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golden rule
: best policy,
says boom
TER. Be honest and you'll never get
killed in a racing automobile," la the
motto of Bob Burman, the fearless
motoring' hero who will be the big at
traction at the coming beach meet at
the Atlantic-Pablo Beach from March
XX to 80.
-With this principle the daring driver
iaa fought his way though the rank
and file in the automobile battlefield
intil his motor musketry Is more dead
ly than that of any other driver in the
t 'orld. Death has stood very close to
tl.e peerless champion often and many
times his hopes In' the Burman golden
rule have been almost despair, but
while he is not the boyish-looking
pilot that broke into the game, he has
always passed the danger point suc
cessfully and Is now more sanguine In
his belief than ever before.
Pay Your Bills.
"Pay your bills and be on the
"square," said the intrepid Burman,
"and you will be lucky and never get
"killed driving a racing car. I hav
; tried to study the philosophy of au
tomobile racing as well as the science
2 of It and I find that this Is the closest
solution that I can reach. It Is the
'same principle that applies to people
;ta every walk of life, and when a
'person is engaged in as fierce and dan
gerous an occupation as motor racing,
Iwhere luck Is such a great factor In
'keeping you alive, you surely begin to
wonder what you can do to lessen the
'margin of danger.
"Personally, I feel that I shall never
meet death on the tracks or roadways
,f this county at the wheel of a rac
king automobile, and the main reason
;for this belief is that I have always
tred to be on the square with every
body.' ' That Burman does not think himself
4mmune from accidents even though he
considers himself "lucky In the extreme
is shown by his action but Just a few
days ago, when he drove in the novelty
race at Moncrief park and Won, estab
lishing a new world's record for the
mile and one-sixteenth with a stand
ing start.
Ate No Lunch.
E. A. Moross, director of contests
ptr the coming events, who was going
'it to the track with Burman, noticed
that he did not eat a lunch before
leaving the hotel to get his Buick
Bug" racing car. Curiously he ques
tioned the pilot to ascertain whether
he had forgotten to eat in the bustle
of getting ready and received the as
tonishing information that he had
omitted the luncheon purposely. This
Immediately brought forth the inter
rogative of why he did this and the
naphtha hero accounted for It with
his "Golden Rule,"
"None of the stuff for me," replied
Burman, T haven't eaten a noon-day
meal prior to a race for several years
nd as long as I am in the automo
bile racing game I shall omit the lun
cheon in my racing day routine. Sev
eral years ago I always ate a good
lunch prior to a race meet, but no
Wore food for me when I am going to
drive a racing car.
"In case of an accident and I am
rushed to a hospital in a hurry, why,
I can't be worked on as well as I can
with an empty stomach and the dif
ference iii my condition might spell
disaster. I had an Incident similar to
this happen In one of my first serious
clashes with the fence,' and I have
always tried to be prepared for all of
the emergencies which the dangers of
the game might present. .
Fears No Accident.
- "It Is not a very pleasant sensation
to go Into the game with the plans
laid for a smash-up, but say they are
mo very probable it is best to look for
them even though I am firm in my be
lief that I shall never die on a track
or road at the wheel of a speeding
motor car. Be honest is the plan for
me, and while I might prepare for a
.smash-up I am always sanguine In the
.belief that Bob Burman will live long
fter he has quit the track."
: This aspect on the great driver's
frame of mind Is one that has never
been presented to the public and is
one of the distinguishing marks that
elevate him from the lot of other
speed gladiators. It is another of the
' modern methods that Bob Burman is
Injecting into automobile racing and
which is being copied in all of the mo
toring circles over the country.
I That Bob Burman will have intro
duced more theories and ideas into au
tomobile racing than any other driver
will be a distinction that he will bear
when he ceases to be the king of the
tiaphtha arena, and Jacksonville's mo
tor fans will be treated with this mod
era Juggernaut's originalities at Pab
lo from March 27 to 30.
By Associated Press.
Lexington, Ky., March 27. Precau
tions taken by the Cincinnati. New Or-
Although common in other lines, most
manufacturers of cooking fats dare not
cell their products "Satisfaction guar
anteed or money refunded." Their
gpods are usually put up in loose-covered
pails or, tins, which cannot and do
tsct 4ceep out the air, dust and odors,
and the good3 soon spoiL
-The N. K. Fairbank Company guar
antee Cottolene no matter how long it
is kept on the grocer's shelves. They
are able to do this because Cottolene
is packed in pails with covers of spe
cial design, making the package abso
lutely air-tight and insuring freshness
Lthc product indefinitely.
Epileptic Fits
There Is nothing more frightful In a
happy home than to have one of Its
members instantly seized with a dread
ful attack of Epilepsy or Fits.. The
many grateful letters from such homes,
after the use of Koslne, the remark
able remedy for this dread aliment.
testify to the real merit of the prepa
ration. '
It is a meritorious article and Is
sold on a guarantee plan that deserves
your confidence. The price, $1.60, will
be refunded by The Crystal Pharmacy
If not fully satisfied after Using a bot
tle. Mail orders filled by the Koslne
Co, Washington, D. C, or The Crystal
leans & Texas Pacific Railroad to
guard Its employes during the strike
which ended Saturday night are now
to be relaxed at once. Guards will be
taken off the locomotives, but the
secret service men of the road will be
kept on the alert to prevent "sniping"
at trains by the sharp shooters of the
mountainous sections in northern Ten
nessee and southern Kentucky.
Some of the employes and officials
of the mountain division are fearful
lest that news of the strike fall to
permeate the backwoods districts suf
ficiently to inform all strike sympa
thizers there of the outcome. There is
also some speculation as to whether
the men who have been shooting at
the trains can successfully resist the
temptation to try their skill further at
moving targets as the cars wind
through the mountain passes.
All water rents are due
April 1, 1911, payable at the
office of the Water Depart
ment, City Hall. A discount
of 5: will be allowed on all
bills paid on or before the
10fh of April.. All bills not
paid by May 1, 1911, are sub
ject to be shut off, and a pen
alty of $1.00 will be charged
for turning on again.
Pensacola Water Works.
Frits Peterson, white, was arrested
yesterday morning on a warrant sworn
out by Peter DeLano, charging hin
with doing business without license,
to-wlt, shipping master.
He will be given a heating at this
morning's session of city court.
The newest enterprise for the, city Is
the Alfred Moog Candy Co. This
business, which began March 1st, is
the only exclusive candy house in West
Florida and will have large territory
for operation. It will fill a long felt
want. In that jobbers and retail dealers
can secure at hand fresh goods.
The firm proposes to cater to the
local as well as out of town trade and
will have wagons regularly call upon
Pensacola dealers.
The specialty will be the "Pensacola
Brand" already seen In many local
stores. Besides this brand, the Boston
Confectionery Company's package
goods will be' a leading feature.
The management of the new concern
will be directly in the hands of Mr.
Hubert. His ability and aggressive
business methods are well-known and
it is certain that under his vigorous
and prompt management the business
will succeed.
Warning to Railroad Man.
Look out for severe and even dan
gerous kidney and bladder trouble re
sulting from years of railroading. Geo.
E. Bell, 639 Third St, Fort Wayne, Ind.,
was many years a conductor on the
Nickel Plate. He says: "Twenty years
of railroading left my kidneys, in ter
rible condition. There was a con
tinual pain across my back anad hips
and my kidneys gave me much dis
tress, and the action of my bladder
was frequent and most painful. I got
a supply of Foley Kidney Pills and the
first bottle made a wonderful improve
ment and four bottles cured me com
pletely. Since being cured I have rec
ommended Foley Kidney Pills to many
of my railroad friends."
W. A. D'Alemberte, druggist and
apothecary, 121. S. Palafox St. .
One of the largest catches of fish
brought to this port this season was
that of the new fishing schooner Al
clna, of the Saunders fleet, which ar
rived from the fishing banks yester
day morning. The schooner ,had ad
her catch 20,000 pounds of red snap
pers and 42,000 pounds of groupers.
The vessel is one of the ones pur
chased a few months ago by Captain
Welles in Massachusetts, and this is
the second large catch she has made
during the past few months. She was
out from port a comparatively short
time to bring in such an immense
quantity of fish.
When asking for letters, please say
A Adams, P. O.: Alberg, Adolf; And
erson, Blllie; Anderson. Clinton; Andrews,
Dan; And son. Werior; Arnold, H. E.
B Baggett, H. G. Barclay, Robert;
Boes. F. M. ; Bed wold. E.; Benbow, Law
rence; Benson. C. B.; Boston. J. A.;
Bowers, M. ; Boyette, Oscar; Brahen. E.
H.; Brantley, B.; Breed en. Archie: Bright.
Robt. I; Brown, Stemlsh: BrucheU,
Robt. I. (3; Burrow, John F. (2); But
ler, J. B.; Brown. Early.
C Calloway, Capt; Campbell. Aran:
Carlton, Robert; Carter. E. D.: Carter.
I . ; Carter, Alonier; Carter, Joe; Charonwl.
Muchers & Co.: Clement, Elmer W.;
Clopper. Dave; Cobb. E. San ford; Cole
man, Robert: Connors, Robert; Coney,
Will M. (3); Cowling. S. B. ; Crums, Eliz
abeth. D Dan lean. Peter; Davis. Prof. D. D.;
Dawson, W. T.; Day. Ruben; Dean, Oh as.
A.; Dent. Dalton: Dixon, J. W.; Dixon.
W. D.; Dixon. W. F.; Durham, F. E.;
Dunham. Flovd; Dulroga, Ventura.
E Edge, H. F.; Evans. B. C; Ewalt,
F Felder. Ja. H.; Floyd. C. X; Fits
gibbon, M.; Fox, Chas.; Fisheman, Win. J
Fuller. Will; Futral, J. B.
O Gainer. R. H.; Gainer. Richard;
Gainter, Iel; Garrett. Jasper C: Gary, C.
H.; Gentry, Frank (2); Gilbert, J. T.:
Oooeh, W. J.; Green. R. L.; Green, MaJ.
S. J.; Gully, Jennett.
H Hall, Frank; Hall. Mr. Mc: Ham
mon, Holland; Handrope. Wm.; Hayman,
Carl; Hennessy, Thomas: Hicks, Arthur;
Herrin, Master Jim: HUdebrarrfl, Geo.;
HInes. Tommle; Hoffman. M. & Bro.;
Holmgren, Hugo: Honseby, Rev. E. H. ;
Hoppas, J. E.; Humphreys, J. M.
..J Jackson. Jessie E.; James, Joe; Joh,
Louis; Johnson. Mr.; Johnson, B. B.;
Johnson. G. C; Johnson, Geo.; Johnson,
Jim.; Johnson, Waddle: Jones, Mr.;
Jones. Wesley; Jones. Wiley; Jones, Wm.
K Ketriem. V. E.; Kollsch. Oswald.
L Lamar. W. A.; Lemons. Eddie: Leo
pold. Kick; Levans. Irvan: Lewis, O. E.;
Light, Charlie; LJoyd, Clinton; Jjouis,
Karl: Lusk. W. T.: Lyric Theatre.
Geo.; Miller, E. P.; Mims, DuncAn: Moore,
M. Mr-Carv. R. B.: McCoy. Kneii; mc-
Crary. E. C: McDonald. Chas. D. : Mc
Donald. Sam: McDonald. H. H.; McDon
ald. Ike: Magnolia House; Malson. w. m.;
Mane. Frlder; Mashburn: Hugh; Martin.
Philip; Marx. W. F. ; Mioham, George;
Mays, Ceo.; Aimer, z.. F.i ftiims, junca.n;
Moore. S. P.: Morean. T. A.: Morris.
Howard: Martensen, George; Murrans,
M.; Murtley. Tom.
N Newell. Mr.; Nllson, peter.
O Olsen. Jens Farby; O'Rouke, John
P Parker. Leonard: Pen ton. H. A.;
Pelmont, Netson; Pierre. F. W.; Phled-
ger, J. Hinton; rotta, isen jj.; t-ryne.
Pink; Pryor, Johnie.
R Rhoe. Jack: Kicker. Louis ti.; too-
erson, J. H.: Robertson, J. S.; Robinson,
A. B. (2); Roberson, Caivtn; KoDinson.
Charlie; Robinson, James: Robison. Joe;
Rogers, Frank T.: Rollo. Pam; Rouke,
R. O.: Rudolph. Zebbiedee: Russel. Sam
uel; Russ. Charlie: Rutherford. Lottie.
S Sanders. will: sanaers. wuue
Fchebbel. V. A.; Fellers. Lee; Shelby.
Wesley; Elmo, M.; Simpklns, Geo.;
Shields, Isaac; Smith, J. Patrick; Smith,
Robt; Smith. R. R.; Smith. T. G.: Stall
worth, Sam; Stanley. Walter; ShattaU.
B. W.; Still. Mack; Stoecklnger, Geo. M;
Symptsom C.
T Tate, Dan (2); Tate. Hays; Tatus,
A. A.; Thomas, Mose; Thlverlltz, Hanag
iotls; Tolar, E.
V Vausrhan, J. T..
W Wales, Andrew; Wallace. . S. L-I
Walker, Henry (2); Walters, H. W.;
Waters, Lamar H.: Wedge, Geo. W.;
White, Henry L.: Whitley. William (2);
Wllkerson. Augustus: Williams, tsrent;
Williams, Henry; Willlamsonn Andrew;
Wyatt, Mr. A.; wiiiams, J.
..Y Young, D. A.
A Abohler. Jane; Ahlberg. Annie A.;
Allen, Mrs. Edgar; Allen, Mrs. Lula; An
drews. Mrs. A. B.: Armstead, Marian,.
B Baker, Alice; Banks, Mrs. Amanda;
Barge, Mrs. Minnie; Barker, Mrs.; Bates,
Mrs.- Joe; Beany, Elire; Bell, Mary;
Benet, Cora; Bods, Addle; Bowers, Lu
clle; Bowers, Sarah; Boyd. Mrs. Lucy;
Bradford, Mrs. Lizzie; Brimpley, Mary:
Brown, Chenny; Brown, Mrs. Elease;
Brown, Nellie; Burchell. Marguerite;
Burk, Mrs. M. E.; Burnette, Mary Eliza.
C Cameron, Cora; Caro, Pearl Eagan;
Carter. Bessie: Collins. Atlia: Clarke. Mrs.
W. C: Clarke, Mrs. Edna; Cohen, Mrs. J.
M. : Coleman. Mrs. Jane: coinns. Mrs. .
A. (2); Coney, Mrs. Ella W.; Cooper,-
Mrs. A. K. ; coward, ievoia; vjraig, sirs.
Sallle: Crockett. Mrs. Cora; Cullinone,
Mrs. W. F. (2). .
D Davis, Annie Lo: uavis, jwrs. r .
B.; Davis, Susie; Daniel. Mrs. W. T.
Davids, Stella; Davis. Annie; Davis, An
nie Lee; Demeritt. Mrs. L. A.; Dietzel,
Ramona; Dixon. Mrs. James; Dixon, Mrs.
Leonla; Dixon, Mrs. W. F.; Dixon. Mrs.
Carrie; Dobbs, Julia; Downing, Mrs. W.
E Edwards, LiUie; Eubanks, Mrs. Lu
la; Everitt, Maggie; Evans, Mary C.
F Fere-iTflon. Emma: Flinn. Helen:
Fraucha, Mrs. Winona; Frederic, Mrs. H.
Q Gainer, Lucy: Gardner, Delia; Gates,
Miss T.; George, Pearl (2); Gilbert, Mrs.
M.; Glover, Mrs. Elizabeth Green. Mrs.
Leota; Grace, Cellna; Greene, Charlotte;
Green, Georgia. . .
H Hagood, Mrs. T. R. (2); Hall. Mrs.
Louisa; Hanks, Mrs.; Hanker. Bertha;
Harper, Lillian; Harper, Mrs. Mattle:
Harris. Mrs. Sarah; Harris. Mrs. Tommle;
Harrison, Palzetta; Hawkins. Nettie;
Haworth, Mrs. Jas.; Henderson, Cora;
Hendrix. Mrs. Sadie; HIney. Fannie;
Hicks, Miss Lee: Hammond. Elsie; Hos
selton; Mrs. Ellen: Hosten, Mansle; How
ell. Mrs. Salety; Humphries, Mrs. W. D.;
Hunter, Mayme; Hurd, Mrs. Dora,
J Jackson, Mrs. Eat hell L.; Jamison,
Mrs. D. W.;. Johnson, Mrs. Lucy; Jibeon,
Mrs. Susie; Johnson, Anna; Johnson,
Nellie; Johnson, Mrs. Margaret; .Jones,
Mrs. Anna.
K King, Susie: Klrkpatrick, Lettle;
Klrsch, Mrs. W. H. ; Knappenberger, Mrs.
L Lanier, Lizzie; Laster, Mary; Fer
nadlno, Mrs. Bertha; Lairds. Clara: Stel
le,; Lawrence, Julia; Lee. Maggie; Lewis,
Betric: Lewis. Mrs. Mollle; Lipton. Mrs.
Charlie; Livingston, Mrs. Mollle; LovLs,
Lissie; Evons, Ella W.
M McCarty, Nellie; McClnre. Mrs. E.
C; Malone, Mrs. Bessie; Malone, Mrs.
Eva: Maning, Mary: Marshall. Luella (2);
Martin. Mattle; Mathew. Ellen; Ma this.
Magle; Moore. Anna: More, Mrs. B. B.;
More, Mrs. W. W.; Morris, Mrs. Martha
N Naff, Mrs. Alma; Nelson, Mrs.
Wayne: Norrls. Mrs. J. W.
..P Palmer, Mrs. E. J. (2); PaschalL
Eula L. (2); Perdue, Bertha: Peterson.
Mrs. Marie: Pierce, Emma L.; Pitman,
Elmoure; Plant, Mary; Pool, Ed. A.
. . R Ramsey. Sadie; Richardson. Eliza
beth; Richardson. Lula; Rice, Ula; Rich
burg, Janle; Roberts, Miss; Reynolds,
Fred, Mrs.: Roll. Jeso (2).
S Sale, Fannie: Sandusky. Mrs. A. H. ;
Settle. Mayme: Sims, Mrs. Anna; Smith,
Avis- Smith. Mrs. Dora; Smith. Louise T.;
SmitB. Murhollie: Southerland. Miss F.;
Ptalvt-y. Mrs. G. F.; Staples. Mrs. Allie;
Steele, Lizzie: StilL Mrs. Daisy Lee; Still,
Fannie: Suarez, Mrs. Norah: Sullivan,
Mrs. Ethel: Sutter, Leona: Swift, Mrs. E.
Nellie:S.; Soarritt. Mts. R. L.
T Taylor. Dora; Taylor. Ellar; Taylor,
As there Is often some one in your
family who suffers an" attack of Indi
gestion or some form of Stomach
trouble, why don't you keep some
Dlapepeln in the house handy?
This harmless blessing will digest
anything you can eat without the
slightest, discomfort, and overcome a
sour, gassy Stomach five minutes af
ter. Tell your pharmacist to let ,you read
the formula, plainly printed on these
50-cent cases of Pape's Diapepsin,
then you will readily see why it makes
Indigestion, Sour Stomach, Heart
burn and other distress go in five
minutes, and relieves at once such
miseries as Belching of Gas, Eructa
tions of bout, undigested, food. Nausea,
Headaches, Dizziness, Constipation
and other Stomach disorders.
Some folks have tried so long to find
relief from Indigestion and Dyspep
sia or an out-of-order stomach with
the common, every-day cures adver
tised that they have about made up
their minds that they have something
dee wrong, or believe theirs is a case
of Nervousness, Gastritis, Cataarh of
the Stomach or Cancer.
' This, no doubt, is a serious mistake.
Your real trouble is, what you eat does
not digest; Instead, it ferments and
sours, turns to acid. Gas and Stomach
poison, which putrefy in the digestive
tract and intestines, and, besides, poi
sons the breath with nauseous odors.
A hearty appetite, with thorough di
gestion, and without the slightest dis
comfort or misery of the Stomach, Is
waiting for you as soon as you decide
to try Pape's Diapepsin.
Nellie; Thomas. Atlanta: Taylor, Mrs.
Wallace; Thomas. Rhoda; Thomberg, Mrs.
Veretta; Tllman. Viola; Tickenor, Eesle
(2); Troosa, Carrie; T roost, Carrie; Tut
tle. Dolorls.
W Wakefield, Mabel (3): Walker,
Vlnla; Wallace, Mrs. E. L; Ward. Mrs.
Nellie: Washington, Mrs. J. H.; Washing
ton. Mrs. Sarah; Watson, Bessie; Watson,
Jessie Lee: Wheat, Mrs. R. L.: Whldden,
Wilmer; White, Jessie; Whitehead, Mrs.
Edna; Williams, Mrs. Clara; Williams,
Ellzer; Williams, Mrs. Nancy: Williams,
Bettle; Wlllams, Bettle L. ; Wilson. Mrs.
Emma; Wilson, Mrs. Francis C. ; Wilson,
Sarah; Wlnbisk, Jennie T.; Wlngate. Mrs.
Bute.; Wright, Mrs. Mary; Wyley, Mrs. A.
C. ; T.' W. G. A.; Zackery. Mrs. Mat.
Consult The Journal Want Columns
for "For Rent" facts it's by far the
easiest and most satisfactory way to
find Just the kind of a home or busi
ness location that you want.
.By Associated Press.
Rome, March 21.- The celebration of
the Jubilee of the Italy unity began to
day with the formal opening by King
Victor Emanuel of the International
Art Exhibition. On Wednesday an in
dustrial exhibition will be begun at
Turin, where, in 1861,' Victor Emanuel,
grandfather of the present monarcn,
assumed the title of King of Italy as
Victor Emanuel L
At midnight a gun was fired from
the Janlculum hall and the bell on the
capitol was rung. From that hour the
city was astir. Bands playing pa
triotic airs traversed ' the principal
streets, which were bright with lights
and gay flags and bunting; crowds
filled the squares shouting "Vi 4
The celebration is offensive to the
holy see and today some of the less
orderly attempted to approach the
Vatican. They were met by a strong
detachment of police and turned back.
During the morning hours King Vlct
Emanuel, Queen Helena, the duke of
Genoa, the count of Turin, the minis
try, diplomats and the members of the
parliament and the foreign commis
sioners of the art exhibition met at the
capitol, at a sitting the solemnity and
impressiveness of which waa in
marked contrast with the rollicking in
the streets.
Count dl San Martino, president of
the exhibition committee, presided,
and speeches tuned to the patriotic oc
casion were delivered by President
Manfred!, of the senate; President
Marcora, of the chamber of deputies,
and Mayor Nathan.
King Victor Emanuel replied with an
address that made a deep Impression.
The Americans present were Arab as -sador
Lei sh man, Harrison S. Morris.
United States commission to the ex
position, and X P. Morgan, president
of the foreign committee.
Tablets. Druggists refund money If
It falls to cure. E. W. GROVE'S sig
nature Is on each box. 25c.
By Associated Press.
London, March 27. The group in tha
house of commons which has persist
ently heckled the government regard
ing Ambassador Bryce's connection
with the American-Canadian reciproci
ty negotiations are now trying to in
volve the British diplomat in the Mex
ican situation. Today these members
Invited the foreign office to instru't
Mr. Bryce to urge upon President Taft
the desirability of submitting the
"Mexlca Question" to arbitration.
Secretary Grey's reply was: "I do
not know to what question you are al
luding. The relation of the United
btatet and the Mexican governments,
according to my most recent informa
tion, are quite friendly."
It's a good plan for property owners
to be represented In The Journal Want
Columns with their houses, apartments
and business locations as well, proper -y
listed so that prospective buyers or
tenants may have ample opportunity
to investigate in preparation for the
moving time that will come 'round be
fore lon
Hon. Buell Cook, of Chlpley, Is In the
city for a few days and is a guest at
the San Carlos. He Is an ex-membar
of the state seante and talks most In
terestingly of matters likely to come
before the legislature at Tallahassee
next month. He expresses the hope
that this session of the legislature will
be free from any factional strife and
be able to spend Its strength upon the
vital problems confronting it.
Some of the principal matters are
the convict lease system, redtstrictlng
of Judicial circuits, repeal of racing
laws and change of fee system. This
last, declares Mr. Cook, will be a for
ward step, in that the fee sytsem is
viscious In principle and In operation.
On the other hand, the salary basis Is
not only more business-like and eco
nomical, but is Just.
The disposition of the convicts is a
problem too hard to forecast solution
of. However, it is safe to expect that
something better than the present
sitautlon can be brought about.
Like all visitors to Pensacola, Mr.
Cook declares the San. Carlos the
equal of any hotel In the south and an
evidence of Pensaoola's enterprise.
Neutralize and remove the poisons
that cause backache, rheumatism, ner
vousness and all kidney and bladder
irregularities. They build up and re
store the natural action of these vital
W. A. D'Alemberte, druggist and
apothecary, 121 S. Palafox' St
By Associated Press.
Albany, N. Y March 27. With ths
proposed international highway from
New York to Montreal apparently in
a fair way to be carried out, friends
of the project are now advocating an
extension of the road from New York
to Jacksonville, Fla. The bill appro
priating 1,600,000 to complete New
York state's part of the highway from
New York to Montreal has passed the
senate and probably will come up for
passage in the assembly this week.
Gov. Dix has already announced his
approval of the measure.
President Taft and CoL Roosevelt
are in favor of the project.
If You Neglect the Care of the Scalp
You Should Not Expect Beau
tiful Hair.
The hair is more exposed and hence
more liable to accumulate dust and
dirt than any other portion of the
In spite of this the hah receives, as
a rule, the least attention and no real
effort is made to keep It healthy.
If the-(dandruff germ Is slowed to
work unmolested and the scalp be
comes crusted with dirt accumulations,
one may expect the hair to die and
fall out. There Is no cause for sur
prise In this phenomenon; it is natural
and happens in every instance' where
the care of the hair and scalp is over
looked. The one sure remedy which prevents
the loss of hair and permits a healthy,
luxuriant growth Is found in New
bro's Herpicide.
The dandruff germ cannot live on a
head to which Herpicide Is reguarly
applied. The germ dies. The hair
ceases to falL The terrible itching
stops almost instantly.
That Is what Newbro's Herpicide
One dollar size bottles are sold and
guaranteed by all druggists.
Send 10c Jn stamps for booklet and
sample to The Herpicide Co, Dept. Bv
Detroit, Mich.
Applications at the good barber
D'Alemberte Pharmacy, special
Bros. S
Did You See the People Calling at Hannah Bros.' Drug Store Purchasing the Quaker
Remedies? Did You Ask the Cause?
This is the cause: "While the Quak
ers believe In a liberal supply of print
er's ink and newspaper talk, this alone
does not sell Quaker Herb Extract
The unlimited confidence of those who
have tried these famous remedies, and
the confidence the people have in th
Quakers who make them, the "God
bless you!" of those who were to seek
and are now well, the unsolicited tes
timonials of many who came to the
Quakers daily to tell of the benefit de
rived these are some of the reasons
why the Quakers can now rest on their
laurels and let the public do the talk
ing. Yes, the colored sufferers have been
cured as well as the whites; their tes
timonials have not yet been published.
To publish all the testimonials from
prominent people in Pensacola who
are anxious to let their sick friends
know of the power of Quaker reme
dies would occupy the entire columns
of this paper. Letters come to the
Quakers daily from all parts of the
state making inquiries. Here are two
testimonials called from among the
many. Do you know them?
The Announcement of Jas. M. Johnson, the Present Build
ing Inspector, as a Candidate to Succeed Himself is as
Follows: v
To the White Democratic Voters of the City of Pensacola:
X hereby announce myself as a can
didate for re-election to the office of
Inspector of Buildings, subject to the
White Democratic Primary of April
11th, 1911, and respectfully solicit ths
votes of all White Democratic voters
for the following reasons.
FIRST: When I assumed charge of
the ofOoe I immediately started a re
form as to the' administration of Its
affairs and have brought about a
condition of affairs that never existed
before, by the revision of the Building
Laws, extending the fire limits, there
by requiring non-combustible roofs oi
all buildings within those limits to
protect them from flying sparks In
case of a fire and the fire a few days
ago has fully demonstrated the ne
cessity of this Section and therefore
this Section of the New Building Laws
has been clearly demonstrated, and will
bring about a reduction of insurance.'
Another section that has been clearly
vindicated and in my opinion allows
some credit to my- foresight and
Judgment, that Is the section requiring
outside fire escapes on all buildings
two stories or more high, used for the following purposes, to-wit: Places ct
amusement, assembly halls, public ol'lce buildings, hotels, associations, so cieties,
college, academy, school, manufactory, hospital or asylum. The- dis-.
astrous fire in the shirtwaist factory In New York city of March 25th, where".!
one hundred and forty-eight human lives were sacrificed for the simple rea
son of saving a few dollars. This great disaster clearly demonstrates the:,
neoessity of this section, of the Pensacola Building Laws, and also vindicates
me In the discharge of the duties of this office in that direction regardless.
of who it hit and the strict enforcement of same according to law. -
i Seeing the necessity of those life saving devices on certain buildings In
our city, I had this section Incorporated in the new law3 and since its pass
age and approval the following notices have been served, and in every case
I have met with no serious objection and ail of them will comply with the
law. The American National Bank Building, Pensacola Opera House, Blount
Building, Brent Building, San Carlos Hotel, Manhattan Hotel, Merchant
Hotel, Knights of Columbus .Hall, Hotel Vernon, Bay Hotel, and Pensacola
High School.
I merely mention these two sections because they have been clearly
vindicated by those two illustrations. M
I have served the people of Pensacola as Inspector of Buildings f or
the past two years and I have guarded the City's Interest at all times- at-l
the expense of my popularity without fear or favor. There is no. man v who.
can truthfully state that when he enters .my office he is not treated with
the utmost courtesy in all cases, whether he was rich or poor. I also defy -any
man to say that he could get anything out of my office that any one
else could not get, and in this respect they all look alike to me and were
treated with courtesy and at the same time must comply with the law. I
have been up against some of the best architects in the country and
checked up their plans .and I have never yet been charged with a single
mistake. My rejection of the Pensacola High School Plans has been the
cause of the people of Pensacola getting the best High School building In
the state of Florida.
My firm stand in reference to the County Jail Building has been the
cause of myself and the architect and contractor getting together.- Incc-n
sultation ; and thereby giving the people of Escambia County a betTfrjTi'uX&J
Ing than If I had not been firm In thiB matter. But at the same time I
was always fair and would always give the architects and ' the contractor
credit for it when they were right, In which I think both of them will bear
me out.
Another reform Inaugurated under the new Building Law, that is due
to me, is the abolition of the fee system which was obnoxious 'to me and
had the law abolishing all fees in connection with the office and granting
all permits free provided the applicant complied with the law, and in fat
I believe that I can truthfully state that I have brought this office up to a
standard that it had never reached before.
It is true that I did not intend to become a candidate this timey but-'
circumstances have brought about i state of affairs that in addition ' to 'tlw "?
strong endorsement of the business men with whom I have come in con- ;
tact during my term of office and aiso the strong urging of my friends' I
have decided to become a candidate that will not resort to mud slinging tn i
reference to any of my opponents, neither will I appeal to the sympathy :
the prejudice of the people but will run strictly on my record of the past two
years. If that record In your opinion best qualifies me for the office then I '
ask you to vote for me, but on the other hand if you think the qualifica
tions of any of the other gentlemen running, are superior to. mine, then in
my opinion it is your duty to vote for them.
But before casting your ballot remember that this is one of the most im
portant offices connected with the City Government and a mistake in the
administration of its affairs would make the office ineffective and useless.
before casting their ballots:
1st. The qualification of the man for whom you cast your ballot.""
2nd. His fairness in all matters. -
Srd. His firmness in the administration of the affairs' of thls'offlce ac
cording to law. '
- -;' i
I am willing to leave this matter in the hands of the people on the -eleventh
of April, and if re-elected I promise them the same administration
of affairs of the office that I have given them in the past two years, and in
the event of my defeat we will be as good as friends as ever, with no
hard feelings on my part.
Very respectfully,
Inspector of Buildings.
tore Rushed
Mrs. R. F. Jernigan, R. F. D. No. 2,
has been troubled for years with heart
burn, belching, bloating, sore stomach,
indigestion, headache, dizziness, short
ness of the breath, also suffering much
at times with kidney troubles, paln3
in back and limbs, weak, nervous and
run down. This lady wishes her
friends to know of the relief she has
got from only one bottle of Quaker
Herb Extract. Her husband called at
Hannah Bros. Drug . Store and pro
cured balance of treatment.
The above and many others whose
gratitude has been expressed to the
Quaker Health Teacher are the chief
reasons why you, my dear sufferers,
should lose no time procuring this
treatment and regain your health and
strength. While you are holding back
and thiriing about it, others are .being
If you think your trouble may be
caused by one of those monsters like
the one expelled by that gentleman,
Mr. Herman 1 Holland, who resides
at 326 E. Intendencla street, it will
cost you nothing to call at the drug
store and explain about it.
ill -
' v 2 i i
i ?
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J ?
: & ? v. :
; 3 s .. t j
and Jammed
Parasites and worms of different de
scriptions are being brought to Hannah
Bros, drug store by people who didn't
know they had them until they tried
- auu tuajr iinvt?
one and don't know it. What. Is iL
that is sapping your life away day af
ter day? Try Quaker und find - out,
perhaps for the first time 'In ''your life
the cause of your ailment. The power
of Quaker Herb Extract, in building- up'
the general system, has never been" ex
celled. Quaker Herb Extract $1.00 per bot-.
tie. three for $2.50. Oil of Balm, for
all pain, 25c Quaker Cough Syrup,
25a, best in the world. Quaker White
Wonder Soap, 10a, three for 25c. Th2
Quaker All-Healing Salve, 10a, thre.i
for 25a You will find the ,Quakor
Herb Remedies have ; no 'i equal f or
curing. Sealing and building, up
weak and all run-down and will ejcpi
all worms and germs from the sys-.
tern. Start today; get welL' The same
cure is hers for you as has cured huu
dreds of thousands of others. .

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