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Quaint and Pretty Nightrobe
ALL the puzillng questions to
OF be answered on a day when the
thermometeF climbs up and up
to a perfectly appalling degree
the one most apropos Is asked by the
tutiaious young woman who wants to
know how she -is going to look and feel
cool on a hot summer day She admits
that this striving to retain an Immacu
late appearance Is almost impossible
and yet the very fact that nothing Is so
unbecoming to the fair as rumples and
redness makes her Indefatigable in her
efforts to reach seme solution of the
There are an enviable few who have
learned tho art of always appearing as
calm end unruffled as a summer sa and
these seem an Inspiration to the world
at large but they are seinsh enough to
want to keep the secret to themselves
Of course theres no reasonable excuse
for a society woman with apparently
nothing to bother her mind from the set
ting of one summer sun to another to
look anything else than perfectly un
disturbed by the beat nevertheless
nearly all of them Dnd It far Irorn easy
to be Inspiring
White tho general appearnuc pre
sented by a woman depends on
the beauty and appropriateness of her
outer garments the real secret of her
charming Impression lies in the perfect
arrangement and selection of the dainty
lingeries not cxposrd to view
There is nothing In all tho world that
makes a woman feel so thoroughly sat
isfied with herself as tho knowledge
that she Is truly Parislenne underneath
and she who is particular to choose the
coolest lingeries possible subtracts many
degrees from the prevailing atmosphere
Besides there Js no part of fcmlnlno
spparel that appfals so strongly to wo
men as piles of fascinating and lovely
lingeries and too often their fondnc3
for certain styles of pretty nainsook
garments will make them forgct the
fact that somo of these are much more
appropriate than other for warm
weather wear
To the very idea of securing the im
pression of coolness may be traced the
vogue for laco trimmings Instead of em
broideries and likewise a certain plain
ness with regard to the quatitles of frills
and flounces used nowadays upon under
garments let one cannot boldly as
sert that simplicity tho rule In lin
gerie modes On tho contrary the new
est nainsook garments are very much
trimmed but so artistically and dain
tily are the pretty lace edgings put on
that tho Impression gained is that they
are far from bclntj really elaborate
The woman who selects her sumnfo
lingerie with tho idea of keeping as cool
as possible will be surprised at the dif
ference she finds in even the slightest
To begin with the fundamental strat
um of feminine wearlns apparel the
singlet it might be mentioned that not
every woman is aware of the -fact that
there Is one particular variety of this
article cool and dainty almost beyond
description This is the thinly woven
silk skirt made vcrv much after the
fashion of a chemise only shorter nnd
while fitting the figure closely It does
not cling as the ribbed vests do Even
lovelier than the moro ordinary article
of silk are these Italian singlets and
they come In most entrancing shades of
pale pink blue and creamy white Somo
areclaboratcly worked across the bust
with silks to match and occasionally a
pretty cut out nppllquo dcslgm is seen
Dorderlng tho rounded neck and the
arms there is generally a fancy colored
lace edging of tho sama shade as tho
skirt and through this aro run the nec
essary ribbons for drawing It up around
the slioulders If you should wear ono
of these soft garments you would soon
bo converted to Its charms for It lonves
no uncomfortable creases and ridges in
the flesh about tho waist as tho ribbed
vests do no inntter how loosely tho
stays aro laced
armenta on Wbtcb a Momans Comfort IDqpenbs
Another thing In their favor Is the way
tney havo of keeping in place around
the hips instead of creeping up and
forming aggravating rolls On the whole
there are many advantages In these
pretty singlets and not tho least of
thenr Is their great coolness
Next In order are the drawers and It
is a deplorable fact that so many women
Insist upon having these articles made to
come some distance over the knee This
extra length cannot but render them
twice as warm and uncomfortable to the
wearer as they would otherwise be and
besides this tho whole charm of the
garment is utterly Epolled by the awk
wardness It displays In covering the
pretty bend of the knee
Have them as short as you can stand
them for summer wear at least and
choose open laco for the trimmings
You will find these much cooler than em
broideries and they will seem decidedly
less warm
Tho newest drawers are trimmed al
most to the waist for in addition to the
wide flounce at the bottom there arc
several rows of Insertion set In above
giving a very open and lacv effect The
usual fashion Is to have them cut up at
the outside of the leg a conceit thai
aids materially In the much desired cool
It Is rnthcr a puzzling question to
know whether these two garments al
ready mentioned should or should not be
worn under the stays Women who are
Inclined to be stout will adopt the plan
of putting there corsets over as many un
der garment as they can comfortnbly ar
range but It certainly makes one feel
warmer with so much bunChed about
the waist However this must bo de
cided by each individual for when a
woman discovers a method of reducing
her size even by over so little she will
put up with many discomforts to fol
low It out
I must confess that dainty ribbon
stays are tho very prettiest things Imagi
nable but they are also rather warm
The overlapping bands of heavy satin
ribbon allow no air to reach the body
and consequently the waist gets ex
tremely uncomfortable A hotter kind to
choose for the summer aro thin white
batiste corsets and have them as low
as you like Always bear in mind how
ever that very few women locflt well In
girdles A slender woman without bust
and hips may wear a low girdle and pre
sent 1 trim appearance but let a woman
who is the least bit full attempt one of
these affairs and she will soon discover
that her hips aro about twice the normal
size while she looks even more sloppy
than she feels
Nearly every member of the fair sex
makes use of the convenient and useful
sachets that are designed to fill Ic Hie
space In the front of the corset These
give the much desired low busted effect
and If they arc made of proper materi
als there Is no reason why they should
be other then perfectly harmless The
newest kinds are dainty conceits of
coarse white net and these possess the
great advantage of being as cool as any
thing It is possible to secure The net
Is doubled two or three times and the
whole plaited up Into a thick ruche
about four Inches wide and long enough
to reach ocross the front In some
cases the extenders are made to come
far around under the arms but this Is
where a person Is very hollow In this
spot A little dash of sachet powder or
perfume Is added and you havo an ar
ticle that Is far from warm The more
elaborate sachets made of snlln and
taffeta ribbon aro usually filled with
fine whlto curled hair A piece of four
inch ribbon Is doubled nnd tied In the
center with a bow having ends quite as
long as tho sachet Frequently the rib
il Cf i J N gy
- - - isam ft
rlyj J Skirt ana Corset c Match IfflflllftjfcSHII
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v y VV Y1L ftffastjCJKpgfest n
o t tV 7 1 NJsZNv ylvlrl v 1 s vi UHH I
New Clocked Stockings 7T V V0 1 7 L WKlWflHi
- I I Y Jl IvW VXJVir iS 1 rKKs A i SIHII II
II I I t y I I I W IC V A vt T VXIJ SHSHcIY s -1 5tftiJr 3MnH II
UttL yl u
bons are embroidered with a monogram
or some pretty design that add3 to the
effect These fancy bust sachets are all
very well except in extremely warm
weather when one wearing vill reduce
them to a limp and rumpled mass
Besides this style there are iirntfv
heart shaped sachets that are intended
to bo worn In the front of the corset
under the first hook There Is no prac
tical use for this kind other lun for
any perfumed bag All are dainty and
lovely enough to satisfy any woman but
for summer too much cannot be sail In
favor of the bust ruches made of wash
able net
When It comes to the consideration
of corset covers there is very little to
be expressed for the idea sought is
something pretty and becoming that
does not take up too much space Among
the novelties may bn mentioned hose
covers that are square across the top
front and back and depend upon wash
ribbons for shoulder straps nven the
chemise models are presenting the same
effect and there Is certainly this much
in their favor besides the prettluess
they aro cooler than fussy straps of
nainsook or any whltu roatorlil with
the necessary trimming of laco The
perfect plMnness of tho ribboni which
may be as wide or narrow ns desired
add to the comfort of the garment
Whllo the chemise is worn to a great
extent its real standing Is far from
well established for summer The rea
son for this Is that women have made a
small crusade ngalnst the short petti
coat ana tms particular garment
i -- - JsSSs l
Hippies of lace at Keck and Knees
adopted from our French sisters has a
fullness about the waist nnd hips that
Is not the most desirable or comfortable
thing in the world To get away from
this petticoat effect the corse cover Is
substituted for the chemise and it Is
quite as pretty and dainry a3 one could
possibly desire There are even llttlo
ribbons to gather them around the belt
and with the long white sklrt3 they are
far moro sensible than a chemise
evor fascinating thU lattnr may bo
Skirts that is long whlto fancy ones
to be worn under dainty summer dress
es aro prettier than ever this season
and advanced styles for next year dis
play lace insertions that extend from
belt to flounce For instance tho foun
dation of one skirt wa3 mado of alter
nating rows of two Inch laco entro deux
nnd bands of fine whlto batiste the
same width These ran all around th
skirt from top to bottom and then from
the knees there was a deep flounce car
rying out tho same design It is by no
means difficult to understand how very
cool and lovely such a garment would
be to wear In fact one would scarcely
realizo she had on a petticoat at all so
light and airy would It be
While almost everything in summer
lingerie Is designed with tho main idea
ot getting eomethins that Is neither
warm nor burdensome tho quality of
beauty Is never lest sight of for one ta
stant and tho most approved garment
for pummer wear are as dainty and
pretty as any woman could wish It Is
unnecessary to add that If this were not
the caso such articles would go begging
for women Insist upon loveliness in ab
solutely all their apparel

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