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The suits that are made to wear and the kind
all mothers appreciate For one week beginning
Monday June 1st we will sell our entire stock of I
Wash Suits at the following reductions I
125 Suits reduced to d 100
150 Suits reduced to 0 120
200 Suits reduced to i 160
250 Suits reduced to 200
300 Suits reduced to 240
350 Suits reduced to A 280
400 Suits reduced to 320
450 Suits reduced to 360 I
500 Suits reduced to 400 i
Sizes 212 to 9 years white and fancy colors
Come and see them early
Standard Clothing Co
OTie following data coverIng a pe
riod of twentyeight years has been
complied from weather bureau rec
ords at Pensacola and Is Issued to
show the conditions which have pre
vailed during the month of June dur
ing this period bait should not be
construed as forecast
Mean or normal temperature SO de
The warmest month was that of
1SS1 with an average of 82 degrees
The coldest month was that of
1903 with an average of 76 degrees
The highest temperature 101 on
June 30 1894
The lowest temperature was 55 de
grees on June 1 1889
The earliest date on which first
tilling frost occurred in autumn No
vember 12
Average date on which first kUling
frost occurred In autumn December 5
Average date on which last Killing
frost occurred in spring February 23
The latest date on which last kill
ing frost occurred in spring April 6
t Average for the month 485 Inches
Average number of days with 01 of
an Inch or more 10
The greatest monthly precipitation
was 1411 inches in 1887
The leastmonthly precipitation was
027 Inches in 1901
The greatest amount precipita
tion recorded in any 24 consecutive
Incurs was 1070 inches on 28 and 29
Clouds and Weather
Average number of clear days 10
partly cloudy days 14 cloudy days 6
The prevailing winds have been
from the southwest
The average hourly velocity of the
avind is 91 miles
The highest velocity of the wind
was 48 miles dram the southwest on
June 27 1SSS
A lot of old newspapers
tied up in neat bundles for
vl sale 5c a bundle at The Jour
nal office
Kill the Bugs
If theres anything in
this world that annoys a
fellow so much as a bed
bug we dont know what
it is You can rid your
entire house of the bed
bug nuisance with Che
mo Its a powerful an
tiseptic and germicide
McKenzie Oerting
60357 S Palafox Phone 67
The average voter is quick
to resent any attempt upon
the part of es
pecially defeated ones to
turn him over lock stock
and barrel to successful op
ponents after a first primary
and when such an attempt is
made it is but natural that
belief should gain ground
that the man who would thus
turn over his friends unto the
political ministrations of a
former political enemy has
an axe of his own that is bad
ly in need of grinding
The Clean Sweep Man
otherwise known as Lucius
S Brown now a member of
the Pensacola City Council
by grace of the voters who
really believed his protesta
tions that he was opposed to
the members of the city
council and the way they did
business and was for a new
deal all around after hav
ing been overwhelmingly de =
feated in his race for the of
fice of Clerk of the Circuit
Court by the present incum
bent A M McMillan evi
dently has a political axe
that is in need of a grind
stone and consequently is
now in the ranks of the Mac
gibbon supporters working
with might and main to de
liver his friends in the first
primary over to Macgibbon
in the hope that the latter
may develop strength suffi
cient to defeat Mr McMillan
I on June 16a forlorn hope
at best I
I What is Brown after Is
his action to be construed
I into an announcement for
I the position of Circuit Clerk
I four years hence action
I based upon the knowledge
I that Macgibbon being the
weaker man of the two and
at the same time wholly in
I experienced in the duties of
the office he will prove an
easier victim to Clean
Sweep wfien the latter
makes another chase after
those visionary dollars he
believes are in the office
If that is not the case can
it be a pure business deal
that actuates the Clean
Sweep man in his efforts to
lead his friends into the Mac
gibbon camp
What is Brown after any
< Adv °
U j
The maximum temperature at Pen
sacola yesterday was 85 degrees at
230 p m while the minimum was
76 degrees at 530 a m Last year
on the same date the maximum was
82 degrees and the minimum 74 degree
The maximum for
gree average
this date is S2 degrees and the aver
age minimum 70 degrees
Fifteen cases were docketed for
trial in the recorders court yesterday
morning Of this number thrae
cases were continued one defendant
discharged and fines amounting to
53 Imposed
S s
In the report yesterday morning of
new suits tiled in the circuit court
Thursday it was stated that S P Ro
zear had brought suit against Pensa
cola Grocery company for 2000 This
was an error as the suit was brought
against the Pensacola Electric com I
panyrank I
Frank P May of Quincy was
among the business visitors to the
city yesterday V
Amos a Lewis of Marianna secre
tary to United States Senator W H
Milton was in the city yesterday and
was warmly greeted by his many
A large party ett the city yesterday
afternoon on the steamer Captain
Fritz for Camp Walton where they
will spend today returning to the
city tonight about 11 oclock
Following are those who won first
honors in grade 5 section A school
No 1 First honor in high scholar
ship Sydney Davis first honor in
generaJ average Christine Johnson
second honor Elmer Bell Vera Kel
ler Lilly Lawry Maurine Meyers and
Beth Walton
1 a
Dr L C Phillips and family will
leave tomorrow for Camp WaJton
where they will enjoy a weeks va
cation spent at points of interest on
the sound
Rc W Sublett who has been con
fined to his home with illness and
whose condition was at one time re
ported as serious is able to sit up
again a decided ohange for the bet
ter having been reported in his con
dition The many friends of the pa
tient will be interested to Jearn that
attending physicians are hopeful or
his getting out in the course of a
few weeks
The body of J J Halloran was
shipped on Friday to NashviL for
burial The remains were accompan
ied by J A Halloran and Miss An
nie Halloran brother and sister ot
the deceased The funeral wilL occur
this afternoon
News was received in Pensacola
yesterday of the death of Chasrles
Larkin formerly of this city recently
of Bridgeport Conn The deceased
who is well known in local circles
and who has a wife and two children
residing here met death by falling
from a binder although particulars
as to the exact manner in which the
accident occurred are meagre He
left Pensacola last fall after having
been a resident of the city for several
To Life Saving Stati n
and other points leaving
Palafox wharf at 10 a m
returning at 1 p m
Afternoon trip leaving 3
p m returning 6 p m
The tug Monarch will leave Pala
fox wharf every morning at 715 for
the Navy Yard and Santa Rosa Beach
Pavillion and will return at 415 p
m Picnic parties will find this very
convenient to spend a pleasant day
Fare 50 cents including use of Pavil
lion for picnic parties
Leaves Palafox wharf at 730 p m go
ing to pavillion on Santa Rosa Island re
turning at 12 oclock Orchestra will be
on board and furnish music for dancing
Refreshments will be served at the pavil
Old Soldier Made Happy on Memorial
By Associated Press
Columbus Ohio May 30 Mainly
through the efforts of C L Win
try formerly chaplain at the Ohio
penitentiary David WingeTy aged Go
pears an old soldier serving life sen
tence behind the walls dor the murder
of John Blakely of Sandusky was the
happy recipient of the memorial day
pardon at the hands of Governor Har
ris today ExChaplain Wingely is a
cousin of the prisoner
Subscribe for The Journal I
I B M B M Bi BB =
Now Going On at the Old Stand 113115 S Palafox Street
Pensacola Fla
Positively the greatest bargain opportunity ever offered the people of West
Florida A 17800 stock of Dry Goods bought at 46 cents on the dollar that
must be converted into cash in the next 30 days It will pay you to come 200
miles or more to take advantage of this grand bargain carnival Hotel keepers
and country merchants will find this an exceptional opportunity to buy mer
chandise away below the wholesale cost
The stock embraces nearly everything contained in a general dry goods store
such as Silks Dress Goods White Goods Sheetings Domestics Colored Wash
Goods Table Linens Towels Laces Embroideries Corsets Muslin and Knit
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coats Hats Flowers Plumes Wrappers also linens Shoes Underwear Shirts
Bathing Suits Socks Clothing and Furnishing Goods Household Supplies
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Trunks to go away below original cost I
Ladies Underwear and Corsets
Best Sc Swiss ribbed Vests on sale for 5c
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Kabo Royal Worcester Majestic W B
and R tC G choice of all the best 1 makes
now for 69c
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gain lots at 39c and 25c
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Mens Black Mohair Coats formerly marked at
250 and 300 to close out for 25c
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Mens 150 and 200 Odd Vests to close out at 8c
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Mens 50c and 75c Madras Top Shirts to close
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Shirts a very special bargain at 69c
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Best 5c Unbleached Domestic to close out now
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blue pink Alice lilac and rose choice for 69c
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dresses marked down to 50c
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cream light blue pink and cardinal to go at 59c
Bankrupt Sale of White
Goods and Wash Goods
Best 15c 40inch White Lawn to go at 8 34c
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marked down to 12c
12 l2c and 15c Dress Ginghams nobby style
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One table of fine printed Tissue DeSoie best
25c values marked down to 14c
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buckles on sale for 15c
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All our trimmed and untrimmed Hats and
Flowers away below cost All shelving counters
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I Bankrupt Sale of Ladies Waists Skirts Suits Petticoats M Hlidery I
This is the chance of a lifetime to buy good
merchandise at your own price
400 Mohair Skirts in black brown or navy
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One lot of 300 and 350 Skirts in fancy
Tweed and Mohair styles to go at 195
I 550 and 650 Mahair and Panama Skirts to
close out for 390
750 and 850 Silk Mohair and Chiffon Pan
I ama Skirts marked down to 495
Ladies 250 Lawn Suits marked down to 125
Ladies 300 Lawn Suits marked down to149
Ladies 350 Linonette Suits to lose out for 185 I
Ladies 400 White Lawn Suits beautifully
made on sale now for 195
All the finer Skirts and Suits we are determin
ed to close out at once at any sacrifice
Ladies 75c and 85c White Lawn Waists to go 48c
150 sheer and fine White Lawn Shirt Waists
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Extraordinary bargains in fine white lawn
Waists to close out in the Bankrupt Sale at 119 I
169 5249 and 295 each
I r B IT9N oo I

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