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This Bank and
Your Vacation
"Assuming that you have a SAVINGS AC
COUNT already, there are two other ways in which
we can assist you to enjoy yourself to the utmost.
Rent a SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX for your val
uables while you are away.
Get the famous A. B. A. Traveller's Cheques,
the modern, safe, convenient method of carrying
funds. They are self-identifying.
American National Bank
Our annual clearance sale
is on. See our windows and
notice the reductions in
prices on Men's and Ladies'
wearing apparel. Easy terms
Galin's, 26 S Palafox
Dr. Oeo. C. Ktlpatrick will be absent
from th city for about 60 days.
$5.00 REWARD.
Til Journal will pay S5.00 reward for
evidence trmclent to convict any boy or
person found stealing aubacrlbera' papers
after delivery of same bv carrier.
The- large number of friends of Mrs.
Henry Pine, "who was operated upon
last Thursday, for appendicitis, will
be grratiried to learn that she is now
doinc nicely; the operation having
been very successful.
The friends of Eugene Bonifay, 402
West Belmont street, will be sorry to
learn of his illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell Palmes are
the parents f a fine baby girl, which
arrived at their home Sunday.
Money to loan in amounts
of $500.00 and up, on. real
estate security in the city
limits. Apply to Hooton &
Watson, the leading Real
Estate Agents.
Captured With
Stolen Bicycle
Jim Randy Traus, colored, of Brew
ton, was arrested Saturday by Offi
cers Hall and Yniestra upon receipt
of advices charging him with having
stolen a bicycle at Brewton the day
previous. The bicycle was recovered
Sunday. Sunday night Chief of Po
lice G. K. Fountain, of Brewton, took
the prisoner and his booty to Brewton,
where he will be tried upon the charge
of larceny.
What to Use and Avoid
on Faces That Perspire
Skin to be healthy must breathe. It
also must perspire must expel, through
the pores, its share of the body's waste
material. Creams and powders ilog the
pores, interfering both with elimination
and breathing, especially during the
heated period. If more women under
stood this, there would be fewer self
ruined comple:'ons. If they would use
ordinary mereolized wax instead of cos
metics, they would have natural, healthy
complexions. This remarkable substance
actually absorbs a bad skin, also un
clogging the pores. Result: The fresher,
younger under-skin is permitted to
breathe and to show itself. An exquisite
new complexion gradually peeps out. one
free from any appearance of artificiality.
Get an ounce of mereolized wax at your
druggist's and try it. Apply nightly like
cold cream, for a week or so. washing it
off mornings.
To eradicate wrinkles, here's a mar
velously effective treatment which also
acta naturally and harmlessly: Dissolve
1 o. powdered saxolite in pt. witch
hazel and use as a wash lotion. Adv
mm KT6 KX ONE AMBITION TO FS vSi rTv CCJT vAo Sr 'dfiB TT tX vb 0 JHY GCLLX -1
Relaycrs our Specialty
Metzger Bros., Mobile, Ala.
James E. Beltzer, manager of
Green's Nebraska Indian baseball
team, informs that he has arranged
to have his team of Genuine American
Indians stop in this city on Sunday,
July 26, and play the pick of our City
league. Mr. Beltzer has spared no ex
pense and exerted great effort in pro
curing the pick of stalwart young In
dian warriors for his team, and when
they appear on the field in their strik
ing Indian uniforms and war paint it
will be a sight worth going miles to
see. The curious who have never seen
the American Indian in his native ele
ment will be enthused at his quaint
language funny antics and fierce war
whoops when the game is in progress.
Their natural tenacity and instinct is
soon apparent to the most casual ob
server while their fleetness of foot
and cunning make them a general fa- j
wnii me crowu irom me Begin
ning of the game.
The savages will be in this city for
one day only, that being Sundav, July
26. at Maxent park.
President Oliver of the City league,
is just in receipt of card from the
club stating- that it defeated the Guey
dan, (La.) team by score of S to 2.
The Toledo (Ohio) Daily Times has
the following to say regarding the
Indians: "The Indians started off by
running bases like fleet-footed deer
and they stole with perfect ease. When
they had a runner on third the squee-ze
play was worked and was successful
in many cases. The fielding of the
Indians was surprisingly 1 fast, and
from their work many spectators were
of the opinion that the team would give
any American association club a hard
Southern League.
Clubs Won.
Mobile 50
Atlanta 4S
Chattanooga 50
Birmingham 4S
New Orleans 4S
Nashville ...4S
Memphis 47
Montgomery' 35
.54 a
American League.
Clubs Won.
Philadelphia 4S
Detroit 47
Boston 45
Washington 44
Chicago 43
St. Louis 42
New York 32
Cleveland 2S
National Lear-ue.
Clubs Won.
New York 46
Chicago 4fi
St. Louis 45
Cincinnati 39
Philadelphia 37
Brooklyn 35
Pittsburg 35
Boston 36
The first game was a walk-over
for the Candy Kids. They applied the
kalsomine heavily to the Clothiers, the
final reckoning being 9 to 0.
The Haberdashers were helpless be
fore Mack Lewis's assortment of
benders and fast ones, and he let them
down without a hit or a run. Mack
struck out three and walked two. He
seemed to have everything, and he
had the Whites under control at all
Chubby Wells lifted the barrier with
a speeder over second, and came home
when Peake made a three-base throw,
on Barrow's intended sacrifice. Barrow
pulling up at third. Brown pushed one
that looked safe, but Meade at second
made a great catch, running with his
back to the hail, Barrow tallied when
Wolfe slammed a scorcher by third.
Wolfe stole, and Clyde Bicker connect
ed with a safety, Wolfe going to third,
Clyde purloined second, but both were
left while Bonifay was whiffing Tabby
Bicker and Yillar.
In the second Barrow got on but
was turned back when Brown tapped
one over by second, Buster was caught
between the bases a second later and
run down bv Olsen and Meade.
Hits by Tabby and Clyde, assisted
by two errors and a steal gave the
Whitmans two more in the fourth, and
the slaughter of the innocents oc
curred in the fifth when the Sweetness
Boys rang up five on four plugs, two
free transportations, three misplays
and a double steal.
In the fourth Elsey made a phenom
enal pick-up in deep short, but was
unable to make throw in time to catch
Clyde Bicker. It was necessary to call
the game at the end of the fifth in
ning, to allow the second game to ba
This shows what was what:
Whitmans AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Wells. Cb 3 2 2 1 2 1
Barrow, cf 2 1 n o 0 0
Brown, lb 3 0 o 7 o 0
Wolfe, ss 3 1 2 3 2 0
C. Bicker, 2b 3 1 2 0 1 2
A. Bicker, If 3 2 1 0 0 1
Yillar, rf 2 2 0 0 0 0
Gibson, c 3 0 1 4 2 0
Lewis, p 3 0 1 0 1 0
Totals 25 9 9 15 8 4
b i
j v 1
. ' t .
I j - r-
j ' f
.: -. i . :' . . .. .
; I ' ' t s - ' '
1 ' I " "
Sr Z
Ralph Britton
Chicago, Boston and St. Louis
Win National Sunday Games
Brooklyn 3, Chicago 7.
At Chicago R. H. E.
Brooklyn 3 S 1
Chicago 7 10 2
Batteries Rucker and Ruelbach;
Schmidt, Miller, Pierce. Zabel and
Bresnahan; umpires. Klem and Em
slie. Boston 3. Cincinnati 2.
At Cincinnati R. H. E.
Boston 3 6 3
Cincinnati 2 5 6
Turtles and Pelicans
Mobile Loses
Memphis 1-11: New Orleans 3-7.
At New Orleans R. H. E.
Memphis 1 2 2
New Orleans 3 fi 1
Batteries O'Brien. Bemis and
Schlei; Wilson and Hipgins; umpires,
Rudderham and Fiefield.
Second game R. H. E.
Memphis 11 11 2,
New Orleans 7 10 1 :
Batteries H. Merritt and Schlei: ;
Walker. Weaver and Hissins; um
pires, Rudderham and Fie field; both
games seven innings.
Atlanta 1, Mobile 0.
At Mobile R. H.
Atlanta 1 R
Mobile 0 3
White & Whites A B. R. H PO. A. E.
Rafferty. If 2 0 n 0 1
Grosjhean, cf 3 0 ft 0 0
Olsen. lb 3 0 n s 1
Kendall, c 1 0 4 1
Elsey. ss 1 " 0 2 2
Meade. 2b 2 o 0 1 1
Whipple, rf. 2 0 0 0 1
Peake. 3b 2 0 0 0 1
H. Bonifay, p 2 " " 0 3
Totals IS 0 0 15 11
Summary Sacrifice
and Else.v: ' stolen bases
hits. Barrow-
Wolfe, Clyde
Bicker. Yillar (2); Gibson. Lewis. Raf
ferty; struck out. by Lewis 3, Bonifay
4; base on balls. Lewis 2, Bonifay 1:
hit by pitcher. Bonifay (Barrow):
left on bases. W. & W., five; Whit
mans, five.
The second game was a corker, and
was played with a great deal more
ginger and snap than its predecessor.
P Britton, the Canadian
Canoeist, has challenged Leo Friede,
fi'"fan chanPion. for the in
ternational canoe trophy. Last year
fin?. 6 lailors met in the
arrf, J? the.,fast.es three times
around a four-mile triangular course,
nede won three heats and the
and His Canoe.
The Boss Is Going Yet
and Whaling!
umpires, Eason
Philadelphia 4, St. Louis 5.
At St. Louis R. H. E.
Philadelphia 4 4 3
j Louis 5 S 1
i Batteries Matteson and Rixey; KU-
' lifer, Perritt and Snyder; umpires,
i Bryon and Johnson.
Break Even;
Fast Game to Atlanta
j Batteries Williams and Dunn;
! Guderer and Schmidt: umpires, Kellum
j and Pfenninger.
Nashville 6, Birmingham 1.
j At Nashville R,
; Birmingham 1
j Nashville 6
H. E.
9 2
9 0
Batteries Roth and Dilger: Berger
and Gibson; umpires, Brietenstein and
Montgomery 3, Chattanooga 0.
At Montgomery R. H. E.
Chattanucea 0 7 5
Montgomery 3 6 1
Batteries Sindler and Street; Mc
Leod and Oribbens; umpires. Chestnut
and O'Tooie.
Cornet for the Hotelers allowed only
two hits to the Wrecking Crew, and
struck out seven, but one of the hits
combined with three errors by his
team, one of which was his own, gave
the Druggists three runs, enough to
win the game. He pitched a beauti
ful game, and deserved a better fate.
His teammates behind him touched up
Shuttleworth for five hits, but only
two of these came in any one inning,
the other three being scattered
through as many stanzas.
Several plays featured this game.
Spec Motta made what ought to have
been a clean hit to right in the second,
but Zack Baisden came in fast and
caught him a step off first. In the
seventh Van Matre labeled one safe,
but Smith robbed him.
The article displayed by both
catchers in this game has been the
best this season. Spec Motta and Billy
Lurton vied with one another in mak
ing impossible catches. Both worked
hard and went after everything. Spec
caught one against the grand stapd in
the fourth that was a peach.
Shuttleworth pitched a good game,
and was the only man on his team to
probe Cornet's twisters.
Smiium started off the second with
a foul to third base grandstand, which
Freddy got tinder but was not able to
hold. Smiium then zinged a bouncer
to Fred, who threw wide to first, Girf
flagged at second. Sanchez sacrificed
him to third, and he came home when
Cornet attempted to retire Angelo at
first. Joe went to second on Gra
ham's sacrifice, continued to third
when Micky Graham mussed up
Roach's chance, and scored on the
bugler's wild pitch. Roach going
third and crossing the platter on Shut
tle's sizzler over second. After this
not a D'Alemberte got to first, except
Shuttle on his repeater over second in
the fifth.
Lurton marked up the Hughey's sol
itary on his plunk to right, an error
by keystone guardian, hit batsman and
Little Freddy's timely drive to centre.
Baisden was thrown out at plate by
AngVlo while trying to stretch it from
second to home on the safety. With
two gone in the fifth Smith sent a
message to left for two. went to third
on wild throw to second to catch him
napping, but did "The boy stood on
the burning deck" stunt, while Gordon
was being thrown out at first. The
Bakers had an excellent chance to tie
up the game in the seventh, but with
second and third occupied Gordon
While it might have been different,
the following is what goes:
D'Alembertes AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
j Batteries Crutcher
- Yingllng and Erwin;
! , f ,
! and Qu'sley.
i '
Motta. c 3 0 0 5 1 0
Van Matre, If 3 0 0 3 1 2
Bell. 2b 3 0 0 2 2 1
Griffin, lb 3 1 0 6 0 0
Sanchez, 3b 2 0 0 1 4 0
Angelo. cf 3 1 0 0 1 0
E. Graham, ss 2 0 0 4 2 1
C. Roach, rf 3 1 0 0 0 0
Shuttleworth, p 2 0 2 0 2 1
Totals 24 3 2 21 13 5
There is more of human
interest in The Journal's
"Want Ad Way" page than
in any other part of the paper.
BfjWffi'BB fed' (Mpllfij
Our Semi-Annual Sale is only half over, and
no matter how busy we have been the past three
days, the biggest half begins today.
Pensacola folks are just beginning to realize
the importance of a sale where everything you call
for is reduced. Cost prices in every department,
and extra specials besides. All bargains are as
good as the first day, blue pencil marks remain
on all merchandise, and as the sale progresses
more remnants are added to the remnant tables,
and the new materials and goods as the ship
ments come in are added also. So every day
brings nnew opportunities to supply your needs
for months to come. We ask you
in the Day
Everything to Wear for Everybody at Sale Price
Hugheys AB. R. H. PO. A. E.
Smith. If 4 0 1 1 0 0
Gordon, 2b 4 0 0 1 2 0
Lurton, c 3 1 1 8 0 0
Baisden. ss. rf 3 0 3 1 0 0
Oliver, lb 2 0 0 8 0 0
Blount, 3b 3 0 1 0 3 1
Brent, cf 3 0 0 1 0 0
Roach, rf 0 0 0 0 0 0
Graham, ss 1 0 0 1 0 1
Cornet, p 3 0 0 0 1 1
Totals 28 1 5 21 3
Summary Two-base hits. Smith;
left on bases, D'Alembertes 2, Hugh
eys 5; sacrifice hits, Sanchez, E. Gra
ham; stolen bases. Smith, Baisden;
struck out, by Cornet 7, Shuttleworth
2; base on balls. Shuttleworth 2; hit
by pitcher, by Shuttleworth, (Oliver):
wild pitch. Cornet: passed ball, Lur
ton; umpire, Jim Laird; double play,
The Journal's "Want Ad.
Way" will get you results.
Trv an ad. in these columns
i n if i i
Cincinnati $30.05
Charlevoix 48.15
ChautauquaLakePta. 44.85
Chicago 35.15
Colorado Spring. 48.55
Denver 46.55
Detroit 40.55
French Lick Springs 29.35
Indianapolis 30.95
Louisville 26.15
Mackinac Island 49.75
' J. W.
A. C
of M
National Laaguo.
Chicago 7, Brooklyn 8.
Cincinnati 3, Boston 8.
St. Louis 6, Philadelphia 4.
Fdral La0i.
Kansas City 7, Chicago 8.
St. Louis 0, Indianapolla 3.
Southern Lea Que.
Montgomery 3, Chattanooga (.
Naahvllle 6, Birmingham 1.
Mobile 0. Atlanta 1.
New Orleans 3, Memphis 1. seven
Innings, first game.
New Orleans 7, Memphis 11, reven
Innings, second game.
American League.
No games scheduled.
The Journal "Want Ad.
Way" is the best investment
you can make.
ill ii i trii.. .
c $r
Low Round Trip Fares
Mammoth Cave $25.20
Milwaukee 36.90
Minneapolis 46.05
Niagara Falls - 46.40
Petoskey. 48.15
Put In Bay 38.55
Salt Lake City 59.55
St. Louis 26-80
San Francisco 75J0
Toronto 48,75
Yellowstone Park... 67.20
These ar kit few cf tk pafnU. Then mm rnrf bmbtoAm tni w will U !'
give full information vpoa application. PzoBorUoately low lamiioa point laWent florid ,
pOUND TRIP tickets over the Louisville &
Nashville Railroad will be sold daily at gready
reduced fares to all the principal lake, mountain
and sea shore resorts and to many of the larger
cities in the North and WesL These tickets will be
good returning until October 31st, and bear
liberal stop-over privileges.
Let Us Arrange Your Vacation Trip
LURTON, Division Passenger Agent
RYALS, City Ticket Agent
Pensacola, Florida
By "HOP'

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