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Fair and cooler today To
morrow fain light south to west
Continued on Third lagc
to the grave oday traversed the streets
of the city from Rue de Bruxelles to
Montmatre Cemetery without a discord
ant incident although sixty thousand
mourners followed the body fnd a great
multitude of people gathered along the
The front of M Zolas house was
draped with black cloth decorated with
silver stars The entrance hall had been
transformed Into a mortuary chapel in
which the coffin hidden beneath wreaths
The procession formed at 1 oclock
The funeral car was covered with drap
eries decorated with silver stars and
bearing M Zolas initials
The pallbearers were MM Octave
Mlrbeau Bruneau Charpentier Fru
quelle and Dreat the latter being sec
retary of the labor bureau The prin
cipal mourners were Albert Laborde
who represented the family and MM
Gorges Lolseau Desmoulins Duret and
Dr Larat
The government accorded mllitarv
honors to the dead novelist they being
paid by the Twenty eighth Infantry Reg
iment M Zola was an officer of the
Legion ot Honor and was entitled to
this mark of respect
Madame Zola Feeble
Madame Zola who nearly lost her life
at the time her husband was accident
ally asphyxiated occupied the first car
riage She looked very pale and feeble
and was supported by Mesdames Laborde
and Charpentier two of her near friends
The carriages following contained M
Clemenceau Maitre Labori ex Colonel
Picquart MM Brisson Ciaretll Bereng
er and many other well known men
Many wreaths were carried by the va
rious deputations to be placed on the
tomb The radical deputations were
headed by the radical senators and
members of the Chamber of Deputies
When the procession reached the
Place de Clicy it was saluted by the
crowd who did not recognize that it was
the funeral of the man against whom
almost the whole of Paris had howled a
few years ago Standing In the crowd
and apparently not knownto those near
ex Captain Dreyfus was seen by a Jour
nalist hat In hand paying homage
to the remains of his champion
Addresses at Cemetery
When the cemetery was reached M
Chaumle minister of public instruction
M Anatole France the poet and lit
terateur and M Pierre Herman a well-
known architect made speeches
Subsequently the deputations and
other attendants filed past the tomb oc
cupying two hours in doing so
PARIS Oct 5 The correspondence
between Count Boni de Castellane and
General Percln regarding a report that
the latter had shaken hands with e
Captaln Dreyfus at M Zolas house is
expected to lead to a duel between Gen
eral Percin and Gaston Polonnals of the
Gaulols General Percin in Ills reply
to Count Boni de Castellane who wrote
to him Inquiring as to the truth of the
report said
You must certainly be the first and
only person who has seriously taken the
Information supplied by a renegade
Jew a son of Solomon Polonnais and the
woman Cohen who signs his name in
the Gaulols as Gaston Polonnals
Count de Castellane now rebentb Gen
eral Perclns letter and attacks him for
his equivocal attitude regarding Dreyfu3
Meanwhile M Polonnais has sent sec
onds to General Percin
Yesterday Count de Castellane wroto
a letter to General Percin couched in
gushing terms congratulating him on
saying that he did not accept the counta
congratulations and furthermore denied
the counts right to judge him
BALTIMORE Md Oct 3 While on
her way up tho Chesapeake today the
Merchants and Miners Liner Dorchester
went ashore on Poplar Island The
vessel was bound from Providence to
Baltimore and met with the mishap dur
ing a heavy rain and fog
A D Stehbins one of the companys
officers said tonight that only meager
information of the accident was at hand
The companys tug was sent at once to
the assistance of the Dorct
stranded vessel wat
night by the 1
The Dorchester sa - 1 s
on Thursday last i
folk on her way to - 3
in command of Car -
jpwmm mskn
Motorman Unconscious
Fred Curry a motorman from Xew
York was knocked unconscious with a
brick being hit on the top of the head
and badly cut in the face He Is all
right today The Rev W A Wood of
South Glens Falls Democratic nominee
for assemblyman in Saratoga county
got one of the motormen and was get
ting him away when one of the railway
officials Interfered in behalf of the man
and ordered Wood to leave him alone
Wood refused and tho official drew a re
volver on him and threatened to fill hlra
full of holes unless he desisted Wood
then disappeared in the crowd
The police succeeded in getting five ot
the crews on the four cars to headquar
ters Some of the mob endeavored to
force an entrance into headquarters
through a rear window but Chief Pater
son fired hitting one of the men Mean
while Sheriff Gill called out Company K
Soldiers Called Out
At 1030 oclock a detail under com
mand of Captain Mott left the armory
and came up the street They left a
guard at the four stalled cars and went
to police headquarters after the non
union men The crowd kept hooting and
crowding In on them The captain per
sonally went Into the crowd and picked
out the worst offenders Two men pitch
ed on him at once pinning his arms to
his sides and endeavoring to take his
revolver from him but a musket wielded
by a sturdy soldier soon brought them
to terms
The crews were then put back on tho
cars and guarded by tho soldiers start
ed for tho station two miles south They
were thus escorted to the outskirts of
the village where the soldiers boarded
the cars Almost immediately thero
were several shots fired which the
guard anbwered with it olley A half
mile faither the cars were stalled he
cause poles and wires had been cut
The cars returned to the armory and
later repairs Inning been made start
ed for tho station On the grade near
Roger Street several men signaled to
the first car to stop and then endeavored
tot having shaken hands with Dreyfus to stone it
All Is quiet here today but in South
Glens Falls Saratoga county the wires
were cut today and a car stoned The
service there was discontinued Com
pany 1C Is at the armory ready to re
spond at a moments notice AIL of
the non union men who were out last
night are now with the company except
Inspector Sculley who was taken to
strikers headquarters and has not been
seen since
CRIPPLE CREEK Col Oct -Sheriff
Henry Robertson last night levied on a
Pullman car for taxes amounting to
SCG321 A restraining notice was posted
on the car and n custodian placed in
In order to prevent any likelihood of
the Pullman Company taking the car
out of the county the sheriff got a log
chain and chained the car to the tracks
by an axle The Pullman Company has
lunea to pay taxes
7 T
Railroads Are Taxed to Their
Utmost Capacity and Ho
tels Are Unable to Care
for the 400000 Who
Seek Accommodation
Estimated That 4ooooo
Strangers Will Be in Wash
ington by Night and of
These 50000 Are Veterans
of Civil and Spanish Wars
President Roosevelt Unable
to Review the Parade and
Much Disappointment Is
Expressed by Visitors Who
Had Hoped to See Him
On to Washington the cry raised
more than -forty years ago as the vast
legions ot citizen soldiery pressed to
ward the National Capital is today
again the slogan of the great army now
Invading the Federal City
Then It was for fight and defense
now It Is for reunion and rejoicing
Now as then the cry 1b meeting with
response and Washington is this morn
ing In the possession of the Grand Army
of the Republic and right royally have
the citizens of the Capital prepared to
greet the returning veterans AH has
been done in appreciation of the valiant
service rendered by these boys of 61
The thirty sixth national encampment
of the Grand Army of the Republic
opens under auspices most favorable
barring weather for which the citizens
committee for weeks laboring to bring
success to the event declines to be held
Record in Numbers
In numbers the reunion promises to
eclipse any similar event since the vet
erans stacked their muskets and formed
themselvi s into a brotherhood of neace
V Although the hand of the reat
laid JowthousaDds of those
jdurTfartielpated in the grand encamp
ment held in Washington ten years ago
this meeting gives indication of having
a larger number of the old soldiers than
were here a decade ago Besides they
are bringing with them their wives
their sons and daughters with their al
lied organizations the Womens Relief
Corps the Ladles of the G A R the
Daughters of Veterans the Sons of Vet
erans and other similar organizations
related to the parent body
There is every prospect that the total
number of persons brought here by
reason of the encampment will approach
400000 of whom about 50000 will be
veterans They came in by thousands
yesterday from all sections of the coun
try though mostly from the Middle West
New York Pennsylvania New Jersey
and New England There were even rep
resentatives from the scattered Union
soldiers in the South
Railroads Haul Their Capacity
The railroads were overburdened and
several hundred special trains came into
Washington each loaded to Its utmost
capacity with encampment visitors AH
day and night there was one continuous
and unbroken stream of humanity pour
ing into the city and a conservative
estimate places the number which reach
ed the city yesterday In the neighbor
hood of 75000 persons For practically
all of these the committee on public
comfort has provided accommodations
In hotels boarding houses private resi
dences and temporary quarters
Everything Is in Readiness
Yesterday morning witnessed every
thing In readiness fot the entertain
ment of the veterans Nothing which ex
perience and hard and diligent work
could provide for their pleasure and
comfort has been left undone But one
thing has occurred to mar the pleasure
of the old soldiers meeting again to-
gether and renewing old ties of friend
ship wrought out In the midst of most
deadly conflict
After the rains of last week Wash
Jngtonians had looked forward with
hope and expectation for pleasant
weather during encampment A drizzle
with spasmodic showers on Saturday
was followed early yesterday morning
by a steady downpour which continued
until the middle of the afternoon From
that time on a heavy mist and over
hanging clouds threatened all the time
a repetition of the experience of the
Decorations Badly Damaged
A gloom spread over the city which
oaly the Joy of old comrades meeting
with each other could dispel The drap
lugs upon the hundreds of buildings so
tastefully and tactfully arranged by the
citizens to greet the welcome guests
Instead of waving lightly in an autumn
breeze hung sad mournful and wet
Old Glory clung close to her flagstaff
and waved not a salute to her brave
defenders The bright colored bunting
the streamers of red white and blue
vhca decorate the downtown edifices
is all day yesterday sodden and de
jected looking
A a result of the drenching rain con
ditions under foot were sloppy and
Funeral of Novelist Held
Without Disorder
Military Tribute Paid by a Regiment
of Infantry Many Deputa
tions Attend
PARIS Oct 3 The funeral procession
that accompanied the remains of M Zola
t5 SV
WEATHER FORECAST Fair and cooler Tuesday fair light southto west winds
930 a m Automobile Parade on Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Avenues Tenth Four
teenth and F Streets
1 p m Potomac Regatta and Boat Races on the Potomac River
3 p rn Parade of the Improved Order of Red Men in full war paint and feathers
430 p m Dedication Camp Roosevelt Address Hon John Hay Secretary of State
8 p m Grand Campfire Convention Hall
Presidents night at the grand spectacular fireworks exhibition of the fall of
Pekin on the Monument Grounds
Hudson Valley Cars Stoned
and Troops Fired On
Mob Attacks Police Headquarters to
Get at Non Union Railway
badly wrecked several ot the Hudson
Valley cars last evening took some of
the motormen and conductors from
them stoned the cars fired at the mili
tary overawed the police and for a
time were in control of the town
The trouble started from a mass meet
ing the labor unions were to hold They
were making a parade preliminary to
the meeting when the rear third of tho
line broke off and followed a car down
through Glen Street At a switch on
Warren Street they got the trolley olf
the wire broke the rope Jeered at the
passengers threw stones and forcibly
dragged the crew off the car Other
cars cope along until there were four
on the switch
The cars slowed down and
To this General Percin has replied the soldiers arrested the men
Rev D C MfcLeods Hard
Blow at Operators
Clergyman Declares jThat Capitalists
Hurled Insult at the President and
the Public They Should Court
Without regard to the merits of the
original controversy between the capi
talists and the leaders of argonized
labor we believe the position as
sumed by the operators in the confer
ence called by the President of the
United States to be arrogant arbitrary
and indefensible declared Dr Donald
C MacLeod pastor ot the First Pres
byterian Church last night in a sermon
on The Coal Strike From the View
point of the Christian Church
In this conference said Dr Mac
Leod called by the President with the
Idea of the good of the people and the
avoidance of most appalling suffering
the operators deliberately proposed to
the President of this lind that he should
use the FcfTeraU trocps to crush not
only 150000 Americanfii9rkmen butmll
llons of them
Tho fact Is that the laboring peo
ple of the country are united and a
blow at these miners is a blow at all
The use of the military branch of the
Government Is only to be resorted to on
failure of all other remedies
Wrong on Both Sides
Tho wrong is on both sides It
Apostolic Brief Placed in
Hands of Prelate
Passage to Higher Rank Unmarked by
Ceremony Formal Investiture to
Come Later
XEW YORK Oct 5 Official notifica
tion from Rome of his elevation to the
archbishopric of New York reached the
Most Rov Dr John M Farley today by
way ot Washington
Fiom the moment the brief was placed
in his hands he became archbishtp The
passing of the prelate to the higher of
fice in the church was accompanied by
no ceremony the brief simply being
handed to the archbishop by his secre
tary the Rev R J Hayes in the
sacristy of Holy Cross Church In West
Forty swond Street directly after the
archbishop had made his final appear
ance at the morning services in con
nection with the golden jubilee of that
Forwarded to New York
The- brief fiomthe holy father at
Rome was delivered to the apostolic
delegation at Washington on Saturday
and it was immediately forwarded to
Xew York Father Hayes received it
early today and within fle minutes
after the procession of priests had filed
In from the altar the paper was placed
In the prelates hands
Monslgnor Farley will not for several
nay be that capital has been too hasty months be formally installed and in
land arbitrary and has precipitated this tested with the pallium the yoke of
crisis We believe that every effort
ot organized labor to interfere with un
organized labor is wrong It is no re
flection on the thousands of intelligent
and upright men in the ranks of or
ganized labor to say that comparative
ignorance is prominent in the affairs
now engaging our attention
The representative of labor In this
conference with the President who was
acting as the representative of the peo
ple of the United States In an attempt
to settle this disastrous quarrel threw
the gauntlet squarely before the Presi
dent He proposed to submit the con
tentions of labor to the arbitration of
a tribunal named by the head of the
nation proposing that he the repre
sentative of the organized laborers
would abide that decision for a term
of years How then can the President
call the militia into the controversy in
the face of the acknowledged willing
ness of the labor leader to submit to
peaceable means of settlement
American Spirit Forbids
The position taken by the repre
sentatles of capital at this conference
was virtually an assertion that capital
can do nothing wrong It was a propo
sition that the military branch of the
Government should be used to coerce
million of American freemen The free
American spirit will not submit to such
a thing Efforts to dominate by force
the laboring men of tho country will
meet with heroic and valorous resist
A second position of the operators
is indefensible What right have they
to say that labor shall not oiganize
when it is known that for thirty jears
capital has been steadily organizing
to force unorganized capital out of busi
ness American labor has learned a
lesson from capital These same op
erators are recognizing In dally busi
ness other labor organizations
Player Carried Unconscious From the
Field to the Home of a Nearby
min Thompson of tho Martinsburg W
Va football team was probably fa
tally Injured yesterday In a game with
the Hngerstown Md team
He played fullback and in a scrim
mage received Internal injuries which
the doctors say will prove fatal He
was removed unconscious from the field
to the home of a physician Death is
momentarily expected
Thompson is twenty three jears old
and has been married only five months
Ho belongs to a prominent West
Iglnia family
i jjJtt M J
lambs wool which Ib the special symbol
of his state
Father Hayes said today that It was
Impossible to say when this Important
ceremony would take place The pal
lium will be sent from Rome after the
archbishop has made a formal request
that it be forwarded to him
Consisted of Religious Serv
ices at the White Lot
The official opening of the thirty sixth
annual encampment of the G A R took
place yesterday afternoon in Grant tent
at Camp Roosevelt on the White Lot
It consisted of religious exercises and
was attended by a fair gathering of
eterans with a sman springing ot
The heavy rain which fell all forenoon
and part of the afternoon had trans
formed the grounds into a marshy field
and everything was wet and uncomfort
able which accounted for the rather
slim attendance The Rev W C Alex
ander of this city acted us chairman of
the meeting and announced the vari
ous numbers on the program from the
platform which was occupied by the
Rev Mr Schick the Presidents pastor
the Rev Mr Butler pastor of the Keller
Memorial Church tho Rev Dr Fiske
pastor of Gunton Temple Memorial
Church the Rev D B Shuey of Em
poria Kan and the Engineers Band
under the leudership of Julius Kampcr
The Uev Mr Shuey who preached tho
sermon dwelled on obedience of the
Christian and the soldier
Tho Rev Dr Butler was the last
speaker and he made an eloquent ap
peal to those present to endeavor to
lead Christian lives and to excel In
Christian virtues
With the singing of My Country Tis
of Thee and benediction by the Rev
Mr Shuey ths services closed
Services Last Evening
Five hundred people braved the in
clement weather last night and attend
ed the religious services held in Grnnt
tent on the White Lot under the au
spices of the Young Mens Christian
Association Tho meeting was one ar
ranged for by the committee on re
ligious exercises of the encampment
committee Mr Lyman L Pierce sec
retary of the Young Mens Christian As
sociation presided
Tho mcotlng wns preceded by a song
service In which the militant songs pre
John Brisbane Walker Sends
Word to President
Would Place Matter in Financiers
Hands Said to Be Pleasing
to Mr Mitchell
OMAHA Neb Oct o John Erlsbane
Walker of the Cosmopolitan today at
Omaha filed a telegram to President
Roosevelt containing a proposition for
the settlement of tho coal strike which
he declares meets the approval of both
J P Morgan and John- Mitchell and is
the result of many days spent by Mr
Walker in investigating the strike con
ditions and In consulting with both the
operators and the miners The proposi
tion is that the miners place their case
in the hands of Mr Morgan himself In
part the telegram said
Affairs are in such shape that there
seems to be no Immediate way out of
the coal strike difficulty except one
the placing of the matter by Mr Mitch
ell and bis associates in the hands of J
Plerpont Morgan
Mr Morgans Promise
After going Into details of meeting Mr
Mitchell Mr Morgan Mr Perkins and
others the dispatch tells ot a
with Mr Morgan in which he held in
his hand a paper in which he agreed
while disclaiming all authority over the
railroads concerned to undertake per
sonally to bring about a satisfactory ad
justment if the matter was placed In
his hands to endeavor to find such
terms that both miners and operators
would be likely to preserve friendly re
Tho formation of a commission was
discussed with Mr Steele George W
Perkins Mr Mitchell myself and Arch
bishop Ireland were the names pro
Mitchell expressed himself aa hav
ing absolute confidence in Mr Morgans
good faith and as being willing if his
associates agreed to place the matter
in Mr Morgans hands
A Way Out
In conclusion the telegram said Be
cause of this knowledge of the situation
I venture at this critical time Mr
President when other means seem to
have failed to respectfully suggest that
a way out of the harassing and danger
ous situation may be found in the direc
tion here indicated
If through your generous Interven
tion Mr Mitchell should place his
cause unreserved in the hands of Mr
Morgan it would be a trust of the
highest character which I am sure you
will feel in common with the public
would be worthily administered
Liberal Concessions to West
Virginia Miners
WHEELING W Va Oct 3 A set
tlement of the mine strike In the
Kanawha Valley has been effected
which means the return to work imme
diately of over 4000 men
The Information was furnished In a
telegram received by miners officials
from Vice President T A Lewis of the
United Mine Workers ho hns been in
the Kanawha field for several weeks
negotiating the settlement According
to the announcement seventeen of the
largest operators in the valley hae
made settlements- with the respective
forces conceding to them by fir the
best terms ever secured by miners in
southern West Virginia
The diggers are gien a nine hour
day with a pay day every two weeks
Each mine Is to be allowed a check
weighman which was one of the points
contested for but the most Important
concession is the right to orgacic a
condition without precedent In that part
of the State
The mine workers officials state that
other ravorauie considerations were
granted but these will not be known
until the agreements are dras
adjustment practically ends ti
in this State
Weeks ago the strike was an
edged failure in the Claries
Fairmont fields the only se
milnlng on strike with any
strength being the Kanawha
v 11
the Blueficld district In the iall -
well as In the Flat Top field it is be
lieved that settlements will lie made
this week
There is said to have been bosun a
rush of cars to the Kanawha field
Much coal awaits transportation and
the famine In many centers will bo re
lieved immediately
LONDON Oct u A dispatch to the
Dally Mall from Vienna states that
Adolf Lorenz a prominent Austrian
physician has started for Chicago to
treat a wealthy resident of that city
Ho will return In February His re
muneration and expenses will be 75000
- SL 1-
- y
As Yet Chief Executive Has
Not Been Able to Devise
Any Plan Which Might
Be Considered Feasible
and Practicable
Believed Likely That Gov
ernor Stone of Pennsyl
vania While in Attendance
at G A R Encampment
Will Call at White House
Matter of Speculation as to
What Private Influences
May Be at Wprk to Bring
Coal Miners and Oper
ators Together
There were no new developments to
ward settling the anthracite coal strike
as a result of the conference called at
the temporary White House yesterday
forenoon which lasted for four hours
Secretaries Root and Moody Attorney
General Knox and Postmaster General
Payne were the Presidents advisers
Nothing was given out from the Execu
tive office in regard to the days meet
ing but the conclusion Is summed up
to be that none of the numerous schemes
suggested bv the men closest to the
President have been found feasible or
practicable and that he is powerless
to take material action unless request
ed to do so by the governor of Pennsyl
Governor Stone is expected in this
city to attend the CA H celebration
Mrs Stone having arrived here yester
day Official courtesy will compel the
governor to call on the President This
meeting will afford an opportunity for
the President and Governor Stone to
thrash out the problems pertaining to
the strike In Pennsylvania now con
fronting each of them and the country
Two members of the Cabinet yesterday
after leaving the President expressed
the hope that there would be some prog
ress looking to a settlement of the
strike made through the negotiations
between the strikers and the operators
within a short period Men described as
being on the inside of things are said
to be working hard for the establish
ment of peace between the disputing
bodies These men can do more one
Cabinet member declared yesterday
than other people on the outside not
familiar with the situation
The President Willing
The President is willing to receive any
new or modified proposals from Joha
Mitchell in behalf of the miners or from
George F Baer on behalf of the railway
managers and coal mine proprietors
These two men were the recognized
spokemen of the disputants who came
to the temporary White House on Fri
day to confer with the President when
he endeavored to use moral suasion to
contrive a means for opening the mines
and sending the miners peaceably to
It is wholly a matter of speculation
what private influence is working to
bring these men together for a solu
tion of the problem J Plerpont Mor
gan is reported to be using his efforts
to effect settlement but there Is ab
solutely no authority for this statement
from sources of information in Wash
To say that he Is coming to Washing
ton to consult with tha President about
the strike is regarded as the sheerest
moonshine Unless the representatives
of the opposing factions make ready
some new proposal there is nothing more
that he can do officially or unofficially
except to order Federal troops to Penn
sylvania upon the appeal of Pennsyl
vania All four of the members of tha
Cabinet said this yesterday
Further Conferences
Nevertheless there will be further
consultation in the hope of devising
some plan and if by the advice of his
Cabinet or by his own study the Presi
dent finds some possible way to endth
strike he will be quick to enforco it
After the adjournment of the meet
ing yesterday one ot the schemes talked
of for solving the question was a tacit
understanding between the President
- Jr Mttohell that if the miners
- v --
r 1 -
A v N all t
1 flACsrH tj
if a l - il t -1
1 v Mihi ft
It has also been suggested that tn
Legislature of the State of Pennsylvania
be called upon to make an Investiga
tion of the miners grievances Post
master General Payne is said to to th
author of these suggestions In either
case if Mr Mitchell ordered the mlnera
to work the country would be relieved
of the terrors of a coal famine and it
is held there would be fair treatment
to both sides
In addition to this scheme there were
other new plans discussed All those
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