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Section One.
Prospects for an actlvo week in the
bay are icod, as there are three steam
ships ready to start to work Monday
morning, each of them, to give work
, to more than half a hundred baymen.
As this woik will last through the
coming week, things are to be lively
.here for the time being, at least. Three
.steamers are ready for cargo today,
and cargo for' each of them is being
, assembled, so there will be no delay
,; Monday morning, if the weather is
The uteamships August Ieffler, at
Muscogee wharf; the Ros'.cok, at Per
dldo wharf; the Competitor, at Tar
ragona wharf, are the vessels to start
taking lumber and timber. The Au
gust Leffler worked half a day Sat
urday with two gangs, but the full
four hatches will be "turned to" on
Monday morning. The Competitor,
which reached port Saturday after
noon, will load for Alexandria, and will
start work . tomorrow morning. The
'Jtostock, which will be docked at Per
dldo wharf this morning, will also be
reaay to worn - tomorrow, uargo ror
.thin VABflat ( at alrAaHv An ro rm & nH
within easy reach of the ship's tackle.
A a i i
The British steamship Samara, Capt.
Thompson, arrived yesterday after
noon from Belize, with a caren of ma-
hogany logs, consigned to the Mengef
"I I . 1 T I Ml. f 7" - .3 tl
, xriLnt:r, iuuiaviut!, y- iiiu lue same
will be discharged from the steamer's
berth, which is on the west side' of
Commandancia wharf. This steamer is
also chartered to load either at this
port or Mobile.
Instantly suggests the remedy,
word to the wise is sufficient. Buy
a bottle this very day.. Be sure to
get Hood's Sarsaparilla, the true
blood purifier, prepared only by
C. I. Hood Co., Lowell, Mas.
By Gilfillan Scott.
were discharged, and one defendant
was bound over to the county on a
charge of stealing some sacks.
Island today, Str. Cessna,
2:30 p.m.
Twenty-one cases were docketed In
the recorder's court yesterday , morn
ing, and Recorder Protem Paulsen pre
sided. Finea amounting to $33 were
imposed. Six cases were continued,
four were nol pressed, two 'defendants
Cited His Rupture
I was badlv runtured while Hftinjr n
trunk several years ago. Doctors said
my only hope of cure was an operation.
Trusses did me no good. Finally I got
hold of something that quickly and com
pletely cured me. Tears have passed and
the rupture has never returned, although
I am doing hard work as a carpenter.
There was no operation, no lost time, no
trouble. I have nothing to sell, but will
give full information about how you may
find a complete cure without operation,
if you write to me. Eugene M. Pullen.
Carpenter, 856 Marcellus Avenue, Manaa
quan, N. J. Better cut out this notice
and show It to any others who are rup
tured you may save a life or at least
stop the misery of rupture ajid the
.worry, and danger of an operation. adv
A Winter Cough.
A stubborn, annoying, depressing
cough hangs on, racks the body, weak
ens the lungs, . and often leads to se
rious results. The first dose of Dr.
King's New Discovery gives relief.
Henry I. Canders, of Cavendish, Vt..
was threatened with consumption, aft
er having pneumonia. He writes:
"Dr. . King's New Discovery ought to
be In every family; it is certainly the
best of all medicines for coughs, colds
or lung trouble." Good for children's
coughs. Money back If - not satisfied.
Price 50c. and $1.00. At all druggists.
H. E. Bucklendt Co., Philadelphia or
St. Louis. (Adv.
Seven thevsand bales of cotton were
exported on the Spanish steamship
Ida, which cleared and sailed yester
day for Liverpool. This was the larg
est of the late shipments of the staple
from Pensacola, and was valued at
$365,831. The entire cargo on this
steamer, which consisted of a num
ber of articles, was valued at $437,166,
the most valuable cargo exported dur
ing the present month. Among the
vessel's cargo was a consignment of
2,208 pigs of copper.
The next cotton shipment from this
port of &.ny consequence Is listed for
the steamship August Belmont, which
is on her way here from Baltimore,
having left that port FebrJu--The
Belmont will load out foil
Another lot of cotton, wn!T3Tsied
for Liverpool, will be exported on the
steamship El O. Saltmarsh, which is
due the latter half of February.
"It's easy enough to be pleasant,
When life flows by like a song;
But the man worth while is the maa
with a smile
When everything goes dead wrong."
Optimism Is the habit of looking on
the bright side.
i Pessimism is the habit of looking
on the dark side.
The pessimist sees only the cloud.
The optimist pees the silvr-r lining.
He knows the cloud is there all right'
but he looks at it from the proper
angle and with a smiling face and he
catches the reflection of his own smile.
In a previous article I commented
upon various kinds of contagion, in
cluding laughter, bravery, fear and
anger, all of which are contagious by
the force of EXAMPLE.
Reflection along this line reveals an
overwhelming responsibility upon each
of us towards our fellow humans.
! As example is a mighty force, we
need to be perpetually careful how
we exercise it
Walk down the street and meet
'smiling faces; and, unless your liver
Is at war with you, you'll smile with
out considering why; but, if you meet
sour, grouchy faces, It wor.'t be so
easy to smile, and you'll possibly feel
sour without knowing why.
Example therefore must be remem
bered all the time.
We need to bot'le up troubles which
can't be remedied and cork them tight,
or they'll spill around like ink and
discolor everything within reach
Optimism promotes remedies for
Pessimism does but aggravate
We can cultivate which we choose.
If you prefer melons why cultivate
If the world has handed you a lemon
what's the use of cultivating it and
water' rig it with the tears of self-pity?
Optimism can be cultivated .until It
becomes a HABIT, and habit is only
a matter of time.
A baseball pitcher practices a cer
tain twist of the ball many hundreds
of times until it becomes a habit.
We practice all kinds of actions, such
as the motions in swimming, the steer
ing of an automobile, the balancing of
v ' - v y -
jut A vj Asr-X-
f v S
t J
calm deliberation, deals with one at a
When meal time arrives he dismisses
thought and eats, and whn bed time
arrives he dismisses thought and
So he conserves his energy and
maintains his sanity, yet accomplishes
his ends.
As this method succeeds in dealing
with ordinary business so it will suc
ceed in dealing with troubles.
With your list of troubles before
you and your determination made to
deal with them in a businesslike way
your troubles are already half over
come, for a job well begun is half
Why am I discussing troubles?
Because pessimism is the cause as
well as the result of allowing troubles
the body on one leg at a time in walk- to fester; a double barrelled gun di
rected against yourself; whilst opti
mism is a mainspring Inducing and
W. A, Norsworthy, residing on East
Belmont street, stepped on a nail pro
jecting from a picket, late Friday
afternoon, and sustained a severe
wound, the nail penetrating his foot
to the length of more than an Inch.
He is able to get around, with the
aid of a ;alr of crutches.
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Right Here.
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Ar Frederic J. Has kin
The Pensacola Journal
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this book. The Pensacola Journal has arranged with Mr. Haskin to '
distribute a limited edition among Its readers for the mere cost of
production and handling.
It is bound in heavy cloth. It contains 403 pages. 100 illustra
tions and diagrams, an index, and two maps (one of them a beau
tiful bird's-eve view of the Canal Zone in four colors). IT IS AC
Cut the above coupon from six consecutive issues of the paper,
present them with BO certs at our office, and a copy of the book
is yours. Fifteen cents extra if rent by maiL
OUR GUARANTEE: This Is not a money-making scheme. The
Pensacola Journal will not make a renny of profit from this cam
paign. It has undertaken the distribution of this book solely be
cause of 18 educational merit and whatever benefit there is to be
derived from the good will of hose who profit from our offer. The
Pensacola Journal will cheer'ully refund the price of the took to
any purchaser who is not satisfied with it
Ing, until we do these things with ease
and certainty.
A man may shave every morning
without f?ar of lopping one of his
ears or cutting a slice off his nose.
Because he has made shaving a
habit and practice makes perfect.
If habit is bo strong a force that it
can make difficulties easy, isn't it the
height of good Judgment to lay hold
of habit with both fists n.nd use it?
v If habit will help you in baseball,
i"v swimming. In steering an automo
bile. In walking, in shaving and in
finding your mou'h with a fork (no.
you musn't eat with a knife and very
seldom with a spoon), why not make
habit help you to be an optimist?
The world needs optimists to
I u 1 kn m i
V'J Li S VwiJk It. .
i The cz
li tl
at ths
um IW'SWW.'UJM"! ti.wm .iHM I l I' ' I ' " i r ;-- ll li gl i I -711 n . n, ) yi minij
liiii Iii'it' tiimttummmi I an l! T1 "rii 'i-'Viii In Mmt : "''it ii'lf ' tm n ii n rWnii 2 urn mik i ti
is a fortunate thin for many women
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suggesting lines of action to overcome
troubles; and action is the finest anti
dote for worry because definite work
is a relief from indefinite doubt.
Fear and la"ziness and falso pride
produce pessimists.
Kear of having to do what we don't
like doing, something laziness and
pride object to. can cause more trouble
than the doing.
We will go miles- further round t
rather tha go back and ladfnit that
we started wrong.
The pessimist is pig headed; and.
having tarted wrong, will' grouch and
grunt and persist in plugging along in
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, .Jl("
it and cheer it and make it feel good;
that optimism and pessimism are the
the wrong direction, cursing the world results of habit; that the way of the
and finding fault with the roughness transgressor is hard (and we are all
brighten it and help it in times of of the rough road whilst he tramps jof us trangressors at times); that the
runner ana runner rrom the smooth .overcoming of a bad namt ana me
road. (forming of a good habit takes consid-
The optimist has learned the leson era-ble time, is very hard at the start
of eternal vigilance; laughs at fear; but becomes easier each clay because
kicks laziness ;admits he's wrong with 'the old habit loses its pull and the
a. smile: takes a good took around .new habit gets stronger,
him; spots the right road and shouts You can amuse yourself testing
the news to the pessimist, who only habit by keeping your money In your
growls and doggedly refuses to listen left pocket for a week or two and
then changing to your ngni yocKei.
Did it ever occur to you to write
a list of your troubles?
I'll bet you never did.
Just take a pencil and paper and
sit down in front of yourself and say,
Be businesslike about it and unload
the whole lot on paper without reser
vation. Now you have the situation before
you in concrete- form in place of car
rying around 'in your brain a con
fused mass of troubles each trying
to be considered first.
An experienced lawyer or doctor or
merchant or statesman (Woodrow
Wilson for instance) makes a list of
matters demanding attention; and.
without fussing cr worrying, but with
Take a glass of Salts if yoor Back
hurts or Bladder bothers Heat
forms uric acid.
Daniel Out-Danieled.
Andrew's grandmother had been
telHns him Bible stories, his favorite
being that of Daniel In th lion's den.
At th? age of four he was taken to
a circus for the ftrt time. When the
iion tam"r put his head into the lion's
mouth ndrew's excitement knew no
bounds. Jumping up and down he
gle-efully screr imd :
"Kay, that knocks tho spot off Drtn-iel?"
to reason.
The pessimist lives In his own little
The optimist dreams of heaven.
How is a pessimist to become an op
timist? By the seme means a drunkard be
comes temperate; or a man of vio
lent temper becomes reasonable; or a
spendthrift becomes a sa'er. with com
fortable possessions, and an easy mind.
Here we are drawn back to our
'fipr-ri HA PIT: commencing with DE
And, !f habit Is to help us to be op
timists, the question arises how long
does it take to form a habit?
It depends upon the habit.
Also It depends upon the Individual.
Again, It depends upon the handi
cap. Sweeping lfs and buts aside, how-
jever, let's recognize that all possible
action can become habit, the length
of time required to form the habit
varying with the conditions.
This is a pafe and sound proposition.
Among the prverfll item of nrf)
aboard the Spanish i'am.htp 1. 1
which cleared and ail-l-" yt Mcni i .
for Liverpool, were fo;ir !.Trr''!M
honey be. which were ta!tTi nhini.
the steamer nt a Cuban port. The
are being carried to a dnh-v in I'm,
land. Other ltrtus aboard Ihe rit'nrort
wero two capes of lace s imple nt) I
2,253 mahogany hoard.
You'll find your left hand proping away
in that empty pocket and you'll have
cold chills running up and down your
spine In sudden panic that you've been
"touched," until you remember that
other confounded pocket with a sigh
' r .V). .T.r .nnU.B fA tAoa
Ji. UUUISO TJIiiJT I 1 ' 1 1 11'',.
who have pockets and money. Those
who have neither must just set to
work to get both' eo thit they can
try it, for they axe the ones this article
is especially written for.
Now a final word concerning the
uses of optimism.
Of couree optimism is a branch of
Philosophy; and no kind of philosophy
is worth a cent unless It is put to
practical use.
Trouble time is test time.
Studying philosophy Is like prepar
ing for war In time of peace.
If troubles ceased philosophy would
Hence acquiring optimism means
preparing for trouble. j
We have all heard that clever lit-
tie sentence "never trouble trouble 'till
If you must have your meat every
day, eat it, but flush your kidneys with
salts occasionally says a noted auth
ority who tells us that meat forms uric
acid which almost paralyzes the kid
neys in their efforts to expel It from
the blood. They become sluggish and
weaken then you suffer with a dul
misery in the kidney region sharp
pains in the back or sick headache,
dizziness, your stomach sours, tongut
is coated and when the weather la bad
you have rheumatic twinges. The
urine gets cloudy full of sediment the
channels often get sore and irritated,
obliging you to seek relief two or thret
times during the night.
To neutralize these Irritating acids,
to cleanse the kidneys and flush eff
the body's urinous waste get four
ounces of Jad Salts from any phar
macy here; take a tablespoonful for
a few days and your kidneys will then ;
I am in sympathy with all wrong trouble troubles you," but wise- men
doers wh?n I say that it does appear
If a man starts self reform everything
is against him
I believe the law of the survival of
the fittest works against him.
If he can stand to his guns and grin
and bear for a little While, however,
he will soon feel a sense of WINNING.
That will give him courage.
If he backslides It will mean be
ginning all over again; but. If he grits
his teeth and hangs on tight, the law
which hindered him will relax and the
law of good habit will begin to help.
Each day of continued grip will find
him one day further from his old self,
one day stronger, one day nearer to
the formed habit.
Those early days are precious days
and they are hard days.
take the precaution to be always pre
pared for trouble.
We have also heard that our great
est troubles are those which never
come; the trouble consisting of fear
jof the coming.
Fear is a destroyer of energy, and he
who spends' his energy fearing trouble
will have no energy to meet it when
It comes.
The optimist escapes all that.
He has formed the habit of looking
for the rllver lining; and, no matter
how dark the cloud, he Invariably sees
the bright side.
Habit helps him and prevents fear
from hindering him.
He is the man who wins out whilst
others go under in a crisis. His habitual
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act fine. This famous salts is made transrormea into a sensioie xeuow.
from the acid of grapes and lemon
juice, combined with Iithla and has
been used for generations to flush and
stimulate sluggish kidneys, also to neu
tralize the acids In urine, so it no
longer irritates, thus ending bladder
Jad Salts is inexpensive; cannot in
jure, and makes a delightful efferves
cent lithla-water drink. (Adv.)
I brightness renders him capable whilst
A pessimist is being converted into 'others become crushed and incapaMe.
an optimist. A mistaken man Is being it is tne optimist who leads the
forlorn hope, and if he fails it is be-
l es. it takes time. cause the pessimists stand n his way.
Sudden conversions mean sudden j i would rather be an optimist and
convulsions, and your get-good -quick . mistaken than a pessimist and right.
schemes tra like your get-rich-quick
They are the exceptions that prove
the rule.
It is admitted then that optimism
is good and pessimism is bad; that
the world needs optimists to brightea
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I would rather live in a fool's para
dise than a too-wise hell.
Pessimism means a life of misery.
Optimism means hopefulness,
strength to fight adversity and never
say die. and it conduces to LONG
For Protection.
A small boy had been vaccinated,
and afte rthe opeartion the doctor pre
pared to bandage the sore arm, but
the boy objected.
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