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I f OFFICIAL1 from WASHINGTON Generally fair Wecfiiesday anT 1Iiurs1a r4 liglii to jfresfi soutli wn s
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Platform and Resolutions
Wall Endorse Administra
tion and Pledge Ad
< vancement
Cummms Stock is Inflated i
by Act of Senator Borah I
= Temporary Chairman
Burrows Makes Opening I
Address Before the
By Associated Press
Chicago 111 June 16WUh tempo
rary organization perfected the
I speech or temporary Chairman Bur
t rows which lasted over an hour
completed the delegates to the nation j
t al republican convention adjourned i
this afternoon after a session lasting I
about three hours to allow the com
mittees to meet Tomorrow noon it
will resume sessions and the perma I
rA nent organization will be made It is I
expected that the credentials commit
r tee will then also be ready to make
I a partial report at least
Todays session was chiefly notewor I
thy for the strong endorsement of
Roosevelt policies in practically
everything said If the resolutions
t committee and the convention adopts j
the tentative platform which has I
t been brought to the convention from
Washington and which believed to
bave the sanction of Taft andthe ad
ministration a further endorsement
of the president with pledges to car t
ry on his policies in regard to rail
roads and other legislation will result
In the platform is a plank how
4 ever called the antiInjunction plank
which is lIable to raise ft fight as
it is understood that many powerful J
corporations and other influences
are against Jts adoption and are
urging upon the delegates Its unfair
ness This plank was urged by labor
interest tffBJ provides for an usaend1
nfent To the statutes against the sum
i mary Issuance writs ot injunction
without proper consideration and at I
the same time preserve the undlmin
4 iahcd power of the courts
4i H R FuHer claiming to represent
the Brotherhocd of Engineers Fire
t Den and Trainmen 230000 men ask
ed the resolutions committee to de
clare in the platform the guarantee
c of the right to strike and guarantee
to prevent the issuance of restraining 1
orders and injunctlon and guarantee
t a trial by jury of persons accused ot I
contempt of court
4 The plnttorm declares for a special
4 session of congress after the inaugu
ration arid strongly urges revision of
tho tariti
The vicepresidency Is still in doubt
because It is known today that Roose
relts name will be presented for a
third term even though he had de
clared that he would not accept It
is believed that the president insists
upon standing by Taft
When the convention hall doors
were thrown open at 1030 the seata
were only partially filled at 1130
Two minutes past eleven thirty the
band browe forth with the Star sipan
gled Banner which brought tho
crowd to its feet with waving flags
J and cheering Ten minutes before
the hour at which the convention was
to be called to order not more than
ihaJf the delegates were in their seats
but new arrivals were beginning to
crowd into the hall
When Chairman New of the nation
al committee ascended the seat with
Temporary Chairman Burrows four
teen minutes past the noon tour most
of the delegates ward taking their
seats and the rap of his gavel called
the vast assemblage to order lit took
but a few minutes to dispense with
the preliminaries
ti The platform guests Included many 1
a prominent persons in the political
life of the nation including Senators j
Hepburn Borah and Boutell The I
I appearance of the Ohio delegation I
bearing a Taft banner caused a re
sounding of cheers Chairman New I
In calling the convention to order I
mentioned the name of Roosevelt I
and cheering followed Bishop Mui I
doon opened with prayer the call of
the convention was then read and I
Senator Burrows temporary chair
man was introduced I
Mr fhalrman and Gentlemen of tha
Another chapter in our naioual
ihistory under republican admlnitr
tion is soon to be concluded and
conforming to party usage long es
tablished this convention of 980 dele
gates and their alternates chosen b
the republican electorate from every
state and territory within the con
ffines ot tae republic meets in this
liigh council to submit the record of I
Its achievements to the critical re
view of ihe American people ana
make fresh avowal of Its faith in the
principles and policies of the repub
lican party S
Four years ago the republican
jparty in national convention submlt
I ted the record of its achievements to
the American people announced its
policies for the future and Invoking
t < contJnuanco of public favor placed
In nomination for the office of pre
Lut and vicepresident the United
States Theodore Roosevelt and
Charles W Fairbanks who were
elected and the platform approved by 1
a popular vote of 7623485 a record I
unexampled in the history of politi
cal parties since the foundation of
the government reciving tile endorse
ment 32 states out of the > 45 with
but 13 in opposition
In view of this endorsement it
becomes pertinent and opportune to
inquire what has republican par
ty done in the last four years of gov
ernmental control In many respects
the most remarkable and brilliant
l in the history of the party and the
country to forfeit public confidence
or create distrust in its capacity for
failure administration Although some
untoward and unforseen conditions
have beset the republic during the
last four years yet these have been
met and overcome with alacrity and
courage and the country has marched
steadily onward in Its matchless
course of industrial triumphs The I
wise ami beneficent legislation ot
the republican party during the long
years ot Its ascendency and adminis
tration of national affairs laid the
foundation for the public weal so se
curely that no disquieting condition
not even a temporary panic which
necessarily touches the mainspring or
an industrial life could arrest the
countrys resistless advance
Mr Burrow then gave a statistical
review of the movement of govern
ment during the past four years
showing increases In crops and fac
tory production etc Taking up the
merchant marine he continued
It is to be regretted that a meas
ure to provide for the carrying of our
mails to the Orient and the South
American countries In American
ships should lYP failed but its pass
ago In the near future Is confidently
expected The confession Secre
tary Root upon his return from the
South American countries that
during the past summer I entered all
the great ports of the southern con
tinent and I saw only one ship be
sides the cruiser that carried me fly
ing the American flag
Further saying
The best way to travel between
the United States and South America
13 to go by Wa > ot Surcpje crossing
the Atlantic twice
rIiL the year ending June 30 1O5
there entered the port of Rio do Je
neiro steamers and sailing vessels
120 flying the flag of AustroJHungary
142 of Norway 165 of Italy 264 or
Argentina 349 France 657 of Ger I
many 1785 of Great Britain and only
2 steamers from the United States
2 of which were In distress Not
one American steamship runs to
a South American port beyond the
Secretary Root concludes This
woeful deficiency in the means to
carry on and enlarge our p n v
American trade is but a part of the
I genral decline and feebleness of the
American merchant marine which
has reduced us from carrying over
90 per cent of our export trade In
our own ships to the carriage of 9
per cent of that trade and depndence
upon foreign shipowners for the car
riage of 91 per cent
This humiliating condition should
stimulate the American people to
renewed and determined effort to re
establish a merchant marine until
we are able to carry American mer
chandise under the American flag to
every port of trade
The Army
The work of reorganizing and
promoting the efficiency of the army
has gone steadily forward until we
have a military force not only suf
ficient to maintain peace within our
own borders but capable of resisting
any possible force that could be sent
against us The establishment of a
general staff of the army has made
actiou by it more prompt and effct
ive than ever before and has served
to give to the policy of improvement
in the army a prominent character
tical needs o actual war than the offi
cers of the army after graduation
gives to our Officers a higher train
Ing in military science and the prac
tical need of actual war than the offl
cers of any other army By the di
vision of the artillery corps Into the
tfleld and coast artillery the army nas I
been separated Into two branches I
the mobile army and that part need I
ed for the maintenance of the coast
defenses Work upon the coast de j
fenses has proceeded both upon the
mainland and In the dependencies i
upon a Tvelldevised scheme for their t
completion The time Is near at j
hand when we can rest secure that j
both our mainland coast and our de I
pendencies will be proof against c
sudden capture of any seaport In
which the nations flag Is flying
The medical department has ren
dered moat valuable service in stamp
ing out yellow fever without which
it would have been Impossible to
construct the Panama canal The
army has aided the stricken people
of San Francisco saving them from
starvation and death due to the earth
quake and fire with which that city
was visited
Foreign Possessions
The management of our outlying
possessions under republican admin
Isrtation has been attended with re
markable success TInder American
occupation and control the commerc
of the island of Porto Rico which in
the most prosperous days of Spanish
rule aggregated but 22 million dollars
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Stockholders in New Half
Million Dollar Hostelry
Ratify Directors Choice
Prompt Action Characterizes
Business of Selecting Site
Hervey Had Endorsed
Directors Selection Last
Saturday and is Well Sat
The site now occupied by the old
Palafox Street Methodist church at
the corner of Palafox and Garden
streets was accepted by theholders
of amajority of the stock of the Pen
sacola Hotel Company at a meeting
held last night in the Brent hall i
The meeting was important from i
the fact that the selection of the site
by the board of directors was ap
proved Mr Charles Hervey who
was present at the meeting held Sat
urday and whose approval was neces
sary is finally ratified
Some discussion resulted the sub
ject having been considered with due
care as to its future effect upon local
interests and the future good 01 Pen I
The Meeting
The meeting was called by Presi I
dent JM Muldon in order that the I
subject the site of Pensacolas new I
half million dollar hotel might be
duly considered and the action of j
the directors ratified if possible
President Muldon called the gather
ing to order F F Blngham acting I
as secretary Mr Muldon reviewed
thdcitixi 1attJrf recentmeetings ri
the board of directors the election
of temporary officers and the selec
tion of a hotel site The site as selected
lected was then described as follows
From the Pensacola Investment j
Company and the Yn Fisher estate JI
site from Pensa
composing one say t
cola Investment Co 96 feet on West
side of Palafox street and 100 feet
on north side Garden street 43400 I
of which 32400 cash and 20000 in
bonds from the Wm Fisher estate
54 feet on Palafox street adjoining the
above by 150 feet in depth 21600
all cash
Mr P K Yonge then moved
That the selection of a site for the
hotel at the northwest corner or
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McCain Fillingim and Ma
loney Sentenced to 60
Days in County Jail for II
Being in Contempt by
Violating InjuViction Is
sued During Street Car
G C McCain HenrJ Pillingim and I
Jno A Moloney all ot whom are
confined in the coiml 1 jail for 60
days by the order of JUdge Sheppard I
of the United States court who found j
them guilty of contempt anent the j
I issuance of an injunction restraining
all persons from interfering with the I
operation of the cars p1 the Pensa
I cola Electric Company breathed the
I air of freedom for a few short mo
ments yesterday when through the
authority of Deputy United States
I Marshal Wolfe they were taken in
custody of Mr Wolfe to the polls and
I voted
I A great deal of speculation was rife
as to the fact of their having voted
I and the appearance the three men
on the streets was in the nature of
z mild sensation When questioned
last night as to their having been al
lowed to vote they made the follow j
ing statement Tjfc 1
Yes It is true we voted today
Mr Wolfe could notbe found
Democrats I re
aettlng ReadY
By Associated PreS tI
Chicago Tune 14inbers Of theJ
peIPocrai Ii 9Yt n
arrangetnents for tOe Lexrver cnv J
tion met today in the dmocratlc
state headquarters In the Sherman
House there to pass on the final
plans for the convention
It was decided that the convention I
hall shall be fitted with regular opera j
chairs According to plans approved
it will have a seating capacity of 15 i
000 Assignments of press cats were
left to G W Hitchock of Omaha
Special tt The ournar
Milwaukee Wis June 16f I
American Association General Bag j
gage Agents will convene in annual I
session in Milwaukee tomorrok and
will transact much important busi
Broward and Fletcher Run
ning Very Close With
Fletcher Ahead
Jackson County a Supposed
Kehoe Stronghold Seems
to Have Split About Even
or Possibly Gone to Mays
Kehoe Makes Good
Runs in Other West Flor
ida Counties
Returns at 2 oclock this morning
fron the state at large Indicate that
Albert W Gilchrist has been nomina
I ted for governor over John X C
Stocfcton by a majority ranging any
rwhere from 2000 to 5000
For senator Duncan U Fletcher
Spears to have a lead of about 000
butfit is believed that later returns
win reduce this with a possibility
tiat Governor X B Broward will
1 the nomination
if le returns from the third congres
Jenal district indicate a very close
fae between Walter Kohoe and
Dannittee H Mays with the result
very much in doubt
Jacksonville June 38 Incomplete
returns from the state at midnight in
dicate the nomination of Albert W
Gilchrist by over five thousand ma
jority The vote for Broward and
Fletcher is close but returns from
south Florida show heavy gains for
etcher with indications that he will
> e nominated by more than one thous
md majority
Jacksonville June 16The second
democratic primary was held in Flor
da today and from indications up to
midnight Albert W Gilchrist of
Punta Gorda is leading John > C
Stockton of Jacksonville for gover
nor by 6000 to 7000 Tn the race for
th United Slates senate Governor
Broward and Duncan U Fletcher arc
lamittgcloso but at a late hour to
1 Sight Fletcher was steadily gaining
in south Florida and it is generally
conceded that he will be elected by a
small majority It is yet too early to
give any definite figures on the elec
tion of delegates to the Denver con
Special to The Journal
Milton Fla June 16Milton gives
for Senator Broward 137 Fletch
er 124 Congressman Kehoe 160
Mays 103 Governor Gilchrist 130
Stockton 122 Delegates at Large
Bowden 69 Brown 69 Clewis 49
Eaton 87Iann 82 Shackleford
49 District Delegates Blount 97
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Teddy Takdit andsmiler
It llf
Following is the total vote in Es
cambia county except six country
precincts Nos 1 3 10 16 23 ahd 33
which in the first primary cast a
total of 200 votes
U S Senator
N B Bioward IIi
O U Fletcher 1550
Representative in Congress
t AVjUter Kelioe 16C2
DannitUi H Maya 1032
Delegates at Large
Basil O Bowden 10G7
Max M Brown 1028
A C Clewis Sit
Charles P Eaton 1150
A S JMann 995
R H SlakUford 1007
District Delegates
A C Blount Jr 12S7
John T G Crawford 115
Albert W Gilchriat ITCd
John N C Stockton 1U2
Railroad Commissioner
I R C Dunn 143
W K Jackson DOS
Clerk Circuit Court
Jas MacGibbon < H2
A M McMillan 1371
Superintendent Public Instruction I
IC J Bell 1111
X B Cook 163t
Member School Board District No 3 I
v M Ajerton r 1020
J v Creary 11731
Custodian Lost Timber
Thos F Britson S97
Geo J Slocumb 1584
Constable District No2
I W M Ray 71S
jC P Bobe 1217
j County Commissioner District No4 i
D R MoQuarrle 33t
ii A Wiggins 312
County Commissioner District No5
r R Steward 271
E Ward 70
Night Force Present Popular
lar Officer With Solid
Gold Star
Captdin J A Daw otQ6 Ponsacola
Police Department was presented with a
solid sold star last night by tin fol
lowing members of the night force Louis
Roach N J Colmy J A Daw Jr F
n Harford Vincent Ritz W 1 Gilmore
O Collins D L Bonner Joe Milliard A
T Anderson Geo Hall J A Allison and
B BIaksh ear
The inscription on the hack of the star
is as follows Presented by Night
Watch to J A Daw June 15 1908 The
Sift was presented as a mark of the
esteem in which the popular captain is
held by the men who are under him It
is one of the most attractive of the regu
luion police star and is encircled in a
golden ring
Captain Anderson with a neat little
speech presented th star In behalf of
the men who had aisembled in ranks at
the city police station at seveii oclock
Mayor Goodman was to have presented
the token but a late car detaintd him so
that he was not able to be at tins station
until a few moments after the ceremony
had taken place
Daw a Popular Man
Captain J A Daw who has been in his
present position as captain of the night
force during the past twelve muiuhs has
now seen seven years of service on the
local police force The captain Is a Pen
sacola man having made his reidenee In
thiscity during the past twenty rears
Since hi connection with tho police force
he has mude a record for good work and
reliability and has proved himself popular
with those who have been under his
supervision and With the public as well
Captain Daw was deeply touched by the
token of regard and thanked the men
heartily for their highly prized pre > nt
Soecia tp he Journal
Xotre Dame Jail June 16 Hun
dreds of the alumni of the University
ot Notre Dame are heie to take part
in the commencement exercises Dr
Charles P Neil United States com
missioner of labor and formerly a
Notre Dame professor will deliver
the commencement address Formal
conferring of degrees and honors
will take place Thursday
Special to The Journal
Atlantic City N L June 16 Mas
ter car builders from all over the
United States will take part in the
annual session of their national or
ganization which will be opened
here tomorrow
< Jecial to The Journal
Fort Worth Tex June 16Lead
ing railroad systems in all parts of
the United States will be represented
at the annual convention of the Train
Dispatchers Association of America
in session here tomorrow
Special to The Journal
Atlanta Ga June 16 Methodist
ministers and laymen of the Atlan
to district are gathering today at
East Point for the annual confer
ence which will open this evening
and continue through tomorrow and
Friday I
Gilchrist Fletcher and Kehoe
Carry County by Good
Six County Precincts Yet to
Hear From and Their
I Vote Will Decide Result
on Circuit Clerk Uncle
Nat Cook ReElected as
The primary election throughout
TDscambia county passed off without
I any unusual incidents yesterday In
fact it was probably the most quiet
election the county has ever seen
The day was fair and not too hot
I and the voting while slow until late
in the afternoon showed that every
one knew an election was on as the
I vote in many of the precincts was
heavier even than the vote polled in
the first primary
Gilchrist carries the county for
Governor Fletcher for senator and
Kehoe for congress the last having
a very large majority The vote on
delegates is very close Bloimt and
Crawford particularly running almost
neck and neck
The race for circuit clerk is also a
very close one and can be settled
only by the returns from the six coun
try precincts that are yet to be heard
Uncle Nat Cook seems to have
won over Bell for county superin
tendent while Creary appears tohave
defeated Agerton for the school
The returns also indicate tliat Slo
cum b is nominated for custodian
Bobe for constable and McQuarrie
and Steward for county commission
The vote by precincts follows
No2 Kupfrlans ParkSenator
Broward 24 Fletcher IT Congress
man Kehoe 25 Mays 17 Dele
gates Bowden 20 Brown 14 Clewis
35 Eaton 19 Mann 12 Shackleford
U District Delegates Blount 19
Crawford IS Governor Gilchrist
24 Stockton 18 Railroad Commis
sioner Dunn 24 Jackson 1S Clerk
Macgibbon 11 McMillan it Superin
tendent Bell 13 Cook 32 School
Board Agerton 25 Creary 19 Cus
todian Britsou 17 Slocumb 3J
Constable Ray 13 Bobe 2C
No 4 Old Roberts PlaceSenator
Broward 29 Fletcher 26 Congress
man Kehoe 39 Mays 15 Dele
gates Bowden 34 Biown 20 Clewis
14 Eaton 4 Mann 31 ShacklefQrd 21
District Delegates Blount 14 Craw
ford 38 Governor Gilchrist 24
Stockton 35 Railroad Commissioner
Dunn 35 Jackson 15 Clerk Mac
gibbon 21 McMillan 11 Superinten
dent Bell 32 Cook 26 School
Board Agertou 19 Creary 34 Cus
todian Britson 10 Slocumb 38 Con
stable Ray 31 Bole 39 j County
Commissioner District No 4 Mc d
Quarrie 28 Wiggins 27
No 5 Klondyke Senator Brow
ard 21 Fletcher 28 Congressman
Kehoe 21 Mays 37 Delegates Bow
den 23 Brown IS Clewis 11 Eaton
20 Mann 24 Shackleford 11 Dis
trict Delegates Blount 16 Crawford
28 Governor Gilchrist 20 Stock
ton 35 Railroad Commissioner
Dunn 26 Jackson 19 Clerk Mac
gibbon 30 McMillan 30 Superin
tendent Bell 49 Cook 13 School
Board Agerton 20 Creary 34 Cus
todian Britson 17 Slocumb 29
No 6 GonzalezSenator Brow
ard 27 Fletcher 30 Congressman
Kehoe 27 Mays 32 Delegates Bow
den 28 Brown 2S Clewis 23 Eaton
37 Mann 24 Shackleford 27 Dis
trict Delegates Blount 30 Crawford
24 Governor Gilchrist 25 Stock
ton 35 Railroad Commissioner
Dunn 36 Jackson 16 Clerk Mac
gibbon 34 McMillan 28 Superin
tendent Bell 29 Cook 31 School
Board Agerton 32 Creary 22 Cus
todian Britson 19 Slocumb 29
County Commissioner District No 1
McQuarrie 50 Wiggins 13
No 7 Pine Barren Senator Brow
ard 3fi Fletcher 21 Congressman
Kehoe 44 Mays 14 Delegates
Bowden 16 Brown 29 Clewis 30 Ea
ton 19 Mann 11 Shackleford 30 Dis
trict Delegates Blonnt 15 Crawford
31 Governor Gilchrist 38 Stock
ton 23 Railroad Commissioner
Dunn 26 Jackson 26 Clerk Mac
gibbon 8 McMillan 52 Superinten
dent Bell 25 Cook 36 School
Board Agerton 39 Creary 12 Cus
todian Britson 28 Slocumb 21
County Commissioner District No 4
McQuarrie 12 Wiggins 49
No 8 McKInnonville Senator
Broward 24 Fletcher 22 Congress
man Kehoe 33 Mays 12 Delegates
Bowden 31 Brown 12 Clewis 5 Ea
ton 28 Mann 30 Shackleford 7 Dis
trict Delegates Biount 10 Crawford
26 Governor Gilchrist 10 Stock
ton 38 Railroad Commissioner
Dunn 18 Jackson 17 Clerk Mac
gibbon 23 McMillan 25 Superinten
dent Bell 23 Cook 24 School
Board Agerton 22 Creary 20 Cus
todian Britson 7 Slocumb 28 Coun
ty Commissioner District No 4 Mc
Quarrie 32 Wiggins 15
No 9 Bluff SpringsSenator
Broward 46 Fletcher 38 Congress
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