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Many Valuable Pointers
Given Party Spell
Subject of the Philippines Treated tc
Considerable Extent Policy of the
Administration Strongly Upheld on
Every Point at Issue
The Republican textbook for the cam
paign of 1902 has been published by the
Republican Congressional committee It
consists of nearly 400 closely printed
pages and Is largely dcoted to the story
ofthe business and commercial pros
perity which has prevailed throughout
the country since the Inauguration of
President McKlnlcy In 1SD7
There is a large amount of other mat
ter in the book however which will be
used to advantage by the Republican
spellbinders during the coining campaign
in the Congressional districts
A number uf pages arc devoted to the
subject of trusts the American occupa
tion of the Philippines the triumphant
diplomacy of the United States In China
the beneficent work cf the Gsvcrnment
on behalf of Cuba the proposition to
build the isthmian canal the establish
ment of the gold standard and the in
creased prosperity cf the national bauk
lng system the Republican policy re
garding the raeehant marine and many
other subjects
Reviews th Trusts
In regard to trusts which the Demo
crats insist upon making the principal
Issue of the canvass the Republican
textbook present a review of past legis
lation enacted by the Republican major
ity In Congress and brings the matter
up to date by quoting literal extracts
from President Roosevelts message to
Congress last December The textbook
takes a conservative view of the trust
qustlon Under the head of Attitude of
the Two Parties the writer savs
The attitude of the Democratic pavy
looks to constant agitation nlo no
restrictive legislation that of flip
publican party to such restrictions ab
will prevent arbitrary advance In prists
or reuueaon in wages through exclusive
control but not the destruction by leg
islation or Injury by fictitious agitation
of legitimate enterprise through rcat
manufacturing systems by which pro
duction Is cheapened prices of manu
factures reduced and permanency of em
ployment assured
The textbook recites that the trusts
have not occupied as great a place in
the manufacturing Industries js the
baic in public discussion According
to the returns of the census or W0
the value of trust made articles w3
only 12S per cent of the total output
of the manufacturing establishments la
that year
Drink Bill Heavy
It Is Interesting to know continues
the article that the drink bill of the
United States amounted last year to
423304107 of which 93432274 was paid
to the trusts This Includes all wines
beers liquors and beverages of every
description Another very Interesting
feature of this part of the Census in
quiry Is the comparative proportion of
wage earners employed by the trusts
the number being only 400046 or 73
per cent of the total number of 33C840C
wage earners employed by all the man
ufacturing establishments In the United
Extended reference Is made In the
textbook to the pending prosecutions
instituted by the Republican Adminis
tration against the railroad mergers and
against the beef trust
The textbook devotes nearly 100
pages to the subject of protection and
prosperity The facts stated and the
tables of figures given are taken from
sources of an official character and maHe
a nne snowing of the Increase in
elgn markets the great growth of man
ufacturing the Increase of rate of
wages the prosperity of the farmers
and the railroads and many other sub
Philippine Issue
The subject cf the Philippines which
the Democrats are not maklne much
rolse about during this campaign is
treated to the extent of abbut 200 pages
In the Republican textbook A good
deal of the evidence submitted to Con
gress in rcgarc ti the conduct of the
war n the Islands Is republished In the
textbeok A number of pages are de
voted to the irtbject of the gold etanl
urd and the new banking law which has
resulted in so much prosperity for the
Separate chapters are devoted to re
duction of the army in which It Is
ihown that the military establishment
b now at Its minimum strength to the
repeal of war taxes the isthmian canal
the lepubllc of Cuba the measures
proposed to punish anarchsts the
American merchant marine irrigation
jural free delivery Chinese exclusion
and civil service
An effective review Is made of the
clforts of the Democrats or somo of tlu
Democrats to brlns abcut harmony in
the party The textbook concludes
with the publication of the svcral na
tional polltlcr l platforms
To Meet Eveiy Issue
The aim of the Republican
sional committee in preparing the text
book was to meet every possible Issue
that can be raised by the Democratic
orators and newspapers during this
years campaign The frequent attacks
made on the rules of the House arc even
dlscvssed and a vigorous defense of the
present methods of legislation pursued
by that body Is made
Perhaps the most effective statistical
statement made in the textbook In
connection with the chapter on prosper
ity is a table which shows that durin
the Dcmocratl low tariff period from
1S93 to 1S97 Inclusive the average num
ber of tons of freight carried by the
railroads was 772C340S2 as against 9S6
7319C4 during the protective tariff
period from 1E9S to 1901 lncluslye that
the dividends paid by the railroads vers
82297989 a3 against 114771144 the
Representative William Sulzer one of
the most conspicuous members of the
minority of tho Hcure and a leader ot
the New York Democracy Is taking a
very active part in the campaign which
his party has Inaugurated to capture
a majority of the next House of Rep
rcscntatives He makes frequent trips
to the headquarters of the Congres
sional committee In this city to confer
with Judge Gripgs and other members
of the committee It U in the Empire
State that the Democrats hope to make
substantial gains this fall which will
materially aid them in the big task
they have undertaken ot electing a ma
jority to the Fifty eighth Congress
I tcllevc that the Democrats will
tarry the next House by a substantial
majority said Mr Sulzer when seen
at committee headquarters
Sights a General Revolt
There Is a general revolt against the
Incompetency hypocrisy extravagance
and maladministration of the Republi
can party The people have weighed the
Republican party In the balance and It
Is short weight
In other words the Republicans have
been found out They cannot deceive the
people any longer They promise much
but they do very little except for the
privileged few The Rcpubllian party
at the present time Is essentially a party
of caste and privilege It makes for
monopoly It legislates for special In
terests and protects the few by robbing
the many
No patriotic man today who loves the
Republic who believes In the Constitu
tion who venerates the Declaration of
Independence who hopes for the com
mon weal and who stands for equal
rights for all special privileges to none
can honestly and consistently vote the
Republican ticket In the coming elec
Most of the men who now vote the
Republican ticket do so because It pays
because It Is to their interest to do so
or from force of habit
Are Getting Together
In the State of New York the Demo
crats are getting together Harmony Is
In the air and unity is the watchword
We are making a good light to win Wo
hope for success we believe in success
and we will do all that mortals can do to
achieve success
From all that I can learn our chances
of electing a Democratic governor are
excellent We will adopt an up-to-
date platform nominate a good ticket
of able competent well known popu
lar men whom the people know and In
whom tho people have confidence and
make a vigorous campaign to redeem tho
Empire State from Republican misrule
and Republican Incompetency Wo are
sanguine of victory and I believe this
Is going to be a Democratic year
What Issues Mr Sulzer do you be
lieve should be pushed to the front
Well said Mr Sulzer we have
many issues They are all Important
They all appeal to the rank and lie to
the honest taxpayer and the tireless
tollers these are the men most serious-
gross receipts 11169G4C96 as against
1302450227 and tho wages paid 139
97S124 as against 331702783
The showing In connection with the
foreign commerce of the country is also
striking It s pointed out that the bal
ance of trade during tho pant six years
was greater than during the entire pre
vious history of tho country
Mississippians Must Advertise or Dc
Without Mention
NEW ORLEANS Aug 3 A majority
of the Mississippi press have formed
a combine against candidates for oPce
and have decided to mention the name of
no candidate for Stato office unless he
The schedule is placed low only one
dolHr an advertisement but as there are
tnree hundred newspapers In the 3ial
each candidate will have to pav 0 fer
In view of the fact that all nomlna
tlons for State offices must b made py
primary election a candidate Is practi
cally compelled to have his candidacy
known in each county The Mississippi
papers realizing this have determined
to profit by it to do no booming tr e
and to recognize no candidates who do
not advertise
Believes Party Certain
to Win in the Fall
Tammany Congressman Declares There
Is a General Revclt Against the Re
publican Administration Says All Is
Harmony in Empire State
incompetent government Tho greatest
burdens fall on them
Political parties do not make Issues
the people do and In this campaign
the honest citizens of the land know
the Issues feel the responsibilities of
them and will determine for themselves
which are the most important This s
as It should be The duty of political
leaders newspapers and campaign man
agers is to give the data the facts
the information regarding them That
is what we are now doing
Of course continued Mr Sulzer
the trust question Is vitally Important
It affects every man woman and child
In the Republic It robs the many for
the benetit of the few It is dominant
today in American politics
The Republican party Is on tho de
fensive on the trust Issue The record
Is against them Their defense is lame
vcak and Impotent In fact the Re
publicans have not a leg to stand on
Everybody knows that the great crimi
nal trusts own and dominate the Re
publican party Without the aid of the
trusts the Republicans would not now
be in power and cannot remain in
Controlled by Trusts
The present Attorney General Is tho
creature of tho trusts was put In his
high place by the trusts to protect the
trusts and Is thero a man in all the
land so dull witted as o bcllevo for a
moment -that this Attorney General in
cood faith Is going to prosecute th
trust end send the trust magnates to
jell for criminal conspiracy
The way to get at She trusts Is by
tcnslble and Judicious tariff reform by
enforcing the present law and by ad
ditional legislation to make it more
stringent and fficient The Demorratlr
I arty Is right on all these questions and
the Republican party is wrong
Now mark you continued Mr Sul
zer the Democratic party makes no
war on vested rights and honestly ac
quired wealth The Democratic party
always was and always will be tho con
servative political party of tho country
We believe in rigid honesty and econ
omy In the adminlxtratlon of public af
fairs ia the principles 0 the Declara
tion of Independence in the rights of
man In the Monroe Doctrine in the
Constitution In tho greatness and per-
of the burdens ot Government In tariff
taxes for revenue only no protection
that robs the many for the benefit of
the few and that makes the rich richer
and the poor poorer In equal rights
to all special privileges to none In
keeping open every avenue of Industry
and every highway of opportunity In
giving ton wnicn creates an wealth a
Just share and a better reward for Its
labor and In fact In making man
kind better the Republic greater and
civilization grander
Principles Never Die
This is now always has been and
always will be the affirmative platform
of the Democratic party Issue may
come and issues may go but these prin
ciples of Democracy are fundamental
and will never die but go on forever
The Democratic party Is tafely founded
on them and will live because It de
serves to live and will succeed be
cause t deserves to succeed
Yes said Mr Sulzer In conclusion
you can rest assured Democracy Is
all right It is full ot hope and life
and vigor It has Its face turned to
the rising sun of truth and united
confident harmonious and enthusiastic
it is marching on keeping time to the
music of the united Democratic re
We want etery man who ever was a
Democrat is a Democrat now or who
ever hopes to be a Democrat to be
with us this year In the cause of the
people against the wrongs which need
resistance and for the future in the
distance Democracy will not look back
ward Forward and victory must be
Mr Shaw in Opposition to
Radical Iowa Element
Is a First Class Campaign Talker With
Quaint Humor Mr Wilson Strong
With Farmers
Sccretary Shaw will formally open tho
campaign of oratory by Cabinet officers
in a speech at Manchester VI tomor
row evening On the most important
question that of trust regulation ty
tariff revision Secretary Shaw takes tho
position taken by tho other conserva
tives in Iowa They are not ready for
such legislation and ho represents that
Secretary Shaw stands with Secretary
Wilson Senator Allison and Speaker
Henderson In opposition to the more
advanced and radical clement of the
party in Iowa headed by Governor Cum
Styled David Harum
Secretary Shaw Is a first class cam
paign speaker with a quaint humor and
a rugged eloquence entitling him to the
nickname of David Harum He will
make more speeches probably than any
other Cabinet officer except perhaps
the other Iowa Secretary Mr Wilson
who Is especially strong with the farm
Secretary Moody 13 expected to come
next In the number of speeches to bo
delivered by Cabinet- officers In this cam
palgn Secretary Hay and Secretary
Root may not make more than one
speech apiece
Others to Speak
Attorney General Knox and Postmas
ter General Payne will make speeches
Mr Knoxs topic will be the extent
and the significance of the Administra
tions prosecution ot trusts and its de
sire for further legislation for the regu
lation of trusts
Secretary Hitchcock of the Interior
Department is not a speaker but may
possibly make a campaign address
If His Ideas Are Harmful He
Alone h Guilty
Letter Sent by the Aged Philanthropist
to Russian Ministers Arrest
Was Talked Of
VIENNA Aug 3 The Arbiter Zel
tung publishes a letter which Count
Tolstoy sent to the Russian ministers of
the interior and of Justice protesting
against the prosecution of his followers
Tolstoy describes it as incomprehensible
useless cruel and above everything
unjust The letter continues
I alone am the guilty one In connec
tion wlth the matter for I write Looks
which propagate Ideas which are regard
ed as a danger to the state If iht gov
ernment considers It necessary to sup
press by force that to which it objects
It should strike direct at tho origin of
petulty of the Republic In the grandeur I the evil that is at me and especially
of an American citizen In an
1 snall do
M j accare never cense to
ajaiciu ui laxawuu BU mui weaun as
well as toll shall bear Its Just share
ly affected by extravagant corrupt and the order all along the line
that which the government regards as
harmful but what Is for me a duty to
Cod and my conscience
Not Beyond Punishment
Do not I beg you Imagine that I call
on you to punish me instead of my fol
lowers because I believe my popularity
and position would render It difficult for
the authorities to treat me as others
are treated So far from thinking that 1
occupy a privileged position I am con
vinced that It the government banishes
or imprisons or otherwise ouulshcs me
public opinion will not be stlrrcl hut
that the great majority of the people
will say that the step ought to have
been taken long ago I conilder t my
duty that you should punish me Instead
of those who accept my teachings and
I beg you to mitigate your sevrity
The Arbiter Zeltung which Is ex
ceptionally well informed on Russian
affairs adds that on receipt of the let
ter the question of the arrest of Tolstoy
was seriously considered but it was
finally decided not to molest him
Thought There Was a Fire
Captain Brian of tho Government
Printing Office turned In an alarm of
fire yesterday morning at 220 oclock
and No C cnglno company responded
After a search the firemen decided there
was no Arc but that burning tar vas
responsible for tho belief on the part
of Captain Brian that the building was
on fire Another alarm yesterday morn
ing called No 5 engine company to the
dump at Twenty seventh and N Streets
northwest The blaze was extinguished
without damage
Cook on Ocean Liner Confesses tc Se
creting His Wife
BALTIMORE Md Aug 3 Immigrant
Commissioner Louis T Hies has re
leased Mrs Anna Rntzlaff aged twenty-
two who arrived hero as a stowaway on
the steamship Lord Erne Rather than
bo separated from her husband who
was cook on tho steamship she had
stowed away on the vessel at Barry
Wales Ratzlaff satisfied tho court that
he had whllo a resident of California
some jrcars aqo been naturalized as a
citizen of the United States and his
wife was released The couplo will
probably now go to Newport News lo
An inquiry developed tht fact that
Ratzlaff had assisted her In concealing
herself in his room on the vessel while
the steamer was at Barry preparing o
sail The secret might uevcr have been
known to Captain Maglnnis had net the
condition of Mrs Ratzlaaffs health made
It necessary for the cook to take the
master of the steamer Into his confi
Foolish Yawp of the Last Fight Being
a Fake Has Been Passed Up Many
Stories of the Australian Will Live in
Fistic History
An old time friend of Lanky Bob
closely associated with him In all hl3
battles has tho following to say rela
tive to nis passing ana tils record as a
pugilistic gladiator
With tho passing of Bob
mons there bids farewell to the prize-
ring the Grand Old Man of pugilism the
most picturesque figure that ever
sprawled under a rope and the greatest
of all fighters since Hercules had his
little go with the bigger man He was
the only boxer who could train up or
down and be right cither way He was
the only man who held two champion
ships at the same time middle and
In actual pounds avoirdupois he was
never much heftier than a middle
weight he Is still champion ot the
world in that class havint won the title
from Jack Dempscy and never lest It
yet he whipped all the heavle3 of his
time Corbett Ruhlln Sharkey Godfrey
Maher Dunkhorst Jim Hall Jim Daly
and a few others until he met the In
evitable fate of file mug that goes too
often to the well
He was the hardest hitter that ever
swung a punch As a ring general he
was all their daddies and for a coony
fighter he had the rest of the bunch
skinned from hatband to kicks And
game He took to wallops as a kid
takes to plo
His Wonderful Reccrd
Ths peerless athlete goes down and
out leaving behind him a record tbat
will stand alone in the annals of the
ring The crazy yawp that his last fight
was a fake has been passed up by every
body who knows anything of the game
And Ho such silly attempt was ever
made to discount the Intelligence of
those who care for boxing as this same
babble abcut the Fitzsimmons Jeffrles
bout being fixed
Of course when a man In a contpt
has everything to gain by winning and
ecrjthlng to lose by losing he puts up
a plant to lose Yes Then Jeffries
being a 10 to 4 favorite and there be
ing only driblets of Fitz money bet
and no chance for Fitz to fight again for
the championship if he lost it was a
good time to lay down Yes
You might work thi3 tale oft on the
bat eaters cf Terra del Fucgo but there
Is it salt enough In the big Utah lake
to make It palatable to anyone In store
Its funny now to sec those who sent
forth this feeble pipe wallowing In the
mire of their own nccusation in scant
hopes of getting a foothold on which to
make good
It is a somewhat too previous play to
pull a fire alarm box and then have to
hunt around for the smoke
But enovgh of this Fitz U foolish I
he gets any balder over It and from
what I knew of him I dont think he
Fitzs Yachting Togs
lany ot the storlc3 that came from
Fitzs training ramps which were some
times pitched close to alt waiter told
of his wondcrlul prowess as a swim
mer The truth Is that fifteen minutes
overboard put a crimp In Bobs wind
oulcker than a ten mile run at a quarter
Two Children Dreadfully Burned by
Upsetting of Pot
their head3 and shoulders covered thick
with hot tar that had fallen upon them
n black molten deluge Clara Constance
thirteen years old and Charles Gordon
two and one half years old of KG Boyd
Avenue suffered Injuries that were al
most fatal Both children may lose their
eyesight and at tho best are scarred for
The children were playing In tho lot
next to their home and had a fine baking
cf mud pics ready for the sun Tho
adjoining house is being repaired and
William Clark a workman on the roof
had hauled a bucket cf hot tar almost
to the root As he reached out for the
rope he half upset the dangling bucket
and the molten mas3 fell squarely upon
tho children
r V il n J clip On the road he had rubber bel
rilZimilllUIli IliC IVllg icws but in the water he was a cow-
iWost Picturesque
The only time I ever knew him to
Icry Enough was when he was training
tu 113 llUl AllU IIUM11U iXZ MCrgCD
Beach One Sunday he never did work
on that day I Invited Fit Gcorgo
Dawson his trainer and boxni instruct
or of thp Chicago Athletic Club Jeff
Thorne nis sparring partner and Mrs
Fltzsimmons to go sailing with me In a
big catbont
Fitz went along in the slad rag way
when he wasnt workin and came down
to the float In a Prince Albert raglan
carefully creased pajamas a rail fence
collar and four story silk lid I asked
him where the white kid gloves wpre
but he waived tho question and called
my attention to a sea serpent which he
tsld he saw In the offing
As I turned to leave I felt a grapevine
lock around the overflow of my Jersey
and I knew where I was going Now all
I had on besides the Jersey was a pair cf
half mast duck pants and I had him
handicapped when we strurk the brine
He didnt intend to accompany me but
changed his mind when I hooked Into the
lapels of the raglan He let go his hold
as the bubbles closed over the lid and
when he came to the air he spluttered
The funs over Jim Lets call It a
His Playful Ways
But he more than quit even a few
days later I may have been at home In
the water but there were other things
I didnt know
I used to accompany hlra In a purely
perfunctory way on hb road work One
morning at daybreak he broke into my
boudoir and motioned to mo that It W23
time to get up The motion consisted of
gently hoisting me out of bed and de
positing me In the bathtub which con
tained about ten fingers ot the cold thing
you take on the side
I put up a mild kick about not going
with him that day But Fitz has a per
suasive way If he does spill an h here
and there and after assuring me that It
was very late and that the sun was burn
ing a hole in my aftermath he sprung
Ive got Bluch saddled at the gate
Come and follow me on horseback
Bluch wa3 Blucher an uncertain
quantity all height bones and angles
I had seen Bluch at a respectful dis
tance and had never flattered myself
that we would become mere Intimate
But here was my nportunlty I had
l iver been astride a horse bat I was
like the other dope who when asked If
he could play the violin said he didnt
know he never tried
His Cross Country Run 1
Bluch was a model horse He stood
at the head of his class In otedlence
obedience to Fitz So when wo got Into
the rod I sUerlng Bluch at a con
servative walk and trying to look pleas
ant Fitz took It over a rail fence for
his and called Bluch after him Bluch
cut out thowolk at ence and started
for the fence I asked him not to In a
loud commanding voice but hli ears
Mere pointed Fitzward and perhaps hi
dnt hear me I Jammed the steerlni
gear hard down Bluch must have car
tied a lee helm for he never altered his
course On the other sldo was a corn
field Cornfields are all right places
In which to grow corn but theyre not
en the letl when youre playing for
Bluch went over the fence without a
think So did I The going over wasnt
to Inconvenient It was the coming back
to thi saddle that Jarred on my nrvcs
Fitz wns doing a Highland fiing over
the corn hills and Bluch took the jump
after Mm
There was a barrel of fun scattered
over that particular locality about tbat
time fun for Fitz and Bluch Flit
where did I get off Every tirne I
went up In the air I looked around for
a solution of this problem but couldnt
bump Into one The cornfield looked
to bo a million miles across and Fiz
was heading straight for the far cornir
So was Bluch I thought of tho lion
and his tall and whether It was wlier
to hold on or let go Not that I vas
having much option In the matter But
I did stick until half the field was cov
ered when Fitz turned and came back
stopping Bluch
Nothing Ilka an up hill road for
Continued on Fourth Page
jll BbM
if twin lsIlii
FIRST CHOICE are the words for which these big letters stand
FIRST CHOICE of an article of diet should be one that not only is pleasing to the taste but also gives
nourishment strength and vigor Each organ of the body thrives upon a different food element and in order
that every organ shall have just the proper amount of work these elements must be furnished in certain propor
tions Whole wheat any good doctor will tell you contains all the elements for building up the whole body and
in just the correct proportions Most of us already have abused our stomachs and this organ has been overworked
It requires a tonic and assistance in the workof digestion Malt is the best tonic
FORCE is a combination of the whole of the wheat and barley malt delivered to you ready cooked and
ready to serve in the form of a sweet crisp delicate flake of exceedingly pleasing flavor
Army and Navy Interested
in Mimic War Plans
Object Lessens Proposed to impress
Coantiy of Greatness cf Naval Forca
and Necessity for Making It Greatei
Admiral Taylor Dominant Spirit
Tho forthcoming Joint maneuvers ot
the army and navy Is absorbing unusual
attention among army and navy ofH
clals In fact tho mimic war Is excit
ing more attention than tho half dozen
revolutions of actual warfare in
South and Central America or real
carnage In the Philippines But there is
purpose In all tho plans that are being
made upon an elaborate scale and with
great secrecy on the part of both
branches of the service One object and
perhaps the foremost of tho war garnet
Is to convince Congress of the necessity
ot liberal appropriations for the national
defense particularly In view of tho en
larged responsibilities brought by tha
possession of distant Islands and tha
building of the Isthmian canal
The great object lessons It Is proposed
to Impress en the country have been de
vised by the general board which has
quickly attained preponderant Influence
since Secretary Moody entered the Cabi
net and promises to develop Into a full
fledged general staff before the end of
the year With Admiral Dewey at Its
head and rao3t of the fighting officers
of tho service including the personnel
of the War College supporting It this
organization Is dominated by Rear Ad
miral Taylor chief of the Bureau of
Navigation whose control of the navy
is comparable only with that exerted
by General Corbln over the army Ad
miral Taylor Is recognized as easily
the leading theorist of the service tha
officer who built up the War College to
be a model for all nations the highest
type of the scholar In strategics and
more respected by rrogresshe Ameri
can officers than even Mahan is abroad
HI3 studies of todays international
problems and his deductions as to tha
lines alons Trhla the United States
must bo ready to act In the near future
have had extraordinary weight with
both arms of the United States service
and he has come to have the distinction
of being honored as a prophet on in
ternational possibilities
Germany vs United States
According to the officers who are clos
est to him he is thoroughly alive to tho
steady set of a current which is carrying
the United States and Germany along
converging lines in many parts of tho
globe and bringing these two nations
Into closer rivalry everywhere So far
as that goes commercially it Is not a
brand new discoverybut to Admiral Tay
lor belongs the exclusive credit of warn
ing the leaders of the army and navy
that preparations must bevin at once
and be vigorously prosecuted from this
time forth for a grave crisis In German
American relations in the spring of 1907
It Is Interesting to note that tho admir
als predictions of a conflict are so ad
Justed as to his taking part la
Its settlement He Is due to retire at
about the same timo that the threatened
war with Germany according to his no
tions Is to break out
Admiral Taylor as a Prophet
The frequent suggestions of troubl
with Germany have not attracted much
attention coming from youthful and en
thusiastic officers with their careers be
fore them who have talked about tho
likelihood of trouble for several years
past but the conclusions of a mature
scholar who will reach the retiring age
on March f 1907 and who fixes the time
of tho crisis within a fraction of a year
have naturally produced some effect es
pecially when he Is satisfied that tha
immediate locality of the storm center
will be In the Carrlbeart Sea The pro
cess by which this prediction has been
developed by a thoughtful scholar is
not wholly disclosed but it undoubtedly
involves the completion of the current
construction program of Germany late in
1906 which will make that countrys
navy much stronger then than ours at
the rate we arc now building
In fact the time will be coincident
with the most cClcient sea power Ger
many now contemplates the time when
the Panama canal will be occupying
much attention in this country when
the Cuban republic may have about
reached the pnd of Its tether when Ja
maica and other West Indian Islands
will be prostrate In bankruptcy when
the Netherlands and this is one of the
admirals pet predictions it 3 said will
havo been absorbed by Germany leaving
Curacao and tlio other Dutch islands of
the Caribbean Sea as bones of contention
to force a supreme test of the Monroe
doctrine not to speak of the ripeness of
the season for plucking a few South
American republics for repudiated debts
and damage claims
Neither Admiral Taylor nor Admiral
Dewey and the other members ot the
general board really expect a war with
Germany but they foresee that all the
conditions which lead to wars arc likely
to he brought nbout at some tlmo or
other andthey are strong In their be-
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