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By J A Ormond
= = = = = c = = = = = = = = =
It is a matter of interest that Jack
snn county was one of the first four
s organized in the territory of
klorida and that it takes its name
from Old Hickory himself Indeed
rso early was its settlement that even
Tallahassee can scarcely show one an
t tiug it As early as 1S23 the fer
die Ends of the northern and east
era parts of the county were being
rapidly taken up in government grants
tad cash entries
Pure Southern Settlement
Since almost tho entire area of the
countpis tenable and the lands are
ate richest of those of any county in
the state great plantations were
cleared and many large planters had
eetdcd here even before Florida was
tedailttd to the Union Thus a pop
juatiou consisting of the best fami
lies of the South was established
The city of Marianna became an
important commercial center and en
Hoyicg fortunate location was from
the first the leading town in the fer
jtile district Here the families of
japans built theirhomes and founded
what has remained to this day the
parent Southern settlement in the
At the close of the war the negro
formed a very large part of the pop
ulation of the county and t < j the pres
ent has composed approximately one
Calf of the total number of inhabit
Large Attendance
The uniform fertility of the lands
tof the county causes the population
jto he evenly distributed This even
mess of distribution makes it neces
jfary to maintain a large number of
jjrhools for both races Thus it is
That Jackson county more than al
auost any other county in the state
fs prevented from consolidating her
schools with a view to either econ
cmy or improvement One hundred
cad thirteen schools 72 white and 41
Colored were operated in the county
9ust year enrolling 3442 white and I
j512 colored pupils or a total of 1I
i0ri4 and making an average attend
izne of 2159 white and 2591 col
ored or a totalof 4750 At the list
rpportionmont of state funds Jack
son ranked third among the counties
of the state in ont of average at
tendance being excelled only by Hills
jlcrough and Duval Twelve white and
itwo colored schools in the county
f itde an average enrollment of SO
per cent of the total enrollment thus
entitling them to two months extra
ivnier the legislative appropriation of
Better Schools In Order
Lately there is beginning an awaIt
trning of sentiment in favorof better
I schools and school > houses and long
H termsTo this end the people will
at an early date demand an increase
la the levy for schools from the pres
ent one of 5 12 mills to the maxi
mum of 7 This same sentiment has
= = = = = 0 0 = =
caused the creation of 11 special tax
districts and the projection of others
Marianna is so situated geographi
cally as to give it a great natural
advantage as the location of a good
high school Being in almost the ex
act center of the county and practi
cally the only town of importance
from Alabama to the Gulf it has for
years drawn students from emery
part of Jackson county and from the
three adjoining s
In the year 1851 Ta lot in the cen I
ter of the present city of Marianna
was deeded to five trustees who were
to establish thereon the Marianna
Male and Female Seminary of Learn
ing This was perhaps the first in
stitution of higher learning to be es
tablished in the state antedating as
it did by some fifteen or twenty
years the first state institution Con
tinuously sincethat time a high school
or academy has been maintained on
he same spot except for a time dur
ing the war when the schoolhouse was
converted into a hospital Four years
ago when the new high school law
took effect Marianna was one of tree
first schools to be recognized by the
granting of state aid for a senior high
Handsome New Structure
But though the school has been the
alma mater of agreat number of suc
cessful men and women andhas bad
the good fortune to number among
its principals some of the ablest men
in the profession etit has never
until recently received the consider
ation that it deserved the hands
= = = = = = = = = = = =
of its patrons That self sufficiency
and lack of progress too often found
in older settlements has caused to
be visited upon the third and fourth
generation the inconveniences in the
matter of an inadequate and poorly
equipped schol building A spirit of
extreme conservatism has controlled
the policy of school officials and the
sentiments of the citizens alike and
an almost pathetic horror of incur
ring municipal Indebtedness has pre
vented the taking of steps necessary
to the erecting of a schoolhouse com
mensurate with the wealth of the
city But the gradual infusion of new
blood into the citizenship and the
inevitable advance of ideas has
aroused the latent pride in even the
most conservative and so at last the
old shack that has been for so
long a monument to reflect discredit
upon every citizen of the town and
county is to be torn down and a
magnificent brick and stone structure
to be erected at a cost of 1700 Of
this amount 12000 was raised by
the issuing of city bonds and the
remaining fiOQO was appropriated by
the County School Board
With a house sufficiently large and
well equipped Jackson County High
School can not fail to become one
of the best secondaryschools in that
state Already its work ls accredited
in all the colleges in the country
having in thepast few years > had its
pupils successfully creditably en
tered in such institutions = the uni
versities of Florida and of Georgia
Mercer Southern Belmont Vander
I Chipola Hotel Marianna Fla
The Cliipola Hotel is Mariannas
foremost hostelry It Js situated in
the business center of the city In
close proximity all of the leading
stores and business houses quite
convenient for commercial travelers
carrying sample trunks
It is within one block of the depot
situated en the brow of a hill and is
consequently civil n s large airy
and 7 clean and the sei rice is unsur
passed Itis mourn + lm many s b
and will befond delightful at n11
Proprietor Mess is a genial host
and will b found ever ready to extend
the hand of aced fellowship to the
A = r JJ
bilt Georgia School of Technology
Cox Florida Female College Ran
dolph Macon etc
Trained Teachers Needed
Moreover the everpresent demand
for trained teachers makes it imper
ative that the material in this part
of the state have an opportunity to
develop itself and Marianna is the
logical point for the location of a nor
mal institute that will offer suca
courses of study as will enable young
men and women to prepare themselves
for teaching The number and effi
ciency of those who have already
gone out from the school even undsr I
the old cramped conditions is proof
of what can be done with the proper
The present awakening of irate cst
in matters educational is only the
beginning of a new era the achieve
ments of which none can foretell
Other School Buildings
Other towns in the county have
also caught the spirit of progress and
are either building or projecting new
I and commodious houses Graceville
in the northwest corner of the coun
ty has a 10000 building in course of
construction and has just espendeJ
another 1000 for furniture and
Greenwood in the northeastern part
of the county is building a handsome
frame building Sneads and Green
wood are junior high schools and
other places are in line fOr making
application for state aid Kyuesvllle
has the besthouse in the county at
present a roomyframe building built
by public subscription
Slowly perhaps bur none the less
surely Tackson colfnty < is destined to
t t3 auk educationally as she has
already done agriculturally commer
ciall and politically ii the first rank
of the counties of > the state
n AIs ra
J E Garrett Prop
f SlbEjINE
Cleaning and ReSilvering Mirrors
I = = oo = = = = = = =
l = n
f < 7blg s trwitfsWMS < 3S iss Ll < 9
C Welch President J W Hinson Vicepresident W E Mathis Secretary J R Shomaker Treasurer
lt Ste ICity J land and improvement Company
Incorporated June 17 19o7
y Real Estate Building and ImprfnlingITW s9 fl3d
< a General MercG1Jandise Business
Also Engaged in Agricultural and Manufacturing Industries
Gottondaie Florida also at Steel City Florida
1d JII r l I f Jt 8t
I f
Evr v stj 4 av rmsa env
E r u1 I 1 1
I Q1 I have for sale one well improved farm of a thous i
and acres half a mile north of Cotton dale Station on s
the Louisville and Nashville Railroad well arranged for f
Il stock farming trucking and also for growing C ban
1 or Sumatra Tobacco The tobacco tnat has made
QUIncy Famous
i >
1 1 S s Ik <
i i
6000 acre farm for sale 3000 acres cleared 50
tenant houses Beautiful spring rises on land forming a Lii >
river which flows through it about four miles Fine fish g
ing and hunting Finest farm in Florida Price 90000
Addiess W H Milfbn Maranli1a Fia 41i y
T e j
Hot and Cold Soda Water
I l ° < < t l
Exclusive Agents for Huylers Candies
Sundries of Every Description
Marianna Fforida f i
= o 1 r
C E MERRITT 5 1 The Hentz Brick Yard I S
Manufacturer of I Yt
i CYPRESS AND PINE High Grade Budding Bricks i
Marianna Fla i I r
IJ 0 I 10 0 O2OQ 9 Q 00 0 OQ 0 0 a 000 aJ oseeao s esesseeameeso + seesseo s I
Aycock ros Modern 4
i VS Mills at Aycock Fla 9 I
I These illustrations represent two
mills at Ayoock Florida owned and
operated by the Aycock Brothers
Lumber Company
Aycock is in Jackson county six
miles from Chipley on the west and
not far from Marianna on the east
It is situated in the midst of a rich
i I
ly timbered section of the state on
I the Louisville and Nashville Rail
I road and is rapidly becoming a town
of importance on that road I
At this town will bo found the above
mentioned lumber and saw mills I
which are today among the largest
and most modern in this section of
Florida The Aycock mills are thor
oughly equipped for everything in the
timber line operating in conjunction
an uptodate planer Their claim is
that they cater only to the highest
price and turn out only high class
The business is not confine to any
one line inasmuch as they do an ex
tensive interior and export business
In fact so great is their business that
despite the fact that they run two
shifts every twentyfour hours at full
capacity 75000 feet dailyit is im
possible torkecp a very largo stock of
dressed lumber in the yards
Every piece of machinery in or about
the mills is as uptpdate as was pos
sible to buy and every new attach
ment or appliance brought out is util
ized by this progressive company
A trip through the mills and camps
is a source of much interest and pleas
ure It is estimated that the tota
cost of tho equipment is 175000 and
to an experienrod person these fig
ures do not seem to be overestimated
Practically everything is operated I
by machinery An instance of this is
on the sawfloor Here fourteen men
owing to the machinery used do the
work of twenty or thirty men as em
ployed elsewhere in mills of equal ca
pacity The same is true of the saw
I filing room where only eight men
are employed This room is thor
oughly eqvriiipad with medern auto
matic machines for the keeping sharp
of every style of caw used on the
premises All waste is used for fuel I
View of Sawmill Looking West Log hauler and Burner In Foreground 1 I
Aycock Bros Lumber Co Aycock lorida = r h
being conveyed by machinery to the
boilers thus permitting one man tc
attend to three boilers
There is in operation an appliance
that it is claimed is the only one of
its kind in the South It is a marine
drag saw used for cutting logs in the
water It is operated by steam power
As the logs reach the pond they are
brought into position and cut into
lengths that will facilitate the hand
ling of same with greater speed They
are then taken by machinery up into
the saw room and made into desired
stock This isa great saving of time
and labor a striking feature in itself
Jn the kcifcgrlndlng room also is
nfaehinery operated These machines
are automatic and once the knife is
adjusted require no more attention
until It is necessary to use them
The entire mill is lighted by elec
tricity operated by their own plant a
300light Edison dynamo The mills
and quart err are supplied by artesian
water brought from the earth by a
new hish pressure pump This also
supplies water for fire protection a
new 20000 gallon tank having been
erected in close proximity to the main
There is also in connection with the
plant i amodern car repair and black
smith slurp
Power is furnished throughout by
I View of Planer Aycock Bros Lumber Co Aycock Florida
i k
a 300horsepower high duty balanc i i t v
valve Hardle Tynes engine Thlsj
engine is up to the moment and is
operated by three mammoth boilers
of the most modern type set in as
bestos and lined throughout with steel
doing away with all brick work as
in the older models Each boiler Is Y
equipped with an individual cutoff
valve thus enabling them to repair <
any Individual V boiler without inter I I
fering with the others S
In the planing mill where fifty men
are employed are four Hall Brown
matchers and one Mershon band re
saw The planing null Is also oper
ated by steam power the machinery I
boilers etc being of the most mod >
ern and improved type 1 >
A battery of dry kilns three in num
ber Is also maintained These bati
terios were manufactured and erected
by the L Moore Dry Kiln Company
of Jacksonville Fla
S 1
The Aycock Lumber Company oper 1
nto their own railroad having nine
miles of main line and six miles of I
spur track In loading a car for ship i
ment it Is possible owing to the ar J
rangement of track to run a carp
alongside of any pilo of lumber and
load with but one handling thus say t
Ing time and labor
The logging and camp equipments i r
consists of two modern standard 4 G
gauge locomotives two trains of lojsf1 O G
ging cars one Lidcorwood skidder 1 r
and loader seven fourmule teams and t
tOn t
three ox teams
On either side of the plant are the t
quarters onp for the white help and I i
another for the negroes These quar
i trs are a quarter of a mile apart and
i are clean healthy and comfortable A r f
house is furnished each man rent S
free A company tore tele < rranh > t
physicians and post office is alfl i
I maintained Adjoining these are tne i
general office of the oonroanv j 1
j ThE Louisville and Nashville Rail t
I road Comnany is now erecting a com t
modlous depot at Aycock and It Is t
the Intention of Messrs Axcock In j J
the course of time to make this town I
one of the most important In West
Florida >
I The Intra superintendent of the <
mills Is Mr C H Allen a gentleman 4 t
of wide experience y t j
The officers of the Company are j i i
W E Aycock President t i
S A Alford TIccPresIdont r
E X Dekle Second VIcePrcBldent J
T J Aycock SecretaryTreasurer > 1
j t
4 4
< < > 1 ii
< iL

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