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Fair today and tomorrow light
to fresh westerly winds becom
ing variable
Phenomenon lasted Nearly
Half an Hour During
Which Rain Fell
Almost Unprecedented Scene in the
Waters Surrounding the Metropolis
Storm Visits Other Places With
Much Fury
NEW YORK Aug 3 Noonday was
turned practical- Into night all over
New York city today and whenever
there was business to be done lights
were turned on exactly as at nlghU
The heavy storm clouds that came out
of the west and southwest on a slow
wind were too dense even for the meri
dian rays of tho sun to penetrate
Across open squares or parks only tho
outlincr of buildings were perceptible
at half a blocks distance as at latest
dusk The surface cars ran up and
down the avenues with headlights and
Inner lights all going as In the evening
Lights en the River
More unusual still If indeed such n
thing has ever happened here before at
midday harbor navigation went on by
light signals as In the night Fcrry
loats and tugs lit their sidelights the
lights on the ends of the racks at the
ferry slips wera burned and at the Bat
tery the red danger light which marks
the position of the swimming bath was
The intense darkness lasted between
twenty and thirty minutes and coinci
dent with It was a heavy downpour of
rain and an electric bombardment that
alarmed the timid interested the curi
ous and aroused the dormant
Those living within sight of corners
saw the Inside lights of saloons go up
boldly iamanyJipart8oithe town It
was the middle of the morning service
in the churches and their painted win
dows striped tho gloom without with
Like Famous Dark Day
It Is fortunate for the historians and
the wis that tho rain and the electric
demonstration came with the darkness
Jsc there might have been another
jysterious daylight blackness to baffle
a world like the Dark Day of May 12
3S70 At that time the darkntss over
spread all New England as well as New
York and New Jersey beginning at 30
i clock In the morning People were
unable to read rrlnt In the open air
As h3 New Engianders could not ex
plain It they started a revival The
presence of volcanic matter In the at
mosphere has been rtiercsted as an ex
Heavy Damage by Tornado at St Cath
erines Ontario
noon today a tornado touched the city
of St Catherines Ontario with no lit
tie violence A cloud of peculiar shape
settled upon the city from the north
west and Its path indicates that It had
an up-and-down motion
In the spots where It struck the
earth It demolished chimneys uprooted
trees razed small buildings and tore
one end out of the brlcl barn of the
Niagara St Catherines end Toronto
Many narrow escapes from death are
reported but the authorities state that
no lives were lost A negro boy named
DeverauT was cauftht In the grasp of
the storra and carried through the air
several yards He was severely shaker
up His mothers home was the first
thing wrecked
Telegraph telephone anl light wires
are in a tangle many poles being down
This Is the second tornado experienced
in St Catherines
Peculiar Disaster at St John
and St Pauls
VENICE Aug 3 Yesterday following
n heavy peal of thunder one of the
large side windows In the Chuieh of SS
Jchn and Paul the next most Important
church In Venice after St Marks fell
bodily outwarJ with a large pleee nf
cornlee and part of the lateral columns
The accident caused excited crowd to
naiher anJ there were loud cries of
dismay Several engineers and archi
tects made a hurried examination of the
whole church
They decided that the nave was In
danger and that measures must bo
taken Immediately to fcave It from col
lapsing The church is the burial place
of all the Doges
It was founded In 1310 and finished In
14C0 It Is In the pure Gothic style
of architecture
The Giornale dltalla says it con
tains all the history of Venice
Tfnfn P ttHilllliiliiillM 11 itWi
Lights Burned in the
Streets and by Craft
in the Harbor
Leading New York Firm Is Said to Be
NEW YORK Aug 3 Sensational dis
closures are promised In the investiga
tion now being conducted by the custom
house officers of the alleged scheme to
defraud the Government by a New York
firm known throughout the country as
leaders in the importation of fine china
The firm Is said to have almost a mo
nopoly of the trade In this country la
costly wares
Mr hunt of the board of appraisers
said jesterday that the departure of the
chief of the board J F Fischer for Eu
rope was in connection with the scandal
He said Mr Fischer will make inquiry
about a certain transaction while In Eu
rope which may bring to light a long
series of undervaluations Involving vast
sums of money
John Watts the Grand Old Man of
the English Turf Remembered
by Edward VII
LONDON Aug 3 The funeral of J
Watts the one time famous and suc
cessful Jockey was held at Newmarket
jesterdav afternoon In the presence of
a remarkable gathering
The Kins sent Lord Marcus Eeresford
special to represent him and wreaths
were sent by the King Lord Rosebery
Sir EJgar Vincent and others Many
notable persons and almost the entire
town of Newmarket marched In the
funeral procession
John Watts was known as the Grand
Old Man of the English turf although
he was only forty one years old at the
time of his death He rode the Derby
winner four times la ten years In ISM
he rode 114 winners When ho became
too Ftout to tide he became a trainer
and served in that capacity for the
blbhop Ireland In a sermon at the ca
thedral today denounced those persons
who attempt to use the name of Cathol
icism in arraignment of the administra
tions colonial policy
The Interests of the Catholic Church
It is said are made to suffer at the
hands of the Government the arch
bishop stated and the call to arms Is
sounded from the rostrums of Catholic
societies and through the columns of
Catholic papers to the perturbation of
the whole Catholic body and Indeed of
the whole country
Bishop Dlank of Porto Rico openly
rejoices that the American flag rather
than the Spanish guards his diocese and
the hierarchy In Cuba are thanking God
that church Interests there was settled
by the Government at Washington be
fore a Cuban parliament was allowed
to sit In Havana
Danger In Politics
Nothing Is to be more avoided in
America than hatred and warring anion
citizens in the name of religion and it
behooves all classes of the population
to do their utmost to nurture and main
tain peace and harmony it behooves
Catholics even more than others to be
models of prudence and good will in
this regard
The simplest approach among them
to form a political party on the basis
of religious Interests would be fatal to
thoe interests and fatal to peace I
say It advisedly and I am prepared to
stand by what I here say there Is al
ways redress front grievances so far as
circumstances may allow If It Is sought
through quiet and reasonable methods
from the high representatives of the
Government Let Justice be done to
America In no other country Is there a
Government so fair minded so willing to
treat all classes cf citizens with ab
solute justice as that with which we are
blond In America
And lit Catholics ho careful lest by
imprudent agitation and repeated mis
trust of tho Government of America
they Instil Into the minds of inmv of
their fellow -citizens the notion that as
Catholics they are disposed to form
themselves into u peoplo apart ever
dissatisfied with America and Its Insti
tutions ever ready to eomplaln ever
anxious to find a plea upon which to
rest their murmurlngs
Lesson of the Pope
To be one with the iounlry is the
lesson which Pope Leo is ceaselessly
teaching Catholics in every country It
Is the lesson which I am confident he
would wish Catholics In America to take
to heart and to practice even were there
in so doing some sacrifices to bo made
As to matters In the Philippine Isl
ands we cannot discuss them They
are for the time being put bejond our
reach since they arc the subject of ne
gotiations between the Government of
America and the Sovereign Pontiff
Freight Fall3 Into Trap Set for Pas
senger Train
NEW ORLEANS Aug 3 A through
freight on the Illinois Central Railroad
was derailed near the
State line last night and the en
gineer and a brakeman were killed and
the fireman badly Injured The engine
and thirteen cars were badly
An Investigation showed that the ac
cident had been caused by a train
wrecker who had removed the lnln nf
the switch and dug out a tie wlh the
Intention it Is thought of wrecking a
passenger train and securing n nrli
Was Near Her Hotel But
Did Not Call
Actress Refuses to See Any Visitors
Except a Dcctor Able However
to Go Out
PARIS Aug 3 May Yohe arrived
here from London In a state of lassitude
and fatigue She Is staying at Mcu
She refused to sec visitors except a
doctor who attended her for the Injury
she sustained by falling when entering
her cab In London yesterday She had
recovered sufficiently this evening how
ever to go out
Putnam Dradlec Strong of whom Miss
Yohe Is supposed to be In pursuit fail
ed to call at tho hotel during the day
although he was seen In the neighbor
Warns Catholic Societies
Against Dabbling in
- - Politics
Danger of Criticisms of the Adminis
tration Branding Members of the
Church as a Body cf Malcontents
America a Just Nation
While at Rhcde Island Resort Chief Ex
ecutive Will Be the Guest of
Senator Wetmore
NEWPORT R I Aug 3 Newport is
to have a visit from President Roosevelt
this month the announcement being
made today by Senator Wetmore whose
guest the President will be during his
brief stay President Roosevelt Is to
hold a public reception here
He will leave Oyster Bay on Friday
August 22 going to Hartford where
he will spend the night On August 23
he will go to providence leaving there
at 5 p m
On Monday August 23 he will bo In
Newport his visit being primarily for
the purpose of btandlng up as the god
father of the Infant child of Mr and
Mrs W A Chandler On that day the
tennis finals will be In order and it
is proposed to take the Iresldent to are
the championship game Later in the
day he will be taken for a drive and
shown the places of interest
Before leaving town which he will
do on that day he will make an open air
address weather permitting
Italian Company After Rus
sia Volunteer Fleet
Regular Service Between Odessa and
Kaples With Line to
New York
LONDON Aug i A dispatch to the
Times from Odessa says it Is reported
that an Italian tompanj lb negotiating
with the committee of the Russian vol
unteer fleet with the view to opening
a regular line between Black Sea ports
and North America by way of Italy
with vessels of that volunteer licet
The Italian company proposes that the
vessels maintain i regular passenger
and cargo service between Odessa and
Naples and make n bid for the emigrant
trade between Italian ports and New
Emigrant Traffic Heavy
The emigrant traffic from Naples to
New York is heavy
Thy volunteer licet of steamers s Well
fitted to cope with emigrant transport
on a large scale It is proposed as an
experiment to put on the new Hue two
vessels of the volunteer fleet tint rre
1 on rcfervj the St Pcrsburg snd
Orel two of Ihe older fast vessels of
the llt
Fleet Company Willing
Tho fleet is stated to be anx
ious to fall In wltr the Italian com
lnys offer particularly In view of the
1 ct list a shcrt while agr the opinion
vis expresied by the authorities thn
the almlnlstralon of hc fleet should
lh zoji as possible seriously consider
he advlsabilltf of widening the field of
the llcits operation by running tonnag
on fonlgn aes
Is a
Soldier and Can Take
Tiied tc Do His Best and Obey Military
Regulations His Sentence Severer
Than Expected Coming at Once to
Washington to Report
Jacob II Smith whose order to make
Samar a howling wilderness caused
his retirement from the army by Presi
dent Roosevelt talked of his punish
ment for the first time last night He
It was an unwelcome surprise to me
I naturally supposed that I would re
ceive a reprimand as a result of the
verdict of tho court martial but noth
ing more I hnve always tried to do my
duty in a conscientious manner and to
conduct m j self as a soldier
I am still In the Government service
and consequently not at liberty to dis
cuss the recent personal occurrences
I could be as readily court martialed
now as If I were not on the retired list
I shall leave for Washington as soon
as possible and report to the adjutant
genernl of the army In obedience to the
orders I have received After that I
shall undoubtedly go to my home In
Portsmouth Ohio and settle down for
the rest of my days
Did His Best
I rpent most of the time I was In
the Islands in Luzon and Samar I al
ways tried to do what seemed best for
the rervlce in both districts The na
tives of Luzon seem considerably more
clvillzctl than thoso of the southern
Somo of those In Samar are nothing
but savages and of course cannot bo
treated like civilized people They all
would resort to tbe most barbarous
methods of warfaro at times
Instances of torture and laughter
of American soldiers arc very numer
ous Anyone of my command knows
that I was not unduly severs with tho
Obeyed Regulations
I have always tried to conduct my
campaigns according to military regula
tions There is no use asking me to
talk about other thfnxst It would not
be military It would be of no use I
am a soldier and take what is coming
to me It Is not for me to say whether
I deserve it or not I have done what I
thought was right and am ready to set
tle down in quiet
Trouble Feared at Several
Danger Points
Distribution of Relief Moneys It Is
Thought Will Prove the Rock on
Which the Miners Will Split Priests
Assail Socialists
present week probably will tell whether
the strike is to have a speedv dissolu
tion or whether It Is to drag on for sev
eral weeks more pcsslblv until Septem
ber 1 With many of the operators there
Is doubt as to whether It is advantageous
to start up collerlcs here and there as
It now seem3 to be the policy In some
quarters to do
The operators who take this view- be
lieve that the violence which Is very
likely to ensue from such n lourse is
calcuiJted rather to stiffen up than
weaken the ranks of the strikers
Fund Causes Trouble
The factor that Is disintegrating the
strike most rapidly Is due to the failure
of the relief fund Tho dissatisfaction
over the small amount thus fur supplied
nnd particularly over the method of its
distribution Is causing Mr Mitchell
more trouble by far than Is the opening
of the collieries and vvasherles He
knowi as all others who have watched
tho situation elosely know that unless
there Is something done to check the ris
ing tide of discontent his strike Is
drifting swiftly toward the rock on
which it will split
There are Just two ways of arresting
this danger one by furnishing adequate
supplies and distributing them In a nay
to sueeor ever body and the other by
tho arising of something to divert the
attention of the Ltrlkirs from their
grievances against the union Nobody
believes it possible to furnish the aid
that Is demanded or so to distribute
what he does raise In a way to avert
dangerous discontent The alternative
of diverting the miners attention Is ap
parently all that remains The surest
way of so diverting their attention Is by
action that will get their lighting blood
More Violence Feared
For this reasoii there are those who
fear that there may be outbreaks of vio
lence at points distant from the camp of
National Guardsmen nt Shenandoah Mr
Mitchell has from the first strenuously
denounced violence and It is but Justice
Continued on Second Page
Chinese Grant British Demand Regard
ing Shankaiwan Railway
PEKIN Aug 3 Prince Ching head
of the board of foreign rrfalrs has in
formed the minlters that the clause in
the agreement for the restoration of the
Shankalwnn Railway providing for the
rppointTfient of a director In addition to
tho English director has been elimi
The railway will probably be restored
under the present arrangement though
c French who arc not satisfied with
iho agreement claim the right of Inter
ference hercafur
They suspect that there Is a fecret
secondary agreement intended to pre
vent the construction of the
Captain Johannes Relieved
of His Command
Alleged Reason for the Return cf the
Baldwin Zieger Party Mys
tery in the Affair
LONDON Aug 4 A dispatch to the
Uallr Mall from Copenhagen says
that although tho official reason given
for the return of tho Baldwln Zlegler
folar expedition Is the continuous work
In the Ice and the running out of tlii
coal supply the real reason Is supposed
to have been differences among the of
ficers aboard
Captain Johannes was relieved of his
command and Mate Menander took hlr
rosltlon Tho matter is shrouded in
bladctzs Tromsoe correspondent says
that Captain Johannsen has asked to
be examined by a maritime court con
cerning the incidents of the Americus
voyage The correspondent adds that
sensational charges have been made
Great Britains Proposal Regarding
French Congo Cases
PARIS Aug 3 The Temps says
that Great Britain has proposed to
France to arbitrate all their disputes in
regard to tbe alleged starving out of
British firms on the French Cci so
France has not replied to the proposi
tion but she can scarcely refuse
The difTerenco arose from France
granting concessions which amounted
practically to monopolies for all their
holders The British took the view that
such concessions were contrary to the
treaty of Berlin which provides that
trade shall be free and open In all the
regions In question France desired the
Interested parties to fight the matter
out themselves In the law courts but
thli Great Britain would not allow as
the question is one of International im
Hence the proposal to arbitrate
Shot Fired at a Wild Duck Passed Near
President Loubet
cf France
PARIS Aug 3 It Is explained that
the report that an attempt had been
made to shoot President Loubet arose
from an Incident thnt occurred while he
wss walking with General Faure Gen
eral IMquet governor of Paris and Ma
jor Lamy of the presidents household
staff after a shooting party at Ram
As the party were walking along Ma
jor Lamy saw a wild duck and fired at
It Some of the shot passed near the
president who skipped aside Peasants
who saw the Incident were responsible
for the story of attempted shooting
It is said that some of the shot bruis
ed the presidents ankle
South Carolina Candidate Bound Over
for Carrying Concealed Weapon
George Douslas Rouse candidate for ad
jutant and Inspector general of South
Carolina has been placed under bond
for his appearance at next term of the
erlmlnal court charged with attempting
to shoot a member of his ward club
Under the new law- citizens are not al
lowed to carry a pistol less than twenty-two
inches long and when Rouso
drew- a thirty two caliber he was also
charged with carrying concealed
There is bitter feeling In tho club of
which Rouse Is a member Just after the
meeting the opposition faction arrived
on tlc scene A heated controversy led
to wild talk and somebody called Rouse
a liar It is claimed that this started
the row
According to the candidate his ene
mies were crowding him when he drew
the gun In a scuffle or Its possession
the weapon wa3 discharged The ball
did not strike anybody
Knives nnd sticks were drawn and
the politicians were In a general fight
when the police arrived Captain Rouse
was cut on the hand and face and was
smashed over the head Five of his
fellow club members were bound over to
the court
Negative Replies Expected
From the Powers
Bounties on Sugar Will Be Considered
Violations of Present Com
mercial Treaties
semi olllclally stated that the ministry
ot finance expects a negative reply from
the powers to its note concerning the
holding of the so called anti trust con
It Is convlneed that the powers will
te guided by their own interests and
fot by right After refusals to partake
In the conference have been received
Russia will reiterate that any increase
ip customs duties on ltut slan sugar will
be an inrlngement of featics after
which she herfelf will disregard the
trealies vhen sho thinks fit The min
istry of finance will effect these views
by ndoiitlng measures to meet the
ilal circumstances In e ach case
It is known that It Is proposed before
everything to raise the duties on wines
and several classes of goods Imported
into Riis da by trusts ehlelly ry way of
the J nd frontier from the west
Socialists Denounced
HAZLETON Pa Aug 3 Tbe Rev
Father Hussie pastor of St Gabriel s
ut mass this morning denounced the so
cialistic party which Is fast ninlng in
membership In this vicinity since tho
strike began nnd threatened to excom
municate all members of his congre
gation who became affiliated with the
President Likely to Se
lect Man Not Yet
Friends of Various Aspirants Working
Hard for Their Favorites Mr Roose
velt Acquainted With Needs of the
District Mr Shoemakers Statement
The probabilities that a dark horse
will capture the race for Comniissloner
shlp are said to be very strong A score
or more of candidates have been men
tioned for the position and in the case
of ten or a dozen of these an active
canvass has been la progress ever since
the death of Commissioner Rcss The
irlends of the rival aspirants for the
honor have been most diligent and
there Is scarce a man of Influence who
Is willing to pledge himself to support
a candidate who is not now- on record as
favoring some cne of the possibilities
So strong Is the rivalry that there
ore good grounds for believing that the
President will take the matter entirely
In his own hards and after consulting
tome responsible citizens will appoint
a man whose name has not yet been
mentoned In connection with the office
The President is quite well acquainted
With the need3 of the District and with
Its representative citizens will be able
to select some one who will adminis
ter the office to the enllro satisfaction
of the public
An Aggressive Campaign
Meanwhile however the supporters cf
the various vvould bo Commissioners are
keeping up an aggressive campaign and
every effort is beli made to inflate the
several booms wh i have been rising
ili 1 during tie pa wees
Strong support and strong opposition
characterize the campaign for Mr Wil
liam V Cox Ho has the indorsement o
a large number of leading business men
bat on the other hand the stralghtout
Demo rats declare thit he Is not a Dem
ocrat and never has been one and agala
it is a sscrtcd that he Is too closcly
nllied with Interests which seek to
run the District nnd already have too
strong an Influence and too great a pow
er in local affairs Ills opponents point
cut a small coterie of men who are said
to get more thn their share of tbe ben
efits of the District government at the
expense of other citizens and thev de
clare that Mr Oox would be the repre
smtative on the board of these men
Friends of some of the other candidates
are very outspoken against Mr Cox
Mr Fultcns Candidacy
The candidacv ot Mr Creed M Fulton
Is said to be making very material pro
gress Mr Fulton has some strong po
litical backing as well as a long list of
local supporters nnd his friends declare
he may now- be considered the leading
man In the race nnd they feel quits con
fident of his ability to land the coveted
tContlnued on Second fitfe
Chesapeake ELach Junc
tion Saloon Scene
of Strife
Maryland and District Offi
cers Unite to Wipe
Out Sore Spot
Authorities Determined to Break Up
Alleged Gambling Joints Swoop
Down Without Warning Several Ar
rests Kade Many Escape
Accompanied by the discharge of fire
arms the throwing of bricks and stones
John Hayes saloon and gambling hall
at Chesapeake Junction was raided by
the Maryland authorities last night
about 11 oclock About forty men both
white and colored were placed under
arrest including three bartenders and
the operators of the various games They
arc held subject to trial this morning on
charges of alleged violation of the Sun
day liquor law and permitting gambling
Several people rere injured by the flying
missiles including one of the deputy of
ficers but the bullets found resting
places only in the walls and celling ot
the saloon
Both tho Maryland and the District
authorities have been anxious to sup
press tbe alleged violations of law at
Chesapeake Junction and several
months ago the matter was brought to
tho attention ot Congress Nothing was
done about the matter at the last ses
sion and it was left to the State of
Maryland to deal with it The Stata
officials have been corresponding with
the District Commissioners with a view
to blotting out the place Several at
tempts have been made at breaking tho
places up but It was not until last night
that any success was met with
Yesterday afternoon the authorities
noticed that there was an unusually
large crowirststJjieTarlous houses in
the vicinity but that the greatest num
ber seemed to be patronizing Hayes
place This saloon is several hundred
jards back of the Junction proper and
is patronized principally by the colored
clement and professional gamblers
Assisted by Local Officers
Constables William Radtke and Wil
liam II Vermillion determined last
night that the time was ripe to make
a raid They deputized a dozen citizens
of Prince George county who wera
equally anxious to see the suppression
of the gambling and asked the assist
ance of the local ponee Lieutenant
Daly who was at the Junction readily
consented to help the Maryland officers
and ordered three of his men to assist
In the raid
There were about five hundred negroei
and white men In the saloon and it is
said the gambling devices were In full
operation The officers surrounded the
building which is a large frame house
and an attack was made upon the place
The officers had to force their way into
the building by breaking the lock on tha
As soon 03 the occupants of the placa
realized what was going on they mada
an endeavor to escape The officers
were not ns anxious to capture the pa
trons as they were the proprietors of
the game A fight followed the entranca
of the officers into the building and sev
eral persons who carried firearms dis
charged them Fortunately as far as
could be learned no one was hit by a
bullet but several wero seriously in
jured by being struck with sticks and
stones Albert Radtke a brother of
one of the constables was hit on the
head with a brick and sustained a sa
rlous scalp wound Several patrons of
the game were also injured but wera
nsslstcd out of the building and over
into the District before their names
could be learned
Several Arrests Made
The officers succeeded in arresting tha
three bartenders and several of the al
leged promoters of the various games
Not being able to get them to Marl
borough last night the waiting room at
the Chesajeake Beach Railway station
was used as a temporary prison All ot
the prisoners were put in the room and
the windows and doors wero guarded
by officers
There was considerable excitement
among the thousand or more persona
who were on the outside and the fight
which was being carried on on the la
side of the saloon spread to those oa
the eut3ide The fight lasted about
an liour before the officers succeeded la
quieting the crowd
Hearing Likely This Morning
Tbe prisoners will In all probability
be tried this morning about D oclock No
one will be allow e d to get out on col
lateral States Attorney Levin ot
Mar land was telegraphed for and will
come down to the trial to prosecute the
offenders The preliminary hearing
will It is believed be held at Chesa
peake Junction Justice John Maurice
It is thought will sit at the hearing
There were se veral cases of disorder
en tl o street cars on the vvav back to
Washington after the raid had quieted
Bessie Johnson colored twenty two
years of age was arrested for being
ejsorderly on one of tho cars- She was
taken from the cars by Special Officer
William T Digncy and sent to the Ninth
irecinct police station

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