug 1 The entire
Ilaldwin Zclgier polar expedition whli
sailed from Vardoc on July 30 1501 un
der the command of Evelyn Baldwin of
New York arrived at Honningsvaae
Norwaj on their steamer America this
morning The officers are reticent re
garding the results of the attempt to
reach the North Pole but It wus learned
that poor results had been achieved
The on real work accomplished was
lie establishing of food depots for a fu
ture expedition the making of niarln
collections and new charts
The field work of the expedition was
so heuv that the ponies and dogs were
exhausted and sledges destrojed This
together with the earl breaking up ot
the Ice in June which forced the ex
pedition to use Its reserve supyllei
forced Mr Baldwin to return
Mr Ilaldwin sajs that he sent up a
large number of balloons bearing mes
sages and succeeded In making a mov
ing picture of Arctic lle He nlco
found the hut lhat was used by Nnnsen
and recovered a number of documt nts
lhat were in it
The America will start for Trom oe
tonight where she will repair her rud
der and propeller frame which were
damaged by the lco on her wav home
Jury Finds Ninety Three
Bills Against Prisoners
Tighe Unable to Secure Bail Remand
ed to Jail Jury Meets in Fort Meyer
Courthouse Accused Heard in Their
Own Defense
inc true bills were brought in last
evening against John C Nelson and John
Tighe All charge arson holding them
responsible for the fire which wiped out
the resort on the night of July 14 latt
Nelson was present to answer to the
indictments and through his counsel
Mr Charles Bendhcim stated that he
was ready to appear for trial Judge J
M Love presiding over the Alexandria
county court then continued the bond
of fCOOO which had been put up by
Messrs William Duncan and John Har
low Tighe who has been unable to se
cure bail was remanded to jail
Personal of the Jury
Sheriff Palmer of Alexandria count-
summoned the Jurors to meet at 5
oclock and it was not long after that
hour when the nine men who have been
chosen to Investigate the circumstances
of the fire met behind closed doors in
the upper part of the court house at
Fort Mjer Heights Those on the Jurj
are Christian Arnold E M Ball
John W Whitehead T F Rotchford
Wallace Schutt Horace C Gilbert John
N Carrlson William Marcey and Er
nest J Sebry
Nelson was early on hand with his
counsel Mr Ohirlcs Bcndheim and
Tighe was brought over from tl c coun
ty Jail where he has been incarcerated
lnce shortl after the fire Both give
testimony for the first time and their
eviucncc win ue considered in con
Junction with that given by the wit
nesses on the stand on Monday last
when the application for bail by Nel
son was heard The witnesses who ap
peared at that time were William J
Smith Henry Claton William II Tip
pett Frank Foster Charles E San
derson William Fosoter and Andrew
Case to Be Called Thursday
Considerable Interest has been evinced
In the legal proceedings thus far in
stituted and thire ivomlres to be a
large crowd present In the courthouse
at Fort Mjer HelgHts when the cases
are called next Thursda morning At
torneys Charles Bendhelm Joseph
llngton and R Walton Moore will ap
pear for Nelson while Messrs Edmund
Burke of Washington and Charles
Brent of Alexandria have been retained
to assist James A Clements the Com
monwealths attorney
It is believed that neither side has vet
shown its hand and that the testlmony
m tne trial wnicn commences on Thurs
da next will be of a startling nature
Nelson and Tighe were arrested by
Sheriff Paliler on complaint of Frank
J Foster one of the proprietors of the
poolroom who swore out warrants
charging them with having set fire to the
buildings On the night of the confla
gration there had been suspicion that it
was caused bj an incendiarj but the
authorities hesitated to takeactlon until
formal complaint wa smade
Sen Near the Fire
On the night of tho fire Tighe with
two other men took a coach from a sa
loon on K Street between Thirteenth
and Fourteenth Streets northwest Nel
son oined the party near the Bureau of
Engraving and Printing The coach
drove on to Jackson City reaching thcie
about 10 oclock at night- The party
was seen In the vicinity of the firo
This was nothing unusual as both frc
qui nted the places Nelson being part
owner in one of the resorts while Tighe
was employed there
Both the accused have steadfastly re
fused to discuss the affairs since their
arrebt even to their most Intimate
For several days afte rthe fire Nelson
could not be found at his home and it
was necessar for bherlff Palmer to get
requisition papers out for him He made
no objection when placed under arrest
Tighe was found at Jackson Clt nnd
has been behind the bars since a few
das after the lire
Dispute Between Italy and Switzerland
Adjusted by Making Various
Diplomatic Changes
BERNE Aug 1 The recent settle
ment of the dispute between Itil and
Switzerland has resulted In several
changes among the Swiss diplomatic rep
Mr J P Pioda the Swiss minister at
Washington has been transferred to
Rome Dr Carlln who was the Swiss
minister at Rome at the time of the
diplomatic rupture with Ital will go to
London Dr C I Bourcart the present
representative of Switzerland at London
was xpected to succeed Mr Ploda at
Washington but has declined the post
Minister Pioda is out of town on his
vacation and no one was at home last
night at the Slss legation when a re
porter for The Times called to ascer
tain If the ministers official family had
received word of the changes announced
from IJerne
Italian Senator Dead
ROME Aug 1 Senator Gaetano Me
gri a member of tho Conservative party
and a historian is dead
Frvit Steamer Captains Re
markable Story
Friend of the Man Said to Have Been
Imprisoned Asserts That the Physi
cian Engaged in No Revolution and Is
on His Plantation Near Bocas
MOBILE Ala Aug 1 The report
brought to New Orleans that there was
no prisoner in Nicaragua answering to
the name or description of Dr Russell
Wilson who was alleged to have been
concerned In the recent revolutionary
outbreaks was confirmed today on the
arrival here of the fruit trust steamer
Captain Masterson reports that he left
Dr Wilson whom he knows intimately
In good health and looking after the In
terests of bis utantatlon at Flat Rock
seven miles from Bocas del Toro
Captain Masterson took the news of
the reports of his Imprisonment and
sentence to ele ith to Dr Wilson who
denied that he had ever been In a Nlea
raguan prison or that he had taken part
in revolution In that country
When the revolutionary gunboat Pln
zon put into Bocas he had been c ilUd
on professionally to attend to some of
the crew who were sick but after troll
ing them he had gone ashore and knew
nothing further ot the conflict in Nica
ragua than that he learned from the men
he had treated
Great Britains Relief Method in West
Indian Islands
LONDON Aug 1 It is stated tint the
250000 voted by the British govern
ment for the relief of the West Indies
will be distributed on a sliding scale
In the form of bounties varlng from
11 to 30 shillings on home grown sugar
Planters taxes will be refunded and may
loans granted
Optimistic View Taken as
Water Recedes
For Every Acre Damaged a Thousand
Have Been Helped Experts
DALLAS Tex Aug 1 This has been
a good el iy In the flood district of Tex
as No rains were reported anv where
in the various parts of the State to
railroad headquarters in Dallas or to
the headquarters of the telegraph and
telephone companies
Rains which fell in the northeastern
pirt of Ihe State late jesterdav and
last nlfcht caused trouble at new points
on the Texas and Pacific At Klldare
there Is a washout oud at Grand Saline
the water is high The Sabine river Is
out of Its banks The weter Is over tho
tracks and the bridge is submerged
Large crews of men with material are
at each side and us soon as the water
runs down will quick repair damages
which are not believed to be extensive
All the other washouts have been
on the Texas and Pacific and
traffic we stward has been resumed
Lines Cleared Up
The Missouri Kansas and Texas re
ports evervthlng clear 011 its Hues
There is still trouble on th viunantl
the Pecos Valleys and the Aransas Pass
otherwise conditions have Improved
Opinions varj as to the effect of the
floods on the cot c n crop of the State
hat the Hud whloi Is badl overllowen
v ill vicld little or no cotton is admitted
but when the amount of land submerged
is compared lo the total acreage il Is
argued by some that the heavy rains
washed all bugs and insects oh the cot
ton plants and drowned them complete
ly out thus reall benefiting the crop
One authority asserts that lor every
acre damaged a thousand acres havo
teen helped
Writs of Habeas Corpus for Imprisoned
Mine Workers
CInrksburg this afternoon Judge Nathan
Goff of the United States Court granted
a writ of habeas corpus for Thomas
Haggerty and others sent to Jail by
Judge Jackson for contempt The hear
ing takes place next Tuesday
This is tho first step of the United
Mine Workers to set aside the Judgment
and decision of Judge Jackson and in a
measure outlines the fight that will be
made by Mr Mitchell and his co-workers
French Governments Courtesies Almost
Without Precedent
LONDON Aug 2 The Paris corre
spondent of the Dally News says that
seldom has a distinguished foreigner re
ceived such courtesies from the French
government as those extended to Secre
tarv Root
Major VIgnal of the French army has
neen placed as his disposal as alde de
Hope to See a Satisfactory Relation
With Capital
INDIANAPOLIS Ind Aug 1 Senator
Mark Hanna has addressed a letter to
the trades council at Muncle which had
asked him to deliver the Labor Day
speech at that place regretting his In
abilit to be present He says that hi3
engagements arc such that he is com
pelled to decline the invitation
I feel a great Interest in this all-Important
question and am glad to find
the efforts I am making are appreciated
by organized labor It Is a great work
but of course we cannot accomplish
everything at once By further work
I hope In the end that capital and labor
be brought Into a relationship
which will be for their mutual benefit
His Program Outlned at Banquet of
Grocers Company
LONDON Aug 1 Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain and General Kitchener re
ceived the freedom cf the Grocers Com
pany of the city of Ixindon at a ban
quet this evening Mr Chamberlain
made a speech In which he said that
his policy aimed at making the empire
a living entity In which each part
would contribute to the success and
security of the whole
There were two nnin avenues to reach
this end imperial defense and iraperl il
trade He was Inclined to think that
public opinion was more advanced in
England on these matters man in xne
colonies It would not be wise to force
the pace
He recognized that Great Britain must
be willing to bear a greater proportion
than was required arithmetically fig
ured He believed the colonial confer
ence would mark a considerable ad
Under Figures of Ameri
can Bank Note Com
pany About 1 5 000
Believed That Postmaster General Will
Award the Work to the Bureau
Apprehension Among Government
Employes Dispelled by the Result
Yesferday noon was looked forward
to with apprehension by the employes
of the Bureau of Printing and Engrav
ing as the hour which would decide
whether the bureau will continue to
print postage stamps for the Govern
ment Or whether the Postoffice Depart
ment would award the contract to a
private concern and thus deprive about
400 employes of the bureau of work
The question as to whether the Post
master General would place the contract
with an outside firm and thus put his
approval on low wages long hours and
no annual vacation was discussed at
length during the past week In the pub
lic press and in labor circles as well as
by the workmen dlrectlj Interesteel In
the result
Should Be Done by Government
It was the consensus of opinion that all
Government printing should be done at
Government printing offices even though
the cost may be a little higher than
when done bj private concerns
The argument Is advanced that the
Government should pay high wages and
treat Its employes In a manner In keep
ing with the best principles of hu
manity and equity It is further argued
that to give work to outside concerns
nnd nllow the valuable bureau plant
which Congress ordered to be erected
for certain purposes to stand Idle would
result in a loss to the Government
greater than the amount saved b a
difference In bids
The Bids Opened
Yesterday at noon the bids for
furnishing the Postoffice Depart
ment with adhesive postage stamps for
the period from November 1 102 to
November 1 1005 were openeel in the
office of the Third Assistant Postmaster
Genenl The proved that the claims
ot certain postofnee officials that the
Baretu of Printing and Engraving asked
unreasonable figures for the work were
totally unfounded and unjustified on
the contrary the bureaus bid is lower
than that of the American Hank Note
Company the bureaus sole opponent
The bids were opened by Mr C II
Buckler chief of the finance division in
the presence of Tl omas P Graham and
C P Grantliell the committee appoint
ed by the Postmaster General to open
tne olds anei representatives of the
Tho bids of the Bureau of Printing and
Engraving were as follows
Ordlnarj stamps for the use of tne
Continued on Second Tagc
Operators Likely to Take
Advantage of Presence
of Troops
Militia Well Behaved and
Strikers Refrain From
President of the Mine Workers Urgs
the Men to Hold Out for Ultimate
Victory Some of the Smaller Shaft
Attempt t j Resume Work
HAZLETON Pa Aug 1 There Is a
wide zone of absolute quiet In and
around Shenandoah and the 1500 Na
tional Guardsmen who are the causa
thereof are putting In their time with
target practice and regimental drills
The camp Is on a hill In the outskirts
and though the khaki uniforms are al
ways In sight on the streets of the
town the soldiers are not so all-pervading
as was the case when they were
called to Shenandoah by the outbreak
during the strike of 1900 The conduct
of the men thus far has been admirable
both as to sobriety and general sol
dierly good behavior
May Resume Mining
The great question the presence ot
the troops has raised Is -whether un
der their protection there will be an
effort made to resume the mining of
coal There Is no doubt that the fact
that the troops were out hastened the
opening of the Oxford and Cayuga mines
today at West Scranton the former
with a force of 120 men and the latter
with sixty
President Crawford of the Peoples
Coal Company operating the Oxford
mine gave notice several days ago that
all who wished to go to work In the
mine must report by tomorrow evening
but the arrival of tho troop3 seemed to
put a spur upon the operators move
ments aiid coalwas mined both In the
Oxford and Cayuga mines all day with
out opposition
Crowds gathered about the mines but
there were no offensive demonstrations
With the troops remaining at Shnan
doah It is very probable that mining
will be begun in that vicinity In the
early part of next week Preparations to
that end are now under way
Here in Hazleton today there has been
little or no talk of reopening mines but
it Is believed here Jhat there Is a good
prospect of such attempts being made
all along the line next week
Merhcants Sign ePtition
The petition circulated by the strik
ers In Shenandoah requesting the gov
ernor to withdraw the troops was quite
generally slEned
General Gobin In command of the mil
itary forces at Shenandoah in speaking
of the signing of the petition for the re
moval of the troops by so many of the
business men of the town said
They would sign a petition to abro
gate the Ten Commandments If a com
mittee of the strikers asked them to do
so for that element dominates the town
I have no doubt Governor Stone under
stands the situation There are about
1200 Anarchists and Nihilists among
the foreign population of the towii I
am Informed Tney recognize no re
ligion and no authority and impress
their detilies upon others for as a
rule they are superior In point of in
telligence to many of their fellow work
A coroners Inquest Into the death of
Joseph Bedall who was killed in the riot
of Wednesday night was begun In Shen
andoah todav but was adjourned after
two witnesses wcrr examined until the
presence of Dr Blddle of the Miners
Hospital at Ashland where Mr Bedall
died can be secured
Thousands Hear Mitchell
SCRANTON Pa Aug 1 Ten thou
sand people gathered at the Round
Woods In this city this afternoon at a
mass meeting of strikers which President
Mitchell and District President NIcholIs
had been advertised to address One
tenth were notren
This great Towd vvas fringed by a
cordon of police sent there by the city
authorities The Oxford breaker thj
lrst to res ime operations is situated
rot far from the meeting place anil
Ihe police v ere in fear that some in
temperate speech would fire the crowd
and ihat tbere would be a march on the
President Mitchell was received with
great enthusiasm He made no refer
ence to the troubles at Shenandoah or
the calling out of troop nnd only re
ferred incident illy to the relief ques
tion which he eleelired had been mis
represented by newspapers con oiled
by mine owners He declared that there
w ull le relief fds eaoufch o ica
lhat there vvas no real need that vvas
not met
He asked the miners If they were going
to continue the strike to a finish and
there came back a roar We Ar
He ent on
If you are not going to continue this
strike to a victory it means for jou
j ears of miser and suffering dishonor
and disgrace On the other hand if you
win you will have better homes and an
Increase of happiness for yourselves and
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