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ic Vtnk Jonrnal
rPJUr ruw J uWuW w LWJlJ W
FRANK L MAYES President md General Manager
n n jww w n n cane
nt tflfl w WnrflMJnn rflJrn rn n rW nflflflrfl wrflr CCJWJ
One Year S 5 > 00 One Month 45
Six Months 4 2 50 One Week 10
Three Ionths S 125 Weekly Edition per year1 CO
W WflflUtflflW
The Only Pensacola Newspaper Fiytm Which a Detailed
Circulation Statement Can Be Secured
an WflrjwMflfl flflfltUWWJW JflflJflJfltSWJtfltUW W Wu
Offices Journal Building Entered as secondclaw matter
wS at the postofflce at Penaeola
rf T Ec sv
< T >
5gSo 55 Florida under Act of congress
Corner DeLuna and Intendencia asss March 3 1879
I flJJJ r wflflflJJJWWJWkrflflWUW
Phones Editorial Rooms 38 Business Office 1500
OFFICES f New Tork 404 Tribune Building I
I Chicago Title and Trust Buildlnjr
Here rests his head beneath St I
L Michaels shade
A youth who ate things speckled
oer by flies
Incautious fool he no Inspection made
Of butchers meat and other food
Large was his appetite he didnt care
oust so twere victuals he would
eat his fill
The doctor got what cash he had
to spare
i < TheundertakeimournB his unpaid
o o
Good bye Bookies you have
passed Into history
What an opportunity there Is for
the Congressional Record to get out
a unny paper
Robert Louis Stevenson couldnt
spell but his writings threw a spell
over all who read them
Students of sociology would do well
to keep their eye on the right or
way of the Georgia railroad
The Laird of Skibo came mighty
near capturing the Kentucky Presby
terian college Vhat an unco rell
t gJous inon he Is
The antirace betting bill went
through the senate with all the pre
cipitation of Nancy Sykesnot a sin
gle offer made against It
I Roosevelt must think Haskell Is
big game Guess he Is and will be
found precious hard to bag even for
purposes of study and exhibition
Sheriff Cazalas of Mobile is on the
anxious seat There is no telling
what conclusion those levelheaded
Justices of Alabamas supreme court
will arrive at
The office of the DeFunlak Herald
has been removed from the Murray
buildfng to the Merrygoround block
the very spot for an enterprising
Wonder if the regular session ot
congress In December will continue
the tariff debate or conclude to drop
the matter in favor ofa continuance
of the Dingley schedule
The governor mercifulrefuses
to employ the sweatbox method on
the legislature by calling a special ses
sion even If the best bills are per
mitted to go by the board
The edict of DeFunlak citizens
Let there be light does not seem
to work with the same promptitude
as ft did on another occasion of
which it is unnecessary to remind the
It eems that John Barleycorn las
been doing some lobbying at Talla
hassee He Is the most dangerous
lobbyist of all and has a way of turn
ing the mind of the best intentioned
lawmaker Shut him out
Why does not the legislature pass
the act validating tfie incorporation
of StAndrews It is not fair to hold
back that ambitious little town when
it wishes to trot ahead with the live
liest municipal race horses of Flor
Does the Sams bill excluding from
the public schools children affected
with tuberculosis make any provision
for their education It certainly
should do so for the disease Is cura
ble and there is no justice in per
mitting one of its victims to grow up
In ignorance
The country Is about to listen to the
eightyfour thousandth report on
deep waterways this time from a
board of engineers of the war depart
ment but will this bring us any
n arer to deep water so long as every
surplus cent of revenue Is used for
army and navy increase and other
extravagant projects of the Republi
can partythe party of force fallacy
nJ frenzy
Commercial Secretaries
Convention in Atlanta
One of the most important gather
Ings of the year will be held in At
lanta July 7th and 8th This will
be the convention of the Southern
Commercial Secretaries Association
Its deliberations will cover topics
of deep concern to every city and
should be productive of new energy
I nd achievement on the part of all
I southern commercial bodies
Among the more vital subjects to
be discussed will be Good roads
how to build them The work of
commercial organizations in municipal
betterment Cooperation between
commercial secretaries Municipal
advertising1 Cooperation between
industrial and advertising publicity
departments of railroads and com
mercial secretaries Commercial or
ganizations and legislation The
secietarys local troubleshow to
overcome them and Commission
government for cities
These are truly great questions and
in their proper solution and enforce
ment of such rules and regulations as
will necessarily result from the solu
tion will depend to a great extent
the future growth ami influence of
Southern cities
I Nothing 4s more needed than a
great awakening to activity on the
part of the business men of every
community In these days of sharp
competition the spirit should be just
as strong in rival cities as in rival cor
porations under ordinary business con
trol and that city is sure to lag In
the rear whose commercial body Is
not vigilant active progressive and
everlastingly going out after results
by means of well considered advertis
ing and tempting offers made to capi
tal and lab9r tb seek settlement with
in its limits or in its neighborhood
The Chattanooga Tradesman com
menting upon tao Atlanta convention
speaks well when it declares
As a rule Chambers of Commerce
Boards of Trade and like bodies are
unimportant factors In municipal de
velopment We say as a rule be
cause few cities give the support nec
essary to make the business body
stand for little besides general mat
ters of only general Interest Period
IcaHy some little activity is evidenced
Sporadic advertising campaigns inaug
urated a Hue show of actual vital
itT and then a return to the coma
tose condition most generally in evi
dence Commercial organizations
should stand for everything that
spells progress and advancement and
while the secretaries without the co
operation of their respective bodies
can accomplish little as individuals
still as an organization they can
arouse a sentiment that would be for
lasting good and decided industrial
And The Journal would add that
the holding of this convention which
will be participated in of course by
the secretaries of every wideawake
commercial body of the South will go
a long way towar arousing a progres
sive sentiment besides opening up
avenues of action as a natural se
quence to combined and Intelligent
The comatose conJition most gen
eially in evidence in commercial
bodies to which The Tradesman calls
attention Is often due as much to a
lack of knowledge of what is the
best thing to do as it is to natural
or turahinerUa and a dread of
the exertion entailed by going to
work to do it
Therefore great things are sure to
result from cooperation between com
mercial secretaries free and full dis
cussion of means to be adopted for
city building and the resultant en
thusiasm which Is sure to be Inspired
by such cooperation and discussion
The report of the legislative com
mittee on Everglades drainage will
no doubt impress the popular mind
with the truth already accepted by
the elect that the project is not only
feasible but will if carried out even
tuate in an enormous accession of
wealth to Florida The committee
recommendations to build new
dredges to keep waterways open for
traffic to hasten the great work to
ward an early completion to hold on
t to the lands whose future value will
I mount to the stars are excellent and
should be heeded while the possi
I bility of utilizing drainage canals to
the Atlantic and gulf with Lake
Okeechobee a great central reser
voir and waterway as a means of
water transportation across the pen
I insula although not new still arouses
the imagination and leavls the mind
to dwell upon future possibilities or
vast and beneficent magnitude
Why Pensacolans Are
Always on the Jump
In an editorial headed Frogs for
Pensacola the Orlando ReporterStar
I pays a compliment to that city in the
I following language
The frog industry is on the increase
I The Macon News tells of the importa
tion from Germany of five hundred
weather frogs guaranteed to foretell
I changes in the weather and the Tam
pa Times contains a lengthy article
telling of a contemplated bullfrog
farm in Santa Rosa county Florida
Florida does not need weather frogs
because there Is always just the right
sort of weather and It would take a
mighty likely German frog to fortell
a rainfall out of a sunshiny sky any
how But according to the Times
articles Pensacola does need bull
frogs as in that city the hindermost
jumpers of the bullfrog arc very es
sential to a square meal We under
stand now why Pensacola is alwa s
on the jump The bullfrog explains
Let us tender thanks to the Report
erStar for this double compliment
to Pensacolas gustatory discrimina
tion and to its progressive spirit And
it may be as ojir contemporary re
mark that there Is some mysterious
connection between the average Pen
sacolans affection for frogs legs and
his irrepressible tendency to jump
It is a well known fact that differ
ent foods produce peculiar results
when given to animals Raw beef
fed to a bulldog for instance will
awaken his savage nature It is hard
to tell what would happen to a tor
toise shell cat if you fed her on
gopher She would probably change
her mode of living and seek a hole in
the ground
Well jumping is a good thing and
the consumption of frogs legs as a
means toward that end isa most
delectable performance So it would
not be a bad plan for brethren farther
down in the state to acquire a taste
for this food of highly civilized man
and by consuming it freely gain the
commendable activity that character
izes the citizens of Pensacola
Verily we ought now to be con
vinced ExGovernor Dpuglass the
mighty man of shoes ha Come out in
a pamphlet to demonstrate the right
eousness of free hides Go to the
Yank thou sluggard consider his
wajs etc etc That is the way
Solomon would put it were he living
in this day and generation
Senator Bailey of Texas does not
seem fond of that word honor It
does set one athinking but it should
not lead up to fisticuffs with news
paper reporters and loss of senatorial
dignity Fact is a modest tolerance
would best become Bailey when all
things are taken into consideration
Special Saturday Only
Decorated German China I
Cups and Saucers lOc Pen
sacola Crockery Company
4 Tampa Tribune < >
Apropos of the recent observance
of Mothers Day we recall an elo
Ciuent tribute which was delivered by
William J Bryan at Frodericksburg
Va during the famous campaign or
ISSfc to the mother of Wasuingon
Sad the noted orator
Fredericksburg is not a large city
and yet it is rich In incidents of
great historic value Here the wo
men of America have reared a monu
ment to Mary the mother of Warh
ington I am glad to stand on this
spot I am glad to feel the influence
which surround her grave In a cam
paign especially In a campaign like
this there is much of bitterness antI
sometimes of abuse spoken against
the candidates for public office but
my friends there Is one character
tbe mothera candidate for the af
fections of all mankind against
whom 110 true man ever uttered a
word of abuse There Is one name I
mother which is never found upon
the tongue of the slanderer n her
presence all criticism is silenced The
painter has with his brush trans
ferred the landscape to the canvas
with such fidelity that the trees and
grasses seem almost real he has
even made the face of a maiden seem
instinct with life but there Is one
picture so beautiful that no painter
has ever been able to perfectly re
produce It and that is the picture of
the mother holding in her arms her
babe Within the shadow of this
monument reared to the memory of
each one of us I bow in humble rev
erence to motherhood
A Timely Touch
PatronYou get a good many tips
dont you
Waiter Oh yes most everybody
gives me something
PatronThen perhaps you could
loan me five
Read The Journals Want
Columns this morning
J w t
Memphis CommercialAppeal <
The consumer may be regarded as
the innocent bystander in our politi
cal system Whoever is shot at by
our stern old Roman statesmen he
gets hit i
During political campaigns we hear
a good deal about the consumer
Spokesmen of both parties tell us that
the time has come to take some
thought for the consumer There are
two great classes in this as in every
other country the producers and the
consumers The former certainly cant
get along without the latter Natur
ally the consumers are in the major
ity In fact everybory Is a consu
mer but everybody is not a pro
Thus during political campaigns the
consumer is flattered and caressed
and made to believe tba ne is actual
ly alive So he gets him a flag or a
torch and marches along the muddy
street often contractinga case of grip
I in the interest of the party that is
I going to give him his rights At last
he feels that he is to be protected
I against the felonious and tryannical
The election Is over and the con
sumer has enlargement of the chest
i The robber tariff that has taken from
i ho hardearned dollars and handed
j them over to the trusts and indus I
trial concerns is to be reformed and
amputated An indignant and out
I raged people have finally brought the
politicians to their senses On bend
ed knee the demagogue Is saying his
prayers to the triumphant consumer
Justice Has triumphed The Square
Deal Is a fact
Well congress meets and the ways
ami means committee organizes and
prepares for a reform of the tariff
1 he consumer wears the smile that
wont come off But it is observable
that there Is a steady stream of
delegations calling on the committee I
I Tbe champions of zinc the friends
of thp cow and the egg the little I
brothers of petroleum the benevolent I
older of steel manufacturers the mak i
ers of stockings the evangels of wood
all are cordially invited into the com
mittee room and permitted to have
whatever they ask for
The poor old consumer is not In
vited to these soirees Whenever he
imagines that he is a wedding guest
there is an Ancient Mariner just in
sde the committee room door to hold
him with his glittering eye
As a matter of fact the consumer
has served his purpose in the econo
my of politics and he Is now a dead
one Instead of securing relie from
the big industrial combinations he is
politely informed by one congressman
that the trust Is a ghost and he is
told to his face by another congress
man that he isa myth and that he
only imagines himself alive
The consumer is one of the most
perplexing conundrums In nature He
al ays wins the marble heart antI
is handed therlemon A seeker after
pie he is invariably fed on wind pud
ding He is always a member in good
standing of the party of the Extreme
Left He may nurse a sore toe for
a while but her will almost Invariably
rally to the fellow who gave liim
the sore toe rIn spite of what has
happened to him he remains a sucker
to the end of pIs days believing ev
erything that everybody tells him
voting against his own Interests under
the impression that ho is feathering
hit nest a perpetual doormat for the
large flat heeL of tae politician and
an easy mark for every fraud and
crook Whenever the government has
things to give away It never sends
an underling out to flag the con
sumer but whenever it wishes to
make a present to one of the Infant
centenarian industries it is the con
sumers golden opportunity to get
thrown down and have what he owns
taken away from him
But he never knows what has hit
him or who threw that brick
= 2 = = = = = = = = = = = c = = = I
k = = = = =
A Luxurious Trip
Offenders of the laws of Pensacola
will hereafter be transported to
headquarters in a more luxurious
manner a rubbertired patrol wagon
haring been placed in commission
Gainesville Sun
Guess it Will
The Pensacola Journal always to
the forefront In good movements has
inaugurated a fight against the germ
spreading fly and the state press is
taking It up with vigor Let the good
work go on Bradentown Journal
The Only Way
The Pensacola Journal In comment
ing upon the legislatures stand
against renpportiomnent says tho
only way in which to localize the I
formation of npw counties Is to make
provision for a constitutional conven
tion Gainesville Sun
Let Us Rejoice
Let us rejoice that the red band
cigars and lugislative booze have
completely lost out in Tallahassee I
and that a few rotten politicians
cart have their way a they once
did during the Jswinakinc season
Hurrah for the cornfield boysMar
tenna Tlme Courier
Dr NIIs in DeFunlak
Dr NIle tI of Pensacola held ser
vices In the Episcopal church Monday
the 10th morning and evening HP
Is on his way to Jacksonville to at I
tend the convention nd from there
expects to pay a visit to Europe
DeFunlak Herald
Unjust Discrimination
Why should the gopher for West
Florida 18 extended protection that 18
defied to his brother elsewhere In
the state Is it because greater de
mand is made for him to supply the
need of fractional currency in Pen
sacola now as of yoro Why should
our legislature multiply crimes with
out moral Influence Thua it is a
misdemeanor to take a gopher in
Vest Florida during the summer
while it ig strictly moral to do the
samo thing across tb line It Is Im
moral to take a drink In some coun
ties and not so had In another Irra
JUl12rUVQ ot tg aiiaUtv aC Lho flui4
I imbibed So many acts are now de
clared unlawful or wicked that were
innocent in the times of the dadies
that the children may be excused for
the growth of wickedness as defined
by the law suppose all had been
criminals who brought gophers into
Pensacola in the old days N B
The gopher here taken under protec
tion is a tortoise and not a rat
Jacksonville TimesUnion
Likes The Review
We have this week received No3
of the new paper the Review re
cently started in Pensacola under the
management of Mr Ben H Thomas
It is all that we had expected of a
paper run by Mr Thomaslive pro
gressive hustling and filled to the
muzzle with pertinent news matter
written in that forceful easy style for
which Mr Thomas has long been
noted May the Review live long and
prosper DeFunlak Herald <
I Only Wish We Could
Jacksonville Tampa and Pensacola
and several other cities are after new
chartersor amendments to what they
have Strange they do not manage
their own local affairs According to
I the reasoning on some other matters
those cities ought not to even petition
the legislature The boys there know
that the people of the sovereign state
of Florida through the legislature
grant create or amend all charters of
cities towns or corporations Arca
dia Champion
A Good Cause
The Pensacola Journal which is
leading the press of the state in the
fight against the filthy germbearing
deathdealing typhoiddistributing fly
deserves well of every man woman
and child in Florida for it never
fought in a betterscause says the
Courier Informant Here is one of
its latest hits from the shoulder
Sing a song of bacilli kitchen full of
Four and twenty thousand lit upon the
When the pies were eaten germs got
busy very
I Isnt this a jolly way to fill the ceme
Bronson TimesDemocrat
The Flies of Bartow
Wilt thou walk into my house
said Pensacola to the fly
MTIs the prettiest little mansion that
ever thou didst spy
The way into my house sir is
straight as straight can be i
And thoult not find a single thing to
interfere with thee
Wilt thou wilt thou wilt thou wilt
Walk in Mister Fly
Wilt thou wilt thou wilt thou wilt
Walk in Mister Fly
And how could Mr Fly resist sush
a pressing invitation He went in
and carried along with him several
hundred billion typhoid consumption
dysentery and other germs Many of
these however had an unhappy effect
upon the inhabitants of the mansion
and St Michaels St Johns and other
cemeteries are making arrangements
to enlarge their boundaries Pensa
cola Journal Just read Oak Hill and
Wildwood for St Michaels and St
Johns in the foregoing extract and
apply it to BartowBartow Courier
Bring It Up To Date
Some of our best men note with
alarm the indifference paid to voting
upon constitutional amendments and
v ith Governor Gllchrlst are seeking
some way to remedy the evil for such
it verily is The necessities of the
state in the way oT future advance
nent in many ways demand that
StiLe constitution be brought up to
date The attempt to evade Its re
quirements has already jeopardized
the acts of two sessions of the legis
lature thus creating a condition that
way prove of Incalculable damage to
the state Probably the sanest way
out of the muddle or possibly crime
Is to hold a constitutional conven
tion This would require time and
if it is to be done should receive at
tention at this session of the legisla
ture Panama City Pilot
r i
Ibe appointment of George H
Mosas editor of the Concord CN IL
Evening Monitor to bo minister to
Greece IB taken as H strong Indica
tjon ot President Tafts attitude to
war tho allies wno opposed his
nomination in the Chicago conven
tion Mr Moses was a delegate to
the convention and with Senator Gal
linger voted to tho last for Vice PresS
dent Fairbanks Of all the allies
none was more active than Senator
GalUngor and up to the opening or
t e convention the Evening Monitor
was equally ardent aaa Fairbanks
New YorK May 28 Through the generosity of C K G Billings a larsa
bronze tablet Is being placed on the site of old Fort Tryon under the
auspices of the American Scenic
and Historic Preservation society as a
fitting permanent memorial of the HudsonFulton celebration It will be
unveiled during the celebration next fall as a part of the official program
The tablet is eleven feet three inches In height and seven feet three
Inches wide It is mounted on dark black highly polished granite and
bolted permanently to the living rock on the exact site which is a prom
inent landmark on Mr Billingss property It bears this Inscription
Onthis hilltop stood Fort Tryon the northern outwork of Fort Wash
ington Its gallant defense against the Hessian troops by the Maryland
and Virginia regiment Nov 16 177G was shared by Margaret Corbin the
first American woman to take a soldiers Dart in the war for liberty
Fort Tryon was one of the outer works of Fort Washington situated
about sixtenths of a mile north of Fort Washington on what is now the
west side of Fort Washington avenue between the lines of One Hundred
and Ninetyfifth street and One Hundred and Ninetyeighth street It
stood on the summit of the hill overlooking the Hudson River
Stops ralllnx Hair An Elegant Dressing
Destroys Dandruff Makes Hair Grow
Does not Color the Hair I
T O Arm Cfiimirr Tw1l Jfw
E 3 cici4J I
Plumbing Water Gas and Sewer Work
Two Things Necessary for Health
are Mosquito Bars on your beds and Ice Boxes
and Refrigerators in your kitchenweve got It
em bothof the quality kind r
Mosquito Bars put up 125 to 650
Ice Boxes and Refrigerators 600 to 3750
10810 South Pajafox Street Phone 149 Perisacvla
Two Too Valuable
The lato Henry Miller who was
guide philosopher and friend to man
booklovers within a thousand miles
of New York was a most successful
salesman One day according to Har
pers Weekly he called on Collis P
Huntington and showed him a rare
copy of
There are two volumes of this
said Mr Miller The other volume
Is In perfect order as jou s < je this
one Is You cannot possibly let them
escape yoijf for you know you have
nothing like this in your library
What is the price asked the
railroad king
Seven hundred dollars said the
Those are too valuable volumes I
for my library Mr Huntington ex
Mr Miller went back LO his place
and sent the books to Mr Hunting
tons house with a bUl for seven hun
dicd dollars Nest day the railroad
king sent for him
Why dlfl you send me those
books he demanded sharply
Because you bought them was
the bookmans calm reply
I certainly did not cried the mil
Oh yes you did answered Mr
1 Miller Youll remember perfectly
well when I taU you what you said
You told me distinctly Those are
two valuable volumes for my li
brary If
The Politician
Dont you knew that no one listens
to or reacts your sueeches
Yes Answered Senator Sorghum
In that way I avoid naaklpg enemies
WaehtngtoB Star
Read The Journals Want
sand learn what is going on
Because of their inborn
sense of things beautiful are
greatly interested in the
graceful lines and curves oq
the 3 and 350 Oxfords and
Ankle Strap Street Bumps
Our 4 Mens Slimmer Ox
fords are winning a ligt
place in the estimation off
men who want comfort and
style combined 4
Boston 11
Shoe Store
117 S Palafox Pensacohu

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