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Section One
FRANK L. MAYES, President.
Threw Months. $1.?5 Weekly, year. $1-00
Six Months 2 BO On Week.... -10
On Tear .... 6.00 One Month .. .43
Office Journal Building.
Luna and Intendends.
Corner De-
Entered as second-class matter at
the postoffice at Pensacola, Florida,
under Act of Congress, March 3. IS 78.
Phonee: Editorial Rooms, 33.
nesa Office, 1500.
Foreign Advertising: Robert Ma
Qnold, Special Representative.
New York Office: Room 903 Bruns
wick Building.
Chicago Office: Boyce Building.
SUNDAY, APRIL 20. 1913.
Fifty Millions
For Roads. .
State Senator Stringer, of Brooks
villa, mo the news from Tallahassee
says, .will fight for his proposed fifty
million, dollar bond Issue for good
roads to. the last ditch. His bill pro
Tides for this stupendous bond issue
to be paid la fifty years and calls fe
a system of state roads that will con
nect each county seat with at least
two other county seats In the Ptate
The Pensacola Journal, along with
the great majority of, Florida people.
has never taken the Stringer proposi
tion seriously," but is ready to admit
tfcat the proposal, however audacious,
has In itself been conducive of good.
The very fact that any considerable
number of Intelligent people could con
template spending $50,000,000 on Flor
ida roads at one time, has concentrated
the attention of the state on-the con
dition of the country roads and has
moreover centered the attention of the
entire country on Florida.
We do not hesitate to say the plan
is impracticable. Should Florida issue
,$50,000,000 in bonds, they could not be
sold, except perhaps at ruinous rates
and even. If by chance they should be
sold, the main object of the plan would
it, locator! TTomeseekers would not
fall over each other in frantic haste to
buy property in a comparatively new
and snarselr settled state carrying
such a bond issue.
Florida does need a system of state
highways and this need is for the
present time. We want these roads
now. This is one of the Important
questions which the present legislature
is called upon to settle. It is a great
and vital problem and should be dealt
with wisely and carefully.
The convict lease system will have
to walk the plank. Modern civilization
demands this and we believe that these
nrnMmu Tnav in some way be
tied in conjunction. The abolition
of the lease "system should be made
to contribute to the establishment of
the state system of hard roads.
Mexico and China both want to bor
row money. Many other people in the
same fix.
Santa Rosa County
Edition Next Sunday.
For several weeks The Journal has
been working on a special Santa Rosa
County Edition wljich Is now almost
complete and which will appear next
The Journal has Issued numerous
county editions, but this will be the
largest, and perhaps the best, that it
has ever compiled.
It amasedt The Journal, as it will
no doubt amaze the public to find the
wealth of material which Santa Rosa
county affords for a work of this kind.
The county is large In area, but its
heavy timbered sections which here
tofore have prevented the settlement
of Its Jand for farming purposes and
the lack of adequate rail and wagon
road transportation, which is now
being supplied, have kept the outside
world from realizing how rich this
county is In. soil resources and what
tremendous possibilities lie within Its
Next Sunday. The Journal will tell
something of the vastness and rich
ness of Santa Rosa county and we
know it will prove an Interesting story.
If Josephus Daniels will open up the
Pensacola navy yard, he will be for
given for wearing white socks.
Tariff Reform
Sure to Come.
No tariff law was ever enacted that
was not to some degree the result of
a compromise. The spirit of give and
take must be employed, although in
our high protection laws, it was usual
ly the spirit of "take" that predomi
nated. General Winfleld Scott Han
cock was laughed at when he said
the tariff was a local issue. Under
the idea of protection. It Is that, pure
und simple.
But the democratic doctrine does not
recognise the ' principle of prtoectlon.
The Baltimore platform declares for a
tsriff for revenue only and the present
Indications are, at the fnal showdown,
al'. the democrats In congress will vote
for the Underwood tariff, bill when it
The Billy Burke
1 and
Bathing Slippers
All Prices and Colors
senator John Stokes is 'all to the
good. He is doing just what the people
01 iscaraDia county elected him to do.
oanta Rosa Star.
Pullets or Preps
If the state of Florida hId a-beautv
snow, OeLand would send more ex
hibits than Pensacola and Tampa
combined. DeLand News.
A Great Opportunity
One of the great needs of Milton
and Santa Rosa county is a canning
I factory. Here is an opportunity for a
small Investment that would pay the
promoter handsomely and be beneficial
to the entire county. Santa Rosa
Star. -
Calhoun county's special fish law
toolk effect on the 15th of April and
manes it an onense to fish in any
manner in the lakes and streams of
fresh water in the county between the
15th day of April and the 1st day of
June. For this reason the anerlers had
to lay aside the rod and reel last
Tuesday. Calhoun Times.
comes out of committee, although cer
tain Items in some of the schedules
may be objectionable to a few of the
members. . s
Economic conditions demand a gen
eral reduction of the tariff all along
the line. The high cost of living
makes It a necessity. The democratic
party demands It and the republicans
were swept from power as if by a cy
clone because they broke faith with
the public on this question .,
Business has been adjusting Itself
to the coming reduction In tariff taxes
for some time and with the enactment
of the measure now being created the
ccst of living will begin to gradually
be reduced. . And no healthy and legit
imate business will be interrupted.
The esteemed Times-Union is vio
lently opposed to Senator Stokes's
"mental anguish" bill. Of course.
Cost of Navy
Some genius with a head for statis
tics has been making up some com
parative tables relative to the cost of
some of the items In the maintenance
of a modern navy.
It costs $1,050 to lire one shot from
a thlrteen-Inch gun. The damage to
the gun is $555, making a total cost
of $1,605. This amount would pay a
good country school teacher three
years or would give a boy a four-year
course at a college or university. A
thirteen-inch cannon costs $55,569
That Is a great deal more than many
high schools or churches cost. The
cost of what is termed a snperdread-
naught is $15,000,000. This will build
6,000 new homes at $2,500 each.
One modern battleship would build
15,000 miles of hard road. If the en
tire cost of the maintenance of the
navy were spent in road building, it
would only be a few years before the
United States would have the best sys
tem of hard roads known to civiliza
tion. The question might be asked,
which serves the nation most, its ships
or Its roads?
Of course adequate armament for
our national defense is necessary and
this is Intended as no argument for a
weak and Ineffective navy. It is writ
ten to show the force cf comparative
statistics and to illustrate the fearful
Out of Sight
Say, Hub, you of the Gazette, where
are all those Milton widows you were
raving about? All the ladies we have
seen in this town look good enough to
De just sweet sixteen. Milton can beat 1
the world on pretty girls, but where
ccsts of war. Even the fear of war,
however remote, is taking billions of are the widows? Santa Rosa Star.
dollars from the people. But the red
phantom of war is forever in view.
After the Pistol
Toting Deputies.
The bill prohibiting the wholesale
appointment of deputies by the sheriffs,
now pending in the legislature, is a
meritorious one and should be and
doubtless will be enacted into a law.
It is an indication of a healthy con
dition of affairs for the legislature to
take steps to do away with ths. horde
oc pisioi-ionng uepuues.
. In some of the counties of the state
conditions along these lines were un
savory. Dozens of deputies were ap
pointed in order that they might have
a sort of legalized right to pack a gun
and scores of other useless deputies
were appointed for political effect. In
some instances this great army of
deputies were far below 'the average
as law-abiding citizens. To call them
peace officers would be ridiculous.
, . e
times they turned the administration
of Justice into a farce., .
The proposed law requires that each
deputy Shan give a bond of $1,000 pay
able to the governor.
Editor Pensacola Journal.
There is a continuous stream of well
meaning but narrow viewed people
who are forever trying to compel their
fellow men to do as they do: They
have adopted certain lines of conduct,
mostly severe and Puritanical; and,
even as an Irishman thinks there is no
place like Ireland, they are convinced
that' their noses point to the one and
only road leading to happiness here
and hereafter.
Perhaps there is no question con
cerning which these thoroughgoing
people are so rampant (and with some
reason) as the saloon question.
Where is no doubt that ever since
wine was discovered in the far-off days
of the Old Testament there have been
saloons: and so long as the world lasts
there will be saloons. One little crowd
will disestablish them and another will
At I resetablish them, here and there, and
For good hard scrappers, the Daugh
ters of the American Revolution are
commended. ,
Spring has came. The grown folks
np in Alabama have discarded their
shoes. The children went barefooted
an the winter. t
Colonel Roosevelt, Mr. La Follette
and Mr. Beveridge have already thrown
their hats into the ring.
o .
If the consumer and the producer
get together, what will become of the
poor, middleman?
Now watch brave .Claude LEngle
humiliate the proud and haughty senate.
now and again, away down through
the centuries.
X am of opinion that It is not the
saloons but the abuse of them which
causes all the trouble.
I call to mind the advice of the late
King Edward's physician wHen. after
a severe illness, the king asked him
what he should eat and drink and
might he smoke, to which the reply
was, "Eat what you like and drink
what you like and smoke If you wish
to, but do it all with moderation and
good sense.
Mustard and pepper and vinegar and
tea. and coffee and all kinds of nice
things are bad for us, yet we enjoy
them and live, and we don't close the
coffee houses because our lnsides are
being tanned a rich, dark brown; no
we just shuffle along and have another :
and make the best of it under the dis
tressing circumstances.
Mark Twain complained that some
people wanted him to ""drink what he
didn't want and eat what he'd druther
not," so he did as he pleased and got
Shooting at King Alfonso is getting v?. mu? PIeasuTe ln.U5e'
to be a habit.
Is there a Mr. Pankhurst?
Education, the abolition of the trust
game, shorter hours of labor, the , in
troduction of more machinery and la
bor saving devices both for house
Remember that your town Is what I work and factory, better wages, in
crease of production and simplifying
of distribution of food will all tend to
elevate the masses. The laborer who
carries planks ten hours a day runs
for beer as a duck runs for water.
Someone has said that, when tired, a
man drinks and a woman cries; when
life is simplified, and the chase for
the dollar is less strenuous, a large
proportion of the beers and tears Will
cease to flow..
you make it.
It Is almost as dangerous to be a
king as a baseball umpire.
After an, Vardaman went to Wash
ington without a hair cut.
Dr. Evans, Ex -Commissioner of
Health, says: "There Is almost no re
lation between skin diseases and the
blood." The skin must be cured through
the skin. The germs must be washed
out, and so salves havelong ago been
found worthless. The most advanced
physicians of this country are now
agreed on this, and are prescribing a
wash of wintergreen, thymol and other
ingredients for eczema and all other
skin diseases. This compound is known
as D. D. D. Prescription for Eczema.
Dr. Holmes, the well known skin
specialist writes: "I am convinced that
the D. D. D. Prescription is as much a
specific for eczema as quinine for ma
laria. I have been prescribing the D.
D. D. remedy for years." It will take
away the itch the Instant you apply it.
In fact, we are so sure of what D. D.
D .will do for you that we will be glad
to let you have a $1 bottle on our
guarantee that it will cost you nothing
unless you find it does the work.
Ask us also about D. D. D. Soap. It
The Crystal Pharmacy.
'?---'. JLI ' ". f?'i'lk
m -
You Have Heard of the
Front Lace Moat Fashionable.
but have you seen than? If you have
not we Invite you to visit our store and
e them on display In our window, all
this week.
- Prices $2.75 Up.
Exclusive Agents for the Celebrated "LaCarmiHe" Corsets.
Editor Pensacola Journal:
Will you kindly allow us space in
your paper to thank Mr. Wilcox and
the recorder for the interest taken in j
our son, Joseph O'ConnelL in regard j
to the bicycle accident upon the hill.
The accident was unavoidable as the
hill is so steep.
Joseph was awfully sorry and we
earnestly hope the little girl is not se
riously wounded. We also hated for
Joseph to be arrested at the age of 14
as he was so young to have to appear
In court. Joseph was educated at the
convent school and hated so bad for i
the Sisters of Mercy to read that he
was under arrest.
We again thank the Utile girl's i
father and city officials for their kind
ness in remittlnir Joseph's fine and
looking at, the matter In the light in
which they did. Thanking you in ad
vance for the space n your paper, we
remain j
Very respectfully,
Tt looked like a duel between the
parson and the choir," smilingly re
marked Postmaster Burleson In relat
ing a little incident that occurred in
Texas, "aid at the end of the ninth
Inning the score seemed to be in favor
of the singers.
"It was fat the morning service, and
the minisfer sitting in the pulpit with
& dignifle! expression, listened to the
singing ofj the' usual anthem, xnen ne
arose anq announced m a louo, ciear
voice: I
"My txt win be. "Now, When the
Uproar Had Ceased.""
For a tioment the members of the
choir looled as if they had been fed
on persimmons Instead if peaches, and
thit mot tosrether w in
Ice Cream "As You Like It
If You Like It
As It Should Be
Our Ice Cream is Ice Cream as it should be -rich, pure, tempting, satisfy
ing and healthful.
Any flavor that's good and every flavor pure and properly blended, serv
ed in any way as ice cream, "straight," in frappes and with sodas.
to loan in any amount on mort
gages from $100.00 to $25,000.00
each $100,000.00 to place with
in next two weeks
Deal with a concern that al
ways has the money available
for loans and when money is
most needed.
North Hill Home at a Sacrifice!
Two Story Residence at 908 N. Spring Street
This home is two-story, situated on lot 60 -feet
front on- paved street. Hand finished,
rift floors and frescoed walls. Large recep
tion hall, living room, dining room, den, but
ler's pantry, kitchen, toilet and stationary
wash-stand down stairs. Three large bed
rooms upstairs, each leading into elegantly
appointed bath-combination fixtures through
out. For ten days only this handsome home
is listed at
Private Branch Phone 2051.
We Get Results"
"The Rent Collectors"
softest kind of whispers began to talk
It over.
"As a result of the subdued confer
ence a slight change was made in the
tkm I mjmVral programme, and when the
sermon had ended and the organ
again pealed forth, the choir sang:
"Now it is Hign Time to Awake
After Sleep.' "Exchange.
He She has everything she needs to
make her happy.
She But it's the things she docs not
need that a woman, needs to mak- her
happy. Rochester Times.

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