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H j
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< tho baitles of their country and died I
that this nation might live It is a I
beautiful custom and by its sacred
jnturo and the feelings kindliness I
End sympathy which it engenders
cannot ail to exert a beneficent In
fluence In tho formation of our na
tional character
God rules In the affairs of mon and
Jt was His will that the most desperate
jsivll conflict since the WorM began
rhould be fought upon the soil of the
dung republic of the western hemls
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For four long years one section
fought against the other and in over
six hundred battles and several skir
mishes blood flowed like water
The world stood aghast at The ma
jestic courage and endurance of the
combatants during the Tour years i
struggle and in admiration when the I
war closed at the evidence of Chris
tian nature shown on born sides I
cannot do better in this connection
than to quote the late John Hay who
said refer ring to this feature in ids
memorfSOaddress argon the life and
character of Wm McKinley I
In coming years when men seek
to draw the moral of our great civil
war nothing will seem to them so ad
niiraVe in all the history of our two
I magnificent amides as pie way in
which the war came to a close When
the Confederate army saw the time
had come they acknowledged the piti
less logic of facts and ceased fighting
When the army of the Union saw it
was no longer needed without a mur
mer or question making no terms
asking no return in the flush of vic
tory and fullness of might it laid
downs its arms and melted back into i
the mass of peaceful citizens There
is no event since the nation was born
which has so proved its solid capacity
for self government Both sections
share equally in that crown of glory
They had held a debate of Incompar
able importance and had fought It
out with equal energy a conclusion
hal been reachedand it is to the
everlasting honor of both sides that
they each knew when the war was
over and the hour of a lasting peace
had struck We may admire the des
perate daring of others who prefer
annihilation to compromise but the
palm of common sense and I will say
of enllghten patriotism belongs to
the men like Grant and Lee who i
knew when they had fought enough I
for honor and for country
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Memorial Day Addresses
3 Delivered at National Cemetery
Following are three ot the addresses
vhieh were delivered yesterday after
noon atb the memorial day exercises
tit the national cemetery
Hon JnovE Stillman
Hon John E Stilbwan wag then in
troduced irad spoke as follows
Friends and Fellow Citizens
Over forty years have passea since
the and cf the great American conflict
Bind sinco the dull cold earth closed
upon the remains of the immortal
dead whcao memory we honor and
> tomixtemoraro by our presence here
today > All over this broad land lit
Jiamlets villages aid cities the Ameri
can people are gathered at the grave
of those brave soldiers wino fought
SMty friends il has been well said
wer build imonirmenfcs to our dead but
nx monuments of victory
Bach side fought for What it be
leved to be right and we know that I
two men of equal integrity can differ
and both be right II agree upon this
Subjeot with the sentiments expressed
ay Chas Francis Adams of Massachu
setts in an address made some years
ago in Charleston S C In which she
said referring to the war Between
the statSS Everybody was right
Nobody was wrong
Let us all thamk Gal that we arc
today a united country and believe
that the war that brought so much
sorrow and suffering was not fought
in vain inasmuch as it brought tree
d m to the slave a higher and purer
patriotism and that mutual under
standing of and with each other with
out which civic harmony cannot pre
It was the intense patrioism that
instinct for which more men have
given their lives than for any other
cause as developed in the soldier of
both sides founI though it was by
the fire of sectional partizanship that
made the struggle so magnificently
great And now wherever they sleep
whether they wore the blue or the
gray whatever may have been their
human strength or weakness their
merits or their faults they are all
embalmed in oiy memories only as
heroes Peace to their ashes
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Address of Frank L Mayes
Mr Chairman Veterans Soldiers and
The custom which we exemplify in
assembling here today is one of the
most beautiful which a people can
perpetuate All nations have their
holidays bait no occasion is more
beautiful in Its inception and obser
vation than that day on which we
meet together in tribute to the sacred
II memory of the sacred dead
It is fitting that here above these
silent nameess graves In the pres
ence of these soldiers of the nation
urrounded by those whose hearts re
spond in kind to the muffled drum
beat and solemn music of the occa
ionit is fitting that hero we should
come to pay tribute to the heroes
of battles that are past and to draw
inspiration from their lives and
deaths for the baitles that must still
be fought
It is not necessary for us to eulo
ize the courage or the heroism or
the men who lie buried herewhether
they be soldiers of the blue or of the
gray It is sufficient that they laid
down their lives for a cause they be
lieved just and when a man is will
ing < to yield his life in any cause that
fact is more eloquent of his courage
and his heroism than any words or
yours or mine could be
lt is not necessary for us to dis
cuss at this time the question ot
1 who was right or who was wrong in
the great civil conflict of 6t to 65
It is sufficient for us tne sons and
i daughters of these men to know that
out of that mighty crucibe of war
there emerged a nation whose people
today are united as no other people I
are and whose flag loved at home
and respected abroad is looked up
to as the inspiration and hope of
struggling humanity everywhere
Lives of Giving vs Lives of Getting
We honor these man without re
gard to which color they wore and
in honorhfgr them we honor ourselves
We pay tribute to them herf not be
cause of what they did for themselves
but because of what they did for us
Their lives and their deaths illustrate
the difference between lives of
selfishness and lives of useful
ness the difference between lives
devoted to getting and lives devoted
to giving The great captains of in
dustry waging a war ot selfishness
live die and are forgotten These
captains of service the men who lie
buried upon the battlefields and in the
national cemeteries all over this beau
tiful southland of ours these men
died giving not receiving and their
memories will he cherished as long as
the nation lives
The young man of the present fre
quently aments his fate in the com 1
plaint that the day of opportunity is
pastthat the battles have all been
fought the victories all been won
The young man is mistaken There
are battles to fight and victories to
win today no less important than the
battles and victoric of these more
than forty years ago They may not
require that test of physical courage
Which our fathers met and proved on
the field of sanguinary strife but they
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a patriotism as lofty as ever steeled
the hand or thrilled the blood and
brain of a soldier on the field of bat
The Problems of Today
We of today hve great questions
to solve questions of the administra
tion of government of the relations of
the government to the individual of
the relations also of the individual to
his fellow and of the powers and
functions which fictitious individuals
known as corporations shall be per
mitted to exercise
As it was said that the walls of
Sparta hung upon the spears of her
young men so the responsibility of
solving these questions and fighting
these great moral and economic bat
tles rests upon the shoulders of our
own young menthe Sons of those
other young men whose deeds we
I commemorate today
There has always existed a popular I
delusion that God takes care of the
children fools and Americans My
friends it is nothing but a delusion
So far as Americans are concerned
God cares for us only as we make
the proper effort to tare for ourselves
It will be a sorry day for the Ameri
can people when under any false
sense of fancied security we relin
quish that vigilance which has made
this government great and which
must be maintained to keep it great
AVe are apt to think that because
of our intelligence our culture our
civilization and our national great
ness it would be impossible for
this government to fall Let us not
delude ourselves Imperial Rome as
she sat on her seven hills beside the
yellow Tiber felt not more secure in
I the civilization of her people the
strength of her institutions and the
extent of her national greatness than
do we of the American republic today
Rome yielded a ready victim to the
same spirit of commercial greed and
lust of empire which now runs ramp
ant through the whcio texture of our
national life and which unchecked
will destroy this nation as it did the
one over which the Caesars held
sway these eighteen hundred years
agoBut I have faith in this government
of OUTS I believe In the patriotism
and the purpose of her people We
have the best government in the
world but we can make it and we will
make it still better It is better to
day than it was yesterday and it will
be better tomorrow than it is today
rTIs coming UP the steep of time
And this old world is growing
It simply remains for us to demon
strate that the example of the men
of 61 to 65 shall not have been ru
They Are Comrades Now
A few years hence and these griz
zled survivors of that great conflict
will have answered to the last roll
call and passed from us to their com
rads on the other side And they are
all comrades now In the years at
have passed since they met as foes
on the battlefield they have come to
know and to love the invincible quali
ties that controlled them there and
the Insignia of the veteran is toGay
a badge of patriotism no matter which
uniform he wore And let me say
that whenever I meet a maa who
wears upon the lapel of his coat the
little bronze button of the Grand
Army or the cross of honor of the
Confederate veteran I feel that I
stand within the presence of the
It was President McKinley who said
that foe believed the time had come
when the nation should care for the
Southern as well as the Northern
graves Tn keeping with that senti
ment believe the time leas also come
when these stately piles of marble
and of granite erected over the north
and the south in commemoration of
the heroes and deeds of their respective
five sections should lose their section
al significance and stand only as
monumental to the intrepid bravery
and splendid valor of the American
The memory of his deeds is today
the priceless heritage of a united and
a grateful people and the uniform he
wore is but an incident of the great
combination of events which produced
him Let ois make ourselves worthy
of the legacy which he left us and
help to preserve in its naked
deathless glory the splendor which
attaches to his name
Address by Capt J C Petterson
Capt J C Petterson who presided
over the exercises spoke in part as
The thirtieth day of May is deJica
ted to the soldiers and sailors of the
Union hot tents are pitched upon
the camping grounds of the silent
and whose ships are anchored in the
harbors of the great beyond It is re
plete with tender recollections and
cherished memories of the past It
invokes thanksgivings for the bless
l Ing of the present and is pregnan
with hopes and inspiration the fu
ture The sunrise gun the flag a1
half mast the marching columns of
bowed and bended veterans whose
steps are tuned to the mournful meas
ure of muffed drums the singing or
the national anthems the memorial
addresses the decoration of the grave
of cur dead and the strewing of th
waters that run to the sea with flow
ers symbolic of a hope that is eternal
and of a faith that is sublime
The divine invocation and the fun
eral salute are an object lesson in the
school of patriotism teaChlug unto the
American citizen the duties which he
owes to his God his country and him
We would not forget on this beau
tiful decoration day while we gather
fc the last resting place of those noble
heroes some who wore LTie gray and
others who wore the blue to decorate
with flowers and garlands their silent
monuments and with reverence and
love to commemorate their heroic
deeds one of our G A R comrades
James Smith who was a good and
ncble and loving father husband anti
honest < man also of one whose memory
liS still green in our hearts and one
whom the people cf the state county 1
Colored Lawns very sheer
all new patterns special 10
cents yard a
and of the city of Pensacola with sor
rowful hearts mourn One of natures
noblest men a true friend and a kind
and loving brother an honest ana up
rght man an honored and respected
citizen a wise counsellor and states
man whose life was a Christian life
whose great heart went out to his
fellow nnen and who aided and suc
cored them in their distress and sor
rows who never spoke ill of anyone
hut was always ready to help and
put the best and most charitable con
struction on human errors and fail
ures I speak of the late Hon Stephen
R Mallory who spoke to ns last
memorial day from this platform and
took an active part with us In these
our memorial services We miss his
kindly voice his words of tenderness
and love But we know that the
Heavenly Father doeth all things well v
and what is the countrys loss and cur
loss is His gain I had the privilege
and honor cf knowing him as a boy
and man for fortyjtwo years and I
found him always the same plain kind
and loving friend and to know him
vas to honor aivl love him T was at
his bedside several tmos during his
sickness He never cempiained but
was resigned to meet his Maker ex
changing these earthly robes for tne
heavenly and these fleeting and tran
sitory scenes for the eternal And he
is over beyond the river awaiting
with thousands of the blessed and
glorified to hear the call of the arch
arge when we shall be gathered to
gether before < the Great White
Throne in our Heavenly Fathers man
sion And while the W T Sherman
Post No 21 G A R together with
his friends and loved ones deplore hlg
absence we wild try to emulate his
life and his many virtues and while
we cherish his memory deep In our
hearts we can safely leave him In the
hands of Hint who doeth all things
well hopiixr that when the Grand
Master of the Universe calls us from
this life cf trouble and labor to the
eternal and everlasting life of pear
that it may be said of us that our
bees were like the life of our dear
honored friend a life of Christian
love virtue and goodness and that
we too may hear the words frcm the
great CcmmauderlnChief our Lord
and Savior Jesui Christ Well done
thou good and faithful servant enter
into the rest prepared for you from
the foundation of the world r
So let our burled heroes live
In hands that freely guard and give
In minds that watchful entertain
Great thoughts of justice and her reign
That lend all other tasks above I
The household fires of faith and love
And keep our banner wide unfurled
A pledge of ole jsing to the world
Shine gently 0 sun on these mounds
and stars of the night
Sing softly 0 winds as ye wave the
long willow branch in your flight
Sleep on O ye heroes until the
trumpet shall bid you arise
To answer the final roll call and sum
mon the brave to the skies
Mr Askltt Do you think marriage
Is a failure
Mrs De VorsayNo only a tempo
rary embarrassmentIllustrated Bite
M > tai
will address the voters of Escambia county in behalf of Gen Albert W Gilchrist the leading E
candidate for Governor of Florida at t
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