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Coroners Jury Continues
to Hear Evidence Bear
ing on the Case
Citizens of Loudoun County Accuse
Those of Fairfax of Being Most
Prominent in Mob Several Leading
Lien Mentioned as Participants
Much Interest has been occasioned In
Washington and points throughout the
South over the investigation In progress
at Leesburg Va where a coroners jury
Is hearing evidence bearing oa the
inchlng of Charles Cracn tho
negro murderer of William L
Wilson last Thursday
The fact that Ihc crime was committed
in broad daylight and that none of the
mob was masked was protrbly the
most peculiar circumstance connected
with the case
A thorough Inquiry Is being made and
the authorities of Loudoun county are
determined that the guilty parties shall
suffer Tha law abiding citizens of the
county feel keenly the blot which has
been placed upon the State anJ will
leave no alone unturned in getting at
the bottom of it
Accuse Others
Citizens of Loudoun county assert that
the men from Fairfax committed the
deed while on the other hand It Is as
certed that those from the upper coun
iy composed the great majority of the
Up to the present time the names of
prominent citizens of both counties have
been mentioned in connection with the
case and from present indication five
or six men will bo held by order of the
One or two of these are well known
residents of Leesburg while othcre
came from Fairfax county and are well
known throughout tho State Whether
cr not the grand Jury will return In
dictments s gainst the men U a ques
tion but the opinion seems to prevail
that even though this be done that no
Jury will convict tlicm
There can bo no doubt that In both
Loudoun ar d Fairfax counties public
sentiment was In favor of dealing out
srmmary punishment to the prisoner
xhllc he was a fuglthe Kven after
the lynching too a majority of the
citizens It might be said thojght that
the ends of justice had been best terved
ty the work o the mob Others bow
ever doubted the policy of the course
and there were even those who had their
dcubts as to vhethtr Craer was tho
light man In this city where thi casi
irobably has not been followed a
closely as by Virginians there are many
vho bellovo Crnven Innocent of the
crime for which he suffered
No One Saw Deed
In justice to those responsible for his
death it might be said that while no
one saw tho deed committed the circum
stantial evidence against him was very
strong He bad seen Mr Wilson change
money in Herndon two days before the
crime and on Monday when Mr Wil
son was found murdered Craven had
been noticed about the vicinity
He had displayed a pistol with which
he said he was iolng to kill a man and
after tho murder he was seen with a
pouch of tobacco which had been pur
chased by Mr Wilson That he fled
from the mob in another fact pointing
to his guilt although he claimed that
tnls was because he thought they were
after him for having held up a boy a
week or so before The fact that he
could remember perfectly cvcrv thln
that had happened for a week before tls
capture except his movements on Mon
day operated against his case
But with the Loudoun county authori
ties it Is not a case as to whether or
not Craven was guilty It would have
been all the same had he been guilty
of the most heinous crimo on the cal
endar They are working on the theory
that two crimes do not constitute a
right but that the law should hate been
permitted to taVe Its course
Feared Bloodhounds
Tho Loudoun couny officials performed
their duty the best they could for they
appreciated that the moment a shot was
flrcd that many would have been killed
or wounded In order to encure tho
negro the mob was compelled to break
Into tho jail and then only after forcibly
taking away tho officials guarding tho
place Tho jailer would not turn the
keys over to them and crowbars and
sledgo hammers had to bo used in mak
ing an entrance
loose wco nave never attended a
lynching can hardly realize the scene
enacted Ab the man was brought from
the jail the crowd gave a tremendous
shout women cheering as well as the
men It had bf en Intended to take tho
man to tho vicinity of Herndon and
hang him In view of the place where
the crime was committed in Talrfax
On the road however tho public bury
ing ground was reached and the sug
gestion that this was a mobt suitable
spot in view of the fact that the mili
tary was expected appeared to meet
with general approval On the one
scrub oak which stands beside the
Alexandria turnpike Craven was lynch
ed An entrance Into the frrounds was
made through the wire fence and after
negro had been glen an opportu
nity to make a statement ho was hang-
Tried a New Way
In tho West tho mob generally In
flicts lynch law on a man by standing
him on a horse or in a wagon and no
1b left hanging by driving from under
him It Is no unusual thing also to
throw a rope about a lamp post or trco
and pull tho man up by hauling down
the other end of tho rope
But at Leesburg neither modo was
tried While one man climbed the tree
others lifted tho negro from the ground
eo that when tho rope was lied ho was
left dangling several feet above the
ground No one believes that tho man
met death by strangulation for hardly
J had bo been left when hundreds of bul
lets pierced his body It seems almost
j miraculous that somo ono beside the
1 victim- was not shot
More Arrests as Result of Camdens Hot
riIILArEIPHI Aug 3 By the
time the next grand Jury of Camden
county gets down to work a ery large
percentage of the population will bo
rendy to go befcro It ns witnesses as a
result of the strenuous Republican
primaries last Monday night Added to
the murder of John Morrlssoy tho prob
ably fatnl shooting of Joe Goddard and
the serious stabbing of lollccman Harry
Miller thero havo been many complaints
of assault and battery growing out of
the battles at tho polls
Yesterday Policemen Hobert I Miller
and Albert Keaser of tho Third ward
were held In 300 ball each by Justice
of the Peace Schmitz on a charge of
assault and battery made by Georgo
Murray The latter was a Vansant
worker and tho policemen were Louden
slager followers This complaint Is ono
of tho echoes of the election riot in
the Third ward in which John Morris
scy was shot and killed and Policeman
Hnrrj Miller was seriously stabbed
Wright Cot an cx meniber of tho flro
department was held In C00 ball by
Justice of the Peace Schmitz on a charge
of assault and battery made by Hobert
II Colkctt a present member The
trouble was brought about early yes
terday morning by some discussion of
the results of the primary elections and
Colkett says Cox blackened his eje
Constitutionality of Their
Appointment Is in
Cites Circumstances Over Which Grew
Out the Discussion Same Lawyers
Contend President Had No Authority
to Fill Offices Before January 1
The protest of the local justices of
the peace against having their salaries
reduced from 3000 to 2000 a yesr Is
apt to develop a new phase as to the
constitutionality of their appointment to
office The information that they arc to
receive only 2000 per annum was con
veyed to them in the reply of the Comp
troller of the Treasury to the Commis
sioners request for a decision on tho
Tho questions put to tho Comptroller
by the Commissioners at tho request of
tho Auditor of the District are
Whether In view of the act of Con
gress amending tho District code ap
proved June 20 1502 there are at pres
ent any Justices of the peace legally In
office In tho District of Columbia and
If so how many
Who are such Justices and what sal
ary are they entitled to receive for their
services as such
The answer Is that there are ten ju
tlmes of the peace holding oKlco ty
appointment under the code and their
salary shall be 2000 a year In actor 1
ance with the amendment to the code of
June 30 last
Anxious About Salary
This decision puzzled the Incumbents
because they cannot figure out why thty
are to recelvo only 2000 a year salary
since tho act under uhlch they were
appointed specifies that they should re
celvo 3000 per annum It Is tru they
say that the amendment to the organic
act under which they were appointed
provides that the salaries of the Juuices
of the peace at some uncertain time
and under some certain conditions thall
be 2000 a year
The amendment cannot however they
contend be so construed as to regu
late tho salaries of the justices of the
peace appointed under the organic act of
the cede It Is pointed out as a matter
of fact that In the amcidment which
provides for a salary of 2000 for Jus
tices of the peace In no way nor on any
terms nor by any construction of the
language does It appear to refer to the
ten Justlcu of the peace appointed In
December 1 laut
Heading of the language of tho amend
ment plainly Indicates that when by
either death or removal from office the
present number of Justices is reduced to
six then their salaries shall be 2000 a
year The fuct that Congress made no
nppopriatlon for the payment of their
salaries at the rate of 3000 the Jus
tices contend does not effect tho matter
Proposition Answered
Tho proposition is answered by them
with the question Does the failure of
Congress to make an appropriation suf
ficient to meet a certain condition act
as a repeal of the original act by infer
ence without nny reference whatever
being raado to it The amendment
which states that when the number of
Mile Made in 42 Scccnds by Experi
mental Locomotive
NEW YOMC Aug 3 Thero was re
joicing in tho office of tho New York
Central Itallroad Company yesterday
when It became known that locomotive
No 1411 built- after designs furnished
by Cornelius Yanderbilt had turned out
to bo a record breaker The engine be
longs to what Is commonly called the
Hog type Parts of this engino arc
patented by Mr Vanderbllt Tho fire
box Is his especial evolution
The record trip was made Friday
night during a run alonir the Ilarlcm
Hlvcr road The engine was drawing
a train of five heavy passenger cars
Engineer Koss was at the throttle
The train Is known as the Mount
Kisco Special IJptween Pleasantvllle and
Chappauqua Engineer Hoss pulled the
throttle wide open and away dashed tho
trnln A portion of the dlstanco be
tween tho two stations wor cohered nt
a speed of n mile In forty two seconds
which is the fnstest run ever made on
that branch of the Harlem roid There
are many curves in the road between
stations but tho train sped along at a
record breaking gait Tho distance of
fc miles was covered in four minutes
and fifteen seconds
Engineer Poes said ho felt that ho
could beat this record With picked coal
and a good head of steam the engino
driver declared the new- vanderbllt
glne would proe the wonder of the cen
When the news of tho record break
ing trip made with an engine designed
by Cornelius Vanderbllt was received
at the Grand Central Station It was
stated that the report caused no great
surprise since It had been expected that
as soon as tlie new Vanderbllt creation
was properly tuned up It would prove a
record smasher
cons now at least de facto holding tho
offices of Justices of the peace
He then goes on to say The doubt as to
the validity of their original appoint
ments grew out of the following facts
He then goes on to cite the circum
Legality of Appointment
In making reply ns to tho legality of
the appointment of the ten Justices of
tho peace by the President in Decern
bcr last the strongest argument put
forth by the Comptroller Is the decision
in tho case of the State against Irwin 5
Nov Ill
A prospective appointment to fill an
anticipated vacancy In a public office
made by the person or body which as
then constituted Is empowered to fill
the vacancy when it arises Is In the
of law prohibiting It a legal
appointment and vests title to tho of
fice In the appointee
This decision It Is contended by some
members of the bar is not applicable to
the point at Issue because there were
no anticipated vacancies It Is nreued
If there was one anticipated vacancv
there were nlso ten anticipated vacan
cies If that were true the President
had a perfect right and the power to
name ten persons to fill the anticipated
At the time he made the ten ap
pointments thero were fifteen Justices
of the peace and It Is claimed that he
has not the power to abolish the offices
of five Justices simply by anticipating
the appointment of only ten
It Is not contended by those who
question the legality of the appointment
of the Justices of the peace that the
President has not tho power to make
an appointment In anticipation of a va
cancy In an office which has been creat
ed by law and Is filled by an appoint
ment under the act establishing It That
however it is argued Is not the case
In point
Present Contention
In tho present Instance it Is con
tended that the offices for which the
President made the appointments ere
new creations of the code and were not
filled and consequently there could be
no vacancies to be provided for under
the law The law creating tho ten of
ilces of Justices of the peace became
operative on January 1 1602 and was
not simply a re enactment of the old law
relating to Justices of the peac with
an amendment reducing the number
from fifteen to ten Tii act of Jan
uary 1 last Is new In inauy Important
It not only changes the number of
Justices but changes their powers in
creasing some and lessening others axes
iniir salaries abolishes the office of
constable and provides for the service
ot deputy United States marshals In their
stead and other changes
Under all tbiso circumstances It Is
contended by somo lawyers that tho
jTC3Ient ban no power before January
1 Iasi to fill the ten offices created by
ine eoue
oStj JS JI iiiojj potiunu
to hlra to say that all his acts havo
tended to carry conviction of his sincer
ity in this rebpect
Hut there I b u limit to his ability to
control those under him Thero aro
subordinate leaders and agitators who
know that there may be an unpleasant
day of reckoning for thc m when the end
comes Some of these men are capable
of resorting to desperate measures It
is irom me mtliat It Is feared tho trou
ble may come
There will be at lenst two danger
ser joims near Here tomorrow One is
at Duryea where the Warlike washcry
which iias oeen prevented by mobs from
working for several days back is to be
opened under a guard of dcnutles fur-
Justices shall be reduced to six their D D0
salaries shall be 2000 a year does not
even by Inference imply that tho salary
of the present incumbents ten shall
not nc Juw as Btated In the act pro
viding for their appointment In fact
the amendment makes no reference to
the present officers either by number
or by tho amount of salary they recelvo
So It appears that with the Justices
ol the peace protesting against tho
operations of the amendment In reduc
ing their salaries and members of the
bar questioning their right to hold
office and to exercise the powers of it
en thn ground of the unconstitutionality
of their appointment the whole matter
will be productive of an interesting
IcjmI battle
The question put to the Comptroller Is
plain and unequivocal Are there at
present any Justices of the peaco legally
in oiuco in mo District and if so how
To this ho replies While your com
munication uocs not question tho
Another Danger Point
The other is at Edwardsvlllc where
an attempt Is to bo made to open tho
woodward colliery of the Delaware
Lackawanna and Western Company
Duryea has been a storm center of
violence from the start and It is feared
that there may be serious trouble at
Duryea tomorrow morning when tho
men go to work At Scranton too there
in more or less danger of disturbance
The collieries that are open there tho
Oxford and Cayuga will resume work
tomorrow morrlng There are rumors
that other3 aro to be started It Is
promised that within a few days coal
from the Scranton district will bo put
upon tho Niw York mirket
Bass Dislocated Womans Shoulder
Lee of this city one of a fishing party
nt Inlcn Cnmn Wnvnn niinv dlol
ity of the appointment of the ten per- jcated her shoulder In landing a bie bass
Remarlcable Rise in Level
Through Irrigation
Abundance Taken Advantage of by In
habitants of Region Many Wells
Sunk Used for Domestic Purposes
Stock and Supplying Cities
Ono of the Interesting developments
which of late years have been attracting
considerable attention in connctluu
with Irrigation Is the change In the un
derground water level of irrltlod in
Within tho last few- months the United
States Geological Survey ln3 Issued In
its series of water supply and Irrigation
papers a report by J 1J Lippincott res
ident hydrographer of the Survuv lcr
California en the water storage feasi
bilities on Kings Itlvvr which contains
interesting Information regarding the
underground water conditions fo ind In
the irrigated portion of Hid Kings Klver
Valley near Fresno
Water But Little Below Surface
The height of tho ground water or
tho water table is the distance be
neath the surface at which the soil is
found to bo saturated with moisture In
tho Fresno district the striking fact
has developed that while previous to
tho practice of irrigation there In 1S79
the water tabic stood nt sixty feet be
low the surface at the present time
it is found at from ten to fifteen feet
and In places even from four to six feet
So high has the water risen In certain
sections that some of the cellars near
Fresno were flooded and had to be aban
doned and the ground water at present
stands so near the surface that roots
of alfalfa vines and trees readily pene
irate to it and soils are kept continu
ally moist Surface wetting has become
unnecessary In many sections
Immense Amount Used in Irrigation
This condition of saturation repre
sents the use of an immense amount of
water in irrigation The total quantity
of water brought to the vicinity of
Fresno as Indicated by the resort dur
ing tho seventeen years between 1871
and 1S35 would at a very low- estimate
have covered the C000O acres to whoto
surface water Is applied In irrigation
to an average depth ot four and one
half feet per annum or to a total depth
of seventy five feet
Some of this water has of course
been consumed In sustaining plant life
more has been evaporated but the most
of it still permeates the subsoils of ths
Irrigated region and of the adjoining
Abundance Taken Advantage Of
Tho abundance of underground water
has been widely taken advantage of by
tho Inhabitants of the region and over
SCO wells have been sunk wboso indi
vidual capacity varies from a small
discharge to over a million gallons
These wells are used largely for do
mestic purposes and for stock but thv
are also employed for Irrigation street
sprinkling and ilty supply
One of the largest pumping plants
draws water from a well 600 feet deep
driven In a city lot C0xl50 feet for the
supply of a city of 12000 Inhabitants
Light Infantry in Doubt Over
Westmoreland Trip
Not Believed That They Will Be Order
ed Out to Act as Guard
for Homer
ALEXANDRIA Va Aug 3 If the
plans of the Westmoreland ccunty au
thorities are not changed John Homer
the eighteen car old negro who Is now
conlned In the Jail hero on tie charge
of attempting to criminally assault Miss
Susie Costenbader daughter of Mr
Robert Costenbader of Potomac Mills
Westmoreland county will be taken to
Montross tomorrow afternoon by steam
er and the grand Jury at that place will
investigate hi3 case and return an in
dictment on the same day So far as
can be learned hero tho death of Miss
Costenbader will not cause a postpone
The members of the Alexandria Light
Infantry since their return from Ocean
View havo been expecting to tc ordered
to go to Westmoreland county as guard
to the prisoner to prevent any attempt
tt mob violence Up to a late hour to
night however they havo not received
any cuch orders
If the reportB that reached here to
day bo true the Alexandria company-
will not be called It Is reportc that
Company L of tho Seventieth Virginia
Volunteers known as tho Washington
Guards under command of Capt M n
Rowc have received orders from Adju
tant General Nallo to be In readiness
to escort Homer to Westmoreland
The local company will not be needed
under these conditions unless It Is de
elded to send another company and this
is hardly probable Tho Fredericksburg
company was detailed to accompany
Sheriff Sanday to Westmoreland last
Monday with the prisoner but tho
Ilan3 wero changed by tho postpone
ment of tho preliminary hcariog
A free-for-all light occurred shortly
before 2 oclock this afternoon nt tho
northeast corner of Pitt and Gibbon
Streets No ono was seriously Injured
A crowd toon gathered around tho par
ticipants In the meantime Lieutenant
Smith and Policemen Tlcer Sherwood
Arrlngton Housln and Reach arrived
on tho scono and took In custody
Charles Spcakes James Phillips George
Phillips Herbert Phillips George Crav
en and Harrio Baker the latter
ored They will have to face the charge
of disorderly conduct and fighting to
morrow morning Warrants have been
issued for several others The fight will
be investigated in the polico court In
tho morning
The residents on Fnyetto Street along
tho tracks ot the Richmond Fredericks
burg and Totomac Railroad are loud in
their complaint ot tho obnoxious smell
that arises from the cars cnrrylng garb
age from Washington that pass over
that road every day fcr Cherry Hill
about fourteen miles below- here The
cars nre said to be airtight but not
withstanding this the smell arising
from them as they pass through the city
Is horrible The police have been di
rected to Investigate the case
The four memorial windows to bf
placed In St Marys Catholic Church
have arrived and will shortly bo placed
In position They nre fine specimens
of v orkmanshlp One Is a St Patrick
memorial of the Alexandria division of
Hibernians and the others are memo
rials of the late John T Hill Dennis
uuttermoro and Mrs Thomas Scott
Rev Frank J Ilrooke pastor of the
Second Presbyterian Church will leave
for Lotindoun county tomorrow and will
return In time to preach In his church
Sunday August 10 He will then go to
the Valley of Virginia where ho will
spend his vacation until about Septem
ber 12
Hcv Dr James I Vance formerly
pastor of the Second Presbyterian
Church of this city but now pactor of
the Dutch Reformed Church of New
ark N J preached tonight in the Sec
ond Presbyterian Church During his
stay here he was the guest of Mrs C C
After the meeting of the Potomac
Daptlst Association which will be held
at an early date Rev George L Hunt
pastor of the First Baptist Church who
will deliver his annual sermon at the
meeting will leave for his annual vaca
tion of about one month which he will
spend on the New England sea coast
Mr George Ayers who keeps a lock
smith shop on King Street has reported
to the police thet on August 2 two
pistols were stolen from his lace of
business One was a 32 caIllber Smith
Wesson nickel plated double action No
82297 and the other was a 32 calllbcr
Smith Wesson double action blue
hammer No number Is given for the
last named pistol Tho police are Inves
tigating tho theft
Mr Henry Phillips has reported to the
police that between last Thursday and
yesterday some one entered hlB stable
on South Columbus Street between
Prince and Duko Streets and stole
therefrom a pair of rubber boots and a
horso clipper
Brought Into Use More Than
Fifty Years Ago
Hard Work of Mechanic to Get Funds
to Perfect It Mr Singer Makes Ira
provement Work of All Kinds How
Done Better Than by Hand
It was a little over fifty years ago
that Ellas Howe jr patented his first
sewing machine which event marks the
actual beginning of tho Industry in tho
United St ites says Mr S N D North
chief statistician for manufactures of
the Census Bureau In a recent edition
of tho Census Bulletin on Manufactures
Previous efforts for stitching cloth
ond other materials had either resulted
In failure or met with but temporary
At this time the sewing machine was
still In the experimental age con
tinues Mr North and It -vas not until
ievernl years latr that Its manufac
ture became on established Industry
After that Its growth was rapid and
owing to the untiring energy and the
ability of the Inventors who applied
themselves to the work of perfecting the
rewlng machine It has attained in n
few- years a very important place among
the Industries of the country and has
como to be regarded as almost a house
hold necessity
Howes Invention
Howes Invention combined tho eye-
pointed needle with the shuttle for
forming the stitch and the Intermittent
feed for carrying the material forward
as each btltch was formed The device
fcr thus feeding the cloth consisted of
a thin ctrlp of metal provldid with a
row of plnb on one edge upon which
the material to be sewed was carried In
a vertical position The cloth was fed
the length of the plate and bad to be
rehiing as often as the plate had trav
ersed Its full length on the machine
The curved oye polntcd needle used
was carried on the end of a vibrating
lever which also carried the upper
The shuttle which passed the lower
Continued from First Vase
plum They are putting up a strong
fight und aro bringing valuable Influence
to bear In his behalf
Mr Shoemakers Statement
Mr Louis P Shoemaker who Is being
favorably considered for the Commls
slonershlp je sterdny mado the following
statement concerning his candidacy
My name has recently been advanced
by friends for tho lamentable vacancy
on our Board of Commissioners I en
tertain n very high appreciation of this
evidence of regard and confidence on the
part of many of our people
I have however told every friend
who bus approached me upon this sub
ject that my situation was such as to
cause mo to feel that I ought not to ac
cept the position If I could obtain It
It Is now reported In the papers that
a delegation Is about to call upon tho
President In my behalf This Is be
I am deeply Interested In the general
thread between the needle and tho up
per thread was driven In Its race be
tween two strikers carried on the end
of vlbrntlnc arms worked by cams It
Is not known that any of Howes ma
chines were ever put upon thu market
In his application for renewal of patent
ho only claims to have built three ma
chines and ono of these was deposited
as a model In tho United States Patent
Not meeting with any success In se
curing capital In this country with which
to forward his plans Mr Howe was
compelled to dispose of his patent and
with the proceeds went to England
where his rights to a patent had been
sold to a corset manufacturer for about
ono thousand dollars
Wcrked for Small Salary
Mr Howe engaged to work for this
manufacturer at a small salary while
perfecting the machine and adapting It
to the manufacture of corsets Failing
In this he returned to the United States
In extreme poverty and upon his arrival
at Boston found that sewing machines
Infringing on his patents had been man
ufactured He succeeded In securln
a half Interest that had been conveyed
to his father before his departure for
England and commenced suits In the
Boston and Now York courts to enforce
his rights In the long and bitterly-
contested legal controversy which en
sued Mr Howe succeeded In establish
ing his claims after which manufactur
ers using his patents were compelled
by tho Inventor to pay the exorbitant
bounty of I2j for each machine manu
Mr Singers Invention
In September 1S30 Isaac M Singer a
mechanic of New York who had be
come Interested In sewing machine ex
periments and was familiar with on
of the machines then on the market
constructed a machine from a design of
his owj which was a great Improve
ment In many ways over previous mi
dlines This was tho first machine
which had the rigid overhanging arm to
guide the vertical needle In combina
tion with a shuttle and what was called
a wheel feed
How They Improved
The sewing machines manufactured
prior to the Singer and many of them
long after used the vibrating arm for
Imparting motion to the needle This
result was accomplished either by means
of the vibratory arm actuating a needle
bar carrying a straight needle or by
means of tho vibratory arm and curved
It Is obvious that sewing machines
constructed on either of these princi
ples could not be enlarged or decreased
In slzo without destroying their effect
iveness on the one hand the lengthen
ing of the arm would naturally increase
both the power required to operate It
and its liability to spring and thus af
fect the proper action of the needle
on the other hand decreasing the size
of the arm would necessarily increase
the curve of the needle and contract the
space for turning and handling the work
Singer s arrangement of the rigid over
hanging arm made It practicable to en
large the machine to any desired ex
tent and added great solidity and
strength to the machine thus making it
available either for doing the heaviest
kinds of work or for sewing the light
est fabrics The general style of the
original Singer machine has been uni
versally copied and serves as a model
for most of the machines now- manu
Adapted to Various Usages
The work of adapting the sewing ma
chine to the various kinds of stitching
required In the variety of manufactur
ing and mechanical Industries to which
It has been applied was early taken up
by Isaac M Singer Allen B Wilson and
others and has been successfully con
tinued by later Inventors
Machines for stitching with waxed
thread have been perfected for use In
the factory manufacture of boots and
shoes ns well as In the manufacture ot
saddlery and harness and various other
articles of leather Heavy power ma
chines are used In the manufacture of
awnings tents sails canvas belts and
articles of a like nature Specially con
structed machines for stitching gloves
and others for sewing the seam3 of car
pets sewing the ends of filled bags
stitching brooms embroidering and do
ing various other work are produced by
the leading sewing machine manufactur
ers Machines for working buttonholes
and sewing on buttons have been mado
very effective In tbelr operation and
produce a quality of work equal to the
hand product ot a greatly Increased rate
of soeed
Burglar Shoots Watchman
LEWISBURG Pa Aug 3 The resi
dence In this place of J Thompson
Baker who with his family Is In Eu
rope wa3 broken Into by burglars and a
number of trunks and bureaus ran
sacked Charles Miller watchman at
the East Lewlsburg planing mill ot the
D M Nesbltt Company heard a bur
glar in the office about 1 oclock yes
terday morning and approaching was
shot in the nrm The wound is not se
welfaro of Washington I fully realize
the serious and helpless situation In
which our peoplo are involved I feel
that it Is caused to a very great extent
ty an Ill advised Increase ot taxation
and In violation of well established
principles in fcrco elsewhere
I regard tho present as a critical
period in the history of the District
because of the burden of dealing with
the New and dealer Washington is up
on us I have been therefore disposed
and indeed I have tried in the past and
I am willing to exert my efforts In tho
future as a citizen and taxpayer to seek
the accomplishment of the host results
In behalf of the entire District I am
not however entering nor do I ever
expect to enter Into a personal contest
for public office There arc men more
than qualified to fill the vacant Com
mlsslcnershln nt this critical period
other than those mentioned Either
Samuel L Phillips or Gen John M Wil
son retired would If they could be se
cured advance the District of Columbln
ing done If at all without conference materially and adorn the office by their
personality and capability
j S
Alexandria County Grand
Jury to Conduct In
Outcome of Hearing Before Grand Jury
Many Witnesses Admit Connection
With Alleged Games of Chance in Ef
fort to Help Accused
As a result of the burning ot the gam
bling resorts at Jackson City on tho
night ot July It a crusado Is about to
be started by the Alexandria county au
thorities which will bring to Justice all
those engaged In the practice It has
been generally known that for year3
faro roulette and like games havo
flourished each night both at Jackson
City and Rosslyn while during the day
policy has engrossed the attention of
the lawbreakers
Startling revelations were brought to
light at the hearing before Judge J M
Love of John C Nelsons application
for ball at the county courthouse at
Fort Myer Heights on Monday and Tues
day of last week No denial was made
of the fact that the row of buildings de
stroyed were built solely for the pur
pose of gambling and every witness who
went on tho stand admitted cither be
ing interested In the business or having
visited the place for the purpose ot
playing cards or betting on the games
During the hearing attorneys for tha
defense devoted themselves almost ex
clusively to showing the nature of the
business conducted in the buildings
burned This was not for the purpose
of assisting In any proceedings which
might be brought in the future against
Frank Foster and Charles E Sander
son who are complainants against Nel
son and John Tlghe
Nelson and Tighe Interested
They showed also that both Nelson and
Tighe were interested in tho business
Their aim was to show that not one of
the buildings was used as a dwelling
house as setting fire to a dwelling Is
punishable by death while ordinary ar
son is only a penitentiary offense
At the meeting of the special grand
Jury on Friday last when ten true bllbj
charging arson wero found against Nel
son and Tlghe the Jurors heard tha
same testimony given in the early part
of the week and the accused men wero
also afforded an opportunity to make
statements Ail of the witnesses stated
that gambling was conducted at Jack
son City and they did not hesitate to
mention the names of those backing
the ames
Consulted Judge Lore
Prior to returning the indictments
the foreman of tha grand Jury had a
conference with Judge Love and it wa3
decided that some action should be
taken to crush out the gambling games
Considerable evidence was secured
against the former proprietors of the
Jackson City resorts and it Is under
stood that since that time officials of
the county have been investigating
other places in the county
Judge Love Instead of dismissing tho
grand Jury when the indictments wero
returned against Nelson and Tlghe con
tinued the body until Tuesday at which
time it is understood indictments will
Continued on Efehth Page
n0VX On Auirest 2 1002 EMORY R
BttOUX at Iiu heme Calvin nun Fairfax
county Va in ht fiftieth year
Funeral at Brown Chapel at 11 oclock
Monday Aurust -1 ml
MefiRATll On Saturday Autrast 2 1H at
1013 a ru at her residence 41 II Street
northwestIXEN McOlt VTII widow of P J
JUGratli and lieloved daughter of I II and
Marcaret hennelly
Funeral wdl tale place on Tneiiy Aoirsst
3 at S30 a n thence to St Aloysius Church
m3 2
to whom rr m vy concern
T II Remhardt of Bernhardt Silk House Ttl
and Ere Mreets corthwest WaJilnzton D C
announces to his friends and the general public
that ttronch love anil affection and as an evi
dence of his appreciation of the efficient in
dustry and the faithful devotion to biwines of
hi sons Oeonre v Bernhardt ami Tony L
HefrJunit he lu siren each of soiw a
share In his busmen and that hereafter the
bus nr will I conducted as T B Relnhardt
ii nii Ri3 2
be continrcd on MONDAY Tl KSDAY AXD
HFDNKMm EVKMXGh AlOlsT 4 3 and a
ri2 rn3 2
ATTENTION 1 IASTKREitS Special meeting
ot I ocal C on MONim ALGIST i for tha
mirrjoe of electinz delrmtes to Mllwaukeo
convention promt t attendance required W
F R vnniTT retary au2 3
311 East Capitol it
O rlnfr to the fact that we hall need 50b
younfr men and women durin the ensuing year
to fill stenographic and buaincfti positions wt
offer instruction in business shorthand or citII
service mornine afternoon or evening from
now until October 1 at the greatly reduced
price ot 10 Six enthusiastic teachers hart
the clashes in charge Electric tana Telephone
E 35 Call or write for full particulars
ACADEMY RocXrille Md for boys horo
life individual care and instruction tcrma
iroderate Address W P ilASOX U S S A
ItIi C
1325 1 4th St N W
Strictly flrt clxs sinriecs at moderate price
Commodious Chapel Telephone call 23
940 F ST X W
FrerythiruT strictly first class on the most i
tenable terms
Telephone call Main ZiX
t Pean Are N W Washington D a

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