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People and Events
rwwM 6 e mnrc.
The Mackay-Bennett cane In from sea.
her smoke trailed low like a
funeral pall;
No whistles shrieked as she came
about, there was no hailing, no
far-flung call;
She moved all solemnly up the way in
silence she was warped to her
Anl thousands gazed, but no voice was
raised to fling a hail to the fun
eral ship.
Commoner, stoker and millonaire, offi
cer, steward and call-boy lay
Each in a casket to wait until loved
ones, putting their grief away
Should come and find them; and one
Bloom of Youth
Now Easily Attained.
has already been established under
the authority of the Board of Pub
lic Instruction for the grammar grades
5 to 8.
A set of resolutions was adopted to
be presented to the next meeting of
the Board of Public Instruction for
their approval, and a meeting consist
ing of Miss Anna McMillan and Mrs.
T. J. Holt was appointed to present
the resolution to the board.
The Ladies' Missionary Society .of
the F"irst Presbyterian church will
meet this afternoon at five o'clock. In
the church parlors.
(From Popular Science.)
Vou no longer need to "doctor" that
sallow. freckled, blackheaded. rough
blotchy, pimply or over-red skin. You
can remove it. irurtoad easily, painless
ly, inexpensively. By a new scientific
Y. W. C. A. WORK
In view of the local Interest in the
work of the Y. W. C. A., it is timely I
process, which anyone can 'use -ivfthm.t . to note what is being- done by the as- ;
assistance, the dead and near-dead sur- ' sociatiens of other cities, and in the !
fy following article from the New Castle j
diantly youthful and beautiful com- gives an insight into the work
plexion comes forth! Go to your drug- ' accomplished elsewhere through this!
gist. Ret an ounce of pure mercolizcd means:
mi niKnr aDD v enonsrh r,f this to
cover the face; don't rub It .Man Castle people were sur-
by one they came, and went '
with their griefs and dead.
Till only a littlest girl was left, with
rounded cheeks and a tousled
Only a littlest bit of a girl, who die-i
in the night and the sea and
But we know well that a father stood
ext moraine remove the wax with prised, but all were hierhlv cleased at :
arm water. The result after : fVw tho anr,nt,rr-c.rr.&r. ; -vtniair'0
s is astonishing. You wonder why that deflnte a-ranrem -nt? had hop-i
i secret wasn t discovered long ago. , aennte arrangements nacl Been
the wrinkled folks also take made whereby the old property of th
Put an ounce of powdered saxo- 1. M. C. A. will be mirchased bv the
l Into a half pint witcli hazel bathe x-,, . m tj
ie race in the solution and aav! .
rre's nothing that will so effectually 1 ms arrangement was made possible
as mercolized wax works equally well
on neck and hands. (adv.)
i thii
so promptly, smooth out all those hate- only throush the generosity and busi-
m lines. you ll nnd this lotion as well nf. fm-osiir'nt r.F i i,o;.r
"Not that it is the intention of these
men to make an mitricht sift of Mu
and elapsed her there on the i we wno grieve ior tne nttie ftaDe building to the Y. W. C. A. On the
wave-washed deck, and the Parents, eyes with their other hand they have agreed to buy
And we know, too, that a mother love alight; tne structure and will hold it in trust
clung to both of them as the i XJU PH "'""W- inarm s prouaes. fcr trle young women who will engage
ship went down;
Of all of the heroes who died that i
night not one could have her, j
she had to drown;
But the sailor knew, when he lifted
her In his tender arms from the
salted sea
might b proud to die as they i to raise funds to meet the. purchase
cuea tnat night;
-Judl M. Lewis.
One of the charming parties of the
From the necklaced share of the bfc by WUHam Pisner, Jr entertained yes-
tt 1
French Market Coffee
Has Charmed a Century of
Coffee Lovers
Laeroix of Paris is the designer of
this charming one-piece walking suit.
It Is made of copper colored char
meuse. A distinctive feature is the
narrow lace collar.
arms that a father's love was
about her; she
her baby arms round her
mother's neck In the hurry and
rush and the scream and call.
And the father clasped them against
terday afternoon at her beautiful bay
shore home for her gues, Mrs. Wil
liam Mason of Washington, D. C.
Tables were placed on the wide ve
randas overlooking the water as well
L .rm j th Spac1ous drawingrooir., ten TT " Vv n a - tlif.
his heart and his baby wasn't taK1- h o ftf n-J at than the w- C' A' In the short Of all th
afraid at all. L ll w.rir . fn time has been in existence here, it I
play. The rooms were very lovely m h accompiiBhed wonders not onlv in For rm
foliage plants and cut flowers, a pro-
His baby wasn't afraid at all. What fusion of sweet peas , poppies and
baby fears with Its father by? roses being used. After the games a
The mother looked In her eyes and dainty two-course luncheon was
smiled; she stood by the father served.
as brave to die. At bridge Mrs. R. M. Turner made
CI i , : J v. l,tv. , v...! trmw, "i-
TSS . wT ? J ' "7lu r"'s " taes of Christian living, has organ- mtle maid rPi&n right rovally and is
tav an A an th o v urn? in the nirtnro frame- a n H at hffnrta hiarh . . .. . . . - .. luuc "uu ln6US IIfi"L ivy any anu "
.... . -o --- - , i vo rt T h m into p aa:pq fnr flrnnp-f lsfio j . .j : . . 0
, , . . . . . -" - - - . . . . ...... . ' . I H , ' ! V Hi ll . I II I .1 1 II III
price by popular -subscription. It will
be necessary to do this through the
medium of a money raising campaign
of as short duration as possible, and
at one stroke wipe the slate clean of
all ol ligations. The property will
then be the property of the Y. W. ,
C. A. for all time and the latter should LITTLE QUEEN
easily become self-sustaining. OF THE MAY,
"This Is an end devoutly to be hoped "If you're waking, call me early, call
for. The News believes that there is j me early mother dear,
not a single organization in New Cas- , por tomorrow'll be the happiest time
tie which accomplishes more real good . Qf the glad new year
o glad new year mother, the
maddest, merriest day.
to be queen of the May,
the way of Christian nurture of our mother, I'm to be Queen of the
young women, but by actual assist- I May."
ance in a temporal way. It has i Each year at the annual Veteran
gathered in the girls who otherwise Fireman's p ionic, a May Queen is
might have been led into perilous chosen to share honors with them and
paths, has taught them the advan- for one long, sweet summer day this
hungry sea; score was made byNMrs. C. W. La-
Tie father went like a god, the wife mar, a beautiful veil pin. The conso-
wlth love-Ht eyes, and the babe lation was a pretty celluloid clock,
in glee. won by Miss Daisy Hyer, and Mrs.
And that is why when the babe was Mason received as guest7 prize a
found, after the night and the friendship circle pin, set with pearls.
crash and wreck,
The sweet face smiled, and the little AUCTION BRIDGE WITH
arms were a nfirfect clasn for a WITH MRS. WRIGHT.
mother's neck;
And that Is why there were none to
claim the little form in its gar
ments white,
The father said: "Women and chil
dren first!" and so the three of
them died that night.
Mrs. W. B. Wright will be hostess
this afternoon to the members of the
and admiration of her
effort and "given them a new vision friends.
of life worth while. The public in 0n Friday the May day celebration
general has little idea of the scores of Gf the veteran firemen will take pace
cases where girls have been rescued and Miss cecn steams, the small
from the brink of trouble and who daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Stearns
are now happy and content in the and a granddaughter of the late John
knowledge of their escape from the Webb, harbor master in Pensacola for
misery awaiting them in future years, twelve years, has been chosen as May
"And it has done more than this. Queen.
It has given the business girls of This nrettv little maiden will be
Auction Bridge club at her hospitable the cit' a P,ace to e&ther for social crowned at the city
home on West LaRua street.
and will
by Mayor
be dantily
recreation ana to rest, it nas proviaea pank Relly
food at cost on tne careteria plan, it gOWne(i as befits one who has been so
has taught those of them who had honored. She will be dressed all in
not embraced early advantages or had White. her crown will be of a wreath
The bright spring days invite one been deprived of them, the rudiments of valley lilies, and she will be seated
to out-door sports, and tennis and golf of domestic science, and it has in- m state under an umbrella covered
always the father and mother are favorite diversions. On Friday the j vestigated cases where its young entirely with white roses. Her golden
shall, beyond the bourne In the links at the Country club will be the members were contemplating changes sceptre will be tied with long, white
Land of Peace, scene of an interesting contest, a j of any kind, afterward offering advice satjn ribbons.
Be young and loving, go hand in number of society matrons and maids ! and by the influence of mature mem- , The little maids to the May Queen
hand, and heart to heart until to have a golf tournament, going down bers has endeavored to see that the wjjj De Cassie Crawson and Berna-
time shall cease; on the twelve-thirty car and having decision was not one to be regretiea dette Soderlind. who will also be
Always before them the little lass luncheon, then devotins: the afternoon i afterward.
shall run, her hair on the per- to golf. Playing will be Mrs. Ellis
fumed breeze, i Knowles, Mrs. William Fisher, Jr.,
Or weave a clover-wreath for their Mrs. William Mason, Mrs. Henry Bel-
brows, or come back to them to linger, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. George Her-
It has been non-sectarian and by
the association in work that it en
tailed, has brought the matrons of
the city and the woman workers of
clasp their knees;
daintily gowned.
A large and commodious pavilion
has been erected at Kupfrian's park,
in readiness for the May Day celebra
tion, and it is planned by the manage
And every day shall be Just as glad Mrs. Alba Warren, Mrs. Maybach and
as the first day of their love was Mrs. Crane of Fort Barrancas, Miss
glad, 1 Cora Mallory, Miss Ada Hilton Green,
The litt'.e mother who laughed at ; and Miss Genevieve Brent.
death, the little baby that went
vey, Mrs. Vincent, Mrs. Henry Lee, I the various churches, closed together ment to make the celebration one of
with dad :
Hair Beauty!
You will find it easy
and a "uro thine" to
have beautiful hair if
you apply
Instantaneous Hair Color Restorer
One application restores gray or faded
hair to any color desired, instantly.
Anyone can apply it; no after wash
required. One Dollar Bos.
Empress Shampoo Soap means perfect health
so ScsJp. L.ustre and Beauty to Hair ; ps
f eddish tint caused by Hair Dyes.
the happiest that
the anniversary.
has ever featured
in sympatny and errort.
"There can be then, no worthier en
terorise than this. It deserves the
heartiest support of every public MATRON'S CLUB WITH
spirited citizen. If the sum to be MRS. HEINBERG.
raised, Is subscribed, it will insure ; Mrs. Max Heinberg was hostess yes
to this splendid organization a per- terday afternoon to The Matron's club
manent home and one that will com- ' at her attractively appointed home on
Through the courtesy of Lieutenant
Yonge, the Girls Friendly Society en- pare favorably with any to be found West Cervantes street.
Joyed a delightful trip across the bay
on The Penrose last evening. The
night was an ideal one for such a
in other cities. j Mrs. ITerron D'Alemberte winning
"A multitude of memories cluster : first prizf and Mrs. H. P. Greerrtrat,
round this building which was the second. Mrs. Hubert Moog will enter-
The article below is from the April
14th issue of the Daily Mail, published
in Manchester, England.
Peter W. Atkin, the gentleman men
tioned in this article, has a large num- !
ber of friends in Pensacola who will
rejoice in his deserved good fortune, j
as this is an appointment for life.
Mr. Atkin is a brother-in-law of W.
S. Keyser, whom he has frequently
visited here in Pensacola. The Daily
Mail says:
Northern Legal Changes.
The chancellor of the duchy of Lan
caster has transferred his Honor Judge
Siurges, K. C. from the county court
judgeship of Preston to the county
court judgeship of Oidham, vacant by
the death of the late Judge Bradbury,
.-in.d has- appointed Mr. A. Srncer
HogS to the county court judgeship of
Fro-ston. previously held by his Honor
Judge Sturges.
The chancellor of the duchv of Lan
caster has appointed Mr. Peter Wilson
Atkin, of Liverpool, to be stipendiary
justice for the borough of Salford in
the place of Mr. Adam Spencer Hogg.
The son of Mr. George Atkin, a well
known Liverpool merchant, who took a
prominent part in Birkenhead public
life, Mr. Peter Wilson Atkin Is not
only a prominent barrister but has
also become known for his efforts for
the good of the community.
Educated at the royal institution,
Liverpool, and Mil! Hill school, near
London, he graduated M. A.. L. L. M.,
at Cambridge. While at the univer
sity he rowed on three occasions In
the annual boat race asrainst Oxford.
Called to the bar in 18S?, he joined
the northern circuit and attended the
sfssions at Carlisle. For some years
Mr. Atkin has had an extensive prac
tice in Liverpool, and is deputy re
corder for the city. He has also found
time to interest himself in philan
thropic movements.
In politics Mr. Atkin is a staunch
liberal, and twenty years ago he un
successfully fought the Everton divis
ion of Liverpool for that iarty.
As deputy recorder of Liverpool and
so a member of the Birkenhead bench
Mr. Atkin has shown himself possessed
of the judicial mind. He Is very pains
taking, and no trouble is too great in
order that the correct verdict may be
obtained. He is very much interested
in societies for the benefit and welfare
of boys. He was one of the first
magistrates to sit in the Birkenhead
juvenile court, and has done much to
reclaim young culprits who have
broken the law. The. Atkin family
have been well known In the Birken
head district of Cheshire for a large
number of years. They have always
been staunch radicals, and Mr. Atkin!
mother took a prominent part in the
work of the Birkenhead Women's Lib
eral Association.
RARELY good must a coffee
be that has delighted the
coffee experts of a century.
Yet such is the wonderful history
of the famous coffee of the French
Market of New Orleans. Richly
romantic and historic is the story
of this remarkable French Coffee
blend. Brought from Paris in the
early days of New Orleanf. it has
ever since been the Livorite of the
beautiful women ami famous men
whose names are intertwined with
the history of the South
Until the establishment of the
French Market Mills
Praich Market C fee
could be had nowhere in America
but at the French Market in New
Orleans. But NOW you all may
serve it daily at your own table.
For the old French blend is per
petuated by
The Same Unique Hygienic
Roasting Process
and French Market Coffee Is now
delivered everywhere in hermetically-sealed
"There is only one real old
French Market flavor" only one
coffee with a history.
Cer it from your grocer--today f
(Now Orleans Coffee Co.. Ltd.. Props.)
Save 60 cents
We make the following; remark
able offer for the next six days:
Six cakes Palmolive
One bottle Palmolive
All for 65 cents
The Crystal Pharmacy
The TkaaSmt Store
Phones 921.922.
Brent Bldg-
Rheumatism Qi'.ickly Cured.
"My sister's husband had an attack
of rheumatism in his a-m." writes a
well known resident of Newton, Iowa.
"I gave him a bottle of Chamberlain's
Liniment which he applied to his arm
and on the next morning the rheu
matism was gone." For chronic mus
cular rheumatism vou will find noth
ing better thaji Ciamberlaln's Lini
ment. Sold by all dealers. (Adv.)
trip and a stop at the island was gift of the late Ira D. Sankey to the ; tain at the next meeting of the club.
among the pleasures or tne evening.
OF W. C. T. U.
nenrle nf Xew Past le. If the srentle
soul of that sweet singer can look LADIES' AID OF FIRST
r, things terrestrial. he CHRISTIAN CHURCH TO MEET.
would bestow the benediction of his .c p aaes u ui me rirsi onris-
The W. C. T. U. held an interesting i hiessinsr neon the effort now being tian church will meet on t-riday in-
meeting on Tuesday afternoon at the ! made to perpetuate his gift as an stead of Thursday at the home of Mrs.
home of Mrs. Alice Shear, on Bayou j instrument for continued Christian W. T. Reager. S10 Kast Gadsden
Texar. Among other important mat
ters was a reading of a letter from
Hon. Emmett Wilson, representative
Mrs. Richard M. Gary, who has been
Th Pure Food Store. Where Qual
ity Reigns Supreme.
For the Most Delicious
Iced Tea
Famous Teas
In six varieties, all of
which we Have.
Sol Cahn & Co.
Agents Nunnaliy's Candle
Phone. 1720-1721.
work along practical lines.
"The building Is well adapted for
T. W. C. A. work. With a few alter-
from this district In Washington, to ations it can be made an admirable
I whom a petition had recently been an(j complete heme for the associa- so ill for seme weeks, is now rapidly
sent by members of the W. C. T. U., tion. The store rooms on the first improving, to the gratification of
requesting his influence for equal suf- j floor will bring in sufficient revenue, J many friends, who were deeply con-
frage. coupled with the independent efforts , cerned during her serious illness
At a recent meeting of the W. C. T. iCf the members to make the institu-
i IT n. letter was received frrm head- 4m coif.onotalnlnF at .ill times
quarters, from the Anti-Narcotic Sup- it will be necessary for Xew Castle
Lieut, and Mrs. MeCammon are en
tertaining Ir. and Mrs. Haisllp, of
i - - ' .,... . , ,., , 1 Pino 'Rli'ff 4rkansaa. u-hn arc hero nn
ti mieiiueui, osniug uiai usjwm wsiuuw 'people TO oe lli'fia.1 ill men suusvihi- '
j of the W. C. T. U. write a letter to i tions. The larger the number who
! the editors of twelve of the leading contribute, the better results will fol
j magaznes, giving their opinion of iow the future work of the associa
: some story appearing in each periodi- i tion. for all will then feel a propfie
I cal and having a "smoking hero," j tary interest in it and cheer its mem-
pointing out the reasons why the story bers on to greater deeds. This prin-
n-aa orrtve r) tiH that the fart that ; : 1 ..v,r,,-;i- ; j x-1 1 r.pi ifn -
the hero smoked in nowise added , indents of civic conditions. The 1 is to bear the name of Elizabeth
association itself has been thrifty and
has a tidy little sum which can be ap
plied, so that every subscriber can feel
that he is only helping those who are
willing and able to help themselves."
An army officer, noted for hi3 blunt
ness of speech, rudely remarked in
the presence of a clergyman: "If I had
a son who was an idiot, I would make
him a parson."
"Evidently your father held a differ
ent view, .sir," responded tra, c'.ergy
man, quietly. Boston Transcript.
steamer Glencliffo from St. VisMMtl
The Derwenthal la consigned to the
M. A. Quina Export Company and the
Glencliffe to Rix M. Robinson.
The GUenotifTe arrived about 4
o'clock yesterday afternoon and pro
ceeded to quarantine, but will be re
leased this morning at 8 o'clock. She
will be docked at Muscogee wharf.
Subscribe to The Journal.
An addition was made to the small
fleet of vessels in port yesterday by
the arrival of two steamships, both of
which will take cargo at Pensacola.
They were the British steamship Der
wenthal from Mobile and the Kritish
to the story, but rather detracted from
The Young Married Woman's club
was delightfully entertained on Wed
nesday afternoon by Mrs. Sam Kahn,
guests of the club being Mrs. Morris
Bear and her sister. Miss Irma Rose-
nau of New York City, Mrs. Leopold
Mayer and her mother, Mrs. Boden
heimer of Atlanta, Mrs. Friedman of
! St. Louis, Mrs. Monroe J. Elkan's
' mother, and Mrs. H. J. Greenhut i,nd
: guests. Mrs. Weyl of Louisville,
j The first prise was won by Mrs.
; Monroe Elkan, and the consolation by
j Mrs. Gabe Hirsch. Mrs. Morris Bear
i won the guest prize,
i At the next meeting of the club,
. Mrs. Jake Bear will entertain.
At a called meeting of the Central
Council of the Home and School
League held yesterday afternoon at
the Y. M. C A., that body enthu
siastically indorsed the plan proposed
at the Primary Grade Principals meet
ing last week, viz: To have a Vacation
School established, preferably in the
annex of Xo. 1, for the primary
grades. to 4, similar to that which
their honeymoon. Mr. htaishp is a
brother of Mrs. MeCammon.
Cards have been received by friends
announcing the birth of a daughter
on Amril I'Jth, to Mr. and Mrs. N. U.
Aycock, of Houston. Texas. The little
Parker. Mrs. Aycock was Miss R. Yon ,
tfKSs in tfri - Sktf skim zY comes from food which has fermented.
uas m ine tomacn Get rid ot this badly digested raatter
as quickly as possible if you would avoid a bilious attack.
Is a cleansing and strengthening medicine. It is a liver tonic first of all
and the liver is always effected when the stomach goes wrong. It puts life in
a torpid liver, helps digestion, sweetens the breath, clears the complexion of
sallowness, relaxes the bowels and puts the body in fine vigorous condition.
Sold by Dealers. Price, Large Package, Sl.OO.
Ask for the genuine with the Red Z on the label. If you esjsMf ft it. remit to us. we will send
h by mail postpaid. Simmons Upsf Regulator is out up Uo in liquid form for those wLo prefer
it Price tl.00 per bottle Look for the Red Z label.
3. B. ZEILIN & CO.. Proprietors. St. Louis. Missouri
V. F. Balkcom Drug Co.
"Vnsacola's Economical Drug Store
Phone 19. 17 South Palafox Street.
i of this city.
Perfect Skin Food That Removes
Wrinkles and Clears Complexion.
The most delicate skin will quickly
respond to the soothing and tonic ef
fects of Hokara and when this pure
skin cream is used, p'mplea are soon a
thing of the pajst.
As a massage cream OT after shaving
it is unequaled, removing all irrita
tions, and making the skin soft and
Apply a little to the hands or face
after washing and surprise yourself
with the dead skin that comes off.
Hokara is the only antiseptic mas
sage cream, and pimples, eczema and
all skin blemishes soon disappear when
it is used.
Although far superior to the ordi
nary massage creams ami sold on a
guarantee of "best you ever used or
money back," yet the price Is a trifle,
only 25c for a liberal jar; larger sixe
Sold on a guarantee by The Crystal
Pharmacy. (Adv.)
This afternoon there will be a semi- i
monthly meeting of the directors of !
Pensacola Commercial Association at
3:30 o'clock, in the association rooms;
! in the Brent building.
There are a number of matters of !
vital importance to be taken up for j
consideration, and a full attendance is
urged. The membership of the as- j
sociation is growing rapidly and it is i
considered one of the most progressive
commercial bodies in the South.
Most Prompt and Effectual Cure for
Bad Colds.
When you have a bad cold you want
a remedy that will not only give relief, i
but effect a prompt and permanent I
cure, a remedy that is pleasant to
take, a remedy that contains nothing j
irjurious. Chamberlain's Cough Rem-
edy meets all these requirements. It j
acts on nature s plan, relieves the
lungs, aids expectoration, opens the
secretions and restores the system to a
healthy condition. Th;s remedy has a
world wide sale and use, and can al
ways be depended upon, oold by all
dealers. (Adv.)
Opens Friday Morning,
9 O'clock
ReynalcTs Music Store
Lillian Creamery Butter
The Choicest Table Butter
in the Pensacola Market.
Comes Sweet and Fresh
Sold by McHugh Grocery Company,
Hoyt Bros. &. Co., Will L. Moyer. H.
Muller, Klein Grocery Company and
Ask your grocer for it.
Try it and help build up a
home industry.
Now on sale at
Watch for our Saturday
Night Specials.
The New Ready-to. Wear and Millin
ery Store.
And save on your grocery
bills. Two Stores.
E. B. Hoffman Sons
16 South Palafox Street
Have the Newest Goods
at the Lowest Prices
The Central Pharmacy.
Phone 17a.

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