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- "e-,nw-J.4f s-Hw as 1
into Oe Wat 'CTty. A tVWl VfM
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investlfie. fn P-erct !. , :
vol. xvi-a 103.
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Toy p Last Chano
"p,fl.r- -su tgi Ylf
I " : ' Ell
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j j 1
net Wt to each
purchaser that
buys an amount
of $50 or more.
to secure a 45-piecc Dinner Set Free To each buyer who purchases the amount of $50
ormore gets one of these 42-piece Dinner Sets Free We have a few of these sets left
from our last free offering sale and we may never be able to make you this free offer again
A 42-piece din
ner set to each
purchaser that
buys an amount
of $50 or more.
m""" u,iin,n 1 1 j iiiKWi,!-
"White Mountain
In Over a Million Homes.
Sanitary cold inde
s ' t r vl c t i b 1 e. Typical of
strength and purity. The
grandest cold retainer re
vealed to man in a hundred
Comes in white enameled
galvanized and solid stone
lined. Our line was never
more complete.
i $8.50 to $75
3 Terms according to prices.
White Mountain
Ice Chest
The Chest With Chill In It.
This is the Ice Chest that
we sold so many of last sea
son and this season the ice
chest was selected by us as
the most strongly construc
ted of any that we could buy.
They come in all. sizes and
prices. Ice chest exactly like
cut. Carries 100 lbs. ice,
$1.00 Cash, $1.00 a Week.
With every $50 purchase or more;, cash or on
our liberal credit plan with $3 cash and $1 a week
TheFulton Folding
Mother's Convenience.
The Fulton is recognized
everywhere as the finest,
most roomy, stylish and ser
viceable collapsible baby car
riage. It is absolutely guar
anteed to give perfect satis
faction. No risk in buying a Ful
ton. Years of test have
proved it best.
$2.00 Cash, $1.00 a Week.
1 & af I.
High-Grade Porch
Don't waste your money
on shoddy porch furniture.
Get something good that
will be of lasting service be
sides bein gcomfortable all
the time. We keep a com
plete stock on hand. All col
ors and price.
$1.25 to $8
$1.00 Cash, $1.00 a Week.
F r automobiles,
O-Cedar Polish hmm
no equal for cleinHj
polUhtRS automobile,
bod aeata and top
and romovlng groaso
from goaro, cylinder
and ehasala. Vmm
CKCedar Polish and
got good result.
' a
O - Cedar
Polish Mop
O'Cedar popsh oil
mops, ring size, can
be adjusted to any
position and can be
used for sweeping,
dusting all varnished
wood; work like doors
wainscoting and any
place where dust ac
cumulate. Retails for
Handle complete.
Dr. O. I Howard, U. S. government
expert, tn a. public statement rer&rdina;
the destrucUvecess and dangers of the
common housefly, estimated that th
normal number of flies which a "Ingle
insect peat will produce from now
until the 10th day ot SaptenVber. will
l. MiJ.720,000. In view of uch a
jttatement, d the "follow -up" ta,te
mmt mat the common fly ia man's
deadliest ftmy, it U Incumbent upon
rr.an, as mttr of self-preservation,
to wastd apo tha f.f Juat sort of wax
that h wo-ui4 apoft any other common
danjryr to fk sdvanlac of every
chance presented to "swat Mr. and
Mrs. Fly e Any every oppor-
t unity. Thi i th way to deal with
the now existing ff.et. but there
is a hettr way of rallcUn the
3aurer( an1 that i t destroy the
trpedlngr first f t
Some of th ral Mch it would
rot harm aoyon t ohstv fcva been
proposed by a mmtr of the St- lui
board $t hwisth. fler thy mre:
t. KAri n.M the fi that survive the
wintr. Thy ar th mother fiiea,
few fn number bTt rfeponslbl for all
the jrener&tions to appear ltef A
f!y ni how I better than cofe
Hua fn the months of August ami
z. Be it jre that no flien ffj r
lr(i apon the premta Thl mnnt
J tie nniverm! rule, for even in the
beat of homes there are exposed gar
bare cans which have neither tops or
S. Set a trap in yens- back yards
so as to catch the flies on the way
to the living; rooms from the possible
breeding; spots either in our own yards
or in our neighbor's.
4. Cease to trade with dealers who
permit flies to swarm in dairies, res
taurants, markets and bakeries. Boy
no fruit that has been exposed and
B. Try and Indite others to think
of these simples rules especially tn re-t-arding;
to their patron ajre of a care
less dealer, for when beginning; to
waffe on the dollar-and-oent basis, the
dealer will come across and meet out
efforts half way- by protecting; their
The very first step toward the eradi
cation of the fly, however, should be
made on our own premises.. See that
there are no - breeding places for the
Insects. Rubbish heaps should be
moved, depressions tn the ground should
cret a good spraying with' kerosene,
chloride of lime should be used in
plenteous proportions; manure piles
should be soaked with kerosene, this
precaution being taken to kill every
maggot hidden therein. Such places
are favorite hatcheries for minions of
the fly larvae.
Garbage cans should also receive
careful and close attention. This can,
authorities advise, should be sprayed
with the kerosene and not infrequent
It is well enough to carry the slo
gan, "swat the fly.- but the killing of
Individual members of the fly tribe is
hopeless, and, as the health depart
ment of St. Louis further points out,
it Is bordering upon the useless. It
must bo understood, however, that
the only successful way to cope with
the evil Is to practice cleanliness in
our premises, our streets and alley
ways, and to especially watch the gar
bage cans if they are exposed. The
fly larvae, it is proven, cannot de
velop except in unclean corners,
where there is development food. By
the total elimination of such corners,
the fly will be gradually starved out
of existence. A fewsalient points are:
1. Kill a fly now. It will be worth
5,598,720.000 soon.
2. Flies in the dining room usually
precede nurses in the sick room.
3. A fly in the mlUt may mean a
member of the family in the grave.
4. It is better to screen , a cradle
and wear a smile than to scoff at the
precaution and wear mourning.
K. Screens in the window prevent
crepe on the door.
. JX files were as much feared as
bad water, there would be less typhoid
fever In the world.
- 7. Flies are the most dangerous
enemies of mankind; man should In
turn be the natural enemy of the fly. .
S. If one fly can produce 6,698,720.
000 files by the tenth day of Septem
ber, how many files will a pile of re
fuse manure produce?
The above eight points have been
given the St. Louis public tn an effort
to stir up an unceasing warfare upon
man's commonest and most dangerous
enemy. May like sentiment be be
stirring shortly in this section.
Work on the steamer, Chas. A.
Cessna" the new excursion boat, be
gan about April 10, 1912, and rapid
progress is now being made. The
working force numbers 15 men. She
will be 17S feet long, by 34 feet wide,
54 feet from outside of wheel to out
side of wheel. The hollow of the boat
is 173 feet long by 34 feet wide by 7
feet deep, containing tanks and water
supplies. The main deck contains the
machinery, two Compound engines, 12
inches by 84 Inches high pressure.
Also two low pressure engines. 24
Inches by 84 inches. Paddle wheels
are 22 feet In diameter. The main
cabin is 147 feet by 28 feet forward.
and tn one main cabin, 100 feet long. 28
feet wide. The dining room on after
dedk. Is 47 feet by 28 feet, most lux
uriantly furnished; kitchen and state
rooms off from dining room, also
toilets, three staterooms for accommo
dation of stewards and kitchen help.
Looking up from the main cabin is
bunt a wall 8 feet by 45 feet long,
trimmed with a mahogany rail. ' On
the promenade deck are 18 state
rooms, 7x7 feet, one forward room In
for the owner. - The pilot house Is
situated on top of the hurricane deck,
with "Texas roof. The cabin is fin
ished in empanelled work and deco
rated. The rails are of mahogany, and
the state rooms are also finished In
Built For Excursion.
The Charles B. Cessna is built es
pecially for excursions, and will ac
commodate 500 passengers. The main
cabin will contain an office room and
an exhibit room, roam to contain
Florida products. The vessel will be
finished by about the middle of June,
at a cost of $35,000. She Is one of the
most complete vessels on the gulf
coast. She is a beautiful floating
palace, and. modern In every equip
ment. Pensacola furnished all timber for
cabin, hull and hall, excepting the
finishing and office fixtures which are
of mahogany, and was furnished by
Chicago. All hardwood was furnished
from Pensacola.
Mr. John "W. McTntoeh, of Stillwater,
Minn., an expert boat bxrf!der Is sup
erintending the construction of the
Chas. B. Cessna.
The work la all flrst-class. The
Kbor has been furnished by the people
In and around Santa Rosa. She will
make all points on the gulf, her speed
reing about 15 miles per hour.
This adds another link in the chain
of development of West Florida.
To all knowing sufferers of rheumatism,
whether muscular or of the Joints, sci
atica, lumbapos, backache, pains in the
kidneys or neuralgia pains, to write to
her - for a home treatment which has re
peatedly cured all of these tortures. She
feels it her duty to send it to all suffer
ers FREE. Tou cure yourself at home as
thousands will testify no change of cli
mate being necessary. This simple dis
covery banishes uric add from the blood,
loosens the stiffened joints, purifies the
blood, and brightens th eyes. riving
elasticity to the whole system. if the
above interests you. for proof address
Mrs. M. Summers, Box R. South Bend.
Iird. (Advertisement)
By Clyde H. Tavennir.
Washington, April 18. An Im
mediate cut of $300,000,000 in the cost
of livingeventually a slash of half
a billion. That is what the democratic
leaders of the house believe the in
come tax will do for the American
people. The relief promised by the
democratic party for the terrible pres
sure of the costs of the necessities of
life seems to be at hand.
Only experience will reveal the full
benefit to the public of the Income
tax. The annual saving over the
counters of the nation's grocery stores,
butcher shops and clothing emporium
is expected ultimately to reach 8500,
000,000. Some of the more sanguine
regard even this estimate as too con
servative The saving may reach $800,
000,000, or even more
The estimate is reached In this way:
From British Income tax experience
tables, the experts figure that the an
nual revenue to be derived from In
come taxation under the terms of th-.
rending bill will be from $80,000,000
to $100,000,000. In writing the nev
tariff rates the ways and means com
mittee ha taken cognizance of thiF
probable revenue and has lopped off
duties on necessities which under the
Tresent Payne-Aldrlch law aggregate
$50,000,000 annually. This $50,000,000,
now paid by the people in the cost of
living Is to be paid out of the Income
tax revenue.
But every dollar saved in tariff
amounts to five or six dollars In the
final retail prices paid by the con
middlemen who handle an article from i
the stage of raw material to that of
finished product each assesses as profit
a certain percentage of the value of
the commodity he handles. But In
assessing this profit he Includes the
tariff in the value of the commodity
Thus the people pay not only the tariff
but also pay profits' on the tariff.
Every dollar of Increased price for
th raw material assessed by the tariff
becomes five or six dollars by the time
tt reaches the consumer .
Representative Cord ell Hull. of
Tennessee, the member of the ways
and means committee who drew the
Income tax provision, prophetically
sees the day when 1 all government
revenue will be derived from Just two
principal forms of direct taxation the
income tax and the Inheritance tax.
The rates in the pen-ding- bill are
but tentative," he said. "They can
and never will be changed by suc
ceeding congresses.
"The measure is designed to fit in
with the budget system of estimating
government expenses. The day will
come when government expenses will
be appropriated for In an annual
budget bilL On the basis of this the
amount of revenue needed by the gov
ernment for the succeeding year will
be estimated. In order to raise just
the revenue needed, congress will set
the income tax rates io fit the case.
There will be few customs duties.
There will be, however, an inheritance
tax to relieve some of the tax burden
on incomes." v
The estimates of he ways and
means committee show vividly how
wealth has concentrated in this
country. Although Incomes of as low
as $4,000 per year will be aubject to
taxation, yet less than one per cent
of our total population Is affected by
the bill.
One Must
Make it a Pleasure!
Come where every
thing that ingemilty
can devise is done for
for your comfort and
Specials Everyday.
Sea Foods, Delicious
Steaks, Pastries.
B. & B. Cafe
6 South Palaf ox.
He Then you married me simply
for my money? She Do you think an
investigating committee could discov
er any other reason? Judys.
"Who painted Subub's house V
H told me the name of th con
cern. I think ha said it was don by
Fitz and Startz." Boston Transcript
The Ideal Mountain Resort, 2,2C0 Feet Above The Sea
Where mountain trout sport in the Little Tennessee River as it wends it beauti
ful way through the Appalachian Forest Reserve in the heart of the Blue Kidg
Mountains, unsurpassed for picturesque scenery and delightful climate.
The Spot That Care Forgot, Where Nature Lavished Cilts
Fishing, boating and bathing for the tired seeker after summer rest and health:
churches schools, local and long distance telephones, livery service, box-kali
alleys, pool-rooms, tennis courts, cement walks, mountain lanes through native
forests; daily train service.
Sparkling pure water from a system supplied by a well bored hundreds of feet
through solid rock; hotels and boarding houses electrically lighted, and with hot
and cold water. Reasonable Rates. Full information cheerfully supplied on
Franklin. Tae Cent City f The Carolina Hsantslas, Oners Except!aal Advantages f
Hobk Scckct sad lavestsr
THE BOARD OF TRADE, Franklin, Macon Co N. C

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