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fit a Joufmd
iWtJt Yeckly Su
TLLXt L KltM Pnasa AI awa AiL Y I xxaas I
fit iMtM J 9 l j 0 Wek IS
lntM 1 5 1h1IIt 111Nlatt p fiI H
jlectl ea lIIaat alt 1M1n iiiuaddw
plLesah16 8M nt ltt < at CevcssasK liteeet
l0l W g
1 it
rs Mae pensacola Jacu1 fa eM 1
sale at tile foUowtIIC piaoM Ia i
t the clq t
day HefMII d
cn dent 8ttsre d
oa D Jlm ra Stand i
tl < ehetu Mah Iwst
tr lasrrLLwis dataa d
Isatikrrr 1WIIIL 1
YIuIIs JIoek Kw I
ar W I c Parlor
f WllI111h1Ms Im thew d
r WaNas a desk Ilbrt I
0 l
InformaUoa leas raobeti ftIe JSur I
ray that soave aaudwtblU MmU tM
been attatpdC te atrake NMMtotM
for the paper The ottiy stltorbe
collret w rsprMnsesttag T P tt01y
Journal k tM city slot a F I 1
aTd W Ilhe p Oar C1Il nu J Rj
f3ryan aM Needle Addsstialt M Lisa
to pay eo others as hair roMpta will
Dot bP AIHII d Itoe no
Lot pay the cII1wa ne are tad
ntbort88d to collect 1Dney fer The
Journal PayIlNllse b lacy I
Mn tMa tMIIe wbttaS tumSes N
abIIeriberl rIIIk 1
p ea are ride at
lisragerCtrchtbs I
tdit > W I
lIt v
aMrrrwtrt M
Be 3eurrml yeAsfday tMN7iMt
liealtk Oear Jos Y albseM
t 11ft e1s to tidal very wtlfeilt
aonrpe of it 111 die telec n 11
wWc Ter ioariI 111pNe to Att Jilt
In Ue eMW rusrII tM tteea t
the tttate balth bond p Stiby Dr
Pcmr IetMr k as Is
Ioaeesalal Oboe
aate Hoard 9l Heald 411
PeR00l Florida Ndr t1lli
Mitor PeeMcola h 1
Ion titer most aulatetttolia I of
t aostii of tIM oot1
ftciela e of 8tfte 13ssltk Boarft bi
t that the Florida tte oa
dall hM1t ue Pesaook situation
fdlleut ptshidg 110 tile GaeIal 04W
eraaent for aadalance you aYe M
oowM rptt that tM PaJIe
Health sad Karfae Royltal S ace
baa eacls J patrolled tie barbot or
Peastieola aDd adlaeedt waters bsa > r
Ing the bole acaew at Uae taaeae
rand lass 0 etJ kbMOJ ID
e Dt4eatjoa Camp ear lleOuld I a
this eosuty tDr UIe NIIIf ef MllJlf
or PnMh wM deatrr die MSS tics
rite ud CO to neigbborhit 1tat a1
wI as to otter pdnta III FlorIda
Assistance hM also bees eMea
t cry genero ly to the ttaa Board of
Health of Florida la taM lest of teats
for quarantine inspection Mrfice of
trains on the state Uae ttr the Marine
Hospital Mwiee aad ta pttttlat
h e 08 of OMIp PP1ry sat Ute norMa
state line Marra Rivenaa an
tiOD station and clap of dteti
Mien 1Dr uup cts attpltle to ptss
1rfU u stabr wltboat proper iddtt
acatioa ear
mess attttoaa sad ftlable co
operative t both ba csalaat yet
kw fever to Paeaaacola add III pre
fIat1q eatrttnce 01 tie ddisetse
throb ably inteebsd persoaa in
to other parts of the tatMs bas been
and la t1U peatl appredatd by tile
Ftllte Boult of IhaIdt 01 ilflorlda aaw
1 fl that It is oaly se0laaary to b
+ It YOUI atttJoa to as mleatlDaa1
otnon of wt ter ice 0It tM tsar
of he Geaera1 Oovernmsdt tbrbuel
rlaeotOeaaanh Wyatt to bsvt
M given wbere this justly due
i am eaeeecltqly grsimf of to yo1I
1M the tar ttalartioa of tlae
ifffor of UI Florida itNk Hoard ot
BMIh in btbalf of tate people or
JIonda panJeulan nukes die dlspo
btba K from we sources in
tit city to tabqots aleeoatrue aad
lain tllllW even set eft Ole baaJ1t
ftala ta tbefr eadav or to rid the
dt or YT ucola fnIa the inffICtioD
If renew fever
VeT truly
Staff Health ICtT
Dr Pottlea F letter Boat credit to
hii seams fill fairness aDd to Ute old
MIDime t or giving honor to wbom
bettor III he TIle bailor patrol u
the Ptention chap buys both beet
the rabb manasevt aM they ban
i of Rrtat a5SistUCf to the citi
rT aD to tH state board 01 health
1 Joanaa1 takes p easore in aeCOrd
tat with Dr Porter proper appre i
ciaUoa ot tile aid tal111abed from tht i
OeorrC Bernard Shaw who wrote
Ute play Irs Warrens Profession
NCently suppressed by the New York
lichee says te would be willing to
slide by a verdict of women 00uak1
sting tM bad rep tat ioIa of tile plJ
It 18 doubtful it a veTQct of an
twelve 1f0lDtlD who could he induce
to witness It would have any great
tonight with the general public
Trcitae at Gcnnaas
i a the South I
Difteloa PMenger pat J W JAr
Mn of the Lottaville aDd Mubvme
tauroad hu received a letter from
the nm VicePreaidemt of the road i
tDOtiac cablegram printed reeently
Ilk The Jlerltqer Tacpblatt a claU
tsewapaper of Berlin Germany tD re
gaN to aUon to the Unite
Mates b1 wkleh there 1 a IllaDderoael
statement qa1nst Ole South
The cablegram was sent from Ne
York and was as tolbwe
hew York Juy st tto5Prlyate
lecramTbe emlaraUoa broiLe
die record last year with 1017fn I
per Aatrla Hungary baa lbe
largest Dumber then follows Italy
Roam Great Brttam and lkwuaa1
rig The Morgan Journal warns t1le
enDaas DOt to emigrate t tit
iodtbera States as they are forM
to work b7 avohr send are tnaWl1
wore tb tdsve
Ala Is a only a s1u4w oa th
oats b It s 0 maakiaally GI
peso to the achte eoaatisu as tMJ
lust here that It calla for ImIH4Iate
attflatJoli frOm eYy IIOBQtft rtewa
paper and every southern Interest
be IIoTCOG leuftaal s published b
Lew Tort and it bay a wide clreu
ion among the German people cod
fegabtl a statement ct tbe kind at
bilRlted to it will save amiss or eM
lduce with them
loch a statement eoDld tot be tile
cult of a mistakeit Ion a deliberate
attempt to prejudice German settlers
igainat the oath and to injure thll
action for the ptlrpose of baUd1q
ap 8 other section
It ta a fact well known to anyone
wbo knows aathlng about It all
hat lawabidn ID4altrtoul IraBit
pants of every nationality are
IIOt well treated In the south
tut they are eloome4 here
Everywhere aDd at all Ua
be south In fact wants theta and In
many places special inducements re
Id out to get them to locate here
There awe thousands of Germans I
Gated ia the south and there are sev
I eral almost exclusive GeIlllD settle
lent here They are amongst oaf
tIeat ettt bd they baTe done a
IaIP part In building up Ute pros
eroul Industries of this section
The tattalDelit of the Morgan Jour
al about the treatment of Germans
In tb sooth Is repudiated by every
rmaa clt1eD In the soothe states
ad that fact ould be put prominent
r before every person w1Icma the New
ark paper libel is likely to reach
of inflsuee
If the balance of the state wants to
eee a sample of the opposition whlet
has bees aooadsd the state health
alldal since tile fever was d18eoY1
eel m Peaaacota all that is necessary
It to take a Ialoe at OM copy 0 the
Daily News Happily however very
Sew people either In or out of P8DB
oola read the News
U a 11 the GIIela connected iD no
non ways with the Panama Canal
I project could be madE to take a shoT 1
el sad get to work 011 the Qtch In 1
stead 01 apadlag their time 1Jt1
lag red taPe and engaging ba talk I
fMta the work coald easily be nom I
pleted In a few years
Th Tampa Tribune boats that I
amps bas more Dtombi1es than any
city of its size in the United States j
Strange Wf havent noticed an In
crease in the Tampa dcah rate i
14 ik
WM ft HEARST it 1
i of AI SPEAKER tit
i Ci
i Atlanta News
I i
I T ose who have been aenstomed to
objEct tJ Mr HeatJ because be could
I not make a speech WIn bate an Of
portult now to discover nor other
obstacle la the way of 4IoiatJ Jutlee to
I I t1lls remarkable man I
There was a stony during the war
of a Oonfederate soldier who after 1
ODe of the fiercest bottles of the stru I
tde remarked to one of his cctmrad
They JaY that these Yankees dont I
I know how to tight Wen maybe they
ciont but they are learning how dn
i inst
futAad 0 Mr Hearst if he has not I
known law to speak before he 15 i
learning bow rut enough to aatUy I
call those who are interested In him
either one way or the otherHe il I
I five speeches i
making on an average
level night sad by the published r
i ports of them they are cracking good
I speeches at t
And he is making ODe ot the most
remarkable campaigns ever wltneM4
In this 81e of remarkable campaigns
j When he acceptrd the DOmInation tor
mayor by the Municipal League it
would have been dUftcutt to bae I
found in New York a mnft venture a
prophecy ot his election BGt Jae tat
to work with that immense force and
direct courage which is the essential
part of his character and has 01
ised a campaign which has literally
set New York OIl ilre
The betttas which was once thr
to ODe against him is now even ad
the are t10a Ie that he will be th
favorite ia the polls before the clole
of the week
For ace ita their lives the mat
ot the people have realized ia time a
real friend and the opportunity to
e him and the common people In
New York ate practically solid for Kr
Hearst But beyond this be Im
modss support al aoeg hd l
and aristocratic element wIao Nt fA
I candidacy the only poaMdar way to
defeat Ttimsmny Nall
Mr Hearst goes Into the cam11Il
with his uatta1 mayaitceat Uberaltt7
and for the legttImte etpenp oKi
to dapUcattl team his owes pocket a7
contribution made either by ladtri4u
ale or committee engaged ta his cafe
paIp Whatever may be the result at H
ballot ou the 7th of November tit
muck Is lUre tlaat WIIhIam SdOIP 11
Hearst Is to be 1mIDeuetr araer
more influential and a more mdTeraal
b respected maD than e bas eYet
been before and that la t popaJr
regard he has 8CtCe1 a rift amoa
the millions 4f the eat metropolis
A Bear rrewi tile Prehl1 terre BarT
Jag kfa sa of Ragielrlid
Ia Boauirstsb1 anti may H
MIa aatny burowIt pJa
of prehistoric mtg xoac a lIP
wbh eta hep ltt tC vledoeeror Ute
bate nag bsata alit wt 1
t 0 it were doe
Sic eoslteton an t a iII Sapand prim
Nl eatan and Wyaas bsafats lived h
aunt in this xegiasl
At the etitraace tot awes the
tbodglaet eW 1 skis kept ArM
ilearnig for rr in ad fer proteetlo
ilreae the wIN blatls It wu here t1IIrt
flay made A1ns hatta Ii knives aDd
anvwtMadL Met Jolt epO a trench
tree being dug wtdda the atth of oat
8ft tII dares tel tMIMIt1 of drd
It win found neeesry to break lip a
datkguatte ftooJ fIl two thick layers
Otwnn the lm ne a 1hpotItt of
aft earth a4 attates 1 whtda WU
4IIteoTereti Ute 0bo lit a man et
ret y great atlqalt7la as ea
state of preservation With It were
tcn1114 several that knives d lake
Expatb who maim eareta1 exudaa
tIoD fit the tkaIlWIdtia rata proJect1Dc
cows and recedi tttal boa have
deddecI that It belongs iO the 1I age
a4 1 ot a type lotsrmdt between
tbe paIeoUthk iM tesUtMeages
dppaten tl7 the body JIM been placed
tit a sendII pesraee Nsdltae et from tH
treat passages a the etislsectta eaves
aDd had been presen d been clltlt
pee DT stones ice aroitsd It TIM
tulagmite door lad formed over It aU
ctaalb pnRMiac Jt to the present
myHarpers Weekly
TIle GerflItt rerfc1ll Aras rlktke It
a PeAhlWe Fee
Flab 1bUD tr a moet JtOPdat speutt
111 m1D TIM two lab trabMtl from
I the qe of six month te sgbt an
I placed ID a laipb It 18
I most eurtot to note sack fishs attl
ade when it beC4wes WaN 0 1m a41
ll7 presence Sa tIM bottle SwwiI
lac with rage ad pdM they sail
round and atoned tile MftOW apace
pNtadiac not to notice each other aa
ftl nddeDly one fish make a atvttgt
tart at Its unwelcome companion hIt
lug tt fins aDd bo TIN bt coetin
gar atl1 the referee sees that the tests
k DO leagerr In doubt wbs Ute coats
ill stopped
Horse ae either thfJr teetk 01 their
hoofs as a mode Df defeueo A carton
Instance of tile effctivease of tlte
wsmp once seearred at abefield
park A bulldog harkiag and at1lng
dHelt a horse turned loose around Ad
around a meadow DOt with angry J
tent bat purely from tEZeess of hIP
spirits After galloping oncI the
Held several UIdM tile horse stopped
dead and t abarp around
lashed out at the yelping dog with a
fatal result for Its 1In WM doves
The gorilla ill a moet toaibable op
ponent in battle its greet strength Jr
1D 111 its powerful ar Jw animals
0It die forest haft the Hgkad ebnos
of overcoming a gorilla A python bu
been knotty to encircle lt coils around
tM gorilas body only however to
have its on body torn oven by Its ad
versary hands
u 4
Those who ilven furnishel
S roamb9fJe homes are with
I In other homes are aid to tie i
I Qe tgoM Independent in tile is I
world They are not tied
down like other people
When they cease to like th i
it people ar01Qld them the e
f move
4 If the neighborhood Is too
noisy Or the location too far
out Or the vlew weuI them
or the service Is bad or there 5
If ia too little privacytlae
Publhlh a Room Wanted Ad I
Nt ue pr r
spend d efft1l1C reading the I
replies 3d and look at a few of
the places offered make a de I
if dillon pack their trunks and
4 move
11 The wonder Is that anyone
11 who lives in a home within a f i
N home should be content with
v a POOr one when one want ad
will bring offers of scores of
No the most desirable ones in the
> whole city
What Is a Homwthlnahome if
without Want Advertising av i
I w jf
I Jacksonville Metropolis d
st 7
Ii > H tl ahti tlttlE4i
I Commercial men who travel Flor
ida report that everTth1Dc Is prepay
ing fOr a busy season this winter in
tbe state Already many hotels and
boardl g houses closed during the
ummer are opening and help aITI
iq There are II many visitors In
i the state it ported finding a
copping place for Ute winter Some
alto did not gat suited u to location
alt winter owing to the crowde
ooa41tlons are oa hand early thil
lesson to pt their chOice of places
Mo8t el those now OIl hud are old
ten and rromeu whr eeek Cast anc
comfort ad a JeJeue from the cold
weather NOtt
If there Is a better place that
lIortda for theae old people it laas
lever 1re dltiltxiered They find re
peas from htaneess cares nolae and
the biting r of now and lee
rhey call speji most or the season
oot Of dootl taiJIO ve and crest DO
be perfectly tai against harm or
ku11M comthsrttkMi also tell the
KMropolta act Aere WJlI be plenty
or oranges any grtapefruit to satisfy
11 demands llispelatly 18 this the
se with
The KlF are good and
Florida be the Mecca of
t boy tPCb bY amt
at tt ttwa ys be the Xeeea
a tit t der People who
rsbt to J eusetder say It
wU Cllr AIJIfOr elvttloer torn
trttlid MI coin so lit wetter
else nett ittdt c Callfonaia can
+ eafr sties to that of
r OJt v tIeqMpL at the Wine
n eJ kaoftYtUe Jelterday
t the otA cit California were J
ttaud Dd fQ onir good orange he
ad Vs t6tttfd dote from a Florida
tree t
I It II the MIme with aU prodnets 0
UI oIltbe best tobei hM and
inch oIIt to be had4the entire
yeu Cauato abip climate and piety
01 good wholesome native fruit and
Teptablee ahqua Induce all to come
kere and enjoy them I wen as quiet
ud restI
Tetanus ei ss tt Is popularly called
lockjaw ftO cme of Its moat dlstress
Iac chiie6111sUcs s a very torrakla
bye dleeat tip the nervous qatem NI
collier In tt and Kltato 1Ia 1
bare provwl It to be i InfeCtive dh
I ease produced by tIHt JaOCOau of
the rulD8tlekbd lM Aa Its favoNt
haunt lathe earth the disease Is IDs
trequemt1 induced 1ft wounds wMeh
haTe been eGDtamll b1 soil It ta
marked by ibv0uhtary petWbtet aD4
painful fraetiOM of lID exteMITe
group of muscles and usually begin
with tIt tit the MS tile JAWS and
the throat tile patient having a teeul
far ftn4 smile the sardonic rIB
These gettesa ore found to multiply 10
callu die parts affected but not In
DT other tMlrt of the body 01 blood
A well known artist Was once ea
gaged span a sacred plctDre accordiq
to XUDb About People A very hand
some old model named Smith eat tor
the head of St Mark Artist and mod
el became great friend but when the
picture wa finished they lost sight of
ae another One clay however the
artist wandering aboUt the sookcical
gardens came upon his old mocJet wtth
a brew III his hand looking very die
colld Hulk Smith said he
You 4IoItt look very leery Wbat
are eN doing nor Well I aillt
doha much 8k and that a tart rID
engaged In these ore gardens acJNJt
SIl bout the belepbaut stables A DIN
oecylUon for one of the twelve apse
ties amt It sir
Once lalila 0e1lrt1tIt
Among the One Indhams at Tierra del
Fuego courtship is DOt precisely a ten
der ablr When the girl Is from a
friendly gr the gallant presents
her with Ids hunting bow It the girl
retarDa It b1 her own Jaaad It Is a lien
ot acceptance but If b1 the hand of n
maBlllet It Is a retuuL But refusals
are DOt common The petaevfId
brave watches for aD opportunity
which brtap him alone with the ob
ject ol his aafCtloDl He thee com
mands her to follow him with all speed
through the lush to his own temp
TH gtrM are pre to yield prompt
obedience for a disappointed suitor
may emphasise his displeasure by I1n
arrow dIrected lightly at the thigh or
It her ratTelit the especial vanity cf sri
l Ona belle
1attf Mf
fl 7E jf4 t jj
Lake City Exceted
We believe every town In Florida I
he eatern and I01Itheutern por
tion at 8stXOOItt Lake City hat ft
had a dengue epidemic Brer Carpenters
pentrrs attention II reapecttu1171
lades 4
called to tbi8Lake City I
S 0 e
The 4oYensore acfp
Ilydrtor John Collins baa the u
Ooveri aaeal banging at his belt i I
deesM tH Apalaehiooia Times Ui I
the Is a fact Collins hit should lilt
1ct8lafeOlecLArcHla News
i I
Pwwseabl to Election I
QuIte a little eommeat is heard favor I
able to balding a wet sae dry elects
in this county before lone It is pos
sl1 that a petition for each all eleb
tics will soon be cirC1 tee ant tlaeu t
preeated to the COIIIIty U1i51ioD I
erg tar further actloJLPaIa Beach I
Nsw I
e e
Doing the ca Act 1
The press Ie SOW c1Ihg pon Sec
retary Cortelyou to ripen his mouth
and utter the thoughts that arise in
him eat the luancial conduct of
i the late campaign for the presideDeI
of wh1eh he wag the manager But
i 11e i wt eoub to keep his month II
that It he confesses be rains his 1
party If lie lies Iae ruins tamaU I
I eIO dumbTampa Time
e e
i A QuIet The
I Slaves of the quill and the past
dot entEr Into our sanctum tad bear
the untoldlnl of a wondrous tale
f At the great lorids State Far to
be held in Tampa November 1L to 85
there going tJ be a Press Daud i
Its lOin to be a bummer
The date hasnt beEn announced yet
but rest ealY for well put you next
for one reson if for a other
tbere going to be something doing
In the elating line and for once In oar
Uyeli a square meal win be placed
In reach of all with a few liquid Ia 1
spirants of ancient Vintage on the
IdeIf charitable neighbors should send
In anything eatable beforehand dODt1
ouch It save your digestive organ
j for the evening of Press Day after
in He I
which we will all die happy
causation Of having QPr hunger and
thirst appeased once in life I
From present prospects we may have i
to sIt at the festal board with an I
ornery horde of Florida legislators
but a man nUlllt forget his lefty lest
on the tripod when the satisfaction of
his stomach is at stake especially
hen satisfaction comes at such rare
ntervals If YJr neighbor at the
banqnet happens to be a legislator
man with n desire to mte speeches
and devour food at the same tim
Just forget it and confine ourselves
to the menu from blue points to
reins de menthe I
And say there may be some tall
bingo on the Range
But this Ie on the deed Q T If
lUtytbhtC like this gets eet Msdttms
right tie you to the bedat td and
peep you at home
OwIng to lack of space we must
lose but we want to 9Qt fits at to
tRe tact that you tpustnt sips It
lams the word
Aleo and likewise
GmT BUSYTampa Tribune
See Rawtlst Cesttaiw t the Yen r
Weatiea ell > < atesM
Russian girls treq1l8latl7 amuse
themselves by tteD1ptI to dieeoTeI
what ort of husbands will eventuaUy
lead them to the altar A favorite
manner of doing this la b7 80 called
The girl who Is tired of a1Ilng1e life
sits In the mystic hours of the night
between tW large mlllOlL On each
tide she places a ands aDd then
eagerly watches until she caa see
lWeI ve redacted lights If the fates
are propitious she ought aJeo tl die
telD the husband she desires portray
ed III the glass bereft her
Another method of dIvination Is to
haft supper laid for two If the I
young lady iB in luck the apparition of I
the future husband will come and sit
down beside her but In Older to se i
I cure success the girl must not divulge
to any ODe her intention of thus at
tempting to dive Into futurity I
There t a story told to the effect I
that the daughter of a rich farmer
was in Joe wlh a young feutltlant I
and he suspecting that ub would
probably have supper laid for two
i climbed the wall ot the garden And i
sitting down by lr aide partook of I
the prepared banquet the girl being I
under the Impression that It was hIs I
1 apparition and not the reel simon pure I
On leaving the room V the odIcer for
I got his sword whiclJ he bad nnb skied j
before be sat down to sup The
pl Iodin the weapon after his departure
partu hid It in the cupboard a
I memento of the visitor
I Eventullly she married another
i suitor and be fancying that there was
some rival Who supp1b1ed him In his
I Wife affection and ODe day discover
j ing the word was confirmed In his
suspicions end killed her in a fit at
I 80metlmel the inquisitive husband
seeker will take a candle and melting
I the wax pour It on tile snow after
which she strives to discern III the
hardened substance the like of him
she seeks
A very favorite amusement wbeD
several girls are congregated under the
same roof 18 to divine by the aid of a
cock Each girl taking some cora
i I makes n small heap on the floor and
there conceals a ring The cba1lCfdeer
I 18 then introduced and Is let loaM be
Ildde the com plf1nty he begins t
peek at the heaps of Mn At l
ODe of the rings Is txposed to view
II wbeD its owner according to the popu
lar belief will outstrip her companions
in the race for matriIDonyCaSMlr
We have esta
cfica with Hytr Bros f at f8
East Government street and will
imbue our business there until
permanent offices can be secured
McDavidDyer Company
L Real Estate IBstIrlDiCC r
n If 1t a a
No 5d03
H I COVINGTN President M E CLARK Cashier
C W LAMAR VluPrealdent JNO PFEIFFER Ant Cashier
Capital Stock 200000 Surplus 0000
ox > oTORJ8
Henry 1 lact
I 1 Pfeil er
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First National Bank
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Citizens National Bank
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Offic I 29 East Garden Street Pbaae 7U
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