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A new railroad I now operating train
Into th Deep Water City. A third road
la laying ralia. A fourth road la being
graded. You cant make a mletakd by
Inveating In Penaacola.
VOL. XVI NO. 120.
Congressman wilson
talks on postoffices '
in the third district
Wants all Under the Civi
Service ' Rules Take Examinations.
representative calls on
Postmaster General Bur
leson and- Discusses Mat
ter Hopes to See Demo
crats Placed in all Offices
Now Held by Republi
Washington. D. C April 30. Rep
resentative Wilson called on Post mas
ter-General Burleson today for the
purpose of discussing with him the
proposed plan of having all postmas
ters who were covered into the civil
service bv order of President Taft.
take oompetitivo examinations to de
termine their fitness for office. They
talked over the matter for some time
. . J writ--. . . ,
.nu n noon rnienuus xiupcs OI Beams
men of his choice placed in offices in
Florida in place of a number of re
publicans who were given protection
under i the civil service rules. After
leaving the postofflce department Mr.
Wilson, in discussing the conference.
"I believe the order of President
Taft, allowing Inspectors to name all
fourth class, ts wrong. These inspec
tors, who are .generally transferred
from division to division, are wholly
out of sympathy with our people in
the sense that a 'permanent resident
would be. I strenuously object to these
itinerant employees of the postofflce
department going into my district and
najning a man for the office , without
any regard to the wishes of the pa
trons of the office. Such a postmaster
after being appointed is ir many in
ntitnees object ionable,o the patrons of
thV office and my constituents.
"I do not intend to say, of course,
that this is applicable to any particu
lar Inspector, but I am decidedly op
posed to the system. , 1
"I sincerely hope that the plan dis
cussed of holding a simple examina
' tion at all these offices blanketed into
the civil service by President Taft,
and having the three highest men
ccxuiiea to , ine, aepariment or me
postmaster-general with the congress
man to chose the man, will be adopted.
In this way it will be possible to ap
point a man who can comply with the
civil service rules, and at the snmA
time be acceptable to the congressman
and to the patrons of the office."
T. W. Adams, of Jacksonville, can-
Jacksonville, is in Washington getting
Hayes Lewis, whose nomination for
collector of internal revenue has been
sent to the senate by President Wil
son, left Washington for his home
Samuel Fitts, of ML" mi. has arrived
litre and assumed duties in connec
tion with the senate chamber. He has
nlready noticed a stirlktng contrast be
tween working about every third day
when the senate is in session, and
working ten hours a day back ' home
as assistant clerk of the court at
12. J. Boswell. of Barton-. Mr. Bent
ley and Mr. Brocner, of Tampa, were
visitors here today.
Minnie L. Moody was today ap
pointed postmaster at Fort Dade,
ITillsboro county, vice A. Woodward,
resigned, and X. R. Whetson. at Mc
Intyre. Franklin county, vice D. A.
Best County in the State and the
Cleanest Paper in the United States
Editor Pensaeola Journal.
Milton, l-"-a, April 2J, 1913.
Tour Santa. Rosa Edition which appeared last Sunday surpassed by
far any description ever gven of this county. I want to congratulate
Miss Burnham and Mr. Chappelle f o their excellent work and the in
terest they manifested. In putting before the people the many and won
derful possibilities of our fair town and county.
However at this successful edition we're not surprised since we
had the best county in the . state as a subject and the cleanest paper
in the United States to publish it.
Wishing you much success.
Respectfully yours,
Commissioners Accepted the
Bid at the. Morning
' Session.
Washington. April 30. Secretary
Daniels began today a two week's trip
to include official visits to South At
lantic navy yards. The first , stop will
be at Wilson, N. C, where a banquet
will be given in his honor tomorrow
night. His itinerary for the remainder
of the trip Is as follows: Raleigh, N
C May 2 and 3; New Orleans, May
5; Pensaeola, May 6; Jacksonville,
May 7; Key West, "May 8; Charleston,
S. C, May 9 and 10; Port Royal, S. C.
Attention barracks, May 11; Raleigh,
May 12.
Atlanta Girl's
Murder Being
Probed by Jury
Atlanta, April SO. Without reaching
verdict as to the mysterious death
of Mary-Phagan. -the coroner's inquest i this afternoon adopted his bill provid-
adjourned early tonight until tomorrow ing for abolishing the convict lease
As a sequence of the meeting which
they held on Tuesday night in the of
fice of Circuit Clerk James Macgibbon,
the county commissioners met yester
day at noon to again take into consid
eration the bids for the bonds which
they had advertised 'and which were
placed upoji the market to be sold to
the highest and best bidder.
The amount involved in this special
issue was for $50,500 thirty-year three
and one-half per cent bonds, and there
were five bidders. The representative
of each company desiring to purchase
the bonds was given .n opportunity
ti- appear before the board to present
his own claim, individually.
As was stated in yesterday morn
ing's Journal there were four bidders
and the commissioners went into an
executive session Tor about two hours,
but as the bids all came within a frac
tion of the minimum price placed upon
the bonds they were rejected.
At the meeting held yesterday at
noon all of the member? were present:
W. C. Barrineau, chairman, R. B. Saun
ders, Marion Sheppard. J, D. McCurdy,
and W. A. Dunham. The only matter
to be considered by the commissioners
was the sale of the bonds. Represen
tatives of each of the - bidders were
BY FRANK Lr HUAISW- 'f t afcjd-wap&jp:pn.aft avAtoo
Plan of Governor Trammell
is Adopted by a Large
Vote and it is Believed the
Measure Will be Passed
bv the Senate.
Tallahassee, April 30. Following an
a ddress by Gov. Trammell the house
afternoon. At this afternoon's session
Interest was centered in the testimony
o G. W. Kpps, a 15-year-old newsboy,
who' was a friend of Mary Phagan and
who testified she asked him to call
for her at the pencil factory on several
occasions, because, she said, Sir. Frank
sometimes rushed out of the factory
ahead of her and winked at her as she
parsed.1 Leo. M. Frank, the factory su
perintendent, under arrest, did not tes
tify today.
Newt Lee. the negro watchman at
the factory, " also under arrest, today
testified at the inquest and repeated
the Ktory aa told the police, previously.
He denied any knowledge of the kill
ing. Several pol'cemen told the story
of finding the body. Other minor wit
nesses testiried.
Washington. April 80. Mexican
constitutionalists at San Dimas have Floyd good-naturedly turned to his
system on the installment plan, the
vote on the measure being 57 to 6.
The bill provides for the immediate
donations from the convict lease fund
for building a state prison farm la
Bradford county, and taking the first
installment of 300 prisoners from the
lessees in June of 1914.
Reductions will be made until June,
1916, when the last batch will be taken
from the lessees. The convicts will be
offered to the counties for road work
at one hundred and twenty dollars
each and those not taken go to the
farm. It is belivd the senate: will
adopt the same measure, in view of
the overwhelming vote in the house.
Representative Harry Floyd, who
was slapped yesterday by Senator Da
vis, takes the incident as a joke, say
ing he has been strucic-o .often in re
cent months that he going down and
get the governor to kick him and then
have himself declared to be a harmless
lunatic. ,
After the attack by Senator Davis
Washington, April 30. Secretary
Lane late this afternoon announced
the selection of Prof. Adouph C. Miller
of Berkeley. Cal., to be first assistant
fecretary of the interior department.
Kentucky Congressman Says that Con
viet Labor Was Employed in Ala
bama Mines.
Washington, April JO. Represcnta-
Kentucky, aroused
tive Stanley of
California Will Enact Alien Land
Law Despite All Advice of Bryan
eacramento, CaL, April SO. CaU
lornia's first step toward the enact
ment of, an alien land law, contrary
to the advice of Secretary of State
Trj-an and President Wilson, was
taken ' late last night almost imme
diately after Secretary Bryan told the
legislative conference that his official
message had been spoken.
The senate, before which the Bird-KII-Thompson
bill was pending, met
in a hurried session and within three
minutes voted to substitute for that
measure the new draft known as the
"V? ebb act, which was completed by
Attomv General Webb, yesterday. The
substitute was adopted as an amend
ment and the bill sent to the printer
"w ith a rush order.
Owing to the absence of Mr. Bryan
in Sa.n Francisco, whither he went to
iy a the guest of the Pa naon a -Pacific
Exposition Company, it is the plan of
toe senate leaders t ake no furlher
forced Americans there to pay ransom
of 13,000 Mexican dollars and have
confiscated their arms. Official re
ports today from Mazatlan Bay that
great unrest prevails among Ameri
can residents there as the Huerta
forces are said to be insufficient to
protect property. Foreign merchants
in Pedfas , Negras are alarmed over
a proclamation by Gov. Carranra,
chief of the state troop, authorizing
an interior debt of 5,000,000 pesos to
be guaranteed by the constitutional
ists. The proclamation says persons
refusing to receive or circulate any of
the money will be imprisoned.
:r.r,.7,r" ;iUfc7,, nr Z?. decidedly early date. It is safe to state
been a professor at the University of "4" V " "
..f , . , for quite a while was consumed in re- and that in srme instances corpora-
camornia since x. considering subjects that had already tions had runners around police sta-
been acted upon, the last being the tions to pick up persons arrested for
acceptance of the invitation of the minor offenses and send them to the
Pensaeola Commercial Association to mines.
j visit the Deep Water City in honor of "I want to ear," Mr. Underwood de-
i the visit of Secretary of the Navy clared, jumping to his feet, "that I
Jrsephus Daniels. The popular branch voted to put iron ore on the free list,
began activities with a hurrah that thus affecting my own business, but
betokened some real work, but the I can't stand here and listen to a
(hurrah is about the only thing that slander on my own constituency." He
action on the bill until Thursday, when bas been evident so far. "While there emphatically denied Mr. Stanley's
Ir will come up In the regular course is life there is hope." , charges.
friends with whom he was conversing,
saying: "As I was saying when in
terrupted," and continued the conver
sation as if nothing unpleasant had
happened. . t
The senate passed the Cone oyster
bill on second reading, but the measure
was badly crippled with amendments.
It also passed the forestry preserva
tion bill on second reading.
The bill giving St. Petersburg a
commission form of government was
passed finally by the senate.
The house of representatives will be
justly known in legislative annals as
"The Great Rescinder" if the habit of
rescinding acts is not given up at a
There were 'Five Bidders,
the HighestBeing J. S. i
Reese, at 9o.00, Which;
Price had not Heretofore!
been Offered; To Beari
r- -as . - I
Interest from October
1st, 1912. ,j"
It would be a good plan for each candidate for city commissioner
to read the new city charter very carefully. There are some provisions
governing the nomination and elect tion of commissioners that are per
tinent at this time. Most of them are contained in Section .i. Among its
provisions aro these:
Primary election -jxpenditures are limited to JSSO.OO.
No money can be spent for anything except the holding of public
meetings and the printing and distribution of literature.
Xo person or association can spend money for a candidate.
A sworn itemized statement of expenditures must be filed in the of
fice of the circuit clerk not later than 10 o'clock Monday morning. And
no money must be spent or promised after that hour.
This statement must show in detail Just how much money or other
thing of value was paid or promised, to whom, and what for.
The law governing the statement of expenditures is very important
and should be observed In every respect, else a candidate oven though
successful at the primary, would not be eligible to hold the office.
Remember also that ten o'clook Monday morning, is the laet hour
for the filing of this statement and that no money can be spent or prom
ised after tha.t hour.
Have Options on Many
Thousand Acres of Tim
ber Land in this Section
oy tne ooaro. .
Deputy Clerk x Thomas Johnson read
the bids and each was taken up and
given careful consideration. It was a
proposition which meant much to Es
cambia county and the commissioners
were determined, if possible, to secure
what they deemed, the very best bid.
The first bid submitted was that by
J. S. Reese, agent. In which a price of
95.00 was offered. The other bids
offered were: The American National
Bank of Pensaeola, 94.94; C. W. Mc
Near & Co.. of Chicago, ' 92.37; Mayer,
Deppe & Walter, of Cincinnati. 92.00,
and Spltzer, Rorick & Co., of Toledo,
On motion of Commissioner Saun
ders the bid of J. S. Reese at 95.00 was
accepted, the motion Ijeing seconded
by Commissioner J. D. McCurdy.
Judge Avery, the county attorney, was
requested to immediately draw a con
tract which is to be signed by Chair
man Barrineau and the purchasers.
All of the bids submitted were at
a net price for the bonds to be Issued,
with Interest accruing from October
1st, 1912. to date of delivery, which
w!13 be paid to the county.
In other words Escambia county will
Marianna Negro Sues Out Writ
Of Habeas Corpus; Says He Will
Be Lynched If Returned There
Cincinnati, April 30. Fearing that
he would be lynched if returned to
the South, Joseph P. Lang, a negro
I-reacher of Marianna, Fla., today had
a writ of habeas corpus issued to pre
vent the chief of police from turning
him over to Florida officials.
Lang was arrested here yesterday
charged with being a fugitive from
justice. He claims that in defense of
his home he shot at a group of men
who fired upon him In Marianna about
two weeks ago. Lang says he was
shot in the head twice during the fusil
Company has Intensive
Properties in Georgia and
Florida Intend to Ex
tend Operations in West
Florida with Pensaeola
as the Principal Point of
Fiscal System of United
States Governing Federal
Funds is Revolutionized
by Secretary McAdoo, but
it will Permit Larger De
posits in Banks.
Washington, April 30. The liscal
system of the United States, govern
ing deposits of federal funds in
national banks was revolutionized to-
day by McAdoo, who announced that
Was Surrounded After At
tpmntincr to Criminallv ; aI1 svernment depositories, active or
tempting TO riminail , macUvei wlI1 be required to pay two
and Shots were Exchang
ed Two Prominent IMen
Assault a White Woman' per ctnt irJt,rest annually beginning
on june i, uyoiv ctposits 01 tne gov
ernment. Simultaneously the seretaty au
thorized the immediate Increase of
ten million in government deposits in
national banks, which will make the
total more than fifty million, from
which the United States treasury will
earn more than one million annally.
In a statement tonight McAdoo
prominent white men were killed, and P"niea out m&i wnn me uaims pay-mignt attacked the barns of tli AsIk -several
others wounded in a pitched ln interest the treasury department ville Powr & Light Co., who;;.- n i
Hampton, S. C. April 30.-
Arriving in Pensacul.i. last niylu wn
Frederick Kauffmann, chairman of th
board of directors of lh Oeorgla Pulp
Wood Company, with headquarters in
New York.
Mr. Kauffmann lomes to Pensaeola.
for the purpose of making some, ob
servations, confirmatory of the work
done in this city and vfHnity by W.
Davis, a representative of the com
pany, who has hcen In the city for th
past few weeks.
The project, whn launrln-tl, will b
one of the greatest Industries In i'en
Kacola: the erection of u paper mill.
Mr. Kauffmann dirt ii't. twiy JriinitHy
last nlg-ht Just vvhern the mill would
be erected, as sever.il files are iindT
consideration and the options on thi
many thousands of Acres of timber
land had not been closed.
But there is no question ns to th
ereetioa. of the plant. Mr. Kauffmann.
before he left Xew York, bai mad.
all air ingements fr ?the financing of
the pr Sect. Pensaeola held out th
best prospects and it was here that tli
erection of the mill was decided upon.
Mr. W. J. Davis staterj lat night
that the prospects for the construction
of the mill were excellent. There is
a spirit of co-operation throughout
thi section which presages the con
summation of an Industry which ha
been a necessity and an enterprise
which ha been neglected. It i now a,
practical certainty. .
The Georgia Pulp Wood Company Is
capitalized at $1, 000,000 and have tim
ber rights covering over 400,00(1 acres.
Mr.' Kauffmann will look over thn
local situation, and then spend several
days in the adjoining counties. "The r
Is, every prospect," said Mr. Davis, n.
representative of the company, at tho
San Carlos !ast night, "that PcnHn
cola will soon have an up-to-date pa
per mill."
Mr. Kauffmann will be In the city
for several days.
Strikers Attack
Car Barns Of
Street Railway
Asheville, April 30. A crowd of p -
eral hundred men and boys late t-
5 ' Vf ZT iTa?f battle this afternoon aird tonight with will be able to keep larger amounts men are on a strike. Several window
of the bonds, which shows that the
credit of the county is par excellent
and that the bonds are always In demand..
THrOmrrt TIenrv Austin, a nesro. ac- n lne oanKS, tnus
cused of attempting to criminally as- ; amount or money in circulation.
if o wMt i-mnan at Lnrav. South i McAdoo also announced a radical
Carolina. The dead: J. Frank Bow- '.
ers, a Hampton county planter; Mag
istrate F. H. Edenfield, of Allendale,
MADE BY STANLEY &outh Carolina. The wounded:
George Hanna, McTeer Bowers, Dr.
S. C. Moore, and an unidentified white
assault at 4 o'clock this afternoon, butjcounTy Dor
was driven away. He took refuge In
the hills and a posse surrounded and
exchanged shots. At 9 o'clock tonight
the negro made a dash for liberty and
change in the nature of the security
demanded for the government de
posits. He will present a rule that
only United States or provincial gov
ernment bonds in the future will be
allowed. Banks can secure seventy per
cent with government bonds and thirty
per cent with high-class state, city or
increasing tne were broken bv bricks and stones.
The police charged the crowd aivl
arrested twelve. Six earn were oper
ated today by trike-breaki ri xm'-r
a heavy guard.
Chairman tTnderwood with' a "state- i escaped. Blood hounds are being
roent that convict labor was employed
tn. mil1! - rr A la Ho mm tVm
of business and undoubtedly will be
passed, it is said.
finally to the governor, who has stated ttll?" fne yJ0'
Joseph T. Porter, state health
Washington, April 30. Mrs. Williarn
Jennings Bryan, wlfo of the secrttary
of state, is taking a two dayn' rest
cure at a local sanitarium. Since torn-
POPE PIUS LEAVES HIS ling to Washington, Mrs. Bryan h;n
ROOM FOR FIRST TIME ad the tank of furnishing and getting
I settled in a large home as well a t
X for meeting the rreat social obligation
Rome, April SO. Pope Plus
the. first time since his recent illness due to her position as the wife fo
descended today from hla apartment cabinet officer. The absence of Mf.
to the floor below, where he generally Bryan In the west gave the opnor
holds audiences. Those who accom- ! tunity for a brief respite. Mrs. Bryan
panled him said that his holiness re- i expects to return to her h"mr tomor
covery was complete. I row.
Big Cannon Mysteriously Disappears,
Causing Great Consternation at
Chihuahua City.
El Paso. Texas, April ?0. Chihuahua
City is In fear of a constitutionalist
attack and it developed today that one
reason for this fear is the disappear
ance of the big cannon, known as "El
Nino." Constitutionalists captured tnis
River Stationary Despite Volume
Of Water Pouring From Breaks
that he will sign the measure at once.
The phrae "ineligible to citizenship"
Is avoided in the Webb bill by provid
ing two descriptions of aliens and de
fining the rights of each.
As the treaty between the Cnited
States and Japan speciSes that land
may be acquired or leased only for
residential purposes or for factories
bnd shops, the act is held
afternoon with other medicos to look
after legislation of different varieties.
Being asked whether he intended to
try to enforce compulsory vaccination
New York, April 30. From midnight
until 8 o'clock this morning a bride sat
shivering on the steps of Grant's
tnmh In trrMkinsr ditn e v.,,e
or make everybody "regular." Dr. Por- haad but forbidde to exchange even
ter laughingly declared that he was tne tcnierest bits of' honeymoon con
She was the wife of -Lewis "Bau-
t - rutting over the hill in favor of a com- hnrn c rr,
rigid restriction upon the acquisition JenF t' last night. Baumann had expected
of farming lands by the Japanese. SJJtlS to be relieved from dutybut an m-
the champion of regularity." How
ever, he and his medical friends are
going to have a decidedly hard time
Senator Leroy A. Wright, republican.
v, ho opposes the bill, declares that the
wording of the act is a subterfuge in
tended co deceive the Japanese, Dr.
David Starr Jordan, president of Stan
ford University, also fays the measure
tarries Oe 3tins of discrimination,
ccntrary to Secretary Bryan" advice.
1. 1 r- romantic police captain ordered him
f! ?ZltZV?:-?r: to his post as usuaL So his bride
rT.r, r:r;::r"r v,,jrrr:! decided to keep the watch for him.
a bill that interferes with the religious
freedom of Christian Scientists and
others who rely upon prayer for th
cure of liseaise. which fact seems to
(Continued on Pace Three)
Under the rules policemen on fixed
post are forbidden to talk to citizens
except in the discharge of their duty.
The pair left arm-in-arm this mora-
Ins at S o'clock.
New Orleans, April 30. Notwith
standing the gre-xt volume of water
r-nr, frm Brtme noint on the Parral pouring through the big gap in the
ranch of the Mexican Central railroad. Louisiana levees near Gibson's Land-
Now the whereabouts of "El Nino" is ing, the Mississippi river remained
worrying the Chihuahua City federals, stationary at Vicksburg during the 24
Refugees arriving here today, some hcurs ending at 7 a. m. today and at
by automobile, give information show- Natchez there was a fall of but one-
ing that there Is serious ground for tenth of a foot. This If not enoour-
fear of this attack. The constitution- aging data for the engineers who are
alists have recaptured Jiminez, an im- righting to save the remaining levees
portant Junction joint on the Mexican as it indicates that a greater quan-
Ctntral, they still retain Santa Rosalie tity of water than wxa anticipated
and they stretch from a point near from the crevasses near Maysville,
Parral northward to Bachimba, thirty Miss., is flowing back into the river
miles below the city of Chihuahua, at Vicksburg through the Sunflower
They have prevented the federals at and Yazoo rivers. Ilad not the break
Parral thus far from advancing a sin- occurred near Gibson'a Landing Sun-
gle step toward the relief of Chlhua- day. it is believed that the river stages
hua City. between Vicksburg and Natchez today
la the mining district the Parr-l WouTd be at least two feet aliove all
branch of the Mexican Central has previous records. T'.xcv- was u fall oi
been almost completely destroyed by three-tenths at Baton Rouge an2 two-
constitutionalist. tenths at Donaldaonville. At New
Orleana the gauge waa stationary. A
rise of several inches a day Us ex
pected from Red river landing south,
beginning about Friday with the re
turn of the water from the Gibson's
Landing crevasse. While the levee
are In better shape than last year at
all points south of Red river to tin
gulf, they have been subjected to the
strain of flood water continuously
since the January rise and if there are
cddltlonal breaks they will imt be alto
gether unexpected. The k-v-; at Rein.'.-.
43 miles north of New ;i:.u.ns, ii
again In bad condition un-l ',')' nt-.i
are working hard to pr. v at a nevu.vc.
There are other dan?er.-j.s .'jots in
the levees near the JlynitA'.L ;r-vaK.
of last spring and further i,p t!io riw r
r..ar Bayou Sara t!ire :. 'orjideruhl-j
The levees Just abm e .Wn' Orl.-an..
inelinUng the protection Oikeg whieii
,xtend from the river ii-li to l--ke
3'oatchartrain. wej-e inspected yester
day aiid said to he safe.

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