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Wt A1ils i1 JM Telegraph Service by
cX Business Ijl I 1 I i t O The Associated Press
Hon Flspolcon m mrowar Duly Installed in Qffiez of Governor mt
7afmftssce at Noon Yesterday With the Usual Im
pressive and Brilliant Ceremonies
Eloquent and force
ful Inaugural Ad
dress of Hew
ahaseee Fla Jaa5 There was
4 n largest crowd of enthusiastic
cc fur as here today to witness the 1
irj ruratioB of Hoa N B Broward I
t T rnor of Florida that has been I
tff in this oW capital for a long time
pit Th < 1 > profession started from the
LTr of the new governor on North
v yw sre t a detachment of the
i a leading the way and presented
sr vpiring sight Then came Cover
E J B BPiBgB aad Broward the cab
T < officers and other state officials in
ciages the last ORe reaching the
E < A house at 118 where an im
tY concourse of FJoridlans had
f t h rd from every section of the
r M make the occasion a memor
v oao
v < retiring governor advanced to
r A ont of the platform that had
ln > rested over the eastern entrance
tn tie state house promptly at the j
Iu r of noon and announced to the
rusting throng that the time had ar
r c for him to relinquish into other
hems the trust that had been his for
fat four years Chief Justice
T ff of the supreme court of Flor
ida thn administered the oath of j
t T fed Governor Broward proceed
c > < j dHve ° his Inaugural address
Congratulated Broward
V + conclusion Governor Jennings
1 rlfJ forward and in one of the best I I
ttior speeches ever heard about the
c 1 > iirMng delivered the Great Seal
t h rate to Governor Broward and I
t h cK < of his remarks congratu
U a hf new governor most heartily
TK roAd then made a rush for the
tnr chamber where Attorney Gen
t 1 V H ElKs in two short but elo
Ci n sTKrehes presented the retiring I
r f rpi with a handsome desk the I
r < > e he1 state house officials and i
f r tyros anti the retiring Superin
t o nr of Public InstructIon with a
iAa ful loviag cap the gift of nis I
f y ntombers of tae cabinet for tho
l r < v lr years I
> mor Browarti held a reception
ht cx ctttive office from S30 to j
J t hS wnlag where hundreds of
< r nds called aad paid him their
tfc > ts
1 grand inaugural ball began im
tnPia ° iy thereafter la the spacious
I la of the house o representatives
tad rseaKd a brilUaat spectacle I
be weather has bean clear and cold 1
tL crowd large aad happy and every
fainn ol the iaasgural ceremonies
t s rarried out exactly as origi
L 10 rdnned
Gov nor Browsrds Address
> Tv Frflow fittzeas of Florida
HOMn hy the suffrages of the peo
TV of this great state to administer
f a time hfl high office of governor
f fUadly grateful for the honor con
hr i and conscious to some degree
1 trrr nf rVio manifold duties and re
r riiirt imposed I come in their
s Tr > enter upon their service
r > madt the ceatral figure on this
P > n ly hat interest which the
T Av manifest ia the one who is to
r < fit of OIlier Execstlve of
r l a a prsfo ndly impressed
lonfideiioe Bestowed and deal
i r not only for this splendid
> f confidence in me bat also I
a l preciate the demonstra
P cn this occasion by the
I i oos s of Florida here present
t Vv ng distiBgHished citizens and
t a rc > us hospitality of the courte
t T Tie of this capital city
It not for the fact that I am
t v rounded and aided by a patri
t and intelligent cabinet and pains
r cg TMse and conscientious judi
mid feel overawed by the reI
y that I am this day to as
1 fully recognize that to fill
t r s us the duties of which have
r r ss ably discharged by the many
io s Chief Executives of Florida
t rat WH save done so much
6KC rs people happy lawabiding
w o < pprous win require not only
xn iest efforts but the united
I r t m f be efficient cabinet officers
x ar this day induced into office I
a f i here see abort me these
j aruorities provided by the Co n
< j on in whom I shall find re
T to wisdftja virtue and zeal to
aeffect aH that is within our
I 1 for tlte goal of the people
1 fur Coaatkatlon or officials
ed br 1l majority the pea
at M 1ts ail bear in mind the
Who Was Yesterday Inaugurated Governor of Florida at Tallahassee
sacred principle that though the will
of the majority ls in all cases to pre
vail in order to be Just wmust
recognize that the minority possesses
their equal rights which equal law
must protect and to violate would be
oppression Then fellow citizens
united with one heart anti mind Cork
ing for the good of all let us end
the right hand of fellowship to all
honest llbertl = loving people whoieslre
to make their homes among us and
offer to them the opportunity of pAt
ticipating in all of the privileges
vouchsafed to any of us r
It is not my purpose to on
this occasion specifically make refer
ence to all the policies of this admin
istration but merely at this lithe refer
to some of the most important In a
general way
Purposes of Govern rJleqt
Governments ar8 created by the
people for the protection and benefit
of the people who created them and
those who are to come after them
j How to keep a government in touch
with the peopleat all times has been
the burden of the most devoted states
men of the country How to make
the government do that work which
is best for the great majority of the
people is the work that we have to
do As the tendency of most govern
ments of the world is to drift away
fom the people and to develop into
a machine that oppresses them
The primary system was inaugu
I rated in this state for the purpose of
l destroying this growing evil In my
judgment it tends to do that as it
brings the people and the government
nearer together and makes govern
ment indeed the act of the people IL
deepens the gratitude of the chosen
official to feel that he has received
his honor and his trust directly from
the body of the sovereign people and
that to them individually as well as
collectively Is he responsible for the
faithful and conscientious discharge
of his every duty
The success of the system impress
es on my mind a firmer belief that
I our future depends upon the untram
I meled expression of the voice of the
people themselves It can scarcely
be doubled that the light now gained
by its practical operation will enable
the law making body without difficul
ty to remove from statute whatever
defects may yet remain
Reiterates Platform Pledges
Appreciating as I do the suffrages
of this free and enlightened people I
also appreciate the fact that I was
nominated In a primary election in
which almost all of the white people
of Florida participated that each of
those running for this high office as
candidates before the people for a
nomination made declarations of
I principles and submitted them to the
people declaring that if elected he
would carry out the principles as set
II forth by him The sovereign people
of this state elected 3ne and as I de
clared that I would carry out it elect
ed those principles of policies advo
cated by me in tl primaries I beI
lieve it proper for me to mention them I
briefly at this time Although the i
fiat of the people of Florida has gone I
forth proclaiming me the Chief Execu i
tive of the state of Florida nothing j
on their part remaining to be done
some of our P eoP Conscious of the
fact that men do not always make any
great effort to carry oat the principles
and policies after election that they
advocated to obtain election zny sus
pect avoidance on my part of the
work necessary loeffectiwtteiithe re
suits that were advocated by me
Therefore I feel that it Is proper on
this occasion to reiterate the pledges
made by me to the people which in
brief are as follows
Primary Election
That I favor the primary election
system that I feeUeye It to be on trial I
that I will oppose to the utmostof my i
cbinty any measure to weaken or re i
peal this law unless < lt has first been
submitted to a vote of the people and
received their approval and I further I I
pledge the people that I will do my
utmost to strengthen and perfect the
system and that I will cheerfully ap
prove any bill tending In that direc
Railroad Commission
In recent years Florida has made
rapid advance in material progress
and prosperity but in my judgment I
she has only fairly begun to enjoy the i
rich heritage justly hers by reason of i
vast resources in field and grove fac
tory and mine I believe that no agen
cy has had more to do with this pro
gress and prosperity than the wise
and conservative administration of
our Railroad Commission laws I
believe that the department of
state institutions should give every
encouragement to the development
and construction of transporta
tion lines and thereby facilitate and
cheapen transportation an achieve
ment working both for the benefit of
the people in affording a larger and
readier market for the numerous products
ducts of field farm and grove as well
es to the transportation companies in
the increased amount of business that
they will handle In my canvass ot
this state I put myself upon record i
as being In favor of doIng all wltbu t
my power as Governor to strengthen i
and protect the laws creating the Rail1
read Commission I also promised too
recommend to the legislature tbat a
resolution amending the Constitution
so as to make the Railroad Commis
sion a Constitutional part of tile gov
ernment be passed
I also declared that a good educa
tion was the most valuable heritage
that we could leave our children and
therefore I believed In a longer school
term for the children attending our
free schools and that I favored large j
appropriations for our colleges Fow
states have been more liberal in re
cent years than OUTS in the matter of
educ UonNol only have we an ex i
cellent public school system but also
well equipped and endowed higher
institutions learning supported at I
public expense d it is now inexcus
able that the children of our state
should grow up in ignorance
Our government lit the outgrowth I
of public opinion This government
was established by and must be ad J
ministered for the good of the people
regardless of personal preference ands
local surroundings The policy of the l
government Is your creation and your
dictates must be obeyed It cannot
be perfect but it will be Just what its
citizens make it Us excellencies and
efficiency of those those you elect to
administer its affairs will always de
pend upon the virtue and good sense
of the people who make It and who
uphold it This emphasizes the im
portance of education and of a general
interest in the affairs of state Our
continued success our prosperity our
power rests on the intelligence of the
people The common school is tho
corner stone of our political structure
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L iA
Officers Will toe Permitted to Rtisrn to Pus
sea With 51If Arms andlSolcjj rs Teen
as Prisoners to JaR n
The text of Ae articles capitula
tion of the Port Arthijn garrison
signed by the commission representing
General Stoessel arid General Nogi
have been made public The terms
are as follows r 1
j All Russian soldiers marines and
civil officials of the garrison and har
bor arc made prisoners P 1
All forts batteries vessels muni
tions etc are transferrell to the
Japanese in the conditlon which they
existed at noon on January third the
Kiolation of this claus ojoperate as
I an annullment of the negotiations and
giving the Japanese armywarrant to
t take free action The Russian aui
thorltles to furnish to the Japanese an
exhibit of all fortifications a
I ground submarine mines lists ot the I
1 military officers of ships a ridnumher
f of their crews lists of civilians of
both sexos race and occupation and
all public property buildings muni
tions 6f war etc
Officers of the army and navy are
permitted to retain their swords and i
such personal property as may be dlj
+ rectly necessary to the maintenance
of Ufa and with one Servant each
t upon signing a parole not to again I
take up arms during the continuance
of the war may return toVRussIa
Noncommissioned officers and pri
vates will be held as prisoners
tor the benefit of sick and wounded j
Russians the sanitary corps belonging I
to the Russian army will be required I
to serve under the Japanese sanitary
3UH d
The Jorlreas ands jjown are
described as a complete wreck
and the harbor entrance has
been blocked by sunken ships A
mere handful of men were surrender
ed The Japanese have won a desert
strewn with debris
General Stoessels dispatches to the
Russian general staff tell of ravages
of scurvey among the garrison which
Increased enormously the list of dis
abled They tell of the increasing
casualty lists and finally of the ex
haustion of ammunition j
Advices received by the French for
eign office indicate that Russian opin
ion Is against peace and that media
tion as result of the fall of Port Ar
thur unlikely
Terms of Surrender
Chefoo Jan 3Tlte fort where the
negotiations for the surrender of Port
Arthur was held is called the Big Ea
gles Nest and it is near Rlhlung
According to the reports of the ne
gotiations received here General
Stoessels proposal that the Russian
sick and wounded should remain un
der Russian medical supervision and I
that the Japanese transfer the non
cambatants was acceptable to General
Nogl but the Russian proposal that
the Russians should march out under
arms caused some controversy I
Midshipman Kisorich commanding
a launch which left Port Arthur at 8
oclock last night said today
No shot has been fired at Port Ar
thur for two days That which was
heard last night waS the Russians 1
blowing up forts ships magazines
warehouses docks and everything val
uable When Heft Fort Arthur the I
fortress and the town was almost I
completely wrecked The warships I
died hard Several explosions were
necessary to complete the wrecking
of them The Sevastopol after catch
Ing fire exploded and turned turtle I
The harbor entrance is blocked with j
sunken warships The only navigable
craft now at Port Arthur are the hos I
pital ships Kassari and Mongolia
Yon need expect no more ships
from Port Arthur as these are unable
to leave on account of the blockade of
the harbor
Colon l Reiss represented General
Stoessel in the negotiations for sur
render A table was spreadrwith wine
and food at the Eagles Nest and the
envoys treated each other with great
courtesy which quickly melted into in
formal good fellowship Each compli
mented the other on the bravery of
their forces
The statement that there remained
5000 fighting men at Port Arthur Is
misleading because of a majority of
these half are sick or slightly wound
ed There has been for some time no
proper bandages and wounds have
been dressed with hemp said Mid
shipman Kisorich The news that
General Stoessel was prepared to treat
for surrender was received by the
soldiers with feelings utmost relief
For the past month severe wounds
have been gladly received by the sol
diers because they were allowed to
The bombardment of the Jast day
or so was terrific remark
ed < that even General Stoess mast
Whose Tenure of office as Governor of Florida has just expired
Blank lCifrtridgesUsed
for iSiuffsng i pariese
Chee Foo Jan SCaptain Kartzow
commanding the Rusisan torpedoboat
destroyer flotilla which escaped from
Port Arthur and entered Chee Foe
harbor tells a curious story of blurr
ing by Russians at the beginning of I
the war when although there was
plenty of ammunition at Port Arthur
there was none on the ships under
Golden Hill save blank cartridges used
for salutes
On three occasions when Japanese
warships approached the Russians
opened a noisy fire at long range with
blank ammunition the Japanese in
each instance retiring
Prisoners taken by the Russians
related that later after the Russian
i ships had recoived ammunition the
I Japanese learned of the ruse and were
I greatly ohagrined that they had not
taken advantage of the opportunity
0r defense said Captain Kartzow
has been replete with such make
Nan Patterson to Attempt
to Secure Release 06D BaiD
New York Jan 3After a confer
ence with District Attorney Jerome
today Attorney Levy of council for
Nan Patterson announced that he
would attempt to have the former
chorus girl released on bail and that
be would go lo the supreme court with
an application for a writ compelling
the girl to appear In court on applica
Washington Jan3How absolute
Is the supremacy battleships In na
val warfare and how complete its su
periority over all other types of war
vessels has been demonstrated in the
war in the far east is told In an offi
cial statement issued by the navy de
partment today Tie statement is
likely to arouse international interest
because it was prepared by a mem
ber of the general hoard of tim navy
of which Admiral Dewey Is president
and represents the view of that board
as well as of the secretary of the
see the futility of further resistance
Whon our guns were able to reply
We might have surrendered a
month ago with the highest honor
That resistance has continued effect
ively since is scarcely less than a mir
It is a mere handful of broken men
who surrendered and a debris strewn
desert which the Japanese gain Not
I one of Port Arthurs magnificent pub
lic works remain
The feeling created when General
Stoessel took the unwelcome stop was
generally one of relief
The soldiers for which one months
service has counted as one year are
rejoicing that they will soon see their
An Attempt Nicholas
St Petersburg aDc3 There is a
I rumor liere that anattempthas been
Recently Elected Members of the Governing
Body Held Their First Regular ii Pee = +
ing Last Night
Lion for bail Levy said that Jerome
had positively decided against Miss
Pattersons release on bail Levy
quoted Mr Jerome as saying that hfl
believed ithis duty to retry Miss Pat
terson as the jury disagreed on the
question of her innocence but would
i not say when the trial would be held
i Levy says the defense is ready with
Officials at Wa hngt n
L Ip Favor of B tteships
navy Although the Russian destroyers
in Port Arthur numbered twentyfour
the statement says not one scored a
hit thus far in the war and that of
the many torpedo boat attacks deliv
ered by the Japanese nearly all met
with complete laclc of success
High officials of the government
wish to correct the statement which
has gained same credence that the
vale of battleships has been discred
ited The report is a strong argument
in favor of the battleships
made on the life of Emperor Nicholas
at Vilna No details or confirmation
of the report have been received
No Truth In Report
St Petersburg Jan3The Asso
ciated Press is authorized to deny the
rumored attempt on to llfeof Emper
or Nicholas at ViinaHehas just
passed Minsk capital of the govern
mont of that name 465 mlles by rail
west of Moscow
Japs at Tsingtau
Chefoo Jan 3A dispatch received
here from Tsin tau dated 4 p in to
day says a Japanese torpedo boat de
I g r entered that port at noon and
f that there are ot ers outside
The statement time a tftiniport with
Jk rr <
Continued on Eigh Pager
A Mi fflHBT IS
The new Board of County Commis
sioners held its first meeting last
Eight = when the members assembled
in the clerks office and transacted
some routine business Tim meeting
was a special one and was merely to F t
relieve the old board or the responsi
bilities of the office and the govern
ment of county affairs
There were quite a number of spec
tators at the meeting afcd they all
listened with Interest to the various
talks that were madq
The old board coiapjqsejdjfOf Messrs
liana Johnson Sennntt Shelby and
Breton first conversed v and after a
short session went out of office tend
ering their seats tothenewly elected
1 members
Eaoh member of the old board
made an appropriate talk upon his
retirement in which no took occasion
to congratulate new members upon
their election and to hope them the r
best of success in true administration
of the county affairs Not only did
I the members Speak upon the associa
tion of the past but also spoke feel
ingly of the services rendered by Clerk
McMillan and his capable deputy B
It Burton and thaafeed them for tho
service rendering daring the time that
I they had served + thocountyas commis
i sioners
Commissioner Sennott as the only
member of the old board who was re
elected spoke at some length on the
relations of the members of the old +
board and the friendly feeling which
had existed although at tunes he r
stated they would differ in their opin +
ions upon various matters which camp r
befort e board HWever he said A c
there were never any hard feelings or
ill will after the matters had been
isposed ofThe
The New Board
Immediately afterthe session of the
old board the new members took their
seats The first business to be trans
I acted was that of the election of a
chairman A M Avdry was the un
animous choice of the board for this
important office Afterwards some
routine business was taken up and
disposed of I t
The board as now constituted Is z a
representativeone as + nll of the mem
bers are men who have lived in the
country for years and know its needs
in every respect Th membera are A
M Avery Wm J Sennott Jas R
Stuart J A Wiggins and Jas M
Andrews +
The board granted N Guardina at
permit to sell wines and liquors ia
Precinct No 15
The matter of granting a permi
to George Thompson toell wines atfd
liquors in precinct 12 was then dis
cussed at somelength lUte old board F
a few months ago had granted this
permit but parties residing in the im
mediate vicinity had protestel and
later took the matter into the courts
C JL Jones presented tho
complainants whIle Scott M Loftltt
spoRe In behalf of Thompson Mr H
Sennott spoke before the board on i
the question and later a motion was
made and seconded to grant the per
mit The mption was carried V
A similar case In which Mr Jones
also appeared as attorney for parties
making a protest was that of Chas c
Miller as president of the Baymens
Benevolent Association which applied
for a license to sell liquors Mr Son
not spoke at some length upon the
rights of every man to conduct any
legitimate business and made a mo
I tion to grant a license This was sec
onded and carried
I Chairman Avery then announced
that the board stool adjourned until
t Friday night when a special meeting
Wilt bo held
Tokior Jan 3It is expected that
the diet will hold a special session
for the purpose of passing a vote ot
thanks to General Nogi and tho men M
of the third army A great lantern
procession is being hold tonight and t
the city is splendidly Illuminated
thousands of men carrying flags and
lanterns marching the streets and
Visiting and cheering the various de
partments of the government
I Jew York Jan 3 William Bald
win president of the Long Island Rail
road is dead at his home at Locust
Valley L I He took an active part
in public and educational affairs and r
in this connection was well known
throughout thei south a

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