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DEbt 1enwiila Journal
i FRANK L MAYES President and General Manager
7j Jmj JJuIJluLjuv J
jH Ycarl 5 W Ono Month 45
Six Msta 2 i O One Week 10
Tfcre Mertfes 1 2i WeaWv Edition per year1
fO jVV fXrfrrUutrunjTja
The Only Pensacola Newspaper From Which a Detailed
Circulation Statement Can Be Secured
Offices 108 and 11O East I I Papers on Sale an Trains
Government Phone 38 and at all News Stands
t 1 I fJ
3tamp Canned Goods
With Date of Canning
The mggestbM CeRUF maGe ii
< MSIeIS during debate POB the p Ire
4 Mil that a geeraj law be paaeee
riiag that all ca Mdd goods b <
aap4 Kith the date of can iag
wfil eet witk general approval
ut the cottatry asd lias al
dMrF ooInMoaO by 8 large
MtMt I of Bewapftaers The Atlanta
1Mf eftdiNDoalty eadarseg the sw g
stGL 4 laM tbe foUowiag to say
Nlllthte to Ue daager to hwHMnity
i ifMM otieM goods kept ttaaed too
Wisen fruit vegetables or meats
1wut develop fenaeBtatfoa wader cer
T tata u udH1t im are MIt up ia tiitaeii
L oeM they are able to form acetac
t4 of tia which fe raak poteoa and
wfeea kept either ia tin cans or glass
I fare plomaiaae are ionsed which
J h werer harmless some may be cer
j WIaIJ act as a poison oa the human
L syst e ilea developed ia that way
r ea if boa products put up in
da e a or giasc were kept ia coW
L srge a chaage might take place in
r dMa ta Owe that would make then
R efOu eating tart kept as they
are hjr the grocer subject to changes
of temPerature from fey to day and
k oftea placed where it is high enough
i eame ferMeatadoa gad decay
there te a threat of sickness or d > ath
40 the ooaavaer in every caa or jai
diet 11M been on hand a long time
How long a tine it takes after they
rp put up to make them daacerous
t 4 oRs on the way they are handle
but certainly no one should be im
paeei < Mt hi 1Obyacaaputip in
1ttf IMM or even IMS If the date
fee nftnnniBil iato the can or jar the
q ouatonaei can ee for himself aad
Mile Me 9W 11 risk ia buying gool
of a doubtful character baoawse they
n 4W ace obeper
The true feoodJuck hind foot of a
i graveyard rabbit is that oC one killed
if by a essise7M redheaded nigger at
e julimght on the thirteenth day of the
p Tannin ta the dark of the moon with
a atfck once carried by a dead man
1t JBarmtngham AgeHerald
4 r Ta mafee the charm really effective
f in adttttion to the above spedftcatioas
i 1M thirteenth day oC the month S ouIl
4 1m M Friday aM the rtfebit should
IM Int knocked senseless with a
pt ee of the tombstone of a ama that
4 JIM been h ged If a thunderstorm
ir ifc ragtag alt the better
It wn the irony of fate that Presi
dent HoMeveKg favorite railroad rate
MM Should hare been placed ia the
Iltn4s nf his bitterest foe Senator
i i 11 h B to guide through the aeaate
Kh oueter prooeedlags agalast the
Otnadnrd 011 Co having been dropped
3 ibjr ttfte state of Kanea somebody ia
p 11 WMalter State will probably loom
a I UM in a 1t4tW atmoW1e before long
Judging lro the ramerks of the
pt G Mef1tGI Broward start
ot Bomotihing when he jumped on
tib aeminpaperg for crhicteing his
i Iu draimvge schema
OKeneral Leonard Weod eid ntlv
7 ibmle es that the only gwed More is
p ic ia dnnd one and upon that theory has
tramaferred N of them to the happy
Z bunttag grounds
It fe JIeW Bqgail that ooagreacionKl
I 9 is iiItvtha wkk 4 i4e
M ilaatMa t 811Otki1t e
1sat juhikcratwi with
The Owtno at Monte Carlo cleared
I uu tatet year Bo4m fth taadlng
tfc s cad that gereral gamesters are re
ported t have broken the bank
dcMMlResN H Issue of city
boadc Ibronght a premtoai of 4STJ
Ponoaeotas improvoaant beads oAt
to do futtr ae well
Pim proeant teitoatfcMS the oora
ilBt1 p Htical 0Ma pagm in Florida will
be luMr ac axofciag a game of old
Mnder M B Jwcik S
Tampa Times
From all over Florida comes cheer
ing reports of fine crop yields and
good prices The single exception to
t e rule comes from the more norther
ly lettuce fields This usually profit
able vegetable is not shipping well
this season a new disease halving
made its appearance Shortly after be
ing cut the leaves wilt and droop as
if scalded spoiling the plant for mar
ket Heary losses have been sus
tained The experiment station is
looking into the cause of the trouble
and seeking 8 preventive It would
perhaps be as well for our people to
g a little slow on lettuce until the
trouble disappears or is overcome
This is however the only exception
to the story of agricultural prosperity
in south Florida
Proofs are steadily piling up that
there is easier work and better money
in farming in soutii Florida than in
any section of the country It takes
less money to begin operations
smaller expense is necessary in pro
viding a comfortable home land is
cheaper the climate permits labor in
the field every daylight hour in the
year except for occasional showers of
rain and altogether the conditions are
superior to any spot in the world In
case of individual failure the fault is
with the man and not with the soil
ant climate
The sale yesterday of the celery
from less than half an acre of ground
for SS0 affirms what the Times has
been preaching to the people of this
vicinity for years Small patches of
t uck rich fertilizing intense cultiva
tion these should be the rule Sup
pose a man had this season cultivated
two acres divide into strawberries
celery lettuce and cauliflower He
would have marketed at the least two
thousand dollars worth of stuff at a
net earning of fifteen hundred dollars
This is quite amply pay for the lime
I of ODe ipan for six months It is ad
mitted that the returns will not be
uniformly so excellent for each and
every season but they will come very
close to it tree times out of four
One main trouble is that our farmers
in the garden truck line undertake to
spread out too much with the result
that they do not prepare their ground
properly they do not fertilize enough
nor cultivate thoroughly Five acres
te enough for any man to superintend
in this section and he has to have a
keen eye if no spot or comer of it
gets awy from him
Memphis CommercialAppeal
Very few Americans realize the ex
t Dt of that antaiispeafcing world
which latterday American diplomacy
has brought into such close proximity
to this country We are one and all
prone to believe as we speak We
refer to the countries to the south of
ue as banana republics as vol
caaic nations and we are sadly un
I derestimating what these countries
represent For instance Hubert M
Skinner in the National Magazine in
describing the extent of the Spanish
speaklBg world says
The Spanishspeaking world is
muck lavger than the Frenchspeaking
and Dearly as large as the German
speaking There are perhaps fifty
million of people in all who make use
of the French language and seventy
millions all told who speak German
in some of its forms There are prob
ably sixtyfive millions or more who
I speak SfMEish aDd if we include
with them those who use the closely
related Portuguese the number will
bb about eightyfive millions
And this large Spanishspeaking
world is growing both in population
and in wealth la birth rate as far
as can be learned it is larger than that
oc the United States and second only
to that ot Germany I
Mexico has worked a marvel for it
HIt Chile is a good second to Mexico
an Bionos Ayres ia the Argentine
iS a city at a m Hon soul twice the
size of Madrid and wonderfully busy
with warehouses elevators wharves
and all the implements of modern
Nor is this Spanishspeaking world
a something that can be absorbed
No race element is more persistent
in maintaining its individuality W is
practically ineraxrfcaible and it is one
of the possibilities of the future that
it will be found standing up as a re
sisting power against the dominance
of the AngloSaxonTeutonic combina
tion These people are beginning to learn
the strength in union They are learn
ing too something of the science of
selfgovernment and it is by no
means chimerical to fancy at no very
distant date this Spanishspeaking
world solidified with a federal govern
ment something similar to our own
When that day shall come there will
be two world powers on this conti
nent and the weaker of the two will
not be without formidable power i
3 a 3 > I 3 > 3 9vvv
7qrlioI ga f M itH3 < < < < li Offtau
3 5 I
f 3iS If
Wouldnt It be Delightful
The drainage of the Everglades
may be impracticable with the means
at hand it might be unprofitable in
any event But it would possibly be
the part of wisdom to experiment a
little around the edges If it should
get dry and burn off down to the rocks
as has been solemnly affidavited of it
we would have a magnMcent inland
fresh water sea that would banish the
surviving home of malaria serve the
purposes of navigation supply us
with scenery unsurpassed in beauty
and make the water front lots the
home of all the multimillionaires of
the north It is really too
bad not to believe that it
would burn Just picture the
whole landscape converted into wan
dering streams placid lakes gentle
islands in short a sort of a shaved
off Switzerland If we could only be
lieve the muck would burn to the
rocks below we would be an enthus
iastic advocate of inageTampa
Interest In Politics
The indications are that in this
county this year there is going to be
a very active interest taken in politics
by men who ordinarily have been quite
willing to let matters of this kind go
as they may This does not mean
necessarily a bitter campaign but it
does mean that good officers all
around will be selectedDeFuniak
St ClairAbrams Announces
Hon Alfred St dairAbrams of
Taveres has announced himself as a
candidate for State Senator from Lake
county He is one of the brilliant
public men of the state and his can
didacy will be watched with great in
terest by his many friends in all sec
tion of Florida
An Underground Lake
A few days ago G E Whtehurst a
farmer near Kynesville while cutting
stalks over land which he had culti
vated for the past seven years sud
denly found his mutes submerged in
a lake or spring of water the crust ot
earth having given away underneath
One of the mules being unable to
touch the bottom at all supported
himseK by clinging to the solid earth
with his head and neck while the
other could just barely keep his head
above the water by standing on hind
Mr Whitehurst by use of his knife
quickly freed the poor animals from
harness and after hard work with
help in about two hours succeeded in
safely landing them
Six feet of water still marks the
spotMarianna TimesCourier
Yellow Journalism
When we hear people talking of
yellow journalism we wonder if
they know what they are talking
afoout The New York World supplied
most of the evidence that aroused pub
lic indignation against the insurance
grafters yet it is stated that the yel
low papers have dogged those fel
lows out of business The Washing
ton Times exposed the postofiice graft
ers six months before official action
was begun Newspapers that get the
news and place the facts before the
people are called yellow and half of
those who use the term dont know
why they use Gainesville Sun
Big Terminals for Tampa
The Seaboard Air Line Railway Is
preparing to carry out its promise
made to the people of Tampa some
time ago that as soon as there wa
reasonable assurance of deep waiter at
this port it would put in extensive
terminals bere
The work of obtaining deeper water
under the continuing contract appro
priation made by congress has been
in progress for some time and the Sea
board has now taken actual steps to
ward the expenditure in terminal im
provements here of at least 300000
In this morninfes Tribune appears
the articles of incorporation of the
Tampa Terminal Company which is
composed of local business men but
which is in fact a corporation organ
ized by the Seaboard Air Line for the
purpose of building its termnals
The company will use the Sea
boards capital in carrying out the
railroads plans for extensive deep wa
ter terminals on Grassy Island the
property recently purchased by the Sea
board for this purpose
The company is composed of Peter
O Knight President F C Bowyer
VicePresident L J Cooper Secre
tary and W R Fuller Treasurer
Mr Knight speaking of the com
pany to a Tribune reporter yester
day stated its object as above given
and said that no time would be lost
in beginning actual work on the ter
minals The plans have been pre
pared for some time and there will be
no delay In the good workTampa
< >
Jacksonville TimesUnion 4 4 < >
+ + + t44 + + + +
If we must take Governor Brwoard
seriously we can only conclude that
the drainage scheme rests on two pil
lars only
1 Wo must dig ditches because we
are bound jt > y contract with the
National Government so to do and
2 We must drain tha Everglades
because we ned sugar
On request the attorneygeneral
will inform the governor we are
bound to settle and develop the lands
as well as drain them and the courts
have ruled that the development is
the essence of the contractthat the
state complies with her coutracc
when she develops by building roads
as well as by digging diches Now
it would be a waste of money and la
bor to dig ditches on some of the
swamp and overflowed lands ince
they are already high and dry it
would also be a waste to ditch such of
them as we could not develop In
the latter class would remain and
must long remain by far the greater
portion of the Everglades even if
ditched and otherwise available since
we have not the men and women to
settle them To comply with our con
tract it is not necessary to ttfig ditches
so says the Supreme Court there
fore this argument fails to uphold the
claim of the governor
Neither would the digging of the
ditches enable us to supply ourselves
or the rest of the world with sugar
The governor figured that the estimat
ed cost of drainage would make the
cost per acre of drained land less
than the cost of clearing hammock
land of timber thats so But a com
paratively small proportion of the
drainage area is fit for cane culture
and to saddle the fit with the cost of
the whole would make the cost prohi
bifive since we have other lands just
as fit that nvoulo cost less Nor does
it follow that cane culture would be
come a great industry because of the
opening of the Everglades to settle
ment since we have a vast acreage
of land fit for iboth settlement and
cane culture that is not planted to
cane We believe and have often said
that Florida should produce sugar
and plenty of it but we can do so and
will do so when we have a sugar plant
ano not when we drain the Ever
glades If a modern sugar plant were
placed in any accessible locality there
would grow up a great sugar indus
try in Floridato our profit and the
infinite advantage of the country bu
the best results are to be secured
from the combined efforts of many
small planters and not by taxing the
small farmers to set up a great plan
taiion In a corner of the state
For ibecause of the conditons sur
rounding it the Everglades sugar
plantation will be owned and manage
from a central pointnot otherwise is
the best management possible Some
man or corporation with money to
put up a plant to ditch into the canals
and to take proper precautions against
fire anai to buy steam agricultural in
plements must ultimately if not imIne
diately crowd out the small planter
with his mule and oxen his plows
and his children for laborers The
costly plant and implements the
heavy work and the distanceS to be
traversed make the big sugaij planta
tion a necessity in the the Everglades
let such a corporation or man do the
ditching as well as the planting
make the sugar as well as grow it
There is money enough in the coun
try and the picture drawn by the gov
ernor is rosy enough lo enchant the
business audiencelet them heed
Governor Bloxham made a beginning
which wouL have done all Governor
Broward promises but for bad Tan
agement and the death of Mr Diss
Meantime why not put the money
in roads by way of development as
was wisely done in the past Why
not help the small farmer by some
means that would secure a sugar
plant and offer him a market for his
cane and sirup as his real friend
would seek to do Sirup worth one
hundred thousand dollars is now held
toy small farmers within the territory
tributary to Jacksonville and the pro
ducer cannot get his money because
there is no market for him short of
New Orleans let the governor solve
that problem for the benefit of the
poor man and we will arise and call
him blessed whether he views the
TimesUnion with contempt or not
The Sunny Side of Life I
c of
Helped Himself IB n Position to Know
EphnUm Say Jim how many cigars That fellow is always talking learned
docs yo smoke a day ly about bank clearings Does he know
JimDat jIst depends on how many anything about such matters
times de boss goes out He ought to be sweeps one out every
He Couldnt UnderatJinrt
Acquired by Marriage Willie Say pop I thought one and one
HookerHe has a will of his own they always made two
say Papa So they do
Looker Yes It came to him with his Willie Well the preacher said when sla
wife wa married that these two are one
tcc Ik I fft I
14 hi
rL4r rv I t IA I
i1b1 H
He Didnt Linger He Want But He Did
FerdyI asked old Slambang for his Staylaijrht You a mind reader Hal ha
daughters hand and he asked me tOTmlt Til put you to the test What am I think
PercyWell thats encouraging How Ing about now
long did he want you to wait Miss Weerle You are thinking of start
Ferdy Well he mentioned five minutes tog for home at once
till he could get his boot on but I bolted
5 c
I b You can trust a medicine tested
l years Sixty years of experience
F 0 r T n I n of that Experience with Ayers thin Sar
saparilla the original Sarsaparilla the
Sarsaparilla the doctors endorse for thin
Poor Blood blood weak nerves general debirtv
0 or 00 We fitrcooitfrtts W pablbh j htjr
tle ftWiBtu If an 0111 edldles Laci1 co
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned will apply to the Honorable
Napoleon B Broward1 Governor of the
State of Florida at Tallahassee
Florida on the twelfth day of April A
D 1906 for letters Patent incorporat
PANY und er the following propos d
charter the original of which is now
OIL file In the office of Secretary of
State of the State of Florida
s lo hereby make application for
Letters Patent incorporating us and
our associates into a corporation in
accordance with the laws of Florida
under the following Charter
The name of the corporation shall
and the principal office and place of
business Pensacola Florida with
branch offioss and places of business
at such other places as may become
necessary in the conduct of said busi
The general nature of the business
to be transacted shall ba the buying
an a selling of naval stores products
and dealing in such naval stores
products generally as factors and on
commission brokerage buying sell
ing and leasing timbered lands and
other real estate owning and operat
ing tramroads owning and operating
steamboats tugs barges schooners
and other vessels acting as agents
for others in doing any of the acts
and things herein mentioned and do
ing all other acts and things inci
dental and profitable to said business
The amount of capital stock shall
DOLLARS 50000000 divided into
shares of One Hundred Dollars
10000 each and shall be payable
in cash ipon the call of the directors
The said corporation shall exist for
ninetynine 99 years from the date
of granting Letters Patent to it
The business shall be conducted by
a board of directors said board to be
composed of not less than nine nor
more than thirteen directors as pro
vided by the bylaws a president two
or more vicepresidents as provided
by the bylaws a secretarytreasurer
and an assistant secretarytreasurer
The directors shall be elected annually
at the meeting of the stockholders to
ho held on the third Wednesday in
January of each year and the officers
shall be elected by the board of Ii I
rectors at a meeting to be held on the
same day Until the first election J
R Saunders shall be President J G
Pace ana C H Barnes Vicepresi
dents and J L Head Secretary
Treasurer and D R Saunders assist
ant SecretaryTreasurer and J R
Saunders J G Pace J H Pace R F
Mitchell C H Barnes John A
Ewing J B Newton J H Smith
wick W C Vereen W H Barber
and Buckner Chlpley shall constitute
the Board of Directors
The highest amount of indebtedness
to which the corporation can at any
time subject itself shall he One Mil
lion Dollars 100000000
The names residences and amounts
subscribed for by each subscriber are
as follows
J R Saunders Pensacola Fla
1000 shares 10000000
J G Pace Pensacola Fla 250
shares 2500000
J H Pace SPensacola Fla 250
shares 2500000
R F Mitchell Pensacola Fla 250
shares 2500000
C H Barnes Jasksonvllle Fla 250
shares 2500000
John A Ewing Lumberton Miss
100 shares 1000000
U H Smithwick Pensacola Fla 100
shares 1000000
W C Vereen Moultrie Ga 100
shares 1000000
W H Barber Moultrie Ga 100
chares 1000000
Buckner Chipley Pensacola Fla
150 share 1500000
J B Newton Poplarville Miss 50
shares 500000
D R Saunders Pensacola Fla 50
shares 500000
Total shares
fore mentioned subscribers have here
unto signed their names
State of Flori a
County of Escambia
Before the subscriber a Notary
Public in and for said State and
County personally appeared J R
Saumaers D R Saunders R F
Mitchell J H Smithwick and Buck
ner Chipley known to me to be the
individuals described by said names
and acknowledged that they executed
the foregoing instrument for the uses
and purposes therein set forth
Given under my hand and official
seal this 5th tdUy of March A D 1906
Notary Public
My commission expires FebruaTY 24
State ofFlorida
County of Dunral
Before the subscriber a Notary
Public in and for said State and
County personally appeared C H
Barnes known to me to be the indi
vidual described by said name and
acknowledged that hEk executed the
foregoing instrument the uses and
purposes therein set forth
Given under my hand and seal offi
4 M
cia this 3rd < tey of March A D i
Seal E B WELls
Notary Public State of FloPi
large My commission expire Ja
ury 27 1909
State of Mississippi
County of iPearl River
Before the subscriber a Notar p
ill and for said State and C
c > a
personally appeared John A E
known to me to be the individn7
scribed by said
name and aca
dged that he executed the
instrument for the uses and pi
therein set forth
Given under my hand and sea < c
cial this 26th ohy of Febuarv A
Seal J s LOVE
Notary Pu
State of Mississippi
County of Pearl River
Before the subscriber a X IT
Public dn and for said Sfa >
County personally appeared j
Newton known to me to be th
vidual described by said nan
acknowledged that he eXfIlfT
foregoing instrument for the
Ih t
purposes therein set forth
Given under my hand and r u II
oial this 22nd day of Februa s l
Seal Notary PJ M
Stat3 of Georgia
County of Colquitt
Before the subscriber a Xoa
Public in and for said State i
County personally appeared W
Vereen and W H Barber known i
me to be the individuals described
said names and acknow > d 3i I
they executed the foregoing in a
mont for the uses and PU t
therein set forth
Given under my hand and seat official
cial this 2nd day of March A D
N P Cobnut Co Ga
State of Georgia
Pulaski County
Before the subscriber a Xotar
Public J P Peacock personally a
peared J G Pace and John H Pac
known to me to be the mdiu < Ua >
described by said names and acknM
edged that they executed the fore
Instrument for the uses and purr
therein set forth
Given under my hand and sea r
cia this 6th day of March A D 1
N P P C Ga
In Escambla County Circuit Or
State of Florida In Chancery L
nie Thorsen vs The unknown hs
of John McCree and against all pro
ties claiming an interest in the WI
43 feet of Arpent lot 57 Old City
Pensacola On Monday the 25th d
of May A D 1906 the defendants a3
required to appear to the bill fi I
against them herein This ord r ri
be published once each week f
twelve 12 consecutive weeks inr
Pensacola Journal a newspaper i >
lished in said Escambia Count L
M McMillan Clerk Circuit Com
L G Aymard D C Pensacoa Fla
Feb 22 1906 24feboaw wK
Notice Is hereby given to all f i
I tors legatees and distributes r ir f
all persons having claims or 1
1 against the estate of Mrs Fan
livant deceased to presrn 1
claims and demands to the 111 I i
ed within two years from hi 1
February 24 A D 190 Mi
S Beard Fanny W Sullivan M
Sullivant executors > j
Sealed bids will be receIve I
Board of Bond Trustees of f
of Pensacola Florida from Fbr
26 1906 until March 28 19ui a 2
oclock noon for the purchase I f 1
or any part of Three Hundr T
sand Dollars 300000 rnp 0
ment Bonds of the City of Ppnw
Florida being of the denomiu n t
1000 each dated January
maturng January 1 1936 sui
the right of the City to r dEem afl I
all of said bonds at any tim A f t
twenty20years from the date 111
at par and accrued interest aTi
ing interest at the rate of ST r
cent per annum payable H D
nually The principal and in
offlfp ° r I
are payable in gold at tae
United States Mortgage ant T > t
Company New York
vuit 1 1
The legality oC the bonds
proved by Messrs Dillon k H I
of New York whose opinion 1
legality or a duplicate thprf
be delivered to the purcha H r
more than one purchaser fo
the purchasers The bond Wi J
engraved under the Buprn L
and certified as to genum < t >
J t
United States Mortgngc
Company of New York
Each bid must be milfJoo In < l ftla v
form furnished by the Ci anl nI
dl rttn
be accompanied by a <
check on one of the ban < > f the i
of Pensacola for two Zi PL ren
the par value of the bonl bil r
The bid should be in a P3ltrl < n
ope marked Bids for Imp Jm
Bonds and addressed o I IL 1
Board c B
Green President of the
Trustees The bid to be mni
must be received at th > offlf 0
Board of Bond Trustees In Pn > I r
Florida by or before 12 OCr
on March 28 1906 and ar Th >
place delivery of the bond X
made on April JO 190 at 2 0
p m The sale of said bonds i I
ject to approval by tbe City O
of the City of Pensacola and the r
is reseved to reject any or all oi
For further particulars addre
United States Mortgage and
Company or the undersigned
Chairman Board of Boad Tnii P
Pensacola Florid

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