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Learn to Con
serve Energy
and Health
rye I OETS will hare to change their 4
J pi sentiments about women if the
jL.. fair sex continue to prove
themselves a hardy lot, willing
and able to cope with the big things of
life. The ware of preparedness which
has swept the country Is making all
women more or less anxious to get a
training along all lines which will
prove- helpful In time of trouble or of
peace. There are many women unfit
for the various tasks because they
have not strengthened their muscles.
Therefore it Is quite essential that ev
ery woman should go in for systematic .
training. Until the muscles are suffi
ciently strong they can not be expect
ed to stand pressure and strain.
In the home the woman has many -duties
which call . for muscular
strength. Very' few women realize
there is a right and a wrong way tq do
these things. Evidence of this was
made plain when the women of Eng
land started to take on the work which
the men who went off to war left be
hind. For Instance, the women who
became delivery girls were all prompt
ly taught that the easiest way to carry
a weight is on the head, provided the
muscles of the neck and shoulders are
strong. This method of carrying will
also do much to improve the carriage.
At first it may seem rather difficult to
carry things in this manner, but it is
quite important that you persevere.
The method of carrying the burden on
'the arm and hip is very bad, for it is
apt to cause a very marked curvature
of the spine. Carrying it directly in
front, pulling the body forward, is in
jurious also and causes the carrier to .
expend a great deal of muscular and
nervous energy on a minimum of use
ful result. Consequently the carrier
will soon grow very tired and will be
unable to continue.
If one is not able to- carry a burden
directly on the head, the next best
thing is to carry it above, as Bhown in
the picture. The housewife often has
occasion to move furniture from one
room to another. The work might as
well be done in a scientific way. The
upright position of the arms will do'i
much to correct round shoulders, to
expand the lungs and generally de
velop an erect and graceful carriage.
Of course, common sense must be
brought Into play here as well as In
anything else. No heavy pieces of fur
niture should be lifted in such manner.
If the shoulder and neck muscles are
not strong enough to bear the burden
they should be developed. A very splen
did. exercise which will serve this pur
pose Is to walk around the room with
the arms held down at the sides of the
body. The chest should be thrown out
' and the head held back as far as pos
sible. This will not only expand the
chest, but it will correct improper
breathing vaethods. strengthen the
lungs and produce a brisk circulation
of blood through the muscles, thus get
ting them In good trim to withstand
any strain put on them. ;
When a heavier piece of furniture or
a cumbersome box is to be moved the
thing should be rolled either on casters
or on ' Its end. If there is any great
need to lift the heavy object you
should let the strain fall on the shoul
der muscles. Unless you can prevent
strain of 'Internal organs you should
not attempt the lifting. The gymna
sium lessons given in lifting are really
so practical that every woman should
try to avail herself of them if there is
any possible way to do so.
At some time or other every woman
has occasion to lift something from a
high point. It is quite usual to see a
woman stand on one foot and reach for
the object This is all wrong. If the ob
ject la out of reach a chair or stool can
be used. Then If the object sought is
large, both hands should be used to
lift It do ro. Girls and women should
never strain themselves when reaching
down weights from a height by undue
stretching ' upward of the arms and
trunk. The trouble Is done when the
burden Is being taken down. Internal
stresses and strains being caused to
various organs. While cleaning win
dow women are very apt to stretch
too far to reach a certain point on the
glass. Instead of doing this the sash
should be lowered. If the windows
are not fitted with pulleys, they should
be removed from the frame.
When one has occasion to lift a shal
low but heavy box from the floor one
should get the body Into proper posi
tion before attempting to touch the
box. By getting the feet firmly planted
far apart on the ground you have a
better baseband consequently a better
balance. It's the same principle as
standing with the feet firmly planted
far apart when riding In a trolley car.
Now then, when actually lifting the
heavy burden, let the strain come on
the shoulder muscles.
The principle of leverage can be suc
cessfully applied when moving large,
cumbersome articles. A crowbar or a
heavy pole can be used for the pur
pose. The muscles of the trunk and legs
should be very well strengthened in or
der to do the heavy work. There are
numerous exercises to be practiced
with this end in view. A very benefi
cial one is to lie on the back, with the
hands folded beneath the head. Then
raise the right leg slewly until it forms
a right angle with the body. Next
practice with the left leg. Now prac
tice with, both legs. As you slowly
draw the legs into such a position you
will feel the action on the muscles.
The movements will strengthen the ob
dominal as well as the leg muscles.
JL.J. a & I 11 Jul jlsk I t I'
mi 'i I - : . - ' a
(v. V . A-. . . 4. $:
: f:'- ' ' ' ' . RAG RUGS
i r-j7w RETTY ana inexpensive rugs
IV ' ' Iff! can e mae or bathrooms
1? I I and also bedrooms from old
NS. . percale dresses. The only ex-
. w pense is a long wooden needle, ten
. I V inches long and thicker than a lead
N yf - pencil. The rags should be cut and
not torn, to avoid the threads hanging.
A i They , should be cut three-quarters of
'si: I 1 s an inch wide, sewed together just as
J ra?s for old-feshioned rag carpets,
i v f CV Crochet a chain of several inches
J I ' K s and make in this way a center, and
i in i " v'?: I ';: ' ' ' :V " then knit around and around, throwing
I - f f j . the rag thread over before putting the
r I f - needle through the chain." You must
I - 1 put in two stitches to keep it from
' - ; i't , I i-V , drawing up like a poke. Put your nee-
"n4":-: ' jt a J " ' x' f die through the back part of the stitch
-, :- y --- f V':,f J ' " 'f and use your taste in knitting the col-
I I . v s t ' lors- Finish with an edge like an old-
J ) J'? : I fashioned tidy".
H- a x4,x J-i " f 1 .
: 7X y-;v- - v . "i r . r
A CAREER-how. to .Make It
Work to Advan
tage for you
EMEMBER that constant blink
ing of the eyes causes a fine
network of wrinklea around
s the eyes that mas sage may
not be able to eradicate. This is often
only a bad habit, but may be caused
by poor eyesight, which needs the
treatment of an oculist.
HEN one is dressed and it is in
convenent to wash the face an
excellent lotion to have is 5
cents worth of boracic acid
dissolved in 10 cents' worth of alcohol,
This is perfectly harmless and by
rubbing the skin well with this, ap
plied with a handkerchief, every pore
will be cleansed, and you will look and
women wash the hair with a liquid
brewed from camomile leaves to pre
serve the color and brighten the gold
en tints in the hair. This is an abso
lutely harmless herb and will
strengthen rather than harm the hair.
Different colors of blond hair require
different proportions of the leaves. Ex
periment with a small piece of your
hair before applying the liquid. The
very best champoo is the white of an
egg beaten "into a pint of soft cool wa-
OOR little persons who have
never known anything stable
in their home, who have to
earn their own living as soon
as they can toddle, they have reasons
for cringing and lying, for cheating
and sharp practice, for discontent,
envy, hatred and malice, and all un-
charitableness, which might overcome
many of us happier folk. Of course, days
they do not all succumb. That "the many small
poor in a loom is bad" is no more true raiay day little
than that all the rich are villains. But
poverty has its dangers to the immor
tal soul.
All this, you naturally complain, is
argument from extreme cases. Sup
pose it is granted that grinding pover
ty is disastrous, it does not follow that
a certain scarcity of means is not
wholesome. "A early all the errfeat men
Appreciate Them
With Good Care
and Enjoyment
HE , man or woman who loves '
.good books need not be told
how to take care of them, but
the person who really loves
books is rare. Many of us enjoy them
to the extent of picking up a book in
our idle kours, to receive from its
pages entertainment, instruction or
amusement. That is our sole Interest
in the book. As to how it fares once it
is but of our hands we give not a
thought Whether it is put away on
its proper shelf, whether it is dusted
regularly, we know not, and, what is
more, in many instances, care not.
This is all wrong. A book is a treas
ure of thought and should be given
some consideration. Those who are
no willing to assume the responsibil
ity of owning books should not have
them in their homes. 'They should give
away the transient volumes which they
read one day and forget the next. Some
one will be glad to care for them and
treasure them at their worth.
Books that are well kept have a dec
orative valne in the Home which should
make then respected if for no other
reason. The room that is lined with
books immediately assumes a dignl-
fled thoughtful appearance that cannot
be gained by the costliest furniture.
The best sort of book shelves are
the open ones, built in a nook or cor
ner of a room. These, of course, en
tail more care as the contents of the
shelves must be dusted frequently, but
they are better for the books than a
closed case. Have the shelves raber
deep and bring the books out to the
front edge of the shelf rather than
crowding them back against the wall
They look better, may be dusted more
easily, and where the walls are damp
are not so likely to become moldy. Tip
the books gently forward and dust the
tcps each day; occar.inn.iHy take ihem
dTva, two or thi'ee at a time", and care
fully dust them and the shelf behind
hoa Commence, of course, wiih the
tor s'oalf.
Tha best way -to do this is to spy
the books and shelves, by means of r.n
atc::iizer, wjil'. oil of lavender, pntiy
royal or any - I oilier perfunied cs
s?:M?rl oils.. 'This will drive away all
suspicion cf mold.
Oft on n. kk sseris ruined when
grcp.s? or xtil ' sp'Nfd upon it, but all
Traces r.f th?.- sr s ir.ay be removed
by spriuki:ns lic spjts thickly with a
little pr.vdcicd pipe cToy. Over this
chould be placed a 'r'ecc of heavy
brown paper a"d a hot iron should be
applied. The iron should bo hot. bv.t
ret hot mor-h fc Scorrh the she?t. If
the pewdor' p.'ck- to the book rub i1.
"-off snfly wiih r s;ft eraser.
If the leaves of a book have become
.soiled from much usog?, they can be
considerably freshened by rubbing first
with a piece of stale bread to take c'l
the lcos dirt The lay a clean pi
cf b'otvirg papfr mc,'sl:ncd in a sat
urated scli:! 'on cf oxalic acid, and go
over this with a hot iron. Do not use
enough of the solution to wet the page,
but simply moisten the leaf of the book
with the acid.
' ,
L I'll !
I i . .. -
4 'v&r3?t'ymv''-
'4 '
: V
" t i i
s s." " ' .
UITE a comfortable coach cover
can be made from eiderdown,
w hich fa , light enough in
weight not to be cumbersome
and yet is warm enough to keep the
baby warm when the breezes of sum
mer, become chilly. There are
numerous ways in which to or
nament such a cover. One seen
recently was trir.med solely with pi!v
rib. n one inch in width. The ribfcon
was slightly gathered at both edges
and then stitched on. It formed a bow
knot design on both the pointed flap
and the middle of the cover proper.
each pocket before stitching it to the
apron. Decorate the center ' pocket
with a rosette made of pink or blue
ribbon. The pockets will not only
ornament the apron, but will prove
most practical for holding sewing
utensils. A luncheon set very simply
embroidered in one color, preferably
blue or green, may be very neatly fin
ished with a fringed white cotton braid.
This new finish to the luncheon arst re
minds one strongly of the old-fashioned
fringed doilies with which our moth
ers and grandmothers used to pass
around the afternoon tea and crackers.
Another finish for the luncheon set In
fact, a finish which actually "makes"
the set is of maltese crochet, the kind
HERE are few tfcuogs that can
cause one more heartache
than to be reproved in an
angry tone. Mothers especial-
AINY days are unwelcome vis
itors to the average woman,
but if she has a practical turn
of mind she may utilize such
to good advantage. There are
tasks one can do on a
odds and ends of
work that seem irksome and bother
some If one decides on doing this work
where the sun is shining. Therefore,
the prudent housekeeper will welcome
a rainy day now and then and while
engaged in small, but necessary tasks,
make the dreary hours pass pleasantly.
HIFFON, Georgette crepe and
all other diaphanous materi
als, whether they are used for mother used to make on a hairpin. Ask
gowns or a part of costumes her to show you how to do IL it makes
of silk or cloth, are usually trimmed beautiful sheets and pillow cases, and
with embroideries. There is somiihing is the finer thread for lingerie seams,
pleasingly piquant about a bit of em- 0
Droider.y applied to a delicate, dia
phanous material. Often when usod on
these airy fabrics the embroidery is
qjiite heavy, but is confined to a small
space. A great quantity of it would
naturally be apt ro pull the materia.1
out of shape. Gold and black embroid- '
ery motifs were used on a putty col
ored chiffon afternoon gown seen re
cently, and on a pale gray crepe gown
there were embroideries of silver, gray
and blue. A white net evenine'eown iv Khnnlri trv tn nvpn-nm thi hahit
was trimmed with embroideries placed Children are tantalizing at times we
on the skirt to-catch up the draperies all admit this, but each one of us has
at the side and on the tiny sleeves. been a child, and perhaps we, too,
. " often broke the rules laid down for us.
OU would be surprised to htar It is 'when young people ar e going
how often I'm asked what is to work their first positions proba-
Issj-HU the cause of so-and-so's sue- bly that the employer should re
cess," said the assistant editor -member his or her first days in the
of a trade monthly. "Letters come business world, and give th3 young
with that question oftener than w ith man or woman a fair chance to show
any other. What was the reason for what he or she can do. To lose pa
Blank's success in that line of his? tience with them to speak In an angry
How was it that Smith pulled ahead? tone because of some unconscloua mls
And my answer Is usually that it's be- take the result of inexperience, is not
cause Blank is Blank and Smith is the act of a right thinking man or
Smith. That is to say, the reason for woman. Many young persons who
success Is you. That's the big, the main now hold responsible positions look
reason. Other things contribute, but back with terror on their first "boss,"
they can't bring It. It is the kind of whose inconsideration and sarcasm
made life a nightmare in the first few
days of their business career.
with cold water, and finisli the same as
with any other shampoo, except the
last rinsing water, which should be
cold. A few drops of the best indigo.
feel as well as if you had used the best pot ordinary Diumg,
ia- to tinge tne waier. ims atis j
as does bluing on white goods, leaving
thB hair a nure white, and not in the
ing a soft lather, after wetting the bair 2ld i '"V" i P ' W? T
" ,J flnic-, tho ,m a toId in one of those impressive facile
generalizations. But is it so? You
soap and water. This is almost indis
pensable when traveling.
Pl HE belief that the drinking of
jj i water makes fat is erroneous.
hisJ If one eats juicy vegetables
nd especially the hiss sweet
fruits, such as apples and grapefruit,
and abandons the use of sugar, there
will be a natural reduction in the
amoujjt of water taken, but one should
drink all that is needed to quench
least tinged with yellow.
think of Shakespeare. Certainly be was
poor; possibly without the stimulus
of need he would never have written a
line. But who can prove that? Or, if
you could, what is the use of the
unique case of Shakespeare as a gen
eral guide? Look at some other noets.
Goethe came of the well-to-do middle
bUellev Won ho!r tn o nTMi4-
EW girls walk gracefully nowa- erable estate. Take the men of action.
Every one knows how quickly bu
reau and dresser drawers become dis
arranged and where young children
are in the household It is next to im
possible to keep such drawers in apple
pie order. Therefore, why not clean
out the dresser drawers the next rainy
day? Take out all contents, remove the
drawers and brush them thoroughly.
Line the bottoms with clean newspa
pers, as printers' ink is excellent for
keeping down ants and other insects.
Dainty crepe paper may be used to
man you are, the method you feel im
pelled to use, the use to which you
put your energy and your brain that
make you succeed, and all those are
just you." This is a point of view that
has possibilities. You don't need to sit
around waiting for opportunitity to
knock at the door if the real road to
success is yourself. You can get right
to work. It is entirely up to yoii.
days in spite of the craze for Napoleon, indeed, is an example of the for a sweet, delicate' odor on lingerie
physical culture. usx"- stimulus of poverty. But even he came or bed linen a tiny bit of good sachet
generally nouceaoie wui or good family, and . could enter the
WOMAN whose lips are con
stantly cracked and sore should
take an internal tonic, for un
doubtedly her blood is too thin.
External applications should be con
stantly used, too, because they are
curative and "soothing. These lip lo
tions that are astringent are most ben
eficial because they dry the tores and
hasten the healing beneath tho surface.
A well-known specialist recommends
that when there is the slightest erup
tion on the lips they should always be
a forward droop of the head, sticking schools of his time and country.
out the elbows, and scraping the feet. jn our own country Washington was
The girl who walks with a forward a gentleman of wealth and breeding,
stoop accentuates all these faults and Lincoln, on the other hand, was piti-
lays nerseu uyt-ii w i.uuy poor.
Turn to our big finanpiers. They
seem to be about equally divided be-
as wen. uecause, n diuuu
ward, you compress the lungs and pre
vent proper expansion of the chest.
Consequently, the lungs v are insuffi
ciently supplied with fresh air, and
the body does not get enough oxygen
for the requirements of health-
powder should - be sprinkled In the
All useless articles that have been
accumulated should be discarded. How
ever, bits of lace or ribbon should be
washed, pressed and put in a box, or
boxes, labelled to identify their con
tents. Velvet that is wrinkled or Hf a-
OME men and women are so
blessed that if they close
their eyes they can go to bleep
at any moment. Others, how
ever, find it difficult Taking a siesta
is an old-fashioned custom, which
might be revived with great benefit to
a number of men and women who rise
early in the morning, work hard dur
ing the forenoon end by the time two
o'clock has arrived feel exhausted.
"Forty winks" would refresh them
wonderfully. Office workers, unfor-
Giving way to anger is taking a most
unfair advantage of the person who ia
compelled to listen. Heavn knows
we all have failings. bu( why be taken
unkir.dy and sarcasticafly to task for
them? A good old man once give this
advice to a young person who had a
lofty idea of himself "Remember a
gentleman should never let his temper
get the better of him. When the angry,
word rises to your lips, stop to counjA
seven; if still inclined to give way to
your anger, count twenty, and by that
time you will have come to your senses
will have won a victory over yous
self and most likely over the person
who provokes you."
One story of the great war now rag
ing in Europe relates that diring a
petty quarrel a little French bride
drove her young husband away from
tunately, cannot take .the needed rest her with angry words. That very day
at just this time, but after the day's he joined the army, and was killed in
tween boys who were helped to their less should be well shaken, dampened
present high stations by the fact of
having fathers of wealth behind them
and boys who made their own way in
the world through sheer pluck added
to brains.
VEN the woman who does all
her own housework can keep-
her hands white and soft It
is not necessary to buy high-
on tne wrong side and steamM
"Steaming" is simply drawing the
dampened wrong side over a hot flat
iron. Heat the iron to pretty high
temperautre, turn it on its side on the
work is over and they have returned
home, say at half-past five, a half
hour's rest before dinner will dp them
a world of good. To darken the rocm
is the first aid to slumber in daytime.
One woman who is preserving her
his first engagement Can any one
picture the anguish of that little bride
when news was brought to hr of her
husband's death? ' The memory of
those la3t angry words she addressed
to him will always remain with her.
we are to deduce anything from back or cool part of the range or gas
priced toilet articles for the hands if
bathed with a weak solution of alum' one is careful in the washing and dry-
water before any other application is
VER since the days of Helen of
Troy women with fair com
plexions have been seeking
information as to what will
give hair that is naturally light a
blond or more golden tint wit'iout dry
ing the hair and scalp. Maty blond
ing. After the hands have been in wa
ter they should be thoroughly dried
and then rubbed in powdered starch.
If the hands are not too soiled they
should be washed in ordinary break
fast oatmeal instead of soap. Two ta
blespoonfuls of the oatmeal are put
into a muslin bag, which is ready for
use after dipping the bag in water
and squeezing.
such examples, it seems to be that
neither wealth nor poverty is the best
school of greatness, but a modest stat
us which, while sufficient to liberate
young persons from the handicap of
poor living, poor education, bad breed
ing and so forth, leaves them to fight
for their own hand. Such a conclusion
omits the advantages of influence,
friends who can "give a helping hand
and the like, which most of our hap
hazard instances enjoyed. Moreover,
it is to be remembered that the num
ber of children born to vast wealth is
stove. Hold the velvet ribbon or niece
of velvet firmly between both hands
and draw it slowly (on the wrong side,
of course) over the sharp edge of the
hot flatiron. The pile of the goods
will come back Into shape, showing
new life and lustre.- Then when all
pieces are thoroughly dry fold them,
or, better "81111, roll them loosely and
put away in a labelled box.
When autumn days arrive all these
odds and ends of velvet will come in
very handy to trim or make the
" Tween Seasons" hat all women and
girls require. ,
youth and beauty by indulging in an and time or distance will never efffface
afternoon siesta each day tie3 a dark them. v
blue scarf lightly round her head and
over her eyes. She flnd3 it an excel
lent method of inducing sleep..
ATCH pockets appear not only
on coat suits, but they have
forced their way to dainty
sewing aprons. A very attrac
tive apron can be fashioned of dotted
swiss, fine linen or fine lawn. Near
the bottom at either side attach obicng
pieces of the material to form pockets.
Then fill in the space between these
upright pockets with one long pocket
Anger serves absolutely no purpose.
A trivial matter thattIamounts to nothing-
will cause lifelong friends to b
come bitter enemies. Spite fonces
law suits even the taiing of human
life have resulted from giving way to
an angry mood. ' The man or woman
who makes no effort to overcome this
habit shoud certainly follow he ad
vice of the gentle old man quoted
above. Smoothing over any little dif
ficulty is accomplishing a sort of feat
because "little difficulties' can in a
flash become gigantic troubles, and gi-
Bead the three pieces with Valencien
nes. If you have the time, you mighf gantic troubles take a long tim very
embroider Q daiuir. daisy pattern on ofUa a. ffctitue to rectify.

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