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Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medicine for Busy People
Brines Qahfen Health and Renewed Vizor
A specific Constipation Indigestion Liver
and Kidney troubles Pimples Eczema Impure
Blood Bad Breath Slujreish Bowels Headache
and Backache Its Rocky Mountain Tea In tab
Jet form 35 cents a box Genuine mode by
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Send us your orders for
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tal or drop in when you
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try If our wagon cant
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Steam Bakery
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nal office
c c = >
r BROKENLINKS Some Pointed as Well
as Eloquent Comment
By Vandelta Varnum Thomas WellKnown Lecturer and Writer on Current Events
DeFuniak Springs Florida
2 = = = I
o = = = = = =
How dreary and sorry are the pa
pers these days wilthout those pretty
pictures and pretty records of the
past and pretty promises of the fu
ture Many have come to grief tany
a cherished hope lies in its silent
tomb Dear defeated candidates your
trials are over the others have just
Now In all candor I do not like
these political performances thougn
probably they will continue despite
my dislikes These contests in the
same party resolve themselves into
mere squab Kes They become a ti
rade of personalities of boastful
achievements of things done in the
past or something that may be done
in the future There are attacks and
counterattacks and often bad blood
and abuse Not all I am glad to say
indulge in these things not all stoop
So low but the tendency is in that
direction When there Is no princi
ple or supposed principle to contend
for something must be kept in the
breezethe tomtoms have to play
a S
Thore has hardly been a republi
can convention in the south that did
not end in a reported knockdown of
some kind Why Because that is all
there is of it federal patronage and
nothing more There is no principle
nothing but spoils It is enough to
make an orangoutang blush i ef ir
he voted with that party When the
democrats took the stage I thought
there would ibe something better be
cause there are more of them they
control every state affair and the
people must look to them for all the
good that may come to us But be
fore the first primary behold the
squabtfings the petty personalities
the slinging of potblack Behold
Jennings exgovernor caning Con
gressman Clark and Lamar and the
present governor threatening to have
it out in Jthehack vrird
On the whole party competition Is
preferable to family fusses It car
ries more dignity and quite as much
honesty and ends in better service
Pennsylvania leads all states in graft
and utter servility to the interests
Before the Standard Oil company had
it by the throat the Pennsylvania rail
road had it by the feet In fact it
was the manacled feet that led to
the throttling Everyone knows the
alr would be greatly purified if some
party no matter what the name
cpuld come In and give the republi
can party the race of its life There
would the some nice pretty grave
yards along the road There would
be tears and pathetic longing for
the days that are no more but a new
ozon would sweep through the politi
cal camps nnd a new republic he
bom KlrldavouJil take on a dif
k u
To tns Vctcra of Esca ii County
I dcslio to thank the voters of Esoam
bin county for the support hen me In
my race for the sheriffs office While
my candidacy was unsuccessful extend
ins over a period of less than a month I
appreciate none the less the magnificent
showing that I made I conducted n
ejoan race casting no insinuations on any
of my opponents either as to charalter
or ability and entertain none but the
kindest feelings for any one
The Three I
for a satisfactory suit of
clothes are fit quality
and style Any suit or
dered through us cm
braces all of these and
more You will find in
dividuality in our tailor
made clothing Our
prices are always right
See our swell line of
Spring and Summer fur
Merchants Hotel Building
ferent and a better life if two parties
of whatever name were struggling
for the saddle instead of one that has
ridden so long it has forgotten the
art of walking In other words com
p Ution for principles brings out the
best competition for spoils brings
My old family physician is about
to bring out a book on Cancers It I
is not to be about cancers but as he
modes v says to his friends it is to
be all about ca ersthe last word
to date concerning that drpaded dis
ease The history of the man him
self is somewhat Interesting While
in active practice he was still more
aattve with the microscope For
years he devoted his spare hours to
gapes in chickens and part of the I
time employed by the United States I
government to carry on his investiga
tions I think Florida chickens do not
have mat trouble but none the less
poultrymen will be interested in the
results of his studies AM know that
a worm in the throat muses the gape
and that a feather dipped in turpen
tine or kerosene and applied will kill
the worm but Dr Walker discovered
the origin of the worm It comes from
a parasite found in the angleworm
If chickens are kept from the ground
hence from these worms foY three
weeks they will not have it and if
any chick is fed these parasites the
gape will come in nine days Once 1
remember he came > to visit in our
family It was a great day for him
He had the prettiest thing to show
us he said that eye ever beheld
and he drew from his Docket a tiny
bottfle containing a perfect tapeworm
about three inches long that he had
found in a fishheadvertebrae tail
all comnleti
n I
How would it be Doctor said I
one if you would pay a little more
attention ito your patients and a lit
tle less to worms
The old man gave a chuckle as
much as to say there is nothing like
worms in this world and so I think
he still feels The last word on can
cer is this It comes from a germ
taken into the system by eating raw
vegetables celery tomatoes cabbage
Who knows but he has something
to make the medical world pause and
take notice
A recent Issue of the Chicago
American has an article in the stereo
typed closing exercises of schools
TVlik Im sure voices the sentiments
of every adult listener I fee inclined
to give it in full There really is no
excuse for the insipidity and stilted
ness of such occasions and the pupil
is never to be blamed All the years
through all the grades should be a
1 preparation for the graduation day
I In other words the essay or oration
I > liou i come easily and naturally as
the fruit of such work in that line
Composition should begin with the
A B Cs and be kept within easy
range of his knowledge will become
a delight t oevery child He has
learned him to define a subject to
separate it from other things to di
vide into heads and amplify its in
Huences and uses i CoO if he has been
properly taught The phrases flow
freely and smooth r with such prac
tice as each school should give The
day ought not to be a bugbear to the
child nor a bore to the parent Give
the child proper training and a sub
jxt with which he is familiar and It
s to he interesting
The editor says
What is the matter with educators
f thris country If they dont know
any more about teaching arithmetic
than they do about the teaching the
joung thinking they ought to go some
uhre and learn to be carpenters At
a school exhibition thirteen essays
sire read One girl wrote about Be
yond the Alps Lies Italy She had
not been in Italy she had not seen
Ithe Alps and probably had no defi
nite idea about what she as trying
to say Another read a paper on
The Higher Life
Nobody in the audience understood
a sentence she said and the girl was
I not much better off herself A boy
of 17 delivered an oration which he
had written on The Decadence of
the Times Now what on earth does
a boy of 17 know or have the imperti
nence to think he linGs about the de
cadence of these or any other times
And so it went all through the pro
gram Not one essay and not one ora
tion was worth attention save as a
The boys and girls were unusual
ly bright but they didnt know enough
to write about things they understood
nnd their teachers hadnt the good
sense to make the mdo It
Some day a sensible superinten
dent ot schools will line evcry teach
There is no need of anyone suffer
ing long with this disease for to
effect a quick cure it only neces t
sary to take a few doses of >
I Chan1ber ain9s
I Gone OhG efa angl
I aia Remedy
In fact in most cases one dose is
sufficient It never fails and can be
I relied upon in the most severe and
I dangerous cases It is equally val
I uable for children and is the means
of saving the lives of many children
I each year
In the worlds history no medicine
has ever met with greater success
er encouraging a student to read a
paper written on a ubject beyond the
minds of children
Get your boys to write about foot
ball or about swimming or about any
thing worth reading
Teach the giiJJs that it is Imper
tinent in a dear little chit of 17 to
stand up before her elders and lec
ture them on the Decline of Man
ners and Morals In the Twentieth
Shes a little girl a nice sweet
pretty interesting little girl and if
shed write about something that lit
tle girls are interested in she would
give everyone who listens to her pa
per a half hour of real enjoyment
We want to look into your minds
boys and girls not into a copy of
some other mind
Boys Will Be Boys
and are always getting scratches
cuts sprains bruises bumps burns
or scalds Dont neglect such things
they may result seriously if you do
Apply Ballards Snow Liniment ac
cording to directions right away and
it will relieve the pain and hen the
trouble Price 25c 50c and 100
Sold and recommended by W A
DAlemberto druggist and apothecary
121 South Palafox street Pensacola
Continued from Page Nine
up against the saloon interests Ana
yet because Mr Stockton dares to op
pose the saloon interests and to de
ounce their efforts to control the
government of the stabe his character
has boon attacked most viciously for
the sole purpose of enablinjc the liquor
dealers to defeat him aind to elect
their candidate
As Mr Stocktons ndghhors we
tnow hid convictions and sentiments
as to the pending issue And based
on this knowledge we are prepared
tc add our guarantee to his pledge
that he will administer the laws con
trollirs the liquor traffic exactly as
the sovereign people give them to the
The Issues Are Fixed
The open attempt of the liquor deal
ers to control the govternirvent of Flor
ida absolutely fixes the d < ssues of the
coming primary
tit is no longer a question of poli
It is 010 longer a question of indi
It is no longer a question of the
existence of saloons in Florida
It is now a question of morals
It fe now u question of selfrespect
It is now a question whether the
governor of Florida shall be a man
wtto owes his election to the sa
loon interests of the state or a man
who owes his election to the God
fearing selfrespecting patriotic peo
ple of Florida
It is now the duty of all voters to
make sure by their active work and
their vote that the governor of Florida
shall not for four years owe his elec
tion to the saloons but that his debt
of gratitude shall ibe to the patriotic
gocd people
Saloons Should Not Control
It is now your duty to make sure
that the officers of the various coun
ties hall know that the governor
Ices not owe hi election to the
liquor interests It rmrsf he made
clear that the saloons can not con
trol the state of Florida
Vf beg lrav to repeat that this
is not a political appeal It is < m ap
peal to the good citizenship of Florida
to actively assist in protecting our
stale from the clutches of the saloon
Every Ccdfparing patriotic man
woman and child in Florida should
be made to understand that the sa
lons hove cpenly oliaHenged the mor
al element of society in Florida and
should become at once vigorously ac
tive in the fight to which they are
so brazenly challeneged
They should appeal to every voter
regardless of how he has voted to
Hniay himself against the domina
tion of the state toy the saloons Vig
orous action by all who oppose sa
loon domination will prove to the
liquor interests that they cannot pre
We regret more than we can say
the necessity for this action but there
appears to be no alternative unless
we are to submit to saloon domina
tion which is intolerable
We who unite in this communica
tion are not moved by personal con
sideration for Mr Stocivtrn or an
ther man We seek no offices or re
wards of any kind Vo desire above
all things to save cirr state from a
deep disgrace ana our institutions
from a shock which thrcaten their de
Yet a ° s his neighbars knowing him I
well we repeat that we unite our
guarantee to his pledge to the peo
ple that he will administer all laws
regulating the liquor traffic precisely
ai the people advo them to him
W E Boggs D D Pastor First I
Pesbyierian Church i
J W Bigham Pastor First M Ei
Church South
I J Ross Parrigh Pastor Snyder IeI
morial M E Church j
G Li Hanscom Pastor Union Con
srregaticnal Church j
I Wm A Hobsor Pastor First Bap i
tist Church I
J A Hendry Presiding Eider M i
E Church Soinh > Jacksonville Dis
trictPaul F Brown Pastor East Jack I
sonvilla Presbyterian Church I
T F Hendon City Missionary of I
the Baptist Church
J Lawton Mocu Pastor St fat
e > M E Church South
J r Boone Pastor First Christian
X H Willialms Pastor Springfield
i k
3L E Church South
J B Ley lAgent Southern College
M E Church South
E F Ley Presiding Elder East
Coast Dist M E Church South
E iA Harrison Pastor Riverside
Methodist Episcopal Ohurch South
Mr Norman It Coulter a prominent
architect in the Delbert building San
Francisco says I fully endorse all
that has been said of Electric Bitters
as a tonic medicine It is good for
everybody It corrects stomach liver
and kidney disorders in a prompt and
efficient manner and builds up the
system Electric Bitters is the best
spring medicine ever sold over a druggists
gists counter as a blood purifier it
is unequaled 50c at an druggists I
Dr Davis AntiHeadache
relieves Headache Neural
gia and Grippe Sold at
DAlembertes Pharmacy
Well Known Admiralty At
torney Will Locate in
South Florida
Mr W B Barton who located in
Pensacola two years ago for the prac
tice of his profession as an attorney
wSl leave with his family tomorrow
for Tampa where lie expects to lo
cate During his residence here Mr Bar
< ton and his estimable family have
made many friends and have held a
warm place in the professional and
social life of the city lie has taken
a keen interest in all of the public
affairs of the rity and has come to
be regarded as one of Pensacolas
most useful and progressive citizens
The fact that he now finds it to his
financial interest to locate in Tampa
and is consequently giving up his resi
dence here will be a matter of genu
ine regret to all who know him
As nn expert in the practice or
admiralty law Mr Barton has given
his time cheifly to that branch of the
profession here but he wr 1 no doubt
find an equally active field in Tampa
and he goes there with Ute best
wishes of every Pensacolian who has
had the pleasure of his acquaintance
Like crystals fair of morning dew
Your complexion now can be
If you take this good advice
Drink Hollisters Rocky Mountain
Tea Hannah Bros
Gophers Chicken and Eggs al
ways on hand Phone 84 > 301 S
Baylen corner Government J F t
Of phytrcal ills follow no othrr csi tbsa
impcnriihrd or impure hlnnd RheumatUm
Ktunlgll Ulcers Iiw Rinrwnrm Nervous
Debility Mrtplrstntt > Dyspepsia Ecca are
ft teof them
Kettorers Excelsior
Blood Purifier
Carts ill these It is tar op iw tn Ml ether
rm ies BointiH the 4mpix > M3t s
lick people well 31kes the d v iiig a > n
It he n cured the mot vllnt cnies of Serxfol
and Salt Rheurt AU blood pvironing TiM
to it The uuiiufariiirrr of MTTHt1 >
ii IT 11 cure all 11 od disease
Price 100 B hottV Manufactured bj
Jzcksorullle Fla
1 i
Dont Risk Using A
Zinc Lined Refrigerator
r The zinc corrodes nnd tho oxides
poison milk and food catnlnir twrions
cllea < o An nnsanltary refrigerator
whether lined with Mncornaythlnselw
often cause serious sickness yet few
people think of InrfDI thr blame where
It actually belong Children are espe
cially liable to elrknres caused by re
frtgerator poisoned milk
Let Us Tell You Why 4
the McOray Refrigerator is better than
any other rofrl erator made anywhere
by aaybody not only in elecance ot
uppearnnci economy of Ir and nnU
Upn but why thn McCray Patent Sr tem h1
of Refrigeration pire nuch a perfect tI
circulation of pure cold dry air that you
can seep Fait or matches In a McCray
Eofjlrerotor without becoming damp
Refrigerators F
Are Opal Glass Porcelain
Tile or WhiteWood Lined
They aro endorsed br physicians and
hytfeciets and are used in the best real
dencea clubs hotels etc
Come in and let us show you these
celebrated sanitary refrigerators
JLi i a
5 S
Even in its early stages Catarrh is a most distressingailment caused by
the stuffy feeling in the head ringing noises in the ears wateiy eves
continual hawking and spitting etc but when the
difficult breathing
blood becomes thoroughly saturated with the impurities which produce the l
disorder Then the bron
and often dangerous
disease it becomes a serious
chial tubes are attacked the bladder and kidneys diseased and often the
lungs become affected by the constant passage of impure blood through
them and Catarrh terminates in Consumption The impurities and poisons
Catarrh never be removed through the use
in the blood which produce can
of inhalations washes etc Such treatment cannot reach the real
cause sprays and their use alone should never be depended on to cure the diseaseS
of all catarrhal matter J
the blood impure
Catarrh by cleansing
S S S cures
It down and attacks the disease at its head in the circulation
goes that is the trouble Then as
removes trace of the impurity causing I
rich purified blood is carried to all parts of the system the symptoms grad
and S S S makes a permanent cure ol
ually leave the health is improved J
desired sent
and medical advice j
the trouble Special book on Catarrh any
free to all who write THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO ATLANTA GA f
I = u l
S3JAIa tdwOJd oH
98V rJ j
NJOM Jot > elsrles
1 Why Go to the r ountains
when ycu have health rest and recreation j
I at your very door 1
Now Under New Management
Only forty miles from Pensacola on Santa Rosa
I Sound offers you the best of service with unexcelled
I I boating surf bathing and fishing
Mail launch Ruth and steamers Eugene and
Capt Fritz make regular trips from Pensacola
Phone service Fine dancing pavilion Rates
I 150 per day and 9 per week
H B BANKS Manager 1
i Camp Walton Florida
f iHats I
and II
Blocked 1
Panama 50c Felt j
Hats 35c Derbys
Zc Straws 25CJ I t
Satisfaction guaranteed I
142 E Intendencla Street
Opposite Journal Office
Crown and Brldse Work a Specialty
Painless Extracting of Teeth
Moved to 310 Brent BlIding
PHONE 1077
Nelson Bros
Paving and Construction
Company I
Concrete Construction Granolithic
Walks and Curb and Gutters
Office 205 Blount Building
Frank Swanson Manager
The Second
Promises some warm
politics Arm yourself
with Red Heart Beer
and you will be a winner
It sells for lOc a bottle
Guaranteed pure No
bad aftereffects
The Lewis Bear
Wholesale Agents
Coffee <
Vc have jut 5nstaVf a new
Royal Electric Coffee Mill The
latest thing out It cuts thp cof
fee instead of crushing it The
difference is that it dees pot de
stroy the oi cells of the grain
I Your coffee has a better flavor I
and the gromds are not
muddy hut evenly cut Ask
for Soutor Coffee and note the
PensacoSa Tea and
Coffee Company
III E Intendencia Street
Phone 400
IY iii < br < I
= 11I + 0 1 i
Has no equal Try it
Retzlers Ginger Ale
and Hopmalto Delic
ious beverages Try
them Qts 125 pints
100 splits 75c per doz 1l
Everything in the pure I
food line at
James McHugh t
Mammoth Grocer I
19212325 W Garden t
Pensacola Florida
Phones 105 1661 1627 I j
L k JJ
5 1

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