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American National Bank
Member Bank, Federal Reserve System
Depository of United State rc3uir Account), Postal Savings System,
State of Florida, City of Pensseola.
CAPITAL, $300,000.00
JAMES O. PACS. Presldsir.
BEAK, Vlce-PresWsnt.
J. W. ANDREWS, Cashier.
Free demonstration
We will continue our clean
up sale on Men's and Ladies'
Suits ' . during If ardi : : Gras.
Visitors are cordially invited
to make our store headquar
ters, GaJin's 23 S, Palafox.
iniwiiw mm $m mmim ' m
"y . TERSELY- TOm.,r. i
f"l f 0 PFWAPTV1 Journal
fV.W JU.L VT4i wHll pay 99.00
reward for sWtftncs eMff!elnt to convict
trty Mrn fouae" stealing subscribers'
ppers ftr tflvry of same by csrrlr.
The JN?r;pa8l poatoface. will observe
tbe rrrular holiday hours today.
Mr. John M. .Meyer, ef tbe Sutton
: Prvs Co.. ct Mobile is In the city,
i having been In attendance at the wed
' ding" of his brother A. McDonald Woyer
last Sunday. .
Ccsrjs VWar returned yesterday
frcra Atlanta, where ha went several
- weeks ago with Mrs. Villar, who was
operated upon In one of the hospitals
- scgiiBigMMJ'J' "T'-r-mmmmwrnmenm'-iuj ggassausjai
Xcfji?iil Ccf?yf
j- , - ....
j Th prompt and teU!v result Rive
jcy this pleasant tasting, home-made
eough syrup has caused it to be used In
! mote kotaes ban any other remedy. It
gives almott irUttt relief and will usual
ly overcome ilia rerR cough . ia 2i
bom. - -Get
S! ronce Fincx (ffO cents worth)
from any dru store, pour ft into a pinl
bottle and fill tbe bottle with plain granu
lated, aujsft eyrup. This makes a lull
pint family 'axiTipiy of the most ef
fective eoura r4jr at a cost of only 64
cents or !, You couMn't buy as much
rvady-made tjj? medicine for $3,50.
1'atjJy prepared end ever spoils. fuU
directions with Pi ntau - . .
Tbe promptness, certainty and ease
with which this I'incx Syrup evercotnes
a bad cough, cbest r throat cold is truly
remarkable. It ijukkly loosens a dry,
hoarse or tfjrht coua;a and heals and
soothes a painful couau in a harry. With
a persistent loose cough it stops toe for
mation of pbJTra In the throat and bron
chial tubes, thus ending the annoying
Pinex- is a WghtT eencentrated com
pound f Fnuin Norway pine extract,
rich in rtaiaol end is famous the world
ever for its splendid effect la bronchitis,
whoopinar couprb, bronchial asthma ana
winter eoosrlia, ! r"
l o avoid di5snpo!r.tment fn making
this, ask vour dmeist for "2H ounces
of Pinex, and don't accept anything
else. A guarantee of absolute satisfac
tion, or money promptly refused, goes
with this preparation. The Pinex Co.,
It. .Wayne, led. . s
tfcer gha .is now fast improving .nd
was tha recipient the day before Mr.
VllUr left of a pretty bouquet, sent
by the member of the Pensacola aux
iliary to the O, ft, C.
, '..-.
AJUe J. Jiurphy. son of Assistant
City Comptroller Dan Murphy, who is
now stationed at Galveston, Texas
is among; the large number of carnlYi.1
visitors, having: arrived a couple of
days ago for a short visit to his par
ents. Yesterday be mingled with the
happy jcarnival crowds, and enjoyed
one more good tlraa among- the folka
with whom he bad epent practically all
of bis younger days.
''' . .
Captain Thes. Croft, oneof the bar
pilots at the Port St. Joe, was among
those from out of town who enjoyed
himself immensely In the city yester
day. Captain Croft for a long time
was second mate on the government
drede, resigning a few months ago
to take up pilotage at Port St. Joe.
Jio met many friends who were glad to
meet bim in tbe carnival crowds.
Recognized Advantages.
; You wlj find that) Chamberlain's
Cough liemedy has recognized advan
tages oyer most medicines in use for
coughs, and colds. It does not sup
press a cough but loosens and relieves
it. It aids expectoration and opens
the eecretlons, which enables the sys
tem to throw of a cold. It counter
acts any tendency of a colck to result
in pneumonia. It contains no opium
or other narcotic, and may be given
to a child as confidently as to an
adult. For sale by all dealers.
Charged with selling booze on Sun
day, warrants have been sworn out
against John Marshall, a negro, and
John Frews, a Greek,, the- negro being
an employ of a saloon .on South Fala
fox street. . The Greek has a place, of
business adjoining a saloon on Pala-
fox street, about a 'block north' of the i
saroon where the negro was alleged i
to have disposed of a pint and a half
pint of whiskey to a deputy sheriff,
whom the darkey did pot know. .
; The Greek was also alleged to have
sold whiskey to a deputy, who, the offi
cer alleged, right along to others who
called for it, and particularly to .en
listed men of the army and nary.
Deputies were out in full force Sun
day night, having been given a tip
that there was a quantity of liquor
being sold at places where there had
been obtained no license, and it was
also alleged that drinks were procura
ble at saloons. With the exception of
the caae where the negro, Marshall was
alleged to have disposed of the bottles
held as. evidence, however, no sales
were established. In fact all saloons
during . Sunday had their first cur
tains up and the Interior oould easily
be viewed from the street.
Boldly entering the bouse of F. F.
Patterson, 23 East Cervantes street, at
il: 30 o'clock yesterday forenoon, a
yellow negro came near shedding blood
before he finally made a getaway while
a chasing policeman emptied his r
vplver at the fleeing fugitive. 5
Officer Nell was the policeman, and
up to late last night the burglar had
not been apprehended, although sev
eral officers were detailed on the case
to look him up.
It was asserted that the negro had
been 6itting near the Patterson home
for an hour or so previous to his at
tempt at burglary, Being evidently
provided with a key, he walked to the
rear door nd gained entrance. A ne
gro woman, it was reported, knew that
he was not authorized to so enter the
residence, and ghe telephoned the po
lice station that the darkey had. en
tered the house, officers Nell and
Schmttz, responded to the .call, and as
Officer Nell arrived at the back door,
the negro leaped from a side window
of the residence, and opened Are on
the officer, but hie aim was bad. AH
this time, however, the officer ' was
busy with his revolver, and the negro
ran Firing at the fleeing darkey, the
officer's aim also was uncertain, and
the disturbed house burglar escaped
It hvas also remarkable that the offi
cer was not wounded, as in all, a dozen
shots were fired. Both -revolvers were
emptied. .
, A description of the negro was given
by Officer Nell, and it was readout ta
the officers' in ranks yesterday. ' TAH
hunted for such an ; individual during
the night. The description fits almost
exactly with that given by the victim
of a highwayman who held up and
relieved a man the night before, near
the corner of Chase and Baylen streets,
of a-few dollars.
The following , report is furnished
daily for The : Pensacola Journal , by
Harris, Allison Co., cotton merchants.
Good middling , .. ............ ; ... 8t 1-4
Strict middling w..... ........ ...8
Middling ..i ............ .....7 8-4
Strict low middling , . , . ,
Low middling ...........
.....7 1-4
, , . . .6 8-8
Hundreds Of healtn articles appear
in newspapers and magazines, and in
practically every one of Jheih the im
portance of keeping the bowels regu
lar Is emphasized. A constipated con
dition invites disease. A dependable
physic that acts without inconven
ience .or griping is found in Foley. Ca
thartic Tablets. D'Alemberte's Pharm
acy, v- ; (Adv.)
Frank B. Hunt, a soldier from Fort
Barrancas, was badly cut .last night in
a fight in the lower section of the city.
The wound, a very severe one, was
Inflicted by a knife, which penetrated
deep, into the abdomen.
Safety First for Your Baby !
The FOOD That Save tables' Lives.
. wanes nura, nrm liesn
good bone and rich
red blood.
For the
Imperial Granum taken " three . times
daily Increases the quantity and quality
of the milk. It gives strength to bear
the strain of nursing. .-
t The Crystal Pharmacy, N
Phones, 921-922.
W, C. Chsfiln, Ota. W, Johnston, Wm. Fisher, Oliver Jernlgan, Jr., J. D. C. Newton
The Banking, Savings &
Trust Company
Pensacola, Florida.
General Banking and Trust Business
Authorized to Act as Executor, Administrator, Guardian,
Trustee or Receiver
Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent V
" 'A private room is provided for the use of Safety De
posit Box customers. A rest room, with telephone,1 is also
provided for the free use of callers.
Ladies, both resident and visitors, are cspcially in
vited to use this feature of our institution you will find
it very convenient to drop in and rest or telephone some
A 0 interest paid on Savings deposits,
70 interest credited every 3 months.
Corner Palafox and Garden Streets.
PHONE 346.
it ncyji.
iror E
sssaltiMiBBW sJeaftaHfeaji s wmii&k &JiW sj M&&t0tb&MM ' wMaiMasaaaBaaJi
staMisSiedi Fisk Qiialiiy
BIG PRODUCTION, with our ever increasing distribution, makes
the reduction of price and the maintenance of quality possible.
You profit both ways.
Here Is The New Standard For Valuer
Sim PfeinTtW Caag Non-Skid Gasfe Tbs
3 s30 3 9.00 6 9.45
3Hx30 11.60 12.20 2.70
A z33 19.05 20.00 3.85
4- s34 1940 20.35 4.00
4Xs36 27.35 2S.70 5.20
5 x 37 32U30 33.90 65
'If You Pay More Than Fisk Prices
You Pay For Something That Does Not Erdst"
BETTER TIRES than FISK are not made. They are backed by a
service policy that is a revelation in efficiency and completeness to
those who use Fisk Tires for the first time.
Fisk Tires and Fisk Service Are Inseparable
Every sale we make combines tire mileage ana service and the personal
interest in each individual transaction to make your satisfaction complete.
You Can Buy Fisk Tires At AH Dealers
The Fisk
Home Office
ubber Company
. Chicopee Falls, Mass.
t. o. s. ist. oe.
Tua. t RTirat
(Buy Fkk)
Bennie Simmons, a young man of
Warrington, alleged to . have wielded
the knife, surrendered at the police
If a better cough syrup than Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound could be
found, We would carry it. We know
this reliable and dependable medicine
has given satisfaction for. more than
forty years; therefore we never offer
a substitute for the genuine. Recom
mended for coughs, colds, croup,
whooping cough bronchial and la
grippe coughs. No opiates. D'Alem
berte's Pharmacy. (Adv.)
William F. Bryant was the victim of
two negro highwaymen at ; an early
hour yesterday morning. The men at
tacked him at the corner of Wright and
F streets, and besides taking all the
money he possessed, about $2.50, hand
led him pretty roughly.
Besides other injuries Bryant re
ceived a knife wound which while
not serious, is very painful.
I .
Which is BetterTry an Experiment
or Profit by a Pensacola Citi
zen's Experience,
Something new in an experiment.
Must be proved to be as represented.
The statement of a manufacturer is
not convincing proof of merit.
But the endorsement of friends is.
Now supposing you had a bad back,
A lame, weak, or aching one,
Would you experiment on- it?
You will read of many so-called
Endorsed by strangers from far
away places.
It's different when the endorsement
comes from home.
Easy to prove local testimony.
: Read this Pensacola case:
Frank Wilde, police captain, 209 E.
Wright St, Pensacola, Fla., says: "1
had trouble from my kidneys, caused
no doubt by being on my feet a great
deaL . I bad severe attacks of back
ache and felt that my kidneys needed
attention. I used Doan's Kidney Pills
and relief soon, followed. I cheerfully
give this endorsement. (Adv).
Hon. W. A. McRae, commissioner of
agriculture of Florida, and J. Hinton
Pledger, chief clerk in the pure food
division of the commissioner's office,
are among the visitors to Pensacola for
the Mardi Gras celebration. , -
Both hape a large number of friends
in Pensacola, who are giving them a
royal welcome. They will return to
Tallahassee tonight.
5 or 6 Doses 666 will break any case
of Chills and Fever.
An Impromptu dance will be given at
the Osceola club tonight immediately
following the coronation ball at the
armory hall, and will bring to a fit
ting close the carnival season. This
dance was arranged following the ball
of last night.
Members may invite guests as usual.
- '
Naval Stores Market.
Savannah, Feo.f 15. The spirits of
turpentine market opened and closed
Ilrm today at 42 to 42& cents, with
sales of 571 casks. Receipts were 55
casks and shipments of 67 casks, leav
ing stocks of 35,212'casks.
The rosin market opened and closed
firm with sales -of 266 barrels. Re
ceipts were 768 barrels and shipments
of 72 barrels, leaving stocks of 137,
663 barrels.
Quotations were as follows:
Grades. Open. Close.
W. W. 5.55 5.55
W. G. 5.40 5.40
N. ......5.00 5.00
M. ...............4.00 4.00
K. 3.35 3.35
I. ............. 3.10 .3.10
H. .3.10 3.10
G. ...............3.10 3.10
F. 3.05 3.05
E ...3.03 3.05
D. .....3.00 2.00
C. 3.00 3.00
B 2.93 2.93
A. . 2.95 2.95
J. I Southers, Eau Claire, Wis.,
writes: "Years ago I wrote you in
regard to great results I obtained from
Foley Kidney Pills. After all these
years I have never had a return of
those terrible backaches or sleepless
nights: I am permanently cured." Men
and women, young and old, find this
Tennis Rackets re-strung. 1915 Tennis Balls.
Roller Skates.
A fresh lot of "Seconds" Tires.
Phone 3S0.
The Sportsmen's Store." .
22 South Palafox Street.
Blount Building, Pensacola, 37a.
Public Accountant. Auditor.
401 American National Bank Building.
Accounting Systems.
Efficiency Engineer.
. ' .
J XiWtLU VA Deluxe M
k stylo or VA
? A t-:
VA Volumea iC'Jr
Style of
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Simply clip Five Coupons like this one and present together
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