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Ii t J < r i
The Big StoreWm Johnson Son The Big Store 1
Lot No 1 Lot No2 Lot No3 Lot No 4 Lot No5 Lot No6 Lot No7
F Boys HighCut and Ox Childrens Slippers and Childrens Oxfords and Girls Oxfords and High
Broken sizes of Ladies Ladies Oxfords all sizes Mens Shoes 250 to3
ford Shoes 200 to 300 HighCut Shoes sizes 1 yz HighCut Shoes sizes 5I a Cut Shoes sizes 8I a to 2
Boudoir Slippers 125 es values 175 to 200 values sizes 5 to 8I
values special to 5yZ 60c to 100 values to 8 values 75c to 125 values 100 and 200
values special special I special t
135 special special special
All sizes and all leathers 35 cents 49 cents 75 cents 80 cents 125 I 195 I
Merriam Oxfords for Girls Merriam High Top Shoes for Girls Burley and Stevens Oxfords for Boys I
300 VALUES wi 225 250 Shoes now selling at 175 125 Shoes now selling at 90 Special Prices
250 VALUES 190 200 Shoes now selling at 150 100 Shoes now selling at 75
200 VALUES s 160 175 Shoes now selling at l 125 90c Shoes now selling at 70 300 VALUES r 225
175 VALUES I I j j > 135 150 Shoes now selling at 110 75c Shoes now selling at 55 250 VALUES 190
150 VALUES 0 j 117 200 VALUES 160 1
95 u175 VALUES 135 S
125 100 VALUES VALUES eo 80 Dimlap Oxfords for Men new Spring styles worth 5 special 395 150 VALUES eo eo 117 Ss
1t t > n i v < i i ct I x
An Interesting Program Has
Been Prepared for This
Memorial day is to iba fittingly ob
served this afternoon at the national
cemetery when the W T Sherman
Pcst No 21 G A R Sherman Camp
of Sons G A R Veterans members
ot Camp Ward United Confederate
Veterans and Sons of United Confed
erate Veterans will join in tho observ
amces of that day The W T Sher
man Post and the Sherman Camp of
Sons of G A It Veterans will meet
at 1 oclock at tho court house where
they will meet the Confederate Vet
erans and Sons of Veterans A pa
rade will then be wined anad the
march commenced to the local station
of the Pen aoola Electric Company
Wyerls band will head the procession
The oar will leave the station at
one oclock for Barrancas stopping at
the road east of the naval wall where
a second procession will be formed
us followa
Army and navy detachment
Garrison of the Army and Navy
United Confederate Veterans
SonS of United Confederate Veter
ans Sherman Camp Sons of G A R
Sherman Post No 21 G A K
Once Inside the cemetery the
troops will halt and open ranks the
garrison of tho Army and Xavy
Union the United Confederate Veter
ans and Grand Army of the Republic
Veterans continuing the march to the
monument and to the right of the
grand stand where a circle will bo
formed fFhe troops will then follow
and form on the outside of the circle
The services of die G A R and tho
garrison of the Army and Navy Union
will take place at the close The sa
lute will then be fired in honar of the
dead by one of the military companies
from Burancas General service will
take place front the grand stand
The Program
An exceptionally interesting pro
gram has been prepared for the occa
sion which will be largely in the
hands of gome of Pensacolas best
known people among those who will
speak In ccnunemoratioa of the sol
dier dead will be John E Stillman
Frsink L Mayes and Rev Charles P
Hall while Commander J c Petter
son of the 1V T Sherman Post < 5 A
R will also make a short address
Music will be furnished by Wyers
band and there Ilbe singing toy
Miss Beatrice White Miss E Went
worth Mrs C Forest and Mr Van
Winkle Miss Olga White will recite
An invitation has been extended to
the mayor city official citizens and
nil visiting veterans sons or veterans
of tho Confederate and G AR to
participate in the exercises All those
who attend have beon requested to
g flowers for decorating purposes
A Notable Event
Tie exercises which will take place
tc Lz j hill JIG of thc same Interest
i >
which always characterizes the an
nual event Over eight hundred Con
federate soldiers are burled in the na
tional cemetery While double that
number of G A R veterans lie in the
same burial ground The graves re
ceive the same attention during the
impressive ceremonies which take
place on the thirtieth of each May
and the beautiful custom of honoring
< a nations dead finds no more impres
sive setting than at the national eme
ry The events aro in the hands of
Pensacola people to ta considerable ex
tent and a large crowd will follow
the veterans and sons of veterans to
the cemetery today
The Old Standard GROVES TASTE
LESS CHJTJL TONIC drives out ma
laria and builds up the system For
grown people and children 50c
A Wealthy Young Woman
Committed Suicide For
tune to Companion
Special to The Journal
San Francisco Oal May 2DThe
will oC Miss Bertha Dolber young
woman who was possessed of 2000
000 and who killed herself tig jump
Ing from a window of the Waldorf
Astoria in NOW York on Jy y iI 1904
was sustained by the 5nlm = airy court
of California today The gill be
queaths the 2000000 to Miss Etta
Warren Miss Dolbeifs nurse and
traveling companion at the time she
committed suicide
Suit to break the will was brought
toy Augustus Seconder an < uncle of
tMiss Doliber Mass Dolber In her will
eft all her relatives andsome friends
other than Miss Warren 150000
Charitable institutions in California
were left 80000 and Miss Dolber
set aside 50000 for the erection of a
mausoleum In Cypress Lawn ceme i
tery The rest of the estate went to
Miss Warren and there is no further
obstacle to her receiving the great
The suit was based upon the allega
tion that Miss Dolber was of unsound
mind and that undue influence was I
used to get leer to make a will in
Miss Warrens favor
Continued from First Page
Bobby Shafto Ethel Broughton
Judges of the ContestMr William
Fisher Mr Emmet Wdlson Mrs F
S Mellen
Miss Olivia LeBaron was awarded
the medal her recitation being one
of the best ever rendered at the an
nual contest for the Parkhill medal
The imedal was presented by Mr
The Graduates
The graduates were
Misses Margaret Campbell Fannie
May Holden Ethel Broughton Flor
ence Halsey Alice Dow Florence Mar
ston and Messrs Charles Overman
Robert Stout and Quinton Boras
First honor of the class of OS was
won by Robert Stout Miss Alice Daw
winning second
The diplomas were presented the
graduates by Hon W E Anderson
and the various medal committees
were as follows
Blount Composition Medal Mr P
K Yonge Dr Percival H Whatey
Mr E C Maxwell
Sons of the American Revolution
Mfcdal Dr Percival H Whaley Mr
A C Blount Mr R E Lee Cresap
P K Yonge History MedalrMr
W A Blount Mr C F Zeek Mrs
L J Reeves
United Daughters of the Confeder
acy Medal Mr C V Thompson Mr
W E Anderson Mrs Pope Reese
Helen Fisher Memorial Medal By
Mr C L Shine
New Yorks Greatest Charity
ty Moves Carrying the
Hungry With It
Special to The Journal
New York lay 29The famous old
broad inq established by Otto F
Fleischmann presidont of Fleisch
manns Vienna Model Bakery Com
pany at Tenth street and Broadway
thirtytwo years ago will be moved
a week from next Monday Grace
Church Which owns the property in
fOnt of which night after night the
cem > pany has distributed bread free
to all who fell in line has decided
to tear down the building which
stands at the northeast corner of
Broadway and Tenth street It is said
the Sipace will be used as a garden In
connection with the church
A new bread line will be formed
at the northwest corner of Eleventh j
street and Broadway where the
Fleisohmann Company Ms leased the
+ building from the MtoOreary Realty
Corporation A cafe anu restaurant
will be conducted at the new place
and as in the past ree broad will
be given to all who ask for it Coffee
also will be served free on cold
Ht has been arranged to give a ban
quet to a large number of invited
guests the night the new bread line Is
formed There is a > plan also to give
an entertainment to those who make
up the bread line
MT Fleischmtann said yesterday
We are glad too be able to continue
this charity as we feel that many a
poor man and woman is helped by iL
When we were told that Grace church
wanted the property we felt that as
long asj we had to seek new quarters
we must provide also for a new bread
Continued From First Page
the Filibuster but the democrats as
a body are as positively opposed to
obstruction as the republicans
Jeff Davis May Help
At 1115 oclock La Follette showed
no sign of fatigue Several times he
became very earnest and taxed his
voice more than usual and it was
thought from this that ho had relief
in t h L
It was learned that Senator Stone
who had gone to his ihotel earlier in
the evening left word to be called
before midnight
There were all kinds of rumors in
circulation including one that Sena
tor Jeff Davis had telegraphed La
Follette to hold out until he reached
Washington This was not confirmed
Republican leaders Bay they will
have a quorum from their own mem
bership tomorrow and that they wall
not be defeated by one or two men
in a filibuster
Heat Was Too Much
In the house today there was great
difficulty in maintaining1 a quorum
owing < to the oppressive heat and in
fact a number of representatives have
already left for their homes LA lot
of miscellanecus business was trans
acted being mostly disagreements to
the senate amendments to minor Mils
A recess was taken until seven oclock
tonight when after waiting nearly an
hcur for a quorum adjournment was
taken until tomorrow
A Rich Find
While taking up the floor of an
empty house Patroenia Brazil a
poor woman found embedded in the
earth beneath a diamond weighing 220
carats It is the second largest dia I
mond ever found in America
Subscrib for The Journal
Monster of the Deep is Har
pooned and Killed By
The Tampa Times says Whale I
on the stariboard sir reported Chief I
Navigator John Langhoff to John
Langhoff A B from the middle seat
of his dory as she rode the crest of
a mild wave on the calm bosom of
Hilltborough bay a couple of miles
off Palmetto Beach this morning
shortly after 9 Clock
There she blows said the A B
and the dary was soon heading for
shore the captainseaman laying hard
on the oars eager to spread the glad
He reached the boacli and whis
pered the words to Commc ore Bill
Lynch The word was flashed to
Tampa Esli Knight Arthur Ousca
den Algee King Sam Honaeker W
J Bailey H L Knight Robert Keller
Captain Bacain of the Flaneur John
Langhoff a harpoon and a couple ot
Winchesters snugged aboard with an
abundance of real courage sailed out
with both engines going
They reached the inner bay in
short order and Sighted the whale
disporting himself or herself on the
calm surface of the warm water The
engines were reduced In speed and
the iFlaneur stole silently to the aside
of the leviathan who apparently an
ticipated no danger Captain Bacom
offered the harpoon to the gentlemen
but they all deferred the navigators
superior knowledge of devilfish stin
grays etc and so he stood and waited
his chance
I The first cast of the ipoon struck
i the whale at the base of the dorsal
fin and the hig black fish started for
the bottom of the bay Ht didnt have
far to go as any dredge man will tell
you Up it came and then the gen
tlement with the Winchesters Esli
end H L Knight got busy and a
plugging match ensued The whale
dove again leaving streaks of blood
behind A second time up spouting
blood and spume and then more lead
Captain Bacom let out and took In
slack with the aid of the other gen
tlemen Soon the lead had effect and
the big fish weakened
It was nearly two hours from the
time the Flaneur draw up alongside
the whale to the landing of the le
viathan at the foot of the dock close
to the Royal theater to which point
it was towed Here the fishermen
not having yard room for the over
grown monster turned it over to
Commodore Lynch
All of the actors and actresses gath
ered around the carcass together with
the entire population of Palmetto
Beach They pronounced it the real
thing but telephoned in to the Times
for the marine reporter to come out
I and tell em what species It was The
imarin reporter soon landed on the
spot and looking wise pronounced it
a ccimmon t black whale of the tropical
species It measures about 2fi feet
Ions and weighs several tons
This is the first whale that has
visited Tampa in the recollection of
the oldest InliatHtanls but whales
have been reported from Tarpon
Springs recently
The Mayor of Berlin
One of the principal requirements of
a mayor In Germany is unqualified hon
esty for In the municipal administra
tion of Germany graft in any form I
would not be tolerated To become the i
moyor of a city like Berlin the ap
plicant must have established his repu
tation for efficiency In governing other
German cities His career is carefully
scrutinized by the members of the
town council who select him for not
only must he be competent and suc
cessfully perform the duties of his high
position but still so young as likely to
remain competent for many years for
a mayor In Prussia Is elected for a
term of twelve years and if not re
elected after that period Is entitled to
n life pension of half the amount of his
salary After a service of six years
his penslpn is onefourth of his salary
and after serving twenty years two
thirds He need not necessarily be a
resident of Berlin at the time of his
appointment fact the mayor Is usu
ally chosen from the residents of other
Children and Candy
Give children plenty of pure sugar
taffy and butter scotch and theyll have
little need of cod liver oil says Dr
Woods Hutchinson In Womans Homo
Companion In short sugar Is after
meat bread and butter easily our
next most Important and necessary
food You can put the matter to a
test very easily Just leave off the 1
pie pudding or other desserts at your
lunch or midday dinner Youll be as
tonished to find how quickly youll
feel empty again and how unfin
ished the meal will seem You cant
get any workingman to accept a din
ner pail without pie in it And hes
absolutely right The only thins that
can take the place of sugar here Is
beer or wine It is a significant fact
that the free lunch counters run In
connection with bars furnish every
imaginable thing except sweets Even
the restaurants and lunch grills at
tached to saloons or bars often refuse
to serve desserts of any sort They
know their business The more sugar
and sweets a man takes at a meal the
less alcohol he wants Conversely
nearly every drinking man will tell
you that he has lost his taste for
sweets The more candy a nation con
sumes the less alcohol
Culture In West Africa
Culture and commerce are spreading
in west Africa A merchant sends us
the following letter received from a
chief Dear Gentlemens made my
Step to the house of a certain amable
friend of mine for Invitation and vlch
our attention highly attracted by taken
coloquy for a few minutes I took
a certain magazine In reading of Some
thing And I was pursing through
pages over pages yours name was Sub =
stantially Commeroated to me that
you are the best and known Merchants
In every produce In the city of Lon
don Therefore I have found myself
Somewhat Imcllmable to pen you to
Send meyour general Samples to
gether with Catalogue and I will soon
forwarding my remittance to you
promptly fore quantity of goods Trust
ing you will not refust as quick by as w
possible Expecting to beare from you
again good news London
will address the Voters of Escambia county in behalf of Gen Albert W Gilchrist the leading
candidate for Governor of Florida at
i Be not deceived but come and hear the issues of the campaign for Floridas most important
j office explained by a man who knows
Col Pope is one of the finest orators in Florida and will interest everyone who hears him
Chi I

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