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Almas Temple A A O X M S had
a largely attended ceremonial session
Monday night A big class of candidates
glided gracefully through the mazes of
initiation Several well known business
men were on the list Following the
ceremonial came the traditional banquet
at which there was the customary fes
tivity The year has been a very pros
perous one for Almas and Potentate
Tlaymond was the recipient of many con
gratulations for the good work done by
the temple during the year A feature
or the traditional was the presentation
to each person present of a tiny ton of
At the November session of Almas
Temple officers will be elected for the
ensuing year There is a very pretty
contest on for the office of illustrious
potentate the following worthy nobles
being most prominent in the running
William F Gude Edwin B Hay and
Fred W Behrens The shrine will fare
well under the direction of any one of
the three
Almas Temple has seven living honor
ary members as follows Sam Briggs
Al Koran Temple Cleveland Joseph B
Eakins George W Millar James Mc
Gee Charles T Griffith all of Mecca
Temple New Tork David F Penning
ton Bouml Temple Baltimore and
Thomas F Walsh El Jcbel Temple
George H Walker has served twelve
years as a representative to the imperial
council Harrison Dingman ten years
Harry Standiford six and Frank H
Thomas seven All arc widely known in
Masonic circles through the nation
Almas has for many years had the
pleasant custom of sending Its sitting
notentate as first imperial representa
tive It will doubtless pursue that same
course at the coming election
The organization of the new White
Shrine of Jerusalem was completed last
night at Naval Lodge Hall on Pennsyl
vania Avenue southeast The supreme
chancellor obligated the officers There
was agood attendance anil the new
Shrine promises to become a distinct
success Mrs John R Adams formerly
worthy matron of Martha Chapter O E
S Is worthy high priestess of the new
Shrine and it is well officered through
out Tho White Shrine bears the same
relationship to the Order of the Eastern
Star that Royal Arch Masonry does to
the Blue Lodge no person being ad
mitted unless they are members in good
standing In the Eastern Star nor per
mitted to continue as members after
losing their membership In that body it
is In no sense a competitor ofthe East
ern Star but seeks to aid that order by
At the last meeting of the New Jeru
salem Lodge F A A M State com
mander D W Gall of the Maccabees
was introduced as a new affiliated mem
Grand Representative F A Stier of
this city was one of the participants
In the presentation at Dcs Moines of
a fine silver set to the new grand sire
John B Goodwin of Georgia The gift
vas made by the personal friends of
Mr Goodwin rather than the Odd Fel
lows themselves and was particularly
happy on account of tho fact that the
day was the anniversary of Mr and
Mrs Goodwins twenty five years of
married life and the fifty second anni
versary of Mr Goodwins birth and the
day of his installation as grand sire
The presentation speech was made by
Past Grand Sire Underwood who saio
in part
lion Grand Sire and Mrs Goodwin
Wo have assembled this morning in re
membrance of a little affair that occur
red just twenty five years ago today In
the early history of your happy life In
memory of this the fifty second anni
versary of Mr Goodwins birth the
twenty fifth anniversary of your happy
wedding and the day of your installa
tion in tho best order in tho world I
wish to present you with this set of sil
ver in behalf of your friends and bro
thers We cannot express exactly what
we fell because of tho dearth of words
even of our orator Mr Griffin So we
hope that you will take the deed as an
expression of the intent Further ut
terance is Impossible as our hearts
crowd Into our mouths and stop the
flow of words This silver service a
memento of your silver wedding is in
scribed with the letter G which stands
for Good and Goodwin synonyms
The members of the District of Co
lumbia Corps Spanish War Veterans
are still congratulating themselves on
the iplendid success of the Washington
delegatipn at the recent national as
sembly at Detroit The District secured
four national officers with the probabil
ly almost tho certainty of securing
two others the adjutant general and his
assistant The four officers from this
city are Gen M Emmet Urell commander-in-chief
Capt G Leyburn Slic
rcy of John Jacob Astor Command
member of the council or administration
Capt J Walter Mitchell of Gen Nel
son A Miles Command No 1 national
historian and Col Herbert W Meyers
Col Lee M Lipscomb past com
mander of the District Corps offered a
resolution which was adopted by the
national assembly making the late Pres
ident McKlnley the only honorary mem
ber of the frganizatlon during its ex
istence This he said would be a last
ing monument to n great and good man
and an honored comrade of the war with
Col Herbert W Meyers of the Dis
trict Corps also Introduced two import
ant resolutions if1icn were adopted
One of these provided for the appoint
ment of a national historian the othi r
that Congress fce urged to establish in
Washington a museum of war to contain
relics of all wars from tho Rcvolutim
to the recent siege of Pekin as a
IJS tin X pitta 4 II
if ttS
Ing monument to American soldiers of
all wars
Now that the national convention at
Detroit has passed into history the
members of the District Corps arc busy
ing themselves to make their end of tho
Grand Army encampment a success
Col Lee M Lipscomb chairman of the
general committee on the corps of vet
erans of the war with Spain and the in
cident insurrection In the Philippines
has appointed all his subcommittee
and tho outlook is encouraging ho
Gen Nelson A Miles Command No 1
ti l v- -
Tent 3 lias done well It suffered loss
by withdrawals but it has more than
Past Grand Master J Henry Small jr was horn in this city in 1S53 and
Is the son of a prominent Mason who has been for more than halt a century
closely identified with the business interests of the National Capital Ho
graduated from the public schools of this city before he attained his majority
and soon afterward became associated with his father in the florist business
In which he has ever since continued and in which he has achieved marked succes s
Mr Smalls Identification with the institution of Free Masonry began soon after h3
majority when ho was raised and exal ted He has been master of Washing
ton Centennial Lodge F A A M Subsequent to his service in the East in
this lodge he passed through the officia 1 positions in Lafayette Royal Arch
Chapter serving as E H P during ta e capitular year of 1S97 But his activitv
did not stop here He has taken muc li interest in tho promotion of the pros
perity of Columbia Commandery No 2 Knights Templar and has been emi
nent commander of that body which is the largest of the comraandcrlcs of thi3
city Mr Small is presidentotthe M asonic Templb Association
the old pioneer organization will hol1
an Important meeting next Tuesday
evening at Spanish War Veterans Hall
C12 E Street northwest which will be
attended by some of the visiting vet
crans of the war with Spain
The District Auxiliary Spanish War
Veterans also secured a number of of
fices in the National Auxiliary during
its convention at Detroit Among these
were Mrs Lewis president Mrs Hoyt
A Holton and Miss Agnes I Little na
tional secretaries Mrs E Gertrude
Mitchell national conductress Mrs
Huyck national guard Miss Harriet E
Hawley chairman of the national coun
cil of administration and several mem
bers of that body
Miss Hawleys position as chairman of
the national auxiliary Is one of respon
sibility and trust It Is next in import
ance it is said to that of national presi
dent Miss Hawley is talented and has
executive ability of a high order which
fit her for the responsible position she
was elected to fill
Golden Rule Tent No S has named
their new hall No -130 Ninth Street
northwest Golden Rule Hall
A special effort is being put forth by
the State commander to enlist the mem
bership to aid in reaching the 2000
mark before the end of the year
Georgetown Tent No C will Initiate
a good sized class of new members on
Monday night next
The month of October promises to be
the banner month of the year Each
tent In the District will admit new mem
Maccabee Temple on Ninth Street has
been undcrgoinq repairs and is being
very much improved
Capital Tent Nc J had an Innovation
at Its reviews It has arranged through
its entertainment committee to have re
freshments at tho lost review In each
month On the occasion of the last re
view Instead of having them served in
the tent all repaired to a Chinese res
The Maccabee delegates came out with
flying colors at the National Kiaternal
Congress Supreme Commander D P
Markey was reappointed chairman of the
committee on statistics and the good of
the order Supreme Counsellor ex-Congressman
D D Aitkcn was reappointed
chairman of the Insurance commission
ers committee Supremo Editor Ed L
Young was reappointed a member of the
committee on fraternal press Mrs
Lillian M Hollister was reappointed a
member of the committee on constitution
and laws and Supreme record keeper
Miss BIna M West was reappointed
chairman of the committee on fraternal
Judge James E Truesdale a promi
nent Indiana Maccabee has been nomi
nated for Congress In the natural gas
Sas s the Bee Hive A very prac
tical suggestion comes to us from Mount
Vernon Tent 4 District of Columbia
This tent appoints a special hustle
committee of one to look after every
twelve members of the tent to sec that
the Eaid twelve members fully under
stand the time of reviews when assess
ments are due etc It Is made the duty
of this special committeeman to also
inform his class of twelve regarding the
plans of the tent for increasing its mem
bership It is a capital idea
Notes from State Commander Galls
last report to the official organ K 0
T M Georgetown Tent fi would have
Mount Vernon Tent 4 has appropriated
230 for a new degree outfit and has ap
pointed a committee of five to purchaso
the same This tent has done splendid
work this year and is still doing work
It has a committeeman for every twelve
members whose duty It is to see this
twelve members and get them at woik
to get in new members
The next regular meetings of the
board of trustees of the supreme tent
will be held in Indianapolis October li7
at Hotel English On the evening of
October 14 there will be exemplified for
the first time by a select team the
new degree known as The Royal
Princes of Mckarrah which has been
written by Sir Knight John R Powell
the well known ritualist author of the
original rtual of the Dramatic Order
Knights of Klicrassan
A well known Joiner and one of tho
founders of Golden Rule Tent No 3 K
O T M Is William J Thoroughgool
tho present record keeper He was born
on the famous Lyn Haven nay Virginia
in IS50 After completing his schooling
in tho Norfolk public schools and Mili
tary Academy Brother ThoroiiElurnni
enlisted in the Southern army
At the close of the war he engaged in
the wallpaper and decoration business at
Norfolk which he continued until 1S8j
when he located In Washington and has
since become identified with tho Knights
of Pythias Red Men KOT Maccabees
and other orders here Mr Thorough
good Is one of the mostnctlvc advocates
of a local Maccabee temple
The attention of the commanders of
subordinate hives lias been called to
the following peclion of supreme hive
laws providing for auditor
Section 142 The nudlto s shall con
sist of three members
and shall lie ap
pointed by the commander at the firit
regular review after her installation
and their term of office shall be for thi
same length of time as that of the com
mander subject to
removal nt any
for Inattention to the duties of their
office They shall on the first iiiv r
January in each year or wliiin
days thereafter present to the hive
duly prepared report and balance shoot
showing the condition of the several
funds at the close of the ouri nlii vunV
or make a similar report quarterly or
KS Ulu uy iawd of tho
hive may provide or as the hlvo may by
resolution require They shall aln v
amine and when found correct apircvc
all bills against the hive
Under Section 132 it is th dutv of
the commander to coo that ninliinra -
appointed and he books and x conls of
i nc suuuriiiiiiiie record lioeior and fi
nance keeper verified nt tlu Intervals ns
required in the subordinate liivr l
Their signatures are also necessary to
uiu aciui Miuuil report required
by un
laws of the Supreme Hive
Misses Nellie Scott and Bessie Coombs
of Eastern Juvenile Tent I Oi of R
gave a surprise party to their deputy
ruler Miss Hattle Hlsscy Tuesday
night at her residence 403 G Street
southeast Music and games were
ed until 10 oclock when refreshments
were served Those present were Miss
es cllio Scott Bessie Combs
an me worin aim me rcsi oi nianicinu inssey Ueneva Wolff Carrie Uohnnnon
know that It is capable of taking care of j Blanche Uohannon Annie May Lusby
ItEelf From this time henceforth No fiJJIarion Evans Mnttlo Scott Odcn Tiini
wlll be a gnnvlng tent Capital or Charlie Miller and Johnnie Gntes
Superior Lodge No - Knights of
The committee on entertainment has an
interesting program for the last review Pythias has arranged the followim
In each month Golden Rule schedule for the next quarter The
Tent 3 has fitted up tho handsomest rnnir of nace will be worked on
1 -I IA Tlt O I
hall in the city at 430 Ninth Street
northwest and is having a good attend
ance National Tent 1 has
been holding a series of open meetings
for the purpose of enlarging the mem
bership and enlisting the members In
the Held work The goal is 1000 mem
bers by the end of the year
BHBBMSHKgBnSHRnwrv7 rifle- V ia i s
day October -1 and Saturday November
13 rank of esquire on Saturday October
IS and Saturday Decemncr o rank of
knight on Saturday November 1 and
Saturday December 20 Knights Harry
Coope and Warren J Coffin have been
elected to serve as master of finance
and inner guard respectively for the
next year
Myrtle Lodge No 23 K of P work
ed the third in tho amplified form lefore
a good attendance After the initiation
refreshments and cigars were served and
the members and visitors enloypd the
lodges hospitality to the fullest extent
Myrtio Lodge continues to keep up the
record for excellent work In all ranks
and thero is an air of fraternity and
sociability in Myrtle castle hall that
makes all feel welcome Past Chancel
lor Samuel W Edmunds now on ay
work at the Government Printing Of
flco is again regular in attendance and
tho feasts of oratory are worth jolng
miles to hear are the reports cnat reach
Pythian circles
Tho Pythian General Fair Committee
met at headquarters in tho Warder
building last night The various chair
men all reported progress and tho fair
promises to be n complete success Tho
exact date of the fair is however still
in some doubt
Superior Lodge No 27 conferred ths
first last night A number of candidates
passed to tho rank of page This lodge
is arranging to celebrate Its fifth anni
versary It has had but ono death sjnee
its organization
Chancellor Commander Elmer E Simp
son greeted a large number of visitors
at Century Lodge Thursday night This
ledge has had a very good year and
now ranks nearly at the head in point of
The National Fraternal Congress is
now excellently officered J A Langfitt
of the Royal Arcanum being president
Edwin 0 Wood of the Loyal Guard vice
president and M W Sackett of the A
O U W secretary and treasurer Tho
congress nt its recent session reaffirmed
its previous action touching the desira
bility for uniform legislation reln
dorsed the congress table of mortality
but voted to eliminate from the bill pre
pared by the Congress that clause fixing
July 1 1903 as thy date when all orders
must put In force rate schedules based
on such mortality tables
Tho annual report of the committee
on statistics and good of the order says
The average number of lives exposed
during 1901 and reported was 2S06G30
The expected number of deaths by tho
standard of this Congress was 19303
The actual number of deaths reported by
the thirty seven orders under observa
tion was 1S849 the actual being 9763
per cent of the expected These condi
tions sai 3 the report seem to show-
in a most remarkable degree that the
ConEress is quite fully justified in its
action ndopting this standard We are
advised that the actual experience of ths
companies using other standards does
ndt so nearly approach the expected
that there Is a very much greater mar
gin Our observations during the past
two years quite clearly indicates that
our standard Is none too high We shall
probably have a further report on this
subject to submit before the session
closes During the year 1901 several of
the orders represented made radical
changes in their rates and so far as wo
are advised none have suffered seriously
as a result In some cases there wcrr
temporary losses but all now report
conditions vastly improved not only r
far as their finances are concerned but
In the matter of now members as well
Your committee as well as the whole
fraternal world has noted with genulni
Interest nnd annroval the advancement
by such orders as have made changes in
the right direction our only regret in
most Instances being that such changes
did not co farther that they did not go
ir ihr full limit of requirements thuf
avoiding the necessity of further changes
in tho same direction in iu tir luiure
In the judgment or your committee
the most Important event in me iraier
nal world since last we met was the
publication of the plan of readjustment
ndopted by the committee appointed for
that purpose by the Modern Woodmen
of America
Whethor we may agrco with the com
miUeo as to the plan submitted or not
whethor wo think the step rate modi
fied as proposed is bettor than a level
rate or not wo must all agree that the
order through Its present administra
tion is moving In the right direction
and we believo that we vo ce the senti
ments of this Congress when we com
mend the action taken by the present
official management of that order nnd
at the same time earnestly express tho
hope that such action may result In a
readjustment of Ha conditions to tho ex
tent needed to placo it in cvory respect
as It Is today in some respects tho
greatest example of successful and sub
stantial fraternal co opcratlon In the
Wo noto with great satisfaction tho
substantial progress so many of these
orders are making that the great work
of this congress In Us efforts to Impress
upon the orders here affiliated not only
tho necessity but the wisdom nn well
of adjusting conditions so that contribu
tions will bo both equitable and ade
quate to the risk assumed
Grand Commander E J Pattee of tho
United Order of the Golden Cross has 13
sued a circular letter to tho different
commanderies in his jurisdiction giving
dates of the qfflclnl visits of the grand
commandery hitorestlng programs have
been arranged by tho fifteen subordi
nate commanderies located In tho Dis
trict of Columbia who will entertain the
grand officers on the following dates
Mount Vernon Commandery No 140
Monday October 20 Meridian Comman
deiy No 178 Friday October 24 Na
tional Commandery No 340 Monday
October 27 Potomac Commandery No
491 Tuesday October St Johns
i i J v t
- i s
5 s5r
- T
Commandery No 32 Saturday Novem
ber 1 Standard Commandery No 733
Tuesday November 4 Halcyon Comman
dery No 128 Friday November 7
Ideal Commandery No 733 Wednesday
November 12 Golden Commandery No
712 Wednesday November 19 Capital
Commandery No 323 Saturday Novem
ber 22- Columbia Commandery No 374
Tuesday November 23 Goodwill Com
mandery No 21 Wednesday November
26 Anacostla Commandery No 423
Wednesday December 3 Trinity Com
mandery No 522 Saturday December
6 Resolute Commandery No 810 Tues
day December 9
Grand Commander Pattee reports
that perfect harmony prevails In the
order wherever it exists and that car
nest work is being done to increase Its
membership with marked measure of
success This is one of the oldest fra
ternal insurance orders in the United
States and has disbursed more than
7000000 to the beneficiaries of dc
ecscd members
Iris Lodge No 50 held an interest
ing open meeting in honor of tho sev
enth anniversary of the union of Iris and
Mount Vernon Lodges The occasion
was made interesting by the presenta
tion of Brother J H Allen of a silver
past masters jewel In making the pre
sentation Brother Sowerbutts dwelt
upon the long and faithful services ren
dered to the lodge by Brother Allen and
expressed the hope that the lodge would
have the benefit of his services for a
long time to come There was a large
and enthusiastic audience present and
the lady friends of tlie lodge were out in
good numbers A fine musical pro
gram was rendered by the following
ladies and gentlemen Miss Besslo Hart
vocal selection accompanied by Prof
SaltsmTn piano solo by Miss Ada
Doyle instrumental selections banjo
guitar and harp Messrs Downs Handy
and Hollidge selection upon the auto
harp by Mr Kaller vocal selection by
Mrs Fitzhugh followed by recitations
by Brother Hancock of Iris Lodge and
Brother Pierson of Columbia Lodge
whose recitation of the Watermelon
was well received recitations by Mis3
Ira Kothma Miss Ella Holmes Miss
Dowden MIs3 Lulu Brown and Miss L
Downs The good of the order commit
tee Is to be congratulated upon the fine
program arranged
Brother Sowerbutts informed the audi
ence of the intention of the lodge to
organize a ladies auxiliary in the near
future and invited the co operation of
the ladies present Brother Newhall
also spoko effectively
Refreshments were served during the
course of the evening
That the friends of the Royal Ar
canum and of Ouray Council No 1890
In particular are legion was dem
onstrated Monday night when that
council gave its fifth ladles night at
its hall in Northeast Temple There
were about 400 people present and the
excellent program of musical and lit
erary numbers was fully enjoyed These
entertainments are given quarterly and
each succeeding one proves more suc
cessful than that preceding Ouray
Council No 1S90 Is the youngest coun
cil of the District being only a year old
Out In point of membership is well up
the list of eight councils in this juris
diction The governing principles of
the Royal Arcanum are virtue mercy
and charity and these ladies nights
are for the purpose of Interesting those
who attend in its commendable work As
a means of increasing the membership
of the order they have proved most sat
The following artists volunteered their
services Overture Rebew Orchestra
twenty three pieces under the direction
5- V TV
of Mr H W Weber fancy dance Miss
Esther Lohrer comic and sentimental
selections Mr J Everett Baker man
dolin and banjo selections Miss Minnie
E Sangston and Messrs McBalt nnd
Saunders Bathing Song Misses
Helen Bcrcns Leonora Ackman and
Amy Ackman selection Rebew Orches
tra recitation Mr James W Pearson
selections Columbia Quartet Messrs
Samuel Skinner Ernest ONeill Wil
liam Soper and Elmer Clark song
Aint It a Shame Miss Henrietta
Berens selection Rebew Orchestra
piano and mandolin selections Miss
Minnie Sangston and Mr William R
Saunders song Wont You Play House
With Me Misses Esther Lohrer and
Henrietta Berens piano solo Miss Bes
sie Kllligan Boston House March
Rebew Orchestra The last named num
ber was composed by Mr E N Hope
well of Ouray Council and made one
of the hits of tho evening
The entertainment committee is also
Indebted to the Rebew Orchestra for
the enjoyable music furnished by its
twenty threo members
Tho numbers contributed by little
Misses Esther Lohrer Helen Berens
Henrietta Berens Leonora Ackman and
Amy Ackman were bright and especially
enjoyed These little girls are pupiU
of Miss Cora Shreeves who accompanied
them on the piano
The Grand Lodge committee gave an
entertainment and services in the Con
federate Veteran Hall Eleventh and E
Streets northwest Thursday evenin Al
Although the weather was anything but
lavorable there was a goodly number
present Promptly at 830 Mr R B
Buckley took the chair and introduced
the talent to the assembly The follow
ing program was thoroughly enjoyed and
the artists were vigorously applaudedr
Orchestra medley Browns Band Bro
T G Hill song Bro Tom Collins song
F G Boswell plario solo L A Scantle
bury Jr bass solo Edwin Thorne
recitation Mrs T G Hill song
Thomas Collins songTwo pennyHop
J Edwin Browne Imitation of his first
appearance on any stage William
ScantUbury recitation Casey at the
Bat Mr and Mrs T G Hill duet
Dancing followed until 12 oclock clos
ing with the Virginia reel Refreshments
were served during the evening Fast
President R B Buckley drew the atten
tion of those present to the objects of
the order calling upon those eliigible to
give In their names and become mem
ber3 of either the Sons or the Daugh
ters of St George
The refreshments were in charge of
the Daughters Liquid refreshments
were dispensed by Bro Toogood
During the twenty one years of its ex
istence the Independent Order of For
esters has disbursed to widows and or
phans nKTsuni of ll500000and now has
a surplus of 5000000 on hand
An increase of 12000 in the salary of
Dr Oronhyatekha Independent Order
of Foresters was refused by that of
ficer at the supreme court session in Los
Angeles Cal
Fifteen thousand dollars will be spent
in the ntertalnment of the Modern
Woodmen at their next Head Camp con
vention to be held in Indianapojis in
June 1903 An entertainment commit
tee is already at work raising the funds
Washington Lodge B P O E gave
a fine smoker Wednesday night The tal
ent was out in quantity and the Best
People foregathered In large numbers
One of the most genial nnd popular newspaper men In Washington is Jerry
A Matthews long n prominent correspondent here and subsequently assistant
receiver of the Globe National Bank at Boston Mr Matthews represent
ed the Chicago News and the Indianapolis News here with great ability for
ten years Then ho resigned from tho interesting but relatively unprofitable
occupation of newspaper writing to become assistant receiver of the Globe
Bank before mentioned From this position ho transferred himself to that of
secretary of the Hon C W Fairbanks which he has filled with capacity and
energy for somo years In addition to his intelligent work as secretary ho Js
managing in the general secretarial sense Sonator Fairbanks candidacy for
the Presidential nomination Mr Matthews is a popular member of several
fraternal societies notably Superior Lodgo No 27 Knights of Pythias of
At tho opening of the twentieth cen
tury Irishmen should open a new era
The folly of dissension should now be
fully known If we read history intelli
gently wc should profit by the successes
and avoid the errors of the ancients
Our great stumbling block heretofore
has been dissension The mission of tho
A O H is to unito our people to avoid
dissension to instill into tho minds of
our members a respect for constituted
authority and a proper regard on tho
part of tho minority for majority rule
Wo all aim at the same result but per
haps may differ as to how that result
may bo brought about
People aiming at the same result
should always be friends never enemies
If this much-to-desired result Is to bo
brought about we must follow only the
motto of our beloved order Friendship
Unity and Christfan Charity Under this
banner there is room enough thero la
glory enough for all While we rec
ognize that this motto may be repug
nant to the interests of a Cromwell
a Caesar or a Napoleon yet tho
sooner our peopio realize that this or
der is engaged in tho upbuilding of a
race not only at home but abroad and la
not conducted for the Interest of indi
viduals then the sooner tho mission of
the A O H will be understood We
struggle for the success of our race and
for the advancement of our order as tho
best means of uniting and educating our
people believing that by this course tho
mother country will reach tho proud po
sition in the family of nations which
Providence ha3 destined her to fill
Whatever remains to be done for Ire
land and Irishman and it is much caa
never be done by generals alone Thero
must be some below that rank If how
ever we can present when tho Interests
of our race require it at home or
abroad a united front all our people
Intent upon the same result and with
one voice asserting our rights we be
lieve that voice would be most potent
in advancing the interests of our race
We desire to prevent the denationali
zation of Ireland to restore her lan
guage literature and nationality His
tory shows that the destruction of tho
language of a people is the first step
taken by conquerors We propose to re
store ttijatiguage of Ireland and to
that end theDenver convention contrib
uted liberally to the Gaelic League to
promote the teaching of the Irish
In the higher education of our people
the A O H has done much in the past
and will continue the good work Wo
should also do all In our power to en
courage and advance our young men In
their chosen walks of life knowing that
the greater the number of prominent
men we have the greater will be the In
fluence of our people and the greater
will be the respect paid them
To bring about that unity we recom
mend first education Lot this be
brought about through our order Let
the demands the needs the aspirations
of the Irish people bebrought before the
meetings of our divisions by able and
eminent men In whom our people havo
confidence Let such men discuss the
needs of Irishmen at home and abroad
Let us now conduct a campaign of edu
cation We should show to our younger
members what Irishmen were are and
will be in the future
To that end it Is recommended that ex
ercises of a literary character should bo
conducted in every division wheresoever
located especially during the -winter
months These exercises should contain
nothing that is degrading to Irish char
acter The resolutions adopted at tho
Denver convention will indicate the clas3
of exercises or llttature which is
barred There is much in Irish charac
ter literature and language which can
well engage and does engage the atten
tion of the most learned and tho days
are past when Irishmen must submit to
such foul caricatures of their race a3
we sometimes see on and off the stage
We sincerely hope and devoutly wish
that each meeting of every division o
the A O H will always be an occasion
of enjoyment and instruction to our
members for we believe that this man
ner of conducting meetings is most con
ducive to the results toward which truo
Hibernians should aim
The object and alms of our order -naturally
incline Irishmen toward it and
now that we have an initiation ceremony
Interesting instructive and second to
no other this organization can bo made
and each division of It can be mado
and should be made a place where any
person and particularly the young men
may go for Instruction and social
pleasure Favored as wo aro by tho
hierarchy clergy and those in high
and Influential places no one need be
ashamed but all must bo proud o be
longing to the A O H
This order being as It Is tho greatest
Irish society over organized can with
the co operation and assistance of all
our members bo made still greater and
we should exhaust every effort to ac
complish that end
National President Ancient Order Hi
It is a source of considerable satis
faction to the friends of the Minute
Men that the Monday night meetings of
the First Regiment at Its headquarters
339 Pennsylvania Avenue northwest are
creating a great deal of enthusiasm
among the officers of tho organization
At the last meeting of tho regiment
Col M A Winter made tho announce
ment that stands were being erected at
headquarters from which to view the
Tuesday and Wednesday G A R pa
These stands are under cover and are
so located as to afford an admirable
view of tho parade and are for the use
of the members of the regiment or
members of their families Refresh
ments consisting of coffee and sand
wiches will be served to the guests
after the parade
The following assignments and trans
fers are announced
First Lieutenant Charles S Wheeler
Company A transferred to the staff de
partment and assigned inspector of rifle
practice on the staff of the First Regi
ment with rank of captain same to
take effect September 22 1902
Thomas W Buckey is heroby assigned
to the command of Company C First
Battalion with rank of captain to date
from September 22 1902
First Lieutenant James F Thompson
Company D assigned command of Com
pany F with rank of captain dated Sep
tember 30 1902
Clarence E Huck assigned second
lieutenant Company F Second Battalion
to date irom aeptemuer ju iyoi
A i

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