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FRANK L MAYES President anll General Manager
f XOllil Yfefu 5 09 One Month 7 45
Sis Months 2 50 OneWeek 10
r Three Months 125 Weekly Edition per year1 CO
w r r r Wflfl WlC W Lr J rnflflr juW WJUtrtr U I
1 The Only Fetiaacmla Newspaper MThtctt a Bwtatfed
Clrculatlen Statement Can 00 SeccrreeT
t SrUUJJ ufltjtrttrjtjmrr natut SnteSJS1JIStSLVL JtrJLflJtfliwflflr flr trSr U SSt
Offices Journal Building Corner of
Intendencla and DeLuna Sts
F Wrfljstr WUrr nrrnrrwnnnrjwrurnrwrn
r lrwn rnJwMtLrrrflsLnn I
Phones Editorial Rooms 38 Business Office 1500
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Tag pay
In Pensacola
We UTe to have tag day in Pen
sacola and by proclamation of his
honor the mayor December 21 is te
date fixed ItTIs a Rice amusing and
r iiffobjectlonable way at trifling cost
to each individual td raise money
for worthy purposes It will be
for the betterment of the entire corn
S muillty and it has become very popu
c lar in many clUes
No man except the unhappy Nico
Uemus Dumps immortalized by Boz
t Who was so steeped in gloomy selfish
ness that he thought all mankind
had conspired to keep him down will
seriously object to tag day and it
ought really to ie welcomed by all or
us as an ingenious device to do large
good without putting anybody under
burdensome tribute
And then the ladies God bless
I them are tho aggressive agents in
this scheme and they can separate a
man trorn his small contribution in
this cause With such smiling charm
and grace that if he is the right kind
of a man he will feel himself deeply
indebted to them for the privilege of
giving up
We never iad a tag day in Pensa
cola and as there is some mystery
I aboat the processwe take the follow
ing from the Tampa Tribune as a
graphic description benevolent
IS y u are able to be about on
December 21 in this progressive city
s YOK may expect to be approached by
a woman who will insist upon attach
lag to your clothing a cir ular piece
of oardboard Do not resist the at
tck for that would be ungentlemanly
Tamd useless Having properly la
belled you the fair one will stajjd by
expectantly awaiting some expression
from you Do not waste words in re
sponding to the challenge It will be
uuBocessary oven superfluous to say
anything The proper acknowledge
ment of tho salutation will be to in
sert one band carefully but quickly
into tho pocket where you keep your I
money concealed and extracting
therefrom coin or currency of what
ever denomination the larger the bet
ter hand same to the lady with a
courteous bow Do not then seek to
engage the lady in conversation be
cause she will have other salutations
to extend and other responses to re
scivo and yon will have ceased to in
terest her It you desire Information
aSvto tho purpose of It all the wise
O eswill be pleased to Inform you
th t it is Tag Day
A Has Been True
tbthe People
Gov Browards administration will
soon come to a close and the people
of Florida will lose the best governor
that ever served them We know this
will be contradicted many but
time will tell Broward has been
true to the people and It will be a
long time betor another like him will
occpy the gubernatorial chair Mana
tee Record
ABd thIs is tho simple truth tol4
about the governor of Florida and told I
in > plain straightforward language
which we may all undersand
No man of brains force and charac
ter can hold the position of chief ex
b ecutive of any state in tne union with
out making many enemies Governor
Broward has merely < pal < l that inevi
table price in his earnest and honest
eKort to do his full duty to the people
of > FIorlda He has don more He
has taken the initiative in the largest
task ever assumed by any governor
of our state in seeking to secure the
drainage of the great Everglades area
and bring it under cultivation as a pe
culiarly rich body of land that would
add annual millions to the wealth ot
Florjdla And he Is in a fair way to
succeed in his large enterprise
ordinary man would have been
Hfloraed off by adverse criticism long
a9 but as Broward knows his own
Djiiad and has backbone as well as
braJi fea feas stuck to his purpose
ad the Everglades are being slowly
but surely redeemed
He deserves all thecredit and pos
terity will give it to him As for the
rest no administration in Florida his
tory has been more free from scan
dalthan Goernor Brow rds In
A6 den rtment of the state govern
ment honesty and efficiency have been
the rule and the big strong dominat
ing personality of our chief executive
has been everywhere felt for good
Governor Broward will retire from
office with the sincere respect of his
fellow citizens whom he has served
so well and well done good and I
faithful servant will be his tribute
from classes of the people
Congress yesterday Nothing do
ing The trouble will not begin un
til Taft has been inaugurated in
The genesis of frazzle is still a
subject for popular discussion A
nearby correspondent of The Journal
assures us that people down here
from the west are amused at this
small issue as the word 5ias been In
common parlance 11 over the west
for many many years and has nohe
role war origin having been a plain
word In plain use among the plain
people before there was any war in
this country This is probably true
and the subject being worn to a fraz
zle we should all drop It by common
Champ Clark of Missouri has been
selected to succeed John Sharp Wil
liams as the leader of the democratic
minority la the house An excellent
selection There is no better man nor
better democrat in this country than
Champ Clark and he is richly endow
ed with both brains and backbone
He Is a westernized southerner
broadened by geographical transposi
tion and In his strong cleancut face
clear steady honest eyes and big
wellshaped head we have the promise
of a capable party leader
The last issue of the Perry Herald
announces that C P Setzer who was
with that paper for a few weeks had
returned to hisformer home In Quit
man Ga We had all hoped tohear
from Setzer In his own peculiar vein
but it seems that it is not to be We
speak for all our jaded brethren of
the Florida press tired of the prosaic
themes of life and our prosaic way of
treating them when we cry aloud Oh
for a season ot Setzer and the High
Springs Hornet That incomparable
paper carried weekly joy Into every
newspaper sanctum in Florida and in
all seriousness we protest against the
obscuration of Its editor
We all know that Bryan was defeat
ed and Taft was elected tout our elec
toral college system still a mixed
proposition to many voters None or
us voted for either of the presidential
candidates but for
the electors one
from each congressional district In
the United States who are supposed
to faithfully represent our presidential
choice in the electoral college The
law provides that the electors who
were chosen In the November election
shall meet in all the states and terri
tories at the various capitals on the
second Monday in January January
11 cast their votes and select one or
their number to carry the result to
Washington at the following session
of congress which body will count the
votes and announce the election ot
the president and vicepresident
The Starke Telegraph frankly an
nounces that it is tired of the high
tax wall which is chiefly used as a
popular cry to ride into office on and
then forgotten as soon as the office is
obtained When high taxes mean
graft and dishonest administration
popular indignation against them is
clearly justified but that Is very sel
dom the case and never in Florida ot
recent years Our state government
is run as cheaply as is compatible
with efficient and progressive adminis
tration and the gentlemen who are
wailing about high taxes should stop
their noise long enough to file a bill
of particulars A good way to keep
Florida down Is to make taxes so
light that we will have none of the
equipment of highclass modern
commonwealth And that is also a
good way to promote ignorance ana
povertyand build a Chinese wall ot
exclusion around us
Weak Little Boys
may become fine strong men
Some of the strong men of today
i were sickly boys years ago
Many of them received
Scotts Emulsion
at their mothers knee This had
I a power in it that changed them
from weak delicate boys into
strong robust boys
It has the same power today
Boys and girls who are pale and
weak get food and energy out of
Scotts Emulsion It makes
children grow
Send this advertisement together with name of
paper in which it appears your address and our
cents to cover postage and we will send you a
Complete Handy Atlas of the World r
SCOTT BOW E 409 Pearl Street New York
Continued From First Paqe
the mast of a revolving derrick adapt
ed for hoisting a load of 20 tons She
has a buoy deck nearly 50 feet long
which is used for handling the new
acetylene buoys which are now being
practically tested by the lighthouse
department She Is also equipped with
an electrically driven air compressor
which is used for cleaning buoys
With this machine one man can do
the work of five men b3 the old
The Inspectors quarters the offi
cers quarters and the crews quarters
are all fitted with modern bath rooms
and toilet luxuries
The pilot house If of the most mod
em type the steering gear and all the
other machinery being operated auto
The Hibiscus is manned by the fol
lowing officers Captain L Cos
grove First Mate James Adams Sec
ond Mate Robert Knowles Chief En
gineer William W Demerrltt First
Assistant Engineer Chas Peterson
There will be a meeting of the Cen
tral Trades Council tonight at Car
penters Hall at 8 oclock
Four head of cattle were driven to
the city pound lot last night by Stock
Officer Booske The cows were found
on Gonzalez street between Palafox
and Baylen < j
When the owner of the cows calls
at tho police Station today to claim
his cattle he will be arrested for vio
lating the new live stock ordinance
Officials of the Mobile and Gulf
Steamship Company which opeiUtes
the steamship Manteo between Mo
bile Pensacola St Andrews and
other Florida points announce that
commencing Jan 1 the vessel will in
clude Not Orleans in lier regular
trips lho new schedule has not yet
been announced >
The Norwegian bark Maryetta was
ibelled yesterday by the Farmwouth
Tawboat Co of Gulfport Miss the
later declaring that the vessel ad not
paid her towage bill of last December
vviien she was in that port
Second Session 60th
Congress Convened
X Continued from First Page
was accorded a hearty greeting by the
members Irrespective of party affllla
ions WQiile the clerk read off the
names of members the house was in
great confusion the speaker several
times being compelled to rap for or
Several new members were sworn
In to fill vacancies that occurred
death or resignation since the last
session They were Henry A Barn
The Best Cough Cure
A halfounce of Virgin OH of Pine two
ounces of Glycerine and a halfpint of
Whisky mixed Trill cure any cough that
Is curable and break a cold In M hours
Cake a teaspoonful every four hours Ask
our druggist for the genuine Leachs
Virgin Oil of Pine compound pure pre
pared and guaranteed by tho Leach
Chemical Co Cincinnati O
To dispose of Thou
sands Dollars worth
of Fall and Winter
Woolens to be turned
into Suits and Overcoats
for Cash
Suits and Overcoats were 525
523 and 30 for 41975
Suits and Overcoats were
325035 and 38 f r2825
Suits and Overcoats were 40
and 45 for nn 43400
Suits and Overcoats were 50
and 55 for 3900
PWCKETT rraswt AG Al mI
i TAILORS U Brent hlwi
lit rAJwN1Ibi Incorporated I
a o a a a a a
11 BrawnerRiera Co a
1Q11O3 South Palafox and 5 West Romana Streets
i i Offers for TODAY ONLY The Busy lt Three Day Days ot Sale This Ii
91SO to 93OO values this se c 4
Yardwide Domesti
Bleached soft finished
2 8c value this sale
ih 5c
32Inch Percale pret
ty stripes polka dots
etc 8anoVltc value this
Lot No 1 I
± Mens High Grade Shoes Lace
Congress Patent Colt Tan Black
M 345
hart Democrat who succeeds the
late Mr Brock Republican from the
13th Indiana district Albert Estopinal
Democrat who ucceeds the late
l1r Meyer from the First Louisiana
district Otton Gj oelker Republican
successor to Mr Dunwell Republican
in the third New York district
Special toThe Journal
Samson Ala Dec 7Samsons hog
and goat law went Into effect the 1st
to the relief of the longsuffering pub
lie to x
C W Smith of Slocomb made a
business trip to our city Monday
Two employes of the RobbinsMc
Gowan Mill Co were painfully but not
seriously injured one day last week
Miss Lena Jones left via Dothan for
a several weeks visIUto friends and
relatives in Georgia
Miss Gypsie Smith of Opp who
has been visiting her sister Mrs
Brooks returned homo last Sunday
rrs Herschel Maund of Marianna
Fla is visiting her parents Dr and
Mrs Fleming this week
Mrs Reynolds has returned from
the inyftrmarj at Montgomery Sine
appears much Improved since her
Miss Charles Smith of Coffee
Springs hasbeen visiting relatives
and friends in the citythis week
The younger set of Samson were
delightfully entertained at the home
of Mrs Thomas Brooks assisted by
Miss Crawford on the evening of the
2Sth tilt Those present were Misses
Charles and Gypsie Smith Meta
Mathis Bessie Farmer Kate and Effia
Jones Josle Garrett Eben Schramm
L < oreen Eiland and Idalien Weeks
Messrs Howard Schramm Arthur
Morris Tom Farmer Herbert Page
Lamar and Phillip Davis
Subscribe for The Journal j
Lot No2
I Womens Patent colt and Tan
I Black this sale
I 195
Special to The Journal
Tallahassee Fla Dec 7Leon
county is to have a handsome addition
nade thecourth9use The commis
sioners met this week to consider
bids tent In by E B Dyer O C
Parker Child Bros and Algernon
Plair Mr Dyer having submitted
the lowest estimate the conract fell
to him Mr Parker however will
superintend the work which must be
completed in four months time
The projectors of the new town
Waneta located 16 miles south or
Tallahassee in Wakulla county are
meeting with remarkable success hav
ing sold very one of the 160 lot
originally marked off More land will
immediately be surveyed and platted
and opened to the public Applica
tions for these have already been re
ceived A postofflce will at once be
established and as soon as possible a
town government organized
After a competitive contest held
this week between several member
of the Leon High School Literary So
ciety it was decided taat Thomas
Pruitr son of the Baptist minister
here was best prepared represent
the school In the declamation contest
to be held at Gainesville January 1
1909 The beauty of the moonlight and I
the mildness of the weatier v when
combined with the knowledge Jthat a
great treat was in store for them were
inducements too great to be ignored
consequently a large audience assem
bled at the College chapel last night
jLhe occasion being Miss Tarbcts or
gan recital The ors a aaa been re
cently put In thorough order and Miss
Tarbet was at her bet and there fol
lowed an hour of delightful charm for
all her audience
The ladies of St Johns parish will
give an afternoon Silver Tea and mu
sical entertainment at the home ot
Mrs Phelps W Wilson Thursday
Dec 10 between 3 ana 330 oclock
TH e entertainment promises to be a
highly successful one as tie comoilt
tee in charge will spare no efforts
Any Calico in stock
6 and 7c value this
Ladles Fur Top Juliet all colors
regular 175 and 200 value this
to make it a success
The Tallahassee Lodge or Elks hold
their annual memorial services yes
terday afternoon Wilon Hall and
Harry D Hartt are the only two mem
bers who have died iere since the or
ganization of the lodge An appro
priate and pleasing program of music
and song and an address by the Hon
Jefferson B Browne were tie features
of the occasion
At the district conference of the
3Iethodist church held thl week at
tho residence of Rev J Edgar Wilson
P E Leland J Henderson and C H
B Floyd of Apalachicola were li
censed as local preachers and their
licenses wqre publicly delivered to
them that evening at tne regular
prayermeeting service
Mr Robert W Williams Jr solicit
or in the office of the department of
agriculture at Washington together
with his wife is in the city on a vMt
to lisl parent Col and Mrs R W
Mrs Robert Howard Gamble and
Mrs George Lewis both returned this
week from an extended summer trip
The circuit > court has been in ses
sion = Ince Monday Judge Malone on
the bench but nothing of general in
terest has been brought up so far
The petit jury for next week was
drawn in open court today
The second concert of the season
given by the Tallahassee Musical club I
came off last night at tae college chap
el The program for the evening was
arranged by Miss Jesle Edmonson
I who is now enjoying the fruits of suc
cessful endeavor inasmuch as the ar
rangement and execution of the pro
gram were both above criticism
The number given by Miss Alexan
der of Charlotte NC was especiali
ly appreciated since It wa the first
opportunity that the Tallanasseo pub
lic has had of hearing this accom
Outing Flannel all
colors this sale
Lot TJo 4
Childrens Shoes 8 to 11 this
11 to 2 110 I
Mens Fleece Lined UNDERWEAR HjghGrade 100 value for this sale
Tuesday only 75 cents per suit
I t
+ wm + t + t +
pUshed and dUightful soloist
The chorus Ye that sow la tears
shall reap in joy was taken from
I the oratorio Tte Holy City upon
which the club rs ntv at work It
was followed by b beautiful quartetto
taken from the une work and sung
by Misses Cline amt Hcndrickson
Messrs Heatwole and John Costa f
Following Is the emfnrpfofiraHK
I Overture Fanfare Misses McCon
nell and Tatum
S61o violin Mrs Hequembourg
Solo voicesMass Alenxander
Duet flute and cornetDrft A h
Shine and Mr Albert Shine
Duet fir = t and second violin Mrs
iHcquembour and Miss Randolph
Solo voice Miss Chlttendea
I ChorusThe club
Quartette Voice Misses Cline and
Hendrickson and Messrs Heatwolo
and Costa J
Lathrop Withington or London Eng
land representative of tho hIstorical
societies of several countries and who
was historical commissioner of the
Jamestown exposition wts hi the of
fice of Commissioner McLio this week
seeking certain information about
Florida In colonial days lie was In
formed in Washington that the infor
mation would not be available out
owing to the excellent method of fil
ing adopted by Chief Clerc CB
Gwynn Was able to secure the Infor
mation without difficulty
M F McCorquedale manager of j
the McCorquedalo Brick company was
in the city Monday His pLait is lo
cated nine miles north of the ctty on
the Tallahassee and Concord road He
is already doing an denv busi
ness but Is preparing to greatly in
crease the capacity of his factory ex
pecting to make over five million brick
within the next twelve moatk The
larger part of the product ot his plant j
is Sold In Tailahasste
A j
He octors First uestion
How are your bowels Thisis generally the first question the
doctor asks He knows what a sluggish liver means He knows
that headaches bilious attacks indigestion impure bloodare i I
often promptly relieved bya good liver pill Ask him if he
approves of Ayers Pills Then follow his advice t2 Ce
1 < t
Getting Ready for Christmas in
ii > f the Home I
T I Always meansthe buying of one or teveral pieces of furniture A taU Treej
r Divan or big easy chairs for the parror handsome new metal d tead trim
I med with brass that wont tarnish a felt mattress and a wicker rocker far the
i 4 I I i a bedroom and then to the dining room the One room where so much of the
i Holiday pleasure Is had See our handsome Extension Dining TafeJw < mas
sive and substantial highly polished and worth up to25j Dining Chairs with hex
S i g seat leather upholstered at 250 to fitOOur big tore IS crowded to the r
doors with everything that you want and everything that will make the hsme
a pleasant place In whichV live Buy now Pay once In a whtfe
4Z r
a 10810 South Palafox Street Phone 149 Pensacola
r it
r < > r <
t Jl
t < tr i
ili i
tr 5
I < 4
i i
t 1 v 1 L

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