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Where were Thanksgiving services
Irst held
i In England during the time of
Cromwell thanksgiving days were of
joiumon occurrence
The discovery of the gunpowder
plot in 1605 was followed by a
hank giving in England and that na
ion observed such a day on many
ike occasions the last probably be
ng a national thanksgiving when the
Prince of Wales now Ethvard VII
Recovered from a serious illness
Where and when was the first
Thanksgiving observance in the New
The first thanksgiving held in Am
rica was not held within the bounds
1If the United States but on the shore
of Newfoundland May 27 3578 at the
lime services were held by the Rev
IVIr Wolfall an EnsHsh minister He
bad accompanied an earlier colony
tram England It is claimed that It
IWas the first Christian sermon preach
Pd in the New World
When was the first Thanksgiving
proclamation in this country
November 19 1621 made hy Gov
ernor Bradford to the Pilgrim Fath
ers Ho announced that since they
bad just gathered abundant harvests
of grain and the cold weather had
cent plenty of game to the r forests
December 13 1621 would be observ
ed throughout the Plymouth colony
Bs a day of thanksgiving
Who signed tho first Thanksgiving
proclamation over issued by a presi
George Washington in 17S2
Who originated the modrn Thanks
giving day as it is observed in the
United States
The Thanksgiving as it occurs to
day dates from 18R4 whrn Presidjnt
Lincoln issued a proclamation for set
ting apart the last Thursday in No
ember of that year as a day of na
tional thanksgiving
Each succeeding president has an
nually proclaimed a thanksgiving day
which is generally foUow by similar
proclamations by tha governors of the
various states
Who makes the Thanksgiving proc
Tho president of the United States
How is it done
The president writes it out with his
own hand trying to pat in as much
of the spirit of the day as possible
This Is no easy task He must avoid
repeating expressions that have been
used by preceding presidents and yet
he must cover the same ground that
they cover When he has finished
writing it out it is copied and this
copy is sent to the state department
One of the clerks who is a good pen
man writes the proclamation artistic
ally on parchment The parchment s
then sent back to the White House
and the president signs it after that
it Is taken back to the stae depart
ment where the secretary of state
adds his name then the great seal of
the state department is affixed In
order to put the great seal on the
proclamation a note from the presi
dent Is necessary in whica he says
I hereby authorize and direct the sec
retary of state to cause the seal of the
United States to be affixed to my
Thanksgiving proclamation dated this
day and signed by me and for so
doing this shall be his warrant
What is lone with the proclamation
when It has been thus written and
A great many clerks In he state de
partment are then ordered to make
as many copies of the proclamation
as there are governors of states and
territories These copies are written
hy hand on long sneets of lue paper
The state department never uses the
typewriter or any other means except
artistic handwriting for making copies
of official correspondence
What do the different governors ol
the states do when they have receiv
ed their copies of the presidents proc
They then write special proclama
tions of their own announcing to the
people of their states the fact that the
president has fixed on such and such
a day for the observance of thanks
giving worsnip and festivities
PAZO OINTMENT Is guaranteed to
cure any case of Itching Blind Bleed
ing or Protruding Piles in 6 to 14
days or money refunded 50c
Thirteen of the negro laborers
brought here from Louisville to taRe
the places ofthe unorganized striking
dock laborers formerly in the employ
of the Louisville Nashville Railroad
Company have been arrested and
locked up in the city jail on the
charge of being vagrants They re
fused to go to work on the docks and
failed to secure work elsewhere in the
city Their cases will be called in the
recorders court this morning
Only One BROMO QUININE that is
laxative Rromo Quinine f f I K on every
CS C y yjrL 7tPbox 25c
cuasa Cold in One Day Crip in 2 Days jr
Mallory Council 012 Junior Or
der of United American Mechanics
was organized at tie armory last
night starting with a charter mem
bership of 65 representative busiucfas
and professional men of Pensacola
The work of instituting the council
was done by Deputy National Council
lor J E Watts Manager J B Watts
for Mississippi and Florida and F M
Runnels chief deputy for the two
above states forming in the national
council the AJississippi departmeit
No permanent election of officers
took place the members of the new
council preferring to wait until the
next me ting of the order Friday hight
when the full list of officers will be
named and a regular meeting night
appointed in order that permanent
organization might be hastened how
ever Mr J F Davis a well known
fraternal order man of Pensacola and
prominent in business circles was
elected to fill the office of secretary
A committee consisting of Messrs
J F Davis F C Meyer and E F
DeLand was appointed to secure a
hall for Friday night and to make
such other arrangements a are neces
sary looking to a permanent hall for
the council
I The Junior Order is one of the old
est fraternal organizations in the
I United States and is intensely patri
otic its principles being i more lib
I eral support of the public school sys
tem of th states the restriction of
immigration shutting out all unJeir
nbles and adopting an educational
standard as a test for admission of
people fron other countries who eek
to find homes or lodgment within the
United States No one is qualified for
membership unless he is a born cit
izen of the United States and the aim
Is to make better citizens in every
way of lapse who enjoy the rich herit
age of being citizens from birth The
protection of the American ballot
safeguarding our most sacred and I
cherished institutions and clothing
every free born American citizen with
the dignity of his high office are some
of the many matters of grave interest
that are advocated and actively pro
mulgated by tae membership of the
order now having over two hundred
thou and members in the United
The next meeting of the council will
be heM Friday night at a place to be
determined and of which public an
nouncement will be made by the con
mittee having the matter tn charge
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Orders Issued to Officers in
Service by Depart
f ment
Special to The Journal
Washington Nov 24Tbe navy de
partment has issued the following or
Rear Admirals D Adams detach
ed New York yard and ordered to duty
as commandant Sixth Lighthouse dis
trict and naval station Charleston S
Commodore L Dryer retired
ordered home
CaptaInsJ T Smith detached duty
as inspector of tae Eleventh Light
house district and ordered to com
mand the Sputh Dakota Dec 12 N
E Niles detached command of the
Hancock and ordered to duty as gov
ernor of the naval homes Philadel
phia Pa T E D W Vender detach
ed command of the Alabama and or
dered to duty as captain New York
yard S W B DieTil ordecd to com
mand the Hancock Dec 1
Commanders A Anderson re
tired ordered to duty in department
of steam engineering New York yard
Lieutenant CommandersH H
Caldwell given additional tiut yas ex
ecutive officer of the Milwaukee C
B Morgan detached the Milwaukee
and ordered to duty as inspector of
the Eleventh Lighthouse district T
D Parker and K B Crittenden com
missions announced J V Chase detached
ached the Kearsarge and ordered to
the Rainbow as staff command of the
Third Squadron Pacific fleet
LieutenantR I Curtin detached
the Alabama and ordered to the
EnsignsB J Greene detached the
Pensacola Dec 3 and ordered to the
Charleston W H Booth commission
announced T G Ellyson detached
he Rainbow and ordered to the Villa
lobos A H Rice ordered to the
North Carolina
Midshipmen H Walsh ordered
to hospital Las Animas Calif for
tream nt E W Todd detacned the
Denver and ordered to the Samar
Medical InspectorF Anderson detached
ached the Mare Island yard and or
dered to duty in command of naval
hospital Annapolis Md
SurgeonsC HT Lowndes ord r
ed to duty in command of naval hos
pital supply depot Mare Island
Passed Assistant SurgeonsF M
Munson detached duty with first tor
pedo flotilla and ordered to naval
hospital Cariacao P I for treatment
G M Myers ordered to navy recruit
ing station Baltimore Md P T
iessez ordered to duty at naval hos
pital Mare Island E A Vickery detached
ached naval hospital Annapolis
Md and ordered to naval hopital
Boston Mass A M Fauntleroy de
tached naval medical scnool hospital
Washington D C and ordered to na
val hospital Annapolis Md
Assistant Surgeon F H Brooks de
tached naval hospital Boston and or
dered to navy recruiting station
Cleveland Ohior H L Kelley de
tached raval station Cavit P L and
ordered to duty with first torpedo flo
Assistant Paymaster H Phil
brick given additional tiuty as pay of
ficer of the first and second subma
rine flotillas
Assistant Naval ConstructorsG
A Bisset ordered to Washington D
C for temporary duty then to duty
in department of construction and re
pair Norfolk yard W B Ferguson
ordered to duty as assistant to the su
perintendent of construction at works
of Fore River Shipbuilding company
G C Westervelt detached New York
yard and ordered home and granted
one months leave
Chief BoatswainJ A Riley com
mission announced
Warrant Machinists J Hayes
ordered to the AYyoming A A Smith
detached the Denver and ordered to
Naval station Olongapo P 1 for
duty on the Mohican
The El Proviso 5c Cigar
is the best quality smoke in
the United States For sale
by Imperial Cigar Stores
The members composing the two
Thanksgiving teams of the Concordia
Club are preparing for the big hunt
tomorrow and borne of them will
leave the city during today a < id to
night for various points where they in
tend spending tomorrow in search of
game of any kind The number of
members taking part in the hunt this
year is much larger than ever before
numbering seventyeight All other
members who may now become mem I
bers of the two teams will be classed
as nonhunters and placed on the team
that loses in the hunt
Every point in this section where
game can be reached will toe visited
a large number going into the bayous
and rivers forty and fifty miles from
Pensacola These parties will leave
today so as to be at these points by
daybreak tomorrow morning
The rules governing the hunt are
that no game will be counted that v s
killed prior to Thanksgiving and
every hunter must reach the club
rooms before midnight of Thanksgiv
tn Sf unless unavoidably detained
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = s = = = = = =
Camp Walton Fla Nov 23
Miss Ella Paris of Boggy spent
several days with friends on the
Sound Camp Walton and at Evoluta
Her many friends are hoping for a
repetition of the visit
Mrs D S Mooney of Garniers has
returned from her business trip to
Pensacola where she bought a fresh
stock of goods from the Lewis Bear
Company She reports a pleasant
time and prices reasonable She is
getting in a choice stock of groceries
and reports a flourishing business
Mr and Mrs William Marler of
Destin are grieving over the loss of
their infapt son who died Monday
morning at 4 o lock Mrs Marler is
the daughter of Mr Thomas Brooks
of Brooksdale
The infantson of Mr and Mrs Mor
gan of Cracker Neck died Monday
Mrs Wm Rogers of Mary Esther
and children have returned from a
visit to Pensacola
Miss Nellie Swinson who has been
visiting her grandmother < Mrs Con
don of Mary Esther went to Pensa
cola Monday where she has accepted
a position with Kress as saleslady
Mr James Duncan of Garniers has
been visiting across the bay
Mr Luther Winkley and Mr Frank
Hopper of Mill Bayou are building
an addition to Mr G W Soules house
at Camp Walton
Mist Sara lElce has had a kiln room
built and the kiln has been put In
Miss Elce is very busy getting her
china ready for firing She left some
of her handsome nieces of china on
display at DeFimiak where she at
tended the fair
Mrs Harris of Harris Mrs Mc
Guire of Mary Esther and Mrs Sel
lars of Camp Walton with Mr Syd
ney Davis were out sightseeing last
week in Mr Daviss launch Th y
called on the Evoluta folks and then
all went on to Prospect Heights the
Elce home
Mrs Francis Pryor of Camp Wal
ton gave a dance Saturday night at
Hotel Francis a large attendance and
general good time being reported
The northern people around Choc
tavhatchee are laughing over the in
terest concerning the word frazzle
It is said to have originated in the
south and is so stated in the New
Standard Dictionary addenda but
one of the residents an old school
teacher says that it was used by her
Scotch grandmother and she had sup
posed it to be of Scotch origin oth
ers say that it is in common use in
Illinois and also in Michigan and used
by people who were never in the south
nor came in contact with southern
people It is a common expression
with an angry Michigan boy Ill wear
you to a frazzle
Is there to be no report from our
home folk concerning the Inland Wa
terways convention We have been
watching the papers to see that re
Cottondale Nov 24S M Jones
and Miss Onia May Bullock were
quietly married Sunday evening They
left home with the intention of hav
ing 4 pleasant buggy ride While
on this ride they concluded to be
come man and wife to the great sur
prise of their many friends here Mr
Jones is trusted employe of Mr J
W Hinson and Miss Bullock is the
daughter of Mr Bullock who died
suddenly near River Junction about
one month aga
There are several big hunting trips
planned by some young men of thl
town for Thanksgiving day George
Barnes Clayton Gay Ed Belser will
go to Compass Pond and Econfina
on a camping trip of a few days R
M Holllday will go with his two young
friends from Marianna on Chipola
river and drive for deer and hunt
birds on the way back
Miss Maud A Ooodwin left yester
day for Blakely Ga where she will
spend a month with her brother
Messrs J M McDonald J C Sho
maker J S Philips Geo Barnes
Jesse Baxter Jesse D Andrews Leo
Head R M Holliday W W Pate
G M Merchant Tom Cawthon and
W B Culbreth took in the great Cul
pepper meeting at Chipley Sunday
They report a large congregation a
sound and convincing argument They
returned on the midnight train
Dr and Mrs Coleman isited Ver
non and Bonifay two days last week
Mrs J R Bowles and Mrs T B
Farrell who have been quite sick are
now convalescing
Tallahassee Nov 24Readers of
Anne Warners book The Rejuvena
tion of Aunt Mary attended the pre
sent tion of L S Sires comedy at
Munros opera house last Friday night
with pleasurable anticipations But
even to themthe fulfillment far sur
passed the expectation
May Robs n was inimitable She
held the sustained interest of her au
dience without a break leading them
from laughter to tears with the most
bewildering rapidity Tallahassee is
seldom visited by so great an artist
and our citizens showed their appre
ciation of Miss Robsons exceptional
talent by giving her a packed house
The efforts made by Mr Murphroe
to give the students primarily and I
citizens secondarily a series of high
class entertainments during the win
ter season has met with marked suc
The first attraction the famous Car
lisle Indian band which played here
last Monday night met with unprece
dented approbation Munros opera
house was packed every seat both
in the body of the house and in the I
gallery was occupied and men lined
the walls standing in every available I
space The music was suited to aii
from classic selections taken from the I
productions of many nations to tae
loved melodies of OUr own Southland
and the popular airs of the modern
comic opera all were delightfully ten
dered and were peculiarly apprecIated
by the citizens of Tallahassee whose
opportunities of hearing such high
class musical artists are extremely
To the children two features of the
program save especial delight Afraid
Offers to suffering women a remedy of
purely vegetable ingredients s lc < te < i with
the utmost care for their remedial value
41b pQ In the treatment of female disorders
BEAR BRAND PREPARATIONSFoods and Drugs are In a class of their
own under the Pure Food Laws and contain profitSharing Coupons In every
package Your druggist can supply you Take no substitute Insist on
Bear Brandthe hear head Is on every package
Wholesale Druggists and Manufact uring Chemists Pensacola Fla
to Go Home in the Dark was greeted
with shouts of laughter and the Abo
riginal number arranged by the lead
er of the band James Riley Wheclock
sent delicious thrills of creepy awe
through their veins as they listened
to the weird calls and hideous war
whoops of the red men
Of the soloists the first cornetlst
seemed to meet with the greatest fa
vor though the piccelo and flute solos
were in close rivalry Altogether the
Indian band concert will toe long re
membered as the finest thing of the
kind ever brought to Tallahassee
Thenext lyceum attraction will be
the Italian opera singer Signora Mo
relli accompanied by Mrs Mehrtens
who delighted her Tallahassee audi
ence last year as accompanist to Mrs
I Sheridan
Personal Mention
Mrs Julius Hirschbrrg made a fly
ing trip to Tallahassee last Saturday
General Clifford Foster came over
from St Augustine this week on busi
ness connected with his office
Mrs Edwin A Phillips of Sanford
was the guest last Saturday and Sun
day of tier nephew Dr S M Tucker
of the Womans College
The friends of Mr Willis M Ball
are sorry to learn that lIe has again
been called to Tallahassee by the ill
ness of his mother Mrs Glover A
BallMr and Mrs B H Bridges have
returned from a delightful trip to
Special to The Journal
Bellview Nov 24The cool bracing
weather with frost every night is just
the thing for good health and work
Everyone is nearly through grinding
cane The crop was small to what it
is every year The potato crop was
very large this year W L Loper and
J N Brewton having the finest
Quite a number of young people
from here attended the dance at Mill
view hall Thursday night All report
a good time 0
Misses Maude and Loler Staples
spent Sunday at Myrtle Grove as the
guests of Misses Temperance and
Mary Cravey
Miss Ethel Broughton spent Satur
day and Sunday In Pensacola
A number of the young people at
tended church at Myrtle Grove Sun I
day last
Mr and Mrs George Helton have
moved to Millview
Herbert Staples spent Sunday after
noon in Millview
The infant son of Mr ami Mrs Ben
Brewton who has been very ill with
erysipelas is somewhat improving
The school is progressing nicely
with a very large attendaricGT under
the management of Miss Ethel BrougTi
Soecial to The Journal
Falco Nov 24D D Mills is in
Andalusia this week attending court
as witness also as a juryman
D Wilkinson spent two days this
week making the much needed re
pairs on the telephone line between
Falco and Laurel Hill
The average daily cut of the rofll
at this place last week was nearl3
64000 feet L
It has been reported that there are
two or three cases of smallpox at
Olan Adair bookkeeper for J W
Davis at Wing spent Sunday in
The Misses Hogues were beautiful
ly entertained at the home of Miss
Perry Tuesday night
Whooping cough is quite prevalent
through this country now and has in
terfered with our school to some extent
tent though the attendance is still
quite large
J H Givens Henry Frances and
several others have gone to Andalusla
to court this week and will be gone
most of the week
At a regular meeting of the Masonic
lodge at this place J D Cross wyj
chosen to represent this lodge at the
grand lodge which meets in Montgom
ery Dec 1st
SpecIal to The Jcjrnil
Molino Nov 23Wp are having
such springlike weather now No
one can hardly realize that it is now
cry near the last of November
hough we know that we will have our
share of cold weather ere the winter
season is over
Rev Barrow of Pine Barren preach
et here the third Sunday in this I
month I
GC McKee the agent and operator j
returned Sunday after a week pleas j
ntly spent with his family at MafWil i
lams tfe visited several other towns
while away
The county surveyor Stephen Lee
and Mr Goulding were here last week
establishing the land lines of several
different parties
Louis Boley was here on business
iV T Earnest of McKinnonville
was here on business last week
N B Walker was here last week
delivering fruit trees to a great many 1
L C Crabtree and family have
moved to Pensacola j
Miss Mollie Herrin went home Fr j
day 1
J S Dailcy went to Century Frid
to visit his mother and sister
Mrs Terry spent the lay here last
Thursday visiting friends
Mrs Aden Flemming and little son
Vernon of Atmore are here tho
guests of her daughter Mrs J W
Rev Blitch of Brent preached here
Special to Thc Journal
Garniers Nov 23The infant ot
Mr Morgan living near the Cracker
Neck school house died Wednesday
It was 6 weeks and 3 days old It t
was buried Thursday afternoon with
services at the house Rev Mr Camp
bell officiating
The recent heavy north winds have
blown the water out of the bayous
until they are the lowest in many
years being some two feet lower
than at normal low tide t
Mrs D E Mooney was a Pensacola
visitor Monday returning Tuesday
She went and returned on the launch
Bells Capt J W Brooks
The McKenzie people of Boggy tt
have been delayed In launching their
logs at the head of Garniers and the
mouth of Lighter Knot by reason or
the low tide
R H Llttlefield has some 500 logs
on the beach ready to be boomed and
launched preparatory to having them
towed to the S S Spence saw mill
at Boggy
Mr and Mrs Tohn Hinston have
been spending a few days with Mrs
Hinstons parents Mr and Mrs Little
Special to The Journal
Wausau Nov 24Re W D Owens
was a business caller Monday
Mr and Mrs Joseph Wachoh of
White Oak were shopping here Tues
dayUncle Sampson Carter was in the
city Monday and we are glad to say
the old gentleman looks hale and
County Commissioner S L Davis
was transacting business In the city
Mrs Wilton Sketo of Holmes Val
ley was shopping and visiting friends
here Friday S
Joel Carter was transacting business
here Saturday
Tax Collector W B Gainr of Econ f
fina was transacting business hero
Mon tiy
S W Jones of Duncan was in the
city Monday
W H Baxley of Orange Hill was
a business caller Monday
After a weeks visit with friends
and relatives Preston Warren left
Monday for his home on West Bay I
We have had colder weather here
the past week than at any time last
Buster Bush has been laid up the
past week on account of a large car
buncle 1
C C Carter was in the city Sat
Miss Fannie McKeithen of the val
ley was In the city Saturday visiting
her sister Mrs W L Tiller
I R A Barfield a prosperous farmer
i south of here was a business caller
I Saturday
Mis Blanch McMillan left Friday fo
spend Saturday and Sunday with
home folk
There is talk of organizing a Wood
men Circle heroin connection with the
W B Daniels was in the city Sat
Dan Home of Orange Bill was a
business caller Saturday
Washington Wood prosperous far
mer east of here was transacting busi
ness with the merchants here Satur fZ
Famous Formula
and Why it Cures
Hoods Sarsaparilla k famova
throughout the world because it has
effected the largest number of radical
and permanent cures
It has done this not because it is Sar
paparilla but because it is composed of
more than fourteen different remedial
agents many of which are just what
the profession prescribes for troubles
of the blood stomach liver kidney
and bowels
But the combination and proportions
are peculiar to Hoods Sarsaparilla
and this is why Hoods Sarsaparilla
cures when all other medicines faiL
It purifies and enriches the blood
I It strengthens all the vital organs
1 It perfects secretion and elimination
r It builds up the whole system
Hoods Sarsaparilla hits my needs
exactly as it gives a thrill of new life
and builds me up each season Capt
Jfr P Thompson Registrar of Deeds
Lowell Mass
Begin taking Hoods Sarsaparilla
today Get it in the usual liquid form
or in chocolated tablets known
Sarsatabs 100 Doses One Dollar

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