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. ATr -A-nshing your hair with soap
--avs apply a- little Danderine to the
"jo V.vigorate the hair and pre
.? !t dryness. Better still, use soap as
--v-'r.E'iy Possible, and Instead
a '-lianderine Hair Cleanse." Just
oiton a cloth with Danderine and
"'-i'tv "it carefully through your hair.
a'iir.g one strand at a time. This
remove dust, dirt and excessive
0; I;, a few momenta you will be
clean, tut It will. he wavy, fluffy and
iburact. and possess an incompar
softness and lustre. '.
The following under the heading of
Vi'.e Tongues" has been issued by
;he Florida Board of Health:
Thou shalt not bear false witness
against thy neighbor."
This is one of the ten rules handed
ior from riount Sinai, which have
reen re? vr tied as the basis for all the
oili's safest legislation. We have
over got beyond them, and the fact
iat false reports are anions' the seri
es rritnes is established by the place
i this commandment in the code. .
And 'thy neighbor'' doesn't include
frelv the man who lives the other
s:-3e cf the line fence it means all
vse whose interests are identical
th your own, who rejoice in the
fan disasters. Indeed, jt wouid
-eem that the original meaning of
hf words in this place includes all
inkiii'l all who belong to the great
fatherhood of Man.
'"hat right has one man to speak
?ainst another? None, unless it be
i protect the community against his
doing, and then only upon such
ositive knowledge as would be ac-
pten as evidencs m a coyrt of law.
former president of the United
att;s once said in a public address:
You have not the right to speak ill
f a public officer unless you know
ou are speaking the truth. If, on
ne other hand, you do know that he
s a public servant has committed
rons. you fail cf your duty ar a
itizen if you do not denounce him
or, the housetops." - ,:,
Florida's Legislature has recognized
le-evil of false report by enacting
! !a- which reads this way. ""Whoever
a's-ily or maliciously disseminates or
pr;ads rumors or reports concerning
Wrinkles Big and Wrinkles
Little Go Quickly SS2
Urns of Secret Information on Beauty,
By Valeska Suratt. Whose Fame
As America's Self-Mace eeaury
Gueen, Is World-Wide
,OT so much the big wrinkles, but );""e-or wm cnange to on of ex
Si the ones, are what -rob th . isite beauty. Jt is difficult to explain
i. V. I. Vi ' r.V,.i .arano.. the marked change whicd thlg r
o matter how faithfully and vigourous-
yeu may engage in massaging w
, there wi i be no perceptioie re-
.',r; .u1;1 Afi.
Veariy a creams sow for this purpose
2 the stores have the same base and
sgrdints. This is why pehraps you
ive f-xnerienced but little improvement
1th one cream over anothes. Every
ronaaa Ehould as well know now as later
.s:-n '..wmmhn
" ', "i, . : . :.
i v.
. r-'.vh-.-.A.
o& 4l AV
Any Worn -si Can Now Beaut-fy Her-
self Quickly With These Formulas."
'hit the cost of prepared creams is too
ch to allow their iise being liberal and
sr.stinted,- as it should be to produce re-
silts. Furtberroor. their ingredients
'? usually lacking in effect, because
':-ee ingredients must be cheap, other-
:s there is no profit In their sale. If
will make up your mind to wake
ip your own cream, which you can do in
fnr moments as follows, you will have
1 rr.arkable wrinkke eradicator. one
i works quickly and surely, and it
cost vou far less than any prepared
am you can buy. . furaermore, you
rUni - change In a short time, mak-
,?-e face plump and youthful to a
-k" 3 degree. .
, . '
-t..t,Ar f- i e3. yvu clq siup
S cf hair veiw quicklv. Here is a for-
which produces marked changes
j- the ha ir roots and scalp tissues. The
' N Ay
V, .U rlnctrAlt 1 JlRSoIVft TWO .V
.". ' . . "'z . : . . i"k- you can.arec rta OI DiacKneaas
y.espoonnuB or giycenne rew minutes. Surinkl som neroxin
ces of ptol In half a pint, of water -a sponge which have wt with
i:s cream ham averv Qiy win nroaucB xratT
is tnat aanarurr is aosomieLy plying nyqrouzd talo to the arm -pits
a .I'1, th ha1r roots regain their keeps these fresh and dry all the tinr.
it-.f'.u vigor, hair grows quickly and and . you will not have your arm-pits
;'!n,.nt1y, often several inches a month, wet and your drees-shielde curl up like
-it tkpa on a very sjlky and healthy ropes. It will save the damage to your
u.s There is nothing so satisfactory garments through fading and rotting of
v'sis splendid formula. Mix one ounce the fabric. Hydrollsed talc can be se-rid"ir'lno1-
in water and alcohol, half cured at any drug store- It destroys all
tt , rh" or use fuU I,,nt of t'ay rum odors at oace. it is also the best thing
This makes a very economical known for jcereplling feet. adv
:'.-.. '.."'.-: '
Besides cleansing and beautifying
the hair, one application of Danderine
dissolves every particle of dandruff;
stimulates the scalp, stopping itching
and falling hair. Danderine is to the
hair what fresh showers of rainand
sunshine are to vegetation. It goes
right to the roots, invigorates and
strengthens then. Its exhilarating and
life-producing properties cause the
hair to grow long, strong and beauti
ful. Men ! Laaies ! You can surely have
lots of charming hair. Get a ?5 cent
bottle of Knowlton's Danderine from
any drug store or toilet counter and
try it. , : . Adv.)
the existence of any infectious or
contagious disease shall be punished
Coy imprisonment pot exceeding six
months, or by fine not exceeding one
thousand, dollars." . . "
At various times the State Board of
Health has been annoyed by reports of
disease in epidemic proportions where
only ope. or two cases, or none at all
had occurred. Such rumors are diffi
cult or impossible to trace their
source, but whether they emanate
from idle gossip or ignorance or from
malice, the result is the same. The
community is injured, injured seri
ously, for good health is the biggest
asset of any neighborhood, and good
news never quite overtakes the reports
of evil that have ' ever so slight a
start. . ,
Probably many florid ians know that
the statute books contain this provis
ion that guards the State against such
insidious attacks. Many , do not know
It. Few prosecutions "pave been made
der its authority, for loyal citizens
appreciate tht harm that may come
in this waj'. It is difficult to conceive
such reports 'being- circulated with
malicious Intent, but whether by ma
lice or thoughtlessness, the good name
of any community may be irretrieva
bly attacked. - -
It is Indeed the duty of every citizen
to report the existence- of epidemic
disease, 'mi he should not tell Jt to
the winds that scatter it to the cor
ners of the earth. Me should report
his suspicions to the local health au
thorities or to the State Board
Health. A careful examination and
diagnosis are made and the nature of
the disease is at once determined and
the interests of the community pro
tected. No time is lost. the danger of
error is minimised and relief is
brought In the shortest possible period.
If you can't boost, don't knock,
Florida has the reputation among
the states that it has safeguarded its
health and sanitary conditions to the
highest degree. Its climate and other
conditions have been charged with, be
ing unheaHthful, and jt Is only with,
recent years that the real truth is
findings circulation and credence
throughout the country and the world.
Every good Floridian is, or should be,
so loyal that he will not slander or
retard the progress of his homo
hair treatment, is mixed in' a few mo
menus, and cannot ba surnaased. TTse
liberally. Any drug store can Supply you
with the beta-quinol.
MISS G- M. B. -Use th following A.d
see how Quickly and hautl
Pro,ufiff" - A1 ff,eokls' rnuddiness wd
,vr. .t"i"
" vj o.. mo uu$
store one ounce of 2inton and mix with
one tab lespoonful of glycerine in a Pint
?J watefc. This makes many times
- j --;"s .ul:alfls wmcn aro
in results.
0rtT,. -
ouimu r oust can very orten
A vlnnvl Mlnn4nn 2
tn Dest tninsr known for this. ni it
is safe, though of course no one can
wer be sure of success in this regard.
Mix two ounces of ruetone, obtainable at
any drug store, wih half a cup of sugar
and dissolve In a pint of cold water. Take
two teaspoonfuls after meals and at bedtime-
EVA G. R. You have probably never
heard of the remarkable properties of
eggol as. a head-rwash and dandruff re
mover. This dissolves away all fatty
accumulations and dandruff, which noth
ing else, not even soap and hard scrub-!
uiis tan uo. -tx loaoyooniui 01 egsoi lu
half a cup ofhot water makes the most
exquisite shampoo you can ever get. It
cleans out all the pores wonderfully, and
lets . the hair "breathe" thus assisting
Avery materially in making the hair
healthy and vigorous. X would never use
soap on hair. Eggol,- besides, leaves the
hal a.tv to fin nr. It Is verv mnnml.
'i'al, as for a moderate price you can ob-
iain enough eggol for over a dozen of
these extraordinary head-washes,
iMRS. T. L. M. Simple sulfo solution Is
the only thing- that will remove supsr-
fiuous hair successfully. This is because
it is the only thing which dissolves the
hair instead of burning it off, as other
depilatories do. As a result, it never
lea.vQs a mark or red spot, or Injures th
skin, but leaves it clear, soft and smooth.
Use it on any part of the body, no matter
how delicate the skin. It never fails and
works in a few moments. The simple
sulfa solution can be secured at any
dru? store.
anss x Q n ia remarkable but tru
in a few tp4nutei they wiU be all gone.
This holds true for even the tiniest black,
heads which It 1? Jmoossible to plach out,
Never pinch out blackbeadf.
JfJtS. T. TO" r tk. timi4s . now.
3ers sold for excessive perspiration are
usually but momentary in effect. Ap-
London, Qct. 31.TO the English
practice of "considering alcohol as a
beverage instead of a chemical, which
is also true of the Tjnited States, is
attributed Germany's almost exclusive
trade in fine chemicals or use in
medicine and the arts. English chem
ical manufacturers are - therefore try
ing to induce the government to take
off the tax on alcohol which now
amounts to $5 or more the gallon ac
cording to strength.
Although a protective nation, it is
pointed, out that Germany has had at
its command an unlimited supply or
duty and tax free alcohol. Its legisla
tors, realized the importance of alco
hol to the trade in commercial chem
icals, and have not believed that
cheap alcohol has any thing to do with
the temperance question.
Denatured alcohol, which is made
undrinkable through the mixture of
poisons at the expense of 16 cents, the
gallon, is relieved of tax in Great
Britain- But impure alcohdl cannot
be used in the making of fine chemi
cals. Alcohol plays an important part in
the making of almost every chemical,
directly or indirectly. It is most use
ful as a solvent for extracting active
principles from plants and in, purify
ing, them,, but from the commercial
point of view it is quite as important
In. working up waste materials into
;3y-products, on which successful
manufacturing largely depends these
Owing to the excessive tax on pure
alcohol, England ceased to manufac
ture cocaine, which owing to the war,
has advanced from four shillings an
ounce. . A?eto-salicyli4 acid and sali
cylate of soda have increased proper
tibnately.' Thymol is but on of the ar
ticles which have Jumped from 7
Shillings to 45 the pound, or there
abouts. The. government has endeavored to
save these important druvs for Brit
ish use ' by prohibiting their expert.
But the supply Is limited. ' British
manufacturers will not undertake, their
production because they see their bus
iness gone when the war. ends. They
say that if they are to 'equip special
plant? they must be able to meet
German competition in the future, and.
they cannot. do this unless the. tax Is
taken off of pure alcohol for com
mercial u,se, ... - , ..-
Steamer Baldwin leaves
City 2:30; leaves island. 4 :30
p. rn.
Cook, Oct 31. Mr, J, I..8rpwn, one,
of Qook's versatile boosters, visite$
Panama City the first of the week ox
busiaess. -
Messrs. TV. T. Oliver and W. H,
King were business visitors to Jda.-,
jette Ust Thursday.
Mrs Tobe, Cox, one of the most lov-
able matrons of Cook returned Satm
da yfrom an extended visit with rela
tives and friends in Ttforth Bay Mr.
Cox is once more happy, and smiling.
Mr. Jack Hall and family of Ma
Jette, visited Cook Saturday and Sun,
day, the guests of Mr
A. Cbason. Mrs, Hall's parents.
Mr. JUchard Jtawles. a prqwlnent
planter of Wewahitohlra, is visitor
in pur midst and talks very strongly
of moving to East Bay.
Quite a number ofprosperou clti'.
xens of Red Level, the Steele bridge
section, have been at coOk te past
week or ten days, buying flsb. and
oysters, "hen those people want
something palatable they know wher
to come.
Mr. Emil T. Schmidt. th ploneeif
farmer of this section, Is busy these
days preparing for the gatheringr in
of thTs Immense Japanese corn crop
He has a large acreage and it wtjj
require a considerable force about two
months to harvest and make into
syrup the large crop. Had the eeaaon
been more favorable the yield, would
have been something wonderful but
owing to the long; drought he wllj
barely get a half crop. It will however
reach somewhere between three; and
four thousand gallon. No,t. bad
crop, eh?
Mr. A- Remmell and aged father of
Minnesota, who have been ip, this sec
tion since last March, departed for
their old home last week to be fetone
two or three months. While here they
purchased 180 acres of land from M.
J. J. Brown anS will return prepared
to. improve it in the most up-.to-.date
style. They will bring portable saw
njill with them and as the timber is
cut preparatory- to clearing' and cul
tivating they will be sawed into lum
ber for bu.Udlng tesidencea; barns, out
Kiiiiflini various kinds and fencing.
ron't make your stay bo long gentl""
men, we need you.
As many of our farmer aa oould
meet at the home of Mr. Geo. B Bra
on last Monday afternoon.- t two
o'clock; where they were given aaori
no eranms and other citrufl fruit
cultivation, the preparation and proper
cultivaUoa of 4Krrt. 6Tfe? sucn as
Alfalfa, Rhodes Grass, Etc, by Mr,
r., v, nro- .mmhr f.rm demonstrator
for Bay county., . Those who attended
were highly entertained and gained
much valuable information, The next
meeting will be held at caiiaway wi
Saturday and all are earnestly re
quested to attend. . i
m im bp , .
A ; laxative today saves a sick child
tomorrow. Children .simply will not
take the time from play to empty their
bowels, which become clogged up with
waste, liver gets sluggish; stomach
Look at the tongue. Mother! If
coated, or your chid is listless, ctosa
feverish, breath .bad, restless, doesn't
eat heartily, full of cold or has sore
throat or any other children's ailment,
give a. teaspoonful of "California
Syrup of Figs," then -don't worry, be
cause it is perfectly harmless, and in
a few hours all this constipation pois
on, " sour bile and fermenting waste
will gently move out of the bowels,
and you have a well, playful child
again. A thorough "inside cleansing"
Is oftimes all that is necessary. It
should, be the first treatment given in
any sickness.
Beware of -counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a 50-cent bottle
of "California Syrup of Figs", which
has full directions for babies, child
ren of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly printed on the bottle.' Look
carefully and see that It is made y the
"California Fig Syrup Company."
The Parlor Market
"Home of All That's Pure"
Fresh Western Meats,
PHONES 173-174.
8e Ua
For Business
Opportunities 9ffi
Ai3 tha Line ef
Deep Water Townstte Co.
711 Blount Bulttftns, - : 9t9ttm lOSt
Pcnsacola Crockery Co.,
107 South Pslafox Street.
Wheleseale Dealers In
Agents fer McQray Refrlflrtors,
Subscribe for The Journal.
P 6n sis
Each Machine in Federal Factory Turns Out SO Tires Per Day
i r-,iTf " 'v . -rX ; II
r $-Z -J i I ' - -f 4 . ? ?' - I
One cf the interesting dzhta !n the
bis plants where automobile tires are
manufactured ia the tire building ma
chine. The above view taken in the
big Milwaukee factory of the Federal
Rubber Mamifacturing Company give
a clear idea of the manufacture of a
tire easing on one of these machines.
Two expert tire builders can work at
each machine their output being
twenty-five tires apieof In the ten-hour
working day.
Patterns confoxirdng to the shape
aad sue of ths tire ace mounted eta
MulaL Oct. 31.- The Fensacola Yacht
club, cruised to this port t last Sunday,
had an - elaborate dinner under the
pecan trees; cracked nuts, spun yarns
and enjoyed themselves to the limit.
This is fine weather for fishing and
oystering, the fish are biting welL par
ticularly red fish" and trouL
On "Wednesday morning Robert Rob
ertson, our nominee for assessor, died
at bis residence near this place. Al
though he had been sick for some
weeks, his death came suddenly. He
was buried ln the MUton cemetery on
Watch Your Step
What do those three words mean?
They warn you to be careful in
boarding a car, that your foot is
set firmly on the step, to prevent
your slipping. They warn you to
be careful in leaving a car, that
the ground where you alight is
solid and firm. They warn you
that in boarding or leaving a car
you might step on a ladys dress,
causing her to fall. .They warn
you not to leave a car backward.
They warn you after leaving a car
not to go behind it across another
track without looking for an ap-
g car.
cola Electric Company
revolving wheel and the tire man buHda
up a tread from this foundation. Big
spools of prepared fabric, cut to tha
required width, unwind lengths of the
material over the wheel, the tire being
built up In successive layers. Th e num
ber of fabric strips Is measured by the
width of the tire. A four-inch tire
takes five strips, a four-and-one-h all
inch tire 6 strips, and the big five-inch
tire for heavy motor cars has 7 stripe
in alL The largest pneumatic tres
built at the factory are S x inches
Thursday, the whole neighborhood and
a large number Of relatives and frieVa
from Pensacola attended the funeraL
Bagdad Lodge of Odd Fellows and Mil
ton Lodge of Knights of Pythias con
ducted the funeral. He leaver a wife
and Ave children to mourn hie loss.
Dr. and Mrs. Sharltt, and Mrs. Har
vell of Milton, visited Mrs. Glendye
on Friday.
I take this means of expressing xas
thanks to the many friends who so
willingly assisted in helping to save
my household effect during the fir
which dlstroyed my home Friday,
Look young! Nobody can tell if you
use Grandmother's simple recipe
of Saga Tea and Sulphur.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly com
pounded, brings back the natural col
or and lustre to the hair when faded,
streaked or gray; also ends dan
druff, itching scalp and stops falling
hair. Yeare ago th only way to get
this mixture was to make it at home,
which is musty and troublesome.
Nowadays, by asking at any drug
store for "Wyeth't Sage and Sulphur
Compound," yoa will get a large aottle
of this famous old recipe for about 50
Dont stay gray! Try It! No one
can possibly leli tliat you darkened
your hair, as it does it so naturally
and evenly. You dampen a. sponge or
soft brush with it and draw thia
through your hair, taking one email
strand at a time; by mcrnlng the
gray hair disappears, and after an
other application or two, your hair -coms
beautifully dark, thick and
glossy. (Adv.)
St. Louis, Oct. Jlj-Vlrgioia Le Ger
hard, the four-year-old child who was
taken from her homa. here last Mon
day by Aer nurse, Julia KrusuEky, is
held with the nurae. by the police at
Muskooree. Okla.
Never in the history of the develop
ment of social customs have Christ
mas Cards been, so much used as they
are today.
The custom Is almost universal and
is extending each year; a fax:t that is
natural, when it is remembe-ed tha.
thia is the leatt expensive and most
delicate raeaca of. conveying our share
in-the sum total of Christmas happi
ness. While ready made cards for this
occasion are offered for sale at many
places; these are not so much in
demand now as those which are spec
ially engraved. Cards for "Christmas
Greeting" should express ones indi
vidual taste in as great a degree a
a cordial personal greeting, and this
can only be aocomplished through tho
medium of a card engraved in ac
cordance . with you wu taste in ar
rangement and artitV- effect.
The-most satisfactory results can bo
obtained by consulting the J, p.
Stevens: Engraving Co., 47 Whitehall
St-, Atlanta, who will send samples of
the very latest style send today so
that the work, can be. made up for you
in ample time, (Adv.)

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