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Stories Written by the Little Readers of The Journal for This Department Sue
t cess of This Feature is Apparent and to Those Who Have Contributed is Due the
I Credit For the Success of The Journals Childrens Department by the Children
= co = = = = = < 0 = = 0 = = = = = = = = = = o
Your editor boys and girls is very
proud of your department today It
sis much better than the first week
and the editor is confident it will con
tinue to improve
What a splendid variety of stories
there Js today Miss E Kathleen
JMcKinnons A Night With a Corpse
Is awful creepy isnt it until one
finds that it was only a house cat that
tmade poor old Mrs Tippin seem to
iTise in her coffin But young Camp
tbeir story manes oae laugh and for
get all about Mrs Tippin and think
only of the trouble poor Billie had
do winning baok the affection of Lu
And that doll house at School No1
jVihiat a pretty little cot it must be
Surely nothing could be nicer than to
build a pretty little home aid then
try to realize the ideal when one gets
1 rto a real grownup with trouble and
care and everything that the ed1tor
fds very certain you boys and girls are
free from mow
Then tiheres a tale with a moral
laiiss Eva Berlins version of The
Spider and the Fly and the Flowers
IJT May Th5s last is one of the pret
tiest conceits Imaginable and Miss
Eunice Gerson should be very proud
of her effort
The editor is particularly glad that
another boy was represented in the
+ + columns this week He was a little
i afraid Ihat dhe boys would get so in
rterested baseball that they wouldnt
C XhlaTre time to write stories and he is
glad that young Campbell added so
good a tstory to the contribution and
caved his sex from disgrace All
boys should try their hands at this If
you like baseball write a baseball
story and tell what particular play
won the ssune for your team
Now a word for next week Of
course you are going to make it bet
ter than ever before and the editor
wants to make a suggestion
Be original Write of what you
faave seen or know or what you may
fancy Originality counts 99 per cent
in story writing < New atones are far
snore interesting than those you Jituve
eaxL before so lets have all original
stories next week
And do send dn your contributions
early The earlier the stories are re
ceived the better the editor can dls
play them
Lets try harder than ever and do
even better next Sunday than we nave
i ihisThe
1 The Romance of Lucille and
By William Campbell of Pensacola
Yes Ill admit it was a case at
first sight In the first place red
hair pea green eyes abundant white
flashes just suited hIm In the second
blade hair blue eyes came up to her
every expectation It is said that
every one in love writes poetry and
they were no exceptions As he slip
ped a piece of crumpled paper into
her hand ihe glanced slyly at her now
fwd hen to see whether or no she
appreciated his efforts Lucille blush
ed as she read
Lucille when I look onto your eyes
Green so green
I often wish I could surmise
Why thyre serene
Lucille when I glance at your hair
Of reddish hue
Sunlight and shadows lurking there
Quite a few
I never wander why I care
So much for you
Why thats splendid she whisper
ed Onlyonlyhow many times
must I tell you miy hair dsnt red but
burnished gold
Oher I forgot he staanlmered
Well its not my fault your mem
ory is so poor she answered in high
dudgeon Im mad so there
The next day there were a big
bunch of pansies on LiucSlles desk
now pansies were her weak point
and he knew it but they were scorn
fully pushed aside The next day
there was even a larger bunch but
they were also rejected
The next day the next and even
the next the persisted until he had
the gratification of seeing her accept
them and smile sweetly at him And i
he knew peace wasdeclared I
It so filled him with joy that he sat
down at once to write an epitath to
be carved on their tomb1 > iite cheer
Four years have passed and still
they gaze at each other out of the
corners of their = eyes still write
poetry still sit in the same old
desks but this 4s the last year fox in
two weeks they graduate She is sow
seventeen while he eighteen After
his college course he Is to become his
uncles junior partner
After that ibexs he she and all
their friends hope she will be his In
my mind there is not the least doubt
No Ones Doll House
By Helena Roy and Hazel Jacoby of
The end of the year has come and
it had been decided that the grammar
grades of School No 1 should make
a model doll house so as to gat an
idea of theix future home The draw
ings of the pupils winch were consid
ered best during the year were on
exihflbition at the sametime
Speaking of artists why where
could any one find such talented pu
pils as No 1 boasts Straight lines
assume graceful farms ana squares
lose their hard apptarances and other
marvellous changes come to paSS un
der the skillful fingers of Pensacolas
future men and women
Any one who has the slightest doubt
In regard to this statement will he
entirely convinced by making a visit I
to School No 1 and take a single
glance at the art exhibit Why one
actually feels tempted to pick the
flowers off the papers
Who could look at the minature
house without feeling a keen desire I
to have A home on the same model
The parlor was prettily furnished
and the bedrooms doll princess
could wish for nothing more The
dining room was the most dainty
imaginable The wallpaper in this
roam Is green bordered with dainty
lowers outlined with a darker shade
of green and the background a light
er green Then there are two little
windows on each side in the back of
the room with little white curtains
bordered in green
A little table stands in the center
of the room very proud of itself and
as well as to say I am fit for a
icing with my four legs to hold me
up and a red leather table cover and
a bouquet of small white flowers
The mission chairs have green
leather seats
But dont let me forget the clock
i + fs a grandfather clock and stands
in the corner amusing Itself by its
ticktock tick took
The fire is roaring to attract the
attention to the white marble arouna
it and the niantle above where a mir
ror is hanging
The floors are cited in black a hand
woven rug is of green wiith a red
border snaking the room look very at
tractive The whole roam taken to
gether as the table says Is fit for a
The Spider and the Fly
By Eva Berlin of Pensacola
A fly was > passing Iby a spiders
house one day and the spider called
to the fly and asked her to come in
The fly refused and told the spider
she had heard if anyone wont Into his
house they would never get out again
The spider then said ito the fly Oh
I am sure you mush be fared traveling
so far in the air wont etr come in
and rest upon my heauCffulbed And
the fly answered 0 no O no
Well said the spider I know
you will like some sweets do come
an and I will show them to you even
though yon do mot wish any
I have neiwd about them said
the fly and do not wish to see them
Oh you are so beautiful continu
ed the spider would you not like to
behold a visage of yourself
The fly seemed to be more con
genial now and the spider could plain
ly see that she liked to be flattered
She flew away and said she would
call again
The spider sang to her these
words Oh beautiful fly your wings
and face are so pretty and 1 am so
ugly wont you come overT
And what do you think she did
She flew right to the spider and he
grabbed her and took her into his
But alas the foolish fly never came
out again
Never listen to flattery
You will regret it if you do
And when your neighbor tries to
deceive you
Remember it is not true
The fly was just like a boy or girl
that is tempted to do wrong by people
flattering them This leads them into
the wrong path where some of them
stay forever
The Flowers in May
By Eunice Gerson of Pensacola
J r Shopping
s for a couple of hours maybe all day Big crowds
t push and bustlebad air hot outdoors and hotter
l i indoors Head achesthroat and mouth dryso thirsty
i 4 that water wont satisfy nerves quiveringjust plain tired
C5 l y rf
through and through
i r
rO ° DrinK
t d
It will relieve the fatigue quench the thirst as nothing else will quiet your
nerves and refresh and invigorate you Palate pleasing
DeliciousVhoIesome ThirstQuenching
Se Everywhe
w m 1
Once upon a time therewas a beau
tiful house with a large and pretty
lawn There was a little girl in this
house She was pretty and fair as
the lilies that grew in the garden It
was in the month of Hay fKit we
flowers had such a nice tame The
little girls name was Mary Elizabetn
She was going to have a May pole
on the lawn and invited some friends
over to her house to enjoy her fun
with her Of course there was to he
a May Queen so she had to have
flowers for the crown One day she
sat among t hefiowers and began to
pick them for She had to make the
crown Of course she plckei the
prettiest ones Said Rose to Sweet
I wonder if she is going to choose
you or lnJeT
I would Jove to be put in that
pretty crown replied little Sweet
Yes sand Rose she has already
picked my sister
But before they could say any more
they were picked themselves Xow
they were very happy and chattered
away very merrily And by and by
the little girl began to make the
crown there were Poppy Nastur
tium Petunia Sweet Pea an1 Rose
all in the crown It was very pret
ty and she went to show it to her
I I i
ii A I I 1 T
w ff j 4
r fi
1 60ffEE
a = E5TEiPEO H as P EXTOffC p
t 10000 IN GOLD
11 To the first Person who sends us the largest list of pure English words composed from any or
all of the letters contained in
Hundreds of other valuable presents will be given free to contestants
Everyone who sends us in a list will receive a present
CONDITION Theres but one condition Each list of
words must be
accompanied with
Which will be found packed in each can of French Market Coffee
but no list will be accepted unless a CONTEST YELLOW COUPON comes with it Contest closes
September 1st 1908
For list of presents and particulars
regarding contest ask
your grocer or write to
New Orleans Coffee Co Ltd
L i
w I
mother ard frhi They sail it was
ery pretty
The next day the party was to he
given The friends nnp and had a
nice time The little girl who was
queen was named Elise Walton She
was very sven and pretty After that
pleasant day wo were all withered
but we tried to thank the little girl
iby staying fresh as long as we could
I A Night With a Corpse
By E Kathleen McKinnon of McKin
nonville Fla
Old Mrs Tippiiis who ha1 been ill
for several nwntl had died and the
entirre neighborhood wits worn out
with watching at her IcvLside and
waiting npcn her So it had fallen
tome my friend lack liartcn and
two young ladies to sit up with the
corpse Ve were sitting around a
trifle in the back of fho room talking
and trying to keep from going to
sleep whEn I gance l toward the
I torpso and noticed the sheet over the
fac move I con d feel a dozen chill j
I creeping up my spine but tried not
to tet en nor show any sir Hut I
1 pceio I must have a id querrl
for pretty soon I raw lack look to i
ward the body ami see the same un
canny nioverv iit of t r 2 st > pr that I
liF1 seen Vi td tr raw the Ji
dies atteTtirn way hut a women
rro allry n if tn IT d r trxl they
nrtif Frn r rfnjr with us and
glancfng ir T dreerljn of the hir
sav tl rVfet Ire arr 1 Rofor >
Jack anal I rorJ1 say n word they
rrrP3nl ar1 Cantr1 of its
Vp were ahn st s baily firiglitPiied
as they oti cf ruri trjOI not lo
heal y c urh s fr > their sake
I lew tr ut 13 invQrtigateI and
vas honing Jar v woiill vrpop ltig
lag the slo ° t snl e > inz if Mrs Tip
rirs bad Pay CCTIO to lift and was
watins for a welron earl ercourae
nvnt frnm us bereft dong move than
moving the shoet So screwing irp my
eomratre and nerviing myself frr the
traskI walked to the casket < fnd PIt
t I the sheet slowly end cast u < ly
Mrs Tip > ins was renting peaceiiMy
int HP she ws wen put thrro ut
tip h < II ecat was an her face > moJ
r art trying to do mL hief Of
curte it was the cat that kept ral
ir g the r cot
I seized tho cat hy the back of the
I n k airl throw hii as f4r IS I
f uld against the pickets nitride anal
I 2 wo wer nt ho1icrd any mOl >
I tit nigh by it T think his existence
wi opdeI whn t struck tho L nc
I wa inclined to hci r to at least
A Happy Fathvr
is soon turned to a ad or ii he has
to walk the floor every nitcht vith a
crying baby Mrflees Bib Elixir
will make the hlhl well soothe its
nerves induce healthy normal slum
ber Best for disordered bowel arl
sour stomach al teething babies
need it Pleasant to take sure and
safe contains no harmful drugs Price
25 and 50 cents per battle
Sold and recommended by W V
DAlembertP druggist and apothecary
121 South Palafox street Pensacola
The curt old doctor who told a nerv
ous patient to stop talking and she
would get well was more truthful than
politic There is no doubt that con
stant talking wastes vitality and wears
upon the nervous system Often one
of the first signs of a nervous break
down is unusual loquaciousness
Its wonderful power goes to the
seat of your trouble vitalizes
strengthens every part of your body
Theres nothing just as good Holis
ters Rocky Mountain Tea never fails
35 cents Tea or Tabets Hannah
A Secret Writing
A remarkably secret writing of the
prisons has been brought to notice in
Germany by Prof Gross LA well
moistened sheet of writing paper is
laid on a hard amoltfHi surface under
a dry sheet a hard point being then
used to write on the latter which is
at once destroyed The writing which
dis > iippears from the bottom of the
= heet on gradually drying reappears
distinctv as often as the sheet is
niout ° ned
Is the one you pay out for a box of
Dr King s New Life Pills They bring
yon the health thats more precious
than jewels Try them for head
ache biliousness constipation and ma
laria If they disappoint you the
price will be cheerfully refunded at
all druggists
Mexicos Electric Lines
The electric trannvajs of the Cty 01
Mexico have boon Chart tered by a
company with 1000000 capital
Kectric light plants ore I being con
structed Juchitan and Oaxaca and
I light and power plants on the TsKb
1mtrs of Tehauntepec
For the Poor
The announcement that Senor Pedro
Alvarado the Mexican niilSo aire
land owner has given 52000000 for
the purpose of aidfcns poor Mexicans
recalls the fact that he started in life
as a day laborer on a ranch
A Rich Find
While faking up the floor of an
empty house at Patroenia Brazil a
poor woman found embedded in the
earth benoatli H iHamond weighitlg 220
carats It is the second largest dia
mond ever found iu America
A lot of old newspapers
tied up in neat bundles for
sale 5c a bundle at The Jour
nal office
I r
I Tx
I j
i I py ° jr
0 f t l i
t 1
S s t t
sp 44
i Y rt f1 si
I I y
I I dg tl t
Cures Constipation Diarrhoea Convulsions Colic Sour Stomach etc 1
I destroys Worms Allays Feverishness and Colds It Aids Digestion It Make
TEETHING Easy Promotes Cheerfulness and Produces Natural Sleep
I SC ooU and Co31ege nforn ation u
I Any reader of this paper interested in or having a relative or
I friend contemplating the patronage of any School or College will
I obtain full information by writing to
ro o a
4th W7fflfiirr3 n II i
11 I t
VX JiCLwJW Hiic mi i i
A = kA
Offers unequalled advantages in music art and oratory and
special instruction in literary branches GO pianos and splendid
pipe organs voice culture and normal music course beautiful
concert hall of finest acoustic properties full course in domestic
rML science elegant home surroundings and delightful climatic re
1 sort features outings boating etc together with inspiring
atauqus exercises ForfiiriforirMtzmandcataIoszucaddres
u = A W VABH38SE or H J PEARCE Associate Presents r

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