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y BT
FRANK l MAYES. President.
Yhre Months. $1.25 Weekly, year. $1.60
Hix Mnnths ... J.50 One Week ... .10
On Tear .... 5.00 One Month .. .45
Office Jorrmal BnfMlns. Corner De
Inna and Intendencla.
Entered as second-class matter at
the postoffice at Pensaeola, Florida,
under Act of Congress. March 8, 1879.
Phone: Editorial Room. 38. Busi
ness Office, 1500.
Forelm Advertising: Robert Ma
Quold. Special Representative.
New York Office: Room 903 Bruns
wick BulMlng-.
Chicago Office: Boyce Building.
Should Change
Organic Law of State.
States all over the Union are chang
ing their constitutions. New constitu
tions are the order of the day. This Is
a time of progress and enterprise.
Nowadays when a live progressive
state finds It has outgrown the consti
tution, a new one is manufactured. It
is no longer a habit to regard law as
sacred because it is old. This is true
of organic as well as enacted law.
In the vulgar parlance of the streets,
Florida has a new constitution coming
to her. The present one, nearly 30
years old, was all right, probably, in
its day, but Its day has long since
Florida is taking on new life and ac
tion as rapidly as any state in the
giant and should not be shackled by
an antiquated organic law.
The next legislature should take the
proper steps towards calling a conven
tion and this convention should be
composed of the wisest and most pro
gressive men in the state and they
should labor slowly, zealously, earnest
ly and steadily until they get a docu
ment suited to the needs of this great
and growing state.
In this constitution the cities should
be given ttie right of self-government
All the people should be given that
same right in all the word implies.
The courts should be freed from the
ancient usages of old fogyism that now
handicap their usefulness and the
needs of the schools should be guarded.
But aU these are separate stories.
Anyway we hope Florida will soon
have a new and broader constitution.
Chas. A. Dexter offers $100.00 for the
best suggestion of an appropriate, name
for the proposed new state of West
Florida. Here is a chance for some
one to make money.
Labor Begins
War on Whiskey.
There is an active movement in the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
requiring all members of that great
body to be total abstainers from liquor.
The Lackawanna Railroad Company
has recently Joined the long list of
great corporations which forbid their
employes to drink, whether n duty or
It Is one point upon which the cor
porations and the labor unions may
meet In harmony, to the mutual ad
vantage. In the close commercial competition
of today the palm of advantage goes
to the business concerns whose mana
gers and worklngmen have the clearest
brains and the steadiest hands.
The great corporations are requiring
that their men be sober, because only
In sobriety lie skill and reliability.
Is It not logical that the working
men, through their organizations,
should do as much for themselves?
It may seem somewhat incongruous
at first sight, yet it is a fact, that many
bartenders' locals have by-laws forbid
ding drinking while on duty.
Even to the most ardent defenders
of drinking there is no fact better
known and more freely acknowleged
than that the most capable and most
reliable bar-tender is the one who
"never drinks behind the bar."
It is easy to realize that a railroad
company should not permit the risk
of having its trains wrecked or Its
tchedules disarranged by a drunken
man in the engine cab.
It Is as easy to realize, if one stops
to think about It. that neither should
the It dividual take the risk of hav-
There Is more Catarrh In this section
of the country than ail other diseases tut
together, and until the last few years
was supposed to be Incurable. For a
great many years doctors pronounced It a
local disease and prescribed local reme
dies, and by constantly failing to cure
with local treatment, pronounced it In
curable. Science has proven catarrh to
be a constitutional disease and therefore
requires constitutional treatment Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co.. Toledo Ohio, la the only
constitutional cure on the market It is
taken internally in doses from 10 drops
to a teapoonful. It acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system.
They offer one hundred dollars for any
rase it fails to cure. Send for circulars
and testimonials.
Address: F. J. CHENET. A CO., To
ledo. Ohio. .
Sold bv druggists. 7oc.
Tak Hall's Family Pills for constipa
tion, (Adv.).
ins his own life wreck a or its sched
ules disarranged by booze in his own
brain. '.:'
What reduces a man's efficiency even
to sell whiskey over a. bar clearly must
reduce any ma'" mciency for his
work or business, whatever it may be.
If you do not care to squeeze some
Juice out of life you will feel lonesoiie
in Pensaeola during: the Mardl Gras.
The Senator
From Kentucky.
Kentucky, like the rest of the states
of tb vnlon, usually has two United
States senators and always one. Old
Kentucky now has one, the honorable
Mr. Bradley. There may be. another,
Senator Paynter, and there Is sure to
be more when Ollie James takes his
seat, but Just now Mr. Bradley Is In
the lime light
The senator representing the "dark
and bloody ground," who is well known
to be one of the most uncompromising
republicans in this nation, is reputed
to have said that ih conjunction with
Ollie James, be will stand shoulder to
shoulder with President Wilson and
help him to make the new administra
tion a success. He made some kind
of reservation, half mental, that on
strict party matters, he would have
to disagree with the next president
Of course he will and so will all the
rest of the republicans. Yet this
sounds funny coming from Senator
Bradley. It is said that la his youth
the senator was a democrat until lured
away by the lust for office. The story
gees that he once said that if he
thought there was a drop of republican
blood in his veins, he would open an
artery and let it leak out
However, here is the milk in the co
coanut All the republicans all the
way down to Tray, Blanco and Sweet
heart will stick to the new president
except on strict party lines. The rea
son Is quite obvious, as on all great
questions the republicans and the dem
ocrats are as far frocn rxctx other as
the poles. There is - common ground.
No twilight zone latere. The repub
lican party believe? in special privilege
and In the spoliation of the many for
the benefit of the few, while the dem
ocrats want and will bring and keep
the government closer to the people.
It Is to be feared the great senator
from Kentucky is getting to be a hu
morist In his old age.
Jacksonville girls are heeding Hetty
Green's advice not to over-dress.
Washington society belles are said to
have discarded the corset That's good
. Gov. Wilson told his Chicago . audi
tors something that they had never
Joe Bailey, having conquered the
little old state of Texas, Is looking for
other states to conquer.
"There Is a tide in the affairs of
men which, taken at the flood, leads on
to" a Greater Pensaeola.
"How will the people rule?" asks the
Atlanta Constitution, in a different
way from that which, they have been
There is a solid chunk of truth in
the published statement throughout
the state that Pensaeola is the coming
city of Florida.
Our old friends Bill Hearst and Joe
Bailey should make some sort of an
arrangement for a day off and go
chinquapin hunting.
Pensaeola Is attracting more atten
tion Just at the present than any other
Florida city, and she Is not putting on
any torchon lace ruffles, either.
Former Governor Gilchrist should
have the sympathy of every friend and
relative he has ever had. The gratu
itous advice on the misery of living
alone, which has been given him Is as
voluminous as it is volatile.
Dr. Eliot president emeritus of Har
vard, says there is no helL Before
making an assertion of that kind the
doctor should have consulted one or
more witnesses that appeared before
the money trust Investigating com
mittee. THE OPEN PORT.
Chattanooga Tradesman.
At an election held In Pensaeola,
Fla., Dec. 30, a bond Issue of $400,000
carried for the purpose of construct
ing of municipal docks and a belt line
railroad. At the same time the com
mission plan of government for the
city also passed.
Commenting on the significance of
the first project the Pensaeola Journal
We can now Invite steamship lines,
both ocean and coastwise, to come
here. We can invite industries to lo
cate here. We can invite capital to
invest here.
And with it all, we can assure the
steamship lines, the industries, the
capital all of them that they can
come here on equal terms and with
equal privileges alike.
It was a good day's work and the
Journal congratulates Pensaeola on
the outcome.
The Tradesman Joins with the Jour-
nal In congratulating the progressive
I city, particularly la the early recogni
tion of what all ports will sooner or
I later have to provide for, safeguarding
terminals. It is none too soon for
other South Atlantic and gulf ports
to follow Pensaeola.
She it seems strange that you did
not remember my face, and yet you
remembered my name. He (awkward
ly) Well, you know, you have an at
tractive sort of name. Yonkers Statesman.
Household Economy
How to Have tbe Beat Coosa
Syrup amd Save S2, by
Making It at Home.
Cough medicines, as a rule, contain a
large quantity of plain syrup. If you
take one pint of granulated sugar, add
pint of warm water and stir about
2 minutes, you have as good syrup as
money could buy.
If you will then put 2 ounces of
Pinex (50 cents' worth) in a pint bottle,
nd fill it up with the Sugar Syrup, you
will have as much cough syrup as you
could buy ready made for $2.50. It
keeps perfectly.
And you will find it the best cough,
syrup you ever used even in whooping
cough. You can; feel it take holl usu
ally stops the most severe cough in 21
hours. It is Just laxative enough, has a
good tonic effect, and taste is pleasant.
Take a teaepoonful every one, two or
three hours.
It is a splendid remedy, too, for
whooping cough, croup, hoarseness, sta
ma. chest pains, etc
Pinex is the most valuable concentra
ted compound of Norway white pine ex
tract, rich in gualacol and all the heal
ing pine elements. No other prepara
tion will work in this formula. ,
This recipe for making cough remedy
with Pinex and Sugar Syrup is now
used and prized in thousands of homes
in the United States and Canada. The
plan has often been imitated but never
A guaranty of absolute satisfaction, or
money promptly refunded, goes with this
recipe. Your druggist has Pinex, or will
pet it for tou. If not, send to The
Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne; Ind.
Seventy couples were wed In Jack
son county, Florida in December, 1912,
Why this haste? Apalachlcola Times.
Clever Sprinters.
The fine tourist trains are now run
ning, but the tourists began . coming
long before the trains did. Tampa
As a result of his .retiring from the
office of governor of Florida, the
friends of Albert Gilchrist are handing
him quite a collection of editorial bou
quets. Plant City Courier.
Too Big for the Job.
We think the people made a serious
mistake in electing Tom Marshall vice
president He ought to have an office
where he could exercise some influ
ence and demonstrate his unquestion
ed ability. Tampa Tribune.
In nearly every city and town in
Florida an editor is applicant for some
appointment under the Incoming dem
ocratic administration. Gainesville 's
an exception, however, as no news
paper man of this city is applying for
federal position. Gainesville Sun. . ,
Moonlight Sonatas, ete.
Editor Henry Watterson is located
for the winter at Naples-on-the-Gulf,
near Fort Myers. The distinguished
Kentucklan Is Invited to Franklin
county the garden sport of Florida
where life Is glad, sweet song In real
tty. Apalachlcola Times.
W. N. Sheats.
With almost perfect unanimity an
acclal mof welcome goes up from Tal-
! lahassee hearts on the return of Wm.
N. Sheats to the city and the service,
of the state. He makes a most excel
lent official In fact, his admirers all
over the state say his administration
of the office of public instruction has
never been equaled for efficiency. He
Identifies himself with every progres
sive movement, making an Ideal citi
zen. He is above all, a cultured, con
sistent Christian gentleman, who does
rot hesitate to subject himself to the
laws and the service of his Master.
Another four years of progress In the
cause of education Is assured. Talla
hassee True Democrat
"George, I made a lively discovery
this morning," said the wife, as the
Chicago Record-Herald relates.
"Eh, what is it?
"You remember that nice leather
bound account book you gave me a
year ago the" one In which I was to
keep account of every penny I spent
each day during the year?"
"Well, I found It this morning, and
what do you think? It's Just as good
as new! I never wrote a single thing
but my name In it!"
la caused by Indigestion, and that
disorder brings on headaches,
sallowness, languor, dizziness and
a general discouraged feeling.
Correct All Disorders la
the Stomach and Bowels
Its powerful, reviving and regulating
influence in the liver and digestive
organs brings an immediate im
provement You feel better. The
bowels move freely so that the
impurities that have clogged up the
digestive tract find an outlet When
the system has been thus purified
the bilious half -sick feeling disap-.
pears; the complexion improves, the"
breath becomes sweet, the mind
throws off gloomy forebodings, and
there is a fine feeling of energy and
exhilaration all through the body.
Sold by Dealer
Price. Larg Package. Si. OO
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for those wo prefer U. Price. SI 00 per
. bode. Look for the Red 2 labcL
J. B. ZETXIN & CO., Proprietors
St. Loots. Missouri
By Roy K. Moulton.
Oh, Them Wimmen.
'Twas a dark and dismal day in mer
rle England. The fog was dense, and
mud was deep and the rain It driz
zled dolefully as good Queen Eliza
beth, she of the Pains fireworks hair,
better known to her bridge partners
as Liz, started for her walk.
Now It happens that there was a
fine old sport by the name of Sir Wal
tei Raleigh, who had ben making eye
winks at Queen Liz. He was tired of
working for a living and the old
tirone .looked better to him than a
feather bed looks to a man who has
been shoeing mules all day. He tried
to get a stand-in with Liz by mak
ing a trip to America, but said trip,
while it was a good press agent stunt
for Walt didn't cop the heart and
band of Queen Liz. Oh, no. She was
an old maid for fair.
Walt kept banding around and mak
ing a noodle of himself, however, and
upon this certain rainy day, when Lis
went out for a constitutional, he was
lurking behind the telephone poles in
the immediate vicinity. Finally Queen
Liz came to a spot in tbe road where
the asphalt had been worn baldheaded
and the mud had formed. She bad
to cross.
"Here is my chance," hissed Sir
Walt between his teeth, and he ran
to the mud puddle and spread his new
cravenette over It so that she could
trip lightly and gaily across without
accumulating any English realty upon
her slippers. And she tripped across.
"That ought to knock off the per
simmon," thought Walt to himself. "If
she won't fall for a neat and nifty
piece of" chivalry like that there will
never be anything doing." -
He said: "How about It now, Liz?
Do I ge.t you?"
Did he get her?
Not on your zinc etching. That's
no way to win 'em. v What did Liz
go and do to him, after he had been
so polite? She went and let them
chop his pompadour off right close
under his chin. That's what she went
and done to him.
Oh, them wimmen.
According to Uncle Abner.
Mr. Amos Butts, olr gentlemany
end congenial undertaker, also livlery,
feed "and sales stables and folding
ebairs to rent says, by gravy, the
people of our village don't encourage
home industries at all and they don't
seem' to think that an undertaker has
got to make an honest living. There
has been only one funeral in three
years and that feller was shipped In
fiom out of town. Amos says he can't
see what the old people of this town
are waltln fer. He says there ain't a
cent for him In a centenarian.
Every feller ought to have an aim
In life. Then maybe he can get a
Job shooting glass balls in come wild
west show.
Hank Tumms always buys domestic
cigars ..when he wants to smoke at
home. .
Hod Purdy always carries his lunch
to work with him, but he eats It be
fore he starts so as to save time at
Old Lafe Tubbs says when he was
In the army he was where the bul
lets was thickest but Abe Renfrew
says that It is a durn lie for the bul
lets was all the same thickness and
he knows It
Lam Higgins says he always stops
smokln' durln political campaigns and
he knows he has added at least twenty
years to his life by so doing.
The old philosopher who said there
was nothing impossible In this world
never tried to get a real poem pub
lished In a fifteen-cent magazine.
It is natural for a fc-ller to worry
If he Is going to be hanged, but it
doesn't do no partickler good, at that.
If every woman spent as much time
thtnkin' about marriage before the
ceremony as she does afterwards, there
would be fewer divorces in this coun
A Conversationalist.
A stranger came to me.
He was a pleasant man.
He had, for sale, Insurance
On the endownment plan.
He started conversation
And started with a vim;
I never heard a fellow who
Could hold a torch to him.
He argued all the morning
And didn't get the hunch
When I got up and left him
And went out to my lunch.
When I got back I found him
Still talking "twenty-pay"
I do not think he realized
That I had been away.
I kept right at my business
'Till dewy eventide,
But he did not desert me;
He sat right by my side.
I left him there still talking
When I turned out the light
And started home to dinner.
I guess he talked all night
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with terrific force at the far
north and play havoc with the skin,
causing red, rough or sore chapped
hands and Hps, that need Bucklen's
Arnica Salve to heal them. It makes
the skin soft u.1 smooth. Unrivaled
for cold-sores, also burns, bolls, sores,
ulcers, cuts, bruises and piles. Only
25 cents at W. A. DAlemberte's.
"Try as we may," said the man with
the irridescent whiskers to the Chicago
Post "e cannot produce runners who
can equal the records made by those
of foreign countries. Why, here's an
account of a man who made a thous
and meters In f
"Made what?"
"Made a thousand meters. You know
over there measure a. race by meters,
while here
Til back my gas meter against all
the whole foreign sporting fraternity.
Only reran tly we read of an aria tor who aaid ha
fell because hi heed ached. He wasn't himself.
In the tense moment of dancer his faculties failed
'", Don't hare headache it bars (access.
cures headache fets at the cause, whether heat,
eold. gripp or nerronness. Liquid, pleasant to take.
auickij effective. lOe, 2jc ana we at a rug tores.
Nothing Like ZEMO
for Pimples Never !
Surprise Yourself by Buying a 25c
Did you ever see such a difference?
ZEMO Is certainly a marvel. This is
what you will say after your first trial
of the new remedy, ZEMO.
ZEMO Is a clear Mould: von lust rub
It on the skin; It sinks right In. All
Itching stops; it is garanteed to do It.
and does It. After a few applications,
every pimple, every blotch, all eczema
sores, eczema pain, blackheads, prickly
heat and rash simply vanish. Prove it
conclusively at a cost of only a few cents.
You never saw anything in vour life
act like ZEMO on Inflamed or reddened
skin, sores, cuts, bruises, or dandruff.
ZEMO Is sold at drug stores In 25
cent and Jl bottles, or sent direct, on
receipt of price, by E. W. Rose Medi
cine Co., St. Louis, Mo. The $1 bottle
contains six times as much as the 26
cent bottle.
Sold and guaranted In Pensaeola by the
V. F. Balkcom Drug Co. (Adv.)
1001 FOR A
Editor Pensaeola Journal.
Referring to the letter of the board
of directors of the Pensaeola Coramer
clal Association In The Journal of to
day. It would seem that the worry of
the association and others over the
selection of a competent engineer by
the board of trustees for designing the
municipal docks and belt line Is a little
premature and unnecessary.
The board of ? bond trustees, being
business men, undoubtedly have no
Idea of rushing blindly Into the con
struction of a dock without the detail
plans of a competent engineer, although
their letter, to the mayor and council
might suggest that Idea. The object
of the letter would seem to be to dis
courage the promiscuous advice and
annoyance of the professional advisers
always so plentiful around a public
movement, whether it be the moving
of a balky mule, the launching of a
ship or the building of a belt line.
This free advice usually comes from
the men who never contribute a cent
or push a pound, or from some organ
ization of citizens which takes itself
too seriously.
It is natural that the commercial as
sociation should feel the greatest in
terest in the bond issue, for It Is about
the first of the association's many
dreams that has materialized. The as
sociation Is the pilot that brought the
bond-laden bark into port the elec
tion is the anchor that holds It here.
The pilot should now put out and bring
In another of the many treasure-laden
craft it assures us are In the offing,
and leave the one now safe at anchor
In charge of Its regular officers.
The fleet referred to la no phantom
flotilla; It has been off the harbor for
several years waiting for the fog and
fogyism to lift. Several well known
business men in Pensaeola can remem
ber being shown maps and charts made
by the writer over four years asro, giv
ing the logical location of such docks,
the course of the belt line and four
new lines of railroad. Two of these
lines as drawn are now under way,
another nearly so, and the other as
sure to come as are the dock and belt
line, and "still there's more to follow."
If we want the people and the traffic
to come to us, let us give them some
thing to come to they'll come! We
now have hotel accommodations of the
best character and the people are
coming. Because we are to have pub
lic docks, the boat lines are coming,
and the railroads are coming and when
we have the belt line insuring reason
able switching charges, the manufac
turers will come and they will be on
the belt line. Given cheaper fuel hun
dreds If not thousands more will come.
We need not offer free taxes, free fac
tory sites and free lunches we do not
want the free lunch kind.
Now let us have the short canal to
the west connecting us direct by inland
water" iy to the coal fields, and get
cheap- - fuel to feed the boilers of the
facto-' s and the boat lines and for
the presides of our own and of our
new neighbors. When that Is done, let
us have the Inland waterway to the
east, where, with a hundred other
blessings such a great project would
bring, we may procure lime and phos
phatlc rock to further feed our lands
and grow the crops to feed our in
creased population.
This "new blood" will circulate
throughout the arteries of commerce
to our adjoining counties, giving new
life and growth to all of West Florida
and contiguous territory; and then,
when we have created a new, live
country, let us draw a line around it
make It a new state and call it what?
The writer will give one hundred
dollars ($100.00) to any man, woman
or child suggesting the most appro
priate name for the new state. The
detail of the award- being left to a
committee of three composed of Frank
L. Mayes, N. J. Lillard and the third
to be selected by them. Without their
previous knowledge or consent I take
the liberty of requesting them to act,
ae they are well known friends of West
Florida and have always given liberally
of their time, money and influence to
very public cause In this territory.
What shall be the name of the most
beautiful'and resourceful state in the
'- Please hold your answers and watch
the paper until the committee makes
its announcement.
Yours for progress,
Dexland, Fla.
Gonzalez P. O., Jan. IL 1913.
New York, Jan. 13. All grades of
refined sugar were reduced 5 cents a
Jjwadxd pounds today.
Editor Pensaeola Journal:
I note from their last letter, that
the board of bond trustees will seen
expert advice in planning for the dock
and belt railway. I hope that they will
go further, and appoint a board of
wide experience and expert technical
knowledge to recommend a compre
hensive terminal plan for the city.
Our Idea was not that this board
should superintend the construction
work, but plan wisely and comprehen
sively for the present and future needs
of the city. To secure army engineers
Is an excellent Idea, but I think it
might be well to have one civilian.
I don't know where the board got
the Idea that the "Commercial Asso
ciation officials" are in favor of a "day
labor and percentage basis" plan for
this work. There is no mention of any
such thing in our recommendation. If
they are referring to the proposal
made by Mr. Harp several months
ago, we did not endorse that nor have
we any Interest whatever in getting
any appointment or contract for any
particular individual, directly or indi
rectly, In connection with this work.
Our original recommendation spe
cifically offered the correspondence re
lating to this matter to the board of
bond trustees for their information,
and we shall be glad to have them ex
amine it at any time, and to furnish
them copies of any portion of it they
may desire.
Very truly yours,
Confetti wholesale. See
Geo. Apostle, 206 S. Palafox.
Gonzalez, Jan. 13. Just a tribute of
respect to the memory of Mr. J. S.
Watson, of Gonzalez, who died after a
short but painful Illness at Dexland
while working for Mr. C. A. Dexter,
Thursday, Jan. 2, In the- sixty-fiftli
year of his age.
Mr. Watson moved from Alabama to
Milton, then to his present home where
he has lived for several years, honored
and respected by all who knew him.
Yes, another hero In real life has
teen called to his silent home, a family
made desolate by his loss that to them
can never be replaced; a true husband,
a devoted and loving father, a faithful
friend, a good and kind neighbor; no
higher eulogy can be pronounced on
any one.
How his little children will miss his
tender care, older ones his aid and kind
advice. The central sun of their house
hold has set forever.
A member of the Methodist church,
a faithful Sunday school attendant, and
really hl3 life was one of true Chris
tianity, charity and love. I know that
no words can express our feelings of
sympathy for his bereaved family, but
we know In the beautiful land to which
their loved one has gone he is free
from the trouble and pain he endured
here and when gathered at the river is
It not sweet to think that among the
loved and lost he will meet them on
the other shore?
But not for him shall fondest love de
plore, Whose patient race of wearing life
has run;
But faith looks upward to a heavenly
And views his crown of triumph
nobly won.
."W': rii
Pensaeola, St. Andrews and
Gulf Steamship Co.
W. a BARROW. Master.
And All Points on St. Andrews Bay, Car
rabetle and Asalschleots.
Leaves Pensaeola, Sunday tiiO p. m,
for Mloblle, Ala,
Leave Mobile. Monday 7:30 r. m.
Leaves Pensaeola, Tuesday 7:30 p. m.,
for St. Andrews, Mlllvllle, Apalachlcola
Carrabelle and Intermediate Points.
For additional Information apply to
General Freia!t and Passenger Agent,
PenucolAi Fla. Phone
i A . Takes A
yonly half as
I much for a chew
I and ives double l
i the pleasure I
Ask your dealer
" Til iiiTiril-- -'' '"-" " "
Shoe Polishes
fJttuui-itf-Tf-t 3
positively containt Oil. Blacks and Poliehe ldif
m r h i ill nr ' Krtnla and ahnam I i.l . . l
bin9. KESCV0SS;-1 "
si -coruomauon rorcleaiUne; and polishing a'J
ktndaofruasetorUn shoes, 10c "BAND" sir. S So.
YlUlfl WfTTTF fin llnnU fnrm k i . ...
ly eicaat and whitens dirty cxavas shoes. 10c &i!c
dad i tun commnaiion lor gentlemen who
take pride 1 n havin g their shoes I ook A 1. Restores
color and lnstre toall black shoes. Polish wttha
brush or cloth, 10 cents. TLITE" size, i5 cents.
If roar dealer doea not keep the kind yea want. Mad at
tapwuiiiaiuriBiincv paCKAgc, COTgfl Paid
20-26 Albany Streai, Cambridge; Mesa.
The Oldest and Largest Manufacturers of
Shoe Polishes in the World.
The Home of the
Reynald's Music House.
119 S. Palafox 8L, Pensaeola, Fla.
Hoomes Furniture Co.
26-28 East Garden Street.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law. Practical
In all the courts, state and federal. Of
fices, 400-401 Thlesen Building, Pensaeola,
Shoe repair shop.. Ladies' and Men's
SHoes neatly repaired while you wait.
Quick delivery. Goods called for and
delivered. 41 South Palafox street.
Phono 778,
75c, $1.00 and $1.50
Southeast Corner Garden ana
Bayten Streets.
"Ask the Traveling Mm."
17-19 West Government St. Phone 181.
T. a YATES, M. D.
410 Blount BIIdlno
Twrenly years' experience as an Eyw
Csrsciailst. Examination tree.
810 Blount Building.
Office Phone 86. Residence Phone 41
Funeral Directors
And Licensed Embalmers
Phone 39,
W. B. Ferrlss.
L. A. Bell.
Pensaeola Mfg. Co.
Get our prices on Cabinet work and
boat repairing.
Alcanlz and Main. Phone 637.
Lewis' Anti-Malaria
Why Not the Best? Buy
Dry Oak and Pine and
you have it.
If it's ICE We have it,
Reliable service every day.
Phones 59. 259. PPO.
Every Medietas Ad?er2j- t
td m rai paper For salj
Read The Journal's Want
Ads and Profit thereby.

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