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Section Tnree.
(Continued from Pare Two.)
K&rat McCaskm, Jay Hall, George, Ger
ald and Kathleen Sohambeau, Glenn
and Ed. Strickland, Malcolm Smith,
Billy Mayes, Hugh Alison, Ruth Mow
bray, Lloyd Fell, FYank Howland, Jas.
Crosby, Virginia Crosby, Darner Cros
by, Jr. '
On Wednesday afternoon from four
to six , the Shakespeare club will en
tertain the members and a few. friends
in honor of the anniversary of Shake
speare's birth.
These annual events are always de
lightful days in the year's social cal
endar, and the entertainment this year
will be as delightful as thjj that have
gone before, it may be safely prophe
sied. ,
The reception will be held at the spa
cious home of the president. Mrs. Mor
ris Bear, on North Palafox.
The Woman's Relief Association will
meet on Thursday at 3:30 at the home
ef the president, Mrs. J. S. McGaughey,
Instead of in the morning, as formerly.
OF B. OF L. E.
A party will leave Pensacola
Tuesday morning for Jacksonville, to
attend the Union meeting of the B. of
I E. and ladies auxiliary. Those who
will compose the party are Mr. and
Mm. S. O. Donaldson, "Mrs. J. R. Hall,
Mrs. Edward Strickland, Mrs J. Ed.
Mr. and Mrs. Webb Still, of Mobile,
will arrive on Monday to Join the par
ty, going with them to Jacksonville,
and after the meeting, which will last
four days, they will leave for Cuba,
visiting, there a short time before re
turning home.
Mrs. S. A. Friedman and daughters.
Lillian and Ethel, who have been
visiting for several weeks In Atlanta,
have returned home.
Resolution adopted by the house of
representatives April 14th, 1913.
By Mr. Farris, of DuvaL
House Resolution No. 58: .
Whereas, there is a grave Injustice
in our. law, in this: That if a tele
gram, advising of the serious illness
of one's mother, wife, or child, be de
livered to and accepted by a telegraph
company, for transmission and deliv
ery, and the charge of the company be
prepaid, and the telegram be not sent
or not delivered through the careless
ness or neglect of the company, and
the loved one should die and be buried,
without the knowledge of the person to
whom the telegram was sent, although
such person suffer the most poignant
grief, the telegraph company cannot be
held responsible in damages,, for its
neglect of duty, in failing to deliver
such message; and,
Whereas, if a telegram related to the
Bale of a five dollar hog, and because
of the telegraph company's neglect of
duty, the sale of the hog was lost, the
telegraph company could be held re
sponsible for such loss; and.
Whereas, it is apparent that tele
graph companies in this state would
serve their own Interests and delay
oolteiesrrams relating to matters held
r v .
Mias Janet Harris is the guest of
her aunt. Mrs. William .Lycette, in At
lanta, and will enjoy the week of grand
Mrs. J. R. Case who has been spend
ing the winter with her daughter, Mrs.
W, J. Forbes, returned to her home in
Ocean Snrlnsrs. Miss- today. Mrs.
Case was also the guest during her
visit of her sisters, Mrs. Rlx M. Rob;
inson and Mr. S. A. Johnson.
Miss Helen Bond. 918 East Strong
street, has returned home after a suc
cessful operation for appendicitis at
the Inge-Bondurant infirmary in Mo
The Pleasure Seekers, the young
Jewish girls who enjoy pleasant meet
ings each Sunday, met on last Sun
day with Margaret Friedman, and
spent a delightful afternoon, Ruth
Dannhelser winning ths prize at the
game of Buzz.
Miss Amelia Berlin win entertain today.
A meeting of the Alumni of Robert
nigh school took place yesterday at
which plans were made for a reunion
of the old pupils of Professor J. M.
Tate, of Roberts, on June 2nd. At this
(Continued on Page Four)
Baldwin County
The choicest table butter that come
to the Pensacola market. Made from
pure Jersey cream at the Lillian cream
ery, only fifteen miles from Pensacola.
Creamery equipped with latest Improved
machinery and In charge ef an Elgin but
ter maker of high reputation. Cornea In
one pound prints with the brand of
Lllty.' Aak veur grocer for It. Try It
and patronise a home Industry.
The "Pure Food Stc-eT'Where QuaU .
fy Reigns Supreme.
Feast of
commences Monday and
those who observe it
will want some of these
Vienna Tea
We have just receiv
ed a fresfet shipment
Sol Cahn & Co.
Agante Nunnally's Candles,
rnenes, 1723.171.
d Box,
tor 25c.
most sacred by man throughout the
world, so that they can promptly
transmit and deliver telegrams relating
to hogs and cattle, and
Whereas, in the former class of
cases they can neglect their duty with
Impunity, but in the . latter class of
cases they must pay the damages
caused by their neglect of duty and
Whereas, the reason given by the
courts for this unjust rule of law Is
that the damage sustained is so in
definite that the Jury cannot estimate
the damage with certainty and
Whereas, the same court permit re
covery of damages for physical and
mental pain and suffering resulting
from broken legs, mashed lingers, and
the like, and also permit the recovery
of damages for grief and wounded
feelings, if a man refuses to marry a
woman whom he has promised to
marry, and the same courts permit re
covery of damages for wounded feel
ings and indignity if a railroad con
ductor wrongfully eject . a passenger
from a train in the presence of other
passengers, and the same courts per
mit recovery of damages for indignity, j
Humiliation ana aissrace " trews
paper falsely publish that one has been
guilty of crime, as well as in other
cases where the damage is equally un
certain and difficult of ascertainment;
Whereas, In the States of Alabama,
Arkansas. Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana,
Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, South
Carolina, and perhaps other states, re
covery of damages is permitted in the
class of telegraph cases mentioned, but
recovery of damages in such cases IS
Whereas, the Juries in those states
mentioned, estimate the damages to be
allowed in all suits for mental and
physical pain and suffering in personal
injury cases for humiliation, indignity
and grief, in breach of promise to
marry cases, libel and slander, wrong
ful ejectment from railroad trains and
street cars, and in other like cases;
Whereas, we believe that the Juries
in Florida are as intelligent and capa
ble to estimate damages in the class of
telegraph cases mentioned as juries in
Nother states; and
Whereas, the Honorable John r.
Stokes, Senator from the second sena
torial district of Florida, has prepared
and introduced a bill to remedy the de
fect In the law above pointed out, said
measure having been introduced in the
house by Representative Ion I. Farris,
of the county of Duval; and
Whereas, the said measure upon Its
introduction in the house was referred
to the house committee on railroads
and telegraph; and
Whereas, the chairman of said com
mittee, the Honorable R. R. Tomlln,
representative from Hlllsboro county.
gave public notice in the house on Fri
day, April 11th, 1913, that said commit
tee would hold a publle meeting, In
committee room number - on Satur
days-April 12th 1913, at nine o'clock a.
m., for the purpose of considering said
measure, and hearing arguments for
and against the same; and
Whereas, said committee did meet at
the time and place mentioned; and
Whereas, Fred T. Myers, Esq., ap
peared before said committee and
stated that he represented as attorney
the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany, the "Interests most vitally af
fected by said measure," and the eaid
Fred T. Myers, Esq., asked that the ,
consideration of the said measure be
postponed until Monday afternoon, j
April 14th, for the reason that the said
interests represented by him were en- :
titled to a fair hearing and that he
has not had time to prepare an argu- j
ment which he intended to make;
against said measure; and.
Whereas, the Hon. John P. Stokes,
replied to the said attorney for the said
Telegraph Company calling attention
to the fact that he, the said Senator
Stokes, represented eight hundred
thousand people in Florida, who were
also vitally affected by this measure,
and that in their behalf he urged the
immediate consideration of said meas
ure by said committee on the ground
that he. Senator Stokes, had mailed a
printed copy of the substance of said
measure to every member of the leg
islature a month before the convening
of the legislature, and that he had at
the same time given to the press of the
state, copies of the substance of said
measure, which were published gen
erally 'throughout the state, and fur
ther that he had given a copy of the
substance of said measure to a Mr.
Warde. lobbyist for the Western Un
ion Telegraph Company, on the day
after the convening of the legislature
(the said Warde being present at said
committee hearing and not denying
said statement); and
Senator John Pr
further directed the attention of the
common and welllknown policy of the
Western Union Telegraph Company
and all other public service corpora
tions to delay the consideration of
measures before committees of the leg
islature In order that such measure
when reported, if reported at all might
die on a congested calendar; and
Whereas, Ion I Farris. speaker of
the house representatives, was present
at said hearing of said committee and
propounded the following questions to
the said Fred T. Myers, Esq., attorney
tor said Western Union Telegraph
Company, as aforesaid, vix:.
"Question by Mr. Farris:
; Q. "Mr. Myers I understand you to
say that you ask a postponement of the
consideration of this measure, because
you had not had time to prepare an
argument which you would like to
make against It?"
A. (by Mr. Myers). -Yes sir. I
have not had time to prepare myself."
Q. "Mr. Myers, Is not a fact that
similar measures to the one now before
tbis committee have been Introduced
into the legislatures of other states?"
A. (Mr. Myers, with hesitation).
"Yes. sir."
Q. "Mr. Myers, is It not a fact that
a number of states have enacted laws
similar to this measure?"
A. (Mr. Myers, with much apparent
reluctance). "Yes."
Q. "Mr. Myers, is it not a fact, that
the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany has appeared before the legisla
ture of the several states in opposition
to such measures as this one?
A. t (With much more reluctance). "I
believe so." ,
Q. "And, Mr. Myers, Is it not a fact,
that your client, the Western Union
Telegraph Company, has been making
these lights against the same kind of
measures for a number of years?" i
A. (Mr. Myers, apparently provok-1
ed). "I am so Informed.
Q. "And. Mr. Myers, you say you
ask for a postponement of this hear
ing because you and the Western Un
ion Telegraph Company that you rep
resent, are not prepared to present
your caser
A. (Mr. Myers, very much agitated)
T have not had time to prepare my
self. I have nothing more to say.'
And, Whereas, It was apparent to the
said committee on railroads and tele
graph that the said Western Union
Telegraph Co. and Its said attorney.
were seeking to delay the consideration
of the said measure by said committee.
not for the reasons assigned by the
said attorney, but for the reasons stat
ed by the senator of the second sena
torial district of Florida, to wit: m
order that said measure might be de
laved in reaching the house. In the
hope that it might die on a congested
calendar: and
Whereas, the Hon. R. R. Tomlln,
chairman of the said committee, then
and there stated, after the presenta
tion of said matters and things as
aforesaid that It had been the intention
before convening said committee, to
postpone the consideration of the said
measure, in the Interest of fairness,
but that it being made apparent to him
that the said Western Union Telegraph
Company and its said attorney, were
prepared, having been engaged in
fights of this character in a number of
states for a number of years, that he
saw no reason for any delay; where
upon, a motion was made and adopted
by the committee taking up said meas
ure for immediate consideration; and.
Whereas, the chairman of said com
mittee stated to the eaid representative
of the said Western-Union Telegraph
Company and Its attorney that the
committee would be glad to hear any
arguments they might have to offer
against said measure; and.
Whereas, the said Fred T. Myers,
Esq- declined to make any presenta
tion In behalf of the eaid Western Un
ion Telegraph Company, and withdrew
from the room in company with the
said lobbyist, Mr. Warde; and.
Whereas, the said committee, alter
hearing argument in favor of tne
measure by the Senator from the sec
ond senatorial district of Florida, care
fully considered said measure, ana
unanimously recommended that It be
passed; and.
Whereas. "The Flonaa Times- un
ion." in its issue of Sunday, April 13th,
under the headline "MENTAL. AN
TOATBSTS." impugning the Integrity
and fairness of said committee; and,
whereas, the report in said news
paper, under the head lines aforesaid.
is a base fabrication, in mat wb
charge is made that the Western
Union Telegraph Company was given
no opportunity to be heard; and.
Whereas, said report as pu.Dusnea m
the Times-Union as aforesaid, was
either manufactured out of whole
cloth, or written upon information fur
nished second hand, no representatives
of any newspaper being present at
said committee meeting, excepting the
representative of Dixie, in spite or tne
fiirt that nubile notice of said meeting
had been given the day previous and
said meetlnr was open to the pudiic
under the rules of the house; and.
Whereas, said - garoiea, misieaaing
and false report seriously reflects upon
the fairness of every member of said
committee; and
Whereas, if the representative of
said paper had been present and pub
lished the facts, it would have been ap
parent to the public that the Western
Union Telegraph Company sought to
deceive said committee and to delay
action by said committee and the
house for a sinister purpose, their
application for delay being a palpable
subterfuge looking to the defeat of the
bill by causing it to die'on a congested
calendar; now, therefore.
Be it Resolved by the house of rep
resentatives of the state of Florida
that this house resents the Imputation
made against the members of this
house constituting the committee on
railroads and telegraph, as published
in the Times-Union of Jacksonville,
Florida, a newspaper owned, controlled
and dominated by the railroads and
other corporation interests in Flor
ida as appears by the official records
of the railroad commission of Flor
ida, and as further appears by the rec
ords of the third assistant postmaster
general, and we take this solemn, pub
lic and official opportunity to warn the
people of Florida against the false,
misleading reports of this poisonous
sheet, which seeks to destroy the con
fidence of the people of Florida in their
trusted and faithful representatives
whenever such representatives do not
obey the dictation of the special inter
ests; and
Be it Further Resolved, That the
representatives of the press are hereby
warned that this house win not toler
ate false, garbled or misleading reports
of the proceedings of this house, or its
committees under penalty of expulsion
of the offending press representative
from the floor of this house for the re
mainder of this session of the legisla
ture; and,
Be it Further Resolved. That the
chairman of each committee of this
house be instructed to cause a report
of the proceedings of each committee
to be kept; and
Be It Further Resolved, That we
hereby endorse the action- of the com
mittee on railroads and telegraph in
refusing to permit the representatives
of the Western Union Telegraph Com
pany to delay action on the measure
before mentioned for sinister purposes.
Mr. Farris moved the adoption of
the resolution.
A roll call being ordered the vote
Yeas Mr. Speaker, Messrs, Acoeta,
Adklns, Andrews, Beauchamp, Bryant,
Bussey, Brown, Clopton, Darn all, Du
pree, Epperson, Feagle, Fenn, Floyd,
Goldstein. Gornto, Hancock, Hanson,
Harvill. Hatcher, High, Hosford, How
ell. Kite, Lacy, Lake, Lamb, Langford,
Leslie Leonardy, Light, MacWllllams,
Mapoles, . Martin, McHugh, McKinley,
Middleton (Bradford), Middleton (Put
num), MIckler, Miller. Newlan, O'Neil.
Agilvie, Parker, Prevatt, Register,
Rhoden, Robinson, Russell, Sanders,
Spencer, Stanford. Stevens, Strom,
Taylor (Gadsden), Taylor (Madison),
Taylor (Pinellas), Terrell, Tomlln,
Turnbull. Van Valzah, Williams, Wil
son (Manatee1), Wilson (St. Johns),
Worley, Yaeger 87.
Nays Mr Hendry 1.
Mr. Brown moved that a copy of the
above resolution, house resolution No.
68, be sent to every newspaper in the
Which was agreed to.
16 South Palafox Street
Keyser Building.
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Pensacola, Fla, April IB, 1913.
I desire to extend my heartfelt
thanks to the members of Talbot
Chapel A. M. E. Zlon church, the mem
bers of the G. IT. O. of O. F., and the
friends in general for their kindness
during the recent illness and death of
my late husband, Charles Bradley.
May God bless them, one and all.
Also, I thank all for the many beau
tiful floral offerings given at the
Styling himself as a "converted
merchant." of Columbus, Miss., James
McCasklll, an evangelist .proposes to
hold series of revival meetings this
week in a tent at the corner of Gads
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Phone 94.
The Pensacola Commercial Asso
ciation, at a recent meeting decided to
call a meeting of the, representatives
from various philanthropical and be
nevolent societies, to form a Travel
ers Aid society.
The commercial association is tak
ing the lead in the establishment of
the Travelers Aid society here. Be
lieving that it will be of great bene
fit to the city.
Such societies, are already in op
eration in the neighboring cities of
New Orleans, Mobile, Montgomery,
Birmingham. Memphis, Chattanooga,
Atlanta, Jacksonville, and Tampa, as
well as in most of the larger cities of
the North and East.
The organization of such a society j
here will make Pensacola a connecting '
link in a chain that is to reach from
one end of the country to the other.
There will be a meeting of delegates
to a Travelers' Aid convention. In At
lanta, on April 28, at which plans for
making the society, national will be
discussed. A number of delegates
will go from Pensacola, Mr. J. P.
Hurley, chief clerk to Mr. E. O. Salt
marsh, has been appointed chairman
of the Pensacola delegation.
The Travelers Aid society is a non
sectarian protective organization,
whose purpose is to protect, and safe
guard travelers, particularly women
and girls, who, by reason of inex
perience, ignorance, or illness are in
need of assistance.
This society provides information,
advise, guidance, and protection to all
travelers. It furnishes railroad and
boat schedule, gives Information con
cerning all hotels, boarding houses,,
places of interest, and amusement 1 1
the city. This service, is free, and
the agents are not allowed to receive
gratuities or fees.
The agent of the society meets trains
to aid and conduct inexperienced or
confused travelers, to their destina
tion in the city. This protection is
continued by co-operation with other
societies, or friends at terminal points,
until the traveler is known to have
reached safely her proper destination.
The travelers aid agent is known by
the official badge.
The Use of the Society.
Every year hundreds of young wom
en and girls, come to the city looking
for a chance to make an honest living.
Many are Inexperienced and ignorant,
and fall an easy prey to persons who
are on the lookout for such travelers.
Such things, do not occur frequently
in a city like Pensacola, but such in
stances have been known, and one
such in six months, is too much, be
sides we believe the kindly and help
ful advice offered by the agent of the
socfety to every new comer will be
much appreciated by the steady in
creased number of winter visitors to
our city.
The work is supported entirely by
voluntary contributions and subscrip
tions from philanthropical persons and
organizations. The societies partici
pating in the support of the Travelers
Aid are: "
Commercial Association, B6ard of
Trades, charity organizations, Daugh
ters of the Confederacy, Daughters
of Isabella, Jewish Council of Wom
en, Jewish I. O. B. .B., Knights of Co
lumbus, Girls Friendly Society, Y. M.
C. A. Y. W. C. A; together with lodges,
such as: The Masons, the Elks, the
Odd Fellows and others.
Pensacola School
of Music
Trains Teachers For the Profession
Every Grade, From Beginners to Concert Platform.
First-Class Staff of Qualified Teachers.
Piano. Vocal Violin. Viola, 'Cello, Cornet, Flute. Gultar.Mandolln, Pipe Or
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Dramatic Expression, Public Speaking.
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