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r C
1 1 Wooster 0 Jan 90no of the
+ most successful eighth of January cel
ti ebrations ever held in this city in I
commemoration of Jacksons victory
1 at New Orleans took place here to I
m night For fortynine years the occa
sion has been a red letter In the cal
ni ejidar of Wayne county democracy
1 E l and the meetings in past years have
t been addressed by such men as Val
1 laudingham Thurman Pendleton
Bryan and other leading democrats
and the speaking tonight adds fur
II t ther luster to the already bright
Hon J S Beard of Pensacola Fla
1 was the principal speaker whose sub
I ject was Political Principles and
Parties and for more than an hour
he held his audience in almost speech
less silence at is drank in the elo
quence that poured from his lips
The crowd was large and many
were the words of praise heard on all
sides of the speech of the noted and
brilliant Southerner The evening ex i
ercises closed with a banquet and a
ball J
t Mr Beards address was in part I
as follows
1 Beards Address
r 1
There never has existed a free
e country actively developing constitu
s tional liberty and feeling deeply In
1 terested in solving the great problems
of right and justice In which there
I t were not also political parties though r
rl the history of many free countries exl
hibit brief periods In which common I
1t and imminent danger or a universal
i and pure enthusiasm produced by al
I happy combination of circumstanced
quiet all existing differences for the 1
I time being England furnishes an ex i
j f ample of the former at the time of
the restoration McCauley says
I 4 i the great danger of military des
rd potism united for the time cavaliers i
f and roundheads Episcopalians ands
tt + + Presbyterians in recalling Charles the
t Second to his ancestral rights as the
I I only hope of restoring constitutional
government and averting threatened
military despotism
The first term of President Mon I
t roes administration known in Ameri I
can political history as the era of
I I good feeling Is an instance of the I
r latter So completely was all party I
I feeling quieted during that period
If that Monroe was reelected with butt
one electoral vote against him and
111 that vote cast against him avowedly i
because the honor of being unanimous
ly elected president of the United
t l States should always be distinguished
as having been bestowed upon Wash i
ington alone
Parties Should Exist
It Is desirable that political parties l
should exist in every free country if
d t those parties nave their foundation in j
pure principles with worthy and great
objects which inspire lofty ideals of
patriotism constitutional liberty and
the welfare and betterment of tho
masses of the citizens The great
fl danger of political parties Is that
Ott they cease to advocate the principles
t which were the cause of their being
t and degenerate into a mere scramble
for office betweet the ins and outs
I Party spirit Is mistaken for patriot
ism and every consideration is made
subservient to party success De
i then the government in turn is prosti
signing and ambitious leaders prosti
which and an istrument by which to
rIde inta high official position and
then the government in turn is prosti
tuted to subserve private ends or con
tinued party supremacy or men be I
come so blinded by party zeal that
they can see no good outside of the
party to which they belong and no
1 bad within the party they mistake
f the tenets and views of the party for
F the tenets and views of the country
1 k TOP l G
Columbus Ohio May 20 1903
Six years ago I had a severe attack of I
t t i Inflammatory Rheumatism I was laid up
r In bed for six months and the doctors I
f had did me no good They changed med
icines every week and nothing they pre
tcxibed seemed to help me Finally I be
ran the use of 555 My knee and elbow
larnts were swollen tembly and at one
time my joints were so swelled and pain
ful that I could not close them when
i opened I was so bad that I could not
t move knee or foot I wasgetting discour
aged you may be sore when I began S S
6 but as I saw it was helping me Ico tin
ed it and today lam sound well man
and have never had aretiwn of the disease
S S So purified my blood and cured me
of this severe case of Rheumatism after
everything else had failed I have rec
commended it to others with good re
11 mits R H CHAPMAN
t I 1355 Mt Vernon Ave
K The poisonous acids that produce the in
ammation and pain are absorbed into the
blood and Rheumatism can never be con
i quered till these are neutralized aad fil
tered out of the blood system 55 S
pfes directly into the circulation and at
tacks the disease itself It purifies and re
stores the blood to a healthy vigorous
condition It contains no potash alkali or
other strong min
erals but is guar ¬
anteed entirely
vegetable Write
us and our physi
S S S cians will advise
without any
charge whatever
Onrbook on Rheu
matism sent free
Th Swift Specific Cempany Atlanta fia
at large Farfy success with them I
is snonymous with the countrys good t
With them party success justifies any
and every method by which party
success is attained
Well Exemplified
This is well exemplified by what
Dumont says of Brissot
He was one of those men in whom
party spirit was stronger than all
morals or rather saw no morals ex
cept in the party He had more of the
n zeal than any one else As
Capuchin he would have loved his
vermin as Dominican he would have
burned heretics as Roman ha would
not have shown himself unworthy of
following Cato or Regulus as French
republican he was bent on destroying
monarchy and neither disdained to
culminate nor to persecute nor him
self to perish on the scaffold so that
he obtained his object ti
Principles antedate parties which
are or should be organized to advo
cate and erfforce principles The poll
ties nf a party should always be the
application of the fundamental princi
ples of the party to existing condi
tions Belief the same fundamental
principles unites men in the same
political party and when the party de
serts betrays or abandons those fun
damental principles which are the
cause of Its being from expediency
or to serve some selfish or unworthy
end or when leaders actuated by
selfish ambitions or venal motives
pledge the party to a course of con
cuct or to policies antagonistic to or
not in accord with the fundamental
principles of the party then if devo
tion to principle is stronger with the
rank and file than mere party name
and party association there is defec
tion and defeat Is quick and sure
and unless there is a timely and em
phatic recurrence to fundamental
principles the disintegration of the
party Is inevitable i
Principles of Democracy I
The great party to which we be
long and in honor of one whose he
roes we assemble tonight derives its
fundamental principles from the funi
dam ntal law of our country and are
based upon the eternal truths enun
ciated in the declaration of independ
ence Jefferson who was the author
of that declaration and the founder
of our party stands related to the con
stitution of the United States as Aris
totle does to the Iliad Homer wrote
the poem but from the poem Aristotle
deduced the rules of poetry Mason
Madison and other sages made the
constitution and from the constitu
tion Jefferson abstracted the doctrines
of a federative representative repub
lican government and demonstrated
that they alone are adapted and suited
to the genius Of a free and enlighten
ed people Those abstractions are
the fundamental principles of the
democratic party
Strict Adherence Necessary
It is not my purpose to discuss
those principles That belongs to a
different subject I only intend a
limited allusion as necessary to show
that principles should be the life
blood of pqlitical parties and strict
adherence to principles should be nec
essary to their existence Concreto
examples are more demonstrative
than abstract discussions and the
democratic party has received two
emphatic object lessons in the past
ten years which teach that the demo
cratic rank and file expect and de
mand an adherence to democratic
principles In 1892 tho democratic
party won a sweeping victory Cleve
lands popular plurality was four hun
dred thousand and when he was in
augurated president of the United
States on the fourth day of March
1893 the senate was democratic and
the party had ninetytwo majority in
the house of representatives For the
first time since the fourth of March
1SS1 the executive and both houses
of congress were under democratic
control But so shameless was the
betrayal and abandonment of the
principles > f the partyso abjectly
were those principles surrendered to
the enemies of democracy for sinister
ends by the so called democratic ad
ministration that in the election of
1894 the democratic people adminis
tered a stinging rebuke at the polls
to the leaders who had betrayed them
Repudiated Cleveland
In that year there was a congresslon
al election throughout the United
States and a state election in many
of the states The whole power of I
the administration was brought to
bear The I
cabinet officers
were on
the stump Federal officials through i
out the Union brought every Influence I
to work Every nerve and every en I
ergy was exerted to cecuro an en1
dorsement at the polls but all In vain I
An outraged and betrayed people arose
in the majesty of their might Noj
state went democratic outside of the
South except California and some of I
the Southern states were found in
the republican column Missouri and
Kentucky for the first time ° since the
war between the states went against
the democratic party The four nun
dren thousand democratic plurality of
1892 nag changed a republican plu
rality of overtone mil Ion Outside of
the South only thirteen democrats I
were returned tp congress The New
England states together with New
York and New Jersey returned only
democratic representatives
to con
gress five from New York and one
from Massachusetts The democratic
majority of 92 Jn the house of repre
sentatives was changed to a republi
can majority of onehundred and sixty
two New Ydrk vith David B Hill
as the democratic candidate for
ernor gave one hundred and fltynine
thousand republican majority All of
this under the leadership of Grover
Cleveland then president bf the Unit
ed States with his administration as
the issue
Returned to Democracy
When the democratic convention
met in Chicago in 1896 so demoralized
was the democracy that It was like
organizing a new party but the rank
and file were in control and there
was an emphatic recurrence to the
fundamentalprinciples of the party
afe taught by Jefferson and those
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principles were applied to the existing
conditions A truly democratic plat
form was enunciated We did not win
in the election of 1896 for many rea
sons not the least among which was
the distrust in the popular mind of
democracy on account of the betrayal
by our recent but now repudiated
leaders But immense gains were
t made notwithstanding the fact that
those who had betrayed the party now
deserted it Bryan polled over a mil
lion more votes than any other demo
cratic candidate has ever polled
Again in 1900 the democratic party
stood by democratic principles We I
t lost but we preserved democratic
honor and democratic faith In 1904 j
under false leadership constituted
I largely of the leaders who had betray I
ed the party during Clevelands last i
administration and who deserted it
I in 1896 and 1900 the party of Jeffer I
I son was led far far from the princi
j pies of Jefferson Every principle was
sacrificed to a hope of party success I
I at the polls but gain thedemocratic
people administered A rebuke Those
who had control ot the party and who
are responsible for the bptrayal of its
principles and the result attempt to
I show that democratic defeat Is due to
I President Roosevelts immense per
sonal popularity If that were true
the returns would show that the vote
which left the democratic party went
to the republican party But such is
not the case The popular vote of the
republican party in 1904 only exceed
ed its popular vote In 1900 by about
four hundred thousand while the pop
ular vote of the democratic party in
1904 was twelve hundred and fifty
thousand less thajiTts popular vote in
1900 This In Spite of the natural in
crease in thevotein four years The
democratic electoral vote of 1904 Is
fifteen less than the electoral vote of
four years ago notwithstanding the
increase in the electoral college by
reason of the apportionment of 1901
The democratic rant and file stayed
at home on election day They had
nothing to vote for Tne republican
victory of 1904 was no commenda
tion of the republican party and Presi
dent Roosevelt but an cmphatb con
demnation of the betrayal and deser
tion of ihe democratic principles by
the St Louis convention Again the
people have spoken at the poll and
spoken in no uncertain tones Again
the democratic people admonish th M
Headers of the party taut to receive
I their support the party of Jefferson
must be true to the teachings of Jef
I ferson False leaders may destroy I
i the organization but the eternal prin
ciples of democracy will live forever I
I Coeval with man embodied in our
declaration of Independence and fed
eral constitution abstracted and prys
talized by Jefferson they will live for
ever and be an inspiration to every I
lover of the political liberty of the
human race The principles of democ
racy are ntron in the hearts and lot o
of the people but the glamour of the
i name of democracy alone will not
1 command the support of the intelligent
i American voters The democratic
party so win must be democratic It
is true that it has not always won
when democratic but It Is also trite
that it has invariably lost when 1m
i rtemorrs Ic To the democratic peopled
the fmicliaiental principles of democ
i racy 2r dearer than the name or
Itching Blind Bleeding or Protrud
I ing PlIes Your druggist will refund
money If pazo Ointment fails to cure1
I you in 6 to 14 days t
than moro association Recur to fun
damental principles and the grand
old party is not conquered Beautys
ensign is still crimson in her lip ant
on her cheek Deaths pale flag has
not advanced there J
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