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r U
1 I
Irl f
C e
djl i
r S41r
Because it is ipure made from
the finest selected grains
r fermented
rm perfectly carefully 4
double distilled in copper
mellowed by time in oak by
natural processes
4 > processesOld l >
I > i Old L j
1 4 Quaker I
1 4 Rye r
is a delightfully stimulating smooth
old whiskey Dont let the dealer
decide for you Order a case sent
Hi V
I home today i f
Phone 16 Lewis Bear Co
404403 Palafas St and 210 Main St 3
Pensacola Fla
Continued from First < Page
iag which the me nspf the associa
tion have afforded during the past
year the secretary has received and
replied to more than 600 lettersuf
direct inquiry regarding Pensncola
add surrounding territory These let
ters nave come from every section of
the Union from Canada Great Britain
the Continent of Europe Mexico Cuba
and the Philippines To parties
throughout the world whose names
have been obtained through various
channels more than 6000 pieces of
advertising matter setting forth the
advantages and attractions of Pensa
cola have been distributed during iae >
same period
Advertising Needed
Judging from returns obtained from i
the limited advertising done by the
association during the past year i
am soavinced that results which would
accrue to a systematically directed
campaign of advertising the many
genuine advantages and attractions of
Pensacola as a place of residence aj
location of numerous lucrative com
mercial and industrial pursuits and
the limitless possibilities of agricul
tural and horticultural development or
e Immediately adjacent territory 1
arc impossible btcdmpufatioff 3
During the spring or 1904 the port
of Pesacola was the rendezvous for J
sixty days of six squadrons of uie
UnitedStates navyincluding most
modern and deep draft battleships In
the naval establishment of our gov
Value to Business
It is conservatively estimated that
all told no less than 1000000 to
1250000 were placed in the chan 1
No Dessert
More Attractive i
Why use gelatine and
spend hours soaking
and sweetening JellO coloring when flavoring 1
produces better results in two minutes
Everything the package Simply add hot
water and set to cooL perfection A sur
prise to tie housewife trouble less ex
pense Try it today Flavors lemon
Orange StrawberryBasgberrv Chocokt
and Cherry Atgfoceis lOc
Pcnasctli Oyster Dipaf
Oysters Wtolesale and retaiL The
finest Escarahia Oysters and Perdidu
Bay Plants at Pensacola Oyster De
pot East Romana street opposite
Telephone Exchange Phone 153
Orders delivered free in any part of
1 PtRc d
They nave labeled me 1905 and Im
brand new Wish you a happy New
Year awl lots of fun If youre a man
aDd want nice clean linen and under
garments it will be a good scheme
for yog to send em around to the
New Method Laundry Thats the
place to gel things made clean for lit
Ue mcney Note the number of your
cuff and then nd the cuff here when
its soiled T
New IMtai Uminr
4i fi K and 10 W Rem ria St
nels of trade in Pensacola during the II
presence in porf of these squadrons I
To the efforts of the Chamber of
Commerce is directly traceable the
designation of Pens ola as the head
Quarters for the Winter and spring
1 maneuvers these combined squad
rons of the
navy which contribute so
many thousands dollars to the an
nual trade of our city
I For Men of the Navy
f Realizing the inadequacy of comfort
able accommodations in Pensacola for
the enlisted men of the navy when
several hundred of them are granted
shore leave at the same time the
Chamber of Commerce provided the
necessary fnnds for the establishment
of a comfortable resort or hore hbmo
I 10r the use otthe enlistedlmen of the
f squadrons here last spring Every
convenience was provided including
lodging accommodations bath rooms
a reading and lounging room and a
lunch room and the Institution was
turned bver US the YOung liens Chris
tian Association t
j The following statistics bear elo
quent testimony of the iu cess of the
ventures as well as of the apprecia
tion of the men of the navy of such
provisions for their comfort
I Number of attendants during
kMarchjrpril and May1 t 294 40
Number availing tnemselves of
lodging accomodatlons 4510 I
uL J
AXuiuuur meats servea p 673G
Numberparcels checked1 1700
Number pieces of literature dis
tributed 4250
Amount of money Teft ondeposit
for safe keeping 6928
Fast Mail Service
For several months prior to the be
I ginning of the past year a fast mail
schedule from Boston via New York
Washington Atlanta Montgomery and
Flomaton to New Orleans was being
operated The eastern newspaper and
letter majl for Pensacola came south
on this train arriving at Flomaton
at about six oclock a mn and remain
ing there to be brought to Pensacola
on the train due to arrive here at 4
oclock p mr This matter was taken
up by yourboard of directors with the
officials of the Loulsvilje Nashville
Railroad Company with the result that
a regular train with passenger ac
commodations was placed In operation
during last spring between Flomaton
and Pensacola for the primary purpose
of expediting the arrival of this eastern
mail at Pensacola Making cornice
ton with the through train at Floma
ton this > raln arrives at Pemmlnl M
9 oclock a m and therefore in ad
dition to the convenience of having
the eastern mail arrive seven hours
earlier thin It OtKetwiae would Pen
sacolas trade relations with residents
along the road to Flomaton are very
much enhanced by reason of the fact
that shoppers may come to the city
at nine oclock a m7md leave either
at noon or midnight of the same
Harbor Work
At the date of your last annual
meeting the entrance to our harbor
was shoaling badly By the end of
May soundjngs were made throughout
the channel revealing the fad that
In numerous places but 20 feet at
water maintained at ordinary stages
of the tide The matter was taken up
by your board of Directors with Cap
tain J B Cavanaugh the engineer
officer of the United States Army in
charge ofharbor work at Pensacola I
with the result tliat the government
dredge Winyah Bay was placed at
work in the channel about August
1st and has beenKSteadJlyv engage J on
the work sincel
Depth of W eri
On December 28 ulJJmo Captain 1
Cavanaugh was at Pensacola and I
caused soundings to be made through i
out the channel He reported to me I
as oUows the result of these sound
ings Pensacola bar is in as good I
C If not better condition than when 1
tthe dredge Cojastock finished I
here two and a lialf years ago The j
soundings made fay me today were
Jon a zero tide there hairing been a
stiff north jvlnd blowing for two
jdays and develpped the following
J Thirty feet fit teriJl depth a
wIdth Of 150 feet throughout and
forfifty jet on either side of this
150 channel tleplft of fcT io 28 feel
A depth irt80ieet onrtaero tide I
am informed by the bet pilots In Ren
sacola mean hirty fe t six Inches
thirtyone fesfc pa an ordinary ion
tide and on fa full tide from thirty
three to thirtyfour feet of water
througfionf a channel one hundred
and fifty feet in width and sufficient
water a width of two hundred and
fifty feet to permit the safe pass
age Into the harbor of any battleship
or cruiser in the United States navy
Delegations Entertained
During the past year numerous del
egatIon and individuals of distinction
visiting Pensacola have been enter
tained by tire CHamber of Commerce
The most prominent of these Individ
uals being Secretary of Wan AVilHan
H Taft upon the occasion of his visit
to Panama as the special commis
sioner of our national government to
settle differences with the government
of Panama arising from the acquire
ment of the canal zone and Assist
ant Secretary of the Navy Charles H
Darling upon the occasion of his re
I cenfc annual Inspection tour of the
navy yards of the country The then
secretary of the navy Honorable
William H Moody accompanied by a i
commission of senators and congress
men visited the Pensacola navy yard
last spring and was met there llyn I
committee from the Chamber of Com
merce and extended an invitation to
accept the organizations hospitality
but owing to a limit upon bis time he
was compelled to decline our invita
tion This visit of Secretary Moody
however will result in great direct
benefit to Pensacola in that many Im
provements needed in the navy yard
were called to his attention by your
committee and upon his return to
Washington were strongly recom
mended by him
Merchant Marine Commission
The joint Merchant Marine Com
mission of both houses of congress
held a session in the Chamber of
Commerce on November 15 last for
the purpose of hearing arguments
directed to a settlement qf conditions
responsible for the decadence of the
American Merchant Marine during the
period which has elapsed since th6
civil war Eight members of the or
ganization interested in maritime
matters addressed the commission
First to Celebrate
Pensacola was the first city in the
United States to celebrate the ratifi
cation ot the Panama Canal treaty by
the United States senate This cele
bration was inaugurated and consum i
mated by the Chamber of Commerce
When the employees of the Pensa
cola Electrical Terminal Railway Con
pany went on a strike early in 1904
at the request of the operatives union
a committee from the Chamber of
Commerce was appointed to coop r
ate with the management and em
ployees In reaching an amicable ad
justment of differences The strike
was speedily settled the Chamber of j
Commerce contributing largely to the
A Nuisance Abated
Following the completion of the
doubletracked portion of the Pensa
cola Electri Terminal sys
tem the management contrary to
custom and laws regulating the pass
age of vehicles on public thorough
fares caused the street cars on Pala
fox and Wright streets to pass each
other to the left Several serious ac
cidents were narrowly averted during
the maintenance of this custom arid
hundreds of criticisms ana complaints
were heard daily of the practice The
matter was taken up by your board tOr
directors and a strong resolution con
demning the custom as an abuse of
the Terminal Companys privileges
under its franchises was ad ted
to the city council with the result
that the dangerous nuisance was im
mediately abated
Abominable Mail Service
Your board of directors through th2
secretary has taken up with the au
thorities at Washington the inexcusa
bly abominable mall facilities render
ed through the Pensacola post ffice
As yet however no relief has been
New Trade Developed
Through the cooperation of your
board of directors with commercial
bodies in Southwest Georgia and the
operators of transportation lines con
necting Pensacola by water and rail
with that territory a large and lucra
tive mercantile business has beep de
veloped by Pensacola wholesalers with
the trades people of Southwest Geor
gia as far north as Fort Gaines and
CuthberL U
Considering the drought which has
prevailed during the past year through
out the territory from which Pensa
cola draws her stocks of timber and
the demoralizing conditions in the cot
tton market during the last few weeks
of the past year the export business
of Pensacola for the calendar year
1904 was most gratifying as is shon
in the following table by months of
exports for the year
Exports for the Calendar Year 1904
by Months
January 1945522
February 1031888
April 1128063 S
May 3 3193
June 863S4S
July lO lSiG
August 694153
September 9530I3
October 1866290
November 1141181
December 2517703
Total 14993657
Exports During the Year 1904 to
England 5042200
Germany 2218614
Italy I 2161439
France 1622626
The Netherlands 709601
Belgium 550005
Mexico < 479553
lArgentiha 455998
Scotland i 06885
Russia i f 16S409
Brazil 4 168330
I Spain v 142359
French West Africa I 126750
I Austria 123234
British South Africa g097
Uruguay 92945
I Portugal tr 57j812
CUba 41457
Denmark 34593
Sweden i I 25855
Egypt C 3 23000
Japan o 15500
Norway wir i 583
Honduras Venezuela CbllD t
1 British westHdlesGer
man Africa Portugese Af
rica Madeira Islands Gi
braltar and Ireland 222028
Principal Items of Exports During the
W Calendar Year 1904
Cotton 149650 bales value 7539760
Cotton Winters 7593 pounds
value J 13014
Sawn Timber 129096000 su
It value 1586982
Hewn Timber 692930 cu ft
value 108029
Lumber 17949300 su feet
value 2884673
Staves 558910 pieces value 50401
All other goods value 33811
Naval Stores
Rosin 209269 bWg value 671051
Spirits turpentine 364160
gals value 216371
Phosphate long tons 124322
tons equivalentto 139190
short tons value i 732091
Coal long tons 24799 tons
equivalent to 277759 short
tons value 610858
Tobacco 5920920 pounds
value 443183
Cotton Seed Meal 4517790
pounds value 42636
Cotton Seed Oat 33802 gals
value 16522
All other exports including
Pig Iron Flour Gotton
Cloth Manufactured Zinc
Hog Products Dried Fish
etc value 44269
Total J 14993657
The imports through the port of
Pensacola during the past year have
increased over theyear 1903 by 200
81500 as indicated by the following
table towit
Imports fOr the Calendar Year 1904
By Months
January 1731683
February d 6908037
March a 2469385
A > ril N i 1574861
May f 1601655
June 34468109
July I 3496829
August I 12042529
September o nr 4496552
October su 3753701
November o 32870432
December 3945184
Total 77924657
Vessels Entered and Cleared During
the Calendar Year 1904
During the year 1904 267 steam and
171 sailing vessels with a total ton
nage of 657985 entered through the
Pensacola Custom House and 273
steam and 174 sailing vessels with an
aggregate tonnage of 641523 were
cleared frim the port with cargoes to
eVery section of the world
Stm SI Tonnage
Foreign vessels from
foreign portsi 149 131 410385
FOr lgn vessels from
American portsi108 25 229342
American vessels 10 15 18258
Total W267 171 657955
1Stm SI Tonnage
Foreign vessel for
foreign port JJo 228 139 547658
Foreign and 1flriIIt
can > vessels const
wise W 45 3593865
Total 273 174 641523
I 1
Banking I
The banking capital of iPensacola
was increased during the past year by
theorganlzation of the Peoples Bank
The last published statement of the
three National Banks of Pensacola
recite the following facts
Combined capital 500000
is ono of the main symptoms of
that terrible disease called Rheu
matism which makes life a daily
torture to many thousands
is a treatment which affords a
positive cure for rheumatism and
allied diseases
Applied externally it relieves
the pain at once Taken inter
nally it cures permanently by I
purifying the blood of the lactic
acid which causes the disease
Anthony Smith of Mayville IIi
says HI had such severe rheumat
ic pains in my arm and shoulder
that I could neither work nor sleep
and was fast losing all hope of
cnre when I heard of and tried
Eamlins Wizard Oil two bottles
of which performed a perfsct per
manent cure Price 50c and 1
For sale and recommended by
nuu = = u uuulu
I a
1ft Xmas Has Come and U
5 Gone but the II
ii I I
i Pcnsacol Ii
Pressing Club IiI
is doing business at the i
I same stand Send us your I
I clothes to be cleaned I
i ii pressed altered or re I
I paired Work done quickly e
I and at reasonable prices 5
I CombIned surplus tta ufl >
divided profits 211107
4 Combined deposits z 2745813
To arrive at the full banking capital
of Pensacola add to the above capital
of the National Banks that of the
Peoples BankL e f 50000 > and to
ttib item pf deposits 100000
I I Naval Stores Industry
The naval stores industry is one of
the most potent factors contributing
to the commercial prosperity of Pen
tacola and is Increasing enormously
year by year It has been impossible
for me to procure complete statistical I
information as to the volume of this
industry during the past yedr but I I
am in possession of facts sufficient to
slate that the value of rosin and I
spirits of turpentine handled heYa
I during the year 1904 represented a
value exceeding 3000000
Jobbing Interests
The jobbing Interests of Pensacola
in all lines of merchandise have grown
enormously during the year just clos
ed One house alone enjoyed a pat
ronage representing more than a mil
lion of dollars and when the figures
are finally cast pf the total business
for the year 3500000 will be found
short of the aggregate
Fish Business
Pensacola still maintains the lead
as the greatest fresh fish market on
the Gulf of Mexico The value of this
industry to the commerce of Pensacola
during lasCr year represented more
than 600000
Real Estate Activity
The activity In the real estate mar
ket of Pensacola during1904 has been
phenomenal which may be regarded
not alone as an indication of the abid
ing faith of Pensacolians in pensacola
and its future but also as an index to
I the solid prosperity of the city The
real estate transfers during the past
year numbered 1768 an increase
over 1903 of 538
Post Office Receipts
l There is nOmore accurate indica
tion of a citys growth and prosperity
than the growth 6f its postofilce re
ceipts For the past two calendar
years the Vecelpts of the Pensacola
postofilce have been as follows
January lst to December
31st 1904 42792 18
January 1st to December 1
I 31st 1903 33615 95
f An increase for 1904 over 1
t 1903 of 8976 25
1 Or 2302 per cent
Vital Statistics
The healthfulness of but few other j
cities In the country can possibly be
compared with that of Pensacola asI
is proven by the following vital statis I
I tics compiled for the official records
of such matters J
Number or deaths from all causes
she 1904 283 I
occurring Juring year
i being a death rate of 1217 per thou
sand of population per year based on
uthe conservatives estimate of a pop I
ulation of 23000 I
I Nuiriber of births of all races during
the year 1904 473
I Number of mirriage licenses Issued
during the year 426
I Climatology I
j Complete statistics of the cjimatol
j ogyof covering the period i
of the past 25 years Included In the
appendix hereto
1 Industrial Enterprises
Industrial enterprises are being es i
tablished in Pensacola with a cadence
which is encourgIng During the
reat 1904 the following manufactur
ing concerns were established and
placed in operation In and around
Pensacola toVit
I Saunders Mill Co capital 50000 I
I Planing mill sash doOr and blind
factory npvelty works veneering mill
and basket and crate manufacturers
Southern Brick Co Capital 50
000 Manufacturers of plain pressed
and vitrified clay brick
Pensacola Brick Co Capital 25
000 Manufacturers of sandlime I
brick I
Escambia Land and Manufacturing
Co successors Jo The Skinner Man
ufacturing Co Capital 200000
Manufacturers of lumber and shingles
The Daily Newspapers
The daily press of Pensacola I
Journal morning and The News af
ternoon have done yeoman service
during the past year in the dissimina
tioii of inforrautlon about Pensacola
Pensacolas Growth
In my Jastannual report the follow
Ing was embodied I
That Pensacola is growing and
rapidly too boh in population and
building is so obvious to the most
casual observer that it may be super 1
fluoits to mention the fact here j
In the absence of an annual or
even biennial census however it Is
impossible to state the exact increase
in our population during the past year
or in fact during the period which has
elapsed since the last national census
and likewise it is impossible to state
with any degree of accuracy the extent
of activity in the building trades dur
ing the year 1903 for the reason thai
the building ordinances of the city arc
laeliugin the very essential feature
of requiring builders 10 procure from
building Inspector which Very Im
portant office is from a practical
standpoint also unprovided for in the
ordinances a permit for the construe
tion of any character of buildings
therefore no authentic record of this j
Industry is kept But an inquiry at f
tho several rental agencies of the
city with which there are practically
no houses listed for rent is convinc
Ing proof that Pensacola Is now a city I
of nearer 25000 than 20000 Inhabi
tants while an interview with any of
the building contractors doing busi
ness here will develop the fact that it
is necessary to import from cities at
a distance mechanics in all lines to
keep pace with the tImes
While as staled above there is no
authentic data obtainable from whjch
I am enabled to compile authentic
figures of our exact present yearly in
crease In population nor statistics
from which to compile our annual In
crease In buildings t believe that r
am well within the bounds of trutli
when I slate that our present rate of
increase in both are ruite ten per
cent which wllhplace Pensacola at the
period of the nexE national census In
r n t
Continued on Sixth Puee
All Diseases of the
Kidney kidneys bladder and
ney urinary organs
Also catarrh heart
disease gravel dropsy
AND rheumatism backache
female troubles
I Backache C
I ure
I Dont become discouraged There Is a cure for you If necessary write Dr Fonnor
Be has spent a Iifotizno curing just such cases as yours All consultations FEEE
I Suffered for 10 Years with j
Backacheand Kidney Trouble
Omaha Neb Feb 41903
Dr M II Fenner Fredonia N Y
Dear Doctor I have suffered for the
past ten years with backache and kidney
trouble and have tried a great many of
the most prominent physicians in Boston
fIi vfy and Omaha and all the patent medicines
4 I heard of in hope of receiving relief
f j1t J 70 L 2 Finally seeingyour ad I purchased a
fl itA bottle of your Kidney and Backache Cure
w r I wish to thank you for the benefit
1 ff13 f l 1 1 received for after using only two bottles
V 1 A IIJ r Z J I am entirely cured having no pain or
r 1 t I 1 ache of any kind Sincerely Yours
Miss Alice McDonald
2954 Harney St
rSold by Druggists 50c and SI Get Cook Book and Treatise on
the Kidneys FEEE M M Fenner M D Fredonia Y
I U f r
Is the time for forming good reso
lutions and there is none that a
z 1 4t man can make with more credit to
I 9 himself than to resolve to be well
ii dressed No man can be well dressed
1in 4 4 whose clothing doesnt fit hjm Re
I 4 solve to go to an artistic tailor like J
iS1 Mendel and you will get satisfaction
M as well as style fit and hang with
q your garments
r lI
J Mendel
COPyRier P 28 E Government Street
> gii mHtt
3 Monday ningJanuary 9th at 8 Oclock
9 and 13yard pieces lOt 12M and 15 cents yard By the
piece only
Ladles and Children Sweaters at special prices for the
next week It will pay you to see these as Winter weather
has just cosftaiencedV
Nev Gingham and Percales to arrive in the next few days j
mplete line Fays Stockings just received Every pair
Green Watson
j1 lMi X
+ tt + + + + + + + + + +
I Portland Cement I
i Lime and Brick t i
4 4
i Saunders Mill Company
J R SAUNDERS President W C MACKEY SecXTreas i
vf Phone 717
± oensacola Florida 4
< < + + + o > >
Three Car Loads 1
Buckeye Buggies and
Studebaker Wagons
have just been received and can be seen at our
warehouse 15 B Garden street These wagons
and buggies are the best made an are fully V
guaranteed 1
I Pensacola Buggy Works J
1Ir 15 East Garden Street Phone 57 f >

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