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r oFstncKTDTH
It was not practicable last night
to get a complete list of the actual
signatures yesterday and Friday for
t the stock In the proposed hotel cor
poration but The Journal prlnts
t again the list of those who had signed
up to last Thursday nightthe date
of the first meeting of the hotel com
3 mittee of the Chamber of Commerce
with the 5CribeIBand also the
Usb of subscriptions given at the
meeting cbnditional upon the sum oC
150000 being raised by next Tuesday
night when Mjt Hervey of Mobile
will be here and attend the subscrib
ers meeting
As the matter stands today 101100
had been signed up to last Tuesday
evening and Mr W H Knowles had
agreed to sign for 5000 additional
df needed to complete the 150000
Since Tuesday night about 5000 has
been signed ail under the original
U subscription agreement which makes
lu the signatures binding If a total of
7 150000 Is signed by Jan 1 next
r Thus the signatures under the orlg
If inal terms of subbscrlptlons aggregate
about 111000 and the 13000 signed
conditionally raises the available total
to 124000 provided a total of 150
000 Is signed by the time the meet
ing adjourns next Tuesday night In
other words if 26000 of stock is
signed for In the next two days the
hotel will be fount at once If less
than 26000 Is signed for in the next
two days the 13000 conditionally
subscribed Win be nullified and there
will remain about 39000 to be raised
The Subscribers
Tho list of stockholders and the
amounts they have subscribed to up
to the evening of Mhy 28 under the
original terms of subscription was
S Apostle N 5 2000
A M Avery 2000
Max Li Bear 1000
W L Bell 500
A R Blngham u u 100
WA Blount 2500
H H Boyer 1000
4 L S Brown 500
J W Bullard 500
J R G Biishnell 100
4 Bay Point Mill Co 3BU
R Q Caldwell l 590
Campbell L S Stable 77 lOb
Cary Co 200
Clutter Music House 200
F H Cranston 100
J W Coons 100
Jno N Day 300
Dr W C Dewberry 200
B C Duval eo 1 500
A A Fisher 2600
Joel Frater Lbr Co 500
Thcrs Freeman Atmore Ala 100
B Gerson 300
Jno B Guttman 150C
GermanAm Dbr Co 250G
Hoyt Bros 100
T A Jennings u 2000
Arthur T Johnson 500
W H Knowles u 10000
Mrs H S Keyser 250C
A Lisohkoff 500
D Levy lun
A Moog 500
CM QL A D Morrison 1000
H Muller 0 sou
Jno A Merrill Co 1UuO
IMcDavidiHyer Co 5000
Jas MdHugli 500
iR L Nlchelsen eo loO
Pen Gro Co 200
Pensacola Realty Co 2500
Frank Reilly 500
7 S Roberts Ion
Rosasco Bros 500
OHSrnlth 500
W Nash Reed IOP
H HJ Thornton 200
Watson Parker Reese 500
H H Wlcke Co 200
J T Whiting 100
z J E D Yonge 2uO
ΒΌ L M Davis 300
Tno C Avery I 200
L G Aymard 100
A R Beck 100
Dr C E Bennett IUD
F F Blngham u 500
A C Blount Jr 2500
F C Brent 5000
F B Bruce 200
H A Brosnaham 300
F M Blount eo eo 200
SoL Cahn Co 1000
W M Camp 300
Patlllo OamiXbell 100
Buckner Chipley 100
J E Conoannon 00 ioc
L G Crosby 300
W G Dailey joo
B A Davis got
H G DeSilva Co 200
J E Dubuisson Bro eo 20C
Gus Eitzen IOC
Ed Forcheirner 100
S A Friedman eo eo ioc
T L Gant 200
H W Gibbs 100
so L Gundcrshclmer 20C
Hooton 6 Watson 2500
TCnqwIes Hyer 1000
Pensacola Journal 500
R Leon Jones Atmore Ala 500
VS Koyser 600
Knowles Bros 2500
T H Lannon 1vJ
Marston Quina 500
iMansfleld Moreno f IOU
S M Guidon 5000
7k Mnrphy Morrison Co 500
J Jno E Maxwell 100
J S McGaughy 2vJ
Dr D W McMillan 100
H B Owen 100
Pensacola Investment Co 5000
J CM Roberts tUf
RIx M Robinson 500
Sam Rosenau 0 ioc
NHReid 300
J T Taylor 10o
C H Turner Const Co I I 2 000
Thos C Watson 1000
YfB WrIght 1000
< j
M R Yonge 100
D Hale Wilson 500
Jas Waters 200
C P Gaut Tuscaloosa 100
Imperial Cigar Store 200
H S White 100
C F Schad eo 100
C McK and C J Oertlng 200
Owen Clark Co 500
J JMcCaskill 1000
Wm Johnson Son u 1000
S A Leonard 100
T W Brent HOO
A H White SOO
Crystal Pharmacy 500
B S Weeks 100
Dr J H Bickerstaff 100
Wllmer Hayward 200
Dr Brosnahan buu
C H Simpson 500
C W Merritt 500
Blgbee Fertilizer Co Mfg 200
W H Northup 500
Lee Daniell 0 200
Warfield Grocery Co 100
CC Goodman 100
Actually signed 101100
Promised by W H Knowles
if needed 5000
Total under original terms 106100
Conditional Additional
James M Muldon S 5000
Sol Cahn 1000
Max Bear 1000
Henry M Yonge 500
Patlllo Oampbell 100
A R Beck 100
Wm Johnson Son 500
H H Thornton 100
F B Bruce 100
Pensacola Investment Co 2500
John A Werritt Co 500
Hoyt Bros 100
C W Merritt 100
Watson Parker Reese Co 200
Ausfeld Blount 200
Lazard Cahn 100
John E Maxwell 200
Mrs B E Gonzalez 200
< IR You e 100
Marston Quina 40i
Total to May 2S 119100
Since May 28 about 5000
Total available124000
SUdl needed 26000
The jury could not agree in the
ta se of tHo A Cowart who was placed
on trial Friday in the criminal court
upon the charge of assault and bat
tery Cowart while a police officer
arrested a man named Irvine and it
is charged that he fused his club need
lessly on the head of the man ar
The jury considered the case for
many hours Tiut failing to reach a
verdict so announced to the court
The case whIt bo tried again at iie
next term of court
Frank Martin was found guilty of
receiving stolen property
Negro Given Two Years
Marsh Elliott a negro comvictcc
yesterday was sentenced by the court
to serve a term cC two years at hard
labor for open and gross lewdness
John Hudson found guilty of break
ing and entering a siore room at
century was recomiarended to the
mercy of the court on account of his
his age the defendant being only 15
years He was fined 5 or serve 60
Willis Ellis for petit larceny was
fine 5 or 60 days John Raney for
receiving stolen property was fined
10 or 60 days and Iscm Blackwell
for public use of obscene language
was fined < 1 or 30 days
Judge Oscar R Hundley of Alabama
is to complete the term or the Unit
ed States court which is now pre
sided over by Judge Sheppard The
latter is disqualified to hear some
cases on the docket and as these are
the last to be heard at this session
Judge Hundley will preside
Judge Hundley was here at the
term prior to the present one and
presided During his stay he rmade a
number of friends who will foe pleased
to greet him It is expected that he
will arrive Wednesday night or
Thursday morning
Verdict for Defendant
Yesterday the case of J > lrs Jean
nette vs The Louisville Nashville
Railroad co < for damages amounting
to 30000 on account of the death
In a wreck of her husband came to
a close The jury returned a verdict
in favor of the defendant
Bv Associated Press
Paris May 30J Martin Miller
former American consul at Rheims
and who was mentioned in the suit
lecently brought in New York by Mae
C Wood against Senator Thomas C
Platt for divorce has instituted suits
JTor defamation of character against
the London Daily Mail and the editor
of the London Daily IMail published
in Paris He claims 30000 damages
from each 1liWcr
The following is the record of mar
riages births and deaths during the
past Week as are of record in the of
ftces of the county clerk and city
Marriages j
White James W Lauphere and
Marie Jones George Thomas Jones
and Alice Anna Seals
ColoredLucius McMillan and An
nie Belle Grant Moses Clayoorn and
Louise Thurman VoJter L Lopez
and Lavina Jordan Eddie Malachia
and Pitronellae Johnson
WhiteTo J T Hurst and wife a
girl to William Tend and wife a
girl to Oscar Kaul and wife a boy
to Joe Lushington and wife a girl
to C M Hill and wife a boy
Continued From First Page
a conviction and precision which
made it interesting to a marked de
gree among toose who listened His
remarks were directed upon high and
lofty ideals and his frequent refer
ences to the time when the curtain
had been dropped upon a great na
tional conflict and when monuments
were built to the dead but not to
victory edcited much applause
Mr StiUman was followed by a
quartette composed of Miss Birdie
White Miss Ellie Wentworth and
Messrs Van Winkle and Garfield
The selection proved to be a merito
rious rendition of The StarSpangled
Banner which was well received by
the audience Frank L Mayes was
then introduced
Mr Mayes dealt with the problems
of the day as affected by events
which have passed and conditions
which are prevailing today as the re
sult of that past He spoke of the
things which the country expects Jrom
the sons of the grizzled old veterans
who participated in a mighty struggle
and was optimistic in his estimate ot
the possibilities as they now present
Miss Olga White one of Pensacolas
best known young ladies and already
bearing an enviable reputation as an
elocutionist of a high order then re
cited The Blue and the Gray In
her own characteristic style The se
lection was the one for the place an1
the occasion and was much appre
ciated by those who heard it Arthur
McConneL a member of the Marine
corps IRov Charles iP Hall ana
Commander Petterson also gave In
teresting discourses the remarks of
all three gentlemen being based up
on the general theme of the gloritt
cation of a custom which is joining
the nation together In a c limon sor
row over the graves of its soldier
dead on the thirtieth of each May
Rev Hall is a remarkably forceful
speaker while Mr OConnel succeed
ed in laying his subject clearly be
fore the people Commander Petter
sons remarks took the form of a
general eulogy to the dead and the
old Grand Army veteran succeeded in
making his part of the program one
of the most interesting fegatures or
the occasion
During the entire program Wyers
band furnished music for tho occa
The custom of attending the mem
orial services which occur annually
at the national cemetery Is one
which Is growing with Pensacola peo
ple This year there was a larger
crowd from both Pensacola and War
rington in attendance than has been
the case previously Last year an
increase in the attendance was noted
from the year previous and it is an
i evident fact that the custom of re
membering the unmarked graves as
they lay In mute testimony of a duty
well performed Is finding a place in
the hearts of the people to a far
greater extent as the years advance
Yesterdays visitors were composed
of Interested spectators who appreci
ated the things they saw and were
there to show their personal appre
ciation of wiat was being done Dec
ColoredTo Walker Mims and wife
a girl to Chaa < les Jusbp and wife a
boy to Clem Gadden and wife a
girl to Raymond Thomas and wife
a girl to Sandford Edward and wife =
a boy to John Kennedy and wife a
WhlteRasana Mullin 12 days te
tanus Harvey Jones 54 years ne
ColoredEdward Dalphin 38 years
chronic bronchitis Lucille Simmons
7 months rising In head child of
Joseph Deans 10 days lockjaw Ash
berry Houston 39 years appoplexy
Willie B Jackson 1 year bronchitis
Thomas JIcGraff 45 years Brights
= = = = = = = = =
Pensacolas New Hotel
By C C Packard
= = = = = = c = = = cccc =
= = cc = = cc = = 0 = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = =
The pending discussion regarding a
new and modern hotel for Pensacola
has a twofold interest it means so
infinitely much to the city and offers
so curious an analogy
Mark a predictionthe proposed ho
tel wil be built It will open to
crowded quarters and will be tested
to its capacity to care for its guests
from the day its doors open to the
Scarcely will it be an established
factor of the city when plans will
promptly engage public attention for
another and greater hostelry This
first one L take it wfll cater to both
tourists and the commercial public
The second affair will be predicated
largely in behalf of that great body
of welltodo people who today repre
sent the nomadic instinct of the race
and whose ample means affords them
opportunity to go where they list
The immediate success of the one
for which plans are now being made
will show how profitable a larger and
more eTafoorate hotel will prove In
It Is but a few years since the
ancient Battle House was the sole
representative of comfort in Mobile
And what a jar it gave to the stranger
who first visited that city But the
people of that city were apparently
icontent with this motheaten estab
lishment Luckily fire destroyed it
One might almost say the artistic
beautiful and wellordered Cawthon
arose from Its ashes With its popu
lar management Its comfortable
rooms and careful heed for its
guests with Its amply laden and ad
mirably served table it was instantly
uTisclosed that the traveling public
had been waiting for a good hotel
service in Mobile The renovated
Bienville shortly followed This suc
cess made possible the costly and
ample structure the New Battle
House noV nearing completion and
shortly to make wide and doubtless
successful appeal for patronage
Does anyone imagine the New Bat
tle House would now adorn the heart
of labile had not that gem of hotels
the Cawthon paved the way
I aim not writing a panegyric for
the Cawthon or attempting an unde
served bouquet for the Hervey man
agement But a toleraby wide ac
quaintance with the best hotels of the
eastern part of the United States and
Canada warrants the calm assertion
that this cosy home for travelers is
not surpassed in value east of the
Mississippi river
Montgomery the ancient capital or
Alabama offered for years the most
atrocious hotel accommodations
Travelers went there reluctantly and
left joyfully And yet it was like
pulling teeth to provide the stately
new Exchange Scarcely however
were its doors opened and Its register
closed daily for lack of room than an
other and larger affair was planned
and now the noble Teague rears its
stories tar above the height attained
by the Exchange And Montgomery
visitors are assured they willI find
there all hose conveniences and com
torts so much a part of modern
So will It be with Pensacola and
her new hotel
oration was much more genera this
year than has been the case previ
ously and many of the unmarked
graves have also received the atten
tion of those through whose efforts
the eventattained Its success of yes
Continued From First Pagc
calls of the senate and was based on
the fact that there had been no busi
ness intervening since the former
call debase being heH not to Te
After Mr LaTc1lette had been twice
recognized by the chair an old ruling
invoked a number of years ago at
the suggestion of former Senator Da
vid B Hill of New York to the ef
tfect that a senator cannot speak
more itha ntwice on a subject in one
legislatlve lay unless other business
intervenes was brought up As the
senate wi11 continue the currencj dis
cussion under the legislative date or
May 29 Mr LaFollette realized that
he could not get the floor again if the
surrendered it As a result be gave
an unprecedented exhibition of en
durance His exploit is all the more
remarkable for the reason that his
own party was without sympathy for
his effort and he had but ifew sup
porters in the Democratic ranks
The night was one that will long
be remembered by senators The
heat in the chamber was oppressive
and the attempts to maintain a >
rum prevented the fifty odd senators
in the city now from getting rest
Finally the sergeant at arms was di
rected to keep these senators at the
capitol which was an almost impos
sible tatek As soonas some of
them were brought in they would an
swer to their nalmes and depart for
their homes The republican leaders
were particularly anxious that Sena
tors Stone and Gore should not be
permitted to get an undisturbed
nights rest and they were routed out
of bed by the leputy sergeant at arms
of the senate They were brought
into the chamber half dressed but
they did not remain long enough for
their disafrille to be generally no
Throughout the day and night Sen
ator LaFollette sustained himself on a
punch of egg and milk and on one oc
casion during a roll call he ate a
sandwich He hirshanded his strength
by sitting on the arm of his chair as
he talked and for the most part his
speech was delivered in a conversa
tional and dispassionate tone
There have been a number of fa
mous filibustering episodes in the his
tory of the senate but none perhaps
ever has been supported by so small
a body as the lone filibuster of CMr
LaFollette Never yet has the senate
failed to act on measure when a ma
jority of that body iavored such ac
Mr iLaFollette at 703 announced
that he was reluctant to yield the
floor but said he realized that other
senators desired to speak Messrs
lAldrich and Stone arose simultan
eously the former being recognized
He moved when a vote should be
taken on the pending question the
aloptkm of the conference report the
and be called This mo
ayes nayes J
Second Shipment
WalkOver Shoes
We have received our sec
ond shipment of WalkOver
Shoes this season which in
cludes low quarters high
tops blacks tans patent
leather and all the latest
styles and shapes Get the
WalkOver habit and be
uptodate You always get
your moneys worth when
you buy ValkOvcrs
I Clothing Shoes Hats and Furnishing
Goods for Men and Boys
29 South Palafox Street
Brent Building
Your Money Worth or Your Money
tion was carried and Mr Aldrich
yielded to Mr Stone who began his
remarks which he said to some of
his colleagues might be continued for
16 hours or so Obviously he was
puzzled by Mr aVldrichs motion and
he asked what had been ganie1 by it
He did not learn
Speaking in a voice so low that he
could not be heard distinctly five feet
twaiy Mr Stones excessive modula
tion awakened protests especially
ifrom Senator Scott
If my remarks are of sufficient
interest the senator can come for
ward I certainly shall not go back
ward answered Mr Stone
Evidently LaFolletto was satis
fied ithat his successor Tras In trim
for the fray for he laur > at the
colloquoy and ileft the chamber to se
cure TOuch needed sleep
When Mr Stone began speaking
there were not more than a dozen sen
ators on the floor anT scarcely
greater number in the < > s
On the republican side of the elm m
1 er Senators Aldrich Callrnger rar
iter Kean and a fow others had re
mained in their seats all night and
when half an hour after the speech
had begun Mr Stone expressn < a de
silo to address his remarks to his
democratic colleagues especially look
ed about the chamber in wistful search
and found only two Messrs Teller
and Gore Mr Stone lade one or
two ineffectual efforts to call for a
quorum but under last nights ruling
his demand was declared out of or
er as was also an appeal by Mr
Gore from this decision
Mr Aldrloh broke into the lisous
sion with the remark that he has seen
a1 statement in the newspaper that
the senator from Missouri is here
with a mission to speak in behalf of
one of the presidential candidate
Referring to Mr Bryan That
being sol think it quite important we
should hear his statement
I halve no commission or permis
sion or request from any candidate
for the presidency to speak for him
replied Senator Stone it is one of
those rare instances in which news
papers are entirely wrong
Mir Stone continued his remarks
reading extensively from newspapers
At S oclock there was a slight in
crease in the attendance in the gal
leries but there was even fewer sen
ators in their seats than when Mr
Stone began his address
Senator Stones effort to conserve
his strength by reading the vari < is
documents from which he was quot
ing in a low tone called forh a pro
test from Senator Teller who com
rilained that although but fifteen feet
away from the speaker he roitfd not
hear a word he was saying and < ir
gested that if the senator was pv =
cally unable to read tmler the rules
cf tho senate the cleric mlgb read
for him
Senator Gore the blind statesman
from Oklahoma followed Stone tak
ing for a couple of hours and itne
passage of the bill followed
By Associated Press
Montgomery Ala May 30 Adju
tant General Bibb Graves of the Ala
bama national guard today gave it
out that threo infantry regiments anti
the battalion of artillery will go in
camp for ten days with the regular
army at Chickamauga General L V
Clarke of Btrmlngiam will be in
command Twentyfive hundred men
will be in the party The total cost
will be about 50000
A lot of old newspapers
tied up in neat bundles for
sale 5c a bundle at The Jour
nal office
c = = =
= =
= = = = = = = = 3 = = s = = = = = = = > = = = = = =
The undertone of life the subi
msrged world of personal exigence
above which the activities of our
bewig make warfare for our preserva
tion and welfare do we ever realize
how much of anguish fill these soul
depths of human lives
In following the lives of men In
daily contact with our own Interweav
ing the years of our being how little
insight lo wo have into the depths
of their real heart longings and de
sires and how scant in touch are ue
in Ute loneliness of their lives which
only they can know and which only
a sympathetic current from some
I genial sunny soul con ever satisfy j
I We trail along the years believing
that same day scone where toe sun
will burst in glory iipon our buried
lies and start the flowers abloom to i
nint a world where once all pros
eel failed aiid joy was veiled m
loud and gloom
We do not dream wo only awaTt
p that which we can thavo In actual
reality f
iln every life there is a beacon light
afire on every tide that surges with
the passion of the soul the halo light
of hope that beams beyond the wave
forever calling us on
Man sheds the > dross tTmt beclogs
his natiwe in the evolution of his
being by the culture or beautiful
thoughts and ideals These cling to
t e warmth of the soul for nourlsn
ment and care and blcssom when
the atmosphere is freshened by the
overflow of a tender recognition and
the light that mellows on the eye
for at is as impossible for the human
heart to suppress its joy as it is for
the flower to hide its color
The secret precincts of the human
heart are the most sacred of all that
we cherish and preserve throughout
the years that troll across our helpless
lives where hope ever lingers upon
the threshold to encourage and anl
craie the cherished longings that
seek ki sympathy the kindred heart
beat of a generous and dependent
love The one grandpa < ton of the
other forces of our nature all the In
spiration of life comes from its over
surging tide to spur us on 1o do and
dare in the desperation of our exist
Ve can not tell the world that WQ
aro east upon a restless tide the busy
hum of marts anti onward press of
life linger not to catch the inoaniuga
that echo from the breakers fallins
upon our storm tossed lives Alone
we bear and feel the isolation of our
being until such time appointed font
the rifting of the gloom to let the sun
shine in
Somewhere and perhaps at somo
time the happy bolls of joy will ring
the emancipation of our pent up souls
breaking the shackles that bind the
forces of our nature and letting an
the sun beams to the heart for we
only await the breaking of the dawn
to change the darkened world into
the mellow radtonce of inspired joy
How we fret and wear away our
lives in years of disappoIntment and
mistake the awful grind of existence
where there is nohope perhaps until
the sod has covered all
What joy to feel the sun burst irt
effulgence upon the rayloss depths oC
mans despair Ths has Ii > o i
promised it can only come through
some mysterious influence no man can
We may be the master of our des
tiny but there roust be radiance in
the east to inspire the effort that
brings success and no man even
plunges for Khe life stae whose ihearf
is insensible to the thrill of the onet
grand passion that stirs mans being
and sweetens his existence for afte <
all we are the creatures of our Creator
= 1
I r
i I I
I To the Lovers of Good Coffee
We wish to advise you that we have installed in our store a
New Royal Electric Coffee Mill wftiieh is being placed on the mar
kef TO the < A J Deer Co of Buffalo N Y It cuts the coffee there
by increasing the quality 20 per cent over the old stole mills that
crush the coffee
This iXew Electric Coffee Mill is equipped with knives of razor
sharpness and cuts the berry into uniform particles doesnt crush
or grind It and the little cells remain unbroken The oil known as
Caffeine cannot evaporate and is preserved inrteftniteiy This ls OTTO
reason why a pound of coffee cut in this mill will make < from ten to
twelve cups more of full strength coffee than will the ame coffee
ground in the old way But the maim thing about thin mill is that
you can have your coffee cut as fin as the finest sand and It will
till be free from that fine dust that is produced by the old method
of grinding therefore you will Iways have a clear cup or coffeo
instead of Ihr muddy effects which are the result of the old medoi
Royal Electric Cut Coffee is especially adapted for percarators
or French drip coffee pots
Without attempting to be technical we will give you some rea
sons why this is true Raw Coffee is chemically changed In the
roasting The most important chenwcal change is the formation of
an oil known as Caffeone produced from the elements In the original
state It is this oil which gives the rich and appetizing flavor to
the roasted coffee Scientific experiments have established the fact
that the only way to extract Caffeone satisfactorily is to bring the
infusion to the boiling point and allow it to simmer ifor a fe rain
utos according to the degree of fineness to wihlch the particle have
been granulated The method of simply pouring hoHinj water
through pulverized coffee fails to extract a large part of the ooffee
strength Then you boil this pulverized or powdered coffee It
yields readily all its Caffeone but the resnlt is a muddy infrasion
which will not settle and muddy coffee is condemned on sight on
account of its appearance its disagreeable sensation in the ninth
and even more because of the injurious effect of taking into the
stomach the smadl insoluble particles held In suspension in < the
liquid These are tho reasons why the use of pulverized coffee is
being discontinued So with the old onill that crushes1 the coffee
at is impossible make a perfect drink from Coffee groundin
the old way where dust and coffee are mixed with particles of alI
sizes large and small The same principle of boiling or baklng po
tatoes the small ones are cooked too much before the large ones
are half done The Caffeone is all extracted from the small par
ticles before the large ihave yielded their full strength As soon as
the Caffeone is extracted the grounds are of no value as a food
product and if you continue the boiling that causes the unpleasant
woody taste which destroys the pure coffee flavor To get the
greatest efficiency from each particle of coffee all must be of near
ly the same size This i what the Royal Electric M3II does for you
by cutting which accomplishes the
a new uttng process acmpHshe purpose completely
pletely leaving nothing more to b desired
The lover of good fe finds here a richness of flavdr never
found in coffee ground in the ordinary way at any price This is
the first element of real goodness but In adUtion It wIN appeal to
all who have the management of the household on the r o economy
health When the housewife stops to figure the
omy and eath Ven t prudent top fgre te
cost slie will buy Royal Electric cut coffee because it i granulated
into very fine clean particles all of the same size which give theIr
full strength uniformly and because of The absence a other flavors
1 be overcome This Is n idle boast The general rule in making
coffee is to s six parts of water to one of ground coffee by has
ing your coffee cut in the New Royal Electric MaU th same
strength i obtained by using one part of coffee to nine paris of
water This is where you get your ten t twelve cups more of
coffee to the pu
P Tea Co
W G Dailey Prop

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