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" BT
FRANK L. MAYES, President.
Thre Months. $1.25 Weekly, year.fl.O0
Six Mentha.... 2.59 On Week.... .10
On Year .... 5.00 One Month .. .45
Office Tcmraa! Building.
Luna and Intend encia.
Comer De-
Entered as second-class matter at
the postoffice at Pensacola. Florida,
under Act of Congress. March S. 187S.
Phoneet Editorial Rooms, S3,
neas Office, 1500. .
Foreign Advertising: Robert M&
Quold, Special Representative.
New York Office: Room 903 Brun
wick Bulldlnr. -.;
Chicago Office: Boyce Building.
Republicans to Call
National Convention.
The defeated and discredited repub
lican party, having trie! several ex
periments la the way of reorganiza
tion, has determined on a plan to
call a national convention as a last
resort to cement together the pieces
f the fractured party.
It Is said that the principal object
In holding this convention will be to
cut down the representation In repub
lican conventions from the southern
states. In addition to this an effort
will be made to permit republicans
Iron their own states to elect dele
gates . to national conventions in their
own way, so the choice of each state
will be regulated according to the
laws of the state.
The chief difficulty In the way of
this plan is said to be In the fact that
the national committee of the party is
opposed to the plan and a call for a
national convention must come from
this committee. If the representation
from the south is cut down it will
have to be don by a convention
specially called, as It is a matter of
s history, a nominating .convention will
never consent to a reduction of rep
resentation. . :
In view of th fact that the republi
cans carried only two small states in
the last election, it is difficult to un
derstand how it will help the party
to reduce th number of negro dele
gates from the south or how it would
have any bearing on the standing of
the party should the south be deprived
altogether of participation- In repub-
1 : .t , A .i
As an : organization, the republican
party is in a had way. 1
Instead of one, there are now four
"first ladles of the land."
The District of
The city of Washington or rather
the District of Columbia has the com
mission form of government. There is
no doubt that President Taft, in his
praise of th government of the city,
in bis farewell address to the business
and professional men of the city, was
entirely right.
The district was formerly treated as
a territory and had a governor and a
legislature and many scandals pre
vailed. No scandal has been beard of
inc the government of the district
was placed in the hands of a small
commission. During this latter period
th city has wonderfully developed In
ize ana beauty ana nas become a
model for other American cities.
Its public affairs seem to be con
ducted without corruption and graft
and its municipal administration is a
trong argument in favor of commis
sion "government.
. A scientist has proclaimed that
eheeso causes appendicitis. There are
a few brands which have been known
to have more fatal results than that.
Women Demand ,
Recall of a Judge.
Determined that any Judge who
places a light estimate on morality
shall be punished, th women of San
Francisco, lately armed with the bal
lot, have started a movement for the
recall of a police Judge named Weller.
, It Is said that Weller reduced the
tond of a young man who had attacked
a girl and made it so low that the man
i as enabled to run away. It Is asserted
that on previous occasions this judge
had either placed bonds so low that the
criminals escaped or he reduced the
amounts fixed by other judges- ;C
Whatever may be the outcome of
this particular case, the effect will be
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
for any case of Catarrh that cannot be
cured br Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
YCe, the undersijnied, have known F.
J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and be
lieve him perfectly honorable In all busi
ness transactions snd financially able to
carry out any obligations made by his
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting: directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces of the system. Testi
monials sent free. Price. 75c per bottle.
Sold by all druggists.
Take HalTs Family Pills for eor.stl
yation. f Adv.)
Commissioners Will
In a White Man's Primary
There is no ground whatever for the assumption
that the three commissioners to be elected under Pen
sacola's new commission charter will not be selected in a
White Man's Primary.
As announced by The Journal last week, the com
missioners will be nominated in a White Primary just as
we have heretofore nominated our city officials. '
The call for the Primary was issued several days
ago, as required by law. It could not of course contem
plate the changes in, the charter that have since been
agreed upon, because the committee did not know which
charter was going to be adopted.
Since'the adoption of the hew charter, the city
democratic executive committee will amend the call so
as to provide for the nomination of three commissioners
instead of for officers under the old charter.
After these three commissioners are nominated by
majority vote in the White Primary, they will then
backed by the White V oters of Pensacola be elected at
the general city election in June.
That is really all there is to the subject.
for the good of the courts. It is said
in San Francisco the ' Judges have
already become stirred up and have
adopted resolutions to the effect that
no judge shall reduce the amount of
bail fixed by another judge.
I Of course at this distance little or
nothing isknown'of the merits of this
particular case. Still it is obvious,
however unfit ,this man may be, his
offenses are such that it would be im
possible to reach him with impeach
ment proceedings. But if he is unfit
to hold a judicial position, as would
appear on the face of the news reports,
he 13 likely to be recalled and the va
cancy thus created will be filled by a
more suitable man.
Mr. Secretary McAdoo, howdy do!
And now cometh St. Patrick's Iay
and Easter.
The new nickel looks -ery good from
a distance. "
Should the Balkan nations be called
Turkey gobblers?
The next hobo
held at Cincinnati.
convention will be
And President Wilson proceeded
forthwith to get busy.
For some people It seems perfectly
natural to be artificial.
The average Mexican is In danger of
getting his "vivas" mixed.
Pensacola, known everywhere, and
growing greater every minute. '
,. -.
Tuesday was not the first time that
Woodrow Wilson has been made presi
dent. '
The "rube" team need not get too
anxious for that - challenge. It is
coming in due time.
In Mexico there are not enough pres
idencies to go around. Too many
statesmen want the job.
Neither Col. Roosevelt nor Castro
took an especially prominent part in
the inaugural parade.
West Floridlans are unanimous In
the belief that this is a grefet and
glorious section of Florida.
Ex-President Taft lost 'no time in
getting out of Washington. But bo
should not be censured for that.
In polite society it is' said not to be
the proper thing for a man to wink.
Some men are afflicted that way.
That Texas woman who was robbed
of $43,500 seems to have been about
as careless with her coin as the aver
age Texan is with his .44.
If you have the slightest doubt about
Pensacola's greatness and attractive
ness, just query Manager Joe Bir
mingham of the Cleveland Naps.
An eastern clergyman admonishes
his flock. "Let your enemies kiss you."
That practice has, been in vogue from
time immemorial among the women
The Polk county edition of the
Tampa Tribune was replete with in
teresting facts and figures concerning
one of South Florida's most pros
perous counties and reflected much
credit upon that enterprising paper.
Most successful from every view
point is the Florida Chautauqua in
session at DeFuniak Springs, Large
and enthusiastic audiences have greet
ed the various entertainers each day
since the opening and the citizens of
that delightful little city are very
greatly pleased with the prospects.
J. A. Crosby, who has for twenty
two years owned and edited the San
Mateo Item, has disposed of bis in
terests to Thos. W. and G. S. Davis,
experienced newspaper men. In his
retirement from the journalistic field
Mr. Crosby carries with him the best
wishes of the Florida press.
It is unfortunate that Tampa was
not located over in Polk instead of
Hillsborough county, and we are in
clined to believe that the Tribune will
soon advocate a measure of some de
scription to bring about the removal
of all of its goods, chattels and
hereditaments to a real, live progres
sive and productive section of the
state. '
Didn't. Hold It.
"See here, Jorklns, didnt you say
that it was optional with you to mar
ry Miss Smithers?"
"No. I didn't. I merely mentioned
that I had the refusal of her hand."-
Be Nominated
" :
Endorsement of th Press-
Withremarkable unanimity the
newspapers of the state have endorsed
the candidacy of Frank JL. Mayes, edi
tor of The Pensacola Journal, for the
position of collector of the port of
Pensacola. Mr. Mayes Is doubly en
titled to the office. First, because he
13 particularly efficient, and second
because hdld more than any other
one man for Woodrow Wilson, our
new president. Here's hoping that
Brother Mayes will not only get th
place, but that he will hold it so long
that he will realize double the present
fees from the progressiveness of th
port. Tallahassee True Democrat.
A Different Propositi
Speaking of "trusts," the Miami
Daily Metropolis says: "The merchant
trusts his buyer, the buyer trusts the
manufacturer, the manufacturer. trusts
the man who sells him raw material.
The consumer trusts the shopkeeper,
The family trusts the cook. Husbands
trust their wives. Children trust their
parents." The Metropolis doesn't say
anything about "the wife trusts the
husband." Don't this so in Miami,
George? DeLand News
Where Every Prospect Pleases
The editor of the True Democrat
knows that the west coast of Florida
lias many advantages iver the east
coast, in climate, beaury and tourist
advantages, and this is the reason wa
are so anxious for its development.
Speed the building of a great railroad
that will hug the west co:ist as closely
as does Mr. Flagler's line over on the
east coasts Tallahassee True Demo
Better Dal Next Time
The Star is sorry to sea that the ap
propriation for the Tampa harbor has
been cut from $200,000 to $100,000,
Tampa bay is one of the great harbors
of the world, and Oca la. is greatly con
cerned in its improvement, We must
all hope and work for a better deal
next time. Ocala Star.
Eyes on Joe's Job
Among the first wise and gracious
and timely official acts of President
Wilson will probably be an ukase
which will put Joe Lee, up at Jack
sonvfll, out of commission as collector
of internal revenue for Florida. But
Joe is a sensible colored person and
he is doubtless resigned to the inevita
ble. Lakeland Telegram. ,
Best For Skin Diseases.
Nearly every skin disease yields
quickly and permanently to Bucklen's
Arnica Salve, and nothing is better for
burns or bruises. Soothes and heals,
jonn ueye, or Gladwin, Mich., says
after suffering twelve years with skin
ailment and spending $400 in doctors'
bills, Bucklen s Arnica Salve cured
him. It will help you. Only 25c Rec
ommended by W. A. D'Alemberte,
druggist and apothecary, in S. Pala-
fox St. (Adv.)
He Married the Historian.
Comptroller Prendergast, hale and
robust, with his old-world air of state
uness Dienaea witn vivacity, was
guiding a group of distinguished vlsl
tors through the marble splendors of
the New York public library.
"Some odd Incidents happen here,'
tne comptroller saia. pausing in one
of the reading rooms, with its ceiling
painted to represent white clouds
afloat In a blue sky. "An odd incident
happened yesterday.
"A young lady, after searching the
card catalogue, went to the desk and
' 'Can you tell me where I can find
the details of the Jewish rebellion o
A. D. 50?
"'Consult Josephus, miss, the at
tendant answered.
un, manic you,- said tne young
lady, and. turning to a little old m
who was approaching, she began:
"I have a question for you, Mr.
Josephus Detroit Free Press.
Standing Room Only.
Farmer John This is the New
Tork stock exchange, my dear. All
these men running about on the floor
are brokers.
Mrs. John My I I should think they
Tou ought to be when eczema, itch.
ring-worm and piles are so easily cured by
It kills the microbe that causes th
trouble sure, certain, never-failing even
In ugly old cases.
50c at Druggists
Selma, Ala.
Five Members of Wilson Cabinet
I iff-SO 2N iX. ' "A - tii ' T i
vSfc v V ' o-y - j . . it. ' t
p mmm mmm k '' Secretary of the Treasury
Secretary of Stat ,V?t " J;
. - : -f.) -Ij: " .N
V ' i i A'- ' Attorney General
i .iiMfitiifirrTr r. I . miw . vuyyi-
Postmaster General
would get tired. Don't they ever sit
Farmer John I guess not. Seats
here cost about $70,000 apiece. New
York Press.
City Tax Collector's Per
sonal Tax Notice.
Notice Is hereby Riven that the Tax
Assessment books of the City of Pen
sacola are now open in my office for the
payment of taxes for the year 191-. and
that all taxes on personal property re
maining unpaid, 60 days after the date
of this notice, will be enforced by levy
and sale as provided by law.
Uated this 17th day of January, a. u..
Tax Collector, City of Pensacola.
Hon. Robert HcXamee, former
speaker of the Florida house of rep
resentatives, for years one of the
state's most prominent attorneys, and
now general manager of Claude L'En
gles' Dixie, was in Pensacola yester
day, enroute home from Atlanta.
Col. McXamee had not been in Pen
sacola for six years and, to use his
own words, he found what appeared
to him, "a new city."
"I would hardly have known Pensa
cola," said Col. McXamee to a Journal
representative. "It is -t transformed
city. Your street paving is the best I
have ever seen and I am astonished
and impressed with this wood block
paving. The wood blocks make a
beautiful pavement and, from all ap
pearances, a very lasting one- The
noiseless feature of this pavement is
cne of its greatest advantages." He
was also greatly impressed with the
San Carlos hotel. "I have been all
over the state." said he. "and this is
the best hotel in Florida." " "
Col. McXamee says the intention is
to widen the scope of Dixie and ulti
mately to make a daily state paper of
it. He believes another evening paper-
in Jacksonville, properly edited and
managed, would prove an immediate
success. He left last night for home.
Xl I
Secretary of ths Navy
Bluff Springs, Fla-, March 5. Bluff
Springs seems to be getting an in
fusion of spring blood In her veins,
judging from appearances.
The W. O. W. have purchased the
old Walker hotel and have about com
pleted an entire renovation of the
building. They now have a large and
veil arranged lodge room upstairs, jind
a hall with seating capacity for a large
audience below. The whole building
will be fitted with an up-to-date
lighting system, and will soon be ready
for occupancy.
Rev. W. M. Cox, presiding elder of
the Pine Barren circuit of the Metho
dist church, met with the church mem
bers here at 3 o'clock Sunday after
noon. A good-sized am', appreciative
audience listened to hi3 sermon, the
theme of which was thi efficacy and
need of prayer and sincere faith- He
handled the subject in a simple, inter
esting and convincing- manner, and so
playily were the great truths told that
even a child might understand.
The members of the Baptist church
here have in contemplation the paint
ing of their church building', as have
the Methodists. The Methodist church
will begin having a new roof put on.
Sick headaches! Always trace them
to lazy liver, delayed, fermenting food
in the. bowels or a sick stomach. Poi
sonous, constipated matter, gases and
bile generated in the bowels, instead
of being carried out of the system, is
reabsorbed into the blood- When this
pcison reaches the delicate brain tissue
i- causes congestion and that dull,
sickening headache.
Cascarets remove the cause by stim
ulating the liver, making the bile and
constipation poison move on and out
JF-. r ' vi
to replace the old one, which leaks
Mr3. I). R. Co'ey is at home at
r.resor.t, but intenda returning to Mo-
i.iie scon, where she has some of her !
children attending Barton Academy.
Mr. Tisaale and family, of Byrne
vine, attended church at Bluff Springs
Sunday afternoon.
Since the game law is in we do not
i iiear ills uuneivuuie ijuyums ui o uiu
so often.
Our school seems to be getting along
very nicely though the term is near
ins its end. The faculty is as fol
lows: Prof. Jernigan, principal, and
Misses Sa-iie Coley and Masgie Beard,
first and second assistants.
The Boys of Woodcraft have quite
a nice camp of their iwn here, and
several instruments for an amateur
band have been purchased by them.
DeFuniak Springs, March 5. Large
audiences are attending all exercises
at the Florida Chautauqua at De
Funiak Springs, Florida. Miss Julia
Traylor has received her share of
praise from young and old. Her ren
dition of "What a Two Month Old
Baby Knows" and a "Child's Bear
Story" have brought forth much fa
vorable comment. Miss Traylor es
pecially excels in child impersona
tion, and her rendition of the lighter
vein made her justly popular.
The course of Shakespearean lec-
of the bowels. The effect Is almost
instantaneous. Ladies whose sensitive
organisms are especially prone to sick
headaches, need not suffer, for they
can be quickly cured by Cascarets.
One taken tonight will straighten you
out by morning a 10-cent box will
keep your heai clear, stomach sweet,
liver and bowels regular and make
you feel bright and cheerful for
months. Children need Cascarets, too
they love them becau33 they taste
good and never gripe or sicken.
tures by Dr. Bryon W. King are so
far the great hit of the session. An
average of seven hundred have at
tended these morning hours. Hamlet
has been the theme, which has been
handled in a masterful manner. Dr.
King is a great actor as well as an
Impersonator and can portray bot'n
comedy and tragedy. It is difficult
to say whether he excelled in Ham
let's soliioQuy or in the Grave Dig
ger's scene.
The Ida V. Kinley Musical Company
is at the Chautauqua. The music on
the hells was encored again and again,
and the talking songs and comic pro
ductions of Mrs. Kinley have brought
forth the largest audiences. All in all
the Chautauqua is most prosperous.
The attendance is the best in years.
Practice Limited to
Chronic, Nervous and Private
Thlesen Building, Pensacola. Fla.
I Insurance i
Equit3b!e Life Assurance Society
Of New York.
Shows Half-Soled tr 15 Minutes.
Called Par snd Oellvered.
511 South Palafox
Pillsbury's Better
If your grocer does not sell It.
phone vs. Ycu will get it In time
for dinner.
Consolidated Gro. Co.
Wholesale Distributers.
Visit the
The Exclusive Ladles' Store.
And save on your grocery
bills. Two Stores.
E. D. Hoffman & Sons
Pearl Furniture Co.,
Medium and Hlgh-Qrade
20, 22 and 24 West Government St.
Best Grades Alabama and
W:S. Garfield & Co.
Phones 88 and 1942.
Don't Forget That
Wilson - Biggs
Succeeded F. B. Bruce,
and are now headquart
ers for everything in the
sporting goods line. 21
South Palafox Street,
Brent Building.
"One-Price Cash Depart
ment Store."
Corner Palafox and Romana 6tret.
Dr. Chas. R. Mitchell. Osteopathic Phy
sician, successor to Dr. C. E. Bennett. i3
continuing the practice at rooms 2 and 4.
Masonic Temple, where he will be pleased
to meet ail of Dr. Bennett's friends and
former patients. Office hours. 9 to 12
and 2 to 5. Phone 1330.
Dr. Mltchea Is a graduate of the Still
College of Osteopathy, a graduate of the
Des Moines School of Gynecology, and a
member of the American Osteopathic
Association. H lias been in practice
eleven years and bears letters of the
highest recommendation. (Adv.)
"Everybody's Saying It."
Your Shoe Shop. 18 South Tarragona
H. C. Cunningham, Prop.
r-none ozi.
Goal end Coke

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