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Section Two x
The Mystery j
of the
i Boule Cabinet
ii -
Copjrrigrht. 1913. by Burton E.
T-h-m-i 1 1 1 m i 1 1 h -m-h-i-h-h
(Continued from First Page.)
""BIt was Hopem. FTe's almost hysteri
cal. We'll get tbe story as soon as be
onlet down."
Some one railed hlra from the door
tod be turned away, leaving me n tar
ing blankly at nothing. So there bad
beeo a woman tn Vanrlne's life: Per-
"Leek heral" hs eried again,
baps that waa why be bad aerer mar
tied What ogly skeleton was to be
dragged from Its clonet?
Bat If a woman killed Vantlne. tbe
am woman also killed D'Aurelle.
where was ber hiding place? From
yrtaat ambush did she strike?
Jl glanced about tbe room as a tre
mor of horror seized me. 1 arose.
Shaking, from the chair and jrroped my
way toward tbe door. Godfrey beard
me coming, swung around and. with
ne glance at my face, came to me and
caught me by tbe a rata.
Be led me into tbe ball, and a second
Class of brand; gar me back some
thing of my self control. 1 waa
ashamed of my weakness, but when 1
glanced at Godfrey 1 uv now wblte
bis face was.
"Better take drtak yonrmetf." I said
J beard Luv decaatar rattle on tbe
"1 donf knew wbea I bare beea so
shaken." be satd. setting the gls
down empty. "It waa so grewson
so unexpected and then Queers carry
ing on like a madman. Ah. here's tbe
doctor. be added, as tbe front door
opened and Parks showed a man in.
r knew Dr. Hughes, of course, re
turned bis nod and followed him and
Godfrey into the anteroom. I beard
Godfrey telling bim all be knew, while
Hughes listened with Incredulous face.
"But it's abnurd. you know!" be pro
tested. when Godfrey bad finished.
"Things like this don't happen here in
New York. In Florence, perhaps, in
the middle apes; but not bere In tbe
twentieth -nfiiryr
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"I can acan-ely believe my own
senses." Godfrey agreed "But I saw
the French ma a lying here this after
noon: and now here's Vantlne."
Elugbes turned back to tbe body
again, and looked Ions nd earnestly
at tbe injured baud.
,. "What sort of instrument made this
wound, would you say. Mr. Godfrey?"
he questioned at last
A sharp Instrument with two prongs.
My theory is that tbe prongs are bol
low,' like a hypodermic needled and
leave a drop or two of poison at the
bottom of the wound. You see, a rein
has Iwd cut-
Yes. Hushes assented "It wonld
scarcely be possible to pierce the hand
bere without striking a vein. One of
the pronjrs would be sure to do It."
"That's the reason there are two of
them. I fancy."
"But you are. of course, awn re that
no poison exists which would act so
quickly?" Hughe luquired.
Godfrey looked at him strangely.
"You yourself mentlom-d Florence a
moment ago." he said. "You meant. I
suppose, that such a poison did at one
time exist tiere?"
"Something of the sort, perhaps."
agreed Hughes
"WelL the poNon that existed In
Florence fire centuries ago exists here
today There's the proof of It." and
Godfrey pointed to the body.
"But what sort of devilish Instrn
ment Is It?" cried Fliijrh.es. his nerves
giving way for an Instant his voice
mounting shrilly "Above all. who
wields it?" Then be shook himself
"There Is something snpematnral
about It something I can't understand.
How does It happen that each of the
victims is struck on tbe right hand?
Why not on the left band? Why the
hand at all?"
Gdfrey answered with a despairing
"That Is what we've got to find oat,"
be sn'd.
"We shall have to call tn tbe police,
suggested Hughes. "Maybe they can
solve It"
Godfrey smiled, a little skeptical
smile, quickly suppressed.
"At least they will have to be given
tbe chance,' be agreed. "Shall I at
tend to it?"
"Yes." said Hughes, "and yon would
better do It right away. The sooner
they get here the better."
"Very well. assented Godfrey, and
left tbe room.
Hughes sat down- heavily on the
couch near the window and mopped
bis face again with a shaking band.
That was a trying half hour. Hughes
sat on tbe couch, breathing heavily,
staring at the floor. As for me. 1 was
thinking of my dead friend. I remem
bered Philip Vantlne as 1 bad always
known bim a kindly, witty. Christian
gentleman. That such a man should
be killed like this, struck down by a
mysterious assassin, armed with a poi
soned weapon 1
A woman! But why should she have
chosen Philip Vantlne of all men for
ber victim Philip Vantine. wbo bad
never injured any woman? And then
I paused, for 1 realized that I knew
nothing of Vantine except what he
bad chosen to tell me. Parks would
know. And then I shrank from tbe
thought Must we probe that secret?
Must we compel a man to betray bis
The door opened and Godfrey came
In. This time be was not alone. Sim
monds and Goldberger followed bim.
and tbelr faces showed that tbey were
as Ehaken and nonplused as I. There
was a third man with them whom 1
did not know, but I soon found out
that It was Freylingnulsen, the coro
ner's physician.
Instead of getting to work. Gold
berger walked up and down, pulling im
patiently at bis mustache and glancing
at his watch now and then. He seem
ed to be waiting for some one. but not
until twenty minutes later did 1 sus
pect who it was. Then the door open
ed again to admit a short, heavy set
man, with florid face stubbly black
mustache and little, close set eyes, pre
tematurally bright
"This Is Mr Lester. Commissioner
Grady." said Goldberger. and I realized
that the chief of the detective bureau
had come up from headquarters to
take personal charge of the case. "Mr.
Lester is Mr Vantine s attorney." the
coroner added. In explanation. ,
"Glad to know you, Mr Lester." said
Grady shortly.
"Aud now. I guess, we're ready to
begin." went on tbe coroner.
"Not quite." naid Grady grimly.
"We'll excuse all reporters first." and
be looked across at Godfrey, his face
I felt ray own face flushing and
started to protest, but Godfrey silenc
ed me with a little gesture.
"It's all right Lester." he said "Mr.
Grady is quite within his rights. I'll
withdraw until he sends for me."
"You'll hare a long wait, then!" re
torted Grady, with a sarc astic laush
"The lonsrer I wait the worse It will
be for yon (Mr Grady." said Godfrey
quietly, opening the door and closing
it behind him
"AH right. Goidhenrer." snld Grady,
and sat down to watch the proceed
ings. A very few rninntes sufficed for
Hughes and Freylinhuisen nd I to
tell all we knew of this tn-jredy and
of the one whSch had preceded It
"You've got a dst of the servants
here, of course, Siumionds." Grady
said when be had finished the story.
"Yes. sir." aud Simiiiouds banded it
to him.
"Il'mr said Grady as he glanced
over it "Five ot "em. Know any
thing about em?"
"They've all been with Mr Vantlne
a long time, sir." replied Slmmouds.
"So far as I've been able to Judge
they're all right"
"Which one of "em found Vantlne's
body ?"
"Parks. I thin'.c" I said. "It was he
who called me."
"Ketter have bim In." said Grady,
and doubled up the list and slipped it
Into his pocket.
Parks came In looking decidedly
shaky, but answered Grady's questions
clearly and coucisely.
"Mr. Vantine had dinner at home,
sir." he said. "It was served. I think.
"Now, my man, you'll havo to brae
at 7 o'clock. He must bare finished
a little after 7:30 I oidn t see bim.
for 1 was straightening thin.es around
up in bts room aud putting bis clothes
away But be told Rogers
"Never mind what be told Rogers."
broke in Grady. "Ju.it tell as what
you know."
"Very well. Fir. said Parks submls
Blrely. it must have ben bajfpast 8
when I heard Rojrers yelling for me.
1 tbutigbt the bouse was on fire and 1
came down in a burry. Rogera was
standing out there in the hatl looklDg
like he'd Been a ghost Oe kind of
pasped and pointed to this room, and i
I looked in aud saw Mr. Vantine lay
ing there. Then I telephoned for Mr
Lester, and that's ail 1 know."
"Very well."' said Grady; "that's all
for the present. "Send Rogers in."
Rogers fa-e as be entered tbe room
gave me a kind of hock. for it was
that of a man on the verge of hysteria
De was a man of atMut fifty, with iron
jrray bair and a smooth shaven face,
ordinarily ruddy with health But now
his fare was livid, bis cbeeks lined
and shrunken, bid eyes bloodshot and
"Get him a chair." said Orady. and
Slmmonds brought one forward and
remained standing beside it "Now.
my man." Grady continued. "you'll
have to brace up What's the matter
witb you. anyhow? Didn't you ever
see a dead man before?"
"It ain't that." gasped Rogers "It
ain't that It was that woman done
it I Snowed she was up to some
crooked work when 1 let ber In."
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