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Fair today and tomorrow
fresh northerly vzinds becom
ing variable
do jou shall die
Stranger Escapes
Wresting the revolver from Purcelis
hand the stranger pulled the trigger
and the ball took effect Purcell falling
to the ground
The stranger escaped It was an
nounced here today that the Phlladel
pha end Reading Coal and Iron Com
pany -will tomorrow start their large
coal operation at Goodsprlngs
This colliery is in a part of the farm
ing region of the country and the min
ers in that section are not closely allied
Ith mine workers It Is expected thai
the riant will soon bo started up with 1
forcci -of hundred men---
At the Anchor washery In the
Echervtlle valley the Reading Company
expects to resume work this week One
of the Indications that the Reading Com
pany propose to make a start to operate
n number of their collieries is th fact
that the large repair shops here where
there were a number of suspensions dur
lng the early part of the strike will be
resumed full handed
Tons of Pig Iron
Three hundred tons of pig iron for the
foundry was received today The Penn
tylvanla Railroad car shops which eus
pended work because of the strike have
resumed full handed and are mak
ing twelve hours a day
Authorities After Those Implicated in
Recent Riots
SHENANDOAH Pa Aug 4 It was
stated thia evening that several for
eigners will be placed under arrest to
morrow morning on a charge of taking
part In the rioting at the Eighth Regi
ment camp Saturday night
General Gobln announced this even
ing that the first practice march of the
troopa will take place tomorrow morn
ing The route to be taken has not been
made publU
In anticipation of another attack this
evening the guard of the Eighth Regi
ment has been strengthened AH the
ixntrlos have been instructed to shoot
to kill In case they are molested in any
Tonight a prominent operator said
that no effort will be made to work any
of the mines at present He refused to
py whether any of the striisers had in
formed any of the companies of their
willingness to return to work
Fully 1200 people attended the funeral
today of Joseph Bcdall who was killed
ot Shenandoah In the riot of Wednes
day evening last The services were
held In the house of the late Mr Be
dalls sister Mrs John Dunlan at
William Penn about three miles from
Was Ready for Trouble
General Gobln prepared for possible
disturbances by stationing a company ot
cldlcrs hero and there along Ihp road to
tho cemetery The strikers lined the
eireels as the funeral procession passed
tut there was not the slightest attempt
at any disturbance and many raised
their hats respectfully as the hearrc
The attitude of the striking foreigners
Is much different from that manifested
when the troops were In the town dur
ing the strike of 1900 Then the strik
ers became orderly and peaceable at
ouzc l d from that time on there was
so more trouble at Shenandoah
On this occasion the English-speaking
agitators among the strikers have
been telling them that thn soldiers were
only tin soldiers and that they were
cot woith heeding This combined with
the sullen temper of the strikers has
Inspired the foreigners to a defiant in
solent nttltude which during the past
twenty four hours has hovered on the
edge cf open outbreak
The stone throwing of Saturday and
Sunday night had none of the features
CI a concerted attocK It was only a
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Onhfi 1lOIftftlillT itll W Ittf ifrtf
An Unknown Man Kills a
Prominent Pottsville
Pa Miner
Shenandoah Authorities to
Arrest Several Foreigners
Under Suspicion
General Gcbin Instructs Sentries to Fire
on Those Who Molest Them Several
Mines Resume Work Many Attend
Funeral of Deputy Sheriff Bcdall
TOTTSVILLE Pa Aug 4 William
Purcell a prominent striker was shot
near his home in Phoenix Park today
end rannot live An unknown man ap
proached Purcell and demanded to know
It he was a union man To this he re
Yes and I dont deny It
Would iou deny it If you -were 3hof
was another question by the stranger
end the second reply was
No I would not
The answer had scarcely parsed from
Ihe lips of Purcell when the stranger
pulled a revolver from his belt and ox
You must be shot and was about to
suit the action to the word when Pur
cell seized the revolver and commanded
Dont you shoot me my friend If you
New Jersey Coroner Killed by Side of
Young Bride
Coroner William Wells of Burlington
county proprietor of a hotel in Bur
lington city was struck dead bj a bolt
of Hgnming this afternoon at oclock
by the side of his wife to whom it Is
sad he had been married but a few
The fata flash tore a strip from the
side of the javl in which he had been
fishing with his wife and another jouns
woman sollntcrcd the cjcglasses fioni
his nose and droe th rim into the flesh
The flame of fire cnelopcd his body and
rirpeJ the clothing down the back as
If it had been cut with a knife
Mrs Well0 when sle recoered from
the shock saw her husbands body ljing
In the bottom of the bolt
Fifteen Convicts Escape
Through Shattered Doors
Gus Eyatt the Train Robber Led
the Band Safcblower Killed Ex
plosive Furnished by Friends
NASHVILLE Tenn Aug 1 Gus Hy
att the train robber an desperado led
a band of sixteen convicts in an attempt
to escape from the State penitentiary to
Fifteen of the convicts got away Ed
Carney a rate blower was killed
James Work and Joe Loss were after
ward captured but the others made
good their escape ana up to midnight no
trace of them had been found
Dynamltu vhlch bad eidentl been
furnished them by friends on tbe out
side was used in blowing an opening In
the main wing of the prison
Gather -at Annual Re
union of Knights of
Ihe fourth annual reunion of tire Knights
of Columbus today the Hon William M
Byrne United States attorney for Dela
ware speke on Some Issues of the
Hour Other speakers w ere Hon W A
Phllbln former district attorney of New
York whose subject was The Catholic
as a Citizen Edward L Hearne of
South FramSngham Mass tbe supreme
knight and the Rt Rev William 11
OConnell D D bishop of Portland M
Mr Ilyrne said In part
I believe that no Catholic editor Jc
America -would allow- a statement to ap
pear In his paper v Illcli he knew to be
No scrupulously honest man states
a thing as a fact which he does not
know to be true and I regret to ob
serve that the statements appearing In
the Catholic press charging tin- Cov
ernment with proseijtlng In the Phil
ippines were madpwithout that care
of investigation which the gravity of
tbe charge demanded
Sign of Weakness
Surely with our Catholic teachers
outnumbering the Protestants three to
one with the joung Filipino already
grounded In the practices of the Catho
lic faith with adequate allowance of
time to Catholic priests to give these
school children In the school rooms In
structions In tho doctrines of the Cath
olic religion it betraj s a somewhat
conscious weakness of our cause If wc
frantically accuse the Government of
systematic prrseljtlsm because a small
proportion of tbe teahcrs In the Phil
ippines happen to be Protestants
Catholics bae no fear of the funda
mental principles of American polity
that the church must be completely sep
arated from the state No harm can
come from observing the demarcation
established in the Bible between Caesar
and Christ and vhencver the church
has essajed to help Caesarby conferring
upon civil government the benefits of
her religious ministrations tli experi
ment Ins been one of dlsanpolntmcnt
and disaster
Only Desires Peace
What the American Government Just
ly desires Is that the Influence of the
prlt3ts which it lecognlzes to bo great
shall be exerted all the time toward tho
maintenance of peace and order on
American lines and according to Amer
ican Ideals and for this reason It has
06kcd the church to detail for pariah
service In tho Philippines Catholic
prltBts whose presence there will not
cause constant disorder Lut whose min
istration would greatly rromoto the
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Negotiations for the Control
of Georgia Central
Terms Not Yet Settled Upon Southern
Railways Attitude Important Move
in Southwestern Connections Report
at first Meets Denial
NEW YORK Aug 4 Trafflc arrange
ments between tho St Louis nnd San
Tranclsco Railroad on the one side nnd
the Central of Georgia Railway and the
Southern Railway on the other are on
foot The Frisco system makes con
nection with tho Georgia Central at
Birmingham Ala and can through
such an arrangement secure an en
trance Into Savannah while tho Frisco
connects at Memphis with the Southern
Rallwav which would enable it to reach
other tlantic ports
It hes generally been understood that
the interests connected with the South
ern Railway dictated the policy of the
Georgia Central The Southern State
laws preclude the combination of the
two properties the Southern Railway
not being permitted to own a parallel
Tbe control ot the Georgia Central
rests with voting trustees representing
the bondholders
Under Same Control
The Louisville and NashvJIIc sjstem
is now under the same control as the
Southern Railway and it was pointed
out today that in of the acquire
ment by the Frisco road of the Chicago
and Eastern property a deal now ad
mitted but not jet officially announced
there might be a further extension of
this deal by a connettion of the Chi
cago and Eastern Illinois with the
Louisville and Nashville sjstem by a
utilization of the Evansville and Torre
Haute Road In which the Chicago and
Eastern Illinois interests have also been
A Frisco Georgia Central Southern
ContjnMpl on Second Paper
People of Manila Making Preparations
for Grand Reception
MANILA Aug 4 The people of Ma
nila are making preparations for a grand
reception to Goernor Taft on his ar
rival here The city will be decorated
and the daj of arrival will probablj be
made a
The Filipinos announce that delezn
United States District Attorney W M ens will come from the provinces to
I take part in the celebration
Byrne of Delaware Discusses borne The dallj death rate from cholera is
Issues of the Hour Declares Whole eci ning mere were only twenty four
iieams 111 tiie past twenty four hours
Philippine Question to Be One of Tact
To Take Temporary Duty Until Chaf
fees Departure
MAML Aug 4 Major General
Davis who Is to succeed General Chaf
fee In command of the troops In the
clilpelago lias armed here He will be
assigned to temporary uutv until Gen
eral ChalTecs departure for the United
States In September
Miss Mary dishing
Makes Announcement
Says She Is the Wife of Moses Pack
ard a Wealthy Hebrew Charges
Husband With Desertion
SYRACUSE Aug 3 Miss Mary Wil
lard Cushlng a society girl a cousin of
forme United States Serator Dankl S
Dickinson announced today that she
had been married for seven jears to
Mgscp Packard a wealthj Hebrew of
this She claims that no ceremony
was performed and the nent wns kept
secret on account of the opposition of
Packards parents who objected to the
girl on account of her being a Christian
Miss Cushlng claims to have a civil con
tract of marriage signed by Pacl an
The latter is a member of the firm of M
and N J Packard brokers
The Packards name was changed from
Pakellnshkj Mrs Packard says her hus
band wanted to keep the marriage secret
on account of the opposition of his
father fearing the litter would with
draw Ids business support
Demanded an Announcement
Last week matters camo to a crisis
and Miss Cushlng demanded that tho
marrlsge be announced Then Packard
left town and his whereabouts Is un
known She has retained attorneys
and will sue him for desertion She
says he has gone to Montana
Tho Packard family here deny that
tbero was ever a marriage Miss Cush
lng was a young girl in her teens when
she met Packard Sno claims she has
been offered largo sums of money to
keep quiet
Sho is a cousin of Charles M Dick
inson United States consul at Constan
Will Not Appoint New Com
missioner in a Hurry
Aspirants for Office Now on Anxious
Bench Supporters of Messrs West
Cot and Fulton are Sanguine Mr
Shoemaker Suggested for Place
The President will consult with rep
resentative citizens of the District bo
fore he appoints a Commissioner to fill
the caused by the death of Hon
John W Ross He has been advised
that the affairs of the District may be
properly conducted without any serious
difficulty or Inconvenience for a suffi
cient length of time to enable him to
give the matter due deliberation It 13
said he will not acccputhe statements of
any one delegation In favor of a cer
tain candidate or the names signed to
his petition but will canvass the situa
tion thoroughly before making a selec
He is anxious to name a man who
will be satisfactory to the people of
the District who have no voice in de
termining who shall govern them and
at the same time to appoint a man who
Is in every way cpiallfled to All the
At present petitions galore are pour
ing in upon the President and Mr
Koosovelfs mall abounds with personal
letters from citizens of the District urg
ing him to appoint this or that man Ha
will give all a fair bearing and the
friends of the rival condldatesiwill have
no trouble In obtaining an audience with
the President to present the cjalms of
the various asplrarits
Candidates on Anxious Bench
From the hopeful stage the candidates
have passed to the anxious They are
dally expecting that the civeted plum
will fall and each Is holdln his hand3
outstretched to catch It
The friends of Mr Henry L West fc d
very confident while the supporters of
Mr W V Cox are equally sanguine
Ihey resent the charge that ho Is not a
Democrat and point to the ardent ad
vocacy of his candidacy by Mr W Mcir
Clajton and other stralghtout Democrats
of Influence and standing as an answe
to the statement WhJeMr Clayton Is
supporting Mr Cox he has a lou list
of friends who are endeavoring to se
cure the appointment for him They
are still working actively In his hinalf
Yesterday petitions Indorsing Mr Clay
ton were circulated among th j cunger
business and professional men and re
ceived a large number of slgnrurrs His
supporters declare that they have the
indorsement of several prominent Demo
cratic Scnatar3
Those who wish to see Mr Jimcs L
Xorris named hope the President will
see his way clear to name Mr Norrla
although he has not yet leclirei himself
a candidate It Is said however that ir
she office came to him unsolicited on hl
part that be would undoubtedly accept
it even lfhe were obliged to do so at
some sacrifice
Mr Fultons Candidacy
The candldacj of Mr Creed M Fulton
was reported j esterday to be In n verj
vigorous and healthj condition It has
reached that state where some clever
work Is being done and some strong In
fluence being brought to bear His sup
porters are among tbe most energetic of
anj In the field and declare they are
making a fl ht to win and fully evpeel
to succeed
The citizens of East Washington are
working bard in the Interests of Gen
S S Yoder
It was stated jesterday that Mr Louis
I Shoemai er does not decline the Com
missloiiersbip It Is true his friends
sa that he does not desire to enter Into
a personal contest for tbe olllce His
friends claim that his qualifications for
the offic e however areauih that a large
number of District people are in favor of
him and declare that his name will be
strenuously presented and beriouslj
rnsldered bj the President
Committee for Mr Bride
The committee which will wait upon
the President and urge the appointment
of Mr Cotter T Bride for District Com
mlssloner today will consist of Senator
Cirmack Mr John E Herrell president
National Capital Bank Mr William S
Riley and Mr Blair Lee Representative
Sulzer and Dr J J Walsh will join the
in New York citv and accompany
the committee to ujsier nay
M Delcasse Declares Destiny of France
Is Not Accomplished
PARIS ATig 4 SpeaUng at the ex
position at Foil department of Arlege
today M Delcasse minister of foreign
affairs said In referring to the present
position of France that there are people
who are fond of pointing to Trance as
a decayed country and the French as a
decadent race
He had no faith whatsoever in the
opinion of Buch critics Ho pointed out
that thirty years ago after the Franco
Prussian war the same pessimistic
views were advanced Slnco then France
has built up once more a splendid
a magnificent fleet and a world wlle
Moreover she had come to tho front
In the worldo politics She held a pre
ponderating position in many questions
nnd especially in Africa and the Far
East Could anyone ho asked look at
this record and term the French a dying
It was not to be thought of The des
tiny ot France wa far from being ac
Expresses Regret for Outcry
Over Philippine Friars
Mr Gifford Pinchot of the Agricultural
Department Talks Over Question of
Forest Reserves With Chief Execu
tive Mr Roosevelt Leaves Today
President heard a good word from
Archbishop Rj an of Philadelphia to
day on the matter of the Philippine
friars Tho Archbishop told the Presi
dent that he regretted exceedingly the
that had been made by some
members of his church against the posi
tion the Administration has taken to
wards the friars
Tho outcrj the Archbishop said was
due to a complete misunderstanding of
the facts by the Catholics who were
exprc3lng their indignation With an
interval of calm leflcctlon among some
of hl3 co religious people he is sure
that there would come an appreciation
of his own position to wlt that the
actions of the administration In the
Philippines as carried out bj Governor
Taft have been marked by great con
sideration and tact
The present disturbance the Arch
bishop was sure would die out and bo
forgotten belore long
Guest at Luncheon
Archbishop Ryan was a guest at lunch
Another guest was Gifford Pinchot
rorester of hc Agricultural Depart
ment Mr Pinchot wanted to talk with
tbe President about some of the forest
reserves as the President tales a very
lively interest In the work
The Frcsldcnt also desired to talk
with him about a trip which Mr Pinchot
is about to make to the Philippines
There are several matters in the
Continued on Third Pase
LONDON Aug A It has been
nltelj settled that tbe King will re
turn to London Wednesday afternoon
He will travel in the usual rojal saloon
carriage without an invalids couth and
will not be screened from tbe ublli
v lew
The preparations for the coronation
have revealed tho fact that owing to the
absence of the special delecailons a
number of peers and peeresses and other
acceptors of Invitations to attend the
ceremonv on tbe original date there will
be considerable spare space In West
minster Abbey
Invitations have consequently been
telegraphed to the mavors of all tin
provincial boroughs of over 20001 in
habitants askirg them to attend wear
ing their robes and chains of ofTle
Many a ccptances have been received
from invjors In England and Scotland
The Mlowlng from Mr T J Condsn
M P Lajor of Clonmel Is typical ot n
number of replies received from Ire
I neither wish for nor villi I ac
cept any Invitation to the coronation
A report trom Cowes says thvt tb
King walked today on the promenade
deck cf the rojal jht which Is aSovo
be prvillon To do so he had to pass
up and down a fllsht of stairs which ho
managed to do without assistance T
Emprtes Eusnle was among those who
visited the jacht
General Pole Carew conducted a re
hearsal of the coronation nrocesslon
from the entrance of Westminster Ab
bey to the throno drilling the peers and
other participants in a stately walk
neither too slow nor too quick and
teaching them to keep accurately the
distance There will bo two more re
hearsals before Saturday 1
LONDON Aug 4 Immediately after
the coronation the Marquis of Salis
bury until recently premier of Great
Britain will go to France whrc he will
spend the early v Inter
In November he will return to Lon
don to assist in the work of the passage
of tbe educatjonal bill which he origt
rated There Is determined opposition
to the bill and a hard fight In Parlia
ment Is looked for
Vice President Denies Re
cent Rumors
Plants at Philadelphia Washington
Baltimore and New York to
Be Continued
Special to The VVashlnston Times
patches from Baltimore to the effect that
the American Ice Company was about to
abandon business In that city and were
also being forced out In Philadelphia
Washington and New York met with vig
orous denial today
According to the Baltimoreans ex
Congressman Mclntyre was there pre
paring to dispose of tho companys plant
Never Heard of Mclntyre
This story Is absurd declared Vice
President Hunt I never heard of ex
Ccnressman Mclntyre before and cer
tainly not in connection with the ice
company We have not disposed of our
business in Baltimore do not Intend to
aud are not going out of business in
Philadelphia or In New- York
The American Company doesnt pre
tend to control the Ice business A
monopoly of an article which anyone
with a limited capital can readily manu
facture Is impossible
Court Dissolves Injunction Restraining
Council From Doing Business
CLEVELAND Ohio Aug 4 Major
Tom L Johnson won a notable victory
today when tbe circuit court dissolved
the temporary Injunction granted a few-
weeks ago restraining the cltj council
from doing business until tbe new code
bill was formulated
The Injunction was secured at the In
stance ot Judge Bojnton a taxpajer and
was brought by Attorney General Sheets
to- prevent the granting of franchises
to a new proposed 3 cent fare railroad
With the dissolution of the injunction
all apparent obstacles to 3 cent fare are
Ten of tbe eleven ordinances estab
lishing low fare routes have passed the
council The city clerk ha3 advertised
for bids for them and they will be open
ed August 25
Preparations for Coronation
Well Under Wav
Mayor Condon of Clonmell Ireland De
clines Invitation to Attend
Earnestness of Coroner
Alarms the Vir
Continues to Probe Into the Identity of
Those Taking Part in the Leesburg
Tragedy Local People Assert There
Will Be No Prosecution
Citizens of Leesburg and others who
participated in the lynching of Charles
Craven the negro who is supposed to
have murdered William II Wilson of
Fairfax count Va are beginning to
realize the seriousness ot the affair and
the probabilities are that before night
fall more trouble will ensue as a result
of the people taking the law Into their
own hands
The Indications are that some time to
Jay the jury appointed by Coroner H
O Claggett to hold an Inquest over the
lemans of Craven will bring in a ver
dict in which a number of residents of
Fiirfa c Loudoun and other counties ad
joining the scene of the ljnchlng will
Le named as the parties responsible for
tbe death of the negro
Since the ljnching last Thursday the
town has been In a turmoil and every
one is apprehtnsive of the consequences
While the negros body was still hang
ing o the tree Coroner Claggett ap
pointed a Jury of six reputable citizens
of Loudoun county to Investigate the
matter Directions were given that the
body be interred in the public burying
ground wherein stood the tree to which
tbe man was hanged An adjournment
was then taken by the Jury until Friday
Farce Grows Serious
It might be said that the investiga
tion as started was in the nature of a
farce but it has been so thorough and
far reaching that ten or twelve men
have been named by witnesses as having
been implicated in the tragedy
Scott Bradley who was locked uo on
Thursday night charged with being
drunk and disorderly was recognized bj
cveral witnesses as having been at the
forefront of the Ij nchlng He is still
in the tolls Harry Nipple of Frederick
Md Is in the custody of Maryland of
ficers and it Is probable requisition pu
pers will be secured by the Loudoun
county authorities for his transfer to
their jurisdiction Chirles Lowcnbarh
i saloonkeeper I3 charged in the testi
mony of several v ltaesss with being
one cf the men who led Craven from the
Jail while a young man named Summers
Is sald to have carried the rope with
which tne negro vas hung to the tree
Half a dozen other men will probably
be named bv the coroners jury as hav
ing teen Implicated in the hanging In
most Instances however the witnesses
who gave the names of the men said
they might have been mistaken In thIr
Identification whilo there are others who
assert that tho men will be able to
prove alibis
Tho reason for the genera inablllty
iContlnued on Fourth Pagre
Havana Senate Discusses
the Bill to Raise
HAVANA Aug 4 The senate today
discussed a bill empowering the execu
tive to raise a loan ot M0G0OCCO at a
minimum price of SO The maximum In-
tercst will be 5 per cent
The loan is redeemable in thiry years
The republic will have the right to take
up the bonds whenever it pleases The
proceeds will be applied to the assist
ance of the sugar growers and to aid
other agricultural Interests Tho money
is to be paid to the sugar planters at
the rate of o0 cents for ery 100 ar
robas of cane ground In 1302
It Is to be repaid to me state in in
stallments next year The executive 1
authorized to offer the customs receipts
as security for repayment of the cap
ital and interest As a further guar
antee that the money will be received t
meet this additional expenditure the
executive is authorized to Increase the
duties on certain articles to be speci
Executive Given Power
The executive is also empowered to
raise within a term of six months a loan
of 3000CCO under the same conditions
as to time price of Issue and Interest
Four million bonds ot this issue will be
used to take up tbe first loan and 23
000000 will be used to pay the army
The balance will be used to pay other
debts of the revolution according to tho
first transity disposition of the- constitu
tion Before the end of the session the
congress will vote tho necessary Income
to provide a sinking fund and for the
Interest of tbe loan in accordance with
article 59 of the constitution and clause
2 of the Piatt law
The bill was approved with the ex
ception of two small clauses at the end
and that part of It referring to raising
the tariffs on certain articles and ap
plying the proceeds to meet the cost
of the loan
It Is claimed mat a majority ot the
senate is opposed to a bid loan but
forced by public opinion it agreed upon
the bill above referred to
v Army Must Be Paid
Scnor Sangulliy the principal sup
porter of the bill said it was most im
portant to pay tbe army and to glvo
assistance to the sugar planters These
were the two most Important matters
before the government
He referred to the Jamaica planters
who were asking for annexation to the
United States and said that Cuba should
prevent her planters from doing tho
same He added that the army might
get tired waiting of Its money The
pajment of the wa3 more Impor
tant than reciprocity
Some say that the plan outlined above
is really one to shell e the payment of
the bv nlowing the first loan to
be raided and leaving the other to drag
along Indefinitely
A similar plan was presented In the
house of representatives where it is
cliimed it has a majority This plan
also divides the loan into two parts one
of jOOOOOO nnd the other of 30000000
to be raised separately The house at
first refused to entertain any plan but
one to raise all the money at once
Dispatch From Minister Squiers in Re
gard to Bond Issue of 35-
The following dispatch from E G
Squiers United States minister to Cuba
dated Havana August 4 was received at
the State Department j esterday
The House passed bill authorizing a
loan of 3iO0O0OO minimum IsaUe 35
per cent maximum Interest 5 per cent
tedcemable In forty years
Filipinos Take the Aggressive Against
padrone Bands
MANILA Aug 4 The native police
and farmers of four villages led by a
presidents have been on a five days hunt
of the Dies Dies organization In the
Taj abas Mountairs with the purpose of
exterminating the members
The police are rapidly learning their
own strength and have become the ag
Three Western Montana Towns Receivj
a Visit
ST PAUL Aug 4 An earthquake
shock was felt at Missoula Bonner and
Clinton In western Montana last night-
It was short and sharp
It knocked down several buildings at
Clinton shook the electric light plant
from ito foundation at Bonner and tiroka
considerable glass at Missoula
Proceeds to Aid Agricultural
Interests of the
Executive to Be Empowered to Create
One Under Similar Conditions Im
portant That Army Should Be Paid
Jamaicas Appeal for Annexation

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