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(Continued from Page Nine.)
the Masonic Lodge at Freeport last
Saturday night.
: Rev. Toxworth filled Ms regular ap
pointment her last Sunday night.
y CenturTt March 1. One of the most
enjoyable dances of the season was
given at the Century club, on " last
Vrlday evening. Barrios" orchestra, ol
I'ensacola, furnished the music. Sup
per was served from 11 to 12 o'clock,
adn punch was served in the dancing
ball during the entire evening. Many
jruests from Brewton, Atmore and Mo
bile enjoyed the dance, among whom
were Miss Punster, of Mobile, Mr. and
Mrs. Booth, with their charming
daughter, Miss Booth, of Brewton,
Miss Jones, of Atmore, Messrs. Wright
and Williams, of Evergreen, Ala., and
L. H. Simpson, of Detroit.
: Mr. Oscar Jeters, who has been in
the hospital for the past two weeks,
Is rapidly improving.
Miss Willbel MicDonald is spend
ing the week-end with relatives in De
Funiak, and enjoying the Chautauqua,
Miss Ethel Jones of Atmore, Ala.,
visited her brother, Mr. J. H. Jones,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ptomly will move
Into their new cottage on Main street
first of next week.
Mr. TV. E. Davis, Sr., spent Satur
day and Sunday with homefolks.
iMr. E. "WV. Hauss, . Col. Mann, Mr.
Miller and Mr. Panney made a busi
ness trip to Foshee Tuesday.
Mr. Jack Winkley was renewing old
acquaintances in . Century the past
week. .
Mrs. A. TV. Ramsey entertained at
cards Wednesday afternoon.
On Saturday evening Miss Irene
Glover entertained at car-as in honor
of her guests, Miss Dunster, of Mobile.
. . Mrs. E. W. Berwick and Mrs. Walter
McDavid spent Monday in Flomaton.
The hospital is being remodeled and
fitted with' all the modern conven
iences. Mr. Jake Baker made a business trip
to Konuttoa Wednesday evening.
Work has begun on the erection of
. the beautiful new home of Mr.' and
Mrs. Jack Blanton.
Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes, with their
charming daughter. Miss Fay, of Mil
ton, have moved to Century.
Mrs. William Dunklin is the guest
of Mrs. Robert Gamble. '
Miss Irene McCanley, who has been
visiting her brother, Mr. Earnest Mc
Canley, returned to Mobile, Sunday.
Mr. McCreary filled his regular ap
pointment at the Baptist church Sun
day. The many friends of Mrs. Carpenter
are pleased to learn that she will soon
' return to Century, after having spent
th winter In Mississippi, the guest of
her brother.
Mr. Flag left Tuesday for Gulfport,
Mr. R, E. Sheppard resigned his po
sition as stenographer in the office and
has gone to Mobile. 1
Mr. I S. Brown, of Atlanta, spent
reveral days with his family at their
country home last week.
Mr. Oscar Smith spent Saturday and
Sunday in New Orleans.
T,ockhart, Ala., March 1. Friday
evening the Woodman's hall was the
scene of another very enjoyable dance
given by the club- About fifty couples
were present, and society from Florala
was well represented. There were sev
eral out-of-town guests and the
evening was extremely enjoyable.
C. R. Warner leaves Monday for
Montgomery, where ,he will spend his
vacation.' ,
R. W. Matthews returned this week
from Georgia, where he has been vis
iting friends.
W.5. Harlan left this week for a
business trip to the north,
A. C. Johnson left this week for
Washington to attend the Inaugura
tion. The Ladies Aid held Its regular bi
monthly meeting at the church on
Monday evening. Much business was
discussed, then delicious sandwiches
and cocoa were served by Mrs. II. G.
White and Mrs. J. B. Slnquefield.
Miss Mary Butt, the efficient milli-
AprENDicms; gallstones m
On Doss off Rlayr's Wonderful
Stomach Rontody Will Bring
, Quick Reflof and Convlnco
- You off Curo.
If yen suffer with Stomach. Liver and Intoti-
nal Ailment. Gastritis. Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
lreaure of Gas around the Heart, Soar Stomach.
!. xr ..h. c.w,n. rvt;Hnn rvin.
Diva AtwiwvOTt stiMwmt r"
fested and Torpid Liver. Yellow JaundiceAppen- Mobile Tuesday after visiting her par
ieitis. and Gaii Stones, obtain a bottle of this ents here for some time.
.vers uiuj will pononj Fnnw - - - i
to core. Over one hundred thousand sufferers '
nave taken it; some had undergone aangeroua hi
surgical operations with but temporary relief, who (i
state that Mayra Wonderful Stomach
KsMdy completely eared them. It Is the most
widelr known arwl n- -A mil Stom
ach. Liver end intestinal ailments. Destin, March 1. A Jolly party re-
Ask for interesting literature and eonTincfnsc paired to the "Woodward Home" Fri
teetimomals regarding this remarkable Rroedy. d nirht last, and had Tmiio and
Gteuatnaltoday. Yoa will b convince of nignt last, ana naa music ana
Its great curative power no matter how skeptical dancing until a late hour.
yoa rnr now Prepared by Geo. H. AUyr. Aquilla Marler came back from
if. Che. 154-156 Wiutte, st Chicago. I Boggy Saturday.
For Mie In Pensacola by The Crystal) Mr Chas. Marler seems tn ho im
Pharmacy. Brent Building V F. Balkcom 1 , ,as" Mar,er- seems to be im
Prug Company. 17 S. Paiafoi street, and i Proving fast since his removal from
druggists everywhere. (town. Ha and his charming wife are
Refuse to Treat Anyone Who
Has Acute Troubles.
Chief Physician of th German. Amer
ican Doctors Discusses His Work ,
For Public Good.
These are busy days at the offices of
the German-American Doctors, In the
Thiesen building. Every patient is
carefully examined by the Chief Phy-
siclan, and only after that examina-1
tion is she patient told as to the cur-1
abllitv of the tronbift for whih T-ii.f!
is sought.
In a short talk this morning, with
the writer, the Doctor said: "People
often come to me with the simplest
little ailments, saying they are sure !
they will die from them-, that they!
have tried every patent and proprie- i
tary remedy they see advertised, andi
without any benefit; on examination,!
It is often ; found that there is abso- j
lutely no, trouble of a serious . nature, '
and that by means of proper diet,
proper clothing, and regulation of
baths, the patient becomes at once
- Again, people will 6all with a very
serious trouble; one which will require
the experience and skill of a man
trained along the lines I have so often
spoken about; and yet this patient will
say, "Oh. my trouble don't amount to
much. Doctor; I am Bure it could be
easily cured if I just had the right
remedy.' There's the rub. 'If I could
only get the right remedy.' If a sick
person could always get the right
remedy and the right doctor, their
troubles would soon be cured.
"It Is getting the right remedy that
has been my work for years and years.
Not only my work, but the work of
every physician in all the German
American Institutes in this country."
Get your doctor to read a few articles
out of his medical journal to you; look
over his equipment; see his micro
scope, examine his test cases, see his
apparatus for taking blood pressure,
and you will get some idea of a doc
tor's work. Then ask him how many
different' diseases he treats; you will
be astonished to learn that he must
have at his finger's end a working
knowledge of over twelve hundred dif
ferent diseases. Yet, he sometimes
don't and can't cure you. Why? Tot
much to do. Too many diseases to
"As Chief Physician of this Insti
tute I treat fewer diseases than you
have fingers and toes; and as I get
older, I am cutting these down. I
don't know It all, by a long ways, but
I am thorough in what I undertake;
I tell a patient his exact condition; I
tell him whether he can be cured, re-,
lieved ,or not cured by 'my treatment; j
I take no cases that I cannot benefit, i
for I don't want that kind of money,
and my associates don't want it. Our
manager would discharge me tomor
row if he found me doing that; be
sides, it is not right, it is not honest,
it is not square between man and man,
and, again, the Institute I work for
don't need the money that bad."
With a smllex the big, genial old
gentleman went back to his work for
the offices were filled with waiting
patients, some even standing in the
hall awaiting their turns to see this
man. (Adv.)
ner for the store, has returned from
New Orleans, where she purchased her
spring stock.
Mrs. F. C. Hundley spent Saturday
in Andalusia, the guestof her sister,
Mrs. R. W. Jones.
E. R. Markle, of Birmingham, was
in town , Friday. "
Oren Coughenour's friends will be
interested to know that he has bought
the Princess theatre in Florala, and Is
giving additional features every week
as well as the moving pictures.
A dancing class was organized last
Wednesday for the benefit of the
many young people here who cannot
dance, and Is to meet weekly at the
Woodman's hall.
Mrs. A., B- Salts and children, who
have been living in Bristol, Tenn., are
now in Lockhart, and are moving into
the handsome residence built for them
on Seminole aveune.
J. G. Carpenter, traveling salesman
for the lumber company. Is here this
Bluff Springs, March 1. Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. McLane, who have been
visiting relatives here for several days
returned to their home in Pensacola
Miss Merdella
Parker returned to
with his family In Pensacola.
Mrs. Henry Gray, is the guest ol
relatives in Pensacola this week.
Miss Jessie Lee, of Pensacola, spent
Monday evening here with his father
Mrs. Jeff Grant has returned to her
home at Bagdad after spending sever
al months here with her sister Mrs.
Will Douglas.
The many friends of Mrs. R. E. FU-
1 lingim will regret to know of her se
vere illness at her home here, and
wish ror ner a speedy recovery.
lira TViTie-lsaa mnA Vi I ty4 -
i - u. ... .w.o.wvv .'.av Trim .i
visiting her sister. Mrs. Jeff Grant, at
pleasantly located with his 1 mother,
Mrs. L Marler.
Miss Mary Woodward is the guest
of her cousin, Miss E. Destin this
this week.
Mr. -L. Woodward carried a party of
pleasure seekers out to the snapper
banks Monday. Mr. Guy Shipley was
among the party. They landed a
"huge" Warsaw which seemed to de
light the northern people very much.
They carried the large fish back to
the "Hotel Cedars" to show what
sport they had on their trip to the
snapper banks. Many other fish were
Messrs. Lott and Allen were over
from Boggy last week.
Mr. ""Ilton Marler has been repair
ing his home.
Mr. Gee Marler has been in Boggy
or a week. He went over to have
"Hazel," pulled up for painting as
spring fishing will soon be here,
Mr. Wm. Marler is having the
"freight wharf6 rebuilt,
There is to be a party at Mr. S. T.
; Marlers tonight a nice time is anticl
DeFuniak, March 1. Hal Richardson
has Just been elected captain of com
pany K.
Miss Oliver, from South Carolina, is
visiting Miss Mary Richardson, oh
Live Oak avenue.
Misses Eliza and Ossie Berry were
visiting in Pensacola the past week. ;
Friday afternoon Mrs. Bachelor en
tertained the Ladies' Domino club.
, The civic department of the U. C. T.
N. has several new members. At ' a
called meeting Monday at the home of
Mrs. Manning it was decided to have
; weekly receptions for visitors. Next
Wednesday the reception will be held
at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Bruce,
on Wright's avenue and Wednesday
week Mrs. W. W. Flournoy invites the
ladles to her home. The fourth re
ception will be with Mrs. R. E. L. Mc
Caskill and the fifth at the Chautau
qua hotel.
The Chautauqua assembly for 1913
opened Wednesday, February 26rh De
spite the inclement weather- the spa
cious auditorium was full. The pro
gram as detailed in pamphlet was fully
carried out. The citizens are eagrely
interested in the Chautauqua. We feel
that we have for this year a pro
gram to be proud of and every exercise
isfull of Interest and entertainment.
One of the pleasantest features Wed
nesday night was the address given byj
Hon. Wallace Bruce. Last year Mr. j
Bruce was In such feeble health, he j
could not stand torsive the welcome
address. But this time, to the delight
of all present, the venerable gentleman
delivered the whole of his speech
standing, thereby giving evidence of
regained strength.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cochrane of. Jack
sonville, are spending a short time
with their father, Mr. Cochrane, Sr.,
on Ninth street.
Mr. J. C. Walden, Sr.. has repainted
and otherwise improved the home he
recently - purchased , on Baldwin
Mossy Head, March 1. Mr. W. W.
Sanders, near Panama City was a
pleasant visitor, here Wednesday.
Mr. S. Ginsberd made a business
trip to' Pensacola this week.
- Mr. C. M. Williams who moved
from Vernon, Fla., some time ago. He
Is cutting the right of way for the
national- highway.
Mr. Nobles, general contractor, -was
in our city last Monday and stated to
your correspondent that he would put
a grading crew here in the near fu
ture. Rev. D. A. Sellars pastor of the M.
E. church will fill his regular appoint
ment here Sunday.
Mr. C. D. Mugs has just completed
his new house and moved to Mossy
Mrs. W. H. Brooks Is visiting in
Crestview this week.
Mrs. Jennie Whitehead returned
from a pleasant visit to DeFuniak
W. B. Williams, of Vernon, paid his
brother, C. M. Williams, a pleasant
visit first of the week. "
Mr. E. T. Hartan. of Mobile, Ala.,
visited M. E. Johnson last Tuesday.
Marianna, March 1. H. B. Gaskin
and son, John, of Blountstown, were
in the city Thursday.
Carlos and Roy Gaskln passed
through the city Friday, en route from
Blountsctown to DeFuniak.
A. L. Gilmer, who has been here
some weeks, left Tuesday for his home
in Appleton City, Mo.
Mrs. W. V. Mayfield, accompanied
by Mrs. M. S. Manetly, of Bonifay,
were the guests of W. V. Mayfield Fri
Dr. Lewis, of Pensacola, spent Sun
day with his daughter, Mrs. Dr. Pierce,
and was also mingling with his old
W. C. Alford, wife and three chil
dren, of Compass Lake, were In the
city Saturday, guests at the Chipola.
6. F. Brackney, representing the
popular Pensacola Journal, has been
mingling with our citizens several
Marvin V. Brock, one of the bright
young business men of Blountstown.
visited his sister in our, city Fridav
R. H. Folmer, O. E. Williams and
W. W. Edens, Dothan, are stopping
at the Chipola while transacting bus
iness here. '
John Farrior, of Clayton. Ala, was
renewing friendships here this week,
while visiting his brother, J. D. Far
rior. L P. McQuagge and T. McKinne,
turpentine operators of Cana, were
transacting business here Saturday.
C L. Blakly. of Lynn Haven, was in
the city Thursday.
J. S. Calloway. Newton, Ala, regis
tered at the Chipola Tuesday.
D. W. McLeod enjoyed his attend-,
anes os the Presbyterial Laymen's'
How to Escape the
March Is the critical month of the
whole year. It is the month of ill
health and blizzards. February has
passel with its epidemics of grip and
holocausts of colds, which have sown
the seeds of disease and derangements
broadcast March is a month of un
toward weather, but it is the month
that reaps the consequences of Febru
ary derangements. If one succeeds in
getting through with the- month of
March even tolerably well, the rest of
the year will be comparatively easy.
Every household oug-ht to be pro
vided with Peruna. If you have had
grip during the winter and have not
recovered your- former health and
meeting, at Memphis, so much that he
expects to go to the next meeting,
whether selected to represent this
church or not.
Sheriff McKeown was up from
Blountstown Saturday.
J. C. Boone was over from Sneads
Thos. Cain, of Crestview, was here
Dr. W. R. Snead made a short trip to
Wewahitchka Friday.
A. C. Tnomas came over from Cot
tcndale Friday on business.
J. J. Pope ran in to spend Sunday
wita nomefolks.
J. W. Evans, a citizen of Stan, was
a visitor Saturday.
J. T. Gilbert spent Sunday at Idle-
M. G. Rowe was a visitor from
Blountstown Tuesday.
Dr. Burkett was over from Green
wood Tuesday.
-Wm. McMullen, of Panama City,
was oere Tuesday.
John Britt was over from Chipley
Miss I. Rooks, of Blountstown, was
a guest of the, Chipola Friday.
James- Farrior, of Fountain, visited
J. D. Frfrrlor this week.
A. A. Hale, of Panama City, was
in the city Friday.
J. L. Boynton, Jr., of Dade City,
"was - iff" oiir elfy' Monday.'
G. C. Shuler was a visitor from
Erlstol Friday;
R. A. WMllis, Jr., of Carrabelle, was
here Monday.
S. L. Hutchinson, Elba, Ala., was in
the city Friday.
B. F. Butts of Frink, was a visitor
here Saturday.
R. J. Rollins, of Aycock, was in the
city Tuesday.
Jas. A. Dezell, of Greensboro, was
here Sunday.
W. L. Whitfield, of Early, .was a
visitor to the city Friday.
Judge H. V. McClellan ran up from
Blountstown Friday.
A. J. Cobb, hailing from Cottondale,
was here last Thursday.
A: A. Holmes, of Panama City, was
a visitor here Monday.
Atty. J. M. Calhoun was in Chipley
B. L. Daniel, of Compass Lake, was
in the city Monday.
James Russell, of Betts. made a bus
iness visit here Saturday.
N. B. Daniel was over Monday from
Compass Lake.
J. M. Taylor drove up from Altha
T. R- Hodges, of Tallahassee, was a
visitor Monday.
J. I. Hentz, a popular merchant of
Blountstown, was here Friday.
A. Bauer, of River Junction, was
a visitor to the city Mpn-Jay.
H. F. Bostick was over from Quincy
E. R. Blow was a visitor from Grace
ville Thursday.
Judge W. E. Williams left Friday
for Georgiana, returnins Monday with
wife and children.
The regular meeting of the Orpheus
club was held at the home of Mrs.
George Farley on Wednesday after
noon. Miss Lucie Philips, after a delightful
trine .' " v-t:y. J'.-:;-
f I
i.iiit.il timai. n . . Vr- -Jto&UXj -- Uju.
Help Your Hens
to make a bi egg reeerd. HeTT leying pats
s steady strata on the digestive and egg-prs
duciag organs. These are gently stimulated
and strengthened by the tonic action ef
prgS Poultry Regulator
r v ti
It improves fcealth
25c. 50c. $1; Z5-U. rmO. SZu
"Tour money back ifit fails'
Pratt Powdered Lice Killer
helps too! 25e and BOe
l0-paoe poultry book FREE
Get Pratta Profit-sharing Bookie
1 F. S. Meltert a
Hoyt Bros. & Co.. John Thompson, J. E.
r Csos)
NSiw strSThr Suoeeasfcil European Remedy for stllOv O
Successful European Remedy for all
Bond andjlnfesilnsl Diseases
SuccmttfuIIy Treat anj Permatntly Cur
E. FOC6ESA & CO- Imu. (Arjcntjs U.
of March
j strength you surely need Peruna.
Peruna restores the appetite. Peruna
1 increases the digestive powers. Pe
runa regulates the bowels. Peruna
strengthens the nerve centers. Peruna
j does, all these things, and without any
' untoward results. No family should
I allow themselves to be without Pe
runa during the month of March.
The symptoms of grip are: First,
begins with a cold not due to expo
sure. Second, a number of people
attacked at same time. Third, con
fined chiefly to bead and retplratory
organs. Fourth, accompanied by high
f fever for several days. Fifth, serious
after effects. Convalescence slow.
The experiences of the people that
Peruna is a remedy for grip have
been uniformly good. Very few if any
have been disappointed in Peruna as
a grip remedy.
Mr. C. O. Peterson, of No. 3327 N
Hamilton Ave., Chicago, Illinois,' had
a severe attack of the grip, which left
him very weak. He was in a condi
tion that he was unable to do any
work. He began to take Peruna and
in - two weeks was strong and well.
The consequence is he always keeps
Peruna in his home.
Mr. George E. Pratt, No. 218 19th
St., Moline, Illinois, writes concerning
his wife: She had the grip. After
vsing two bottles of Peruna she was
greatly relieved. So much so that '
she continued the treatment for a ;
short time, when she was thoroughly
visit of several weeks to her hsisters,
Mrs. Joseph W. Russ and Miss Mar
garet Philips, will leave for her home
in xuskegee, Ala, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Breneman, of
Cincinnati, are expected to arrive
about the first of March and will
spend a month in their pretty winter
cottage on Main street.
Mrs. Robert -E. Lee and mother, of
Virginia, who have been pleasantly lo
cated . in ' the home of Mrs. Maggie
Smith for several weeks, left Tuesday
morning for Quincy.
Mr. Ben Liddon returned from a
business trip to New Orleans Sat
Dr. and Mrs. Wilmer Box, of Grace
ville, were pleasant visiters to the city
one day last week.
Mrs. G. B. Long, of Cincinnati, ac
companied by Miss Ernestine Long, of
Gretnwood, were shopping in the city
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. B. Smith and
children spent Sunday in Greenwood,
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Smith.
Mrs. Ed Aycock was shopping In
the city Saturday.
Prominent ladies of the different
churches have organized a woman's
temperance union.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Conely left Wed
nesday ror Montgomery, to be gone
for several weeks.
Mrs. Edward Clay Lewis was the
cordial hostess of the domino club on
Thursday afternoon at her home on
Green street. Several hours were
pleasantly spent at this fascinating
game, after which a delicious salad
course with hot tea was served.
Mrs. C. E. Liddon, of New Orleans,
La, is the attractive guest of Mrs.
Virginia Liddon in East Marianna.
Mrs. Emma King And daughter. Miss
Florence, spent several dass in Camp-
bellton this week, the guests of rela
tives. - Mrs. C. E. Thompson, and Miss
Kate Kilpatrick, of Trout, La, spent
st-veral days in the city last week.
While here Mrs. Thompson was the
guest of Mrs. E. G. Kilpatrick.
Mrs. John Burton is visiting in Pan
ama City this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J- Blackshear, of
Dublin, Ga, announce the engagement
of their daughter, Marguerite, to Mr.
James Abner Dickens, of Houston, Va,
the wedding to take place April 17.
One of the pretty parties of the
Lenten season, was the one given by
Mrs. Cecil Rhyne on Wednesday
afternoon, at her attractive bungalow
in West End, when she complimented
the members of the matrons and
young ladies rook clubs.
Argyle, March 1. The national
highway through Walton county from
east to west, is being rapidly built. It
is now finished from the county line
on the east side, to some distance west
of DeFuniak Springs.
Mr. W-' S. Green made a business
(Continued on Page Sixteen)
and brings the eggs
Co Agents.
Dubuisson & Bro J. P. Remlek t sons
Stomach Troubles in both Adult ana Child.
SO SO Beekmaa Street. New York
Hen J
cured. After noting the effect that
Peruna had In the case of his wife,
Mr. Pratt took the medicine himself
for the grip. Not, however, until after
he had taken several other remedies
without any Improvement. The Pe
runa completely cured him.
Mr. C. J. Powers, No. 1631 Williams
St-, Denver, Colorado, says that the
grip had left him very weak. He took
Peruna and at once he began to gain .
strength and was finally cured. Since i
then when I do not feel well or have
taken a cold I always take Peruna
and it never disappoints me in its
Thus we might go on Indefinitely to
recite cases where people have suf
fered from the after effects of grip.
Then they have resorted to this rem
edy or that remedy. Finally they have
been constrained to take Peruna. The
result is always favorable.
If the people generally understood
the benefit of Peruna no household
would be without it, during the month
of March especially, when climatic
diseases prevail so extensively.
Mrs. Charles Anspaugh, R.F. D. 1,
Klmmell. Indiana, whose portrait is
given above, writes: "Peruna has
been a godsend to me. I can feel safe
in saying that it saved my life, as I
was all run down and was Just mis
erable when I commenced taking your
Peruna, but am on the road to 'recov
ery now. I cannot thank you too
much." (Adv.)
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suspicion that you do not know
your job.
The Diamond Edg Carpenters
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thick; where it should be thin;
where it should be narrow. He
knows that the less set in a saw
the less muscle required. He
knows the narrow, thin back saw
does not require a heavy set.
The r imond Edg Carpenters
SpeCi-J, sold by us, clearly demon
strates all these qualities.
"p.vo,Yh Edge is j. QiyujTr&LEDCE
44 South Palafox Street.
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1 per cent If paid in December
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214 per cent If nald In Aorll
3 per cent If paid In Mat
3 per cent If paid before June 13
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13 per cent June 13 to July 1
14 ' per cent July 1 to August 1
15!4 per cent Aug. 1 to Sept. 1
Advertised for sale In August.
Statements -nay be obtained at inv
time by calling at office In city hall.
Under the law no more statements will
be mailed.
Tax Collector. City of Pensacola.
Do Ypu
If so, call and let us
explain our system of
loans. Reasonable inter
est, easy payments.
Home and Savings
R. M. CARV, President.
JOHN MASSEY. Secretary.
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Have your clothes tail
ored as you want them.
King & Bass
"Tailors That Satisfy,"
38 South Palafox.
The Restaurant and Fixture of
the Post Office Cafe. No. 123 South
Palafox Street. Including Crockery,
Silverware, Linen. Cutlery, Etc
Original cost about $11,000. Must
be sold to satisfy -creditors. Write
or apply to
Owing to delay of my
soda fountain I have decided
to open my
store, ready to serve
public, March 2.
for cream will
All orders
prompt attention.
dB. ME
24 South Palafox Street.
Pearl Furniture Co.,
Medium and High. Grade
20, 22 and 24 West Government St.
Goal and Coke
Best Grades Alabama and
IV. S. Garfield & Co.
Phones 88 and 1942.
fchoes Half-Soled In 15 Minutes
Called Fir and Delivered.
511 South Palafox
"One-Price Cash Depart
ment Store."
Corner Palafox and Roman Streets
The Central Pharmacy.
Phone 178.

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