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"4Wy r it
die Fell, Alice Pritchard and several
others will leave today for Tallahas
see to enter the Summer Normal at
the Florida State Woman's College.
ZuZu ZuZu ZuZu Zu Zj
e w Events
Piione 38
I sayl r g
By Celia Myrover Robinson
(By Miss Agnes Lewis, Pine LeveL)
Come a vision in my dreaming of that
distant home of mine,
Like a moonbeam in the shadows in
its setting by the sea.
Of that home around whose portals
tender memories entwine,
Till I feel a thrill of rapture for the
days that used to be.
True, this night is full of heaven as
I wander all alone,
And glimpse the moonbeam's quiver
en the streamlet passing me;
Yet my heart is with that vision of
my Pensaeola home,
And filled with tender memories, of
happy moments gone.
May no shadows blur that vision;
may it thus with me remain;
Tho' it fills the heart with longing,
and the eye with gushing tears;
For it brings the old Gulf breezes
over woodland, hill and plain.
And weds me to my childhood, far
across the buried years.
There's a charm in retrospection when
the years are creeping on,
Replete with happy visions of our
world in its prime:
It seems to fan the embers of emo
tions nearly gone,
And wafts us back to pinafores across
the hills of tame.
In DeSoto's verdant forests, what a
mystic grandeur dwells!
How beauteous it3 grovelands in the
golden autumn days!
How the wild exotics riot in its cop
- pices and dells.
"With the kindly heavens smiling at
all nature in a blaze.
Heaven blest this land of blossom,
but it left my spirit free
To choose the haven of its love
wherever I may roam,
And mine never fails to conjure up
a city by the sea,
And an olden, golden, vision of my
Pensaeola home.
From the Arcadia News.
women or men of tha newest of po
litical organizations the Woman's
Party. It sailed into port here last
night, the purple and white and yel
low banners standing straight out to
the wind, and such a landing as it
made. In all this frar.tic uncertainty
it is the one clean, orderly definite
piece of work I have seen done. It
knows exactly what it wants. More
over, it knows its power.
For many weeks the women of the
Congressional Union have been
working to this end a party of
women voters, officered . only by
women who vote; its regular and
The death of Lt. Saufley has cast
a gloom over society, where he was
extremely popular, both in service
and civilian circles. Both Lt. Saufley
and his wife, during their residence
here have taken part in many public
and private functions in which so
ciety has been interested and the
sympathy of scores of friends goes
out to the young wife in her bereavement.
Shasta daisies, in all the beauty of
white and gold, were used to create a
beautiful settinc vesterdav afternoon.
active membership made up of worn- I wnen Miss Hilda Griffin entertained
en who vote; its slogan "Suffrage at the home of her sister, Mrs. James
Ida M. Tarbell, one of the great
est women journalists in the world,
writing from Chicago, says:
Let there be no underestimating by
first;" its immediate object the pass
ing the Susan B. Anthony amend-1
ment to the United States Constitu-I
tion enfranihising women.
Last night they crystallized into a
permanent organization all their
planning and their thought. It was
as clean and complete a bit of organi
zation as I ever saw carried out. It
did not matter a bit in the general
smoothness of the effect that the
permanent chairman was never elec
ted; that after passing a motion that
the nominations be closed the nom
inee slated Miss Anna Martin of Ne
vada to take her post. She came in
on schedule time and there was no
doubt from the minute she lifted the
gavel that she was all right.
The temper and the tone of the
gathering was something new in suf
frage meetings. It was an earnestly
confident body of women. They put
their cause straight from the shoul
der. "There are eleven full suffrage
states. There are 3,000,000 women
voters. We control ninety-one elec
toral votes. That, furthermore, is
power. It is ours, not yours. Vie are
going to use it for women, the wom
en who have not the vote. We pledge
ourselves henceforth to vote for the
defeat of every party and each man
who does not support the Susan B.
Anthony amendment."
Good Lord!" said an , interested
and entirely non-partisan gentleman
who sat beside me "Good Lord!
they'll play the devil if they stick to
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nKra i Mnsic House
White, in honor of Miss Nellie Beo-
vich, whose marriage to Mr. William
McNair is an event of June 28th.
The lovely blossoms were used in
vases and wicker baskets about the
rooms and in the dining room the
white and" gold note was further em
phasized in the decorations of the ta
ble, which was covered with Batten
burg, festoons of yellow tulle having
been carried from the chandelier to
the four corners, and the gold centred
blossoms scattered over the cloth.
Misies Louise Berlin and Eunice Mas
sey, in dainty white summer gowns,
served punch and an ice course, the
white and gold motif being reflected
in all details of the menu.
Hearts furnished amusement for
the guests, with six tables at play,
the prizes going to Mrs. Walter Biggs,
who presented the trophies, a set of
gold hat pins, to the guest of honor.
The consolation was cut by Miss
Annie Mooney, a gold bar pin.
The hosiery and handkerchief
shower, the pretty and original fea
ture of the afternoon courtesy, cre
ated a great deal of amusement and
expressed to the bride in a very beau
tiful way the sincere friendships
which are hers. A Sea of Matrimony
had been arranged, where the guest
of honor and her friends all tried
their luck at fishing for the treasures,
each girl being rewarded with the ini
tials of her future husband with the
exception of Miss Beovich, who in
stead caught such a big packet that
it could not be landed. At a signal
a curtain was drawn aside, and it was
Oil, say!
You say
5 to your grocer man ssilX a
N and you 11 get snappy, r " a
spicy ginger snaps.
u ZuZu ZuZu 2u Su Zu Zq
Arts: Margaret Carroll, Nellie Coop
er, Alice Corry, Agnes Edwards,
Mary Floyd, Mary Mays, Leslie Ma
nard, Pattie Martin, Marie McMillan,
Mizpah Otto, and Cornelia Puleston;
Bachelor of' Science: Marion Alford,
Ollie Henderson, lone Hough and
Katherine Smith; Licentiate of In
struction: Mary George Adams, Kath
erine Ball, Margaret Brandon, El
frieda Colwell, Annie Pope Eagleton,
Florida Ferrell, Lula Mae Green, El
sie Hainlin, Minna Harri3, Jane Hol-
lenshead, Mary Lou Leman, Orlena
Lewis, May Linton, Lillian Maguire,
Katherine Mahoney, Gladys Martin,
Doris Meyer, Bessie Michael, Kate
Montgomery Kathleen Morrison, Ke
nie Murrell, Ethel Moughton, Lilla
Patterson, "Margaret Pearce, Gem
Pickett, Etoile Reed, Maude Iloaaker,
Dorothy Slemons, Helen Vaughn,
Claire Walker, and Margaret Weaver.
Miss Ella Jean McDavid received a
(Continued on Page Six.)
tSripes are growing bolder posi
tively grazen. Even my well-weather-
Miss Lelia Abercrornbie, Erma
Ellis, Kate Hall, Flora Freeman, Sa-
ed fashion evee DouDed wide oDen
xouna xnat iuiss tseovicn naa caught ; wnen it feli upon this stunning crea
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shaving without mug with each cake.
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iress pont-card Cotlcor, Itopt. 14G,
Jostou." Sold throughout tho world.
a boat on which the word "Marriage"
was lettered in gold. A sailor lad
and lass in the person of little Lillian
Massey and Dorothy White bore the
ship with, its freight of gifts to the
bride,, who found in teach package
some expression of love.
Those who enjoyed the afternoon
were Miss Beovich and her sister, J
Miss Bertha Beovich, Mrs. A. H.
Payne, Mrs. Edmund Fox, Mrs. B.
Brown, Mrs. J. Epples, Mrs. L. Bor
ras, Mrs. Frank Beovich, Mrs. Walter
Biggs, Misses Marie Jones, Sadie
Jones, Ethel Jones, Marie Savage,
Alberta Pourtless, Ethel Yates, Jem
ette Rosique, Mamie Santo, Mary Cu-
saens, wma Lrranam, Annie Mooney,
Juanita Walker, Ella Rupert, Katie
Louise Graham, Henny Levy, Mrs. V.
J. Fauria, Mrs. Leon Anderson, Mrs.
John Massey, Mrs. James White.
Mrs. Whidden of East Gadsden
street, and two daughters, the Misses
Ruth and Wilma Whidden, leave Mon
day for a stay of several weeks up
the Sound. They leave with the best
wishes of their many friends.
tion in dark blue and white taffeta.
But we may as well get accustomed
to it as this model I've sketched here
is only one of many of the same kind
the Fashion Art League of America
modistes are making for midsummer
Although the stripes are almost
flag stripe width, they are so skill
fully folded and pleated the effect is
The modified Russian blouse falls
straight from the yoke, and 4is gath
ered loosely at the waist line by a
soft belt of taffeta. The skirt is made
in two tiers, the skirt of the blouse
forms a third tier. The sleeves are
odd, but have stylee, despite their
Any article that can be delivered on a wheel
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108 South Palafox Phone 149
Wednesday saw the close of the
most successful year's work of Flor
ida State College for Women, and the
graduation exercises on this morning
were a fitting and beautiful finale
marking the beginning of a new road
for the high standard set for them
by the 1916 graduates. The exercises
.were held in the morning this year
so that students could leave on the
afternoon trains, thus making better
The exercises began at 10 o'clock,
the procession being formed by Pro
fessor N. M. Salley, Dean of the
Normal School. While the violin en
semble played Radetsky March by
Strauss the academic procession com
posed of the board of control, state
board of education, orator of the day,
Dr. Geo. H. Cornelson, the faculty
of the college and the candidates for
degrees, robed in their caps and
gowns, with their ushers who were
dressed in pure white and carried
huge bouquets of the class flowers,
filed down the left aisle of the huge
auditorium. This was a very beau
tiful and impressive part of the ex
The invocation was given by Rev.
Francis Yarnell of the Episcopal
church, Tallahassee, followed by an
other beautiful selection "Marriage
of Figaro" by Mozart-Sauer, played
by the violm ensemble.
Orator of the Day.
Dr. Edward Conradi, president of
Eve the little lassie wears sports
clothes these days, though chasing
butterflies or building houses of sand
may be her most exciting sport.
A smart little frock, pretty enough
to take along when she accompanies
mother on a vacation trip is made of
plain and ctriped linen, the striped
material making a hooped cut little
skirt and the plain material being
used in a quaint Russian blouse with
a most fashionable flare to it. Most
little lassies wear half sleeves, but
many new models have the sleeves in
full length. . The big hat of dark blue
stitched silk is pretty and sensible
Jersey cloth, silk or novelty cotton
make up effectively in this Russian
blouse model.
the college, then introduced the speak
er for the occasion, Dr. Geo. H. Cor
nelson, pastor First Presbyterian
church, New Orleans. Dr. Cornelson
had a pleasing and forciful delivery,
a voice whilch penetrated every part
of the auditorium relieving the audi
ence from any strain whatsoever in
understanding what was said.
Following Dr. Cornelson's address
was the award of the board of con
trol medals. This is always an in
teresting feature of the closing exer
cises and the audience was eager to
learn the result of the judges' de
cision. Three young ladies from the
junior class, Misses Ruth Cook, Oak
ley St. John and Mary Louise Scales,
and five from the senior class, Misses
Margaret Carroll, Alice Corry, Agnes
Edwards, Pattie Martin,. and Mizpah
Otto, contested for the medals. In
a pleasing manner and with appro
priate and well chosen words Judge
J. B. Whitfield of the Supreme Court,
presented these medals, Miss Agnes
Edwards of Lloyd winning the senior
medal and Miss Oakley St. John of
Miami, winning the junior medal.
Miss Pattie Martin of Bokeelia and
Miss Ruth Cook of West Palm Beach
received honorable mention.
Dr. Edward Conradi, president of
the college then conferred degrees
and gave diplomas to the following
young ladies, 48 in number: Master
of Arts, Delle Stroman: Master of
Science, Lucile Cooper; Bachelor of
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