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Miss Herriman when seen yesterday by a Journal representative re
marked Yes my purchase which represents values at about half regu i
ar wholesale prices should be putting it modestly the greatest Millinery
bargain event this section of the South has ever experienced or will ex
erience for many a day My phone has been busy all day and my sales
force too answering inquiries of when will the sale be and so and so
pat I simply cannot tell when it will occur until the car arrives In air
probability however I will be able to tell the news in Fridays Journal
BO I would advise every lady in the city to read The Journal on that day
For goodness sake if you know of any good sales women send them to
me for when open up I want to be able to wait on customers satisfac
Governors Veto of
the Public Printing
Bill Is Sustained
I Continued From First Pace
Btruction to issue coupon warrants
By request of Mr Johnson the bill
was substituted for senate bill No
112 and adopted
Senate No 107 Grill prohibiting
Cohabitation Adopted
No 120 Henderson designating
state inspectors of foods and drugs
of commercial feeding stuff and com
mercial fertilizers dopted
No 32 Dayton prohibiting the
catching of food fish in Crystal river
In Citrus county with nets Adopted
No 16 Beard an act to regulate
osteopaths and osteopathy Adopted
23 to 5 Senator Beard spoke in be
half of the measure
No 38 Dayton repealing chapter
B776 of laws of Florida relating to
Hernando county Adopted
Nd 77 Sams prohibiting fishing
with seines In fresh water streams of
iVolusia Adopted
The senate then reverted to the
regular order ofbusiness
House bill No 361 fixing payment
for clerks discharged by house was
received from the house and was
Governor Gilchrist this morning
signed the Pensacola pavingyblll and
transmitted it to the secretary of
Tuesday House Proceedings
The house was called to order at
330 oclock and a quorum was pres
rA A letter was received from Presl
lent Hulley of Stetson University ac
cepting invitation to address house
Friday night
A letter from Senator Taliaferro
acknowledged receipt of the resolu
tions asking him to use his influence
against the reappointment of Joe Lee
the negro official in Jacksonville
House resolution No 74 MacWil
hams providing that house shall meet
at 9 oclock In mornings and remain
in session until 1 oclock Adopted
The consideration of the report of
the I I investigating commission was
set as a special order for Friday
House resolution No 75 Brown ot
DeSoto providing for a committee to
I devise a bill for the protection of the
oyster industry and so that the state
may realize revenue from the Indus
try Adopted
House concurrent resolution No 13
Dupont of St Johns for joint com
mittee to investigate needs and con
ditions at State Reform School at
Marianha Adopted
No 14 MacWilliams of St Johns
making orange blossom state flower
No 15 Sheppard of Gadsden ex
pressing thanks to New York Educa
tional Board for interest manifested
in FlorldAn Adopteer
No lt Wells of Loon that com
mittee be appointed to Inspect capitol
and report upon need of repairs
Bills were then introduced as fol
lowsHouse bill No 357 Wall of Brad
ford for cheaper text books
No 35S Grace of Citrus prohibiting
gambling by making pools or books
NO 360 Brown of DeSoto pro
hibiting catch of fish in salt waters of
stato between June 1st and August
15th No 361 Chase of Duval for pay
ment of clerks dismissed by recent
action of house Under waiver of
rules bill was passed on second and
third readings Clerks w 1IL receive
5 per day for services rendered
No 362 Chase of Duval for pur I
i I
pose of encouraging Works of Florida
Historical Society
No 363 Mahaffy of Gadsden relat
ing to liability of railroad companies
having relief departments for em
No 365 Bynum of Hamilton fixing
railroad passenger rates at not ex
ceeding three cents a mile nor two
ents on mileage books
No 367 Pattishall of Hillsboro re
quiring fire insurance companies to
deposit securities with state treas
ure No 368 Pattishall of Hilisboro
prohibiting fire insurance companies
from combintng to fix rates
No 369 Pattishall of Hillsboro pro
hibiting detention of any female in
house of prostitution
No 370 Miller of Lake for preser
vation and protection of game in
Lake county
No 371 Light of Marion relating to
publishing of list of qualified voters
No 373 Hull of Manatee prohibit
ing catching of fish In fresh water
lakes of state with nets or seines
No 374 Newton of Orange repeal
ing section of statute relating to state
No 377 Durrance of Polk creating
new municipality of Bartow
No 3SO McCasklll of Santa Rosa
requiring social clubs to publish list
of members and to give place of res
No 3S1 Hardee of St Lucie relatI
ing to maintaining of public high
way No 382 MacWilliams of St Johns
providing special tax for maintenance
of state educational institutions
No 383 Roberson of Suwannee re
lating to pardons
No 384 Roberson of Suwannee au
thorizing governor to call special
terms of circuit courts in cases of
emergencMust v
Must Reduce Expenses
The following report was submitted
to the house yesterday afternoon by
the special committee appointed for
the purpose The report shows most
conclusively that tho legislature will
have to be decidedly economical dur
ing this session unless taxes are
raised considerably
House of Representatives state of
Florida Tallahassee April 22 1909
Hon Ion Farris Speaker of the
House of Representatives
Sir Your committee appointed
under house resolution No 21 for the
purpose of securing information to
the house of all the resources and ap
propriations of the state so that at
the end of the session or any time
during the session the house may
know the appropriations of this3 g
islnture shall exceed its resources
and keeping up with all laws carrying
an appropriation or providing an ad
ditional revenue beg leave to make
the following report
Wo find on page 9 of the treasur
ers report an itemized list of the
general revenue fund of 1908 amount
ing to 97568618 This does not in
clude any balance but actual receipts
into the general revenue fund from
Jan 1st to Dec 31st 1908
Unless this legislature provides for
additional revenue the state will
have in its general revenue fund dur
ing its next two years in round num
bers 2000000 or 1000000 per year
We also find in the comptrollers
report on pages from 24 to 37 inclu
sive the estimated itemized expenses
of the entire state government for two
years commencing July 1 1909 and
ending June 301911 the total amount
Ing to 137578247 or 68789100 per
year I
The above does not include the ex
penses of the stato schools or any
appropriation for any person outside
of tho departments of the state gov
> cD3c3 S
b TF everyone knew the food
ti value of o
S Quaker Oat 5
o h
Q no family would fail to serve it Q
b b
I Q at least once a day It gIves Q
8 b
t Q more energy for little money Qx
b 0
Q than any other food Q
1 b
Q Packed in tins it keeps in g
g definitely in any cl m teThis Q
g we guarantee g
Q Quaker Oats family size package contains Q
S the finest china Ask your dealer about it Q O
g live Quaker QafsQmpany g
g cOcO cto J oQ
ernment But it does include the mis
cellaneous expenses of the following
Expense collecting revenue
I General printing and advertising
Printing delinquent tax list
Salaries and expenses railroad com
improvement and repairs for hos
pital for insane
Maintenance of lunatics
Cost of assessment railroads
Interest on bonds of railroads
Interest on bonds in educational
State auditor and clerks
Assistant state auditor
The above means that at the same
rate of taxes and revenue of 1908 and
the expense of the state government
as asked for the next two years this
legislature will have 624218 to ap
propriate to the state schools and all
other purposes except as above men
tioned for the next two years or
312109 per year If we appropriate
more than this amount we will either
have to increase the revenue or there
will be no money to pay for it
Your committee wishes to ask the
chief clerk to furnisu it with the
amount of every bill which passes
providing for a revenue
All revenues such as the one mill
school tax and the state hire of con
victs the pension tax and the dif
ferent government college funds are
all supposed to balance within them
selves and are not considered in this
From time to time your committee
will report to the legislature of ap
propriations and additional revenues
Most respectfully
Signed W D CARN
Nursing Mothers and Malaria
The Old Standard GROVES TASTE i
LESS CHILL TONIC drives out ma
laria and builds up the system For i
grown people and children 50c
Paving Ordinance is
Adopted by the Council
Continued From First Page
Alderman Yonge also introduced an
orJinance providing that on all streets I
within the city limits the roadway
shall be as follows On streets where
there Is a streefc car or other rail
road tracks the roadway shall be 30
feet in width on streets where there
are no tracks the roadway shall be
25 feet
The ordinance also provides that
the grass plot shall be between the
sidewalk and the roadway on both
shIes of a width equal to onehall
the distance between the total width
of the street and the width of tho
sidewalk and roadway added together
It was referred to the committee on
parks and public ways
The report of the comptroller was
presented in printed form as follows
Pensacola Fla April 28 1309
To the Hon Mayor and Council City of
Pensacola Fla
Gentlemen BeJow please find State
ment of receipts and disbursements for
the month of March 1309 with a de
tailed statement of the expenses for the
Cash in Treasury
February 28 1909 8883058
Receipts March 1909
From Fines Pound
Fees and Costs 118235
From Taxes 1281446
From Back Taxes 23702
From Miscellaneous 4750
From Water Receipts 13193Qi1o60063
Making 10443121
The disbursements were as follows
Interest on Bonded
Debt 99300
Warrants Paid 2766461
Board of Bond Trus
tees Interest Ac
count 204914 3070575
Balance Cash in
Treasury 7372446
Department of Public Safety
Pdl00 Protection
Salaiy Marshal Depu
ties and Police eo 257365
Station Houso Expen
ses 24670
Patrol Expenses 15197
Feeding Prisoners 28498
Stock and Pound Ex
penses 10000
Police Telephones 2600 ft
Stationery and Inci
dentals 14395 352725
Fire Protection
Salary Chief and Em
ployees 208471
Telegraph Alarms Re
newals and Repairs 23904
Apparatus and Ma
chinery Ren ewals
and Repairs 16620
Rent of Truck and
Engine Houses 11500
Hydrant Rentals 84000
Stationery and Inci
dentals 42098 386593
Salary of Physician 5000
Care and Transporta
tion of Paupers 10400
Hospital Expenses 22200 37600
Total Department of
Public Safety 5 776918
Department of Public Works
Streets Crossings etc 278768
Slre ts Cleaning 15000
Streets lighting eo 129870
Streets Sprinkling 11100
Garbage Removal and
Disposal 53750
Public Buildings Re
pairs and Expenses 25052
Stationery and Inci
dentals 10985
Sewers Cleaning and
Flushing 3000
Expenses Engineering
Department 374335 564958
Department of Health
Salary of Health Offl
fccer 5000
Salary of Clerk 1500
Salary of Inspectors 45500
Incidental Expenses 7200 59200
Department of General Expenses
Salary of Officers 116666
Legal Expenses eo 15000
Stationery and Inci
dentals 49034 180700
Miscellaneous Expenses
Palafox Roadway 62600
Parks and Squares 85000
Filling Ditches 44850
New Map 21581 214031
Water Department
Genl Administration
etc f 45541
Operating Expenses 101630
Stationery and Inci
dentals 6492
Property 80424
Construction 18853s 252940
Total Expenses Men
1909 2048747
All of which Is respectfully submitted
Comptroller >
The council accepted the invita
tion of the Veteran Volunteen Fire
mens Association to participate In
the parade on May 4
JAa ordinance granting tae Pensacola
Hotel Company the right to build stc s
and coping on tho sidewalk at the San
Carlos hotel was read the first and
second time by Alderman Yonge The
ordinance provides that tho steps and
I coping shall remain on the sidewalk
as long as the building is used as a
Alderman Anderson was opposed to
this provision He wanted it changed
so as to read until the council saw
fit to repeal it The ordinance was
referred to the general ordinance com
mittee and city attorney and will be
considered again on its second read
ins at the next meeting of the coun
ell when Alderman Anderson will of
fer an amendment
President J E D Yonge presided
and Aldermen Anderson Andrews
Brown DUl lam Reilly Rocheblave
Ingfttham Moyer Williams and Yonge
were present
High class bookkeeper and account
ant desires special work auditing or
examining books Accountant Box
g7 City st
William Thompson Not
Implicated in Lynching
Continued from First Page
night and remained there until his
wife called him about ten minutes to
five oclock Monday morning
The first he heard of the lynching
he said was when some one yelled I
in his restaurant on South Palafox
street below Cedar and asked him if
he heard about the lynching
He denied tha i he told Georgia
Spencer he was the man who put the
rope over the crossarm on the pole
He also denied that he made a con
fession to Abbott
The jury was composed of Joseph
J Grant J J Fell J L Godwin J
R Bond M Mayo B Carley A A
Credille Avery Bell J E Morgan
Robert Hargis Chas p Bell Louis
Special to The Journal
Beulah April 28 Recent showers
nave done a great deal of good to crops
in this vicinity and the cool weather
has helped the oat crop which at pres
ent Is heading out and is looking fine
The rust which at one time looked
as If it would ruin the crop seems
to have stopped after killing a few of
the cotton blades and a few more I
days of cool weather will mature the
crop In good shape
James Snowden spent a part of last
week on a business trip to DeFuniak
Freeport and other places nearby and
visited at the home of Mr Henry
Barrineau who is located near De
Funiak 1
John Reeder and sister Miss Mary
were Pensacola visitors Saturday Mr
C B Busby has piece of corn that
will averag 2 12 feet in height actual
Mr and Mrs James Snowden have
just returned from a thirty days visit
with relatives at Cottage Hill and
Miss Monteree Brfrrincau spent a
fey days last wjaek with her cousin
Miss Lizzie Snowden
The Penton brothers James and
Jesse were Pensacola visitors Satur
There will be preaching at the M
E church the first Sunday in next
month it wilt bo on the regular ap
pointment Sunday school at 10 a m
an preaching at 11 a m sharp
Special to The Journal
Falco April 27D D Miles went
to Pensacola this week to have his
eyes treated and some glasses fitted
Fred Miller conductor of the lum
ber train is on a visit to his father
in Florala
There was a serious breakdown at
tho mill Friday by the bursting of one
of the largo circular saws and bending
the large shaft that runs it For
tunately no one was hurt and the
damage will amount to about 150
D D Miles postmaster at Falco Is
having another building erected for
the postofflce as the old building is
too small for the Gaskin Stock Cos
store and the postofilce
We are informed that Messrs J A
Davis J L Davis and J W Davis
have bought an acre of land near the
Masonic lodge and will erect a large
store house on it at once which will
be quite an addition to our town
Mrs Currie Cawthon and baby came
over Monday to spend a week with
Mrs Fred Miller
Misses Carrie Holt Maggie and
Addie Cushing returned today from a
weeks visit to relatives and friends
at Mllligan Fla
Special to The Journal
Garniers April 27Rev William
Arnet of Crestview came down to
Cracker Neck Friday and held ser
vices at the schoolflouse Sunday re
turning Monday
Prof J T Diamond county super
intendent of schools for Santa Rosa
county was In this part of the coun
ty last week visiting theJschools He
visited Garniers school Wednesday
There bas been a Sunday school
organized at the Garniers still we un
derstand I
Rev J M Sweeney win preach at
Mr R H Littlefields next Sunday at
11 oclock a m All are invited to at
tend I
Robert Littlefield Is hauling logs
to the beach for S S Spfence on tie
Ocean City property Since finish
this week
Soecfal to The Journal
Morganville April 2SM1ss Belle
Alexander is at home for a while
Little Miss Nelilie Morgan enter
tained a crowd of her little friends
last evening with games and refresh
Mrs Oliver Pugh spent the after
noon Tuesday with Mrs E Morgan
Mrs Sandifer celebrated her 84th
birthday on April 11
The good people around the place
are making preparations to tteet at
Morgans cemetery the first ayof
May for the purpose of dealing up
the cemetery The ladles are1nvited
to take nicely filled baskets fur din
net Rev Mr Barrow filled his regular
appointment Sunday last I
John W West of Jackson
ville First Witness in Case
of Government vs Ameri
can Naval Stores Co
By Associated Press
Savannah Ga April 28The tak
ing of testimony in the case of the
naval stores company for alleged vio
lation of the Saerman antitrust law
began in the United States court to
day John W West president of the
VestFlYnnHarris Company of Savan
naL and Jacksonville Fla was the
first witness i
He testified that the American Naval I
Stores Company refused to buy naval
stores from him unless he signed a
contract certain clauses of which were
objectionable to him He signed the
contract finally
Lynching Near Bartow of
Man Who Attempted an
Assult Upon White Wo
man at That Place
By Associated Press
Bartow Fla April 28Charles
Scarborough the negro who attempt
ed to assault Mrs Taylor Friereon of
Fort Meyer here yesterday was cap i
tured and lynched this morning The
posse which had been following him
with dogs since yesterday found him
in a tree top this morning and made
hIm descend A rope was put around i
his neck and as he was drawn up to I
the limb of the tree in which he hal
sought reftjge a score of shots were
fired Into Ihis body The negro con
fessed that he entered Frlersons room
for the purpose of assault but was
frightened away by the screams of ills
Intended victim
William Pickren is Found
Dead Near Point Where
Sheriff of Leon County
Was Recently Killed
By Associated Press
Tallahassee Fla April 28 William
Pickron a wood rider at Williams
turpentine camp near here was mur
dered in the commissary there last
night The killing took place within
a few miles of where Sheriff Langs
ton was killed last month No details
of the crime have been received The
sheriff and a posse are on their way
to the camp
Congressman Burnette of Georgia
who is one of the members of the
rivers and harbors committee of the
house is expected to reach the city
this morning coming direct from
Several prominent citizens yesterday
received telegrams regarding the ap
proaching visit of the Georgia con
gressman but they gave no informa
tion as to the time he would arrive
in Pensacolu or the business which
brings him here
Cincinnati April 28Judge Thomp
son in the United States district court
today refused to grant a further continuance
inuance to the defense in the bucket
shop case and Lewis W Foster John
M Gorman Walter B Campbell John
M Scott Arthur C Baldwin and Ed
win Heil all indicted on the charge
using the malls to further a scheme to
defraud rent to trial
Bakersfield Cal April 28The Associated
sociated Oil company directors have
a U
No need for women to
Shirk Ordinary Household
Duties with Jet
In the MedicineChesti
Every best Ingredient known to the medical profession in this peer
ess preparation manufactured by
Wholesale Druggists and Manufacturing Chemists Pensacoja Fla
u 1
= = 4
i 113 S Palafox
A special purchase
rw il of Dainty Styles in
5 special lots 25 35
ithi1t 50 and 60 cents
tV fjcipr t
For Builders Hardware
and Supplies
The Right Materials the Quality Kinds
AeY Old Hickory Wagons
WnJ Johnson Son I
voted to bond the property of the
company for 25000OQO Of this sum
6000000 will be expended immedi
ately in the construction of a pipe line
from Coalinga to the San Francisco
bay and another from McKittrick in
this county across the mountains to
Gaviota on the Santa Barbara coast
Another tank ship will also be built
Washington April 28States or
territories of the United States which
raised organized paid or supplied
troops for service in the war with
Spain before or after muster into
service may be reimbursed for the
actual expenses incurred in this work
Senator Guggenheim Colorado has
offered a bill making this provision
Ada Okla April 28Fearing that
as a result of the lynching here of
fourcattlemen for the murder of A A
Bobbltt further trouble might arise
Oscar Pealer an alleged accessory to
the crime and Edward and David
Johnson charged with another mur
der have been 1 returned to jail at
Tecumseh for safe keeping The grand
jury today resumed its investigation
Irvine Ky April 2SThe jury in
the case of IJeach Hargis who is
charged with iSiejnurder of his father
Judge James Hargis had not reached
a verdict at 11 oclock tonight The
base was give to the jury yesterday
afternoon It is believed the jury
will not be able to reach a verdict
This is the second trial of Hargis
South Bend Ind April 28The
police under the direction of the
mayor last night prevented three box
ing matches that were announced to
take place in Kosciusko hall The
promoters said the contests had been
arranged by the Polish Turning society
ciety not for money profit and that
all would have been within the law
Socclal to The Journal
St Andrews April 27 Marion B
Jinks djed at his home in Panama
City Sunday night He leaves a
mother young wife and little babe
Everyone in St Andrews sympathizes
with them in their loss He Cad a
great many friends here and though
his death was expected any day for
some time past the people were
shocked to hear It
Miss Mattie Forester came home
from south Florida last Saturday
She was accompanied by her friend
Miss Ella CastrIng from Tarpon
Springs Fla
Captain Alexander who has his
home here and is pilot on the steam
er Tarpon happened to a serious ac I
cident last week while they were In
Mobile He fell from the ladder and
broke his thigh and right arm He is
now in the Infirmary in Mobile t
f The Bay Bottling Works has put up I 1
a branch house in Panama City but
has not moved from this town
Mr Sales is building the mill back
at Southport He says he will build
a better one than the one that was
Cromanton April 27Summel
weather has swung Into line and llt
giving us some warm days t
The bathing tourist is also with us
again and the report from the board
engineers at Washington has given
the people here something to talk
about Capt Tuttle speaks very fa
vorably about the feasibility of the
Inland canalbetween the bay and the
Apalachicola river
T F Brantly and F W Haskins
were passengers out on the Tarpon
I Saturday for Pensacola to Interview
the wholesale merchants for supply
of groceries and feed stuff to reJ
plenish their depleted stock
I Your correspondent thinks our
solons at Tallahassee ought to amend
the tax redemption law so as to make
it the duty of administrators of es
tates and guardians of minor heirs to
redeem all tax titles within the limi
tations of settling estates and he also
thinks it absolutely right and in or
der for them to make provision for a
constitutional convention to revise
that little instrument so at least some
few of our people might make an at
tack upon it long enough to read
some parts of It
Henry Spicer has launched his new
boat and she is a beauty among bean
ItleL JU
ItleLA good rain would do our gardens
good as the ground Is getting quite
dryMr Fenters of Panama City was
promenading on our streets the last
of the week
Auburn people were interviewing < v
our merchants Saturday
A new wharf is being builtin front
of the hotel with a bath house annex
for hotel guests
Read The Journals Want
Columns and profit thereby
and learn what is going on
i r

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