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A History of Great Party Gather
ing That Decrees Who Shall
I Govern the Country = = Pirst National =
a tional Convention Was Held in
I 1832 and the First National
> Committee Established 1848
4 Republican Convention at
Chicago In 1888 Was the Most
Bitter of All
I TI2fs is national convention year
r sand already the tttznoa kern is charged
iwltb the political currents which
3iave been accumulating In the great
central Teve rvoirs Some of the less
er party organizations shave already
announced their tickets and platforms
I rrhe mxjor contestant in the great
tj ame are about to commit themselves
113 a like qua perthe republicans at
Chicago June 16 the democrats at
Denver July 7
National conventions came into the
tfashion In 1832 and since that time
candidates ifor president and vice
president Jiave been nomtaatod in that
way The manner of conducting
q these great representative gatherings
Is practically the same for all parties
Z + except that the republicans nominate
444 0 > y a majority vote anr the voting is
cr done by districts while the democrats
I3 opt the unit rule and require vote
of twothirds to nominate
r One of the principal duties of the
1r national convention and one which is
tf ever neglected ds to appoint a na
tional committee before jt adjourns
This important body is made up oE
one member from each state and ter
ritory in the Union This representa
tive company oS men have charge of
the campaign end are to authority
runtil superseded toy the will of the
r meXlt convention These committees
md plenty to do Whey determine
Jmhen and where tfae conventions are
to be held Issue calls and really make
t all the necessary arrangements
I From Che first there Jias been a
4 great deal of rivalry among the
larger cities as to the meeting Place
t conventions and in recent years It
1 amounts to actual competition The
kj national committee bears the assu
dents advanced toy flic representa
tives of the cities who aspire to the
m r ami decide in the matter Re
try it has became tine practice for
a bonus to be offered and the city
which can snake Itself most attractive
y in that way is quite apt to obtain the
i coveted distinction Denver won this
year by offering the sum of 5100UUO
f to the Democratic committee Jor cam
paign expenses The chosen city also
f provides the convention hall and pays
c the general expenses of the gathering
i Jt has become he fashion nowadays
j to erect a building exclusively for con
trention purposes
Courts Publicity
fTho national committee usually is
sues the call for the convention six
months before the date of meeting In
fixing the day much judgment is re
quired and many things are to be tak
en into consideration It is now the
practice of earth national committee
to make the convention a matter of
paramount Interest and some of the
metncds employed < to further tnis
idea fall little short of the spectacu
The number of delegates sent to
the convention is double the number
of memToers of the congress Each
state chooses tour delegates at large
double tine number of its senatevs
and each congressional district sends
two delegates Entirely as a matter
of courtesy it would appear delegates
are also admitted from the territories
and from the District of Columbia for
they are not entitled to vote and do
not unless the privilege is extended
to them by the will of the convention
Another of the numerous duties of
the national committee is to select
the temporary chairman of the con
vention This of course is subject
to the approval of the convention
which usually accepts the appointee
of the committee without discussion
Occasionally however there is a con
test over this appointment and tne
man selected Iby the committee Is re
jected by a majority of the delegates
In 1884 the committee chose Powell
Clayton of Arkansas for temporary
chairman but he was not acceptable
to the opponents of Mr Blaine In the
convention and the honor was trans
ferred to a colored Republican John
liynchpr Mississippi Mr Clayton
is still national cconmifcteeman from
his state
For tmany years the nominating con
ventions were conducted with great
simplicity and few spectators were
admitted to the assemblv hall The
republican convention of 1GO which
nominated Lincoln was first to admit
p large number of spectators A spe
cial hall called 10 WJawam was
erected by the city of Chicago This
great structure which had a ° itinr
capacity of over 5000 was filled at
every session of the convention Since
that time the number in attendance
at national conventions has been lim
ited only by t capacity of the build
Ings in which they have been hell
dmissions arc nominally by ticket
only According to the present cus
tom each delegate issupplied with a
number of tickets for distribution
among his friends the conimitteomen
have a large mrmlber at their dispos
al and the remainder are given to the
local committee to USe as Is most ex
The national convention is the out
come of a demand more or less pop
ular for a direct voice dn the nciMtna
tion of the chief executive At first
the entire country was so unmistak
ably upanimous in its wish to nave
AViashington for its executive ihead
tbat no other candidate was suggested
ed When he retired to Mount Vcr
ron there were already two well de
fined parties in existence but their
leaders were so clearly differentiate
that no conventions were needed Sub
squently however there was Tess
harmony and more political competI
tion arose It became the practice
for small and select parties of con
gressmen to assemble rather secretly
county governments In them are
chosen all of our executive legisla
tive and judicial oflicers > In them are
decided the ficvernmental status so
far as law order peccable existence
and enforcement of laws are concern
ed Those who wish government to
be controlled by the moral elements
in society for the moral welfare of
the community must here vote for
those persons who stand for the mor i
al welfare of the people Those op
posing moral government and inter
ested in debauching the people never
fail to be active in their own inter
Saloon Interests Boldly Organized
Never before in all the history of
Florida have the representatives of
the saloon Interests so openly defied
the moral elements of society and so
boldly organized to seize control of
the government of the state and of
so many of the counties
Never before in all the history of
any Southern state have the saloon
keepers so openly organized and rais
ed corruption fun sh openly assess
ing every saloon to the state and sent
authorized agents to the great distil
lers and brewers of the United States
soliciting enormous contributions from
outside this state to be Used to in
fluence the voters of the state in
the election of a governor legislators
and other officers who will be under
obligations to them and Who will owe
to the saloon men their election to of
fit is bard to conceive of such a
case but it is an absolutely evident
fact and a fact which is not even at
tempted to be hidden but is openly
avowed that the saloon interests in
Florida have been thoroughly organiz
ed and have assessed each saloon of
the state and have collected in addi
tion thereto enormous sums of aionev
from distillers awl brewers beyond
the limits of the state and have con
centrated their support upon one can
didate for governor jf the state and
upon candidates for the state senate
and house of representatives and for
the offices Tadricb have to do with the
enforcement of laws intended to resu
lte the sale ol liquors
for the purpose of arranging a party
nomination This was the origin of
the plan of nominating y congres
sional caucus which was followed for
three terms In 1824 the choice o
the caucus was not Popular and its
candidate came in k 1 t at NiP elec
tion That put an < jcJi to the scheme
First Convention
The first national couvontinn was
called by the AntiMasonIc party in
1S30 and was held at Philad Inma
Next year the Whiles nominated Henry
Clay for the presidency in H similar
manner It was not until 1SH2 now
ever that the friends o Andrew
Jackson adopted the plan and called
a national convention in Baltimore
and the first national commit too was
established m 1S4S by the Democratic
convention of that year
Some of the conventions or tae
Past have not been lose feast One
memorable for its bitterness and tile
i i = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = c = = = = = = I
t + fu the GodFeardng People of Florida
A condition mow confronts the peo
ple of Florida the like of which has
mover been known in this s ate
I Many of us are not either politicians
or political partisans but all of the
w imderslgned feel It their patriotic duty
to disregard all existing party or fac
tional aflHiationa and to call upon all
4t good citizens of Florida haviug the
a right to vote in the primary election
June 16th to lay aside for the time
being at least all partisan feelings
4 L
and join all the Gcdfearlng order
loving lawabiding people in one
united effort to prevent the other
wise possible domination of the gov
ernment of Florida by the liquor deal
ers of our fair state
Wie respectfully state the following
facts worthy of the careful and pray
erful consideration of the people of
The Democratic primary elections
fn Florida unquestionably and abso
lutely fix the status of all state and
To the Voters of Escambia County
Feeling very grateful to you for the flattering
vote I received at your hands on May 19th placing
me in the second primary on June 16th I v greatly
appreciate your support and influence on that date
a for the position of Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion The duties of this office are increasing in im
portance all the time and a younger man with years
of experience in educational matters is better prepar
ed to serve the people satisfactorily
The vote polled at the last primary demon
strates clearly that a majority of the voters of Escam
bia county are in favor of a change in this office
Again thanking you for your support and solicit
ing your vote andinfluence at the next primary
promising you if elected to give the very best service
that is in my power to the public schools of Escambia I
r County Very truly yours
c >
ta t
The people Florida could not be
lee the extent of that work of the
liquor dealers until they came face
to face in cermet vith sit tine recent
primary election but the ccndition
then disclosed should now arouse
every patriotic citizen of Florida to a
thorough realization that unlors they
act tc ethor cad act promptly and
vigorous the saloon ntcre ts cf
Florida backej by the entire liqucr
interests of the United State will
elect for four years as governor of
Florida th man whom they have
chosen as heir candidate whom thy
have openly supported with enormous
expenditures of money and who if
elected will beyond possible question
owe his election to their support
Tve do not wish to = y or ° word
iisaiust the character cf 1 is cadi
date Mr Gilchirist ana he of course
received the votes of many patriotic
citizens who can not and will not ap
prove of the method used but nq cne
can deny that if el > Cted ho will ab
soLutely owe his ee ion to the saloon
interests without where assistance he
would not have come anywhere near
Duval County Contest
As citizens of Duva c < id > we can
rpeak from personal obsenatioa and
knowLedge of the recent pniffln elen
taon in this county where the were
perhaps more open more active and
more effective than elsewhere he
cruse of the fact that there are more
and greater saloon Interests here
here we have not cnly our former
number of liquor dealers but where
ue now have concentrated maD
whiskey houses recently forced out
cf Georgia and Alabama
TYe know the facts recently made
clear here and we appeaJ to the good
people of Florida to make clear be
yfnd possible question June 16th that
the salocn interest cannot dominate
the people of Florida
In the name of morality and self
pespect we eppeal to every voter at
vat election to answer by his vote
whether he ra willing that the gover
nor of Florida or any other officer In
Florida shall owe his election to the
organized work aad themoaetary
e F
bad feolinsr left in its train wa mat
held in Chicago in 1SSS Although
I UenjaTnin Harrison was nominated on
i the eighth ballot the convention was
Jin session from Iue ID to T us
Some ofthe political wounds inflict
4a at that time have never been heal
ed For seven ballots John Sticruian
was in the lad and to his dying day
the veteran Ohio statesman did not
cease to assert thathe had been the
victkn of political treachery At no
other rational convention ever held
has there been such a supply < f ex
cellent presidential timber When the
convention assembled no one seemed
to know who steed the best chance
Anton those who received votes on
I the first ballot Were William H Al
t litcn of tetra Walter Q Grcsham of
I Triliaua James G Blaine of Maine
Wiirani McKinlev of Ohio two sons
of former preedetiu Robert T Lin
coln end Frederick D Grant Joseph
tributicn cf the saloon keepers
Governor Will Not Be Ungrateful
The governor of Florida should not
be an ungrateful man Few men
elected to effic fail to recognize
throughout their official life their
debt of gratitude to those to whom
they know and the public know they
owe tlieir election
The candidate supported by the sa
Iccn interr > s will owe his election to
those who elected halt and must be
grateful to them
The crrdidate cppc etl b y the sa
I B Foraker of Ohio Frederick Doug
lass of the District of Columbia
Chauncey I M Depew of New York
John J Inqalls of Kansas and Jere
miah Rusk of Wisconsin
mhis convention was the second
vhich failed to accept Mr Blaine as
its candidate At the third trial ho
secured the coveted nomination hut
his party to its first defeat in twenty
eight years Twice aain was his
name prominently before conventions
but like Clay and Webster be was
not destined to see the anVbitJon of
twenty years realized With the sin
gle execution of Clay Mr Blaine was
a candidate for presidential honors a
lunger time than any other man who
ever lived The convention which
nominated Blame was not especially
inharmonious but the one which
chose his victorious opponent Grover
Cleveland was lively enough to re
store the tbalance The Tammany op
loons and elected by the patriotic peo
ple will owe his election to those who
elected him and must be grateful to
t leIl1
Whether they win it or not the
lines are drawn with absolute distinc
tion between the candidate suported
by the saloons so enthusiastically and
the candidate opposed by the saloon
io bitterly
Know Where Stockton Stands
Only a few mouths ago petition was
circulated in tbfe county calling for
a local option election Mr John N
position to the governor of New
I YOIkS candidacy was characterized
by all the traditional parliamentary
I tactics employed bv that organization
It tried to break the unit niie with
an insistence that almost prevailed
but failed Four years earlier Roseoc
I Coakliuir lied made au equally heroic
enoft to forte the unit rule on the
t republican convention of that oar
i He failed also and Gar lield received
J the nomination General Grant retired
to private life and the third term
controversy was posCpoutMl to another
Never Held Office
One of the most interesting facts
i connected with the personnel or the
111 men who make up the present re
pnbiican and democratic national com
mlttes is that there is only ooe man
among them all who rtsProudy
tat tlvat that he has never held or
tried tg cbtttin It public office of any
f description This unique politician is
James M Guffey the largest inde
pendent producer of oil In America
and a democratic oracle in his state
of PennsyJvanisi On the republican
nation committee there are now five
United States senators Penrose iHey
burn Scott Ankeny and Crane
There are only two members of the
lower home on this committee
Brownlow of Tennessee and Lowden
of Illinois The Democwtic notional
connmirtee can boast of only one sen
ator ibut toe is a famous out Tilknan
of South Carolina
A reeent estimate seems to estab
lish the fact that about 90 per cent
of the combined ronwiiltteenien are
state and county officers elective and
I appointive The highest elective of
fice ever lJt li1by Henry S New the
I rep blieaat liainrHUi was state sena
tor Thomas Tag Mt the demo ratJc
chairnian has been mayor of his bore
city of Indianapolis Mere Soeeln6 to
be a good many mayors In tie u jrre
patioi among them Tom L Johiwon
of Cleveland 0 and Jaonee C Dahl
mall mayor of Omaha Xeb Of news
paper editors and publishers there Is
also a generous sprinkling Both
chairnitMi once conducted now defunct
Indianapolis daily papers Xormnn
E Alnck Democratic eoiiMiiittooman
from Xew York is one of Buffalos
most enterprising publishers Dftniel
J Cannpeau is owner of a paper de
voted to turf matters Frey Vood
I son secretary of the Democratic com
mittee conducts a new < PWller in Pa
I ducah Ky and another In Owens
I What eonv people say Is of less
importance than what they leave un
A Living Skeleton
is the final condition of any child
that has Torins If it lives Think of
having something in your stomach
that eats all you take as nourishment
Ninetenths of the babies have worms
may be yours has Be certain that it
has not by giving it White Cream
Vermifuge expels all worms and
is a tonic for the baby Price 25
Sold and recommended by W A
DAlenrbertP druggist and apothecary
121 South Palafox street Pensacola
O Stockton outs one of the signers
of that petition He was invited to
peak at temperance nueerrngs in be
half of Umt petition He did so brave
ly declaring hhnself on the side of
temponvnoe and against the saloons
The saloon mon at once marked Mm
just tiS they nwrrked very other man
who dared opjvos the saloon in
Xo mans cbiHMcter is safe from
vicious attack when he dares to stand
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