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Section Two
'Scoop" Just a Fancy "Boss"
from Real Life Frank
Warren Hopkins, Whose
Pen Name is "Hop."
i Mr. Hopkins impresses one a any
"successful, plain American would be
' expected to. He is pot a poser, is
; modest, though not shy, and ha a
pleasant personality. Easy goinjr, he
enjoys himself when he can and op
timistically looks into the future.
None of the little oddities which
many artists possess belong to "Hop"
r as h signs his work. It is probably
bocaus of his years In many news
paper offices, where talented people
are treated like humans.
"Boss" is Real Man.
" 'Scoop' is a child of my fancy,
and I made him up without going to
any type of youngster who worked
on & paper, though there have been
many that were worth using," he
ald in answer to an inquiry as to
where he got the idea. ""But the
'Boss is different, he is from real life,
though he was not a boss, but a 'head'
setter on a Denver paper where I
started the series, goiTLg on three years
agxi. He has the ingrowing face, and
thai peculiar physique which is part of
the boss.
"At first many of the boys on the
' paper jollied him and said I was using
him in the oomiiw, anrt he would come
to me and complain, but after the se
ries was welj stasrted and he had been
'jollied a good -deal, he would, come to
me and say: 'When are yi going to
stop this? and I said, 'Why 1 am mak
In ybu famous."
" 'No, Infamous.' the printer would
reply and shake his head and walk
"Hop" prefers and nearly always
1 does his work, entirely alone, when
making pejicil sketches, as the pursuit
of ideas for a daily series is at times
strenuous, original humor and new
situations being imperative in a suc
cessful comic strip, and often requir
ing careful and "serious" study.
In the last ten years, Hopkins has
worked as a caa-toonlst on big papers
u. i .i pwii fry. m,mm m mmvm mM i mmi m. i n.
in Chicago. St. Louis and Denver. He
cartooned in the latter place for five
"Hup" said that he felt safe in say
ing that his Scoop drawings were pub
lished in every state in the Union, and
that although the work may appear to
be easy, it is most difficult to please
editors and the public in every part
of the country with the same pictures,
and for that reason he must generalize
to a great extent.
Nor can he mention any one particu
lar place, because the other places
would not be plea-sed. Also the many
customs of one section if overdone or
satirized would cause his work to be
come unpopular, partisan politics, and
poking Tun at any particular national
ity also being out of the question.
A little more than two years ago
he became identified with the Inter
national Syndicate of Baltimore, still
continuing, however, his connection
with several Denver papers. His
Scoop series proved so popular that he
afterwards decided to deote his entire
time to this class of work, giving up
thfi newsrpaper political career end
Reds Take Two From the Pirates;
Giants Trim the Superbas Twice
New York 11, Brooklyn 1.
At Brooklyn R. H. K.
New York 11 i; 1
Brooklyn 1 7 3
Batteries Demaree, Wiitze and
Meyers and McLean; Ragon,
Brown and Miller; umpires, K!em and
Boston 7, Philadelphia 8.
At Philadelphia R. II. II.
Boston 7 10 1
Philadelphia S 17 4
Batteries Rudolph, Tyler, James
and Whaling; Marshall. Oeshger. Bat
teson, Wagner, Alexander and Burns;
and Killifer; umpires, Quigley and Ea
se n.
Batteries Doak and vV'.ngo and
O'Connor; Vaughn and Archer.
. Second game R. If. K.
St. Louis -i 5 1
Chicago 2 r,
Batteries Sallee and Wins..; Smith
and Archer; umpires, Orth and Byron.
I. H.
CI ub s-
New York
Brooklyn .
St. Louis
St. Andrews. May 0. Mrs.
-King" and little daughter have
visiting in Maria nn-a this week.
T. J. McSween made a business trip
to Pensacola lat Frfdaiv-urafner on
Joseph Archibald srn from Mon
day to Wednesday in Pensacola,
Miss Illla Sims, of Marianna, Is vis
iting" hr parents. Mr. ad Mrs. J. C.
Sims, of this place.
Harley Cornbs and Lambert Mnnson
left Monday on the tug Sea King,
bottnd for Cuba with a. barge of lum
ber in tow.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Ware left Mon
day for Pensacola, w3ier Mr. Ware
will be in attendance on the federal
Mrs. B. J. Gainer and daughter,
Marion, are now in Pensacola, where
fhfl little girl was taken to be treated
foil throat trouble.
Jim Moates arrived Sunday from
Pascagoul. Miss., where he has been
engaged in the fishing business.
Judge O. C. Nelson and family ar
rived Monday, and will make this
place their future home.
Hon. B. F". Gainer, ex-superintendent
of public instruction for Washington
county, spent Tuesday night in town.
R. R. Powers, of Panama City, was
a business visitor here Wednesday.
A large crowxl of our citizens avail
ed themselves of the Southport Bap
tist school's invitation and spent last
Sunday very pleasantly as their
Thursday night there was a well at
tended dance at the Casino after the
picture show.
WeflnpRiiav nirfit Mrs. J. II. Dm ro
nton d entertained in honor of her guest I Xashvill
served. After this the guests enjoy
ed listening to music, and sfnging by
Mesdames Will and Joyner and in
strumental music by Miss McReynolds.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A.
B. Joyner, Dr. and Mrs. J. Ambus
Wells. Mr. and Mrs. T. Croft. Mes
dames W. Austin and Mrs. C. ingalls,
Misses Lydia Smith, Tinkham, Stew
art, Ware, Messrs. McSween and
New York 4, Brooklyn 0.
At Brooklyn R. II. E.
New York 4 11 1
Brooklyn " 7 1
Batteries Tesreau and Meyers;
Retilbach, Ragon, Allen and Miller and
Fischr; umpires, Klein and Hart.
Boston 3, Philadelphia 2.
At Philadelphia R. H. B.
Cincinnati 3, Pittsburg 2. Boston .'! : 0
At Pittsburg R. H. E. Philadelphia - 1 J -'
Cincinnati 3 7 :! Batteries Cruteher, Luque and
Pittsburg 2 d 1 Whaling and dowdy; Alexander- ami
Batteries Yingling, Ames and Con- Burns and Killifer; umpires, Kason
zales and Clark; Cooper, O'Toole and and Quigley. 10 innings.
Gibson; umpires, Rigler and Kmslle. ; 7
! Cincinnati 3, Pittsburq 0.
AFTERNOON GAMES. ! At Piitsburg " P. IT K.
: Cincinnati 3 ' 1"'
St. Louis 4-4, Chicago 6-2. i Pittsburg r' ! 2
At Chicago R. H. K. j Batteries Davenport and ' I irk;
St. Louis 4 S 2 I Adams. Conzellnan. lnmlehnr and
Chicago fi 7 2 I Gibson and Coleman.
26 Tears old, ha3 been in the game since l'KtS. Known a
the pitching Stair or tae wasaingion who. onecicu uj
committee or n ewspaper men as ine dcsi pucorr in nixacin.
or National League. He and Mataewson are reported
highest salaried pitchers in the game. One of the
thirds connected with Johnson is that, although he
the most f araous men in the baseball world today, his paren
who live in Coffeyville, Kans-, bare never seen their son
He endorses and
1 v ft y
:tea r-7 a 4
5rtedthe V'VO . K.
peculiar ff A i-' "
Uon.o -lr-V-L
11 "
i 1 ; "v
f J
1 firf fSZx
- T -t J- ' . ' ' . . '"in . t M
9 -r Jr
It- A
Best for athlete fan everyone
who seeks a genuine thirst-quencher
that's wholesome. Delicious and
vou see an
Arrow t!;ink
of C c 2 - C. oil
ricmand thff genuine by full name
NictcamfS encourag; substitution.
ri-T a r-r ft -" A
All American League Clubs Break T o.n.f r
E n i n r ft T-,1f 'Lookouts oeat JDillikens 1 wice:
ven in Memorial Uav Double bills i
All Other Clubs Break Even
Philadelphia 8, New York 0.
At New York R. H. K.
Philadelrhia S 12 a
New York 0 S 2
Batteries Shaw-key and Schang;
Cole. Wsrhop,. Pieh and Xunamaker;
umpires, f;lderbrand and O'Loug-hlin.
The "Want Ad Way"
page is one of the great fea
ture? ?.i this paper. Read it.
Chicago 6, Cleveland 3.
At Cleveland R. K. K.
Chioasro 6 R 2
Cleveland 3 fi 7
Batteries Cicotte and Sclialk;
Mitchell. Blanding and O'Neill; um
pires, Egan and Evans.
National Leagu:
Philadelphia Tetroit
St. Louis
New York
Chica.jr.i . .
Won. Lost. Tct.
.21 1.",
.21 n ;:.(, f
.24 15 .,;
14 IS ' .43: I
ir '2?. AT,2
15 .4". i
15 IS .4 7..-.
10 22 .31:1
Won. Lfst. Pet.
'.'1 IS .! 1 S
23 .605
23 ir.
17 !! .472
17 U .472
lt IS .471
I" 21 .44S
1:1 2t .3o!
Washington 6, Boston 4.
At Boston H. H. K.
Washington 11 4
Boston 4 8 2
i'.atteries Ares. Enel and Henry;
Leonard. Collins, Coumbe and Carri
pan and Thomas; umpires. Chill and
Batteries Covaleski and Sir" na.er" ;
Hamilton, ft.-e.- and A grow.
Speitnd ,a.m Tt. IT. K.
Deiroit n .1 2
St. L5Uis 2 H V
Batter 'os .Ma'.ns a?:. i- tr. nr.
Weiima.n and 'rssin: nmrircs. Pi
neon and Connolly.
5-1, Birmingham 2-1
Philadelphia 5, New York 10.
At Xe-.v York II. 11.
Philadelphia f 1m
Xew York 50 s
lotteries Per nock, V". 'Y, r;.-;
Brc-ssler and Lapp and Sf-hnnu-;
well and Xunama.k-r: umi.rrs. 11
derbrand and O'Lou.rliKn.
, Uiru,;
! Bat
; John-:
: Afiai.:
i ! n
k -Iwit atai Tyr-
nid Lji i I sj;er.
' i !
Now Orleans 0-5, Memphis 2-2.
At Memphis K. 11. K.
New Orleans 0 S
Memphis 2 fi 0
B.Ttfrr: s Walker and Adams; fimi
iait and Beniis.
a ii Second fame Ft. iT. K.
15 1 ; a ew rlean f 5 2
1 :t o j Mr-m plils 2 6 I
Biinn: j I lattrrifs Weaver and IFigsrins; H.
mrir.s. j .Merritt and Srhlei; nmp.res, Brieten-
item and Chestnut.
R. H K.
"10 1
.2 10 1
M1IHU.J UilU. . MIL -lHJmjH.1l
Detroit 2-0, St
At St. Louis
Louis 1-2.
P. H K.
2 4 2
1 1 1
Washington 2, Boston 7.
At Boston" H H K.
Washington 2 f
Boston 7 4 'i
Batteries -Shaw, A vers. C.hiin nr.tt
Henry and Williams: IVtli.nt ,-ud
Thomas; umpin-s, Shfriiiui .urrj r-.-. i . i.
Chicago 1, Cievelpnct ?.
At Cleveland
i 'tiicago
Ttatteries Russell. stt atn
5-" tern and O'Xeill: ;;mi.iri-y, i:
Kjr. m.
K H.
I Montgomery 2-1, Chattanooga 5-4.
I At '!i..t;:u;o-t-- Ii. If. K
Alon'ironn'rv - 0
!Chrttr.P."'V'n 5 10 3
I Ba tt-ric--- B"nk sir.d Por.ahn; B-yd
a ti-f St rt .-nal lr'ihnrn.
; -,.,, nam--- n. n i:.
M,.:.r-,,r;:f.'V 1 ' "
Ch.auan.i-'ta 4
Bri't erics Black and Klcinotv ; Pline
and Bit! ham; nirpires. Pfern.'nr and
Mobiie 3-8, Nashville 4-2.
At .VashviKe -- Ft. II. K. J
Mobil e 3 9 3 (
.EtstiVil 4 10 2 '
Batteries Robertson, Townsend and !
.-M'hmidt; More a.tid CiVison.
Second game--- R. if. K.
Mobile g 11 o
Xashviil 2 10 '
Batterios llojrg '-jtnd Schmidt; Uer
rr and Olhson; umpires, FiefleltJ and
V". '
Southern League.
Clubs Won. l.nst. Pet.
Chai-tanoogra, . . 2fi 17 al'V,
New :rleans 27 IS .'100
Birmingham 2S "0 ,-,s.;
Miss Blanche McReynolds and Miss
Bessie Stewart. The evening was very
pleasantly spent pla-yin.er cards till a
late hour when shf-rbert and cake were
Atlanta . . .
Mrmpli is
.... 24
.... 2)
.... 20
.... 20
'. '. .".17
American League.
Morning games
At Cleveland 3. Chicago '.
At New York 0, Philadelphia
At Boston 4. Washington fi.
Afternoon gaiire
At Cleveland 2. Chicago 1,
At St. Louis 1. Detroit 2. first game.
At St. Louis 2, Detroit 0, seend
At Xe.w York 10. Philadelnhin
At Boston 7, Washington 2.
Ford parts in stock,
bott's Garage. S. Bavh
n St.
t!i" sovfiith inr.in;, v:!;rn
S ; .'K-M ::.'''? and -nrd on a irig;,
i v . iila. -.vin'i'.'ig l.i t'!f" last ianing
' w:!--!! B""!'a sittS'lcd and stole s'-ond,
' and scored on a. t.wo-bagjrcr by W. An-
r. .i..- x ii
y ,
i g.imrr iv.i.5 woti
-.0 a; -.,
i.fdy an. I
n,e. secin-
Choro-Colas, th score bing B to 1.
Batteries, for the Sw"t Faurla and
'ox ; for th'-- fliTO-Coias, PourtlesR
iind Bobin.-a.ji.
- 'i-
Candidate for State Senate.
Your Vote Will Be
t h r
S'rar U U W mm Ian
Immediately Destroys ALL Forms of
Insects andVermin.
A Stainless Liquid Disinfectant Used with
a Sprayer.
An Uncompromising Enemy of Bugs and Dis
ease Germs.
Gallons, $2.00; Hilf Gallon, $1.25; Quarts. 75 cfnts; Sprayers, 50c.
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I - rVl a r" i
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Home of Klaw & Erlan
ger's Broadway Feat
ure Films.
- m
Celebrated uase
! S
featuring Alice Joyce and Guy Coombs portraying
the leading roles. Sensational and exciting
Other High Class Plays.
Coming tomorrow "The Lily of the Valley",
Exciting Selig, special and Pathe's Weekly.
Prices 5 and 10 Cents.
fa-. 3
-T -" trir ' --- -Tii 'JT.T.XMfj, rJ i'liriiVnilw't - .a. -- - -
Nation?! League.
Morning satne?
At PittsbtirK 2, Cinoinnali
At Brooklyn 1, New Vork ' L
At Philarf-lphia S. Tloton 7.
Afternoon games -
At Chicago fi. Pt. Louis 4. first s.
At Chicago 2. ft. Lnis 4. se-r
At Pittphurg 0 Cincinnati
At Brooklyn 0, New York 4.
At Philadelphia 2. Boston S.
Federal League.
Mornlne games
At Baltimore 2. Pittshiirg 4.
At Buffalo 4. Brooklyn
Afternoon games
At Chicago 0, Indianapolis
At. Chicago 1. Indianapolis 0. second
game. I
At St. Loni; 2, Kansas City 4, first j
game. j
At St. Louis 4, Kansas City S. sec oik!
At Buffalo 1. Brooklyn 3.
At Baltimore n, Pittsbursr twelve
v Southern League.
Morning game-
At Nashville 2. Mobil 8.
Afternoon games -
At Birmmeham 2 Atlanta
game. j
At Birmingham 1. Atlairta 1. second (
game, eallerl third, rain. j
At Chattanooga f-. Montgomery 2, j
first game. j
At Chattanooga 4. Montgomery 1. ;
second game, called fifth catch train. '
At Nashvill 4, Mobile 3.
At Memphis 2. New Orleans 1, first
At Memphis 2, New Orleans 5, sec- ;
ond gam.
A i ! r, n
!h- I'p'ip.i
; v.i ;i d''-'n----..;"'"t in ! !!
j i onlay as a. ia ng.'-ro-.a
.'h.'ira.-tr. ;?!
i I he proj'.rit rc--s of n
t thf COl !;! of Ciq
.ra;-k:-on srr.'r!, who ;il
s!,.l,-n 1-. nnc'c!:u'
' irant -.. "lffl that
' 'he vain ')!.. ,-u-d fi-rthr :
! ! was wUirig: to pa v
V. j r.f til" fa-i f ha t "a v, a
nl ! Sort Inner' of the- dispute u
! ( v cen f'-ie two.
, a v i-., i iff ;
and s-irqr.--, a
r-(h!itr l:r.i!s
'i :'Vt'!:iP ar.d
E-a 1 h t lra:i ;
valaod a!
1 had found
-t- s:.Ttel thai
f--r if in f-njio
a- n'-an."
lof: he-
tou t Forget
we are f
our fam
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y the I p
i i tit
a -
! Si
111 f
" ......kI'USA Vf
i' ' Ti ,
I M f 4 v! W M V 1
South Atlantic League.
At Albany 2. Augusta S.
At Jacksonville 2. Savannah 1.
At Columbus -. Columbia 5.
At Macon 2, Charlston 6.
At the Isia.
A special general film masterpiece at
the Isis today, "A Celebrated Case,"
in four parts. Alice Joyce and Guy
Coombs portray the leading roies in
tljis photo-pla' adaptation of the fa
mous French drama. The Battle of
Fonteroy, one of the awe-inspiring in
cidents, produced by the Kalem star
players. You will certainly enjoy this
grand production which, will be the
feature for today, only. Other good
films also included.
Coming tomorrow: "The Lily of the
Valley," and Pathe's Weekly.
Steamer Natomah, to Is-!
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