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J v
B i l i i i i 8 I S I
The Great Spring Tonic and Blood Purifierj
Clears the complexion arouses Sluggish Liver acts on 1
the Kidneys Bladder Blood and
I Kills Every Blood Poison
1 A bottle Your druggist has it sure
K E B P red letters on yellow package
wri i1j I I I II
r 1
Statement of Dividends on the Life Policy of
John Wanamaker
KoJky No 42651 issued in the year 1887 by The
Union Central Life Insurance Company Age f
49 Premium 90180 Amount 20000
Ter Additions
188S t > = 165 03
189Qt 1 i 181 54
1891 j 196 70
1882 22247
1893 i 2 2 81
1894 < 2640
1895 < 1 362 99
XS96 J 387 06
lg 7 403 03
18 o t 418 89
JL89SU 43448
1900 v e 449 53
19GI 1 582 98
1902 + < 57101
1903 e 55496
19044 < < 561 93
1905 eo Li i 592 98
1908 v t 60S 00
1907 62000
1908 s a a 640 00
Total Dividend Additions to date 8458 79
If the pcdicy should be terminated by death its
face plus the total of the Reversionary Additions
would be paid
An Insurance Policy is a promise on the part of
a company to pay a stated sum of money either at a
mans death or at a certain time in his life
A Premium is the amount of money the policy
holder must pay catch year in advance in order to se
cure insurance upon his life
A Dividend is a part of the premium returned to
the policyholder by the company after it has deter
mined how much it has charged in excess of what was
necessary to provide for the insurance
It follows that the larger the dividend the less
the policyholder has to pay or conversely the small
er the dividend the more he pays provided the pre
miums are the same
Dividends Arise from lower mortality more eco
nomical management and higher interest returns on
investments than were assumed in the calculation of
premiums If there are no gains from these sources
there will be no dividends the larger the gains the
larger the dividends will be
Large Dividends tell of skillful and capable management
agement on the part of the Company If the death
losses are low it signifies that extreme care has been
exercised in the selection of If the
> s applicants ex
penses of management are low it shows that the
Company is economically and prudently managed If
the rate of interest realized on investments is high
and the securities are safeit means that the Com
pany invests the policyholders money to the great
est advantage
Why is it that the Union Central while its Prem
iums are Low pays the largest dividends to policy
Because economy of management has always
I been the established policy of the Union Central
Because the Company has been strict in its
I choice of applicants for policies and consequently
the deathrate has been low
Because for over twenty years it has realized the
i highest interest on its investments
5 What is the result The Union Central fur
nishes maximum insurance at the minimum cost
I while the returns on endowment policies show a
most profitable investment
I General Agent
Special Agent Special Agent
Coal Merchants
Removed to
PhonesOffice 93 Yard 6 and 24
The Weekly Journal is a
valuable advertising medium
From Florida Health Notes
I j
E4 i 7L r fpTN
4 5 i
w a
r I
Do what now Why At the first
opportunity which presents itself
whether altogether favorable or not
talk to the senator and representa
tives of your county on health matter
and about the state board of health
Tell them that you arc interested in
the public health and consequently
the general welfare of the state and
that you hope to interest them also i
before you finish talking tell them
that you are a constant reader of the
Health Notes and ask if they receive
and read the little pamphlet by which
the state board of health hopes to im
part useful and beneficial information
to the people of Florida on matters
directly relating to their own health
the health of their neighbors and tho
public in general
Ask them if they have given a
thought to the number of consump
tives in Florida and how many die
annually of this disease among our
own citizens and then further ask if
they do not think that the state should
something to prevent this loss of
life to the commonwealth Ask them
if they are aware that the state board
of health has offered for the use and
benefit of the indigent sick of con
sumption a sanatorium In a healthful
portion of the state yet sufficiently
distant so that there would be no
danger of infecting the surrounding
country with the understanding that
the state through the state board or
health would maintain and care for
tho sufferers of this terrible pesti
lence without charge and by so doing
assist them to prolong their days in
peace and comfort and possibly to
complete return to health Ask your
friends who are to represent you and
your neighbors in the next legislature
if they know that the last legislature
turned down this proposition for
which the state board of health at that
time so fervently and earnestly
I Ask if they will not give a moment
of their time before going to Talla
hassee next April to consider what
are the needs of the citizens in fur
ther betterment of their health Ask
if as reasonable individuals and rep
resentative men they do not think
that the citizens of Florida should be
protected in their health and against
disease contraction when traveling
about the state as much and to as
great a degree as against a loss of
goods or as against excessive trans
portation rates of the products of th <
OA >
Ak if the temptation to hide crime
I should not be deterred by requiring a
registration of all deaths and burials
I in the slate thus preventing any one
being put away without the full
knowledge and permission of the
health authorities of the state Ask
I If those who may wish to engage in
th business cf embalming should not
be required to show somo proficiency
in Ihi uork before having permission
given them to ply their trade else
what surety have transportation com
I panies that corpses will not putrify in
transit and have to be buried while
en route to distant points without the
I state
Ask if they or any set of men bow
ever learned and judiciously endowed
i can foretell what will happen in health
affairs during the coming two years
and can provide against such exi
I gencies by statute in a manner that
every possible occurrence will be nn
thipated and provided for Ask if it
i is not the part of Found wi dom and
i intelligent judgment to concede to
those who are appointed to look after
the health of the people of the stale
i In the past three years the rubbish
wilfully and inexcusably thrown upon
the walks and lawns of the Zoological
park in the Bronx New York becaise
more and more irritating to the nerves
of those responsible for cleanliness
and good order During that period
such conservative discretion and au
thority as will permit them in a legal
way to protect the citizen In his right
to live as well as his right to acquire
and hold property
Ask them if they have heard of or
can cite a single instance when and
where the state board of health dur
ing the twenty years of its existence
has ever placed unjust burden on thi
citizen or re stricted him in his move
ment or put him te any discomfort
except during an epidemic prevalnce
of contagious disease when it vas
absolutely necessary to do so for his
own life protection or to safeguard his
neighbor or a nearby community Ask
If it is not true that no matter how
extensively the legislature might yield
and concede to the state board ot
health warrant and power to frame
rules and regulations which shall have
the effect of statutory law can no
the board at any and all times be re =
strained by the courts and the validity
or reasonableness of its acts be pass
ed upon by judicial authorities
Ask them jour senator and repre
sentatives they do not know not
think but know that through the ef
forts of the state board df health im
migration to the stale from the north
east and west has been encouraged by
the confidence established in the
states health and the ability of the
state health authorities to handle
every and any emergency of disease
prevalence or epidemic introduction
Would people nave come to Florida
and have Invested so largely of their
wealth if they had not been positively
certain that their health would be
cared for That is to say that con
ditions would be attended to which
when left to themselves would give
rise to disease
Ask them if they haE ever heard or
read anything about hookworms and
the hookworm disease which is sap
ping the vitality out of the blood of
thousands of our native children
children of Florida Ask them if they
do not think that the state board ot
health is doing a Christlike work in
pushing information upon parents living
Ing in country districts concerning
this trouble and if your friends
agree with you then ask if the board
should not bp allowed to increase its
scope of usefulness and be given
more latitude and freedom Ask your
friends the legislators if they do not
think that the health and life of the
children of the state is of importance I
to thp commonwealth not saying any
thing about the worry anxiety and
sorrow to parents when having puny
sickly offspring to look out and care
When you have asked your senator
and representatives all of these ques
tions and have answered hem con
vincingly which the Notes knows that
you can and will do then secure a
promise from then l that whatever
measures tending to benefit the health
of the p opic which the state board of
health may request the next legisla
ture to ordain as statutory law they
will advocate and support
JT you my reader will interest your
self just a little in this way and talk
for the stat board of health Florida
will soon have thq best code of sani
tary laws that can be enacted in any
state Give the hoard an opportunity
with a free hand to build upon the
health reputation of the state and
watch the progress which the health
government will make the sickness
it will avert and the lives it will he
instrumental in prolonging and sav
t t
Housecleaning By Proclamation
How New Yorkers Were Taught to Keep the Zoological Park Free From
I Refuse and Rubbish
1 Director New York Zoological Park II
we here so busy with the annual rusn
of construction work that rre had DO
tine in which to make a determined
curpaign against it Last sprinr
however the war that so Ions bad
been intended was formally declared
Today we are prepared towrite the
Nevvbros Herpicide
The original remedy that kills the dandruff amon exquisite hair dressing
t v 1
r I
e J
> Herpicide Girls
Girlsr O
t r R1 ti A
THE LADIES OBJECT to a gummy and sticky hair
dressing or one that is full of sedimentary chemicals
intended to dye the hair The marked profer nc for a
clean and dainty preparation particularly one that over
comes excessive oiliness and leaves the hair light and
fluffy is reflected In the enormous sale of NcwftroS Her
pi < ide DJeariminatinc ladies become enthusiastic over
its refreshing quality and excessive fragrance
A WOMAN TO BE PRETTY must have pretty hair
The features may be quite plain or even homely yet if
I the head is crowned with an abundance of beautiful
hair attractiveness will not be lacking The Poet says
fair tresses mans imperial race ensnare Herpicide
gives the hair a charming distinctiveness that Is char
acteristic of no oth r hair dressing
eased hair is a misfortune in moro ways than one There
Is the actual Iniury to the hair follicles and the conse
quent loss or tninntns of the hair this may caul dis
eases that sometimes follow a removal or thinning of
natures protection to the head A diseased condition of
the hair affects womans disposition to a marked d
ee If the hah Is dull brittle and lifeless owing to
the presence of a microbe growth the effect is to
dampen ones spirits and cause a loss of interest in per
sonal appearance The use of Nowbros Herpicide over
comes the ravages of the dandruff microbe after which
the natural beauty and abundance of the hair Will return
as nature intended Almost marvelous results follow the
UFO nf Herpicide in use at all important barber shops
Regarding the merits of Newbros Herpieide an article
that your Agent left a trial bottle with me to test 1
have prescribed it In several instances and have had
favorable reports therefrom in each case
Lincoln Xeb
Send 10 rents in stamps for sample to TIlE HERPICIDE COMPANY Dept L Detroit Mich
One Dollar Bottles Guaranteed At Dreg Store When you call for Herpicide do not accept a substitute
Applications at prominent Barber Shops
121 South Palafox Street Special Agent
ll Freakish
are rarely advised by a
reputable tailor
Whether you prefer
the extreme or a conser
vative model we can
please you to the limit
of good taste
Heres where our
judgment is valuable
Spring Suits
Tailored To Taste
PIICKm GlISd 6 t Alli1ftl
InoIJOmte4 I
I AN1 L ARONife > w
first chapter of its history
The making of wholesale arrests in
the Zoological Park and the haling
or a large number of pleasureseeker
bvfcrc the night court was painful to
contemplate and they would have
betn still more painful to carry into
effect AVe decided to avoid those
measures so far as might be possible
b o a preliminary campaign of educa
tion To this end we carried out the
liowing program
In 1907 we finished the placing or
about 100 wellappointed rubbish bas
kets If the whole truth must b
told the Bronx Park basket an Imi
tation tree stump in metal with a ina
able basket inside was invented bo
the director with special reference T
it use in public parks Over each
basket was placed a sign saying De
posit Here All Refuse Many otaer
i sisiu had been posted previous n
U07 forbidding the throwing of rub
tsh on the walks
On May 25 150 special cloth sign
printed in English Yiddish Italian I
anc German forbidding the scatter
ing of rubbish and directing that it
JA laced in the baskets under pain
of punishment for neglect were po
e l so conspicuously that it was impos
sible for a visitor to enter the park
without seeing at least one On May I
p2i manifesto by the director forma
Iy declaring war on the rubbish throw
ing habit and warning all possible cf
fem ers to obey the law or suffer ar
rest and punishment appeared iu
several newspapers
On Sunday May 30 hostilities be
gan in the park Ten men were de
tr led to do patrol duty and t
el to admonish all throwers of rab
bjs anJ compel them instantly tr
pick up whatever they threw down
I was ordered that the campaign fc
the education of the public should bo
cviried on without making arrests so I
leas as substantial prepress was per
ceitible At the same time officers
were In readiness to act and had the
law been resisted arrests would haw
swMily followed
The results were Immediate and
gratifying Within a month L1P
amount of waste saner fruit skIu
and lunch boxes thrown upon the
vaiks and lawns and under bench =
diminished about seventyfive per
cent Within two months the de
crease amounted to about ninetyfiva
per cent of the original total and aM
this without > en one arrest It prov
ed necessary however to prohibit 11
persons from sitting or lying upon the
crass for tic reason that it ws
found quite impossible to prevent
them leaving rubbish behind Owing
to the presence of SOO park benches
on our grounds it is not at all nec s
sry for anyone to lounge upon the
Last year on every Monday morn
ing the park was a disgraceful sight
and it required the labor of ten men
until about two oclock in the after
noon to gather up the rubbish Nov
by ten oclock on Monday mornings
four men make the park thoroughly
clean and presentable Waat Is still
more important the park is clean dii
injc nearly the whole of Sunday In
stead of becomIn by noon of that d lo
a dirtressins scene of disorder under
An important lesson has been learn
cl It has been clearly observed hy
man persons that the disorderly pe
riod attracted disorderly crowds
hen the reform was ruBy establish
ed the disorderly element seemed to
withdraw and go elsewhere atii
there followed a great influx of visit
ors of a better class who believe in
law and order and prefer to go only
were they can enjoy cleanliness
Our warfare has received constaut
encouragement from the best element
in New York We have on file many
letters commending our efforts and
waning us success Beyond ques
tion the people of this city pay for
and are entitled to clean streets and
clean parks Those who disgrace
New York by strewing rubbish broad
cast in spite of warnings should b
sternly dealt with Our streets still
ari garnished with waste paper and
tho bad habit that leads up to it
should be taken in hand by the police
d and broken up The first
sui should be the posting of aboit
aoo warnings printed on linen as
an educational effort The laws on
tlis subject are ample The unhinder
e1 throwing of rubbish in streets an 1
in parks promotes a spirit of lawless
IIOB and disorder that easily leads tn
more serious offenses In view of nil
that the city is spending and doing
rJr the comfort and pleasure of tho
prone the lawless ten ner cent shoiM
be forced to obey the laws of decency
and good order
Night On Bald Mountain
On a lonely night Alex Benton of
Fort Edward X Y climbed Bald
Mountain to the home of neighbor
tortured by Asthma bent on curing
him with Jr Kings Xew Discovery
that had cured himself of asthma
This wonderful uedlcine soon re
lieved and quickly cured his neighbor
Later it cured his sons wife of a se
vere lung trouble Millions believe
its the greatest Throat and Lung cure
on Earth Coughs Colds Croup i
Hemorrhages and Sore Lungs arc i
surely cured by it Best for Hay
Fever Grip and Wnooplng Cough 50c I
and SI00 Trial bottle free Guaran
teed by all druggists
Notice to Water Consumers
Water rents will be due
April 1st payable at City
Hall 5 per cent discount on
bills paid before the 10th I
Bills mailed upon request I
The Coffee that is
making Pensacola Fam
McHughs ous
Dewey I
The cup that cheers
but not enebriates Try
it you will be delighted
19 to 25 W Garden St
Call phones 105 1627 1661
New Stock of
Victor Machines
and Records
Just Received
You can buy a genu
ine Edison Phonograph
or Victor from us on
easy terms of 100 per
week Free concert
Daily Late Sheet Mu
sic 25c copy Violins
and Guitars on pay
ments Pianos 125
per week Organs 75c
per week
Call or write
112 and 114 S Palafox
Legal Advertisements
Notice Js hereby given that at the ex
piration often days from this date or as
soon thereafter as sam be
can heard
the undenrf ned Tvlll make aplJeatIon tc
the Honorable Board
ard of Pardons at Tal
lahawee Florida for a pardon from a
convict inn on the nth day sJnS
or Sept m
bcr 1908 fe
r at the September
term oC thi
Imlnal Court of Record for E cambt
CountY florida ° f matJelouB Escambtj
March 27 no
° bnhttf

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